The Unsettling (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Eyes That See the Light

Previously on "The Unsettling" Sarah lived here for about a year.
She ran away.
You're gonna act like nothing happened last night? Acting like I'm into Maya makes my life easier.
Isaac and Fia are the heads of the congregation.
Gran's father built this house in the '40s.
The other property on the ranch burnt down.
- In the basement.
- What's in the basement? Weird shit has been happening.
I'm hearing things.
Seeing things.
I think something is haunting me.
Help! I'm down here! Somebody, help! Help! Somebody, help! - Becca! Becca, where are you? - Connor, is that you? I'm down here.
Give me your hand.
Thank god.
I've been stuck for hours.
I've been searching for you.
How did you end up there? I snuck into the basement last night, but there was nothing in there.
Still not clear how you ended up in a hole in the backyard.
That wasn't the basement Gran was talking about.
This was.
- Did you know this was here? - The hole? The basement must've been part of the house that burnt down.
- We should head back - Wait.
There was something in there.
Like what? There were bones hung up in the corner in this strange pattern.
And there were these strands of blonde hair, but - Sarah had blonde hair, right? - Yeah.
What if the hair and the bones were hers? What if that thing killed Sarah and left her body in there? What if that message that said "Stay away" was a warning? You had a long night.
Let's just go inside.
Tell Fia that you woke up early to feed the animals.
Get some rest.
If it'll make you feel better, I'll take you into town.
- What's in town? - We can hit the library.
See if there's anything on the history of the ranch or the original house.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Got it? - How is Becca getting along? - She seems like she's struggling.
You must make her feel at home, part of the family.
I'm trying.
You have grown so much since you've arrived here.
With that sadness that hung over you like a blanket? Now you're a bright light, filled with so much hope.
Your words mean a lot to me, Elder.
Your purpose on this Earth is just beginning.
You're gonna make the world a better place, Maya.
- I got your text.
What's up? - I got a surprise for you.
What kind of surprise? - Where did you get these? - From my new sister.
Sweet, huh? They're just for panic attacks, but they'll definitely chill you out.
They'll also help you forget all about your dad, and New Purity, and all the pressure he puts on you to be his perfect little disciple.
What? This is hard for me.
My dad has all these expectations.
I just don't It's your life.
Okay? Not the holy flames.
You're right.
It's not exactly a thriving metropolis, but, the french fries at Trackside make this place a must-stop.
I really did hit the foster home jackpot.
Wait until you try their famous gravy spuds.
Palmdale Historical Society.
By the way, this is where all the cool kids hang out.
Hey, you two.
You need to leave the backpack with me.
- What about those two? - I know them.
You know me.
I'm here once a week.
You are more than welcome to head over to the library in Grimsley.
That's 35 miles from here.
- Some kind of race thing? - Yeah, that.
And everyone here knows who we are, the Warner foster kids, troublemakers, degenerates, criminals.
I've dealt with crap like that in every family.
The only ones who cut us any slack are members of New Purity.
- There's more of them? - Oh, yeah.
They're all over.
Their religion's been a part of Palmdale for 100 years.
Hello, can we please have the archives of the local newspaper? - What year? - We can start with the 1940s.
Thank you.
Anything that's happened in this town will be recorded here.
- They also have microfiche.
- Micro what? It's like old-timey Internet.
My fingers are covered in ink.
How did people read these every day? Thank you.
Thank you.
- I think I found something.
- What is it? This is from September of 1943, it's about the fire that burned down Gran's old house.
- Went up in flames in the night.
- We already knew all that.
Her mom and dad got out of the house with their youngest child, but four other children were trapped inside.
Nobody told me that part.
That's grim.
When the townsfolk came to put it out, the eldest sister was standing in the upstairs window, flames licking behind her.
If this is the best Palmdale has to offer, it's not worth stopping for.
I might've talked them up a little too much.
- Is this all you lie about? - Oh, no.
I'm full of secrets.
But I don't give them out so easily.
Unless you ask, of course.
If this spirit I've been seeing is Gran's eldest sister, why would she kill Sarah? What does she want with me? What do you and Sarah have in common? We're both foster kids.
We stayed in the same room.
- I never met her.
You tell me.
- You're both pretty.
Not that I'm saying I look at you like that or that I did with Sarah.
You're both pretty in the same kind of way.
You both kind of look alike.
You could practically be sisters.
Damn it.
Maya? Maya! You gotta listen to me.
What kind of selfish bitch are you? How many drafts of your college essay did I read, how many times did I tell you I liked Silas? You teased me about it, when this entire time you two - Nothing happened.
- Did you laugh at me behind my back? No, never.
It wasn't like that.
I thought you were my friend.
How stupid of me.
Silas! Hey, get back here! Sorry, Sir.
What's wrong with you? Spit it out.
I just don't feel very well.
Where's your hand of light? It is forged from the metal used at the first New Purity church.
It will keep you safe from this corrupted land! - You've sinned.
- No.
You can't lie to me, boy.
What was it? Insobriety? - Lust? - No.
A collective impurity has brought forth the Lord of the Pyre.
Dark days are upon us.
The end has begun.
The drought is the first plague of the evil that's coming.
The wildfires are next.
We will be punished.
She's not my sister.
I want her to go away.
What are you doing? You need to go outside.
You spend too much time alone in here with those damn dolls.
You heard me.
Go outside.
Climb a tree or something.
- Hey, where were you, guys? - We were in town.
For what? - How well did you know Sarah? - We were close.
Did she ever tell you why she was leaving? No.
I was kind of surprised when she disappeared so suddenly.
We think it's possible she didn't run away.
- We think she might be dead.
- Dead? What gave you that idea? It's a long story.
I found a basement to an old house that used to be on the property.
There were bones and hair inside.
I think they could've been Sarah's remains.
Look, Sarah made me promise not to tell anyone, but she's been texting me.
She wrote me and said that she's sorry she couldn't say goodbye, but that she had to go, and she's safe.
Here, I'll show you.
"I miss you, too.
" So if Sarah's still alive, whose bones are in the old basement? Let's be happy there isn't some vengeful spirit here murdering kids.
Someone was killed.
Or an animal found some bones and dragged them into the hole.
I need to take you down there so you can see for yourself.
This table is not gonna set itself! What was in those pills you gave Nadine? - Why do you care? - Because we took them together.
I started seeing things.
What did you see? I've been seeing things too, and it's not the pills.
I started vomiting leeches.
Not just one or two.
It had to be the pills and not this crazy New Purity shit.
- It's not the pills.
- Fia told me to find you.
- There's more.
My father said - Becca, where is the salad? I have to go.
Meet me in the barn after dinner.
Someone must have a special moment from the day they'd like to share.
Not from me.
- Nadine? - No, definitely nothing special.
I have a special moment.
Today, I was looking out the window and I saw this huge hawk.
- Just stay put.
Watch the glass.
- I knew that wasn't secured properly.
Just go help your father.
Oh, shit! Oh, my You're bleeding.
Not on the carpet.
Get upstairs and clean it up.
Did you see it? Did you see the ghost? I'm sorry, I didn't.
That doesn't mean that it wasn't there.
I believe you, Becca.
I think you're the only one.
What was that for? Not that I'm complaining.
Just for having my back and not bailing on me.
- Shit, I have to go.
- Hey.
Becca? Silas! Silas! Silas?