The Upshaws (2021) s03e06 Episode Script

Heart Wants

And then here
you can really see what we've done.
Yeah, it took weeks of work.
But as you see, we got the place right.
I'm sorry. What's different?
- Right?
- Yeah, I'm confused.
Well, the sinkhole is gone,
which is too bad,
'cause I would pushed all y'all in it.
All right. No need to get snippy now.
We're just
We're just surprised that it looks so
Exactly the same.
What you expecting? A Jack in the Box?
People want Bennie's Garage.
I gotta give them Bennie's Garage.
I don't like it here.
I don't like
little baby footprints on my floor.
Take the shoe off.
Dang. This would've made
a great post for my socials.
"Shop reveal fail."
Cringe is big right now.
Everyone, let's get your hopes
back up and do this again.
Uh, Aaliyah, I agreed that you could go
to that influencer's convention tomorrow,
as long as I didn't have to hear about it.
Influencer convention?
What the hell's that?
Oh, like Essence Fest for people under 20.
Essence Fest was fun.
Her thing sounds stupid.
Can we go?
Cool shop. Are we still doing waffles?
Hey, come on, guys. This is a big deal.
Bennie actually accomplished
something he set out to do.
We may never live
to see that happen again.
- I'm proud of you, Pops.
- I appreciate you.
- Ow!
- Oh!
Damn. Uh, either my arm workouts
are paying off, or you getting frail.
Frail? Boy, you better come Oh, damn.
- Baby, your back still bothering you?
- Ooh.
Not surprised.
The way he was carrying
all those boxes, stacking those tires.
Remind me what you did?
Someone had to smack
the blunts out of his hand.
Would you please come down
to the clinic today and get looked at?
You You know I ain't about doctors.
They too nosy. If my spine
wanna be crooked, then that's my business.
Back pain is no joke.
That's why I wear
a safety support belt at work.
Man, that's a girdle.
Why do I even try?
Let's go get those waffles.
You are coming to the doctor today.
All that we've been through
that's the fanfare we get?
So, you wanna celebrate?
- With just you?
- Yeah.
Didn't they say waffles?
You gonna play me like that?
Bennie Upshaw.
Copy. Two o'clock.
I totally forgot to quit that Lexus job.
Solid as a rock ♪
Solid ♪
I can't believe you got me down here.
I don't need no doctor. I know my body.
If you can pick that up, you can go.
Ah, damn.
It's almost sad.
Now, I will sign you in.
You fill out these forms.
Got me filling out forms.
You work here. We gotta pay?
Uh, yes.
You know how long
it took me to set up this system?
This ain't high school
when I'm working at Hardee's.
No free nuggets up in here.
Hey, Regina, did you get
a chance to call on Mrs. Davis's
Oh, excuse me. Hey.
Uh, Dr. Webber,
this is my husband, Bennie.
- Hey, how you doing?
- Hey. Ah, the spasm?
Wait a minute. What you call me?
Your back. Regina was telling me
you were experiencing some discomfort.
But you know how women are, man.
They get all dramatic. It ain't no thing.
Nonetheless though, with back pain
it's always better to be sure.
Especially with your history
of high blood pressure.
- That's your boss?
- Mm-hmm.
That's crazy 'cause he look just like me.
We might wanna check you
for an inner ear infection too.
He ain't checking me. I'm all right.
Okay, Mr. All Right.
Give me this, and then, uh Here.
Go on and take that into Room 1.
- Aw, you ain't saying nothing but a thing.
- Come on.
- Shit.
- Mm-hmm.
I I can get it in there.
Good bread.
I like a pretzel roll.
I guess pretzel is a type of bread.
I always thought it was about the shape.
Are you trying to roofie me
with conversation?
Come with me tomorrow.
I don't drop people at the airport.
It's part of my settlement agreement.
Thirty years as a lawyer,
and I've never heard that.
Just take an Uber, Frank.
I meant come to Atlanta.
I know.
But you won't.
I told you, my life is here.
How many times do I have to say that?
