The Triangle (2005) s01e01 Episode Script

Part 1

Captain Taylor to the Bridge.
Captain Taylor to the Bridge.
Big money in whale meat.
We've done DNA testing on samples from Japanese and Korean markets.
The samples match the signature of these southern hemisphere whales.
They call themselves research vessels.
That's how they justify tracking the whales but they come out here to hunt.
Your friend doesn't talk very much, does he? Meeno.
Not much.
But he's probably the most passionate of any of us.
Attention, whaler you are about to violate international law.
Any attempt to harm this mammal will be a direct infraction of the Reykjavik moratorium.
Hey, guys! Heads up! God damn it! What do we do? Oh, my God! Hang on! What's happening? Brace yourselves! Help me.
Meeno, help me! Meeno! Meeno! Meeno! No! No! John! John! Take my hand! John! Give me your hand, John! Reach out! Meeno! Open it.
That's just Man.
What is that? - It's a cross.
- A cross? 15th Century by the look of it.
The Coroner's Office has already asked to interview you.
Well, they'll never find an explanation.
I think it's time we brought them in.
And I will not accept a "No" answer.
Not from those four.
Tell your mother that you're going.
OK? Mom already said the exact opposite of you.
She's always saying the exact opposite of you.
Look, honey.
Is this important to you? - Yes, Daddy.
- Then let me talk to her.
He wants to talk to you.
Power's out again.
Tell your father we can't afford it.
Excuse me, I'm looking for a patient named Meeno Paloma.
Are you immediate family? No.
I'm a journalist.
The Observer.
It's immediate family only.
No exceptions.
Thank you.
How exactly do you expect to pay for this? I don't know, but the kid loves the harp and she's good at it, right? So it's what, like, 50 bucks a week? Howard, you can't get the alimony and child support together.
I I understand why but don't grandstand for your daughter when you know you're not going to be able to.
Charge the damn lessons, OK? Use my MasterCard.
The one with the hot air balloons on it.
I don't think that's maxed out.
You don't have the money, Howard.
You don't You don't exactly write for The New York Times anymore, in case you haven't noticed.
Damn it, Sally, just do it.
Excuse me, folks.
Hope I'm not disturbing you.
Mind if l Are you the gastro inter No, no, no.
Don't bother, really, 'cause I'm not.
My name is Howard Thomas, and I'm a journalist.
And I, and my readers, would be extremely interested in hearing about what happened to you out there.
I thought Dr.
McKergy specifically said Dr.
McKergy didn't voice any objections to me about my stopping in, just for a few minutes.
Thank you.
So, um a rogue whaling ship and you were in a Greenpeace 12-man raft, right? What what exactly happened? The whaler was They were firing on a gray, uh Uh, female.
Then, suddenly it was it was like something was churning the water.
Some force.
Some violent force destroyed the whaler.
And and then and then it hit us.
Violent force, huh? And you were, what, about 50 miles out? Sargasso Sea? It's also known as the Bermuda Triangle.
L I never said anything about the Oh, no.
Relax, relax.
You don't have to.
I will.
Good people died out there.
Thomas! Yeah? Mr.
My name's Ackerman.
Aron Ackerman.
And I'm Wow.
Well, I'm just a huge fan of yours.
I think you're a truly fantastic journalist.
I've got something for you.
Oh, come on.
Are you She's serving me again? I just talked to her.
She didn't mention this at all.
This is nothing like that, sir.
Nothing like that at all.
Well Copy that, Base.
- Professor? - What? All right.
Are you reading the velocity sensors? 5-5-5, Professor.
- Full array? - Across the board.
Love you, luv.
You newbies, don't start the recorders until my tailbone has crossed the threshold.
Shake it off and zip it up, Professor.
We're approaching center spoke.
What's my splash factor? Looks like you'll be landing over open marsh.
We got recovery fan boats standing by.
That's Florida State Conservancy land down there.
You'll probably get busted.
We're center spoke.
Right now! All right, everybody.
Eyes wide.
You snooze, I lose! This is one small step for man one giant leap for mankind! Thanks, guys.
You're awesome.
Totally awesome.
Bruce Geller.
The incredible Bruce Geller.
Need any help with bail there's a number in there you can call.
Hey, who the hell are you? How did you know where to find me? Check the other three.
He's not in any pain.
Somebody has taken him.
They haven't harmed him.
He's wearing a red shirt.
