The Vampire Diaries s03e01 Episode Script

The Birthday

Previously on "The Vampire Diaries" Does Elena enjoy having both of you worship at her altar? I've heard about you.
The crazy, impulsive vampire, in love with his brother's girl.
Klaus is a vampire born of a werewolf bloodline.
The curse has kept his werewolf aspect from manifesting, But if he breaks it, he'll be a true hybrid.
So that's what a werewolf bite looks like.
Tyler Lockwood bit me.
We'll find something a cure.
A bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire, so don't be his friend.
Do you understand me? Promise me no one will find out about us.
Where's Stefan? He gave himself over to Klaus to save his brother.
Just give me the cure and I'll do whatever you want.
You want your cure, there it is.
Your blood is the cure.
You should have met me in 1864.
You would have liked me.
I like you now.
You can embrace what you truly are.
Leave town with me and save your brother's life.
That's the spirit.
Rudy! Come on.
It's too hot to make me come looking for you.
I am so sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
- Can I help you? - Yeah, my, uh, my car ran out of gas a couple miles back.
I feel like I've been walking forever.
Yours is the first house I'd come to, so I was just hoping I could use your phone.
Don't you have a cell phone? Yeah.
Battery died.
Look, I promise I'm not a serial killer.
I just want to use your phone.
So - I can come in? - No.
I'll get the phone and I'll bring it out to you.
I thought you country folk were supposed to be more trusting.
I'm from Florida.
Well, that explains it.
Now show me a little southern hospitality, sweet pea.
I bet you a hundred dollars that dog ran off to a house with air conditioning.
What's going on? Please don't be alarmed.
I'm told Ray Sutton lives here.
He's almost never here.
He's on the road mostly.
But I expect he makes it home once a month.
That's what I thought.
Where is he now? If I have to make you tell me, it's going to be infinitely more painful for you.
I love it when they run.
He's in Tulley.
It's near the border.
A bar called Southern Comfort.
It's off highway 41.
Thank you, my love.
Now, may my friend come in your home? Yes.
Kill this one quickly, make that one suffer.
I'll be in the car.
Please don't, please The Vampire Diaries - S03E01 Ugh, early.
It's not early.
You're late for work.
Matt just called.
Well, maybe they'll fire me.
Aim high.
- What are you doing? - Just shopping for the party - you're trying to bail out on.
- I never said yes in the first place.
You were never going to, which is why I planned it anyway and my mom wants you to call her.
- Did she find something? - An animal attack in memphis.
It's the third one this week in Tennessee.
And you're sure it's a vampire? Yes, but that doesn't mean that it's Klaus.
Doesn't mean it's not.
- I'll call her.
- Call her yourself.
Tell her, thank you for her help.
All right, well, I've got to go.
I'll see you in a bit.
Oh, Caroline, wait, just keep tonight small.
Wear something pretty.
Was that, uh, Stefan news? - Could be more Klaus victims.
- You're certain Stefan's still with him.
Easy to be certain when the alternative is that he's dead.
Are you sure you're still ok on the couch? Yeah, yeah.
I'm good.
Because you spent half the summer on it.
If you need your own bedroom And sleep in your dead parents' room or my dead girlfriend's room Right.
I got it.
Hey, Elena Happy Birthday.
We are out of champagne.
No, you are out of champagne, - I don't drink in the morning.
- Well, would you be a dear - and - I think you can probably get it yourself.
I'm not your slave.
I mean, you're dripping a little Jeez.
- Mornin'.
- Hey, I was going You heard me.
You knew that I was here.
You know, you should learn to knock.
What if I was Indecent? Sheriff Forbes gave us another location to check.
Another dead end, you mean? - You don't know that.
- You're right, Elena.
This could be the one.
After almost two months, this could be the clue that tells us Stefan's alive and well and living in Graceland.
I'll go by myself.
And let Klaus know that you're tracking him? He thinks you're dead.
- Let's keep it that way.
- It's a new lead, Damon.
We haven't had one in a while.
I'll check it out.
If I find anything, I'll call you.
