The Twilight Zone (2002) s01e11 Episode Script

The Lineman

Yes, sir.
It's a mess.
All the lines are down.
Let me check.
A house in Hawaii, on the beach not in the hills 'cause it rains too much And a Lear jet to take you there.
Yeah, one for me, too.
Damn! They're a waste of money, Tyler.
Well, somebody's gonna win.
It ain't gonna be you, bro.
See, now, I could pay money to see that.
What about her brain, man? I wouldn't give a nickel for it.
I just think she's smart, OK? - What? - Your ears, dude.
"Jugs" Kaminsky.
"Jugs" Kaminsky.
Every time she leaned in close to check your homework, the ears went off.
You're talkin' about tenth grade, man.
Every time boss lady gets close by red headphones.
She's a college graduate.
All right? Her kind dates the non-cash-impaired.
You're talkin' loser.
Man, I got broken fingernails and a buck fifty in the bank.
So I would do anything to have money, man.
You're spiritually free.
Tyler Andrew Ward A telephone lineman and charter member in the fraternity of lonely dreamers.
Tyler is about to test what he wishes for to the breaking point and beyond.
You might say what you're about to see is impossible.
Probably in most places.
But not here in the Twilight Zone.
Want to date a woman like Shannon? It's not a problem.
What's the good word? Frank says we got almost 4,000 phones out.
Uh the manual says you're supposed to wait a half hour after a storm.
Yeah, well, I checked Accu-weather and the radar says this whole area is just showers now.
We're not scared, are we? No.
How long? I can use the old connectors.
if we're lucky.
Tyler, come down! Get down! Aah! Aaaahh! Aah! - Aaahh! - Tyler! Uhhh! Aaahh! Aaahh! Aaahh! Tyler! Aaahh! Ohh! Aaahh! Tyler! You're traveling to another dimension A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.
A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are only that of the imagination.
You're entering - Comin' through! - Why so long? Flood.
Couldn't get to him for hours.
You are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be bitten by a shark.
In fact, you're more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery.
- Give him EPI.
- Yes, sir.
Isn't he dead, sir? More than probably.
This is your lucky day.
Very unique patient.
Lightning is capable of shutting off the systemic and cerebral metabolism essentially suspended animation.
Now in experiments, sheep were hit with simulated lightning strikes and resuscitated after 5 hours.
Of course, there are aftereffects damage to the respiratory centers and cardiac system.
Nerve degeneration.
Eye injuries.
And rarely, some improvement in sight.
I'd stick to Lasik surgery.
Hippocrates called these the devil's fingers.
Usually first and second degree burns.
Third degree burns are less common, but occur associated with metal objects like jewelry heating up, such as this crucifix.
Full amplitude, please.
Clear! More power! Have a ventilator standing by.
We have rhythm.
I do believe we have a human record.
How's the memory, Mr.
Ward? Uh, I hadn't hadn't really thought about it yet.
What's your name? - It's Ward.
- You just told me.
Address? Parents' names? Usual amnesia.
Coagulation of the brain subdural hematomas or a bleeding within the brain are possible with direct strikes.
Next patient.
Edna and and Donald.
Pompous jerk.
Excuse me? I didn't say anything.
What a way to buy your 15 minutes.
What are you talkin' about, man? Page one Metro, stud.
How Dr.
Frankenstein zapped you back to life.
I don't know.
L I was thinkin' maybe I can get you into show business.
Yeah, you know, like the magic guy the one who sticks light bulbs in his mouth.
Oh, hell, I don't have my glasses.
I'm only covered for one pair a year.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
- Buddy? - What? What? I guess inside my head's not the same as it used to be.
What? I can see this.
Home, sweet home.
Here's your crib.
I live here? No.
Donald Trump.
Need help, Ty? I'm all right.
It's comin' back to me.
SeNor Tyler! We were praying for you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Miriam, right? Si, Miriam.
QuE ta/, M/r/am? That's all right.
Must be some sort of aftereffect.
- Blue auras? - Yeah.
Maybe maybe it's that white light stuff.
Did you see any dead relatives? Now it's comin' back to me.
Your Grandma Elly Begged me to send her little Buddy to join her.
She did? Aaahhh! Let me get some ice for that.
Thanks, man.
