The Twilight Zone (2002) s01e01 Episode Script


It's so green.
Well, hello there, folks.
We're movin' in today.
Could I see some I.
, please? Thank you.
Well, welcome to Evergreen Estates Mr.
And Mrs.
The, uh, moving van delivered your things this morning.
Thank you.
And these must be your daughters.
Hello there, sunshine.
I have a sunflower on my ass if you're interested.
Maple street is your third left turn.
Meet the Winslows: A family searching for a way to control their troubled teen.
How far they're willing to go will take them to a gated community,,, whose address can only be found in The Twilight Zone.
I promised myself I wasn't gonna let your bad attitude get to me but damn it, I am tired of your antics.
Ed, please.
You know what the doctor said about getting upset.
You think she cares if she gives me another heart attack? That is mean.
You should apologize, daddy.
Did she apologize to me when she nearly burned down her school? Did she apologize to anyone? All right.
I see the geeks now show me some freaks.
What's that? I don't know.
She's not the only one who feels like crying.
Break time! I'll have a shot of tequila with a lime wedge.
Or lemonade will work.
The lemonade what did you guys put in it? Honey, it's for your own good.
You're traveling to another dimension a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are only that of the imagination.
You're entering What? What the? What? What?! Crap! Aah! You bastards! Mommy, how could you do this to me? This is my body! And look how you've been treating it.
Oh, what? You don't like my tattoos, huh? I'll get bigger ones! You don't like my hair? I'll shave it off! They made me take my earrings off, too.
This is insane! You drug me, you take my tats my CDs, everything! Honey, it is for your own good.
Your parents love you very much, Jenna.
They've told me many times.
Who the hell are you? Cliff Brooks head of the Evergreen Homeowners Association.
So this was your idea? Jenna, do you realize what your parents had to sacrifice to move here? Everything we own.
Your parents are providing you a haven from the outside world with its drugs, gangster rap, violent movies.
Oh, you mean everything I care about? Life is full of trade-offs.
You're not gonna change me.
That wasn't fair, daddy.
Cigarettes gave daddy a heart attack.
Not according to him.
He thinks I did.
How'd you sneak 'em in, anyway? In the trunk, underneath the jumper cables.
Listen, Jules, I gotta get outta here.
You mean running away? Yeah.
L I gotta get away while I still know who I am.
You're just gonna leave me here? No.
I'll come back for you just as soon as I get a place, some money The hell you will.
Hey, watch your language.
But mom and dad moved here because of you.
Well, maybe they can get a refund.
How you guys doin'? So they got you with the lemonade, too, huh? Yep, the same way they stripped me clean my first night here.
Welcome to heavenly Evergreen.
How long have you lived here? Long enough to know that if there was a way out I'd have found it already.
How do you survive? I got ways.
I'm Logan.
Winslow, I know.
Arrested twice for possession.
Got suspended from Holy Cross for sleeping with a teacher's aide.
L I'm assuming it was a "he.
" How do you know about all this? Well, the Homeowners Association has files on all the families living here and I happen to have a key to the file room.
This place is like a prison.
Although it's not as bad as Arcadia.
Arcadia? What's that? I think it's, like like a military school.
See, if you piss people off that's where they send you.
And if Brooks and the rest of the storm troopers send you someplace, you know it ain't good.
So, what do you do to have fun around here? Well, there's there's always homework.
Or I got a stash of MP3s a bottle of Jack, and a little weed all buried not far from here.
My hero.
There's a community picnic this Saturday sack races, 3-bean salad clay making for the kiddies.
Oh, you'll be there.
Yeah, it's mandatory.
Everyone's there.
But I say that we meet up grab a blanket sneak back up here, and break some rules.
I'm in.
That's the way I like it.
You should have him come over spend some time.
Found him yet? Not yet, but we will.
There's no place to hide.
I'm afraid he's gone.
Jack, seriously Logan's had plenty of chances.
He's our only son.
His fate is in the hands of the Community Council.
Jules, what are you doing sneaking around? You're supposed to be in bed.
