The Vampire Diaries s02e04 Episode Script

Memory Lane

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: For over a century, I have lived in secret until now.
I know the risk, but I have to know her.
- What are you? - I'm a vampire.
- You must be Ms.
- Call me Katherine.
I was never in love with you.
None of my feelings were real.
Believe what you want, Stefan.
But I know the truth.
- So the black sheep returns.
- Tyler? - Who's the guy with Carol? - Mason Lockwood.
Know where I could find family artifact stuff? I'm looking for this old piece of my mom's, a moonstone.
I think the Lockwoods have a family secret.
They're not vampires.
They're something else.
- The lycanthrope.
- Werewolves? It was you.
I fed her blood and Katherine obviously killed her.
And A plus B equals? Because I'm starving.
- Katherine.
- Don't be frightened.
We're gonna have so much fun together.
Look who found his dancing shoes.
No touching, Mr.
Those are the rules.
I thought you didn't believe in rules.
My brother's still upset that you chose me to escort you.
Well, Damon needs to concede that his younger brother is a better dancer.
Ah, looks like he found someone to occupy his time.
Stefan, don't.
It's your turn.
Be prepared to lose.
All right.
It hurts, doesn't it? - Hit that one.
- Now you know how I feel.
Don't fight it, Stefan.
You loved me once.
You can love me again.
I love you, Stefan.
We'll be together again.
I promise.
You okay? Hey.
Yeah, it's just a bad dream.
Go back to sleep.
You have to admit, I am getting better at this.
It was easy to get inside of your head.
Have you completely forsaken your nature? Are we gonna do this again? We both know I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time.
- What do you want? - I wanted to see you.
I missed you, Stefan.
Indulge me for a little while, please.
Why are you back in town? Three reasons.
You, you and you.
See, I can't quite get that down.
It just kind of, ahem gets stuck in my throat.
Well, you know it's the truth.
Deep down inside that gorgeous body of yours is the Stefan that fell in love with me too.
- What do you want? - This is where you spend your time when you're not stabbing people in the back.
I tricked you into telling me the truth.
That's not stabbing you in the back.
That's using your own tactics against you.
Where are you going? I made myself clear, Damon.
I want nothing to do with you.
See you at Jenna's barbecue.
How did you know about Jenna's barbecue? It was my idea.
Jenna went to high school with Mason Lockwood.
So I figured a social gathering would be a good way to get to know the guy.
So I told Ric to tell Jenna and Does Jenna know you're gonna be there? Because she's not exactly a fan of yours.
Thank you.
I'm hoping this peach cobbler will pave the way.
What are you up to? I'm gonna put some silver into Mason Lockwood and prove he's a werewolf.
See you at the barbecue.
- Mason, you got a second? - No, barbecue at Jenna Sommers'.
Give me two minutes, all right? You can't keep dodging me.
- I'm freaking out over here.
- Tyler.
What do you want me to say, man? "Yes, I turned into a wolf.
No, it's not gonna happen to you.
" How do you know that? You're not gonna trigger the curse.
Your dad didn't know about this.
Neither did I until it happened.
- How does it get triggered? - Ignorance is bliss, trust me.
You blow back into town with some supernatural family secret and expect me not to ask questions? I can't say anything more.
Sorry, Tyler.
It's just better for you if I don't.
You ever find that moonstone? Do you know where it is? - What's so special about it? - I told you.
It was my mom's.
It's sentimental.
- Look, just don't worry about it.
- Yeah.
Forget I even brought it up, all right? I'll see you later.
You shouldn't read someone's journal.
I know, I'm sorry.
It was just too tempting.
All of your inner thoughts and feelings laying there on your desk for me to read.
Damon's private stock.
That's right, you don't do human.
I read that.
And I also read about your recent werewolf sighting.
That must have come as a surprise.
What do you know about werewolves? I know not to pet one.
Their bite kills, Stefan.
It's best to stay clear of them during a full moon.
And how do you know this? Who do you think was responsible for ridding this town of vampires in 1864? Founding families.
Spearheaded by? The Lockwoods.
You remember the Founder's Ball, don't you? The one that you were dreaming about? I was your escort.
That was before you and Damon knew about my secret.
Everyone, will you please join me in raising your glasses to my good friend George Lockwood.