Dark red shirt.
There's a stain What kind of stain on the front? It's It's chocolate.
I smell chocolate.
Who's this? This guy Stan something-or-other.
Used to be some big lost kid finder.
He's offered to help.
There's a van.
It's a very dark van.
Brown No.
No, it's black.
It's very Yeah, definitely black.
And there's a red stripe on it.
The driver of the van is I see gold.
I see He's wearing a gold chain.
Damn it, if I could just see a landmark or a signpost.
The van is stopping.
Mommy? Oh, Felicio! Here's your kidnapper! Way to go.
It isn't your domain, Emily.
It doesn't matter whether it's my domain.
This is a B.
Safety issue.
I observed it, now we have to deal with it.
Below the water line safety is my domain, Dr.
Patterson and the drill coils we're using are operating well within spec tolerances for depth and pressure.
Well, then this 780 tells me that you're either a liar or a liar.
Look at it.
Something caused it to torque.
We're within specs.
This was a fluke.
If we have to shut down to investigate Look, we're talking about men's lives here.
Those men's lives.
Something caused this.
We owe it to the frontliners to find out what it was! Look, Emily, you're a pretty good deep ocean resource engineer When you hired me, you said I was one of the best you'd ever seen.
Yes, well, now I'm firing you.
What? On what grounds? Safety.
You're firing me for bringing to light a potential life and death No, it is your safety I'm referring to.
- Oh! My safety? - Don't listen to her! She's crazy! We want to work! Section 21, subparagraph B of your contract if I feel I can no longer assure your safety as a woman on board this rig Look, they don't want to rape me, they want to kill me.
Just collect your gear, OK? Company chopper leaves in 20 minutes and I want your toes on the departure line topside in 19.
Your attention, please.
Welcome to Miami International Airport.
Please maintain visual contact with your personal property at all times.
Patterson, hi.
Can I help you with this? Do I know you? No, but I have something for you.
How was your flight? Howard Thomas.
Bruce Geller.
Bruce Geller.
Stan Lathem.
- Howard.
- Hi.
Any of you have any idea why we're here? You're here because I asked you.
I'm Eric Benirall.
My team, my experts.
Experts in what? Exactly how much do you know about the Bermuda Triangle? Benirall Shipping Lines is the largest privately owned shipping company in the United States.
Over 700 million tons of cargo transported every year.
There's a good chance that something you're wearing right now something electronic which you used today will have come to this country on one of my 303 cargo haulers.
303 ships presently on the seas.
Six months ago, it was 307.
And a year ago, it was 309.
The Bermuda Triangle is eating your ships? When the first ship went missing I used exactly the same tone, Mr.
My tone has now changed.
That section of the South Atlantic is one of the busiest shipping areas in the world.
Ships go down.
It experiences two powerful sea breezes one from the east, and one from the west.
The push between the two forces triggers extreme weather.
The Atlantic is also the deepest ocean in the world with amazingly strong currents.
6 ships lost in a single year.
Now, these are not pleasure craft some drunken day-sailors at the helm.
No, these are very, very, very large ships made of iron and steel with the most professional crews in the world.
But no distress signals were given.
There were no adverse conditions.
They just disappeared without a trace.
Why isn't this public knowledge? It is.
What I'm about to show you is not.
This particular ship had her own encounter just two nights ago.
94 miles from shore.
She's the first that's managed to make it home.
No explanation as to why she was spared but not unscathed.
Of a crew of 25 only 7 survived.
None of you believe a word I'm saying, do you? Which is good.
That's what I need.
Look, Mr.
Benirall, it's not that I don't believe you.
And I really respect all that adventurous stuff you do.
I mean, the America's Cup wins and that Arctic thing you did last year.
I kind of did the same sort of thing myself.
I really appreciate your problem with missing ships No, you don't.
You don't give a rat's ass about my problems.
But I'm rich, you see and I'm known to be a bit crazy with my money which is all the magnet I needed to draw you here and to keep you here I'm willing to share some of those riches.
Intrigued? Mind your heads.
Christopher Columbus himself recorded more than one encounter during his voyages through the Triangle.
In fact, despite having discovered a new world for Queen Isabella Columbus was ultimately imprisoned by the Spanish.
Any of you know why? On one of his return voyages, he lost 500 men and more than 6 of his 30 ships to a freak hurricane.
Despite the large number of ships and men lost not a single remnant was ever found.