Jeez! It's like The F/e/d of Dreams.
You hang it and they will come.
Since when did you sit around all day cuttin' out cars? That, my friend, is the car of the future.
It's got Mercedes.
It tells you when to brake.
It's got one of those tracking systems.
Most guys have a picture of Christina Aguilera, bro.
First, you get the car, then you get the Aguilera.
The guy that drives that car can get any woman he wants.
Yeah, I know.
Big car, big uhh.
I get it, man.
But, Ty, you need to be around people more.
It's gonna speed up your recovery.
I gotta lay low, man.
My hearing's whacked, I got a headache.
- No, no, no, no.
- Tonight? Back on the horse.
And here's the cure for everything.
Why do mice have such small balls? Why? 'Cause so few of them dance.
You're looking great.
Yeah, for some kind of Frankenstein.
These are for you.
Oh Thank you.
I didn't know if you wanted to see me.
I I feel so responsible.
For what? I'm sorry.
L l I probably should know who you are.
I haven't put everything together yet.
You're not kidding.
He couldn't remember his landlady today.
And I sent you up there.
I'm so sorry.
Well, that's one for the book.
My circuits must be screwed.
I should've remembered her.
Oh, what a what a rejection.
Ah, the way you blanked that lady, man.
You see the way she looked at you? She never looked at you like that before.
See? You got a chance with the boss.
You do to her what the foreman is always doin' to us.
Find out who's really on top.
He's hearing voices.
He can't even figure out which way is up.
It's like somebody barbecued him from head to butt.
The storm hadn't passed.
It was my fault.
Fault? When you can make millions over pouring coffee over your own crotch? Mr.
Ward, how has your life changed? Well, I've always been a pretty good thinker.
You know, uh, able to see circuits lay them out in my mind, but, uh Lately, I've been feelin' confused.
Well, I think that, um any reasonable jury would concede that you've been severely wronged.
This severely wronged, does it have, you know an exchange rate in dollars? I think with a little effort it could be north of 7 figures.
Oh, you know, there's your lottery ticket.
What do you mean by "a little effort"? Uh, well, um any claim for pain and sufferin' is always improved if we can prove negligence.
My boss? What would that do to her? Nothin'.
I'm sure the company has liability coverage for their employees.
Screw the bitch.
What? Where where you goin'? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
The guy's a friend of my cousin's.
You just don't walk out on him He's a sleazebag, man.
He was tryin' to take down Shannon.
He was gonna ruin her.
He didn't say that.
Yeah, but he was thinkin' it.
Oh think huh so now you read minds? That blue stuff? It's thoughts coming at me, man when people get emotional.
Emotional you're turning neurotic.
You know what? Think of somethin'.
You're nuts.
Like an image a number, somethin' somethin' with feelin'.
Num number.
Just do it! Screw you.
Screw you, too.
That's a lucky guess.
Have I ever lied to you? Buddy, we've been friends since we were kids.
Right? All right, something emotional.
Why'd you go so soon? I miss you.
I wish you'd come back.
That's when your mom died.
I'm sorry, man I didn't mean to make you think of that.
That's that's that's scary stuff, man.
I want it to stop.
"Scientists have been investigating "a rare form of lightning.
"It almost seems supernatural "defying known physics "to strike miles from the main storm "and having the unique property "of sometimes building up an electrical charge "in the object it strikes.
" Why can't you leave me alone?! Why can't you leave me alone?! It's goin' up.
They're called sprites.
Those pictures look like the lightning that hit me.
It's it's like a weird microwave energy.
I know one thing about microwaves is we shield anything to do with them.
It gets inside of your cells.
And I think it changed my nervous system which is why I'm hearin' stuff.
- Sprites? - Yeah.
I am incredibly familiar with lightning, Mr.
Ward and frankly, there is no medical record of any sprite strikes.
I want to assure you there is a very rational explanation for your state.
Survivors of electrical injuries usually have a temporary pattern of mental deficits anxiety disorders, hallucinations.
It's very common.
Receiving thoughts? Well, sometimes we live or die by our gut instincts.
It's not reading minds.
Probably just intuition pickin' up on little clues.
Doctor, you're due at the faculty meeting.
Uh Could you, Angela? I'll have someone on our Psych staff Iook into some counseling.
Thank you, Doctor.
