The Thing About Pam (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

She's a Helper

1 Previously on "The Thing About Pam.
" This time chemo wasn't bad.
I feel kinda good.
So what happened to Betsy? Some kind of accident or something? She's not accidentally dead.
She's not naturally dead.
Some lady on Sumac got stabbed, 20, maybe 60 times.
Textbook spousal homicide.
He was kinda not nice verbally to her.
Real aggressive.
Pam is a good person.
And I just don't care for his type.
A grieving family is a family in need, and Pam is all helping hands.
Who would think such a nice lady was there to help herself? God, such a hassle.
All those people in your hair on a day like this.
You need a pick-me-up.
Aunt Tammy, I've been trying to call my dad all day and he's not answering.
Bet they took his phone.
Why why would they take his phone? I'm gonna go find him.
- Sweetie, sweetie.
- Why don't you stay? No.
He's he's all alone.
Two sugars, right? I'll just have a little cream.
I wouldn't worry too much about Russ.
You know, they always look at the husband first.
Big surprise.
You're not surprised they got Russ? He could be scary.
Oh, I know.
One time he said, "You women are such asses.
" And I was like, "Excuse me", "just trying to get directions to the house.
No need for that.
" One time he chased my ex-boyfriend out the house with a baseball bat.
- No.
- Yeah.
Lord knows Russ isn't perfect, but don't go around saying that the police have got him.
We just don't need the whole town talking like he Like he Oh, there will be talk.
A whole lot of talk from some more than others.
What does a lie look like anyway? Is it a line on a graph? Did you kill Betsy Faria? No.
Do you know who killed Betsy Faria? No.
Is today December 28th, 2011? Yes.
I think we got what we need.
I, uh I I need to see my dad, Russ Faria.
Um, he's gonna be back there for a while.
I wouldn't bother waiting.
Hi, I'm Russ Faria's daughter.
I'm looking for my dad and Got the results of your polygraph back.
You failed.
I did? You may as well confess, make everything easier on yourself.
I don't even know why I'm here.
Well, I guess this is gonna take a while.
All right, Russ.
Let's go over this one more time.
Can a lie be detected by a machine or squeezed out under pressure? It's been 24 hours.
You have to let him go.
And get us something we can use to bring him back for good.
Can a lie sneak into our lives like a Trojan horse without us even knowing it's there? Or is a lie more like a virus spread through the air from one person to the next? So I was at Betsy's mom's and Russ wasn't around.
So they must still be holding him.
You know what that means.
We're looking closely at him.
You really think he did it.
The DA told my mom everything points to Russ.
- Mm-hmm.
- How 'bout that 911 call? Crying like a baby.
I mean, I could act better than that and I'm only second semester theater.
Listen, Janet.
I apologize.
We don't have enough to charge him yet, but the detectives are close.
You get him, Ms.
I'm not sure what you mean you don't have enough to charge him.
Uh I need probable cause for the judge.
So like, a witness, evidence, stuff like that? Yeah, stuff like that.
Uh, listen, Janet, you will be the first person to find out when we make the arrest.
And again, I am so sorry, okay? Bye now.
Sorry, but she's wrong.
Why would the police lie? He's out now though, right? Whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
- Oh, I am - I mean I'm sorry, sweetheart.
You can't see Russ anymore.
That's not a good idea.
I can't see my dad? And I'll never see my mom again.
So what, you're just gonna make me like like an orphan? Well, he's not your real dad.
He's the only dad I ever knew.
Well, you got your grandmother.
She was tired.
You just let her leave.
She should have stayed with us.
I know sweetie.
I I didn't get my hug.
Can a lie be folded into a hug Even from the ones you trust? - Hello? - Hey.
Um, a detective called and he wants to come by and talk to me.
- When? - Couple days.
Could you make it any sooner? Well, we have that big mold inspection tomorrow.
We'll reschedule it, Mark.
Pretty sure the police need our help.
Back in 2007, Betsy's light shined on Pam.
They were friends, good friends.
Pam even asked Betsy to DJ her daughter's wedding.