George, thank you for so bravely defending the South.
My honor, Mr.
After all, someone had to do it.
Hear, hear.
- May I have a word, Ms.
Katherine? - Grab a glass, Henry.
- It's a celebration.
- Please, Ms.
I looked into those attacks from the other night.
It wasn't vampires.
That's good news.
Means we have nothing to worry about.
I'm afraid you don't understand.
Those folks were torn apart in ways I've never seen before.
Then it won't be long before the Founders draw up an investigation.
We'll leave town immediately.
I'll tell the others.
Relax, Henry.
This town is our home and the vampires are my family.
I won't let anything happen to us.
From the moment I met George, I knew he'd be a problem.
So you're saying that all the Lockwoods are werewolves.
The werewolf gene runs in the Lockwood family.
- Not that they're all wolves.
- How many werewolves are out there? I mean, is it just limited to the Lockwoods? No.
There are others.
Not many.
They're practically extinct.
They mainly exist now in books and really bad movies.
My turn to ask a question.
Why did you keep this picture? Hmm? Why not burn it? Tear it up.
You wanna know why I came back? Well, I have a better question.
Why did you? For Elena? No.
You came back here to fall in love with me all over again, didn't you? What is it about you that makes me still care? Now, where were we? You were gonna tell me why you came back to Mystic Falls, weren't you? - You didn't have to do this.
- Answer the question.
I came back for you.
Well, we're gonna play by my rules now.
No, what are you do? Answer the question.
You're gonna torture me now? I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get you to tell me the truth.
Later that night, at the Founder's Ball I don't wanna hear stories about the past.
Yes, you do, Stefan.
That's exactly what you wanna hear.
She's all alone.
Does this mean I can finally have you all to myself? Your father's outdone himself.
Yeah, knowing Father, he'll wanna throw a Founder's Party every year.
I must admit, I am rather surprised that you'd come looking for me.
Because you're the rope in the Salvatore brothers' tug-of-war? No, because I'm a vampire who could kill you in your sleep.
I beg your pardon? Relax, George.
I know you know my secret.
This conversation is over.
And I know your secret too and I know that you're extra-strong.
Only not as strong.
How do you know who I am? You think that I would settle into a town without knowing my enemies? What do you want? What did he want? Thanks for letting me invite Caroline.
She could use a day of distraction.
Well, she's not the plus-one I'm worried about.
Why is Damon coming? Because Alaric is a pity-taker.
Come on, Jenna, be nice.
I'll be nice when Damon learns to keep his paws off of you.
Aha, good news, found the shot glasses.
That would be my exit.
I'm here 10 minutes and I'm back under the bleachers at the pep rally.
It's just like old times, huh? Only I didn't swipe this bottle from my old man.
Oh, the expensive stuff.
I like you already.
- Just happy to be invited.
- Thank Ric, this was his idea.
- Really? - Yeah.
I thought it'd be nice to meet some of Jenna's old high school friends.
- Dig up a little dirt.
- Oh, I've got dirt.
- I got dirt.
- I have no secrets.
Only dirty shame.
- To dirty shame.
- Ha, ha.
- Cheers.
- Hey.
- Damon.
- We're just doing shots.
- Let me get you a shot glass, buddy.
- No, here.
Use mine.
She doesn't like me very much.
We haven't met.
Mason Lockwood.
Oh, sure, hey.
Damon Salvatore.
I know.
Heard great things about you.
Really? That's weird.
Because I'm a dick.
Um, just checking in.
Did you get my message about Jenna's barbecue? - Call me when you can.
- Was that Stefan? He hasn't called me back.
I'm trying to decide if I should be worried.
I'm sure he's fine.
God, I cannot stop eating.
Ha, ha.
Stefan says it's a great way to sublimate the cravings.
You know, it's horrible, just fighting the urge for blood every minute of every day.
I know that Stefan really hates that part of himself.
Well, yeah.
I mean, he hates that you're a constant temptation.
- He said that? - Mm-hm.
The desire to rip out your jugular every time he's with you? Trust me, it's there.
And it's why I had to break up with Matt.
Hey, the food's ready.
Come get it.
I'm starving.
You know, we could sit here as long as you want.
And when you start to desiccate, there's a tomb with your name on it.
