The Time Traveler's Wife (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode Two

1 He can go anywhere in time.
The past, the future usually within his life span.
Usually, but not always.
The Bromley Gallery of Modern Art invites you to tour our 19th century I can't help it.
I can't control it.
You know, time travel just happens to me.
Oh, fuck! It's dangerous, of course.
Sometimes it's fine, you know? You you cope.
Sometimes it's hard.
But the danger isn't the worst.
Christmas is the worst.
I thought I told you to put your coat on, Henry.
It's snowing.
Someone has to pick Dad up from the airport, because we want Daddy home for Christmas, don't we? Yeah.
May your ev'ry wish come true ♪ Happy holiday ♪ There are times and days he keeps going back to.
I mean, he doesn't mean to, he can't help it.
One day in particular.
Happy holiday ♪ Happy holidays to you ♪ When he comes back from there, I always know.
As soon as I see him by his face.
Seeing old friends ♪ Oh, the fun of it all ♪ - You all buckled up? - Yup.
Presents, and goodies ♪ And everything fine ♪ At holiday time ♪ Holiday time ♪ Happy holiday ♪ - - Oh, happy holiday ♪ It's like gravity.
It works like that.
You know, the larger something is, the more gravitational pull it exerts.
And it pulls smaller things to it, and they orbit around and around and around.
- May your every wish come true ♪ - Happy holiday ♪ Happy holiday ♪ I've had big days in my life like most people.
Pivotal moments.
The difference for me is I keep going back.
While the merry bells keep ringing ♪ May your every wish come true ♪ Happy Holiday ♪ May the calendar keep bringing ♪ Happy holidays to you ♪ Happy Holiday ♪ Henr You just traveled back in time as soon as you were hit.
Reflex, I guess.
Like, it was the only thing your body had time to do.
And I know you're going to, but you don't have to look.
- Mom! - You're about to go back, don't look.
Mom? Mom! Mom! Mom! - Mom! - - - Mom! - - Mom! Mom! Mom! - - Do you have a mom and dad? Sure I do everyone does.
What are they like? Well, they're great, you know? They're my mom and dad, of course they're great.
What do they do? Well, my dad plays the violin, and my mom was a singer.
- Why did she stop? - Who said she stopped? You said "was.
" Is.
I meant is.
You look sad now.
Do I? Why are you sad? You know what's good about being sad? Nothing.
Happy people are all the same, but sad people are all different.
Now, if you wanna have a good time with someone, sure, you make them happy, but if you want to know them well, you find out why they're sad.
Why are you sad? Is it 'cause your mom stopped singing? I'll explain one day, but not today.
When? When a green man gives you banana coffee on the shores of Lake Como.
- Don't be silly! - Honest to God.
Green man, banana coffee, Lake Como.
That's when I'll tell you.
You're just saying stupid things! I swear, I'm not! Ha! Asshole.
What did I do? I didn't do anything.
I'm just sitting here.
I I didn't even look at her.
Yeah, I could feel you not looking at her.
Doors open to the left at Lake.
Why's it always blondes? My girlfriend's blonde.
It's my way of staying faithful.
Theoretically, I'm your girlfriend.
According to you you're my girlfriend.
According to you.
According to my future self, who hung around with you in the woods when you were a kid.
I don't trust that guy.
- He's you! - And we both know what I'm like.
Then what are we even doing here today? Well Sorry.
- Second date.
- Why lunch? Because the first date, we got drunk and had sex.
I'm hoping lunch will provide an interval of conversation before we get drunk and have sex again.
It's how relationships work, I looked it up.
Well, who says this is a relationship? Well, if the future says so, you don't get a choice.
- And you're okay with that? - Sure, why not? You never try to fight it? Never try to go your own way? Yeah, of course I've tried.
I'm getting off the train.
- Excuse me.
- I sense you're making a point.
- Sorry.
- See, I'm not like you, okay? I don't run on tracks.
I don't go where I'm told.
Especially if you're the destination, because here's my problem.
I have been waiting for you since I was six years old, and it turns out, after all that time, after all that waiting, - I don't like you.
