The Twilight Zone (2002) s01e17 Episode Script

Sensuous Cindy

Hmm Ben Mmm? What do you think you're doing? Mmm this is a dream.
It's it's a a beautiful dream.
[Laughs] It doesn't feel like a dream.
Oh, no, but but it is.
I'm not really doing this.
Or this or this No, I'm not doing anything.
I'm sound asleep, just like you.
You're not sound asleep, and this is not a dream.
Well, let's pretend that it is.
Ben, we agreed.
No more sex until we get married.
Why did we agree to that again? - Hmm? - Mmm.
Mmm! Lt'll make the wedding night special.
It'll be like starting over.
Well, let's start over right now.
My name's Ben.
What's your name? - Oh Ben - What? We're not doing this.
Didn't you give Father Brendan your word? Yeah.
L I had my fingers crossed.
I sometimes wonder how committed you are to all this.
- What to all what? - To our getting married! I'm I'm committed.
L I proposed didn't I? Hmm? Yes, you did.
And very sweetly, too.
Maybe you could throw me a bone once in a while, hmm? Yeah.
No sex for six months.
This is a test, right? Yeah, OK.
Don't worry, Samantha.
I'll pass with flying colors.
Yeah, if I don't explode first.
- Oh, you won't explode.
- Yeah? Mmm.
How are you? Hey, uh Oh, hi.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Oh, hey hey there.
Hi hi there.
Ho ho there.
- I, uh, I work here.
- OK.
I'm the senior photo editor, so if you have any pictures you'd like me to look at, I'd be glad to, uh, to look.
[Girls laugh] Have you seen the women out there? Nines, tens.
I think I even saw a twelve.
You and Samantha still not having sex? Is it that obvious? I feel your pain, chief.
That was one nasty virus.
Good thing you backed up your hard drive.
For you.
What's this? The best sex you're not having.
And it's absolutely guilt-free.
A virtual sex program? Are you serious? I don't need this.
I love my fiancee.
And you two make a very cute couple but this has nothing to do with Samantha.
"Sensuous Cindy" is the greatest program Fantadyne's ever cooked up.
Fantadyne? The the game simulation people? Samantha works for them.
I bet she didn't work on this sucker.
How did you get ahold of it? Easy.
A friend snuck me a beta copy.
- Really? - Yeah.
Have have you tried this? Hey, I don't kiss and tell.
Now, what is it, six more months until the wedding night? Well It's your decision, chief.
I like it.
Oh wha What? Ow! Mmm! Hi, Ben.
I've been waiting for you.
Sexual fantasies every one of us has them.
Harmless enough most of the time.
On the eve of his marriage Benjamin Baker has decided to indulge himself.
He's about to get very, very lucky.
Or is he? You're traveling to another dimension a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.
A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are only that of the imagination.
You're entering Oh, you taste great! So do you.
How how is this, uh, happening? L I mean, how how does it, uh, work? Well, I could draw you a diagram but that might ruin the mystery.
So, what did you have in mind something naughty or something nice? Well, l l I don't l um Look at these curtains! Amazing! They feel just like silk! Did you come to play with the curtains or to play with me? Uh Ohh! Why don't you just lay back and relax and let me drive? Uh OK Ohhh Cindy I don't know if I can do this.
This all feels too real.
Gee, Ben, I'm just a computer program.
Yeah, some program.
You know, l I'm engaged to be married.
You are? That's so sweet.
You're not married yet, are you? Uh no.
I am not.
Then consider this practice.
Hey, mister there's a speed limit in this town.
Just kidding.
[Music playing] I could stay like this forever.
Most guys are just wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.
Well, you know guys.
You're different.
You're sweet considerate.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
You were a real tiger when it counted.
Well, you were pretty terrific yourself.
You're so sweet.
I could really get used to this.
Wow Ohh! Ha ha! It's you! What's the occasion? Oh, no occasion.
We're not having sex, Benjamin.
That's fine with me.
And reverse psychology's not gonna work.
What are you talkin' about? No.
Six months is nothing.
It's a drop in the bucket, and, besides, like you said it it'll make for for one hell of a wedding night.
- I love you.
- Do you? Well, these flowers weren't cheap.
- Oh, be serious! - I'm being serious.
I mean, about loving you, not about the flowers.
You're the only man I'll ever love.
- Yeah? - Mmm Ohh Hello? Yeah, he's right here.
- It's for you.
- Oh.
Hello? - Ben? - Yes.
It's me.
Cindy who? Sensuous Cindy, silly.
I had such a great time today with you and l I can't stop thinkin' about you.
Uh it Cindy? Who who is this really? I told you.
It's me.
Cindy from this morning? Just hearin' the sound of your voice again gives me butterflies.
Well, no But-butterflies? You're you're a computer program.
Who is it? Oh, it's, uh, uh it's, uh, somebody uh, from work.
Nobody, uh, y-you know.
Uh, th-this can wait until morning.
We'll we'll discuss it then.
Will you promise to come see me? First thing? Uh, yeah, sure.
Can't wait for you to hold me in your arms again.
It was so Is everything all right? What? Oh, uh, great.
Uh, so-something came up.
Uh, no nothing r-really.
It's it's, uh, something, but it's nothing.
Every everything's under, uh, control.
Must've been a glitch of some sort.
Whatcha doin', Ben? Aah! Didn't you make a little promise to me last night? I'm confused.
Is is is is this part of the program? Look, all I know is I've never felt like this before.
Uh, l l I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about chemistry, silly.
You know, that mysterious attraction between two people who belong together? Pheromones and all that good stuff? No, no.
You you have to be human to to have pheromones.
Well, I was human enough for you last night.
Um w-well, why why don't I come visit you, uh, a-after work? And afterwards will you hold me for a while? Well, y-yeah.