I've been doing all the talking.
It's your turn.
Do you pretend to be human when you're with Elena? Is that the appeal? Actually, I don't pretend to be anything when I'm with her.
That's the whole point.
- I get to just be myself.
- Does she know that you love me? I don't.
That's where you're wrong, Stefan.
Don't you remember bringing me home that night? Your family had taken me in.
I had a lovely time, Stefan.
How long do you plan on staying in Mystic Falls? As long as I'm wanted.
Your father has been very kind to give me shelter.
How could we not? Losing your family in the fire.
I'm grateful you made it out of Atlanta.
So I gather I'm wanted? Uh, very much so.
Ha, ha.
I know we've only known each other for a short while and And I know I'm in competition for your affections.
But, uh I've never met a woman quite like you.
I look at you and I see an angel.
I touch your skin and my entire body ignites.
I kiss you and I know that I'm falling in love.
I am in love with you.
There's just so much you don't know about me, Stefan.
More to learn and love.
I must say good night.
- I've upset you? - No.
You haven't upset me.
You've just surprised me.
Until tomorrow.
- Ah.
- Shh.
What are you doing here? I told you I would come.
Well, I'm tired.
You should go.
Did my little brother's confession overwhelm you? You shouldn't eavesdrop.
Is my love not enough? I told you, I'm tired.
I wish to be alone tonight.
Please leave.
Good night, Katherine.
Go ahead, Stefan, torture me.
Keep me captive, drain me of my blood until my body turns to dust.
It'll never change the truth.
I never compelled your love.
It was real, and so was mine.
Puppy, puppy.
Puppy with a tutu.
- No, no.
- Okay, dog, hound, hound dog.
- "You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog.
" - Dances With Wolves.
Mason wins again.
How is that a wolf? Aunt Jenna is getting tipsy.
- Will you stop plying her with alcohol? - Well, I want her to like me.
- How's Operation Lockwood? - He's my new BFF.
There you are.
Isn't this fun? Yes.
Thank you so much for inviting me.
Did I have a choice? - I know what you must think about me - No, you don't.
You've never dated you.
I have dated many yous.
Well, I'm a work in progress.
- These are fancy.
- Thanks.
My mother's silver set.
Hearing the truth after a century and a half of denial must be overwhelming.
It wasn't real.
I remember you compelling me.
Only after I showed you who I really was.
You were so scared of me, I had to take away your fear.
Well, whatever feelings I had back then they've all turned to hate.
Love, hate.
Such a fine line.
I can wait.
Anyway, George Lockwood was causing all sorts of trouble.
He used the vampires to cover up his own tracks.
Told the founding families about us.
But he was willing to strike a deal.
What kind of a deal? A deal to rid the town of vampires.
- I just spoke to Giuseppe Salvatore.
- Mm? - The roundup happens tonight.
- Good.
Insist that they do a body count before the church is set ablaze.
- I will.
- Twenty-seven vampires.
Once the flames creates chaos, crawl to the exit under the choir loft.
I'll be there to set you free.
Make sure you're not followed.
I need everyone to believe that I perished in that fire.
You knew that they were gonna burn the vampires in the church.
I practically lit the match.
They were your friends.
They were your family.
And you just sold them out.
Without blinking.
Why don't you start us off? Sure.
- What am I? I apologize.
I'm an animal.
- Ha, ha.
So, Mason, uh, you and Jenna never dated? - She was always lost in Logan Fell land.
- Oh, my first mistake.
Mason was a catch.
He had girls lining up.
Really? Ha.
I always pegged you for a Ione wolf.
Oh, I'm sure I wasn't half the lady-killer you were.
How about a toast? To new friends.
- Friends.
- Cheers.
Cheers, guy.
Would I be the worst friend in the world if I abandoned you and went to Stefan's? You wanna leave? It's just that he hasn't gotten back to me.
I'm starting to get this bad feeling.
- I don't think that's a good idea.
- Damon's got him under control here.
Take it from me, there is nothing worse than a clingy girlfriend.
I'm not being clingy, I'm just concerned.
- You understand, right? - Um, how about I drive you? Yeah, okay, that would be great, thanks.
What did George get in return for giving you your freedom? Something he wanted desperately.
