The Triangle (2005) s01e03 Episode Script

Part 3

- All right? - Yeah.
You gonna be able to get us home? That's my definite plan.
typically with weather like this, it blows Floridians have been warned to brace themselves for several days of rain, gales It was Heather's grandfather.
Why were you bringing him here? It's his discovery in the Atlantic that started whatever it is that's happening out there.
And he died in the crash? Yeah.
He had a wife.
But what was it he discovered? That the Navy is definitely conducting some sort of experiment Well, that's not exactly a fast-breaking bulletin.
tests involving exotic matter.
That's insane.
Yeah, it is.
I know.
But I'm telling you, I have interviewed hundreds of nut jobs in my time - and this man is credible.
- He can say anything.
Yeah, but what if it's true? Huh? What if it's true? Exotic matter only exists in theory.
Yeah, but so did X-rays and radio waves and atoms and a round earth.
Yeah, it's nuts, I'll grant you that.
It's nuts.
But what if there's even a slight possibility that exotic matter exists? That might be why the Navy's all over it.
This could explain the electromagnetic anomalies and wormholes.
So they're screwing with time-space hoping to do what, exactly? They're building a weapon.
A weapon.
Come on.
This is lt's the military.
It this really so shocking? You realize this could be the answer to Benirall's disappearing ships to everything we've been experiencing, all of it.
So, now that we know what can we possibly do about it? Stop it.
Hey, come on, Dad.
What do you think you're doing? Ruben, listen to me.
Something's happening here.
Look at this storm.
We've got to go get your mother.
We gotta get out of here.
We gotta get away from Florida, as far away from here as possible.
He in there? Yeah, he's been locked in there for hours refusing to see anyone.
Until I told him you wanted to see him.
Benirall? Sir? You OK? It's like a vise.
Never felt it like this before.
Sir? He's painted everything.
There's no reflections.
Geordie suspected the Navy was doing something out there in the Atlantic.
Put some Glenfiddich in that, and I might drink it.
But how could anything the Navy's doing out there be capable of Because we think they may be exploring some radical new energy source.
New what? We believe they're developing some sort of new weapon.
This storm Storms naturally build.
This one isn't doing that.
It's spontaneously generating out over the Atlantic.
So, the Navy's controlling the weather to develop a new weapon.
Well, maybe the weather is just a symptom of This is bourbon.
Leave it.
What has any of this to do with the Triangle and my ships disappearing, and the damn visions? Visions that you're all having.
What the Navy is doing could be affecting the entire electromagnetic balance of that region of ocean.
Can we be sure of any of this? No, we can't be sure, but if only a part of it is true Look, people are still crossing the Atlantic.
The weather is hitting the state.
They've done absolutely nothing about warning anybody.
We've gotta do that.
What? You mean, like, hold a press conference? Like, go on TV and say the Navy's making it rain and making ships disappear.
That's very good, Mr.
Just like one of your articles.
Hey, you asked us to bring you an answer.
Well, we believe The 4 of us believe that this might be your answer.
At least, all that we can uncover.
Only the Navy knows the rest.
Very well, then.
We shall ask them.
Them who? The Navy? Is Douglas still in town? I spoke with his adjutant just this morning.
Douglas? Douglas Wiest.
The Secretary of the Navy.
And he just happens to be in Florida right now.
Helen? Helen! Dylan.
No! Mr.
Benirall, this way.
Wait here, please.
I'm gonna need more power on this side, guys.
- What? - Look at Benirall.
What about him? Eric.
Thank you.
You look I know how I look, Doug.
I'm sorry some of my people showed up at your office yesterday.
I didn't know until you told me.
If I'd known, I surely would have contacted you personally.
Well, as you can see, we've got a little something cooking here.
Oh, but, of course, that's that's why you're all here, isn't it? I'm grateful you came to me.
So, tell me, what exactly is it you think that we are doing out there in the Atlantic? They think you're performing some kind of test out there some kind of weapons test.
We believe, sir, that you are screwing with the molecular stability of that entire region.
Are any of you physicists? We may not have the expertise, but But we damn well know what we saw.