So should you.
It's past 10:00.
Oh, I'm breaking my curfew.
I'm so scared.
They're gonna send me to Arcadia.
Oh, no.
I'll be good.
I promise.
That's not funny.
What are you doing reading the Evergreen bylaws? Huh? This crap will warp your brain! I'm just doing it to make mom and dad happy.
You coming inside? In a minute.
No good night? You can be such a butthead sometimes.
That's me.
Mom! Dad! It's me! Let me in! Let me in! It's me! Logan! Hide! Now! Logan surrender.
There is nowhere to run.
What took you chuckleheads so long? Jenna! Downstairs, right now! Coming! We'd like to talk to you about Logan.
What about him? He's in very serious trouble.
Several witnesses saw the two of you together the other day.
Yeah, so? We weren't doing anything.
Did you know about all that crap he had buried in the woods? Look, who's in trouble here, me or him? Are you aware that he had a hunting knife out there, too? And he attacked one of our security guards quite brutally, I might add.
Logan I told him that he was gonna get in trouble.
I know this has been a difficult transition for you, Jenna.
In the future if someone approaches you with anything off-limits I'd like to believe you'll report it.
I'll keep my eyes open.
We'd appreciate it.
You know your daughter.
Can we trust her? I'd like to think so.
What's gonna happen to that boy? Oh, he'll turn over a new leaf one way or the another.
We'll decide at the Community Council at the high school tonight, which is mandatory, by the way.
Look, I'm tellin' you there is somethin' seriously wrong with this place.
I went online and ran all kinds of searches on Arcadia Military School.
There's no such thing.
There's no school with that name.
Well, why would they lie about that? I don't know, but I know that they are lying about Logan cutting up that guard.
There's no way.
There is just no way.
So what are you gonna do? I'm gonna figure out what's going on around here.
We should get back inside.
Jen, mom and dad signed a contract.
If we get kicked out of this place we lose everything.
You're gonna have to trust me.
OK, Jules? West side, report.
While we wait for the official count I'd like to move on to other business.
Now, in the light of this recent incident I propose that we instate random car checks upon reentry into Evergreen.
Obviously, this is troubling but unless we stop contraband from coming into this community we're gonna find ourselves right back here in the same situation.
Uh, Ron Nell I want you to remember that Logan will always have a place in this community.
We've already picked out a beautiful spot for his tree.
For God's sake, he's my only child.
A number of us have sent kids off to Arcadia myself included.
But it must be done for the good of this community.
And people, let us not forget that we've saved plenty more than we've lost.
Plenty more! And if we have to toss out a few bad apples I say it's worth it.
Let's face it Evergreen is the good life.
Keep moving.
We got the Agar boy.
We're bringing him in.
Logan! Get out! The sign! - What? - The sign! Get out! Don't! Run! Run! Run! Looks like one of the Winslow girls.
Jules! Jules! Jules! Hurry up, wake up.
I need your help.
What's going on? I gotta get out of here before they find me.
They're gonna be here any minute.
What'd you do this time? I can't explain it to you.
You wouldn't even believe me if I told you.
- It's a nightmare.
- You're scaring me.
Just listen to me, OK, Jules? All right, when they get here, I want you to tell them that you saw me, and you spoke to me and I said that I was gonna be hiding in the ravine down by Willow Road.
Where will you really be? I'm gonna be waiting for you, OK at the park down the street.
As soon as they leave, I want you to sneak out and come find me, OK? We're gonna find a way out of this together.
I promise.
Can you do this for me? Ok? Jules? You scared me.
Jules, what's wrong? Why? Jules, why? You were going to ruin everything again.
No! Mommy! Daddy! Please don't let me please don't do this! Mommy, daddy, please don't let them do this to me! Mommy, daddy, please don't let them do this to me! Now, Julie let this tree be a reminder that there's something good in each and every one of us.
That's my good girl.
The Winslows have finally taken back control of their family but it cost them one teenage daughter a deal brokered only in The Twilight Zone.