So you sent 26 of your friends to their death just to fake your own? No, you were running from something.
What was it? Everyone has a past, Stefan.
Mine needed to stay far, far away.
But thanks to you, my plan nearly failed before it even began.
Once George told me that the roundup was imminent I made sure I could see you one last time.
- Vervain.
- What? But your father used your love for me against you.
He poisoned your blood.
We don't have long.
Then Damon being Damon, nearly ruined everything.
We came for you.
- We tried to save you.
- I didn't wanna be saved.
So then Damon and I died for nothing.
- For nothing.
- No, Stefan, you died for love.
Jenna just brought out "Guitar Hero.
" Might be time to mutiny.
Well, I just happen to like "Guitar Hero.
" So you, my friend, are barking up the wrong tree.
Okay, enough with the innuendos.
You win.
- Hilarious.
- Thank you.
Come on, man, you don't think I know what this barbecue's about? How do you know about me? - Your brother was completely clueless.
- Doesn't matter.
I'm not your enemy, Damon.
You tried to kill my brother.
- That was a mistake.
- Really? There was confusion.
I couldn't chain myself up.
- I have no control once I shift.
- What, no obedience school? I'm serious.
Let's not spark some age-old feud that doesn't apply to us.
You expect me to believe that you're in Mystic Falls planting peace trees? I lost my brother.
My nephew lost his father.
I'm here for my family.
Let's be above this.
Thanks for this.
I appreciate it.
Here we come.
To the rescue.
- Why are you being so snippy? - That's my own drama.
No, I'm sure that you two will beat the odds.
Not that there's any study to pull odds from.
What is the ratio of success for vampire-human couplings? I'm guessing nil.
Okay, Caroline.
You were right for my body I love this song.
What's playing? Playing "We Radiate" by Goldfrapp.
Oh, crap.
No takers for more drinks at the Grill? - It's like I'm with a bunch of adults here.
- I prefer the term role model.
Okay, well, thanks for having me.
It was awesome.
Alaric, catch that game next week? Yeah, look forward to it.
Hey, you know, I should probably head out too.
You are a wonderful hostess.
And you are a terrible artist.
Is that the only thing that makes me terrible? - Still deciding.
- Good enough for me.
Let's not catch that game next week.
Are you sure the tow's coming? We've been waiting forever.
I know, it's weird.
I mean, they said they'd be here by now.
- I'm just gonna call Jenna.
- No, wait Just let me try the tow people again.
And I'll use my aggro voice.
- We can just walk from here.
- I can't just leave my car.
- We'll come back for it.
- Just give me a minute.
What part of "I'm worried about Stefan" didn't sink in? What's the rush? Why are you hurrying to get to a relationship that'll never work? Okay, look, I know that you're upset over Matt but will you stop projecting it onto me and Stefan, please? I'm not projecting anything.
You're human, he's a vampire.
You're gonna be 70 and in diapers and he's still gonna be smoking hot.
And you will never have his children, Elena and you are too maternal to not have children.
- Where is this coming from? - I'm just trying to be your friend.
Okay, well, do me a favor and stop trying.
- There's the tow.
I'm gonna walk.
- No, Elena, don't.
Ah! Caroline, you're hurting me.
Don't leave me alone.
What's wrong with you? Hey there.
- Someone called about a flat tire? - She did.
Damon? - What, more dog jokes? - Nah, those got old.
You know, I think it was werewolves who started this whole silver myth.
Probably for moments like this.
Duly noted.
I was really looking forward to last call.
Now you made an enemy.
You gonna tell me why you came back or were you just playing another game? Have you not heard a word that I've said? I've answered that question five times over now.
All right, good.
Make it six.
I want what I want, Stefan and I don't care what I have to do to get it.
My list of victims is a long one.
And I have no problem adding one more name to that list.
Come on, Katherine.
If you wanted Elena dead, you would have done it by now.
Still can.
If I have to, I will snap her neck like a twig, and you know it.
Guess you don't hate me as much as you thought you did.
I don't want you seeing Elena anymore.
If you don't remove her from your life I will kill everyone that she loves while she watches and then I will kill her while you watch.
Don't you ever think for one moment that I will not kill you.
I have been sipping vervain every single day for the last 145 years.
You caught me by surprise once.