- Why not? You're seeing somebody else! Oh, you don't like me, but you want me all to yourself? - No, I don't want you at all.
- Well, you slept with me.
Yeah, and what a fairy tale that was! - I didn't hear any complaints.
- I kissed a frog and he stayed a frog.
Well, you sure as hell stayed a princess.
What is that even supposed to mean? I don't know, it just felt kinda clever in the moment.
This is Quincy Street.
Doors open to the right.
- I thought it was clever.
- Thanks! Clare! Clare! - Why are you following me? - Why did you get off the train? Because I decided to, because it was my choice, and to hell with what the future says.
I mean, what is the matter with you? Why don't you fight back? Because it's impossible! Because look at where you are right now.
Look at where you're standing.
This is our stop! I'm not following you, we were always gonna get off here anyway.
That's how it works.
Exactly like that.
Whatever you decide to do is what you were always gonna do anyway.
- No.
- Yes! I have tried to change it, trust me.
You can't.
Where are we supposed to be having lunch? - Over there.
- Okay.
You see that café? - I'm going to that café.
- What? Why? Because, Henry, one way or another, I am getting off the train.
Watch me! This is me changing the future.
Banana latte? I didn't order a banana latt - Is that Lake Como? - I believe so.
Never mind, then.
Uh, if it's not a personal question, why are you green? - I drank the coffee.
- Really? No.
I was being hilarious.
- I'm a children's entertainer.
- Right now? Four o'clock today.
I'm in a state of readiness.
You didn't order a banana latte.
Doesn't matter, it's inevitable.
I've been horrible to you.
I mean, you were pretty shitty yourself but I'm also horrible.
Why are you even still here? Just because time travel tells you so? Most of what time travel tells me is terrifying.
I know that really bad stuff is coming, Clare.
I know I'm gonna be frightened and bleeding, and I know that one day I'm not gonna survive it.
About the only thing that time travel ever taught me that wasn't terrifying is that one day, somehow, in the future I am gonna be married to a phenomenal redhead.
So glad to be identified as a hair-type.
How special I feel.
Who, it must be said, currently hates me.
I don't hate you.
No, I do hate you, but well, it's the good kind of hate.
Oh, yeah? What's the good kind? That kind where I wanna have you right now on this table - just to shut your stupid mouth.
- Well, we could No, listen to me, I I can't help myself.
My libido formed around you.
I grew up fantasizing about you.
You are literally a younger, hotter version of the man of my dreams.
You're the living personification of everything I want.
Of everything you personally conditioned me to want.
There is only one thing, exactly one small detail wrong with you.
- And what's that? - You're not somebody else.
Well, who would you like me to be? Oh, him.
The guy who hung around your childhood, and turned you into you.
Well, I can't be him, Clare.
'Cause he's the guy that you're gonna turn me into, which is frankly too fuckin' complicated, so I think we should just go back to plan A.
- What's plan A? - Get drunk and have sex.
What makes you sad? Tell me that.
Tell me what makes you sad.
Please, I need to know you.
I need to understand you.
I I don't even, wh Why did your mom stop singing? My mom? This is the day you tell me what makes you sad.
You wouldn't before, and now, you're going to.
Why does it matter? Why w What difference does it make? Apparently, we're getting married.
Come on, introduce me to your mom.
She was a singer, right? Yeah, she was a singer.
Annette Lyn Robinson.
She Your mom your mom was Annette Lyn Robinson? - You like opera? - I mean, my parents do.
God! I mean, they they love her.
But isn't she ? Yeah.
She's dead.
It was a car accident.
Her son.
She was with her son.
She was I think the word you're currently avoiding is decapitated.
Mom! Mom! Oh I see.
I got tragedy now, so, suddenly you like me.
You were so young.
I suppose you don't remember her very well.
You're really not thinking this through, are you? Well, I'm trying to.
Well, she died when I was eight, but I'm a time traveler.
- So? - So, I get to see her all the time.
Wha You still see your mom? Yeah, I mean, there are plenty of shitty things about time travel, but I get to see my dead mom.
Thank you.