It's very comforting knowing that it's just in my mind.
And l l I see that you're, uh, you're married.
Doesn't seem to bother you and Angela, huh? She's pregnant and hasn't told you yet.
But that's probably just a hallucination, huh? Right, Angela? It was an accident.
I followed the blue stuff back into her head.
She was pregnant and she was scared stiff, man.
I could see her brain thinking about it.
I mean, l l I could Well, I mean, the higher I get the quieter the voices get, you know? But it still seems to be getting stronger.
If I can't cure this thing I gotta figure out a way to live with it.
Are you kidding? I can't I can't do it to order, man.
Those guys break your legs and they don't take credit cards.
This is my laundry money, OK? So don't lose it.
What's a flush again? It's all 5 of the same suit.
Come on.
I'll bury this kid.
I'm out.
You in or out? What'd you say? Hey, you gay or somethin'? Back off.
L I have tinnitus.
My ears ring.
I don't hear so good.
He was struck by lightning.
Yeah, they say it's one of the worst years on record for thunderstorms.
Must be all that global warming, right? Call.
Ty, are you OK? I was scared, man.
My God! We did it.
It worked.
I thought I was gonna get knifed in the back at any second.
They can't know, man! Who's gonna believe it? Old Sparky, the mind reader? If they thought that you were signaling me they'd knife you in the back.
This is real money, man.
What are we gonna do? Retire? It's 1,500.
Hey Atlantic City.
No, no, you kiddin' me? You win twice there, you're banned.
Come on.
Maybe this thing could change my life.
Are you followin' me, Shannon? I'm not gonna sue you if that's what you think.
Can we talk? - Yeah.
- OK.
Um I made a bad, bad choice up there.
L I was rattled, and I I should have waited longer.
Frank's a bastard for tellin' you that you're some crybaby, and that that his male foreman would've sent their guys right up.
How how did you know? Intuition.
I worked for Frank for years.
I just think you know your stuff, you know? I just said "you know" twice in a sentence.
Could I buy you dinner? Well, that's real nice.
That's nice but I, uh, I make it a point not to date on the job.
So Well, this circuit's down and out right now so I'm not on the job.
Um, I'll cook you dinner.
It's the least that I can do for almost killing you.
Steak, right? How'd you know? Intuition.
Aah! We talked just like real people.
She digs cars, plays softball does volunteer work with the kids.
She's not a taker, man.
And she's gonna cook me dinner.
Just use your tinker bell tricks and get yourself a good piece of artichoke.
You know what? I wouldn't want it that way, man 'cause it wouldn't be real.
Come on, what do you think fake eyelashes, boob jobs "I don't want to get married for years" What do you think those things are? Those are the chicks that you date.
Look, do what you want.
Just don't tell her about the you-know-what.
She'll think you're the freak of the century.
Is that the way you see me? No, I'm just, you know just tryin' to protect you, Ty.
Ty, look, you getting me? Ty! Ty! So, half the damn office knows that I'm playing Emeril for you this evening.
I told Buddy.
I'm sorry.
We share everything.
His mom died when he was little and his dad took it out on him and hit the bottle.
My folks took him in all the time.
I can't judge him for the way he is, you know? He's got a big heart.
Um, there's more of those in the fridge.
Get me one, too? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
Ohh! You all right? Yeah no, I just I burned myself.
Put some ice on that, and you'll be all right.
How did you know? I heard you from the other room.
I didn't say anything.
You knew somehow, didn't you? That's absurd.
You knew that I was following you this morning.
I can feel things.
I can see things.
Like what? Man.
Blond hair, smiles a lot had a place by the water made you wary, unhappy.
And now you don't trust me.
And I scare you a little bit, too and I'm a mutant and I'm a freak and I shouldn't have told you.
Tyler, it's my fault.
Look, I don't know what to say.
But but that was my husband Mm-hmm.
And his ancestral home on the lake.
We're divorced.
But he used his money and his lawyers to punish me for leaving him.
And I don't want to be hurt like that again.
So, there go my secrets.
Can you grant wishes? That's absurd.
Really? L I don't know what's absurd around you anymore.
You're an incredibly sweet man.
Oh, Ty.
It's OK.
When you first started seeing these thoughts it must have been so strange.