I wasn't gonna let it happen again.
It doesn't hurt me, Stefan.
- What? Why? - I told you.
I've missed you, Stefan.
I just wanted to spend some time with you.
Hello? Stefan? Stefan? You must be Elena.
How is this possible? How do we look exactly alike? You're asking the wrong questions.
You okay? Not really.
Are you okay? Not really.
Care to share how you couldn't follow through with one simple task? I tried, okay? But I couldn't exactly kidnap my best friend.
Occupy her.
That's all I asked.
I told her that her relationship was doomed and, you know, all that mortality stuff, and I think l I really think that I got to her.
I hope so.
Because let's not forget.
I already killed you once.
I can easily do it again.
- How's that barbecue? - Not great.
- You still pissed? - You still keeping secrets? - Yep.
- Then I'm still pissed.
Hey, you know, I was thinking about that stone you're looking for.
I might know a couple places it could be.
Do you think this is a joke? - Lf you know, tell me.
- Tell me how the curse is triggered.
You won't think about anything else.
I don't want that for you.
- I think I can handle knowing.
- You think you can handle it, tough guy? - You have no idea.
- You want your rock or not? - Tell me.
- What triggers the curse? You have to kill somebody.
Human blood.
You take another person's life away from them, the curse is yours forever.
Can you handle that? Hi.
Come on.
There is where the chapter ends - Elena? - Hey.
Oh, my God, I am so sorry about earlier today.
I don't know what came over me.
It's okay, Caroline.
Everything that you were saying was right.
It's just hard for me to hear, you know? So you're not mad at me? You were just being a good friend - in your own way.
- Ha, ha.
My own headcase horrible way.
Elena? I really am sorry.
It's hard to walk away From the best of days But if it has to end I'm glad you have been my friend I'm starving.
Well, spending a day with your jealous ex will do that to you.
Listen, I know you're upset, all right? But we have to take her seriously.
Today was all about the lengths that she will go to.
If she was going to hurt me, she would have.
- I was standing right in front of her.
- Elena, you caught her off-guard.
It doesn't mean that you're safe.
- I'm not afraid of her.
- Well, you should be.
Look, if Katherine had her way, we'd be breaking up right now.
And if today taught me anything, it's that Katherine's used to getting her way.
You're not actually saying that we should do what she says.
Listen, she's sadistic, okay? She threatened you.
She threatened everyone.
Yeah, no, I get it, okay? She's dangerous.
But every day that we're together, it's dangerous.
Why are you giving her so much power over our relationship? Because it's the reality of our situation.
Well, reality sucks.
This is what she wants.
She wants us to fight.
She wants to get between us.
She already has, Elena.
Bad day? Bad century.
- Heard you were on the loose.
- What's the matter? - Jealous I spent the day with Stefan? - I don't do jealous.
Not with you.
Not anymore.
Then why so pouty? Tried to kill a werewolf and failed.
Now I feel like I'm not living up to my best self.
Well, werewolves aren't easy prey.
- What do you know about werewolves? - Why don't you ask your brother? Don't try to be the hero, Damon.
You'll end up dead.
Been there, done that.
At least this time, it'll be worth it.
You okay? Come on.
I hated that fight.
I know.
Me too.
Felt too real.
Ha, ha.
Did you see Caroline? - Yeah.
- We were right.
Katherine got to her.
She was hanging on to every word.
It won't be long before Katherine gets a play-by-play.
I wish I was wrong, but I know Caroline too well.
It was so obvious that something was up today.
You're not wrong.
It's pure Katherine.
She's always finding somebody to do her dirty work.
I think Damon was listening to us fight too.
Are you gonna tell him that it wasn't real? The only way Katherine is gonna believe is if everybody believes it.
It's the best way to make her think she's getting what she wants.
All this, just to get you back.
That's not why she's here, okay? No matter what she says.
I know her.
Katherine doesn't care about anybody but herself.
She never has.
She's incapable of love.
She's here for another reason.
- George.
- Your carriage is waiting.
Well done, George.
Thank you.
Now, on to your part of the deal.
If anyone learns of my escape, I will find you and I will kill you.
Don't think that I won't.
We shall take each other's secrets to the grave.
Now, you must hurry.
I love you, Stefan.
We will be together again.
I promise.