I'm not trying to start a fight.
Just once I'd love to hear
a man say, "How can I change for you?"
No one's asking you to change.
It's a visit.
Look, I get you have a life here.
But I have a life too.
It doesn't make me
an asshole to want you to see it.
How long?
As long as you feel like staying.
No one has taken our order,
and our waiter just sat down at the piano.
- You wanna just go?
- Yeah.
Hey, before we get swamped,
I have to say how incredible you are
Have have been.
Here. At the clinic
where we we just work.
I really appreciate that, Dr. Webber.
It's Malcolm.
I can't. Not with someone I work with.
Yeah, you can!
Then I quit.
Yeah, you do!
What y'all doing?
I I just wanted to
I just wanted to try it.
Well, you can't.
You gotta take the girls to soccer.
Don't be kissing on my mama.
I'll take them to soccer.
What? Who are you?
You don't recognize me?
I'm Dante from high school.
The one your sister said
you should have married.
Ooh, shit is about to hit the fan.
What the hell?
Not right not right now, baby. My back.
You can do stuff to me, though.
Uh, put that away.
No influencing at the table.
Any more eggs?
You gotta teach me your secret.
it's nothing but love for my family.
And the commitments I made.
- Oof. Last load. Thanks again, Ma.
- Mm-hmm.
Our machines
have been broken for a minute.
Isn't it your job to fix them?
You sound like the tenants.
That was a deep sleep.
Why you let me go so long?
Because my man needs to be well-rested
before his big reopening.
Here. How's your back doing, huh?
Ready to be working?
Yeah, them pills
your doctor gave me is pretty good.
I like the doctor. Doctor's cool.
He all right.
Oh, no. Savannah's sick.
What she need? She okay?
I mean, should I go over there?
You know.
With you.
Dang. Drink some orange juice
if you gonna be that thirsty.
She's fine,
but she was my ride to the convention.
Oh, I'm sorry. Uh-uh.
Don't you look at me like that.
Maybe you can go to another one.
Or something else.
- But
- Anything else.
Can't you blow off work and take me?
Uh, no one can take you.
We all headed to Sydney's recital, right?
It took me six years
before I start going to Maya's stuff.
She's been practicing
the recorder all week.
Aw, hell no!
What the
Recorder? That's first grade stuff.
Y'all wrong.
We're gonna have
a family talk about this later.
I ain't going to that either.
I gotta go to work.
Let me walk my man out
and give you an appreciation kiss.
Yeah, why you rolling so strong?
You must've been in my stash.
Your stash is fine.
I can't just love you?
This sucks.
I really wanted to go to that.
Why you tripping?
You too good to take the bus?
Yeah. Bus people take the bus.
Fine, bougie brat. Then you stay home.
Shoot, if you can figure it out,
I can too.
How do I call one? There an app?
Dang. You "shelter" sheltered.
There's a line that runs to the convention
about a couple blocks from here.
That's what's up. Thanks.
How much is it? 20 bucks?
Sure. Cash App me the money.
I'll get you the ticket.
Frank is really pressing me
to come to Atlanta.
I think it's nice
that he wants you to visit.
I know you got more than that.
Come on. You're the only person
whose opinion I really value.
I think that there's
something deeper holding you back.
That's the same shit Bernard said.
And Althea.
What? I said the only opinion I value.
Not the only one I got.
Well, there you go. Enjoy Atlanta.
We both know damn well that a trip
to Atlanta is not just a trip to Atlanta.
It's the first step to a life in Atlanta.
You mean a life with Frank?
If you wanna read into things.
What does he say?
You want me to talk to the guy?
That's dumb.
Why am I asking you?
You've been with
the same idiot for 30 years.
Actually, I had
a dream about that last night.
You still dream about Bennie?
Oh, that's just sad.
It was a dream
About Dr. Webber and Dante!
All right. Keep talking.
- The girls were there.
- Stop talking.
No, sickie. Bennie was there too.
Now, we're back to sad.
That's a damn shame.
You can't even have
an innocent little sex dream
without your family getting in the way.