Hey, Travis! Travis! Come "Hokey Pokey" with your mom! Boo! Can we get the bride up in here? - Yay! - Yeah, Sarah! Everybody, backside! Pam took pride in making all the right moves.
A purposeful choreography through life.
Look at that mama of the bride! Who knew she could get down like this? Well, Sarah didn't.
She didn't want me to pay you, Bets.
She said we could just use an iPod.
Mom! Well, happy to give you the friend rate.
No, no, no.
You get full pay.
I was telling her, Bets needs the work.
Pam, why don't you just go ahead and give me the mic.
I'm so sorry, Betsy.
For what? I'm paying for this whole shebang.
Hey, you know what? I'm so happy to be here.
We're having a good time.
This this gig's on me.
Really? No charge? No charge.
Congratulations, Sarah.
Okay, everybody.
Here we go.
Put your whole self in.
They say when someone shows you who they are, believe it.
But would Lincoln County detectives see Pam and believe her? You boys want a cookie? I'm baking up a storm for the holidays.
- I don't mind if I do.
- Oh.
No need to take up any of your time, Mrs.
We only need to talk to your husband.
No problem.
Okay, so, Mr.
Hupp, on the night of the 27th, - you were at home? - Yes.
Oh, you play ball? AAA down in Florida.
- Till he threw out his arm.
- Mm.
Um hon, why don't you play that voicemail Betsy left ya? Happy Christmas, Mark.
Hope you're good.
Thanks for loaning me Pam.
So full of life.
- That was 7:00? - Mm.
- Yep, 7:04.
- Mm, mm.
So I take it you knew Betsy then.
Through Pam.
Didn't know Russ though.
Who did, honestly? I've been through how many of their separations and I'm still on the tip of the iceberg over here.
And just some of the stuff she'd say.
Did you guys ever find that letter that Betsy was writing? - No.
- Oh.
Some of the officers the other day seemed really interested.
Kept asking me.
Um, it was just some letter or something that Bets was gonna email to tell me about something Russ did to her.
I don't know if she deleted it or whatever.
Why would she email it to you versus talking to you about it? Uh, I mean, Betsy emailed all the time.
You know, she emailed people.
She'd email about this and that and just general stuff.
You know, she loved email.
Knowing Bets, uh, she probably got charged to text, so that's why email.
Save the money.
Got it.
Do you know what was in this email? Russ started playing this game of putting a pillow over her face.
And he'd say this is what it's gonna feel like when you die or whatever.
Um, I didn't really know the guy, but just from what Bets said, he seemed sorta - Abusive? - Real abusive.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
And I was like, well, email it to me.
But I never got it.
And would you be willing to testify to all this? If you think it'd be helpful.
Tina, call the judge! We have our probable cause.
So you given any more thought to your cousin's offer? Joel, that's the lawyer, he said that you would be the one to have to contact him first.
I don't know.
Feels like getting a lawyer means that I'm somebody who needs a lawyer, you know? I just I just want to get past this.
Mom, come on.
You can do that later.
Otherwise, it'll stick.
Are you gonna do these dishes? Sorry, what? Didn't get that.
Sheriff's Department! Russell Faria, you're under arrest for the murder of Betsy Faria.
- It's okay.
- No! Ah Get up.
Russ, it's okay! I want a lawyer.
He rolled in from the city, a busy man from a high-rise firm in St.
Russ' new lawyer, Joel Schwartz was about to encounter Well, he had no idea.
Green Gables? It's not even green.
Wait, it's not? I Yelped and And this definitely looked like the best hotel in town.
Um, but there is a A Holiday Inn down the 47.
- Do you want me to check that? - What color are their gables? I can check.
Oh, you're kidding.
- Yeah, I'm kidding.
- Oh, right.
It's our first day working together.
You get a pass.
Hey, I just got a probable cause statement from the Lincoln County Sheriff's office.
Looks like an eight-year-old wrote it.
There's gotta be a more substantial report coming.
Should we wait before we sit down with Russell then? - No.
- We've got a guy with a temper, volatile relationship, marriage breaking up, getting back together.
And strangers don't stab their victims 50 plus times.
