The Terror (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Terror Camp Clear

Have you decided how candid we are to be? My thought was to avoid any mention of the creature.
In trying to warn good people, we'd only excite foolish ones.
Can you imagine the bounty the Admiralty would place on a creature like ours? Oh, I'd happily live in a world with a few less foolish people in it.
Every whaling ship in Baffin Bay would head this way led by grubbing captains, but with good men in their crews.
We can't risk that.
Our creature, you say? Whether we've earned him or not.
Well, you've decided it's a "he," then? It is most definitely a "he.
" Graham died that very day.
It's in the muscles.
I'm tired all the time, no matter what the hour.
And I'm bleeding out of the sockets of my teeth now.
Have you contended with it, ever? No.
And now? I can't be certain.
To think these few miles were an effort.
Do you know, after the war, I asked permission to walk home to London from Nanking, through Tibet and Russia.
I wanted to try my hand at being an overland spy.
I was the best walker in the Service.
I told Sir John Barrow that once without blushing.
I was quick to want the world rid of its fools an hour ago.
I forget sometimes how much an exemplar I am among them.
That's not how I see you.
Francis, do you know how I was appointed to this expedition? I saved Sir John Barrow's son from a scandal.
By chance, in Singapore.
I paid to have a very base matter settled that would have blackened the Barrows' name, and the Admiralty's by association.
As soon as I returned to London, I was promoted to commander.
When the Admiralty announced there would be another attempt at the Passage well, I only had to say the word.
That only makes you a man.
Does it? What you describe is a surplus of political luck.
Not a dearth of courage.
I am a fake, brother.
I challenge any biographer to tally up your acts of valor and then call you a fake.
Francis, a man like me will do amazing things to be seen.
My My father My father was a ridiculous man.
Ruined himself with debts.
He was a consul general in Brazil, and he and his wife would mix with the wealthy Portuguese families in exile there.
My mother was probably from one of those families.
I was never told more.
I was born out of an affair.
And my father's cousins had to find people to raise me.
My name Even my name was made up, for my baptism.
"James Fitzjames.
" Like a bad pun.
I'm not even fully English.
I didn't know any of that.
I've never said it out loud before now.
I always felt I deserved more.
So I went to sea aged 12, and I began to build myself a great gilded life that didn't humiliate me to live.
And so all of those stories that you would have my biographer tally as courage it's all vanity.
It always has been.
And we are at the end of vanity.
Then you are free.
Mine your courage from a different lode now.
Are we brothers, Francis? I would like that very much.
The Marines are running.
Attacked? For what reason? Apparently, as they sighted Lieutenant Irving and Mr.
Farr, they set upon them with knives.
They were at the sled when we reached the hill with Mr.
Hickey, who had alerted us.
How many Netsilik were killed? Five.
Who shot them? I shot two.
Armitage, two.
Pocock, one.
One more escaped on foot.
And that's why the Marines are preparing? For a Netsilik retribution? What evidence did you observe when you arrived that an attack on our men had taken place? I saw what they had done, sir.
When you first set eyes on the Esquimaux, were their weapons drawn? Blood on their persons? Sir, Lieutenant Irving and Mr.
Farr's bodies were put through something I can't even find English words for.
I didn't look for confirmation of something that can only have been done by savage men.
I ordered our counterattack.
They had Lieutenant Irving's personal belongings on their sled, sir.
Captain, do I have your permission to assist the Marines in getting a perimeter set up with additional guns and men? And it was Mr.
Hickey who saw the attack happen? From a distance, yes.
He saw Lieutenant Irving murdered and ran to retrieve us.
He was unarmed and and too far to help Mr.
Only he saw it? Yes, sir.
Shall I fetch him to give his account? I want to see the bodies.
Find Lady Silence.
Bring her here.
Your people.
Do like this? The rocks were painted with it.
Then Lieutenant Irving lying in that way.
No longer a man.
These people will not be our friends, boys.
They will be our murderers if we don't change course, now.
You know, Sergeant Tozer told me he heard Dr.
MacDonald say Netsiliks settle in groups of 20 to 50 families.
What's that, maybe a hundred braves could be heading for this camp, as we speak.
I'm not a decent shot, personally, but if I was Mr.
The captain's asked to speak with you.
