The Twilight Zone (2002) s01e34 Episode Script

How Much Do You Love Your Kid?

- My car payment.
- Hold it.
- Your car payment.
- Hold it.
- Bloomingdale's.
- Hold it.
Union Home Mortgage.
How old is it? - 2 months.
- Pay it.
Those son of a bitches play hardball.
I don't want to come back from this trip which will be a roaring success and find the two of you living in a tent.
Midtown Orthodontists.
What? That's new.
Honey, we talked about this.
Have you seen Wylie's teeth? They're coming in sideways.
Pay it.
Pay it.
Pay it.
I'm sorry.
Look, this this interview is just a formality.
The job is mine.
You're gonna jinx it.
Hey, they got one other guy in mind and he's a loser.
I'll be back tomorrow with the job.
In the meantime the Mastercard's still good, right? Ha ha.
Take it and go get a facial.
That's an order.
What are you doing? Making my teeth straight.
Then we won't need money.
You don't have to do that, knucklehead.
When I get back, I'll have a brand-new job.
- I can work! - You? I wanna run the rides at the carnival.
Your Uncle Jack's got that job.
No, no, wait.
I wanna be a kung-fu guy.
Oh, now you're talkin'.
Not too rough! It's OK.
I got him.
Ha ha ha! Wait, wait.
Watch his head.
- See ya.
- Bye.
Love you.
See ya tomorrow, sport.
- Bye.
- Love you.
- OK.
- All right.
Got everything? Uh, yep.
- Here.
Love you.
- Thank you.
Love you, too.
See ya.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Airport, please.
Meet Donna Saicheck.
Just another person living beyond her means in uncertain times and looking for a short break from the reality of her existence.
We're about to see just how far Donna is willing to go when another kind of reality intrudes in the Twilight Zone.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Hello? Mrs.
Saicheck? I'm calling about Wylie.
He isn't in school Not there? What do you mean he's not there? My my husband and I saw him get on the bus! Well, the driver! Did you did you talk to her? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! My son! Has anyone seen my son? Did anyone call? Oh, my God.
Officer, you have to help me! Uh, my son is missing from school.
He's been gone for 2 hours.
I don't know his name is Wylie and he's only He got on the bus.
They say he got off.
- Donna Saicheck? - Are you reporters? If anyone out there has seen this little boy No, no, no, no, we're not reporters.
I'm Nick Dart, and you've been chosen as a player on our new reality game show How Much Do You Love Your K/d? How how much do you what? Excuse me.
For the next hour hang on tight and get ready to expect the unexpected because our crews are ready, our vans are gassed up and our cameras are rolling on How Much Do You Love Your K/d? Game show? My child is missing! Let's make it happen.
Donna, Donna, Donna now listen to me.
This is important because we can't get started until you know the rules.
You have exactly 60 minutes to find your son.
You know where my son is?! Hang on.
Hang on.
We'll provide you with clues.
If you win you get $500,000 but if you lose, well let's not think about that right now.
What? Instead, I want you to take a look at this monitor and then I want you to ask yourself how much do you love your kid? And when we come back we'll find out.
Roll it.
Put me down! Wylie! I want my mommy! Leave me alone! I want my mommy! Oh, my God! Wylie! You're traveling to another dimension.
A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.
A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are only that of the imagination.
You're entering Did you see that? Did you see that? They have my boy.
Aren't you a real police officer? Yes, ma'am, I am.
Well, then arrest them! Make them talk! I'm sorry.
I can't do that, ma'am.
The show is licensed and their permits are all in order.
You can't do anything? Nope, uh, but I can give you your first clue.
Clue? This is insane! I want my boy back! And to do that you're gonna need help, Donna.
This is a valuable clue to where Wylie was last seen.
All right! All right! Tell me! Tell me! Then you wanna play? - Yes! - Gentlemen! Then your 60 minutes begins right now.
And the clue is "A horse of a different color.
" A horse of a diff l l what is going on? Donna.
We're gonna find your son.
We're gonna make this happen.
We're not gonna leave you hanging.
We can help you.
You're a smart girl, you think well on your feet you got here, right? Right? This cannot be happening.
But it is, and for Wylie's sake you're gonna have to dig deep and find the strength to move forward.
Now focus on that clue.
A horse of a different color.
That's the location where Wylie was last.
A horse of a diff - l I can't! - Look at your watch.
Look at your watch.
You can do this.
I know you can.
Uh, um a horse.
Red horse? Rocking horse? I don't know! Yes, you do.
Now think.
What's another word for horse? Um, um, horse.
Nag? Steed? Um, um, mount? Mount? Uh green mount! Green Mount Park! Let's go! Yeah, we're unscripted, yeah, we're gonna make mistakes and sometimes we're gonna get flat-out boned but when you're in search of raw human drama that's a chance we're willing to take.
Come with us! Right here, ma'am.
This way.
Come on, we got a live one! Get in! Get in! Ted, Wylie's been kidnapped.
- Want me to get some of this? - Absolutely.
- Wait, wait, what happened? - I don't know.
They got him when he got off the bus! - They took him! - Who? Donna, who? The game show people! The what?! Did you call the police? Of course I did! The police aren't doing anything and I'm stuck in this How Much Do You Love Your K/d van horse of a different color nightmare! Donna, calm down.
You you're breaking up.
They took Wylie! I'll get right back on the plane.
I don't have time, Ted! I have 60 minutes! - 60 minute for what? - 52 minutes! I'm coming right now! Hello, Donna? Ted, Ted, can you hear Damn it! Stop! Wylie! Wylie! Have you seen a little boy with a red jacket? Have you seen a little boy and a man? Have you seen a little boy? That's the right idea, Donna.
Someone out here has a clue for you.