Well, until they showed up
it was Dr. Webber and Mr. Lewis.
You got bums in there, too?
Oh, Regina.
You know what
But that's just you all over.
I've never met anyone
who loves their life as much as you do.
Well, I mean,
we all have things we wish were different.
Not you. You commit.
All these years committed
to your kids, your job.
That Jean Nate After Bath Splash.
Why does that compliment hurt?
No, no. You know, honestly,
some days I wish I was more like you.
Can I get a recording of that?
Hell no.
Now, about this doctor dream.
Tell me what them lips do.
Big reopening.
Gave you some time to cool off
after the whole jail mishap.
I wanted to congratulate you
and see what's doing.
Go kill yourself, Davis.
Need more time. Got it.
- Let me help you out with that.
- Oh, okay.
Damn, Tony! I said together.
Oh, my you didn't tell me that!
Please don't fire me.
I was one week of unemployment
from my girl changing the locks on me.
Them pills wore off, man.
I guess my tolerance is
too high from smoking weed.
That sounds like science to me.
Guess I'll take a few.
Whoa, wait, aren't you worried
about side effects? Getting drowsy?
That's what Red Bull's for.
You see,
that's why I miss being here.
You learn stuff.
Let's get this done
and the car test-drove.
- Okay.
- And hand me a wrench.
You gonna take it?
I thought I did.
I I promise.
It's a subconjunctival hemorrhage.
Totally harmless.
But the Internet said Ebola.
That's nice. I tell you what,
come back tomorrow
or when you're bleeding from the eyes.
Great. I'll bring us some brownies.
I hate WebMD.
What's the diagnosis for billing?
"Old woman who need someone to talk to"?
Put it in the recycling bin.
Bump that. That woman has Medicare, okay?
Your time is money.
She had a wellness check.
Mmm. We are so glad we have you.
One patient tried to pay me
with a pot of beans.
I mean, they were good.
But they weren't
pay-my-student-loans good.
Well, I'm glad to be here, Dr. Webber.
Oh, I have a surprise for you.
Oh, shit.
When I was at the bakery this morning,
I grabbed you a cherry Danish.
Just don't tell my wife when she comes.
She doesn't like me eating that stuff.
Your wife?
You're married.
You don't wear a ring.
Ah, I'm a doctor.
There's too many places
and people to lose it in.
Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?
Damn car won't take a jump.
You gotta connect it to something.
Maybe if I rub them together real fast.
Okay. I was gonna let this go,
'cause I thought you were gonna do
something funny,
but we're going to move over to safety.
All right.
There we go.
All right? All right.
I'm gonna grab you a Red Bull
and maybe YouTube CPR.
No reason.
Sit there. Relax. And I'll be right back.
Bennie. Hey. Relax. Relax.
I come in peace.
Man, I'm very relaxed.
You tried to hit me.
I'm not proud of it.
But I like to believe it's 'cause
we both want what's best for Kelvin.
Anyways, I hope we can
squash things 'cause, well
Say what you gonna say
before the dude next to you says it.
I'm asking Tasha to marry me.
And based off the invitations she ordered,
it's going down in July.
You can't marry Tasha.
She's with Noah.
You woke me up for this?
All right. I got the Bull
Okay, Noah is here.
That's a fun escalation.
Something's up, man. Is he high?
As hell.
His back got all messed up.
I'm just gonna get up, move him around.
That's what YouTube said.
Noah? You Black now?
Does Tasha know about this?
Is that the Pop-Tart I hid?
Not well.
But I wanted that.
Can't have it all. Learn it young.
The convention was amazing.
Influencing is my life now.
Look at all this cool free stuff I got.
Salt scrub.
Body butter.
Alkaline water.
Did you know
we've been drinking the wrong water?
Oh, and a waist trainer.
I don't know what it's doing,
but it's doing something.
I'm glad that Savannah
was feeling good enough to go.
Oh, no. She's tore up. I took a bus.
I'm sorry. You
You took a bus?