So, uh, I take it you've represented a lot of guys like Russ then before.
Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah, it's kinda my jam.
- Yeah, mine too.
Um, you know, I think so.
Because this is my first murder trial.
In my experience, the stats aren't wrong.
We got the husband of the victim here.
- Right.
- Right? Hey, Pam, you heard? Betsy Faria's husband got arrested.
No way.
News just said so.
He goes to my sister's church.
Can you believe that? I guess you never know what's going on inside other people's houses.
We're here to see Russ Faria.
He's in holding.
You can wait over there.
Hey, excuse me.
You can't go in there.
Why are you talking to my client after he asked for a lawyer? Huh? That's him.
That's Joel Schwartz.
I like his style.
He looks like Tom Hanks from "Splash.
" How much do you think that haircut cost? He already put in a request for evidence.
He's good.
We don't let guys like that dick us around, Tina.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah, well, we're here to help you, Russ.
First off, is it true that you talked to the police for 24 hours straight? Yeah.
How much did you tell them? All of it.
All of what? The truth.
Am I really going to have to go in front of a jury because you two can't get a confession out of this maniac? The guy's a good liar.
He's sticking to his Arby's and game night.
I wish to God I hadn't gone to game night, but that's where I was, so how can everybody think I did this? It doesn't matter what everyone thinks.
It matters what the prosecution can prove.
Do you think I killed Betsy? I don't know what I think yet, Russ.
But don't you have to believe me? Isn't that, like, part of this? I'm bumping on the same thing you are.
I'm not even sure why we're sitting here if your alibi checks out.
Talk to my friends then.
That alibi's still tough to get around.
We could widen the net, look at a few more suspects.
You're the detective, but just because a pocket square rolls in from the city doesn't mean that we're wrong.
So what do we have? There must've been a cleanup.
There wasn't blood on Russ' clothing? Not a drop.
Do we have the luminol photos back? Those would show if there was blood cleaned up.
Camera malfunctioned.
Photos showed nothing.
Totally blank.
Should we take a look just to be sure? If he says they're blank, they're blank.
What's the point? Get over here, McCarrick! This guy stabbed his wife 57 times and he didn't do it stark naked spraying Lysol out of his ass, so he must've missed a spot.
If you were at game night, then who took Betsy home? Her friend, Pam.
Why don't you tell me about Pam? She's I don't know.
Nice lady.
"Nice lady.
" Okay, and what about your stepdaughter, Lily? She got an ex-boyfriend? Oh, he's a huge tool, but I don't think he could've done this.
Well, we should still check him out just to dot the Ts and cross the Okay, Russ.
Well, that should be enough for us to start.
What happens now? Well, you'll be held until trial.
You mean in jail? Nate and I are gonna sort this out, okay? In the meantime, you do not talk to the police without me, you understand? Why would he ask us to interview five independent witnesses? That's just gonna make him look bad.
I'm sorry.
I'm still trying to pick up on your social cues.
What's the sign? I've represented a lot of guilty people, but it's the innocent ones that keep me up at night.
Wait, you think that he didn't do this? I guess the pressure's on now.
If the clothes he was wearing don't have blood on them, then he must've changed, washed up.
Was there blood in the bathroom? Did you take apart the shower? Morning, Leah.
You guys are just sitting around sucking on your thumbs and you have no confession, which means you've just laid ten times the amount of work at my feet.
You were just elected DA, what, a month ago? It shows.
I thought you were excited about the big case.
Well, not if I'm gonna lose.
I have to show people why they elected me.
Maybe someone could do a test drive from Arby's.
I saw the receipt.
It's timestamped.
Thank you, Tina, who is not a detective.
How could we ever show that it was possible for Russ to get home from Arby's in time to kill Betsy? He must've gone over the speed limit.
I'll take care of it.
Now, you two, please take apart the house and find me the blood.
11:41 a.
Detective Brian McCarrick here.
Leaving Arby's en route to 130 Sumac Drive.
Boom! Plenty of time to kill you.
Yah! What the friggin' hell? Ugh! The entire floor stinks like that? - Mold.
