The Trial (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

I'll give you one last chance.
Did you kill Angelica Petroni?
No, it wasn't me.
[Ruggero] Is there any real reason
why we're still here?
[phone buzzes]
You missed your flight
and we all wasted our time here.
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Andreoli, call the colleagues.
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
What's going on?
Mrs. Monaco,
I've discovered additional elements
which warrant your preventive detention
as a suspect
- for Angelica Petroni's murder.
- What?
- Why?
- You will be taken to prison immediately.
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
- But what happened? Which elements?
- A witness.
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Linda, don't worry.
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
I sincerely hope
that you're not wrong again.
[siren blaring]
What do you want from me? ♪
Why don't you run from me? ♪
What are you wondering? ♪
What do you know? ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ♪
Why aren't you scared of me? ♪
Why do you care for me? ♪
When we all fall asleep ♪
Where do we go? ♪
- [birdsong]
- [dog barking]
[Giancarlo] Aren't you hungry?
You should try to eat. You have to be
in the courtroom in two hours.
It'll be better on an empty stomach
than with nausea.
What's wrong?
Are you still hesitant about Zaia?
[sighs] I don't know if I can trust him.
He told the truth.
Zaia told the truth.
I felt it, when I questioned him.
You have to trust yourself.
As far as I know, you are one
of the best prosecutors I know.
It's disgusting, huh?
No, I mean Yes, it's disgusting.
But, you know, the plates are beautiful.
[Elena laughs]
[Elena] Good morning.
So you have a new witness.
You've decided to ask for his admission.
How do you know?
Of course, you have your sources.
- So, what do you want to do?
- You'll find out.
I uncovered the truth, Elena.
- Linda is innocent.
- Oh, yes?
Yes. I had a witness ready to say
who killed Angelica,
but they made her disappear.
Then you tell me who did it.
Even if I tell you,
you wouldn't believe me.
I mean I know the whole the truth.
It's better if you don't call Zaia
as a witness.
Do you want to win the trial with this?
Do you really want to ruin your career
to convict an innocent?
[bell rings]
Does the defense want to proceed
and call the new witnesses?
Yes, Your Honor, good morning.
- Regarding…
- Your Honor.
Is everything all right,
Prosecutor Guerra?
[sighs] Yes.
Uh I would like to request
the admission of an additional witness.
Please, approach.
You too, Counselor Barone.
This is the record
of my interview with Ivan Zaia,
who saw with his own eyes
Angelica Petroni and Linda Monaco
arguing outside Palazzo Te that night.
He was Angelica's drug dealer,
and I've already checked his alibi.
He left on a scooter
a minute after Angelica left the room.
Your Honor, I have some documents
to give to you, too.
Prosecutor, are you aware of the contents?
And is it true?
[whispers] Yes Yes.
The hearing is adjourned.
It is postponed until a later date.
The defendant is free
to leave the courtroom.
Let's stop the live radio broadcast.
You do it, registrar.
And judges, jury, please wait for me
in the meeting room.
I need to speak
with Prosecutor Guerra alone.
Keep breathing, keep breathing
keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Thanks for getting everyone out, I know…
Do you know how serious what you did is?
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
I could not hold back. It was unexpected.
I only did my duty.
You did exactly the opposite.
You went against the law.
You have disrespected me
and the Judiciary.
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Will you admit Zaia?
You no longer have any right
to know anything about this trial.
You are removed from office,
effective immediately.
When the press finds out,
it will be a disaster.
Be prepared for the worst.
I didn't mean to disrespect you.
Goodbye, Prosecutor Guerra.
[high-pitched ringing sound]
[muffled voices]
[gasping breaths echoing]
[distorted voices]
[Ruggero, echoing] Elena!
Call an ambulance!
We're going to the hospital.
Go away.
[siren blaring]
[Furlan] Yes, but why did you do it?
Why didn't you say anything?
It was so absurd.
She ended up in front of me like so
How could I tell you?
You should have stopped earlier.
Too much pain. Too much.
It was nice working with you, huh?
I liked it.
Think about protecting yourself now.
Go away for a while.
Who will you replace me with?