Columbus was thrown in prison on the accusation that he had somehow personally summoned the unnatural storm.
The charge was sorcery.
Ten years before this, he recorded his first encounter with a strange phenomenon in the Atlantic.
Might I read you something from his log record for that night? "Appeared before us a behemoth of iron "the measure of a mountain.
Before our eyes, then not.
"Not of this God's known world.
" Now, two nights ago, this ship ran into fog.
All seven survivors say they saw ships within that fog.
But not just ships wooden sailing ships.
Three of them.
Flying Spanish flags.
The flags that the Spanish have not flown for more than four centuries.
You think that this crew encountered Columbus? We don't know what they saw.
People build recreations of old ships all the time.
They fly all sorts of flags.
Patterson, I do know something about what's out on the ocean, and I do trust my crews.
And they do not believe that what they saw were recreations.
Might I suggest that you prepare yourselves? Please.
What exactly are we supposed to be observ Is that 11 men died here.
More than just died.
That's close, Mr.
In fact, it was 9 men who died here.
This is the only physical evidence we have of what actually happened on board that night.
As for the rest of the crew Now, at the same time these remains appeared on the foredeck of the ship.
Remains that forensic sampling would suggest belonged to a man who'd never had a single childhood inoculation in his life that bathed with lye soap and was suffering from the onset of scurvy.
Anyone not of a rational mind might begin to think that perhaps this man came from the wooden ships.
Come along, Ms.
Those the seven survivors? They're still under quarantine on the ship.
Why are they still on deck? They're afraid to go down below.
Look, I sympathize with the plight of your crew here and I appreciate the ghost ship tour and all but I just flew in from an oil rig, I'm dead tired and what exactly do you want from me? Answers, Ms.
The explanation.
Explanations of what? Oh, come on.
Not the Bermuda Triangle.
I have ships traversing the entire globe but I've only lost them in the Triangle.
I need to know what's happening here.
What I want is nothing less than the definitive reason why almost 1,000 ships and nearly 8,000 souls have been lost over the centuries.
Why this group? Yeah, you could afford anyone.
We weren't his first choices.
Or even his tenth, probably.
Yes, it's true.
You weren't exactly my first choice but you have, shall we say, risen to that position.
Yeah, because we showed up.
What is important is that you each bring a distinct discipline from the scientific to the more ethereal.
- And me? - Ah, you, Mr.
Yes, you're my referee the ultimate arbiter.
You are my Triangle expert.
I've examined your work in What's the name of the publication you write for? The Observer.
The Observer, that's right.
You've interviewed every legitimate explorer every wild-eyed crackpot.
You know every theory And I don't believe any of it.
Now, what they propose, I want you to vet very hard.
See, this endeavor it isn't about hypotheses and suppositions.
It isn't about "what ifs" and "just maybes.
" This is a journey.
This is a quest for truth.
The truth.
To uncover something that's managed to evade everyone that has gone before you.
Look, you said something about money? I mean, if you want me to set aside all my projects I mean, all my other projects and start researching this then you're going to have to compensate Not just research, Dr.
This isn't some weekend gig that you palm off onto your grad students.
This is field work.
This is getting your feet wet and your hands filthy and going wherever you need to go and doing whatever you need to do to bring me what I need.
And for that when you bring me that I'm prepared to give each of you $5 million.
Each? He said "Each.
" The funds are already in escrow accounts in a bank in the Cayman islands.
Rather fitting, I thought.
But understand this it is not payable for trying.
You only collect when you deliver.
That's why all the other candidates passed.
I'm very serious about this, Mr.
What possible answer could we give you? What has happened to my ships.
It's simple.
So, I'm assuming that there'll be some kind of contract that our lawyers can look at Decide now.
You start tonight.
Well, we don't get some part of the money up front? I mean, what if It's an all-or-nothing proposition, Dr.
All or nothing.
I'm a man who does his homework and I do not expect to get a "No" from any of you.
$20 million.
You've got 15 minutes.
The name on the deposit slip is Bruce Geller.
Geller with an "e-r.
" So this is proof that the money's there waiting for us? I guess I should call my paper and tell them I'm taking a leave of absence? In the morning.
Listen, is there anyone there who speaks better English? English! The amount I'm looking at is $5 million.
- Work space, whatever you need.
- American dollars.
The whole 5 million? And he can't just take it back? As soon as he gives his OK, the money is mine? - Personal items, clothes - OK, got it.