What we were experiencing Douglas, what the hell are you people up to? Have any of you heard of the Philadelphia Experiment? An experiment supposedly conducted in the 1940s.
Story goes that the Navy rigged one of its battleships with giant electromagnets and then tried to mess with the molecular With the ship's molecular fidelity.
Go on.
They were trying to make it invisible.
But, big surprise, everything went horribly wrong.
Sailors started disappearing independent of the ship.
There were even reports of some of them melting into the walls and deck.
But the Navy's always denied it.
The ship was the U.
The year was 1943, the height of World War II.
The concept would, indeed, render the ship invisible.
So, are you saying the Navy's out there trying to do the same thing again? Yeah, but if it didn't work the first time Oh, it worked.
It just didn't work the way the eggheads of that time expected it to.
And there was one other repercussion.
That's the secret we've been so carefully guarding all these years.
A tear.
A tear? What do you mean, tear? A dimensional tear.
As in space-time? For some reason, it centered itself out in the south Atlantic.
That area has always been a nexus for unexplained phenomenon.
Damn it, Douglas.
If the Navy's always known this If you've always known this, why haven't you warned anyone? I've lost ships Ships? Hell, how many innocent people have been lost? Think about what you're asking.
A quarantine area over 14,000 square miles.
How, exactly, do you suggest that we do that? Well, you could begin by accepting responsibility and blame for what you've done.
But and you never do that, so So, all these ships, planes, people where have they gone? Through the tear.
Another dimension, another time.
So the Navy's actually known about the existence of the Bermuda Triangle for years because they caused it? So why is it taking more of my ships now? Why are we having these visions? Because the tear has continued to expand exponentially in size and intensity since 1943.
You know, we were the people who first coined the phrase Bermuda Triangle.
Everybody always thought it came from some journalist in the 60s But, to us the Triangle always represented that ever-expanding tear.
The increase in disappearances, the distortions in space-time the aberrant weather that is all because we are approaching something that my people call the crux event.
We've known it was coming since 1971.
Back then, our scientists were able to extrapolate the precise date and time in the distant future when the event would arrive.
They determined it would occur at 23:06 and 19 seconds Eastern Standard Time today.
11:00 tonight? What's gonna happen? We have no real consensus, but every opinion from every expert has always started with the rather colorful phrase "God help us.
" Well, you sound pretty cavalier about it.
Because we are gonna stop it.
I've been part of the Navy Secretary's office for 46 years.
I've been the actual Secretary for the last 17 of those through 9 different administrations.
All because I took point on this project.
I was an ensign on the E/dridge.
My entire career, everything I've done since that day aboard that ship, has been aimed at one thing.
Finding a way to close Pandora's box.
What can you do to stop it? A back blast.
A back blast issued at a precise moment before the crux event.
The tear will close permanently.
The Triangle gone forever.
You know, other people have been affected have been injured by what you're doing.
We're in a war here.
A war with the forces of nature herself.
Why tell us about this now? Because you've come as far as you have.
Because you know as much as you do.
And in less than 6 hours, this will be all over.
Even if you were insane enough to try to stop it what could you do? Who could you possibly tell that matters? All we want to do is finally put an end to this nightmare that we ourselves began.
That's all we're trying to do.
So what do you want to talk about? Well, the first question do we believe him? You might have noticed the mars leg.
Could be an injury from some other thing.
You ever see another amputation at an angle like that? Enough about the leg.
Do we believe him? Certainly all fits, at least from what he told us.
They could be doing anything out there.
You know how many cover stories they come up with on a daily basis? What's his motivation for lying to us? What's his motivation for telling us the truth? Well, he's very proud of what he's doing.
I mean, if they are fixing this horrible wrong that they created half a century ago maybe he wants people to know about it.
He's dedicated his entire adult life to it.
Well, like the man said, we're certainly no threat.
Well, Benirall's the one that could make the biggest stink for him.
Benirall seemed very relieved about something.
Guess we'll know at 11:00 tonight.
I wonder if anything'll be different when we wake up tomorrow.
We'll know when we wake up and we're all missing a foot.
They don't know anything.
Wait a second.
