The Vampire Diaries s01e22 Episode Script

Founder's Day

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: For over a century, I have lived in secret.
Until now.
I know the risk, but I have to know her.
Elena, a dead ringer for Katherine.
- I want the invention.
- I don't have it.
But Damon does.
And you're gonna get it for me.
I'm not gonna give the device to Isobel so she can give it to John.
But it'll be useless.
Bonnie can take the spell off.
You took a risk with Damon.
How'd you know he would give it to me? Because he's in love with you.
I couldn't do what she wanted me to do.
It wasn't right.
But when Elena finds out she's never gonna forgive me.
This dress hurts.
Suck it in, baby.
Timberwolves! Timberwolves! Go Big Red! No, no, no.
This lineup is all wrong.
The marching band is in front of the historical society.
Matt, time to get on your float.
Boys, I asked you to put the chairs on the Founder's float.
Ladies, time to get on your float.
Look at you, all retro.
- What are you doing here? - Why wouldn't I be here? Bonnie deactivated the Gilbert invention, Isobel's gone and it's Founder's Day.
I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.
- Don't start with me.
- Oh, you started it, Stefan with that whole "I'm insecure, leave Elena alone" speech.
I'm still enjoying that.
- As long as you heard it.
- Wait, huh? What? You have no sense of humor.
Actually, I just have no sense of Damon humor.
Damon humor? Hey, look, I get it.
I get it.
I'm the better, hotter, superior choice and you're scared now that Katherine's out of the picture, I'm gonna turn to Elena.
But don't worry.
Elena is not Katherine.
You're right.
She's not.
Look at you.
I know, it's stupid, huh? I'm part of the parade.
But how are you? I've been so worried and I feel awful.
Why? You didn't kill my mother.
Your uncle did.
Are you sure it was him? Who else would've done it? He doesn't understand, Anna.
It's who he is.
He hates all vampires.
He's just doing what he thinks is right.
Are you defending him? No.
No way.
It's just I do understand where he's coming from.
He's convinced all the tomb vampires want revenge on this town and he's just He's trying to protect it.
They do want revenge.
Or at least they did.
But that's why we separated from them.
My mom wasn't after revenge.
She just wanted her life back.
I have to get out of this town, Jeremy.
You're leaving? But I've been thinking, you could come.
I could turn you.
You said you wanted me to.
It's my blood.
If you die with it in your system, you'll come back.
- Anna - I know you.
What it's like for you.
Being alone, always feeling empty inside, no one to understand.
But when you're a vampire, you don't have to feel that way.
You can shut it off.
I can show you how.
I wanted to.
I did.
But I don't think I can.
I'm sorry.
John? Is that even possible? Well, there's no proof, but he dated Isobel when she was a teenager.
He brought her to your dad's office for the delivery.
My whole life I've never liked this man.
L I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I just Wanted to tell you before Damon dropped it on you in some inappropriate way.
No, I'm happy that you told me.
I just I really hope that it's not true.
What am I supposed to do? Do I just confront him and say, "Are you my biological father?" Well, I guess when you're ready.
I'm never gonna be ready.
Stefan, I have enough problems with the family that I actually care about.
Jeremy hates me.
And why wouldn't he? My journal gave him every single reason to.
He's just hurt.
He's confused.
He's never gonna forgive me for Vicki.
For taking away his memory, for lying to him.
He's your brother.
He'll forgive you.
Just give him some time.
- Say cheese.
- Ooh, wait.
- Hide your cast.
It's not era-appropriate.
- Seriously? - Yes.
- Okay.
All right.
Come here.
I want one with Bonnie.
- Okay.
- I can take it.
I'll be on the float.
I said I was sorry.
You made out with his mother and then you beat him to a pulp.
You're gonna have to do a little bit better than sorry.
I was wondering where you were.
You look great.
- You guys did a really great job on the float.
- Go away, Elena.
Jeremy, please.
I don't want it to be like this between us.
Why don't you have Damon erase my memory again? Then I could go back to being your in-the-dark brother.
- Jer, please.
- Just don't.
You can't fix this that easily.
Something like this doesn't just get fixed.
Let's give a big hand to the Mystic Falls High School Marching Band.
Yeah! And for a little local history Mr.
