The Twilight Zone (2002) s01e28 Episode Script


I'm telling you, I'm sitting across the table from Trevor Black, the casino owner the guy that never loses and I'm just lookin' right into his eyes and I knew that I had him.
And then I blinked.
I just let him bluff me.
I'm out.
Hey, just just out of curiosity, huh? Sure.
Why not? You had nothing.
House always wins, Jonah.
Honey, it just never ends.
I mean, from champagne and fancy dinners one week to not knowing if we can pay the phone bill the next.
Eighteen months of this, Jonah.
It's gotta end.
You gotta just walk away.
No, no, I can't walk away.
Not yet.
Listen, April The house always wins.
I just need to beat the house one time.
Once, and then I'm done, OK? And then we'll escape to Florida and open the restaurant, OK? I'll learn how to braise.
I'll learn how to saute.
I promise you.
They're not gonna hold that space in the Promenade forever.
Baby, I can win.
I just need a little money from the restaurant fund to get started.
There's a reason we decided to keep that account untouchable.
April, it's a loan.
$500 to be paid back with interest.
Jonah my love my sweet boy no.
Jonah Beach has a problem.
All of his adult life he's been trying to beat the house and always comin' up short.
But Jonah may have just found the edge he needs to win courtesy of the Twilight Zone.
Sir, I don't suppose you could spare five bucks so I could get myself a meal? Sure would appreciate it.
Man, you hit me up on the wrong night.
I got $3.
00 and a bus pass to call my own.
I wouldn't say no to $3.
Yeah, man, but if I give you $3.
00 Tomorrow I'm gonna be hittin' you up for two.
I'll make you a deal.
You look like a man who likes to make a wager once in a while.
A wager? Three bucks I'll flip you for it.
Dude, you just hit me up for five.
What do I get if I win, huh? Bragging rights.
All right.
All right.
Go ahead.
- Call it.
- Heads.
Oh, sorry, friend.
Hey, you know what? Let's call it tails.
Go ahead.
Take it.
You're a gambler and a gentleman.
For you.
Oh, no, no.
Forget it.
No, sir.
Fair trade.
Yeah, lucky me, huh? Yes, you are.
Whoa! Whoa! Wait up! Whoa! Hey! Wait a second! Right over there.
I love you.
Testing, one, two, three.
Testing, one, two, three.
I know.
Right over there.
I love you.
You are traveling to another dimension a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.
A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are only that of the imagination.
You're entering Watch where you're going.
- Sorry.
- Jerk.
Five, four, three Missed me.
Hey, wake up.
Wake up.
Jonah, where have you been? It's 2:30.
I've been testing this.
- A tape recorder? - No, no, no.
- This is my edge.
- Oh, your edge.
Yeah, you see, some guys they read tells some guys count cards, but I have this, OK? And there is not a house in the world that can beat this.
Hold on.
Hold on one second.
I want to prove this to you.
See the clock? Clock says 2:31, right? I say that that clock is wrong.
I say it's 2:30.
Jonah? Where have you been? It's Yeah, it's 2:30.
I know.
You see? See my edge? I can go back up to five minutes.
Up to five minutes, baby.
You're drunk.
What? You mean you didn't just see that? See you jumping around my bed like a raving lunatic? Yeah, I saw that.
The the What's the deal with the tape recorder, anyway? This is It's just for motivation, you know? To record little affirmations and psych myself up.
Psyched up for what? Oh, no, no.
No! April, I have to get back into the game, OK? To get back in the game, I have to win and to win I have to play, but to play You play.
I'm going to sleep.
Maybe I could have said that better.
Because I'm a winner, baby, And you always gotta back the winner.
Your lips, they say, "No, no, no.
" But your eyes say, "Yes, yes, yes.
" It's it's my mom.
She She needs a colon transplant.
The thing is, I have to get back in the game and it's not about the money.
Someday I'm gonna have a son, OK? And I want to be able to look him in the eye and tell him that I had the nerve that I stayed in the game, and I beat the house.