Scared the hell out of me.
When I was a kid my grandfather died of Alzheimer's in a state institution.
He was surrounded by crazy homeless people.
My folks wanted to help him but they didn't have the funds.
It was like a it was like a prison for monsters and and I swore that I would never let that happen to me.
I've inherited my family's lack of moneymaking.
But somehow I feel like now my luck is changing.
I'm really attracted to you.
This wasn't a mistake.
But there's not a lot of women in my position and we're gonna work together again and I just No, I know I know I don't I don't have to read your thoughts to know what you're feeling.
Thinkin' of jumping? Hey! You were that bad in bed, huh? We didn't go to bed, man.
Sure you didn't.
You weren't here at 3:00 when I called.
What the hell did you do that for? I wanted to see what color your ears turned.
Come on, friends call.
She used to have some old-money husband and I'm still just a poor-ass employee! I'm not gonna be broke anymore! I'm not gonna be broke anymore! This time no Mafia to chop off our legs but for a few million I'll give 'em a leg.
As long as they don't mess with my privates.
Next stop Emerald City.
here on Wall Street So, what are you getting? It's a mess, but I'm sortin' through it.
- The bald guy? - Mm-hmm? I'm gettin' that he's got some new genetic stock that's goin' up.
Right next to you, on the right here? He's saying that Benjamin Tech is not gonna announce a profit, but he's lying.
It's like poker.
They're all cheating and bluffing all around us.
So this is fair game then, right, dude? Absolutely.
You know what? I can't take it anymore.
Let's go.
If my dad could see me now reading the Wa// Street freak/ng Journa/.
If the S.
Finds out we'll be reading Pr/son T/mes.
They don't got laws for what you do.
They just announced Benjamin Tech's profits.
It just shot up.
Boy, did it ever! We're in the money! You lose somethin'? Ty? Hi.
This is gonna sound really stupid but I think somebody's just stolen my car.
I thought it was lookin' a little worn out.
It's the same color as your drapes.
I thought you might like it.
This is crazy.
I can't take your car.
Well, you know what? Mine's black.
Things have been goin' really well and I wanted to share the wealth.
You know? No strings attached.
No fear.
You've made all this money in just a couple of weeks? Brokers and car dealers are the same creatures inside.
Now they can't lie to me.
It makes investing very honest and very profitable.
For the first time in my life I am feeling free.
To good times.
To good times.
Ahh! I'm really beginning to like this stuff.
Alcohol's helping me to quiet the noise down a little bit.
My condition is building but I still have some party tricks to compensate.
Watch this.
Nose job.
Chin job.
You OK? Yes.
Thank you, guys.
Thank you.
It's like telephone.
I mean, I figure if I can receive it I can send it.
It operates on the same frequency as microwaves.
Although, I have to stay the hell away from these things 'cause when they're on they charge me up, you know? How are you coping with all this stuff? Well, being up high like this it quiets the noise down a little bit.
And one on one if you're not flippin' out then I can pretty much control it.
Can you receive me? I mean, what am I like? You're guiding me to a toy to a green bear.
Wow! Huh? Yeah, that's, my, uh that's my lucky Irish bear Murphy.
When I was, uh When I was a little kid I was really, really sick for a really long time.
It's not fun.
But he kept me believing and I knew that if I got better one day that I'd try and be a Murphy for others.
So I think we should just be friends.
Well, I I I think that we should just be friends because we should we should definitely keep it at that.
Mother nature's workin' overtime.
The storms are followin' me.
That's crazy, man.
Don't call me that.
What's wrong? I got that metal taste in my mouth again like I'm suckin' on a copper tube.
You got enough.
Let's go home.
Let's go.
I'll say when.
There you go! Whoo! Wow! You're going so high! One more time.
There you go.
There ya go.
There ya go.
OK, now push yourself.
Whoo! Whoo! Tyler! Tyler! I don't know, Buddy.
He was in here Been callin' you for hours.
Not too close.
I don't want to feel you freakin' out at me right now.
It's for you, not at you.
It's been 2 months now.
We're makin' money hand over fist.
I mean, l I don't know who else to talk to.
I mean, he can't stop grasping out we got bank accounts on islands that I never even heard of.
But why does he keep on going? I don't even think he's got that straight anymore.
L I think he's doin' it for you.