Did she know? About the time-traveling? Did your mom and dad know? Well, they knew there was something.
I kept on disappearing from school, and, uh, leaving my clothes behind.
My school reports were mainly about cutting classes and nudity.
My dad found out what was really going on when I was 16.
- How? - Badly.
Okay, but how? Just keep in mind I was 16.
Dad! - - Dad! I mean, I'm not gay, but you know? You would, wouldn't you? You went gay for yourself? Henry DeTamble, explain! Okay, come on.
I was 16.
Wait, what about your mom? Did she ever find out? No.
Why didn't you tell her? I don't know, I mean, It's complicated.
It's never that complicated if you start at the beginning.
- That's a new violinist.
- Yeah, I think so.
Lust is someone knocking at the door to be born.
I guess I heard my own knock.
Hold on a second.
- Hold on.
- What are you doing? - - My darling, Annette - Oh, my God.
- Yes.
Oh, my God! Oh, that is not - Will you be my wife? - Yes! Yes! Of course! Like you've had too much wine ♪ That's Amore ♪ Come on, come on.
- Oh, hi! - Can you show the ring? Oh, yes! I will.
Vita Bella ♪ - - You make me so happy.
Hearts will play ♪ Tippi-tippi-tay ♪ Tippi-tippi-tay ♪ Like a gay tarantella ♪ You saw your parents' proposal? - That's a thing.
- Yeah.
And you get to hear her singing.
That's gotta be good, isn't it? What'd I say? Did I say something wrong? - Can I take you somewhere? - Where? For a walk.
- Oh - Just, uh Okay Just for a walk, come on.
- It's a harmony.
- Oh! - Hi, again.
- Hi, how's it going? - - Oh, hey there.
You knew them? Your parents? A lot of people know their parents.
Don't be smart.
They recognized you.
Well, not me exactly.
They started recognizing some guy who walked past them a bunch of times.
They didn't know who I was.
So, it isn't random? Where you go in time? No, no, it's mostly random, at least I think it is.
But the people who matter to me, I see them more often.
I don't know why.
You saw me 152 times.
Well, there you go, then.
Who's this? Oh, this is Henry.
- Hey, buddy.
- Look, Henry.
Hey there.
Hey there, buddy.
- Ow! - Oh, he's teething, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- He does it to me all the time.
- Don't worry, it's fine.
No harm done.
- You okay? Oh, that's quite a scar Oh, uh That's nothing.
- How'd you do that? - Oh, it's just a stupid accident.
Anyway, I'll see you around.
Okay, bye.
For as much as it hath pleased Almighty God to take unto Himself - - Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
We therefore commit her body to the ground, in sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life.
- - For Our Lord, Jesus Christ, who shall change our vile body, that it may be like unto his glorious body, let us go in peace and live out the word of God.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Appreciate it.
This is where you're taking me? Hotdogs? I promised you lunch.
Uh, two.
Do you ever talk to the other ones? The other yous? - Sure, we talk all the time.
- So, it's not just sex, then? Ha! I was sixteen.
Isn't that I I don't know, isn't that weird? The talking, not the sex part.
I mean, the sex part is definitely weird.
Well, I don't know, you kinda get used to having yourself around.
How? Well You know there was a guy who trained me.
- I told you that.
- Yeah, the other time traveler.
You told me about him when I was a kid.
But I didn't tell you who it was.
Are you gonna tell me now? Hey, sir! Sir! Excuse me! Excuse me.
Sorry, sir I think you dropped your wallet.
No, I've got mine.
- Where did you find it? - Just lying on the ground.
It's got lots of money in it.
Well, it definitely isn't mine.
But good for you, being an honest young man.
Very good.
Not bad for two hours.
- What's your name? - Why do you need to know? You never tell me your name.
And we're friends We're not friends.
Who told you we're friends? I'm training you.
You trained yourself? I led myself astray.
There wasn't anyone else.
I'm the only time traveler.
So, what year are you from, by the way? - 1989.
You? - 2008.
Funny how we keep ending up in the same time.
Who said you could sit down? Something happened.
I need to talk about it.