It's bad.
- Ugh.
We might have to dip into the Florida money.
It's gone.
All of it? How'd you think I paid for that flip house when we're behind the mortgage here? Well, I I don't know.
Maybe your disability money.
I told you about that stupid letter I got, Mark.
They said I don't qualify anymore.
But your bad leg.
Tell it to the man.
I'll get us the money.
I just got back from seeing all those gamer guys.
Super sweet group of dudes.
I've got five people who said that Russ left at 9:00.
Well, you can't be at game night and the Arby's at the same time you're killing your wife.
So I was looking at these autopsy Do you mind if I show this to you while you're eating lunch? - No.
- Okay.
It looks like there is a bruise - on Betsy's neck here.
- Mm.
And then it looks like the knife was stuck into that same spot after she was dead.
Maybe the bruise means she was strangled first? And then put the knife there to cover up the fingerprints.
Yeah, it's weird.
She has so many stab wounds on her back, Joel, but there's no blood on the carpet.
And they're all the same size, same depth, all made post-mortem.
Methodical, not passionate, but trying to make it look like that.
Is that the number one criminal defense attorney in all of St.
Louis? Number two, actually.
- That's right.
Number two.
- Yeah.
And you must be, let me guess, our district attorney.
You can call me Leah.
- Leah.
Oh, Leah - Yes.
We still haven't received our luminol photos from the crime scene.
Photos didn't come out.
There was a camera malfunction.
- Oh, well, that's too bad.
- Yeah.
We're still gonna need to see those.
And the polygraph results too.
Photos and polygraph coming right up.
Hey, Danny, this one's on me.
They're guests in our town.
Night, boys.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Uh - Oh, boy.
Okay, okay.
What's next? - Let's go to motive to kill.
- All right.
So based on the detectives' interviews, it seems like they're gonna go with the fact that Russ was this rage monster who snapped Askey will go with that, sure, but if she's smart, she'll pile on a bunch of other reasons.
Or it could be insurance.
Do you want me to check to see if Betsy had a policy? She was terminally ill.
I mean, if he was gonna kill her for the money, why wouldn't he just wait a couple of months? What about SODDIs? "Some other dude did it.
" - Oh.
- Yeah.
I just went through 500 pages of the daughter's boyfriend's text messages.
- And? - I wouldn't date the guy, but he didn't kill Betsy.
What about that Pam lady? I mean, she was the last one to see Betsy alive.
We definitely need to see her cell records.
I have tried.
But the DA doesn't seem to think that we need them.
Yeah, well, that's because Pam doesn't fit into what Askey wants to see.
- That's a good point.
- Right? I have to go home and tuck in the kids or Chris will get his panties in a twist.
Yeah, we wouldn't want that, would we? Mm-mm.
Well, let's see.
There's the bloody smear on the light switch.
- Test that against Russ.
- Okay.
And then there's the bloody slippers.
That is a wrinkle.
Why would he put his slippers back in the closet after he killed her? And weird that there's blood on the slippers, but not on his clothes.
Maybe he did kill her naked.
So test that against Russ.
Anyone else? Why? It's my first major murder case.
I it's a lot.
All right.
Well, if you're leaving, you should probably take a look at that first.
Pam was always working on something as she worked her way to the top.
Hello? Yeah, that's me.
Yeah, I could do that.
See you then.
The DA wants to talk to me.
Again? No, Travis, try and keep up.
That was the cops I talked to last time.
This is the DA.
Just now, she had a story to tell and just the right person to tell it to.
I like your pocket square.
There's not many men that can pull off a pink pocket square.
We're here for Pam Hupp's cell data.
You can go ahead and analyze the phone anytime.
No, not the phone itself.
The raw data is converted into a readable map - for both sides.
- Okay.
Go for it.
The state's analysis center is the one that makes the map.
And you and I both know that we don't have access to those services.
Only you can make that request to the Sheriff's office.
So how do you suggest we convert raw cell data on our own? I don't know, Joel.
Google it? - Nah.
- No.
No, you'll send me the cell map - and the luminol photos.
- Which I have been requesting.