Definitely got it.
Thank you.
Thank you very, very much.
What's your name again? - Ackerman.
- I've got some staff some key staff I want to bring along.
This is your team.
Benirall was very specific about not wanting to unbalance the dynamic of What about expenses? Per diem? It's covered.
Jaro said you can come back to work anytime you're ready.
A one-nothing lead in the 3-game series.
And over in soccer, the lightning Ruben's been messing with my presets again.
No, he hasn't.
Those are the same stations they've always been.
Helen, I think that what happened to me I think it somehow affected my memory.
Your memory? What do you mean? This truck was blue.
I know it's the same truck.
There's Ruben's cherry soda stain on the carpet, but Unless you had it painted while I was in the hospital? Of course I haven't had it painted.
Come on, Meeno, it's always Dad! Hey, hey, it's the Rubenator! Oh, man.
I missed you.
You know, the whole time I was out there all I could think about was getting back here to you.
They wouldn't let me come to the hospital.
I know.
I know.
It's OK, though.
I'm here now.
Hey, hey, hey! Nader! Hey, Nader.
How's my Nader? Hey, hey! Daddy! Who's this? Aren't you going to hug Dylan? Dylan? Dylan our youngest.
Passengers, Flight 246 to Dallas-Fort Worth is now boarding at Gate C24.
Tell Victor to cover my classes.
Don't ask him.
Just tell him.
And have the grad students keep crunching the hurricane data.
No, I can't tell you what I'm doing.
I can't tell you Listen, just hold down the fort, all right? So what is the Triangle anyway? Do we even know its boundaries? Miami, Bermuda, San Juan.
14,000 square miles.
You didn't know that? And you're what? Our ocean person expert? Deep ocean resource recovery.
So forgive me for not being conversant in the current folklore.
Well, it's not just folklore.
Thousands of people have been lost.
And ships, planes.
You heard Benirall.
I'm here because he lost 6 ships in the last 12 months.
That's something I can help him with.
Nobody really knows anything about this guy.
We know he's rich.
And that's about it.
He's a total enigma.
Like the anti-Trump.
No TV show, no Business Week interviews no society columns.
Hey, we know he believes the Bermuda Triangle is real.
There is a mystique to the region.
Hey, what about him? What does he do? I think he said he's a weatherman or something.
The preeminent meteorological authority on the South Atlantic and environs.
Of course.
That explains why I've heard of him.
What's the name of the newspaper you work for, again? Oh, that's right.
The Observer.
No, no, I'm still here.
No, nobody sits this one out.
I want everybody on this.
Grad students, undergrads.
Every warm body whose academic life I hold in the palm of my god-like hand.
Yes, you heard me right Very funny.
Just get them started.
Benirall was very specific.
He wanted your work, not your coeds.
5 million on the line.
That could fund my research for the next 10 years.
I'm going to use every resource I've got.
People have been trying to explain the Triangle for years.
Why Benirall thinks that us this group can come up with some new answer Definitive answer.
Hey, this is Zegna! I'm going to get a cup of coffee.
Anybody else? No, thanks.
What? Psychic.
That's what I'm talking about.
But I'm sure having a paranormal guy around like that makes you feel more at home.
Ooh, that's rich.
Why am I sitting here? What do we really expect to accomplish? We expect to accomplish a big chunk of Benirall's millions in our bank accounts.
There is no answer to find.
We're going on a wild goose chase.
We all went to college, right? We all faked a paper or two in our time.
I never faked anything in my life.
I said college paper, luv.
Look, I really don't think we're going to be able to con this guy out of parting with $20 million.
Why not? We're all experts in our field.
Well, I know I am.
What's to stop us? We spend 3 weeks, drop 6,000 pages in his lap full of polysyllabic words, data specific to our individual expertise.
We dazzle him.
It's worth a try.
If he doesn't buy it, what's he going to do? Fire us? You don't have to wear it.
No, of course not.
You got it? Yeah, it's right here.
What, sweetie? I got it.
There you go.
We're boarding now, right? Yeah, we are.
It's Gate 7.
Your flight leaves in 90 minutes.
We got your offices set up and waiting right in Cape Canaveral City, minutes from the Space Center.
Oh, I almost forgot.
What are those? This is everything Mr.
Benirall has collected on the Triangle.
Pretty much every known scrap of information on the phenomenon.