- Is it personal? - Yes.
Well, talk to someone else.
I don't care.
Come on, we need to get these back to lost property.
- We're taking them back? - Yes, and stealing some more.
We don't know how long we've got together in this time zone, and you need to practice.
Whenever you time travel, you're gonna be naked, penniless, and running! You need to steal.
Okay, art gallery.
Basically, next level.
Are we stealing paintings? No, we're not stealing the paintings, the paintings are on our side.
Come on.
You know what I love about art, is people look at it.
Meanwhile, we look at people, and figure out where they're keeping their wallets.
Now, most men keep their wallets in either their back pocket, like that, or the inside pocket of their suit jacket.
With women, you want their purse behind their back.
My mom's dead.
Now, if you're on the street, you can grab a purse or a wallet, and just run.
But if you're in a place like this, you need to take it without them noticing, and without anyone else noticing, either.
You ready to try? - My mom's dead.
- Okay are you ready to try? I said, "My mom's dead!" I heard you.
Your mom's dead, copy that.
Are you ready to try? Are all the other time travelers like you? - Like what? - Assholes! Is there something about my face that attracts that word? - Yes! - Good.
I was starting to worry it was my personality.
Why aren't you listening to me? Because I know everything you're gonna say, and none of it matters a shit.
But what I'm trying to tell you, you've never heard before, so you need to listen to all of it! That means all the listening, all the time, happens in this direction! Why are you angry with me? Okay, here it is.
Your mom's dead, right? Wrong.
Come on.
Coffee break.
The art institute of Chicago welcomes you to - You're from 1989, right? - Yeah.
So, you traveled back in time just a few months.
When'd your mom die? Last Christmas Eve.
So, end of 1988, then.
Look at the date.
- 1988.
- June.
It's June.
Is your mom dead in June 1988? - No.
- Then your mom's not dead.
Problem solved.
You can stop sulking.
You're very welcome.
- You mean I can save her? - No, no, no, no.
You you definitely can't save her.
All I mean is, she's not dead yet.
Which is what everyone is, basically, not dead yet.
You know, you, me, the woman in the blue dress.
The the fat guy well, definitely the fat guy.
It makes no difference.
But here's the thing, when you're a time traveler, no one is continuously dead.
What does that mean? It means, as far as you're concerned, from now on, life and death are on auto-shuffle.
- What's auto-shuffle? - You, Henry.
You are auto-shuffle.
And I know what you're thinking, but you can't.
- What am I thinking - You're thinking you can go find your mom.
Warn her.
Tell her something that's gonna save her, - but it won't work.
- Why not? Because it never works.
You tried, though.
Yeah, I guess.
So, come on.
Tell me.
Why? Because I want to know.
And this is the day, and I'm asking nicely.
I want to know you.
You can't change anything.
And you can't save anyone.
- Why not? - Because you can't! - And I can prove it to you.
- Okay, prove it! I know a little piece of your future.
Never mind how, but I do.
In a little under a minute, you're gonna get out of that chair - and run in that direction.
- Why? Because that's what's gonna happen, you're gonna do that.
Is there gonna be a fire alarm? - No fire alarm.
- Then why would I do that? It will be your choice.
Entirely your own decision.
No one's gonna force you.
- Are you gonna make me? - It will be your decision, I promise you.
Just because it's your decision, doesn't mean you can stop yourself from making it.
- I'm not doing it! I'm not.
- Prove me wrong, huh? Prove me wrong, and keep sitting there! - I'm not gonna get up! - Good for you! - Even if there's a real fire! - There's not gonna be a real fire! - I'm staying right here! - Me, too! How long? About 30 seconds.
- Okay, I'm not getting out this seat! - No, you're not.
No one gets out a seat if they think it's gonna kill their mom! It's not your fault.
It's not changeable.
Sometimes, I think you were there.
- Where? - When my mom You put a blanket around me.
Did you do that? How long now? See the woman in the green skirt heading towards us? Okay.
Before she gets here, you're gonna run in that direction.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Mom! Mom! Mom! What are you doing? Henry? You're supposed to be in school! Why aren't you in school, Henry? Mom, I'm sorry.