I know exactly what's going to happen to us tomorrow.
- What? - We're gonna get our $5 million.
- Come on.
- We did it.
What we were contracted to do.
We brought Benirall his answer.
- No, we didn't.
- We led him to it.
We did.
Come on, people.
It's Miller time.
Imagine we wake up tomorrow all of our crazy visions gone, the Triangle gone everything back to normal.
Don't need normal.
But $5 million richer, each.
The world is gonna change tomorrow.
Talk about stability.
Doesn't seem to matter whether it's mammal, reptile, or bird.
For some inexplicable reason, they're all in a highly, highly agitated state.
Dad? What are you doing here? Just checking in.
Wanted to see how you're doing.
OK, I guess.
- Yeah? - You could've just called.
No, no, I couldn't, 'cause I wanted to see you.
Have you talked to Mindy or Mom? I left messages.
Howard? You know, you you can't just show up unannounced.
- Mom.
- It's OK, honey.
Do you think you could give me a couple minutes alone with your mom? - Dr.
Geller! - Yes, Marie? We've been pulling data from multiple sources and Darren started You know Darren? 1st-year Darren.
Well, Darren started accidentally entering incorrect positional coordinates and before he realized it, he'd pulled satellite data from several other continents.
Listen, Marie, I really appreciate all your hard work and everybody's hard work.
But most importantly, he also didn't clear the settings after each array shift OK, OK.
We can start dialing them back.
He was receiving multiple overlapping readings! I know it's normally a bad thing, but you should take a look at Darrers data.
I don't need to.
I've already got my answer.
I had it handed to me, actually.
Take a look at it anyway.
Or should I just send everybody home? Marie? Everybody stays.
There you are.
What about this weather? Hungry? Aww.
I know you don't like to eat with your boring old mom but well, I was hoping you weren't planning to go back out on a night like this.
I'd like that very much.
Like I said, I can't give you all the details it's just it's too much.
And without all the details, you'd just flat-out think that I was nuts.
But It's actually pretty credible.
Credible enough.
Credible enough.
Maybe it's more than just credible.
I don't know.
But the concept itself is huge.
I don't know.
This could be the one.
This could be the big story.
Howard Why are you here? Because something may be happening tonight.
Nothing nothing bad, I don't think but I just wanted to spend some time with you.
Something may be happening tonight? Could you be more cryptic? What? Nothing.
It's probably nothing, OK? On the other hand, after tomorrow, miracle of miracles on account of because of this story, there may be the possibility of some money coming my way.
Our way.
Not positive.
It's just a possibility.
One of the aspects of this story has to do with temporal displacement.
The idea of multiverses, alternate paths all the different directions a persors life can go.
For example, if you choose to drive down a certain street you get in an accident.
But if you pick a different street or leave the house one second later then you miss the accident and everything's fine.
Or you decide to ditch your college reunion and go to some obscure foreign film.
You buy a Coke, which you then proceed to spill all over the very pretty girl sitting on the aisle.
Or you choose to spend so much time working that you don't listen.
You don't share yourself, your life, with the people that matter.
The lesson being, I guess, that if there are all these different paths then maybe it's not too late to change the one you're on.
Anyways There may be some money in this story.
That should do us.
Actually, it's quite nice.
So, where was I? Oh, bridge.
So, Donna bids 3, no trump.
I mean, you know, that's Donna.
John thinks it's her hip medication.
Makes her Well, kinda spacey.
No, hip, or knee? No, Donna's knee.
It's Caroline's hip.
Emmy, honey, what's the matter with you tonight? You've hardly taken a single bite.
You're not back on that crazy diet? Well, it can't be the food.
I know how you feel about lamb chops.
They've always been my favorite.
What is it with this weather? Well, by tomorrow, it should be over.
Oh, really? Did you hear that on the radio? Because everything I've heard the weather people have no idea when it's gonna end.
Heard it from someone who seemed to know what he was talking about.
That doesn't sound like you.
What do your own instincts tell you? That he may be wrong.
That sounds more like my Emmy.
I'm gonna ask you a question.
It may seem strange.