I was just coming to see him, Jopson.
We need to speak immediately.
Don't also forget your overthings, Mr.
You're going to need them.
You're going back.
Goodsir and Lady Silence can join us.
They may be able to discern something I cannot.
Anyone else? Sir.
It will limber me up for the next 800 miles you're making me walk.
Pardon my asking again, sir, but are we supplementing the Marines or not? They want to build a proper perimeter with or without us.
They are us, Edward.
Remind them.
Give Sergeant Tozer as many pairs of eyes as he wants, but as long as the fog holds off have the armory tent prepare fast kits, but don't arm additional men.
- Yes, but - Do you not remember flogged men on this expedition for sedition.
You should set off.
The forenoon watch has already begun.
Lieutenant, keep the men ready in case Mr.
Hickey is telling the truth, but calm in case he is not.
Des Voeux, as you were.
You'll find sawn wood there.
We'll be back by afternoon watch if you need volunteers.
Today may be the day.
Trade your work gloves for full mittens for a while, if you can tolerate that.
I have a weaker salve I can give you that you can put on all day underneath.
- Are you cold, Mr.
Collins? - I'm all right.
Just let that sit for a few minutes and I'll be back to wipe away the excess.
Is Dr.
Goodsir here? Are we to be overrun, do you think? From the reaction of our captains, my sense tells me we will not.
Fear tells me something else.
We have too much fear, John.
Apart from the headaches and your teeth, have you noticed anything else? Bruises, mainly.
I get them where I don't remember knocking into anything.
But they don't hurt.
Have you got one you can show me? Be with you in a moment, Mr.
How many of these would you say you have, then? More than a dozen? Henry, I want you to mind what I tell you.
It's not quick, this, and you can turn it around in a day.
It's the first signs, this.
It's early days for you.
Captain wouldn't send out hunting parties if he didn't think it was worth it.
No, he wouldn't.
Know I'm here, Dr.
Goodsir's here.
You can come back when he's returned, and he can reassure you anew.
The Esquimaux ran off in which direction, Mr.
Hickey? Thomas.
There's seal meat there.
- Gentlemen.
- Mr.
Could you show me where Lieutenant Irving and Mr.
Farr were killed, please.
Go on.
Go on.
Are they family? Friends? If I was them, I'd be back behind those raised bars to the south, a mile out, waiting for this to get just a bit worse.
If we're going to be cut down today, I'd be grateful for a shotgun.
I want a fighting chance of killing at least as many of them as kill me.
You've heard things, then, out in the fog, have you? - Not as yet.
- Yes.
I have, sir.
I almost rang the alarm just now.
You've only just arrived.
Shales sliding around, as if underfoot.
A whistle, maybe, a quarter mile out, possibly.
It's hard to tell in this fog.
We just have our ears now.
Out there, that way.
You heard that whistle, too, then? There it is again, Sergeant.
Damn it all.
You know what I'm asking.
I know it's unfair to pose the question to another officer, and one who wasn't there.
All we have are our instincts and training.
If both told you to proceed with what you ordered then be easy with yourself.
My mother's cousin had a relation who married a Texas man.
She moved to a territory town there called Victoria in '38.
One morning, they woke up to 600 Comanches screaming through their gates.
They had no warning.
From what my cousin was told, this good lady managed to get all but one of her children under the house before they seized her.
A Ranger found her in a tree six days later with her skirts torn off and her head cleaved open to the stem.
That town was burned, as were several more over the next week.
They never found the other child.
They kill children.
George, send Commander Fitzjames to the armory, immediately! Make way! Move your backs! Everyone, stand still! - Where is Commander Fitzjames? - I haven't seen him, sir.
Then it was not he who made this order? There was no order, sir.
An attack is being staged right now, using that fog as cover.
- My men can hear it.
- And you allowed this? Without knowing their numbers and having no familiarity with their tactics, our gun power is our only advantage.
This camp has no cover whatsoever.
Who knows if the Esqui girl's been sending them signals as to what we're all about.
If they come they will blow through us like a wind.
Perhaps you would like to make the order, sir? The time is now.
Armitage, do not scrimp on that logbook.
I want to see a record of every issue taking place here.
Sharpen up! All right, Mr.
Damn your eyes! It's your captain! Avast that now! Sir! Get yourselves fed, men.