Oh, my God, what happened? Are you okay? - Mom.
- What are you wearing? - Mom.
- Oh, God, why are you doing this again? - Mom! - Why can't you just stay in school? - Mom.
- You are in such trouble! - Sorry.
Mom! - No.
No, look, "I'm sorry" isn't good enough.
- Mom, listen to me.
- Do you have any idea how many times your father and I have been to the principal's office? Mom, you need to listen to me.
- You have to listen to me.
- Where do you go? Why do you leave your clothes behind? - Mom.
- Where did you get these - Did you steal these clothes? - Mom! Why can't you just tell me what's going on? - Mom, I'm sorry.
- Mom, you need to listen to me.
Mom, you need to listen listen to me.
Please just listen to me.
- But I love you.
- No! That's not gonna cut it.
You can't just get around me like that.
We're gonna have a serious conversation! - Mom! - As far as she was concerned, I was skipping school yet again, and she'd caught me in the act.
She didn't know she was dead, and I was trying to bring her back.
- Mom, you need to listen - No! No! You need to listen to me, 'cause this is the tenth time.
You never tell us where you're going, or why.
And do you know how dangerous that could be, just roaming about the place? Do you have any idea how worried I am about you? What if you never saw me again? What if this was the last time we could ever, ever talk, - and you just shouted? - Don't threaten me with that! What is the matter with you? - Mom, please - We worry.
We try to understand.
Just help us! You all buckled up? Henry Did you do that? Whatever is happening to you, just tell us! If there is something bothering you - tell us! - Mom! Mom! I'm gonna tell you and I'm gonna tell you the truth.
But you've got to believe me.
You've got to really, really try and believe me, please! I'm a time traveler.
I've come from the future.
I need to tell you something really important.
And if you listen to me, it will save your life.
Henry, I need you to take this seriously right now.
I need you to just stop it.
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Henry! Henry! Henry! Henry! Richard You won't believe this.
He did it again.
What do you mean he's in class? But how can he be there now? He was just here a few minutes ago.
How can he be at school? Well, geez how fast do you think he can run? She's gonna give you hell about this tonight.
You won't know what she's talking about.
- I remember.
- So do I.
Whoa, whoa! Oh, my Are you all right, ma'am? It's okay.
It's fine.
Today's not the day.
- I said I hated her.
- I know.
I could walk up to her right now.
I could prove to her that I'm in two places at the same time.
Whatever you try to do, something's gonna stop you.
You know that.
- So, we're going to your work? - Yeah.
It's a Sunday.
It's shut.
We can sneak in, have a look.
At what? Well, you keep asking about my mom.
I thought maybe you'd like to meet her.
Come on.
Where are we going? - Today's the day.
- What day? You said you wanted to meet the other time travelers, right? We're gonna meet them now? Yeah, we're gonna meet them.
We're gonna meet all of them.
It's amazing.
Sometimes, I wonder if I'm in here somewhere.
You're in here every day.
No, in the books.
I wonder if I'm in any of the books.
You know, some future version of myself gets stuck in the past.
Someone writes about it.
Puts me in a book.
A piece of my future could be here somewhere gathering dust on a shelf.
Things I haven't done yet.
Words I haven't spoken, decisions I'm yet to make already written, printed, and bound.
If only I knew where to look.
- - What's that? Memories.
- Of what? - My mom.
What's it doing here? Who are you hiding it from? From me.
I can't keep it at home, it's too tempting.
Tempting? If I'm, uh stressed, or depressed, or just fuckin' drunk I can't afford to let myself fixate on the past, or I wind up back there.
Well, you get to see your mom again.
It's not all bad.
Uh depends what you see.
What about your dad? Is he still around? He's around.
We don't talk much.
- Why not? - Why should we? Tragedy usually brings people together.
If that were even half-true, the whole world would be friends.
You wanna hear her sing? Yeah.
I said we weren't friends.
Why do you think that is? It's okay.
No one's gonna come in.
- How do you know? - Because no one did.
Why aren't we friends? - Because you don't like me.