There's over 13,000 pages in there.
A lot of it's nonsense.
You know, bunch of polysyllabic words that say nothing.
But some of it is, like, really great "Get-me-Art-Bell on-the-phone" kind of stuff.
You believe in this? Absolutely.
No, Daddy, like this.
Watch! Why aren't you trying? Whoa! I am trying.
You used to be really good.
What happened? You're doing good.
Where are you going, Daddy? I'll be right back.
Daddy? Squishy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but I have never laid eyes on that game before in my life.
You bought it specifically so that you and Dylan could play together.
He is your son, damn it.
Your flesh and blood.
You named him Dylan.
The doctors say there's nothing wrong with me.
Well, nothing wrong physically but you have got to see someone else.
See a different type of doctor.
I need to get to work.
They're going to expect me back.
Do it, Meeno! Look, Helen, I don't For us.
For your family.
Heather, you OK? Bathroom? Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing turbulence so the captain has turned on the "Fasten seat belt" sign.
Flight 777, ceiling is at 37,000 feet, visibility 40 miles.
You got clear flying.
- Captain? - No, thanks.
Fog bank.
Damn it.
Why isn't that on my RYCAP? Heather! Hold on! Heather! Mr.
Benirall, sir.
Yes, what? How long ago? Who else knows this? Absolutely.
All of it.
As soon as you get it.
Get me Ackerman right away.
There's been Something's happened.
How'd you ever divine that? Come on! Out of line.
What are you talking about? A plane has gone down.
A commercial liner.
I got a chopper standing by.
- Let's go! - Go where? It's a 747.
Outbound flight, Miami to Zurich.
Full passenger list plus 11 crew members.
What about survivors? CNN Reuters nobody's saying.
This is the crash site of a commercial airliner.
They don't need us in their way right now.
Forget about need.
That's the U.
Coast Guard down there.
You really think they're gonna let us go traipsin' around while they're trying to work? What are those? You cannot be serious.
Are these real? What are they? They're DOD's INDEF security IDs.
Department of Defense? INDEF? Spook time.
It's "I tell you, I'm gonna kill you" territory.
I mean, nobody has these.
Are they real? Tell me you're not giving us counterfeit government IDs.
Counterfeit? Define your terms.
Yes, counterfeit, because none of you has that kind of clearance.
But they are 100% the real thing.
Look, you flash that nobody's gonna dare question you being there.
Do we get to keep these? I mean, after? Coast Guard cutter Defiance, this is Romeo Two Echo.
Romeo Two Echo, this is Defiance.
Defiance, Romeo Two Echo, a Bell 222 requesting permission to land.
Attention on deck.
Attention on deck.
How come you got out here so fast? We were already in the vicinity on sentry patrol.
Navy's got some maneuvers goin' on.
Had us out here baby-sittin' this patch.
Any survivors? The plane's resting on a shelf around 30 meters down.
It's not very deep, but survivors? I doubt it.
We have some ROVs deployed.
Why ROVs? Why not just send divers? Ma'am, we're a security contingent.
We have divers aboard but none of my boys are NTSB Rescue/Recovery trained.
The mainland's puttin' together a whole cigar box full of experts from all over south Florida.
When you arrived, we thought you were part of 'em.
Bring it around this way.
You guys might want to see this.
Bring it up.
Here, move.
You see what I'm seeing? Are we sure this is the same plane that just went down? This plane looks like it's been down there for decades.
Last transponder transmission came from this lat and longitude.
Those engines are Pratt & Whitney 4074 turbo fans added to the line no more than a year ago.
This is a very new plane.
Then where'd all that rust and those barnacles come from? Nothing says that it came from where you're suggesting it came from.
If you don't mind my asking what project are you folks with? You should know better than to ask that.
Sirs, there are other craft down there.
Those look like Navy planes.
But what kind are they? Those are Avenger torpedo bombers.
Torpedoes? The Navy hasn't used torpedoes in years.
Sir, you better take a look at this.
They did in the 1940s.
1940s? They look like they crashed today.
He sure hasn't been down there since the Forties.
I'd say a couple hours at most.
She's alive.
Inside that 747 there's someone still in there alive.
I'm in.
It's completely swamped.
There's no way anybody could be alive down there.
Excuse me.
Has anybody else noticed something, uh Where are all the passengers? No, listen to me, please.
Someone It's a little girl.
