The Twilight Zone (2002) s01e44 Episode Script


A deadly flre erupted earller today In a low-Income houslng development on the 1200 block of Sherbourne Boulevard.
Thls was the scene earller as flreflghters desperately trled to save 2 chlldren trapped Inslde.
Desplte thelr best efforts, Dlmltrl Pamchenko and hls 8-year-old slster Sonla were kllled In the blaze.
Thelr parents were at work at the tlme and had left the chlldren alone.
No word yet on what caused the flre, but offlclals say they have not ruled out arson.
In other news Crane.
See the news? Yeah, of course I saw it.
It's on every channel.
You promised me the building would be empty.
Now I'm looking at You're not looking at anything.
It's all taken care of.
Maybe you have the coin to cover arson, but not murder.
Trust me, I do.
Or you will when you sell the land that tenement was on and make a bundle? You think I'm gonna sell that land now? Please, I just wanna forget this whole thing ever even happened.
And you know, if the city had let me tear it down in the first place But they didn't, so you came to me.
And that's a mistake I'm not gonna repeat.
You see, I'm not like you, Rick.
I'm an honest businessman.
You've been cutting corners for years.
Now it's gonna blow up in your face.
No, no, no, it won't.
Not if we all just relax, ok? And think smart? Now, I'm chalking this whole nightmare up into a business deal that has gone wrong.
I suggest you do the same.
I could do serious time.
I want my family taken care of.
I want another 50.
Your family they're not my responsibility.
And the dead kids aren't my fault.
This is business.
B- u-s I know how to spell business.
And you also agreed to do this for 60.
And those dead kids are your fault, your screw-up.
Watch it, Crane.
I know where you live.
Is that a threat? And I know you'll be home when I get there.
What does that mean? I do my research.
You're scared to leave your own house.
You haven't set foot out of it for 3 years.
Just the idea makes you all panicky.
It's like a sickness.
You don't know what the hell you're talking about.
It's got a fancy name, too.
What's it called? Agrophobica? It's called agoraphobia, and I don't have that.
Ok? I can leave this house any time I want.
I said I want another 50.
And I said forget it.
Sleep tight, rich boy.
Meet Scott Crane, a real estate mogul who thrives on the art of the deal.
In Scott's world, everyone has a price, and any problem can be solved through skillful bargaining.
But he's about to learn that some debts aren't so easily settled in the Twilight Zone.
Arson Investlgators are stlll trylng to determlne what caused the flre that took the llves of 2 chlldren yesterday.
Eye wltnesses told pollce that a man was seen lurklng nearby just before the blaze erupted.
Holding a gas can and a pack of matches, no doubt.
Rick, you idiot! Clalmlng that It vlolated certaln statutes, protectlng low-Income houslng.
Local offlclals were qulck to respond to the traglc news of the chlldren's death.
The mayor released a statement today saylng that he would organlze a task force to Investlgate ways to Improve emergency servlces In low-Income nelghborhoods.
Meanwhlle, parlshloners of the local church have scheduled a prayer vlgll tonlght to be held at the slte where the chlldren dled.
The bulldlng's owner, Scott Crane, of Crane Enterprlses, could not be reached for comment.
Funeral servlces wlll be held Saturday for Dlmltrl and Sonla Pamchenko.
A terrlble tragedy, Suzanne.
Yes, It Is, Klm.
And stlll so many unanswered questlons.
Come on.
What's that racket? Smokln'I Is hazardous to your health.
The chlldren had apparently hldden In a closet when the blaze began, and flremen were unable to reach them In tlme.
Offlclals say they are stllllooklng Into what caused the flre, but one thlng's for sure: Dlmltrl and Sonla Pamchenko are dead, and everyone wants to know who's to blame.
Ok, Rick, I get the point! Come on out now and stop playing games! I'm serious.
You're traveling to another dimension.
A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind.
A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are only that of the imagination.
You're entering Ow! Rick, clearly you feel strongly about this extra 50,000, and I'm willing to be flexible, but you gotta show your face now because I'm sick of this crap! Rick! You're very clever.
I don't know how you got in the house, but don't push me, my friend.
I'm trying to be reasonable.
Rick, is someone with you? Do you think this is funny? Mr.
Crane? Kate Graham, arson investigation.
I'm here with my partner Tom Phillips, and I have some news that I thought you would want right away.
Yeah? What is it? We've pinpointed the cause of the fire on Sherbourne.