Saltzman's students have re-created Virginia's Battle of Willow Creek.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our stunning Miss Mystic Falls court and their handsome escorts.
This is Caroline Forbes, Miss Mystic Falls.
Aren't they beautiful? What do you want? Just watching the parade.
- Where you going? - Away from you.
- I wanna say something.
- Leave me alone.
Thank you.
The device that Emily spelled could've killed me.
I don't take what you did lightly so thank you.
- I did it for Elena.
- I know that, but I'm still very grateful.
And I owe you.
Enjoy the parade.
Oh, there they are.
Let's cheer for the Mystic Falls High School football team.
All right.
Let's show them our support, everybody.
This is the key.
Once inserted, the device will be activated.
It will work only once for an estimated time of five minutes.
Yeah, so how does it work? It's a high-pitched frequency that humans can't hear.
Any vampire within a five-block radius will be incapacitated, exposing them.
At that time, the sheriff's deputies will inject them with vervain and bring them here, where we'll finish them off.
- They're attacking tonight? - I had a source.
One of the vampires from the tomb confirmed the attack.
Everybody listen up.
The plan stays the same.
We wait till the fireworks start.
Until then, we blend in.
Stay part of the celebration.
They'll never see us coming.
They want revenge for what our ancestors did in 1864.
Which makes us their targets.
This area here is the stage.
This is where the founding families are gonna be.
Any questions? Taking an enormous risk.
Talking about our families, John.
What are you doing here? This is the only way.
Draw them out and kill them.
All of them.
I like you better like this.
Period look, it didn't suit you.
Is that an insult? Actually, Elena, it is a compliment of the highest order.
Look, I know Stefan is worried about our friendship.
Did he mention something to you too? - No.
Did he mention something to you? - No.
Nothing worth repeating.
You should stop with the flirty comments and that eye thing that you do.
What eye thing? Hm.
Don't make me regret being your friend.
Okay? I don't believe that we can't fix this.
I lied.
I was wrong.
But you're my brother, Jer.
And I love you and I have to fix it.
So just tell me, what can I do? You can go to hell, Elena.
I have so many emotions, but I don't have any way to express them.
- Being a teenager is so hard.
- Dick.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm not your sister.
And from now on, don't talk to your sister that way either.
You're gonna kill me because I hurt Elena? Cut her some slack.
- She erased my memories.
- No.
I did.
She was protecting you.
That wasn't her call to make.
- Let go before I cause a scene.
- You'd be unconscious before you even got a word out.
- Let him go.
You all right? Yeah.
What my brother is trying to say is don't blame Elena for this.
Damon turned Vicki.
I killed her.
She was a threat to you and she was a threat to your sister.
I'm sorry that it happened.
I wish that it hadn't.
Shouldn't have made me forget.
- Good cop, bad cop.
I like it.
- What are you doing? - He was a punk.
- Elena's relationship with her brother is none of your business.
Stay out of it.
- There's only one do-gooder role available.
Oh, my bad.
I'm sorry.
We both know you're not doing this for the right reasons.
See? There you go with that little jealousy act again.
It just What are the right reasons, Stefan? - Enlighten me, please.
- See, Damon it's only real when it comes from your desire to do the right thing.
For nothing in return.
- Right.
- And I know that is an entirely foreign concept to you.
I completely understand how you wouldn't get it.
You wanna use our town as bait? It's too dangerous.
It's insane.
We've gone over the plans with your deputies.
They're all on board.
- You've gone behind me? - We knew this is how you'd react.
- Our children are here.
- Liz, we need to do this.
We have no choice.
This is the reason for the secret council.
Our founding fathers created the secret council for just this purpose.
I'm the sheriff and it's my call and I say no.
Richard, let me speak to the sheriff alone.
John, you're not thinking clearly.
I'm not gonna change my mind about this.
You're still around? There's something you need to know.
The vampires from the tomb are planning an attack tonight.
- How do you know? - I went to them.
They think I'm with them.
I'm not.
They want the founding families dead.
When is this supposed to happen? When the fireworks start.
John Gilbert wants to use that invention on them.
- We can't be here.
- Doesn't work.
It's been deactivated.
- Then a lot of people are gonna die.
- Where are they right now? They're already here, Damon.
Remember, we don't know which of them ingests vervain.
It's not about the feed.
It's about the kill.
You know what to do.