Those were some long miles.
Hartnell, take that to the command tent.
- The armory's been opened up.
- No, James.
How? Lieutenant Little gave the order.
The men believe we are under attack.
We are, of the most cowardly kind.
I stepped in, but 20 arms had already been issued.
If she enters that camp again, Francis We have to get this matchstick away from the tinderbox.
But Mr.
Hickey's gone in already.
He'll tell them we're back.
I'll go on ahead and misdirect them, then.
Your things.
Go to your people now.
Be safe.
Wait! Wait! Yes, go.
Be safe.
Stay with us.
I'll I'll talk to the men and make it safe for you.
We owe you that.
I do.
I wish you could come to England and see for yourself.
It's not like we are here.
People there are good.
They are good Make certain the following people are armed: the two of you, Mr.
Des Voeux, Golding, Hoar, Mr.
Thompson, Mr.
Crispe, Mr.
Kenley and Mr.
When we depart, we will be taking a boat sledge.
Manson, find out which one is lightest and make sure there are slops and harnesses.
We may have no more interaction with this larger group, so if we do go today, we must take everything we need with us.
- Can you read maps and charts, Billy? - Reasonably.
Find an occasion to be in the command tent.
Secure one batch indicating where the ships are stuck in all the way down to Great Slave Lake.
Burn any others.
You'll have the entire rest of your long lives to think back on how hard this day was.
For now, only do.
And do well.
We need men at the north outpost.
If you've not been given orders by a Marine, head there.
Be quick! I thought I made a very clear plan.
And for very clear reasons.
It was the fog that changed my thinking, sir.
I thought you'd see it differently, too.
Commander Fitzjames ought to have made that call.
- Why did you not include him? - There was no time, sir.
I'd heard there were signs.
Some of the men heard things out in the fog.
Which men? Were you one of them? No doubt you made the best decision for the problem you thought you had.
But as it turns out, it was trumpery.
In its place, we have an even worse problem.
You've traded an imaginary invasion from without for a real invasion from within! If Mr.
Hickey killed Lieutenant Irving and Mr.
Farr, as I suspect he did, it was not for the joy of it.
We do not know yet who is in his coven, but make no mistake about what they want.
What is our evidence against him? Don't turn your back on them, ever.
Goodsir, I want you to cut open Irving's stomach.
That's seal meat, sir.
Barely digested.
They fed him.
Of course they did.
Will you confirm this contradicts Mr.
Hickey's version of events, and is indisputable proof of a lie that resulted in seven deaths including a naval officer and a child? He must have been alone with Mr.
Lieutenant Irving came back to tell them.
Hodgson, will you confirm it? Oh, my God.
Yes, I will.
Find three armed Marines and arrest Mr.
Not Marines, sir.
It was Sergeant Tozer who armed the men, in fact.
I took his story and made it my order.
I thought I was doing right.
I'm the worst kind of sorry, sir.
Choose men we can trust.
Deputize them.
Sweep the camp.
Anyone below a wardroom officer, disarm, including the Marines.
Put one of the mates in charge of the armory.
Des Voeux.
Arrest Sergeant Tozer and Mr.
Hickey at the same moment.
Bring them.
We'll court martial them here.
- And find the carpenters.
- Carpenters, sir? For a gallows.
Terror camp, clear! Terror camp is clear! I hope I won't be long, Mr.
I pray this will be brief.
All men assemble at the south guard post in 30 minutes! Who's been asking for the Peruvian, Mr.
Bridgens? This is very strong.
I haven't even given a dose of that to anyone.
What cure is it? Cocaine and wine.
Why is Sergeant Tozer being held? You're lucky you weren't just shot, Mr.
Do you have a sudden gift for aim, Jopson? Everything we ate growing up started with a gun.
My aim's fine, Mr.
I've shot smaller hawks than you.
We'll proceed first with Petty Officer Cornelius Hickey who has been convicted today of the wanton murders of Lieutenant John Irving and Petty Officer Thomas Farr.
Ample evidence has been stated before command so as to suggest Mr.
Hickey's guilt well-proven.
With that proof comes confirmation of the next, more pernicious charges of sedition and mutinous designs.
These charges are all punishable by death.