Caputo. It should have been him
from the beginning.
Fabrizia, this is Stefano.
The father.
[Stefano] Hi.
Good morning
[clears throat] I'll leave you two alone.
- Bye.
- I'm sorry.
Me too.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- How are you?
- Better, thanks.
- [laughs] Is that for me?
- Oh, yes.
- I stole it from outside.
- Really?
You were right to call me.
What now?
Now I have to get out of here
and you're going to help me.
Sure you don't want me
to come with you?
It's something I have to do alone.
All right. Then I'll wait for you here.
[dog barking]
[lock clicks]
[door opens]
Madame Prosecutor.
Hello. I hope I'm not disturbing you.
No, no, don't worry. Please, come in.
Maurizio, Prosecutor Guerra is here.
Please, come in.
[Maurizio] Is there a problem?
Uh, yes.
I can no longer be involved in the trial.
Because I am Angelica's biological mother.
- Are you kidding us?
- No, and I never wanted to.
I I just wanted to make things right.
And why didn't you tell us?
What happens now?
The trial goes on
and I will be replaced by a colleague,
another prosecutor, and
I wanted you to hear it from me.
I'm sorry.
I don't care for your apology, understand?
I came here to tell you the truth.
There is nothing else I can do
for you or for me.
She was our daughter.
Paola, let's go inside.
I thought I could make something right.
I was wrong.
You look alike, you know?
I've always felt it.
I couldn't tell why.
It's true. When she was born
she looked like an angel. [laughs sadly]
Are you staying here?
Is it the same?
[Stefano] It's the same.
You fixed it.
There are still a few things
to touch up, but
Will you come for a ride,
as soon as it's ready?
I'll only get in it on solid ground.
We'll see.
The live broadcast is about to begin.
Shall we go?
[official] The Assize court is in session.
The Honorable Umberto Ventura presiding.
[Ventura] I hereby declare Zaia Ivan
admitted as an additional witness
- He admitted him!
- as requested by
- Who? Zaia?
- Yes.
[official] The prosecution calls Ivan Zaia
to testify.
- [Ventura] Mr. Zaia, good morning.
- [Zaia] Good morning.
[Caputo] Mr. Zaia
What's going on?
Mr. Zaia, do you confirm that on the night
of March 3rd of last year
you were near the crime scene,
just outside Palazzo Te?
I confirm it.
[Caputo] To do what?
To sell drugs.
Then Angelica called me
and told me to leave, which I did.
But in your interview
with my colleague,
you said you saw something
before leaving.
- While I was leaving, I saw Angelica.
- With whom?
- With a woman.
- [Caputo] Was that woman Linda Monaco?
- No, don't ask him like that.
- Why?
I was far away. I didn't see well,
but it seemed like her.
- It really looked like her, yes.
- Okay.
Thanks. No further questions.
How can you not have further questions?
- You must recover.
- [Ventura] Counselor Barone, your turn.
So, you've told us that on that night,
you were there to sell drugs.
He wants to discredit him,
Caputo should object.
And has this been going on
for a long time?
A few years.
Well, enough to have
already faced two sentences.
Your Honor, let me remind the Court
that Zaia is here as a witness.
The investigations against him
have been initiated elsewhere.
[Ventura] Get to the point.
[Ruggero] Sure. As I was saying
I don't doubt that on that night,
you saw Angelica with someone.
No, not "someone," a woman.
What I don't understand is how you can say
that person was the defendant.
- To be sure, I'd need to have been closer.
- So you're not sure.
- I'm cautious.
- A cautious pusher
- Are you trying to offend me?
- No, he's a pusher.
He said he's being cautious.
He is a cautious pusher.
He's tearing him apart
and Caputo does nothing.
- It looked like Linda Monaco.
- "It looked like." "I was far away."
Jesus! Why don't you tell him something?
I don't know how you can say anything
that could be relevant in this trial.
Your Honor, I've read the report.
I understand
why you decided to admit Zaia,
but I believe we are clearly seeing
the irrelevance of this testimony.
[Caputo] Your Honor, far from it,
Mr. Zaia spoke of probabilities.
- It's my turn, don't interrupt.