- Ric.
- Yeah.
Come here.
You keep those nifty vamp weapons in the car? Yeah.
Why do you ask? This square is crawling with tomb vampires.
We might need a stake or two.
- Yeah.
Got it.
- Go.
I know.
Can you imagine? Hey.
- What are you doing? - Saving your life.
Fifteen words or less, tomb vamps are here.
Founding families are the target.
- Get her out of here.
- Wait.
Where are you going? - That's more than 15 words, Stefan.
- Wait.
Jeremy's out here.
Let's go find him.
Come on.
There was this time, freshman year when Bonnie and I were in a fight and we swore that we would never talk again.
Caroline, give it a rest.
What are you doing here? I told you to go home.
- I decided not to.
- Lf I tell you to do something, you do it.
- Get off me.
- Mayor.
Is everything okay? Please, Tyler.
I need you to go home.
- Take your friends with you.
- Wait.
Why? What's going on? I can't explain.
All of you need to get home now.
Yeah, okay.
Take my car.
It's out back.
Caroline, Matt, go with him.
Come on.
Anna, my uncle could see you.
I don't care about that.
I needed to find you.
Come here.
For 150 years Mystic Falls has been the kind of town that everybody wants to call home.
Safe, prosperous, welcoming.
And we have the founders to thank for that.
That's why I'd like to dedicate this evening's fireworks display to their legacy.
Get into position.
Enjoy the show.
Stay close, dear.
- Oh, sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Do you have any idea what you've done? Yes.
As a matter of fact, I do.
Stefan? What's going on? What's happening? - My head.
- What? My head.
Anna? Anna, what's wrong? Anna? - Please make it stop.
- What's happening? What the hell is that? What's the matter? - That noise.
- Wait.
What noise? - Oh! - Whoa.
- Tyler? Tyler! - Dude, hey! - Caroline, the wheel! - Tyler! Hey.
I got this one.
There's another one over there.
Take this.
Get up.
- He just dropped.
- Yeah, he's not the only one.
Cops are grabbing everyone who's down.
Injecting vervain.
- What? - Yeah.
They're rounding up the vampires.
Please help him.
He just went down.
Is that the mayor? - Richard.
- Is he all right? My head.
Hey, I got one.
Hey, what are you doing? - What are you doing? Leave her alone.
- All right.
- What are you doing? Leave her alone! - Hey.
- Hey.
- Leave her alone! Anna! The device is done.
The only thing keeping them down is the vervain.
We don't have much time.
Let's finish this.
You head up.
I'll take it from here.
- You okay? - It was like needles were piercing my skull.
And then it just stopped.
I saw at least five vampires go down.
They're taking them to your family's old building.
It's the Gilbert device.
It has to be.
But how did he get it to work? Bonnie unspelled it.
Or maybe she didn't.
She did.
We saw her do it.
He's right.
Think about it.
We asked Bonnie to deactivate a device that could protect people against vampires.
So we could protect you.
And Damon.
- Where's Damon? - I don't know.
I haven't seen him since this started.
- Can you get my brother? Take him home? - Of course.
Let's go.
- Liz.
You okay? What is going on? - There's a key in my belt.
There's a key in my belt.
I need you to get it.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Something's happened to Richard.
- They took him.
- Who took him? Your deputies.
I don't understand.
He's not a vampire.
Let's go.
- Is that you? - What are you doing here? I'm a vampire.
What is your excuse? No, really.
The vervain didn't affect you.
You're not a vampire.
What the hell are you? Mayor Lockwood.
You okay? Your side took the biggest hit.
- I'm fine.
- No, they need to check you out.
No, I'm fine, I'm fine.
They're helping Tyler.
Pulse is steadying.
All right.
What the hell? What? What's wrong? The eyes.
- What happened? - Dude, don't scare me like that.
She needs some help over here.
- Over here.
- There.
Get that one.
Caroline, hey.
Wake up.
We're gonna get you home.
Wake up, Car.
Wait, wait, wait.
I can hear them.
- The building is on fire.
- What? Building's on fire.
Where is Damon? With the rest of them, where he should be.
It's over for Damon.
You're crazy.
Why? Because I'm doing what should've been done 145 years ago? This is the right thing, Elena.
Go ahead.
You won't make it out.
You'll save me the trouble of killing you myself.
