The Vampire Diaries s02e15 Episode Script

The Dinner Party

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: - You must be Elena.
- How do we look alike? You're a doppelganger.
You're the key to breaking the curse.
- The sun and moon curse? - Klaus is the real deal.
- From the first generation of vampires.
- The oldest vampire is coming after me? - Elijah? - One of the Originals.
A legend.
I'm prepared to offer you a deal.
You and I draw Klaus out, and I shall make certain your friends remain unharmed.
- Then what? - Then I kill him.
- Take me away.
- Where would you like to go? These must be the Jonathan Gilbert journals.
I come bearing gifts.
This is how you kill an Original.
That ring Isobel gave you? That's mine.
I want that back.
Did he tell you what happened to his wife? - What are you saying? - Ask Ric.
- How will you kill Klaus? - After the sacrifice.
After the sacrifice? - Elena has to die.
- You knew you weren't gonna survive? If it comes down to people I love getting killed or me, I know what my choice is.
You're being a martyr.
That's not heroic.
That's tragic.
With the dying embers of the fire at Fell's Church the scourge of the vampires had passed.
And though war raged all around us our town was safe from the demons of the night.
Or so we thought.
The monsters we drove to their fiery deaths had begat new monsters.
Did you hear that? - Stay here.
- No, Thomas.
It's all right.
The vampires are dead.
Yes, Honoria, they burned in the church.
We're safe now.
Please, Jonathan.
I'm worried.
Very well.
I shall go too.
I can prove there are no vampires.
See? Thomas? Thomas! - Thomas! - No, stay inside.
Get back in the house.
I knew I was about to die.
You cannot run from a vampire.
I saw the vampire who killed me.
I recognized him.
It was Stefan Salvatore.
- What's going on? - I showered I shaved had breakfast.
I'm very relaxed.
Makes one of us.
I did hear one piece of good news, though.
Tyler Lockwood ran away from home last night.
- Hey.
- How do you know? Well, I heard it from Sheriff Forbes who heard it from Carol Lockwood.
Thus ending our werewolf chapter - bringing us to - Killing Elijah.
- Exactly.
- It's not gonna be easy.
He's crafty.
- I've got a crafty dagger.
- He's an Original.
We don't know what that encompasses.
Trust me.
I'm gonna dot my T's.
I don't want any surprises.
Wow, Damon.
You're actually gonna be careful for once? Yes, Stefan, I've become you.
How tragic for both of us.
Gotta run.
Have a murder to plan.
Busy day.
The old Fell property actually starts just beyond that fence.
Ah, the Fells.
One of the founding families.
Why do you say it like that? My research showed me that this area was actually settled almost two full centuries earlier.
There was a migration of townsfolk from the Northeast.
Um, it was Salem, to be precise.
Massachusetts? As in the witch trials? Which means the ever-lauded founding families didn't actually found anything.
Well, I bet it was the men who made a big deal about being founders back in 1860.
Men are very territorial.
Yes, they are.
Uh Elijah, this is my friend Alaric Saltzman.
I got your, uh, message about walking Elijah through the property lines.
I thought I would, uh, tag along.
You know, being a history buff and all.
Where to next? I'm pretty curious about the freed slave property owners.
Some say the descendents of the slaves are the true keepers of American history.
I only brought the surveys.
I've got that list in my car.
Just give me a sec.
Alaric Saltzman.
You're one of those people on Elena's list of loved ones to protect.
Yeah, so is Jenna.
You don't have to be jealous.
I rarely pursue younger women.
- It's a joke, Ric.
Lighten up.
- You're funny.
What are you doing? Thinking about last night.
Yeah, yeah, uh, me too.
You know, it was a tough spell.
I could feel it draining me.
- I need practice.
- Yeah, well, uh, maybe I don't know.
Maybe you should come over tonight.
We could practice, get stronger.
Ah, incoming.
Wanna tell me what happened yesterday? - Sorry? - Don't play dumb.
You both were here - And? - And that's all I remember.
One minute I'm playing pool, the next, I'm waking up in a bathroom stall.
Sorry, Luka, but everything seemed normal yesterday.
I mean, I brought you a coffee and we played pool.
- See, I think you're lying.
- And I think you need to back off.