There's a little girl, alive, inside of that plane.
Hey, Meeno! How you doing, bro? Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, Tito.
Meeno! Welcome back, brother.
I do have a couple of divers on board.
Maybe not specifically trained, but My people are doing this.
They're experts.
The ROVs aren't showing anyone alive.
And let's not forget the guy claims to be a damn psychic.
Can't be anyone still alive on that plane.
There's nobody on that plane period.
And I want to see what the ROVs aren't showing us.
You don't have to come.
- You're not diving that wreck alone.
- Oh, my hero.
Besides, if you find something that satisfies Benirall I want to be there.
Do you know how to deep dive like this? I've only done it about 500 times.
What about you? Are you kidding? I almost lost a leg diving a trench off the Aleutians.
Didn't stop me.
Splash right back in.
Just get it over with.
Good idea.
Actually, this isn't the creepiest thing I've ever done.
OK, it is.
Do you ever focus? - Looks like we've got company.
- I see it.
Have you ever seen them do this before? Sharks.
Drawn by all the blood.
What's wrong with them? - What do you mean? - They're not moving.
Aren't aren't sharks supposed to keep moving? They're not moving forward.
I think it's the water.
You just keep an eye on them.
What's she doing? NTSB teams are inbound.
They should be here any minute.
That's good.
They want to talk to Mr.
Can I borrow your headphones? Yeah.
Yeah, l I think it's toward the rear of the plane.
What's he showing us? The seatbelts are still locked.
Stan there's nobody here.
The plane is empty.
She's there! That's her.
What is that? It's coffee, ma'am.
Coffee? I don't drink coffee.
OK, Mr.
Rational, explain this one.
Well, it's obviously a pocket of trapped air.
OK, but meanwhile, where is everybody else? You know, a few drinks, you get some old sailors talking about boats that disappeared and turned up somewhere else undamaged, but with all the passengers missing.
It's always second- or third-hand.
I've never actually met anyone who's witnessed it themselves.
Well, congratulations.
Now you have.
Hi, sweetheart.
What's your name? Heather.
Where's my mommy and daddy? Do you know what happened, Heather? How long were you down there, dear? About two hours? It was getting really hard to breathe.
How old are you, Heather? We better go, people.
We can't leave her like this.
We really need to go.
Emily! Emily! Let's go! This place is great.
Geller, please.
Let me just get you logged on.
Tell me again about the water sample you guys took.
How many houses like this does he have exactly? - A few.
- A few.
You mean just here in the States.
He's gotta have places outside the States, too, right? Guys like Benirall, they have villas, beach estates.
They don't even remember they own 'em, all right? I would like to report to Mr.
Benirall, please.
- What was it about the water that - It's called a halocline.
A gradient, usually vertical, in the ocean.
Patterson Emily recognized it.
You're saying there's an area of fresh water in the ocean? That's what's near the 747? Haloclines are extremely rare.
Normally caused by fresh water run off nearby land.
These weren't anywhere near land.
We located the downed aircraft by side-scan sonar only.
I'm afraid it's at a depth which precludes any serious attempt at recovery.
The wreckage is scattered over an area estimated at nearly a mile long, and there are no survivors.
Considering the location of the crash recovery of victims' bodies should be considered extremely unlikely.
NTSB officials say the cause of the crash is still under investigation.
But early indicators suggest that the plane may have been the victim of a pocket of extreme turbulence.
No survivors? Try no bodies.
Try everybody disappeared.
The girl.
What have they done with the girl? What have they done with her? Stan I know what you think.
Eh? But that woman that we found wasn't a little girl who magically No, don't don't patronize me! Why does it always seem that the more education a person has the more unwilling they are to accept new ideas? I mean, how many degrees do you have? Three.
No - Four.
- Four.
What's the definition of science? Evidence through observation.
Now, you saw the condition of that plane.
You saw the passengers were missing.
You saw me directly lead you to the one surviving passenger.
Now, how can you question that now? Now, I'm telling you that old woman was a six-year-old child when she boarded that plane.
When you see what you see do you know they're visions or whatever? I mean Do you, um Do you know they're absolutely real? As real as my looking at you now.
Calm down.
Marty, will you shut up? Of course I can tell you to shut up.
You're the editor of a cheesy tabloid.
Now, the bad news is I'm not gonna be filing a story this week, but Because I'm out in the field.
No, it's nothing you're paying for.