- Do not interrupt, Prosecutor Caputo.
He's getting bored.
I actually have no other questions.
Thanks, Zaia.
[Ventura] Jurors, please
- [knocking]
- [Stefano] Elena?
Is everything all right?
[sighs] Yes!
[Linda] Good morning, everyone.
I'm glad to finally be able
to tell my side of the story,
- which doesn't correspond in any way
- Wait.
Uh "I'm glad" is a bit too much.
Try to make it a little slicker, hm?
Finally I can tell my side of the story,
which does not correspond in any way
to what the prosecution claimed.
On the night of March 3rd,
- I didn't follow Angelica Petroni.
- Try to pause a little bit.
Make it less perfect,
as if you were just remembering now.
"On March 3rd I was at this party.
I never left, let alone
to follow Angelica Petroni."
- A little more conversational.
- I should speak like an idiot, is that it?
- Just don't let them feel you studied it.
- So don't let me study it.
All right. Let's take a break.
- Do you want some water?
- No.
Have you decided how to finish it?
- I can't.
- You can't? Or you don't feel like it?
It's hard, we're not even sure it was
Accusing your father
is the only way to save yourself.
And it's the truth.
Fuck, I fended Zaia off,
but what he said is still there,
and the judges
will not forget it altogether.
Now it's up to you, Linda. Say you know
your father sent Lorenzi to kill Angelica.
Explain why
and say that you haven't had
the courage to talk
because he's your father
and you didn't want to believe it.
[Ruggero sighs]
But I can't believe it.
It's better if you do as I tell you.
If you don't want to spend
25 years in prison.
Fucking wake up!
I'm sorry.
I can't accept that you're giving up
on defending yourself for him.
But I love him, and he loves me.
It's not true.
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbling]
[phone buzzing]
- Hey.
- [Stefano] Where are you?
I needed some air.
I can't stay at home.
Really? Don't you want to hear
what Linda Monaco will say at the hearing?
[Ventura] Prosecutor Caputo, you can
proceed with questioning the witness.
[Caputo] Thank you, Your Honor.
Mrs. Monaco, do you want to tell us
your side of the story?
- [sighs] Good morning, every one.
- [feedback squeals]
Finally, I can tell
my side of the story, too,
which does not correspond in any way
to what the prosecution claimed.
The night of March 3rd, I
The night of March 3rd
I never left the party and I never
followed Angelica outside Palazzo Te.
Mrs. Monaco?
Is everything all right?
I lied.
- [murmuring]
- [whispers] What are you doing?
I lied about one thing.
I was obsessed with Angelica.
She took away everything I cared about.
During these months,
I've tried to feel sorry for her,
because in the end,
it wasn't only her fault
but I couldn't.
I've always hated her.
Your Honor, may we take a break?
It seems clear to me
that Mrs. Monaco is very tried.
[Ventura] Mrs. Monaco,
do you feel like continuing?
- Yes.
- Good.
That evening, I talked to Angelica
in the toilet at Palazzo Te,
but it wasn't me who followed her.
I came out of the toilet
and she was there.
And I could no longer pretend
nothing happened.
I had to confront her
but I couldn't say anything
because she told me she was pregnant.
I felt like dying.
[Caputo] And after hearing that
Angelica was pregnant what did you do?
- How's it going?
- She admitted having talked to her.
[Linda] I offered her money
to leave us alone.
She laughed at me.
What right did she have
to treat me like that
to make me feel so bad?
And suddenly, I thought about it.
[Caputo] What did you think about?
About killing her.
But I didn't.
[Caputo] And then?
And then I told her I would
I told her I'd destroy her life,
that I could do it.
I wanted her to feel as bad as I did.
But she turned
and left.
And I felt stupid.
Then I went back to my friends
and she was there.
We looked at each other,
as prosecutor Guerra said.
And did your father call you
shortly after midnight?
I went to the bar to get a drink.
I got in line and called him.
Eleven minutes
Eleven minutes.
What did you do in those 11 minutes?
I walked away just to talk to my father.
I needed to talk to him
To feel a little love.
I know
that maybe I should've spoken up sooner.
I just didn't have the srength.