What's your name? My name? What do you mean, what's my name? I need to know your name.
Laura Farrell.
Why? Why what, dear? Why would you give me up? Why did you Give you up? What has gotten into you? For adoption.
Emily, now you're scaring me.
I would never, ever When I was a week old.
Oh, my God.
How did you When your father abandoned me just before you were born I had no way to take care of you.
The nuns at the hospital and my father wanted me to give you up.
I almost did.
But l I couldn't bring myself to do it.
Emily I love you so very much.
At 37,000 feet, when their plane just began to drop.
Although still unconfirmed, an airline source told us that the plane might have dropped almost the entire distance free-falling for over 2 minutes before the crew was able to regain control and level off throughout the entire southern half of the state in a pattern that defies explanation.
In most cases, it is the complete grid that is failing.
With only sections 11:06.
3 hours.
Can I help you? Hey I interviewed you, right? You're the Greenpeace guy.
l I don't know where else I can Please help me.
What's this? - It's the latest from the Pacific Rim.
- And? They're registering a huge increase in tropospheric ozone.
50 points in the last hour.
What's the latest from the poles? Who's got the station in Antarctic? Dr.
Geller! Bruce! This isn't just the Atlantic.
It's spreading everywhere.
What is happening? What if they're wrong? Way wrong.
Bruce, you gotta listen to me.
He's experiencing the same thing we are.
I had never seen that little boy before in my life.
But we might be able to learn something from him.
He was my son.
My wife told me he was my son.
Based on the story he's telling he's the damn poster child for everything that's been going on.
I started to care about him, and then he was gone.
And now my whole family's gone just like that! Now my house is empty and there's a "For sale" sign out front.
- All right.
- Nothing's making sense.
Come on! - Look at this.
- What? Pressure waves.
Pressure waves.
Waves aren't linear.
- They're a pattern phenomenon.
- Yeah, that can't be.
If the Philadelphia Experiment had caused a tear that's a wedge phenomenon.
That's not a pattern.
Hey! This is Meeno.
Listen, we've got data that suggests, strongly suggests that the events taking place around us cannot be caused by a tear.
It's traveling outwards, globally.
The Navy's had all their own people on this for decades Yeah, decades means lots of turnover in staff newbies coming on a project tend to accept the assumptions of their predecessors.
Are you telling us the Navy doesn't know about this? You want to know how we know what we know? - Yeah.
- Pressure waves.
What? A ripple.
What if the Triangle effect could be rippling out from 1943? You toss a pebble in the lake and the effects ripple outward - from the point of origin - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
The effects are getting stronger.
A pebble in the lake, the ripples gradually diminish.
They don't increase.
If all this is the result of the Forties experiment then it should have been strongest back then, not now.
But we're not talking about something moving in 3 dimensions.
- It's traveling in - 4 Time.
The 4th dimension is time.
So the effects of this more powerful event could be moving forward and backward in time.
And the closer we get to the moment, it's The stronger it gets? If that's true, then this back blast the Navy's about to set off isn't gonna stop anything at all.
It's gonna cause it.
Sheedy's worst case scenario.
Everything could just cease to exist.
What do you mean? He means whatever's been happening to all those ships and planes happens to everything.
So, what what can we do? We tell them.
That's not going to work.
We've only got 2 hours.
- You need more time.
- How do we get that? You create it.
You get up in their faces so they can't set off their their whatever it is.
Confront them, head on.
Stop them.
With what? Hell of a boat! Must be your pride and joy.
My family was my pride and joy.
My son.
My sons.
I'm going down.
Are we almost there? We're cutting this really close! It's already after 11:00.
If this works, we need to know what to do first what to say first.
We need to be prepared.
Are you laughing? I see! I finally see.
You remember that person I saw on the other side of the mirror behind Benirall? Yeah? It's Winston! He has a brother.
Winston Benirall.
He disappeared on one of the family ships a few years ago.
That's what this whole thing has been about for Benirall.
It's about finding his brother.
You better get back up here! Oh, my God! The Navy, the scientists, they'd have to see that! That's what they think they're gonna stop! We've got company! Can you go any faster?! Bravo 1-7 engage at 7.