Uh, yeah. Kelvin walked me through it.
How dare you sneak off like that?
Sneak off? You said I could go.
I said Savannah's mother could take you.
You're grounded.
What what's the big deal?
Kelvin takes the bus all the time.
You're not Kelvin.
Give me all of this.
I don't like all of this
influencer stuff anyway. It's fake.
Ooh, that's a nice candle.
What about college, huh?
You haven't talked about that lately.
Get back on that.
Mom, come on. I'm still going to college.
In the meantime, why can't I have fun?
Explore my options?
'Cause having fun
can take away your options.
Is this a drug talk?
I just took a bus to a thing.
This is insane. You're acting like
I smoked crack or got pregnant.
Oh, like I did?
Oh, Lord. Bernard's a crack baby?
Do you think
that I planned on getting pregnant, huh?
Do you think I I wanted to have
my whole life decided at 16?
Actions have consequences.
The next thing you know
You're trapped.
Doing the same thing for 30 years.
Nothing new.
Nothing exciting to look forward to.
I don't know what's happening right now,
so I'm just gonna send myself to my room.
How much do you know?
I know I flushed the rest of these.
Yeah. What happened?
Too many white women start smoking weed?
Decided you needed something harder?
Chill, they they prescription.
Man, my back feel a little better,
but my leg is still asleep.
Your brain has been asleep since we met.
Of all the stupid shit.
Messing around with pills?
Do you not remember how much
this stuff jacked me up after my accident?
It's not the same.
I kept all my clothes on.
You know,
I only joke about wanting you dead.
Do you know how annoying
it would be if you actually died?
I'd have to change the sign outside.
I got a shop to run, Lucretia.
Man, Tony can't finish nothing.
He didn't even run it around the block.
You're right, you do have a shop to run.
You can't be doing stupid shit like this,
especially when I'm in Atlanta.
A tank open up at the aquarium?
To be with Frank.
It's for a visit. I think.
I ain't grabbing your good leg.
Go live your life.
I can't if I'm there
thinking you're gonna mess shit up.
I need to know
you going to take care of business.
I'm Bennie Upshaw. I do what I do.
And that's what worries me.
I got this, Lucretia. Okay?
Go be happy.
And don't worry about nothing.
I got this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Ow! My back!
Look, man. I made your mama's 7Up cake.
Ooh, bad time. I'll just leave it here.
Maya's dusty-ass, stale-ass Pop-Tart.
All that sugar got my stomach tore up.
Ooh, I earned my money today.
Tony messed up the SUV.
But I got it handled.
Well, you not gonna believe this one.
Aaliyah took a bus.
I'm gonna kill her.
Or are we proud?
No, we are not proud.
That girl got me sweating
and you making my jaw tight.
Bennie, she deliberately
went down to that convention by herself.
The thing you said she could go to?
But you told her no bus?
She didn't break no rules?
Well, not technically.
I'm going to the couch.
We gotta talk about this.
No, we don't.
She rode a bus.
I stole the bus at that age.
Yeah. I just dared you.
Didn't think you'd actually do it.
Damn, we were fun.
Maybe too fun.
Do you ever regret
me being pregnant?
Damn. Now you
don't want the girl to be born.
I meant Bernard.
Oh, so we just
hating on all our kids tonight?
If that hadn't happened,
our lives would be very different.
I love our lives.
Well, no, I do I do too.
But have you ever thought
about doing something different?
Dreamt about. I
I mean, even some shit
you ain't really wanna do
or have any intention on doing.
Just to not be the same.
It's all I've been trying to do.
Isn't that what you want?
Yes, baby. Yes.
And I appreciate it. But I'm
That's not the kind of different
that I'm talking about.
Then what you talking about?
You wanna do some freaky stuff?
I'm gonna just
take something for this heartburn.
Get me a beer.
If you wanna do something different,
put it in a glass.
I don't know what the hell
that woman's talking about.
- Damn, she breaking shit now.
- I'm sorry, babe!
Oh, she mad now.
Something Something's wrong.
Call 911.
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