I can't explain.
Maybe it was because of prosecutor Guerra.
She wanted a culprit from the beginning.
First she looked for it in my husband,
then in me.
She wanted to punish someone, that's it.
Then you all started looking at me
like I was a monster.
You all thought I was the culprit.
When I learned
that she was Angelica's real mother,
I understood the reason
for all that hatred towards me
and my family.
And maybe that's why today,
I had the courage to speak,
to be honest.
I have no further questions.
Counselor Barone, go ahead.
Mrs. Monaco
You have given us a lesson
in great honesty today.
You risked
showing yourself to all today
for what you are,
a woman who has suffered a lot,
and who is still suffering.
But, above all, you took the risk
of restating the truth.
You may have hated,
you may have threatened
but you are not a murderer.
Tell me, since you never left Palazzo
until you left the party,
how do you explain that cigarette butt
with your DNA
that was found in the tanks area?
I can't explain it, unless
unless I think
someone put it there on purpose.
And since it wasn't you
that committed the murder,
for all these months, you must have
wondered who the real culprit was.
Of course.
- Have you got any ideas?
- Counselor, let me understand.
Are you trying to push the defendant
to give us a name?
I just asked her a question.
Fine, answer.
[sighs] How should I know?
Are you sure?
I have no idea.
I'm sorry.
[footsteps approaching]
I could come to the sailing club
with you tomorrow. What do you think?
- All right.
- It might take my mind off things.
- Hey.
- I don't feel well.
- What do you feel?
- I don't know.
It must be a little stress. Come here.
- You stink.
- I know, love, it's fiberglass.
Come, sit down for a moment.
- Do you want some water?
- No.
- [phone buzzing]
- [sighs]
All right.
See you later. Bye.
What happened?
I have to go to the office.
That was Caputo.
There's evidentiary material in my office
that he's missing, so
it's up to me to pass it on.
That sucks! I don't want to go back there.
I can come with you.
No, I'll go alone.
- [Elena] Where did they move you?
- [Andreoli] Mainly to the bar.
[Elena laughs]
Big deal. They gave me
a little hole of an office downstairs.
I don't want to work there.
They haven't reassigned it yet?
No. [Andreoli sighs]
How sad.
[Andreoli] Couldn't Caputo
be more organized?
I'm already tired.
[Elena] All done here.
What about this one?
- What is it?
- This is also about Angelica's murder.
- But it's sealed.
- It is sealed.
Did we do the whole trial
without a box full of evidence?
No, it's just I put it down there
and I must have forgotten it, just
Let me see.
These are all Linda Monaco's
personal belongings.
Come on, they're no longer needed now.
[sighs] Huh?
It's the receipt from the Palazzo Te bar.
Three drinks, look at the time.
11:59 p.m.
In the middle of the 11 minutes.
She was there.
She was inside, as she always said.
- Fuck.
- Elena
No, no. I can't believe it.
Her alibi has been here all this time!
Andreoli, what the fuck have you done?
Elena, listen!
You weren't wrong about Linda,
she's guilty.
The judges are already deciding.
Leave it to them.
Do you know what we do with this now?
We put it in here.
We seal this again,
as if we never found it.
And it will never be found.
[Andreoli sighs]
[murmur of conversation]
I know it's unusual for me to be here.
I wouldn't be so sure, since it's you.
- Here.
- What's this?
It's proof that Linda Monaco is innocent.
The time on the receipt indicates
that she was at the bar in Palazzo
in those minutes when I thought she was
out in the garden killing Angelica.
- But why was it not recorded?
- It was an oversight.
I swear, I only discovered it now.
I could've pretended
nothing had happened, but
I can't do it.
You're asking me to act like you.
[phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- [woman] Hi, it's the medical laboratory.
- Are you Ms. Guerra?
- Yes.
We heard your message
on our answering machine,
the one about the blood tests
from a few days ago.
Oh, yes, tell me.
The results are ready. If you want,
I can tell you now over the phone.
All right. But is there something wrong?
No, no, there's nothing to worry about.
However, the exams show
a pregnancy in progress.
Ma'am, are you still there?
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breath ♪
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