4 Alpha.
Engaging, Bravo 1-7.
All right, Mr.
Greenpeace, what now? Get below! Get below! We have to get close to where they're going.
Delta 1-5, fire at will.
Firing at will.
We lost power! We must be close to the site! We've lost power.
I'm getting no response.
Too late.
It's too late! Here you go, Doctor.
It's happening! Oh, my God! Howard, what are you doing? Howard, what are you doing?! Howard, are you there? Hello? Do you want to leave a message for Dr.
Geller or not? Hello, Mr.
Thomas? Mr.
Thomas? We're back.
Hang on.
My God, what is that? - What's happening? - Howard? Hang on.
This is Carl Sheedy.
My God, what happened to you? Um Where's Stan? He's dead.
Give me your phone.
Phone need to Let me use it.
I know what's going to happen.
I know everything that's going to happen.
I'm What? What? I'm not crazy.
I'm not crazy.
I'm not making this up.
I'm not hallucinating.
Stan died over this.
I'm not about to let him down over this.
Hello, Ackerman? It's Howard Thomas.
Listen, we've got something, and I need to see Benirall right now.
Yeah, I know he's not there.
He's holed up in his office.
He's not seeing anybody.
He's lt doesn't matter how I know.
You tell him that we're coming by and we've got to see him now, all right? He'll see us, I know he will.
Ripples? Yes.
It's rippling backwards.
You know this because you lived this before? Yeah.
Well, everything he's saying is possible.
Atoms aren't really solid at all.
They're loaded with space.
In fact, they're mostly space.
The only reason I can't put my hand through this car door is because the door's atoms and mine are operating on a mutually interactive frequency.
But if you could somehow change the frequency of the atoms in your hand your hand would or could theoretically pass right through that door.
Since we also see along the same frequency visible light wave lengths, the door would also seem to disappear.
Any body would.
Like a ship or a plane.
It would continue to exist in some other dimension? So all the planes, the ships, all the people over all these years they aren't gone? They may have simply been knocked out of phase with our world and actually continue to exist? Yes.
Look, I know you want to see Mr.
Benirall but he's in no sh Hey, who the hell is this? - Mr.
Benirall is not - There's been a new wrinkle.
Turn on the light.
Benirall I'm gonna tell you something that's going to sound absolutely incredible.
But we have your answer.
We know what's causing the Triangle.
This could be the answer.
It fits.
The theory has to do with space-time, a ripple that travels backwards.
You have to believe us.
There isn't time for you not to believe us.
Glenfiddich in that, and I might drink it.
I've experienced this before.
We've been here like this before.
In just a couple of hours the Navy is going to trigger something in the Atlantic.
Something that sets off some sort of massive chain reaction that will change the world forever unless we do something.
We do have reason to believe that there is some facility that's been built out in the Atlantic.
An enormous device underwater.
I know for a fact it was built.
Who are you? This is Carl Sheedy.
My partner and I, we developed the - You expect me to believe - Listen to me, please! Now, the Secretary of the Navy, Wiest, he's here in Miami.
You've got to get us in to see him.
What? He's here in town.
You know he is! You are truly out of your mind.
Wiest can stop this.
We've just got to explain it to him.
We've got to get Sheedy there.
I'm not letting you anywhere near the Secretary of the Navy.
- You did it before! - Get off him! Listen, you've got a brother Winston.
He disappeared in the Triangle, didn't he? You've been trying to find him.
Well, he might still be alive.
Get out! Stopping what's about to happen could be your only chance of ever knowing for sure.
We've got to stop this! Come on, mate.
Let's do this smart.
We need some sort of plan! Coming through.
I gotta see Wiest.
- What took you guys so long? - Hey, we almost left you in there.
- What convinced you to bail me out? - What if you're right? What time's this thing supposed to happen? - Just after 11:00.
- That's less than 2 hours.
Benirall won't talk to us.
There's only one option left the Greenpeace way.
- Let me drive.
- What? Massive flooding throughout South Beach and surrounding areas has left hundreds stranded.
As this storm strengthens, voluntary evacuation has been Hey! Meeno! Meeno! l I was just coming to Coming to see me.