Are you still mad? - Yeah, I'm still mad.
- We have a difference of opinion.
We're not gonna agree on everything.
You agreed to sacrifice yourself to Klaus.
To say we have a difference of opinion is the understatement of the century.
You would know.
What does Jonathan Gilbert have to say? A lot.
It's insane the things he wrote in his journal.
What he kept from the founding families.
Stuff that nobody knows.
Stuff that you've never told me.
We were, um We were angry at the founding families for what they did to Katherine.
We wanted revenge.
I didn't know about Jonathan Gilbert's ring yet.
I didn't know he would That he would survive.
He described you as a monster.
That's what I was.
I want you to know the truth.
But I want you to hear it from me.
In the weeks after I became a vampire, I relished in it.
I took it to the darkest place I could.
Ugh, who wants to die next? - Me.
I'm next.
- Me.
He promised me.
What about you? You know, if you don't pick up the tempo you're gonna lose your head.
Snap, snap.
- Company, brother? - I brought enough to share.
Are you mad, bringing them here when the town is hunting us? If you're worried about the founding families, don't be.
They're all dead or about to be.
Leave this place.
Never think of it again.
Same for you.
Leave this place.
Never think of it again.
Don't be like this.
I'm having fun.
Staying alive is more fun, Stefan.
We have to be more careful.
More clever.
- Like Katherine was.
- Huh.
Look where that got her.
I'm done here.
With you.
I'm leaving town.
You hate me, I know.
I know.
An eternity of misery and on and on.
You don't have to leave.
- Damon, I'll do better.
I promise.
- No.
You will get us killed.
I'd rather leave you to do that to yourself.
I wasn't myself then.
I was full of guilt.
What I did to my father, to my brother.
I had to turn it off.
It was the only way I could survive.
It sounds like you were Damon.
I was worse.
Other than your lecture on Mystic Falls, get anything out of Elijah? No, it was boring.
Of course, Jenna thinks he's charming.
- You sound jealous.
He sound jealous? - Kind of do.
Maybe we shouldn't talk about this here.
Andie? She's been compelled not to divulge my secrets, haven't you? - Mm-hm.
- Mm.
My lips are sealed.
This is too weird.
I just need the right opportunity.
There's Jenna with her new boyfriend.
- Hi.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi.
- I hear you two had, uh - quite a meeting of historical minds.
- Yeah.
I guess you could say that.
Well, as much as I'd like to continue this, I, uh, I've got papers to grade.
You know what? We should continue this.
Let's have a dinner party.
Ooh, my girl.
Full of good ideas.
I'll be happy to host.
- Say tonight, maybe? - It's good for me.
Jenna? - No, I don't know if tonight works - Yeah, I'm free.
It would be a pleasure.
Drink up.
Good girl.
I come bearing gifts.
I didn't have time to properly shop, but I did get a couple things.
Hmm? Wow, that blood did the trick.
You're almost pretty again.
What is it you want, Damon? Guess who's back in town.
Your old friend John Gilbert.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
- Why? - Said he loves his daughter.
Wants to protect her from Elijah and Klaus.
- Touching.
- Yeah, right? Told me this old wives' tale about how to kill an Original.
And you wanna know if it's true.
If it was, I wouldn't tell you.
Now, why not? I mean, you want Elijah and Klaus dead as much as I do.
Klaus, yes.
Elijah, no.
He's compelled me to stay in here.
If he dies, I'm stuck forever.
Sucks for you.
Forget it, Damon.
Killing Elijah would be a suicide mission.
You can't do it.
- Can so.
- Can't.
Even with the dagger and a little white oak ash? No, Damon.
If you kill Elijah, then I'm stuck in here forever.
You're really scared.
Get me out of here first, and then I'll help you.
I'll help you kill Elijah or protect Elena, whatever you want.
I get you out and your ass is sipping Klaus-free margaritas on some unknown island somewhere.
No way.
That's not true.
I'll stay.
Damon, please, just don't do it.
Well, thank you.
You've told me everything I need to know.
- I've told you nothing.
- You have.
You have indeed confirmed that it is possible to kill an Original.
Which I will do tonight.
Guess who's coming to dinner.
For weeks, I kept spiraling.
Completely driven by the desire for blood.