Listen, I've witnessed this I'm part You know what, Marty? You're just gonna have to trust me.
This story's gonna be big, and you're gonna love it.
No, I'm not at the damn dog track.
Look, I'm hangin' up on you now, all right? Well? Not a simple request, I understand that but I mean, look, satellite films.
We've got haloclines posting through most of the Southern Atlantic.
Look at this spot right here.
It's halocline crazy.
I mean, this is unheard of.
And satellite is amazing, amazing, valuable technology but listen, this phenomena can't be examined from 200 miles up.
No, sir, this calls for Yeah, four people.
Yes! Yeah, we got it.
Hey, guys.
We got it.
- Got what? - Our sub.
- Did he say sub? - Mm-hmm.
Only private sub on the Florida coast rated for 300 fathoms.
Sub as in submarine? Following up on your haloclines.
But it's in Fort Pierce, so we're going to have to drive all night if we're going to be there by morning.
Anybody have trouble sleeping in a car? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
What happened to the nice offices in Canaveral City? As field opportunities come up, Mr.
Benirall expects you to take 'em.
Hey, we just got back from the damn 747.
We've got observed data to research, assimilate weeks' worth.
They're your haloclines.
You're the one who ordered the submarine.
Sally? What? Who's there? Someone there? Oh, my God.
She's a beauty.
I didn't know she was a Russian.
Foxtrot class.
Probably built in the early Seventies.
We're expected to go out to sea in this thing? Why? Do you see us at risk? Don't you? Well, the thing's in dry dock.
Do we really expect that she's ready to dive? Gotta find the captain.
Sally? Oh, look, l I didn't mean to wake you.
I just Why are you calling so early? Is it Tracy? Did something happen? No! No, no, no.
It's not Tracy.
Why? Isn't she there? No, she stayed over at Mindy Granger's last night.
Something something happened last night and l I just wanted to make sure just wanted to make sure that you were all right.
You wanted to make sure I'm all right.
Yeah, did anything Well, where where were you last night? Like around 2:30 or so this morning? Is that what this is about? I was with Adam.
Is that what you want to hear? How did you Adam? Adam Adam Leffert? Come on, you're kidding, right? No, I'm not.
We're divorced, Howard, and it's none of your business.
Is it is it serious? Or It might be.
Howard, why are you calling me? It's nothing.
Never mind, I'm Sorry I bugged you.
Go back to sleep.
Give Tracy my love, all right? Bye-bye.
You're the sub owner and the captain? Yeah.
Owner, operator.
Call me Captain Jay.
Where the hell's my breakfast? So, how many we got? What, you want a little day trip? See some shoals? Maybe a couple of Spanish wrecks? Maybe see some sharks! You wanna go here? Yep.
- How deep? - Just what it says.
Have you got cash? Gentlemen! Are we all locked and loaded? We got the rations on board? My rations better be on ice, lvan or you'll be on ice back in Siberia where you belong.
Hey! Hey, you knuckleheads! Both bow lines! We actually gonna let this nut bag take us down in this thing? Three things in life where you don't go cheap sushi, surgery, submarines.
A submarine? I know I said any expense, but Just a minute.
I think I better just give them anything they need.
Anything they need.
Do you understand? OK, lvan, how we doing? Onboard cameras.
Pretty nifty, huh? What was that you just Lithuanian.
It's an old Navy oath.
I thought Lithuania was landlocked.
What does it mean? Into the belly of the beast.
- Set to go? - Yes, Kapitan.
Benirall's really done one hell of an exhaustive study.
Paxton from M.
, Woo from Beijing Westerfield and his crazies at Rand.
I bet none of them are riding a war-surplus Russian sub to 1,800 feet.
He's even had some poor goofs doing serious research into UFOs and Atlantis.
Now we take up that noble baton.
Why can't you at least consider the possibility that the answer lies in non-traditional science? I mean, after everything we witnessed yesterday? Well All of us witnessed? I'm willing to think outside the box here.
Not all the way to Atlantis, but I'm going to say a word.
I don't want you to laugh at me.
It's wormholes.
As in time travel? A non-recurring, randomly generated pathway between two distinct time/space dimensions.
I thought your area of expertise was ocean stuff, ocean studies? I don't know that much about them.
I've written about wormholes and interviewed people who've actually traveled through them.
Fascinating group, if you can just get past the extra-long sleeves that buckle in the back.
I know they're only theoretical.