Yeah, I know.
Listen, at the boat yard you've got a fast cigarette boat, right? Really fast one? This is all about getting him inside.
Whatever we do, we've got to get him inside.
Get you talking to your partner, to anyone who'll listen.
I can't believe we're doing this.
Hey, this is my 2nd go.
What makes you think this time will be any different? We're a little earlier this time.
How early? 20 minutes.
You better get back up here.
Déja vu all over again.
Navy the scientists.
They'd have to have all seen this.
They think that's what they're going to stop.
Bravo 1-7 engage at 7.
4 Alpha.
Engaging, Bravo 1-7.
- Hey! - What the hell are you doing? We've got to get away from them.
Got to get him closer! Closer to where they're setting this thing off! Hey, this was your idea.
Base, this is Nighthawk 3.
The craft is unidentified.
Please advise.
Attention, all departments.
We are at 18 minutes to primary event.
Stage 1 of 5 is now complete.
We are at Stage 2 and counting.
Repeat, Stage 2 of 5 and counting.
- Dr.
- Welcome, sir.
We've got a Code 3, sir.
Do we have any sort of ID on the craft? No, sir.
Fast boat like that could be drugs.
This far out? They're within the zone, sir.
Shouldrt I notify project hierarchy? Now? Absolutely not.
Signal your people.
Authorize Action One.
Sir Action One.
My direct order.
Do it.
Delta 1-5, fire at will.
Off! Everybody off! Everyone OK? OK.
Let's go! We know what you're doing here.
You've got to let us talk to someone.
Someone whose job it is other than to shove me! Hey, tell Osserman, Carl Sheedy is here.
Carl Sheedy! Tell him Dr.
Sheedy's here.
Tell him he's got it all wrong.
Tell him! What are you looking for? Anything.
Stage 3, we are at Stage 3 of 5.
7 minutes until primary event.
7 minutes and counting.
What is it? Here? Can't be.
It's him.
How could he be Somebody said a boat breached the perimeter.
Carl? In a boat? He said he said you've got it all wrong.
We're too late.
We finish what we came here to do.
Stage 4.
We are now under 3 minutes and counting.
My God.
I couldn't believe you How did you What in blazes are you doing here? Doctor, we have to talk to you.
What you're about to do, you have to stop.
Listen to them, Victor.
Is that what this is all about? Sir, we really have to get back.
You voiced your reservations years ago when you left the project and now you're here, like this? My God, Carl.
Sir, please.
Doctor, we have data that you don't have.
You've got to listen to us.
It's vitally important.
Just listen to us for 5 minutes.
You think you're gonna fix a tear, but it's not a tear, it's a ripple! You're actually gonna cause the Triangle You're about to end everything.
Victor, you and I, we argued.
Over everything.
Alforn-McAfee paper, remember? I thought we were going to kill each other.
But in the end, you were right.
And I was 100% wrong.
One of us was always right.
This time, Victor you're wrong.
What the hell is going on here? On his authority, sir.
He said it was project specific.
Get 'em out of here! Now! No.
- For God's sake, Victor.
- Mr.
Secretary, there's something Are you the guy in charge here? Because you really need to listen to us.
Sir, we know what you're hoping to do here.
There isn't time to make you understand how we know, but we know.
You've gotta put the brakes on this thing.
You've gotta give us a chance to explain.
I know it seems crazy, sir, but it's possible, just possible.
Now wait just one minute.
You now You are suggesting now that We are now under 3 minutes and counting.
- Mr.
Secretary! - Final countdown We know you were on the E/dridge and your leg, we know about your leg.
Listen, what you're about to do isn't going to stop the crux event that you're so afraid of, it's going to cause it! You've got to shut it down! Sir, you've got to shut it down! You've got to listen to us! 30 years we've known this was coming we must countervail this crux event or we lose everything.
But you're wrong! Sir We go.
No! You've got to listen to them! - No! - Don't! - Stop! - Sir! You don't know what's going on up there! Sir? There's something out there.
What? Anybody got a clue what's going on? We've made it.