Hunt, prey, kill.
That was all I knew.
How come no one caught on to what you were doing? Hmm.
There was a war going on.
Thing about wartime? Endless anonymous blood supply.
What kind of an idiot are you? Alexia Branson, as she was known back then.
Lexi? Your best friend, Lexi? That's how you met her? Well, what was she even doing in Mystic Falls? She had heard it was a good place for vampires to go.
Had no idea that they'd all been massacred.
Needed a place to crash, so I brought her home with me.
I'd say it isn't necessary to take me in, but you did try to eat me and, well, with dawn coming, beggars can't be choosers.
Or should they be? I, um I meant to dispose of those.
- My God, you're a ripper.
- A what? There are good parts of being a vampire and there are bad parts.
You're the bad parts.
Well we're going to have to change that.
You okay? Talking about her brings up things that I'd, uh, rather forget.
Like Damon killing her? So, what's going on with you and Alaric? - I feel like there's some tension.
- I don't know.
- I really like him.
- Mm-hm.
It's more than like.
And I want it to work but I can't help but feel he's hiding something.
And then I've got John whispering things in my ear about him.
- Like what? - Things I don't wanna believe.
Things I don't believe, not if they're coming from John's mouth.
Oh, well, there you go, then.
Trust is the key to any relationship.
I mean, I am so grateful that Damon tells me everything.
- You know, this is a bad idea.
- There's no such thing as a bad idea just poorly executed awesome ones.
- Here.
- No.
I don't like the idea of Elijah - being in the same house with Jenna.
- Jenna's safe.
Besides, it's just a fact-finding mission.
- It's totally harmless.
- Just a fact-finding mission? Yeah.
No sneak attacks, no surprise plans.
Nothing that's gonna put Jenna - in harm's way, okay? - Scout's honor.
Hey, Jenna needs help with the wine.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- What's that? - Dessert.
Elijah's stronger than me.
He's faster than me.
It's all about the element of surprise.
Well, that's too bad.
I like him.
He's very old-school classy.
Which is why you should encourage the gentlemen to take their drinks in here while you do coffee in the kitchen with the girls.
Hmm That is a little too sexist for me.
Stop talking.
- Who invited him? - John.
What a surprise.
Jenna told me she was coming to a party for Elijah.
I decided I couldn't miss out on the fun games.
There are not gonna be any games tonight.
- It's just a friendly dinner party.
- Right.
What he said.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
Thing weighs a ton.
- Ha, ha.
I'm starving.
Do you guys have any food? Oh, God, ha, ha.
This is a date.
No, no, it's not like a "date" date.
It's more of a, "Hey, I kissed you and I thought you liked it," um, hang thing.
Jeremy, I need to make sure Elena's cool with us before anything else happens.
I didn't realize my sister had approval over who I'm with.
She's my best friend.
I tell her everything.
And this whole hang thing might freak her out.
All right.
All right.
So we'II, um, hang out, eat some food, uh, work on some spells.
- It's not a big deal.
- Cool.
But you did? You did like it, right? Yeah.
I liked it.
- Good evening.
- Thank you for coming.
Please, come in.
Just one moment.
Can I just say that if you have less-than-honorable intentions about how this evening is going to proceed, I suggest you reconsider.
No, nothing dishonorable.
Just, uh, getting to know you.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
Because, you know, although Elena and I have this deal if you so much as make a move to cross me I'll kill you and I'll kill everyone in this house.
Are we clear? Crystal.
- Wonderful to see you.
How are you? - Nice to see you.
- You look incredible.
- Thank you.
I hate to break it to you, but according to Elijah your family is so not a founder of this town.
- Hmm, do tell.
- Well, as I mentioned to Jenna earlier a faction of settlers migrated from Salem after the witch trials in the 1690s.
They developed this community where they could feel safe from the persecution.
Hmm, because they were witches.
There's no tangible proof there were witches in Salem.
Andie's a journalist.
Big on facts.
Well, the lore says that there was this wave of anti-witch hysteria.
Broke out in the neighboring settlement.
So these witches were rounded up.
They were tied to stakes in a field together and, uh, burned.
You could hear the screams for miles as they were consumed by the fire.
Could you pass the? I, uh, wouldn't repeat this to the historical society.