Uh, holding, uh, touching w-w-whatever you want.
[Telephone rings] Hello.
Hi, Sam.
No, I had to, uh, work late.
I had a photo layout I had to finish.
No, I'm outta here as soon as we hang up.
I love you, too.
[Sighs] Ben? I've been waiting so long.
Where are you? Ben? [Elevator cables screech] Hey, there, mister.
Aren't you forgetting something? Cindy, please.
Start the elevator.
Not until we get a few things straightened out.
Boy, when you sweat, you really sweat.
Yeah, well, I have a thing about being trapped in small spaces.
So, now, Cindy, I'm approaching meltdown here and it's not gonna be pretty.
Well, how do you think I feel? I mean, I can't eat, I can't sleep OK, you never eat.
You never sleep.
I keep dreaming about you.
Look, you just said you can't sleep! Ben, I want to be with you.
I want us to be together.
- We can't be together! - Why? Because you're a com You're Ben, I know you like me.
Yes, yes! Yes! Yes, like you! I like you! But l I love Samantha! I'm OK with that.
B-but I'm not! OK? It was it was sex, Cindy.
That's all! I'm sorry.
I meant nothing to you, and it was it was just a fling, a one-night stand? Well, yeah uh I don't I don't want to hurt you but, yes, you meant nothing to me.
It was just a fling, a one-night stand.
I'm so disappointed in you.
Cindy? Cindy? Don't leave me.
Cindy? Cindy? OK OK, OK.
The walls the walls are starting to close in.
Help! Help! Help! OK, OK, OK, I made a mistake.
A big mistake.
OK, OK, OK, OK, l I should have come to see you.
I should have come to see you.
Cindy please, please, please, please.
L I'll do anything you want.
Anything you want.
Forgive me please.
L l l l I didn't know what I was saying.
I just want to be with you, Ben.
Is that such a bad thing? No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Ben? I'm waiting.
Where are you? L I'll be there in a minute.
L I have I have to use the men's room.
Ben? Oh, Ben? Where are you? Ben! This isn't funny anymore.
I know you're out there.
What, are you trying to kill me? Why couldn't I take the elevator? - It isn't safe.
Nowhere's safe.
- It's 25 stories! Ben? Who's that? Hey, about how much longer? Don't rush me.
I can't believe I'm doin' this.
This is a crime, a real crime.
You want to talk about a crime? How about attempted kidnapping? The elevator got stuck.
It happens.
I'm tellin' you, she wasn't gonna let me out.
Would you stop talkin' about her like she's real? - You're weirdin' me out.
- Let me tell you something you know she's not real, I know she's not real but Cindy sees things a little differently.
She's a series of ones and zeros.
Ones and zeros wrapped in the cutest, hottest little body.
Would you stop it? I feel guilty enough as it is.
But not as guilty as I'd feel if Sam ever finds out.
Sam's a software developer.
She'd probably think Cindy was pretty damn cool.
Don't you get it? We made a vow no sex until our wedding.
That means not with each other, not with others, and not with some sex-happy computer program.
Your loss.
Your loss.
I push this key and that's it.
Cindy vanishes from your life forever.
What do you say, chief? Terminate her.
I'm home.
In the office.
- Tough day? - Yeah.
Uh, I won't bore you with the details.
Poor baby.
I know how you feel.
I'm having trouble with my hard drive.
I can't access any of my files.
You want me to check it out? Who's the computer expert here? Well, a fresh set of eyes.
I'll open the wine.
Yeah let's see.
"Terminate her"? Did I actually hear you say, "Terminate her"? No! You can't be here.
We got rid of you.
You tried, but I was hiding in the computer in the office next door.
Having any luck? Uh oh, look no, the the damn thing it, uh, froze up on me.
Why don't we, uh, pop some popcorn? - We'll watch a movie.
- Wine and popcorn? Yeah, let's stick a bag in the microwave.
I'll I'll see what's on.
Sometimes you can be so cute.
Why are you trying to hurt me, Ben? I love you.
I'll I'll get it.
Yeah? Maybe it's time Samantha and I had a little talk.
No, no, no, don't don't do that.
I'll I'll I'll come to the office.
Don't do anything on my account.
No, I want to come see you.
We'll talk.
And once we're done talking I'm a tiger, remember? Grrrr.
- You are so cute.
- Yeah - Will you stay the night? - Uh, uh, stay the night? Yeah.
Uh, sure.
Anything you want.
OK, but hurry.
No I'm already out the door.
Ben? I got some the office called.
There's a fire I have to put out.
I gotta go.
What took you so long? Oh.
What can I say? Traffic was horrendous.
I was gonna stop for flowers, but Oh.
Uh, well, I hope, uh, you like them.
They're beautiful.
What did you do to me? Uh, well, that's oh, it's it's a virus.
L I stopped by, uh, Garrett's.
He he wrote it for me.
But why? I'm sorry, Cindy, but being with you made me realize how much I really love Samantha.
That is so romantic.
You are so sweet.
Yeah, I guess, but oh Cindy? Hello? Ben, are you OK? Yeah, I'm OK.
Did you get the fire put out? Yeah.
Yeah, it looks that way.
I know it's late but could you stop by the store on your way home? Sure.
I e-mailed a list of what we need.
The computer's working fine, by the way.
Uh, great.
So, I'll see you soon? No need to hurry.
No problem.
Sam? What? I love you.
Me, too.
Sorry I'm late.
I was dealing with my fiance.
He's been acting a little strange lately.
If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was cheating on me.
Men You can't trust them.
Benjamin Baker narrowly escaped his fantasy while his fiancee explores her own sensual nature.
A glimpse into the future of modern romance for better or for worse courtesy of The Twilight Zone.