Dollar/yen exchange rate might change even more radically.
On the home front, it was just announced that Benjamin Tech has been forced into bankruptcy by mysterious financier Tyler Andrew Ward.
- Oh! - Aw! coming from nowhere in a few weeks of training Maybe we should get out for a while.
It's just too much too soon.
Hey, man, I didn't invent this game but now I'm gonna show 'em how to play it! - Ha ha ha ha! - Shh! Ha ha ha ha! Now he wants to get his own plane.
He thinks he's the president.
Don't lie about me.
I can hear you.
It was a joke.
Look, I'm really glad you called.
He's been thinkin' about you all day.
And I don't read minds, so That's sweet.
I'll see you tomorrow, Ty.
Just the bottle and the glasses, yes.
I thought I scared you off last time.
Would you like some very rare Siberian vodka? I took a couple of days off work this week decided to do a little research project.
Ahh I'm not reading you.
I am not.
I just I'm soaking you in right now.
You are so beautiful.
Did you know that the Vatican has records of people who have been struck by lightning and then they become saints? You want me to tell the church about myself? I'm worried about you, Tyler.
I think you have a real gift and I think that if you found a good way to use it - you might be - Reveal myself.
Do you know what they would do if they found out about me? It would be mythic! The small people rise up and destroy those they fear.
Why would they fear someone who could determine the truth in courts help research mental disorders? You might even be able to reach people in comas! You prepared a speech.
I'm scared for you.
Buddy says you barely sleep anymore.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna buy a beautiful island.
And share it with the one person that I care about in this life.
Buddy must be flattered.
Buddy's gonna stay here and take care of things.
That sounds like a proposal and I'm still at the getting-to-you-know stage, Ty.
We could do this.
I dream about this.
I mean, think about it.
We could set up a Murphy Bear Foundation for you.
You can work with kids all over the world before they're corrupt.
Corrupt? Who are you to judge? Look at you.
You're stealing to get all this.
I just I take the truth and I invest.
That's all I do.
The truth? You're manipulating the economy.
You caused Benjamin Tech to fall.
These are real people, Tyler! Every dollar that you take comes from someone's hope! It's just a giant game.
You shouldn't play unless you can afford to lose.
I want to shake you! You're so stupid and selfish! And I've caused all of this, and I'm sorry.
I can change things.
I now have the power to do anything! Except to make you who you used to be.
I don't want to see you again.
I'm sorry.
Shannon! Shannon! She's mine! I still have a few tricks! Aaaahhhh! Shannon, I know about you and Buddy! What are you doing here? I want you.
I just want you to love me.
Unhh! Uhh! You're in my mind.
We're meant to be together.
It's my plan.
Uhh! Ahh! Aah! We can be connected.
For as long as we're both alive.
No! Deeper than any love ever.
It's my mind! You will do this.
You will love me.
My life! Help me! Be with me! Love me! Monster! Buddy?! Yo! Get up now.
What happened, man? You look like hell.
I couldn't change her.
- Shannon? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, man, what have you done? You plotted to take her away from me, man.
All my life hey, that's out of line! Huh? You kissed her.
Huh? You're you're a jackass.
You know that? Aah! Aah! Aaahhh! Gave myself an upgrade.
Huh? Look at me, huh? Look at meeee! For God's sake, I'd never lie to you, Ty.
What's in there? What? What? See it? Yeah, we kissed.
It's called friendship.
I was just tryin' to persuade her to stick with you.
Oh, God.
Get off me! You went after her, didn't you? Just like this you went after her! You ruined any chance that you ever had of her loving you.
You poor freak.
I'm lost, man.
I'm goin' crazy.
I'm goin' crazy.
You buy yourself a drink, and you stay outta my life! I've already been around one drunk bastard too many.
Peace! Please give me peace! Leave me alone! Peace! Strike! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahh - Clear.
- Clear.
I do believe we have a human record.
Hold him down.
Hold him down! Stop! Stop it! Be careful what you wish for.
They say the drives of the human primate are to breathe, eat find shelter, and mate.
But what part of the psyche is it that never learns when it's had enough? Insurance companies say lightning strikes are acts of God.
Hey, maybe he or she has nothing to do with it.
Maybe they are just doorways into the Twilight Zone.