It's starting to sound a little like a ghost story to me.
So why do you wanna know the location of these alleged massacres? You know, healthy historian's curiosity, of course.
Of course.
Jonathan Gilbert got crazier and crazier.
Guess that's what happens when you spend your life obsessed with vampires.
He researched the Originals.
- You're kidding.
- Later in life.
Pages and pages of questions and scribbles.
What's that? "The wood from one tree and one tree alone, an ancient white oak would bring death to an Original vampire.
When the tree burned, all hope was thought lost.
" He was trying to figure out how to kill an Original.
"But the ash from the tree was saved and witches forged a dagger to which the ash could be bonded.
This alchemic bond provides the necessary poison" Elena.
I wonder if this is true.
I mean, do you think this dagger actually exists? I know it does.
Because John gave it to Damon.
John gave Damon the weapon that's supposed to kill Elijah? This one? "It must be brandished by humans for it will bring death to all demons who wield it.
" John's trying to get Damon killed.
Would anyone care for some cognac? I have a bottle I've been saving for ages.
None for me, thanks.
- Nine bottles of wine is my limit.
- Ha, ha.
- Why is your phone off? Call me.
- What's going on, Stefan? Damon is planning on killing Elijah.
The gentlemen should take their drinks in the study.
I have to say the food was almost as wonderful as the company.
I like you.
You're not a gentleman.
Make yourself useful.
Hmm? - Here, here.
Put me to work.
- Um, I got it.
- Hey, Jenna.
Are you okay? - Yeah, fine, Ric.
- I suspect this is my fault.
- What did you do now? I mentioned you haven't been completely honest about your dead wife.
You son of a bitch.
I think I've been very clear with you, Ric.
I want my ring back.
Hello? Whoa, whoa, slow down, slow Stefan? So let me guess.
In addition to the moonstone, doppelganger the lion, the witch and the wardrobe you need to find this witch burial ground? Because I feel as though we've grown so close, Damon, I'll tell you yes.
- Do you know where it is? - Maybe.
- Tell me why it's so important.
- We're not that close.
This is quite a collection you have here.
Here's a funny thing about books.
Before they existed, people actually had memories.
We forgot about dessert.
- Elijah.
- Ms.
What? Sorry, guys.
Dessert is taking longer than I thought.
I usually just unwrap food.
So I know this is a social thing but I'd really love to ask you some questions about the work you're doing.
- I'd love to answer.
- Great.
Oh, that's so great.
Ric, would you do me a favor and grab the notebook out of my bag? Elijah, did John tell you that he's Elena's uncle/father? - Yes, I'm well aware of that.
- Of course, she hates him.
There's no need to keep him on the endangered species list.
Ric, it's in the front pocket, on the You know what? Excuse me, guys.
What I'd like to know, Elijah, is how you intend on killing Klaus.
Gentlemen, there's a few things we should probably get clear right now.
I allow you to live solely to keep an eye on Elena.
I allow Elena to remain in her house living her life with her friends as she does as a courtesy.
If you become a liability, I'll take her away from you.
You'll never see her again.
Okay, my first question is, when you got here to Mystic Now get rid of him before Jenna comes back with dessert.
All right.
We need to talk about this.
What good is talking if you and Damon are just gonna lie to me? If you don't like my decisions, fine.
There's nothing I can do.
But if you ever go behind my back, I'Il - What? Hmm? What are you gonna do? - It's my life.
It's your life.
I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure you live it.
So, what, this trip through the past, you being honest was there any truth to that or were you distracting me? I was telling you about a time when I had given up.
- That is what you're doing now.
- That is not Yes, it is, even if you don't wanna admit it.
You are giving up.
And Lexi, she wouldn't let me give up.
I'm not gonna let you.
All of these men are dead or dying.
What does that make you feel? Nothing.
I feel nothing.
Because you shut off the part of you that was human.
- The part that lets you feel.
- Ha, ha, is that not the point? Well, there is a better way.
You simply have to want it.
Is it better? Not at first.
You can't choose what you feel.
You have to let it all back in.
The pain.
The look in their eyes when you took their life.
- The cries of their loved ones.
- Why would I do that? Hmm? Because once you can hurt, you can love.
Love, Stefan.