And the physical evidence and everything else that you have because that is how this works.
Right, you old pro.
I'm gonna have Tina put together a disc for you.
A really nice disc.
Look forward to that.
That was easy.
Thanks for coming all the way down! What a baby.
Mom would have hated this.
They really tore the place apart.
Um, I'm I'm just gonna get my new kitten and then we can just get out of here.
How can you even look at him? Just because you don't like him He called me the C-word.
'Cause you stole money from Grandma.
Shut up.
- Whatever.
Let's just go.
- Come on.
Mom always left those on.
It looks like Pam took two showers.
One the night Betsy died, and one the next morning.
What the hell? This latest cell phone info from the prosecution, it's useless.
This is thousands of pages, thousands of pages of garbage.
Nothing in this case is easy.
Here they were, together at last.
Pam and Leah Askey, just two public servants working for the common good.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry I am such a sweaty Betty.
I came straight from Zumba.
You do Zumba? I do Zumba.
- Tuesday, Thursday.
- I'm Wednesday, Friday.
It is so nice to officially meet you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Have a seat.
You have been through so much.
Joel, look at this.
That's to do with the life insurance.
Oh, Russ, he was just getting really creepy, you know? And and he was making her really nervous Mm-hmm.
- With the pillow.
- Mm-hmm.
And, you know, she'd turn around and he'd just be, like, staring at her.
Stuff like that.
And four days before he killed her Betsy changed the beneficiary from Russ to Pam.
We got Pam's motive to kill.
This change of beneficiary thing is really - gonna help our case.
- Oh, my God.
You think Russ found out about it and that's what made him snap.
Betsy took him off the policy and he killed her in a fit of rage.
- Well, that makes total sense.
- Unfortunately, Betsy's like a lot of abused women I've seen, just trapped in a bad marriage, trying to make it okay for the kids.
That was the idea.
And everyone knows that Russ is kinda rough around the edges.
Well, I'm gonna make him pay for what he's done.
But I need someone who really knows Betsy and Russ' relationship.
To testify, you mean.
Well, I know everything about it 'cause Betsy told me.
That's great.
Thank you for agreeing to testify.
Sometimes, it's best to let the fish think it's catching you.
I was just trying to help her out.
So when Bets says she wanted to put my name on policy, I said, "Whatever you think is best.
" She was like, "Well, anything's better than Russ.
" Sometimes you cast so many lines into that little pond, it makes a web.
He's not good with money.
I guess Betsy was just like a lot of women out there, you know? Just a bad marriage, trying to take care of the kids.
Now that's all on me.
Well, I can sort that out for you.
Oh, no.
- Or or Tammy can.
- No, I got it.
I can take care of those girls.
Set up a trust for 'em and everything.
I have been thanking God for you every night, Pam.
Don't thank Him for me yet.
I still gotta testify against Russ.
Well, Janet was practically begging me to handle the money.
You know what I had to do to get it.
Hell and back.
State Acres has this new phone tree thing.
When you call, it takes forever.
Finally got an old contact of mine from HQ, Dusty.
Seems like Dusty's got bumped up through the ranks.
Totally remembered me too.
"Oh, Pam, how you doing? How's Mark?" - That's good.
- Yeah, so, you know.
I said, "Good.
Betsy's dead.
Can I get that money?" And he pulled the trigger for me right then.
So you're good? Yeah.
Don't stress about the house.
Get a whole team out there to kill that mold.
I'll bet you'll get that facelift you've been wanting.
Mom, I don't know what you're even talking about.
Well, your face does.
So, um, I was able to run Pam's record one more time.
Came back clean.
We got a spotless queen It does sound like she likes to bring on a lot of lawsuits.
Her neighbors said Pam talked about suing the hospital where her son was born for giving him cerebral palsy.
Guess that didn't work out.
Hoped to sue for palsy Then she claimed that a filing cabinet fell on her head at work.
Well, that's pretty ballsy Hupp, Hupp, Hupp it up - Hupp, Hupp - Hey, will you check this out? Is that Leah Askey? That is Chris Mennemeyer, who, by the way, gave out homemade cookies when she ran for the judge's seat.