You know the building well.
Is there another entrance in? Utility door.
There's one around the side.
One more step and I'll alert those deputies they missed a vampire.
I'm asking you not to.
That doesn't mean anything to me.
As my father, it should.
You know.
I wasn't sure.
But now I am.
Hey! You can't go in there.
The fire will take you out.
He's my brother, Bonnie.
Stefan! - Elena, you can't go in there.
- Bonnie, what are you doing? I'm sorry I lied to you.
I've gotta get in there.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Bonnie, what is it? Are they gonna be okay? Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Two 10-45s will be treated at county The fire is out.
The story is that the building's old wiring is what caused it.
Did you see where Damon went? No.
He just kind of disappeared.
I'm so glad you're okay.
I try so hard to hate him.
I guess it's just pointless.
You care about him.
So do I.
But I love you, Stefan.
And I know that you're worried about that.
Well, I just You know, I know my brother.
But I love you, Stefan.
I know the trouble he can cause I love you, Stefan.
You have nothing to worry about.
- Okay? - Yeah.
So l Jenna called.
Jeremy is home.
I'm just gonna run over to the school to pick up my dress, my clothes, my stuff and then I'll check on him.
What are you doing here? Anna's dead.
I figured that once they took her away.
I know you cared about her.
Yeah, I did.
I saw her killed.
I was watching and all I could think about was I wanted to help her.
But I couldn't.
Why are you telling me all this? I took away your suffering once before.
I can do it again.
But it's your choice.
Look I know you think you took it away but it's still there.
Even if I can't remember why, I still feel empty.
And making me forget won't fix it.
It won't fix what's really wrong.
What I did to Vicki was wrong.
Sorry for my part.
Anna said that vampires don't have to feel pain.
That they could turn it off if they shut out their humanity.
That's very true.
Is it easier that way? Is what easier? Life.
Life sucks either way, Jeremy.
If you're a vampire, you don't have to feel bad if you don't want to.
Is that what you did? I did it for I did it for a very long time.
And life was a lot easier.
Hey, man.
I'm so sorry.
Look, I don't even know what happened.
It's okay, man.
She'll be all right.
What's happening? She all right? There was internal bleeding.
They're taking her into surgery.
What else did they say? Is she gonna be okay? They're gonna do everything they can.
Tyler, have you talked to your mom? I left her a message telling her I was here.
You need to call her.
What is it? It's your dad.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
- You just missed Elena.
- I was looking for you, actually.
Elena is my best friend.
And because she loves you, I couldn't let you or Damon die in that fire.
I'm grateful, Bonnie.
I hope you know that.
I do.
But I hope you know that things have to change.
Damon has to change.
We both want the same thing.
We both wanna protect the people we care about.
The difference is, for you, Damon is one of them.
You saw what I was able to do tonight.
I know who I am now.
And if Damon spills so much as one drop of innocent blood l'll take him down.
Even if I have to take you with him.
Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Let's hope it doesn't.
What are you doing here? A failed and feeble attempt at doing the right thing.
Which was? It's not important.
Let me take this for you.
Thank you.
You know, I came in this town wanting to destroy it.
Tonight I found myself wanting to protect it.
How does that happen? I'm not a hero, Elena.
I don't do good.
It's not in me.
Maybe it is.
No, that's reserved for my brother and you and Bonnie.
Even though she has every reason to hate me, still helped Stefan save me.
Why do you sound so surprised? She did it for you.
Which means somewhere along the way you decided that I was worth saving.
And I wanted to thank you for that.
You're welcome.
It's late.
You should probably come inside.
What are you doing? I don't wanna talk about it.
You scared me.
I'm sorry.
You know, I first met Isobel when I was a teenager.
I fell in love with her instantly, although I'm pretty sure she never loved me.
She was special.
Part of why I hate the vampires so much is because of what she became.
How it ruined her.
And I never would've sent her to Damon had I known she wanted to turn.
It's my fault.
I'm telling you this because I hope maybe you'd understand.
Thank you.
Can I help? Sure.
Katherine? Hello, John.
Goodbye, John.
I looked everywhere.
Someone definitely took my stuff.
I gotta check on Jeremy before I go to the hospital.
Can you meet me there? Okay.
I love you, Stefan.
Jeremy? Are you up? ripped by looxlike