That's the point.
Everything is intensified when you're a vampire.
When we hurt, we really hurt.
But when we love Lexi showed me that there was another way.
And from that day forward, I started fighting for it.
For my own survival.
That's all I want you to do.
I just want you to fight for it.
You said there wasn't gonna be any violence.
- Says the guy that did all the killing.
- I took the shot because I saw an opening, not because I planned this.
Now, you can't lie to me like that.
Hey, I am your friend, damn it.
And you don't have any friends.
So no more lying.
Elijah's dead.
Alaric did it.
Originals believed in truth and honor.
It was forbidden for a vampire to kill another vampire.
So the dagger would take both lives.
And as long as the dagger stays in place the Original is, for all intents and purposes, dead.
- What happened? - I need you to find Elena.
Now, that is cool.
How does it work? It's called channeling.
Siphoning power from something.
Another witch, the moon, an element.
Technically, you could channel me.
What? Well, I'm an element, sort of.
Isn't the human body mostly water? You're right.
Let's see what happens.
- What the hell are you doing here? - Jeremy.
What did my son tell you? What did he tell you? Told me about your daughter.
I know Klaus has her.
I wanna help you get her back.
I want us to work together.
This is for your own good.
If any harm comes to my son because of what you did you will answer to me.
It's okay.
All right.
It's okay.
What happened? He took my powers.
Hey, hey.
He's here.
- Go.
I need to talk to him alone.
- Elena.
I'm okay.
He can't come in the house.
You know, I might not be able to enter this house but I am a very patient man.
I'll wait you out.
- Shouldn't have done what they did.
- The deal is off.
- I'm renegotiating.
- You have nothing left to negotiate with.
I'd like to see you lure Klaus into Mystic Falls - after the doppelganger bleeds to death.
- Stefan won't let you die.
No, he won't.
He'll feed me his blood to heal me.
And then I'll kill myself and become a vampire, just like Katherine did.
Unless you want that to happen again, promise me the same as before.
Promise me that you won't harm anyone that I love.
Even if they've harmed you.
I'm sorry, Elena.
I'm going to have to call your bluff.
No! Yes.
Yes, you can have your deal.
- Let me heal you.
- Give me your word.
I give you my word.
Little tip.
Don't pull the dagger out.
Where did John disappear to? Uh, maybe the same place the rest of the dinner party ran off to.
Look, Jenna, I'm, uh - I'm so sorry tonight - What happened to Isobel? You know, John should've never brought that up.
- That's not an answer.
- He's trying to stir trouble.
That's not an answer either.
I can't talk about this, Jenna.
I keep thinking that maybe it's me.
Maybe I'm reading into things.
I should trust you.
That's what a relationship is about, right? But then I think that maybe John is right and maybe you're not being honest with me, so are you being honest? Right.
That was an answer.
Well, that was awkward.
You know, I can clear this stuff up about Isobel tomorrow.
If you want.
Or not.
You want it? Take it.
It's yours.
And after what you did to Damon you're gonna need it more than me.
What do we have here? Our little moonstone bar of soap.
I'll hold on to this.
So that's it? I mean, as long as we keep the dagger in there, then he stays dead? - Pretty much.
- Okay, then.
Good night.
You know, you guys want me to fight, fine, I'll fight.
But if we're gonna do this, you can't keep anything from me anymore.
From this moment on, we're doing it my way.
Seems fair.
Seems like she's had a change of attitude.
How'd you get through to her? Told her a little story about when I was making the wrong decisions and somebody showed me there was a better way.
Lexi? Yeah.
You remember her? Going somewhere? You must be the vampire I hear my brother complaining about.
That would be me.
And you must be the brother who hates him.
We are at irreparable odds.
You know the hate you're feeling towards Stefan, towards everyone? You think you have it under control, but you don't.
It will get the best of you.
Help him.
He needs it.
I'll help him.
Andie? Thought you left.
Hello, Damon.
Hey, do you have a robe? How did you get out? I knew that if I begged you not to kill Elijah, that's exactly what you'd do.
Little known fact? Originals can compel vampires but soon as they die, compulsion wears off.
And you knew.
And I'm still here.
I didn't run.
Meant what I said, Damon.
I'm going to help you.
So how about that robe?