We're officially within range of the coordinates he gave us but now I strongly recommend we turn to and get the hell away from whatever those things are.
Within range, and then we go all stop.
We're a methane tanker, full load.
138,000 cubic meters.
And those look electrical.
One of them gets close enough to this lady there's gonna be a very, very big splash.
I said all stop! All stop.
She's a methane tanker.
Benirall Shipping.
Benirall? I don't give a damn about one ship.
It's methane.
If it goes, it takes this whole facility with it.
We're not talking about just this facility.
We're talking everything.
Don't trigger it.
Sir, we don't have any solid proof to put before you but you have to take us at our word.
Please, I'm begging you.
8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 We are at primary event.
I got more of them.
That's impossible.
Sea or air? Both.
There are dozens of them, maybe even hundreds and they're not approaching.
We are at primary event, waiting for go.
What do you mean they're not approaching? They're just appearing all around us.
It's reversing.
It's reversing.
It's all the ships and planes that were taken by the Triangle.
That means it's over.
That That means it's over.
That means it's over.
You weren't gonna do it.
We We did it.
We closed the Triangle.
And more to the point the Triangle never happens at all.
Never happened at all.
Forget it.
Hi, Daddy.
Tell Mama I'll be outside.
Hello? Hey, babe, look, I know I'm running late, OK? Egregiously late.
Who is this? OK, I totally deserve that.
I'll be there as fast as I can.
Faster, I promise.
I hope this means you still love me.
We're gonna be taking both of those kids to emergency.
What do you expect? After all, they're just like their father.
You slept all night in that chair again, didn't you? You know how bad that is for your leg.
I'll start breakfast.
Hello? Is anyone there? I'm calling for Laura Farrell.
Yes, who is this calling, please? It's about your daughter.
My daughter? I'm afraid you've mistaken me with someone else.
Who is this, please? Squishy.
I think you should think about moving out.
- What are you doing? - Hey, I don't want to move out.
- The problems we've been having - All of the problems.
I want us to work them out.
I'm willing to do whatever I have to this time.
What do you mean, "this time"? Nothing's ever written in stone.
Thank you.
How's the family? They're good.
How's the boyfriend? It's not working out.
So, you're gonna stay? Stick with Gina and Yeah for now.
I must admit I only comprehend perhaps one percent of what you've set down here.
I think, if I understand you correctly your basic claim is that the 4 of you entered some kind of arrangement with my company.
The basic tenet of which was that if you discovered the secret behind something called the Bermuda Triangle you would each receive $5 million.
Is that correct? You're Winston.
We really should be talking with your brother.
He's the one who made the offer, he'd be the one who remembered.
No, you are talking to the right person.
I am the company's chief financial officer.
Thank you, Ackerman.
Now, you referred to escrow accounts and bank deposit slips.
That's right.
Deposit slips.
We were given deposit slips.
Where are they now? We don't have them.
We didn't Well, you see, I would remember that.
Indeed, I would have had to sign for sums that large.
So I thank you for your time.
I agreed to see you because collectively your credentials and your reputations are such that Listen, if we could only speak with your brother.
Yes, well, I've allowed you to waste my time specifically so you wouldn't waste my brother's.
Frankly, this is all somewhat preposterous.
So good day.
The only reason you're here today is 'cause we changed the world.
Ackerman will see you out.
Hey, we remember.
It was won'th a shot to see if Benirall did.
Yeah, but why do we remember? I mean, maybe it's everything we went through.
Maybe Hey, you were dead, now you're alive.
That's how your world changed.
You came out great.
Me, I've got family, responsibilities.
And a bum leg.
Did you ever find out how that Caught in a diving trip in the Aleutians.
This reality not so lucky.
This reality.
Think we'll ever get used to saying that? This is our reality now.
Eventually, we'll get used to it.
What about Meeno? He's fine.
I talked to him this morning.
He's fine.
Well, that's it.
I guess this is good-bye seeing as we never actually met.
Actually, I don't know that it's really over.
You know? I mean, like Wiest said that part of the Atlantic's always been home to some strange phenomena.
Coming to bed? Yeah.
I'll be there in a minute.