I hear myself, and I hate that I'm saying it.
But after all that we've witnessed the 747 that aged, the Navy bombers from the 19 We don't know that those were the same planes.
Oh, please.
The passengers they all had to go somewhere.
What about the old woman? OK.
So what? Your theory is that that all we have to do is prove that wormholes truly exist? Excellent.
That's great.
Gee, what are we gonna do with all that extra time we've got left over? No wonder you're divorced.
Ooh, touché! Look, all I'm saying is that this region is known for its electromagnetic anomalies.
For example, it's one of only two places on earth where compasses point both true north and Magnetic north at the same time.
Old news.
See, this is the problem with trying to explain the Bermuda Triangle.
All the theories have been studied and discussed and dismissed years ago.
What the hell is your problem? Ever since we left Benirall's I just don't like small, enclosed spaces, OK? No, something's bothering you.
What? Well, I don't know.
Since yesterday, something else.
Oh, you really are a wonder, you know that? Hey, you're all gonna want to see this.
I'm gonna get some light on this.
Dozens of them.
I was through this area a couple weeks ago with some Colombians Colombian tourists.
These things were not here.
I've never seen anything like this.
I've never heard of this many.
Something's removed the salinity from this water.
Is this your electromagnetic anomalies or Desalinization can occur through means of electrical processing.
Somebody's zapping the ocean with electricity.
Wouldn't that have, perhaps, a few other noticeable ramifications? Look at this.
What? What is it? Must be, like, 200 or 300 of those.
I swear none of this was here two weeks ago.
Sasha, get that long and lat.
Note the time.
Maritime law, open sea salvage.
As owner and captain of this vessel anything we see there that's recoverable is legally mine.
What the hell is that? The Cyc/ops.
No way.
That that can't be.
- What? - What is it? I've done dozens of articles on the Cyc/ops the legend of the Cyc/ops.
It's a 19, 000-ton U.
Navy collier from World War I.
It supposedly went down with all hands in 1918.
We're deep here, but not that deep.
Why hasn't anyone discovered any of this before? It's all right.
It's OK.
No problem.
No problem.
No, no, this happens all the time.
We'll get it going again here in a minute.
Not a problem.
Dmitri, get me a damn beer.
No power means we can't surface we can't maneuver, we can't regulate temp Air! What about air? A little matter of air? People, we are living our own Triangle experience.
- Oh, come on! - This is exactly what it's like! I bet the people on the 747 said the exact same thing.
We don't if anything caused this other than the fact that this sub is a joke! Ah, that's better.
Something hit us.
No, we hit something else.
Well, I think that did it.
Looks like we're a tad stuck.
Exactly how much is a tad? I don't know.
When can we surface? Soon as I get the engines fixed.
- When's that? - I don't know.
What about the radio? Can't you call for help? It's a submarine at 1,500 feet.
More like 1,800.
Radio's useless unless you've got a COMS buoy.
Are you kidding? Do you have any idea of how much those things cost? I do have a distress jimmy Well, why don't you at least launch it? That way, if it's working, maybe someone will see it! What about oxygen? How much oxygen It's not the oxygen you have to worry about.
- Carbon dioxide.
- Oh.
Every time we exhale we're putting a little more poison into the air.
God! I saw something yesterday.
Out at the crash site just before we left the Coast Guard ship.
I swear I saw survivors in the water hundreds of them, bleeding, burned.
I know that they had to be some sort of a a hallucination, but they were completely real.
So real.
I was looking right at them.
Granted, we've been experiencing some pretty strange very strange crap out here but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's supernatural in origin.
I'm sure there are plenty of Everybody uses "supernatural" like it's a dirty word.
There is an explanation for everything that we are experiencing here.
Supernatural isn't impossible.
It just means we haven't uncovered its secrets yet.
Hey, you're a psychic.
How can anything be a secret from you? You mean like why you're still wearing your wedding ring even though you're divorced? Something just happened.
The weirdest thing.
I was in the head, there was this mirror I look into it, and no reflection.
I swear to Almighty God.
I wasn't there.
What? Seemed completely real? For 10 seconds, I was not in that mirror.
That did it! Reverse engines! Dmitri, get us the hell out of here! All right, blow the ballast, all the tanks.
Get us up! Get us up! Up we go.
Hang on.
Here we go.
That's how you do it! All right, let's get some air.
Anybody got a theory on this one?