So the judge and Leah Askey went to high school together? Should we be worried? So we had this There are a lot of things you could say about Pam Hupp.
A a ten-year plan.
One is that she is cooperative.
Well, the ten-year turned to 12, 'cause 2008, the bottom falls out, hits really hard, so we flip houses on the side and got plenty of money.
- Okay.
It's - And a couple of months ago um, I had to put my mom in a home and it's pricey.
You know, my mom's got Alzheimer - and dementia and all of that.
- Sure.
That's why the insurance money is just sitting there.
I'm too busy.
Of course, I want to set up that trust though.
- Right, right, right, right.
- So thanks for coming in to talk about the insurance payout.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, the 150,000, that's in a separate account than your own.
Uh, it's just sitting in my checking account.
We can go to the computer and pull it up right now.
No, no, no, no.
I No, no, I'm just saying, to me, in my world, 150K is not that much.
And if I really, I mean, I hate to say it, but if I wanted the money, my mom is worth half a million that I get when she dies.
So and I know that that sounds That sounds morbid and stuff like that So but you intend to set up I'm her life insurance person.
I know.
I know.
But you do intend on setting up the trust for Betsy's girls.
Just as soon as we flip this house.
'Cause, you know, money's tied up and I still have physical problems I see doctors for.
It would be good for you, Pam, and it'll help our case against Russ if that money's no longer in your possession.
How does it help me exactly? Well, you know, Schwartz, he might say you had something to do with the murder 'cause of a because of a financial windfall.
Here I am trying to help Betsy's family on top of my own, and What are the possibilities? I'm sorry for interrupting, but what are the possibilities you get this trust set up for the girls before the trial? A hundred.
100% it will be set up.
And you'll call me when you do it? Yeah, I will.
That's Pam, working toward a common goal I will.
Even if it'll come back to haunt the Lincoln County Sheriff's office.
Did Arby's today.
Turns out the timestamp on the receipt is when the order was placed, not received.
Well, there you go.
That adds at least five minutes to Russ' drive.
There's no way he could've gotten home in time to kill Betsy.
Yeah, and I still don't see any luminol photos in this latest bundle from Askey.
So they found Russ' bloody slippers in the closet, but no luminol photos to show that any bloody footprints were cleaned up.
I've been thinking a lot about these murder slippers.
How they look like they were dipped in blood.
There's also blood on Betsy's socks.
Like, why is there blood on Betsy's socks if all of the blood loss is around her neck and arms? And the socks are only on halfway, like someone put them back on her in a hurry.
They used the sock gloves to transport the murder slippers? Yes? Right? I play it out.
They take the slippers, they dip 'em in blood.
They get blood on the socks.
They're in a rush.
They hit the bedroom light switch, which is why it looks like a bloody smear And not a fingerprint.
No fingerprints, no evidence of a cleanup.
But even if Askey says those luminol photos didn't turn out, we still need 'em.
No, I'll stay on her.
And we still need polygraph results too, if those even exist.
They said you can't fail a polygraph 100%, right? It's not a thing.
Well, they can't use it in court anyway.
And don't forget about the dozen phone calls from Pam to Betsy, but we don't have any records from Pam's phone, so Even without all of that, we can still prove he got home too late.
Got his alibi.
We got a SODDI.
Hey, Russ.
How you doing? Not great.
I haven't heard from my girls.
I mean, radio silence.
It's not like Mariah.
I just I want to make things better, I guess.
Yeah, well, the trial's right around the corner and I'm going to make sure they see the Pam of it.
And you are gonna get your girls back because we got one thing on our side that they don't, and it's a luxury that I'm used to working without.
What's that? The truth.
Ah, truth.
A powerful thing.
But can it prevail in a tight-knit town like Troy? Schwartz might want to keep wife killers on the streets, but by the grace of God, I am putting this one away.
Whoo! Cheers to you! Yes.
Yes! Whoo-hoo! Hey, let's get this hero another shot! Um, sir? Another Shirley Temple, sir.
Sir? Hello? A tight-knit town indeed.

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