And at Captain Crozier's discretion, the sentence will be carried out by hanging before the men now assembled.
Hickey and Sergeant Tozer will be given last words.
But first, your captain would like to speak.
When we abandoned ship, I promised you men two things.
The first was that help was already on its way to us, back from Fort Resolution, with Lieutenant Fairholme and the party I sent out last summer.
We now know those men are dead.
I found them on watch and Captain Crozier had me swear an oath of silence.
Which you broke.
Now, be quiet.
You'll get a chance to speak.
Sergeant Tozer and Mr.
Morfin discovered this two days ago, as only some of you already know.
I decided not to share it.
I own that decision and would make it again.
Not to deceive you, but to protect your reserves.
But now we know, now we all know no one is coming for us.
We must get ourselves out under our own steam.
Now, I don't know what Mr.
Hickey's plan was, but I know it didn't include all of you.
And those of you who might have gone with him, I can promise you, he would have burned through you like fuel.
Lied to you and used you down to your last muscle.
And here is how I know.
Diggle will you open these, please, and tell the men what's inside? It's fresh, sir.
- Louder, so they can all hear.
- It's fresh meat.
What kind of meat? Seal, sir.
Thank you.
The other promise I made to all of you was that when we crossed paths with the Netsilik, they would help us.
Lieutenant Irving met them.
And do you know what they did to him? Dr.
Goodsir, would you, please? They fed him.
They fed him.
Why did he do it, then? They didn't cut him down and deface him.
That was Mr.
They didn't slice off his man parts and punch 23 holes into his lungs with a boat knife.
That was Mr.
Hickey! They were no war party, those Esquimaux.
They were more of a family, it seemed.
Four men, an old woman, and a girl.
A little girl.
No more than six years old.
Hickey lied to you.
Hickey lied to all of you because he needed to cut the legs out from under my leadership.
And in so doing, he was prepared to set all your lives swinging.
Now, we will share this meat.
But that line of help has been cut off from us now.
We will find another, no doubt, but not with gammoning dogs like this among us.
Hear me, men.
I take no pleasure in these deaths today.
I want to bring every last one of you home.
But if I cannot bring these two, then I am only doubly resolute about the rest of you.
Now, before we hear Mr.
Hickey's last words, I have one more request to make of you.
I need volunteers to man the rope.
You two, come forward.
I've let the captain speak now long enough.
Telling every manner of falsehood against me.
Proving only every man lies.
Even this man your captain.
But I must pierce this thing he calls "truth" with another of his own recent deceptions.
June 11th, last year, the day Sir John was killed something else transpired.
Crozier made a plan.
In secret.
To get himself out without you.
"There are many feats that preoccupy a captain's imagination.
But abandoning his ship and his men should not be among them.
Yet I hereby tender my" Oh, go on, Captain, you finish it.
Who is that? Mr.
Deputies, rally here! Stagger your fire! Captain, Mr.
Hickey! Pull back! Edward! The armory, that's where they will go! Hartnell, Mr.
Blanky, with me! Come on! Just give me as many as you can.
Break the lock off.
Take Tozer! Keep going.
Get every man you can under the boats.
It's the only cover we have.
Blanky, get to cover.
Neptune's balls! I'm coming with you.
- Down! - Keep moving! Get down! Stay down! It's just there! Billy, I Remember what he told you.
Just do it, yeah? Yeah? Find Mr.
Goodsir and bring him to the boat.
We won't wait.
- Where is it? - Stay quiet and listen for it.
Help! Help me.
Now is the time, Mr.
Des Voeux! It's on the far side of camp! Boat secure.
- What is this? - Easy.
Tozer! Lay down those arms.
Where are the Marines? - Come with us, Lieutenant.
- I'll not tell you again.
No one can see you now.
You're invisible.
They will think you've died and were carried off.
Get on the ground.
Hickey didn't get to say half of what he wanted to say Edward.
That's your name, isn't it? Edward? Crozier was going to lead that sledge party himself and leave.
Quit the Navy.
Quit all of us.
You didn't know that, did you? He was going to leave you a big losing hand, Edward.
Watch out.
Blanky, it's Mr.
Reid! Oh, Jesus.
I lost him.
The boat's gone.
Tozer's with them.
They have at least five guns.
Here you are.
Let them go.