Apparently a heater malfunctioned.
A heater? Yes, sir.
A floor heater.
I see.
So we're ending the investigation, and we're ruling the fire an accident.
Well, thank you for letting me know.
You're welcome, Mr.
Rick? This is it! This is your last chance to show yourself or I'm callin' the cops! All right! Ok.
Have it your way, buddy boy.
I gotta get outta here.
Ok, I can do this.
You're wrong, Rick.
I don't have agoraphobia.
I can leave this house anytime I want, and when I come back, I'm bringin' the cops with me.
I can leave this house anytime I want.
You can't make me leave, Rick.
Now come out here and let's discuss this like men! Son of a bitch, get outta my house! Rick? The circuit breaker.
In the garage.
Great, Rick, now I gotta explain how I got your corpse in my basement.
You screwed up.
Again! The kids from the fire.
Oh, God.
Where are you? What do you want? You know, I can leave anytime, But I I think that I get it.
I get it now.
It all makes sense.
What you did to Rick was pretty, You know, but I understand why you're so angry at him because he is the one that hurt you, whereas I am just a businessman, and I can actually be some kind of help to you, you know? Maybe we can work something out.
I'm sure there's something that you want.
Maybe for your parents? You know, they do need a place to stay.
How about a condo on the On the west side? Someplace big Now think.
Just think.
They want something, that's all.
Everybody wants something.
Go away! Scott, it's me! Open up! Hey.
It's freezing out there, and it's boiling in here.
You look like hell.
Listen, Kate No, you listen.
We had a deal.
I plant the busted floor heater, and I falsify my report, and you give me $30,000.
Now, I kept my end of the deal, and I want my cut.
Ok, but Rick Rick was supposed to meet me An hour ago with the cash, and he never showed.
He's downstairs.
He's dead.
What? Yeah.
They killed him.
They who? The kids.
The dead kids.
It's listen, they killed Rick, and now they wanna kill me, but I think I'm trying to work out a deal here.
You're drunk.
Yeah, and a little pilled-up, but I think I got this under control, all right? Now, listen, I There's another $20,000 in this if you stick around and you help me.
Ok? These ghosts are a little pissed off, all right? I'm gonna be honest with you, but I think that you could be invaluable to this negotiation as sort of like a like a mother figure to them.
You've got that much cash in the house? Yeah.
What do you think? I'm gonna pass.
Why? Just give me the $30,000, and I will leave you alone to wallow in your guilt.
Hey, wait, this isn't about guilt.
Who ya kiddin', Scott? You're a slumlord.
Not one of your buildings is up to code.
If you hadn't have torched that place, it would've gone up eventually.
This is your fault.
I am a good guy, all right? Now, I've got my problems.
I'm afraid to leave the house.
I'm agoraphobic.
You're slime, and I'm slime, too, for takin' your money, but at least I can admit it.
Wait a minute.
You gotta help me.
I don't gotta do anything.
I'll come back for my money when you're sober.
And what about Rick? That's your headache.
I'm really, really sorry about what happened.
I'm really, really sorry that you got killed.
I'm really, really sorry Dimitri, right? I just want you to think about this for a second, ok? That's all that I ask.
Listen, you two kids, you can have this house, and that is, you know, that's that's not a fair trade, you know, I get that, but that is a lot better than nothing, and if you kill me, you will get nothing.
Hmm? And worse than that, you'll be no better than me.
All right? All right? Now, just grab a little bit of enlightenment here.
I mean, you don't wanna be the kind of people that that that hurt people.
You know? I mean, who Who would let children I'm sorry.
I'm really, really sorry.
Ok? I just I don't I don't wanna die in here, So ow! Look, just let me outta here, ok? No.
I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
I'm really, really sorry.
Sorry sorry sorry.
Entrepreneur Scott Crane was kllled last nlght when a deadly flre erupted at hls home.
Crane, the owner of the tenements on Sherbourne Boulevard that burned Thursday, taklng the llves of Dlmltrl and Sonla Pamchenko, had recently been cleared of any wrong-dolng In that Incldent.
Investlgators also found no Indlcatlon of arson at Crane's home, saylng the blaze was most llkely caused by faulty wlrlng.
Now a breaklng story.
Let's go llve to skycam 9 as they are followlng a hlgh Scott Crane thought he could bargain his way out of any problem, but as he and his associates learned, the price of justice can never be negotiated, especially in the Twilight Zone.