- Yeah, but why don't I like you? - I don't know.
- You do.
You do.
Now, come here.
Look in the mirror.
Look at me.
Then look at you.
Come on, how long have we been doing this? How many lessons now? - You only ever teach me mean stuff.
- Survival skills! - Beating people up? - Dumpster diving, tree climbing, venetian blinds deployed as weapons.
I know you're gonna need all those things, those specific things.
How do I know that? Henry? Look at us both in the mirror.
You know why.
E un po' per non morire ♪ Al primo incontro ♪ Ed egli alquanto ♪ In pena Chiamerà ♪ Chiamerà ♪ Piccina, mogliettina ♪ Olezzo di verbena ♪ I nomi che mi dava ♪ Al suo venire ♪ Tutto questo avverrà ♪ Te lo prometto ♪ Tienti la tua paura ♪ Lo con sicura fede ♪ L'aspetto ♪ It's beautiful.
"Madame Butterfly," Puccini.
A week later, she was dead.
It must be a comfort hearing her sing.
No, it's beautiful.
Beauty's not comfort.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much.
Thank you What's wrong? I I've never even listened to this recording before.
Why not? For you, old photographs, keepsakes, they're nice things.
For me, they're bear traps.
You see, sometimes, when I'm stressed, I time travel, and if I'm thinking about my mom, and it gets to me, sometimes I have to go and watch her die again.
Is that gonna happen now? - Maybe.
I'm trying to hold on.
- Okay, hold on.
I'm not really an asshole.
It's just the opposite of being an asshole is caring, and caring opens a hole at my feet, and sometimes, I fall in.
And if I make the mistake of loving someone, I don't know how many times I'm gonna have to lose them.
Okay? Okay.
Okay, good.
Every night my mom performed, she would, um she'd talk to the audience, you know? Q and A, that kind of thing.
I wasn't there that night.
And I've never heard this tape before, so maybe there's an opportunity.
For what? For you to meet my mom.
How? Well, I have an idea, it might even work.
What might? You are all too kind, just very kind.
Listening to her on a tape isn't meeting her.
This has been an amazing evening I mean, it's sweet, but it's not the same.
So, what would you ask her if you could? Oh, I can't ask her anything.
Yeah, but if you could, what would it be? - I don't wanna play games.
- I'm not playing games, Clare, I'm trying to introduce you to my mom.
I don't know.
Um I guess, uh I don't know.
How do people ever get together? You know? I mean, how does that even happen? I have a lot of people to thank.
But before I do, if you'll excuse me, I just need to pass on a message to somebody who I know is gonna be listening tonight.
Hello, Clare.
I'm talking to Clare Abshire, who's either here tonight or listening in.
A gentleman stopped me at the stage door this afternoon, and he asked me a question from Clare, and he asked if I would answer it tonight, and and he was very sweet, and very kind, and insistent.
And, I guess, I kind of liked him, so I'm gonna try and answer Clare's question tonight.
How is this possible? And her question was this.
How the hell does any couple ever get together? How did she hear me? No, she didn't hear you.
But I can hear you.
And I just decided that whenever I get to speak to my mom next, whenever that is, at the right moment, that I'll pass your question on.
And on the night this recording was made, she'll answer it.
So, the answer to the question that you only just thought of asking has been on this tape since before you were born.
You wanna hear it? My mom's answer? I mean, I guess, we've all wondered that one.
I I don't know why he asked me.
I'm a singer.
I just sing.
But I have just been singing "Madame Butterfly," which is all about doomed love, and I guess that got me thinking this.
Isn't all love doomed? I don't mean to be a party pooper.
You know but it always ends, doesn't it? So, Clare if you're listening, and you're worried my answer, and Puccini's, is this.
Couples don't get together.
What they do, is they get together for a while.
It's just a while, just a little time.
That's okay.
Because it is better to be happy for a little while, just a brief time, even if you know you're going to lose it, than to be just "okay" for your whole life.
And for what it's worth, my advice is this.
It's always later than you think, and this is the only time you ever get.
So, good luck, Clare.
And you know what? Just get the hell on with it!
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