I'm not gonna give you $500.
But I will give you two hundred.
You do what you need to do.
Then walk away.
What are you doing in there? Nothing.
Just psyching myself up.
Dream away, dream away, dreamer Fly away, lifetime screamer Satellite watchin' for my perfect love Late at night, buzzin' the street lights Celebrate life in the firefight Every night, takin' all my love Call.
Well, enjoy it while you can.
That ain't gonna last.
What the hell you talkin' about? All those chips you got in front of you there? Those are all gonna be mine.
Same goes for you.
And you, too, love.
Why don't you shut up and play some cards? Aren't you interested in how I'm gonna do it? Let me tell you.
Every time I wiggle my toes, the damnedest thing happens.
I go back in time.
You believe this guy? Hey, pal, I think your medication is wearing off just a little bit.
Just telling you the facts.
- I'm out.
- No guts.
No glory.
No worries.
I got a feeling my luck's gonna change.
You think he's cheating? That kid? He's got something.
Bring him to me.
Is there a problem here? Mr.
Black would like to see you now.
Royals bringing the ball up the floor.
Wiser across to Bobby Daly.
He looks inside for Rizen, nothing there.
Over on the left wing to Gabrielson.
He squares up.
Off the glass no good.
Rebound Priorson.
Hey, look, if there's a problem I just want you to know that there is no problem.
I'm good for it.
You been havin' a good night.
I think you got somethin'.
Looks like you're back in the game.
Be here.
$200 to put back in the restaurant fund and while you're at it why don't you add a little interest? Oh, oh, by the way, there's more where that came from.
What? - Fifty thousand.
- What? Baby, I'm back in the game.
Trevor said so.
And this time, I'm gonna take him.
This is just the beginning, OK? There is no telling how long this ride is gonna last.
Baby, I deliver food to those games.
I see what happens.
Trevor always wins.
Not a lot of the time, not some of the time.
I've got an edge.
No, Jonah.
You've got a problem.
Jonah! Game's five-card draw, jacks or better to open Ante's a thousand.
Two grand to open.
See that, raise two.
See that and raise three.
Raise four.
Let's see 'em.
Ballsy move, Jonah.
Can't win 'em all.
Just testin' the waters.
Two grand to open.
See that, raise two.
Jonah Beach.
It's a hell of a night you're havin'.
Must be my turn to dance with Lady Luck, huh? Listen, looks like you're kind of runnin' on empty there.
What what say we bend the rules a little bit? Let me increase my stake? That's very generous of you.
- I can afford to be.
- Yes, you can.
Black, there's a phone call for you.
Let's take five.
Stretch our legs.
That's a lot of chips.
You must be up.
Oh, hell of a lot.
Just wish my dad could see me now.
Well, you know what he'd say if he was here? Cash in, walk away a winner.
Can't walk away.
Not yet.
I'm just settin' him up for the kill.
But you got what you wanted.
You beat the house.
April, honey, if I walk away right now he's gonna think that I lost my nerve that I just got lucky.
What's wrong with lucky? You don't understand.
I want him to look me in the eye and tell me I beat him.
Let him crawl away this time.
And our restaurant where does that fit in to all this? I've been waiting for this moment my whole life.
I'm not gonna let this get away from me.
You know what? You're right.
You're right.
I'm the one who needs to walk away.
I see your twenty-five.
I'll raise you forty.
That's forty grand to me.
That would be accurate.
Let's call it a night.
That's it? You're done? You beat me.
What's so funny? I just I just won 185 grand with a pair of 3s.
And me with two pair.
You bluffed me.
See your twenty-five.
And I'll raise you forty.
That's forty grand to me.
That would be accurate.
One pair.
Jacks up 7 s.
Two pair.
You win some, and you lose some, right? Hey! That's just a tape recorder! You mean like this one? What? Jonah, the house always wins.
The house always wins.
In chasing the big score Jonah Beach forgot the one unchanging rule of the game.
The house always wins especially in the Twilight Zone.