- Who?! Tell me who! - Time, remember the time.
Be a steam shovel, Donna.
Dig up that clue.
You! You know something! You got me.
Um, the kidnapper fed him and then the boy wanted to go somewhere.
Where?! Tell me where! The clue, give her the clue.
Uh, "The White Lady of Rohan "Uh, Treebeard, Gollum, and Sam are characters from what" - Lord of the r/ngs/ - Correct! Wow, good work, Donna.
How'd you get that so fast? Wylie made me take him to see it 3 times.
Oh, Wylie.
No, no, no, Donna, stay focused.
You're down to 41 minutes.
You gotta think, Donna.
Lord of the R/ngs, uh uh, lord, master rings, jewelry I don't know! All right, all right.
What rings? Phones.
That's right, that's right.
Now the first part.
Lord what else? A beginner, maybe.
Beginner of the phones? - Yeah.
- Uh Alexander Graham Bell? Bell Stables! That red building! That's right.
What we're seeing, and it's astonishing is how the mind refuses to shut down when your kid's in jeopardy.
This is hardcore.
Let's move on.
Hey, hey, you weren't rolling when I helped her with the clue? Uh, we can fix it in post.
A little boy, guy in a ski mask, have you seen them? Saw them go by about 5 minutes ago.
Why didn't you call anybody?! Wylie, honey, it's mommy.
Wylie? Donna, I just wanna tell you how much I admire you.
Tell me what happens if I lose.
What happens if I don't find him in time? Tell me.
Jeez, Donna, I wish I knew.
You don't know? You don't know?! Look, I'm just the host, OK? I mean, I'd tell ya if I knew.
L I'm not the enemy.
I'm wearing the same- colored jersey as you we're on the same team.
You must understand that this is hard for me, too.
Wylie! Wylie? Donna, I hate to ask this but I think it's important that people know what you're feeling.
It seems to me that right now, at this point that that you're in tunnel vision mode that you can you can almost see Wylie up ahead is that close to what you're going through? Wylie! Hey, hey! Hey, you! Hey.
Have you seen a little boy shaggy hair, uh, someone in a ski mask? Yeah, they came in here.
The kid had to go to the bathroom real bad.
Where? Where did they go? Oh, please, please, not another clue.
"Name something other than water "that tastes the same as it did - I don't know! - Yes, you do.
Now nail this clue, Donna.
Milk? That's not what it says here.
Well, how do you know? 'Cause that's not the answer on the card.
Were you there 3,000 years ago to taste it? - I say it could be milk! - Hey, hey, hey, hey! We'll give it to you, we'll give it to you.
We'll give it to you.
Well done, Donna.
Mommy! Put me down! Oh.
Put me down, leave me alone! Put me down! Stop! Stop, you psycho! Somebody stop them! Get in.
Move over! Get over! I'm driving.
I get the feeling if we lived in a land where kids never existed Donna Saicheck would still find her son.
I got you now, you son of a Oh, my God! Wylie! Wylie! Ohh.
Wylie! Unbelievable.
This is an astonishing development.
I'm speechless.
How could you let this happen? Hey, your kid's gonna be OK.
Are you people crazy? He could've been killed! How could you let this happen? Lady, it's just a TV show.
Turn it off! You sure? You heard me.
Give the poor woman some privacy.
She wants some time with her son.
Can't you see that she's crying? I feel like crying.
This business.
Sometimes you can't just remain above it, damn it.
Donna Donna, I'm sorry.
It wasn't supposed to happen this way and l I'm you know, I'm ready to get down on my knees and thank God that that Wylie's gonna be OK.
I know you're feeling a little bitter a little victimized uh, a little beaten up right now.
Oh, Donna, God I hate to see you do this to yourself to try to live with what this bastard did to you and Wylie.
If I were in your shoes let me just say that this thing would not be over yet, not for me.
But you know, you can walk away with the $500,000, free and clear.
You earned it.
Or oh, come on, Donna, let's go after this guy.
Let's bring this bastard down.
Go after Wylie's kidnapper.
The same rules apply.
We'll give you clues.
If you nab this scumbag in 15 minutes How Much Do You Love Your K/d will give you a million dollars.
It's not about the money anymore.
I think you and I both know that.
You and I both know what this is about.
It's about how much you love your kid.
Isn't it? You're gonna need this.
Don't let him get away this time.
Go get him, mom.
What, baby? Go get him, mom.
He's stabilized now.
He's gonna be all right, ma'am.
Let's go.
Tell me where the bastard is and no damn trivia questions! Just spotted on 8th and Mohawk.
Here, here.
Take take my car.
She just stole my damn car.
Hurry up! Get in! Game over, punk.
Go, go, go, go, go! Come on, come on, get moving! Stay close to her! Don't lose her! Ted? I did it for us.
You gotta believe me I did it for us.
You? They offered me $3 million, Donna.
All I had to do was get away with Wylie.
You bastard! - We needed the money.
- You terrorized our son! No, no, no! Bit right through my hand.
I think he was actually digging all the excitement.
Digging it? Digging it?! Don't be mad, honey.
You almost got him killed! - We lost control - You! You lost control and then you just left him there! He's OK? He has a fractured rib, his face is all cut up! - But he's OK - You call that OK?! I call $1 million OK.
Right? Right? Honey, think about it.
Damn, if you wouldn't have caught me we'd have $3 million.
Son of a bitch! No! Donna you did it.
You got him.
You've just won a million dollars.
And the best defense money can buy.
There's reality and there's entertainment.
There's a life you lead and the fantasies you're led to by a small but powerful group of people known as television executives who recently discovered the entertainment value of real life.
And in the future if you think there's a risk they won't take a line they won't cross then we have an offer to make and some time for you to spend in the Twilight Zone.