But He moved on to Tennessee.
That Florida victim you had me look into had family in Tennessee.
Which one, the pensacola guy? You up for a road trip? No can do.
I have got to work, but I can see if I can get you an address.
- See you at the party.
- Get me that address.
You need to come home.
It's boring around here without you.
You think you're bored? My dad's side of the family is like wet paint that never dries.
How's the Grill treating you? Well, it's teaching me the value of a mundane human experience.
A summer job is good for you.
You needed some normal in your life.
What was that? Nothing, look, I, uh, I got to get back to work.
- I'll talk to you soon, ok? - Wait, wait, Jeremy.
Is everything ok with you? Yeah, yeah, normal and mundane.
Come home soon, ok? Okay.
Vickie! - I need you to switch sections with me.
- Why? Caroline and Tyler just sat in mine.
- So? - So I don't feel like waiting on my ex-girlfriend.
Something's up with your mother.
Like what? When I was over yesterday, she just kept eyeing me.
Hey, guys.
Did Matt make you switch sections? He thinks we're dating.
- So does my mother.
- What?! We're together all the time.
It's not a leap.
That's crazy.
Right? What's up, Ray? Hey, Red.
Can I get a beer? Ray? Ray Sutton? - Who wants to know? - I've been looking everywhere for you.
We started in Florida, Pensacola.
I met a young chap there who you worked with before you moved to Memphis.
Now he directed me to two lovely young women and they led me here to you.
I think I'll be going.
Not so fast, mate.
You only just got here.
Now your type are very hard to come by.
I wouldn't do that.
You're swifty swift, Ray.
Yes, my friend here is a vampire.
He's compelled everyone in the bar, so don't look to them for any help.
I, however I'm something else.
A different kind of monster.
I've got some vampire, - I've got some wolf.
- You're what? A hybrid, Ray.
I'm both.
You see, I want to create more of me.
Now, you being the first werewolf I've come across in many a moon, pun intended, Ray, I need you to direct me to your pack.
So Where can I find them, Ray? You can't compel me, it won't work.
I need a scotch on the rocks, please.
Tell you what, Ray.
We're going to play a little drinking game.
Something I like to call truth or wolfsbane.
Oh, this is going to be fun, Ray.
Elena? I don't know why you just don't come clean and tell her where we are.
'Cause Andie said this was a half-lead and I don't want to get her hopes up.
Yeah, well, they're all half-leads and I'm your accomplice.
What do you want me to say to her? I'm practically living there.
Still sleeping on the couch? You know, I keep waiting for them to kick me out, but they don't.
I don't know why.
It's not like I'm helping or anything.
- It's quiet.
- Yeah.
Too quiet.
Oh, yeah.
- Vampire for sure.
- It's Stefan for sure.
How do you know? It's his signature.
There is a reason they called him the ripper.
He feeds so hard he blacks out, rips them apart, but then when he's done, he feels remorse.
It's the damndest thing.
He puts the bodies back together.
Back together.
Definitely Stefan.
I feel like I have to fight Damon every single time we get a lead on Stefan.
Maybe he doesn't want to find him.
Tyler! What? He's into you.
Isn't he? The only reason Stefan left with Klaus was so that he could save Damon's life.
I mean, trust me, Damon wants to find him.
But you kissed him.
- Probably screwed with his head.
- Tyler! I'm sorry.
I don't worry about it.
Look, yes, I kissed him, but it was a It was a good-bye kiss.
I thought he was going to die.
I just missed a call from Bonnie.
I'll be right back.
Just because I tell you things doesn't mean you're allowed to know them! Sorry.
I've got to run if I'm going to change and pick up Sophie in time.
Wait, you're bringing a date? Slutty Sophie - is your date? - Hey, it's been kind of slow in that department.
And I am horny all the time now.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Sometimes I feel like I'm going to explode.
It's, um, a vampire thing.
You know, our emotions are heightened and we're on overdrive, so It's a werewolf thing, too.
It's like I can't turn it off.
Well, I hope you get lucky tonight.
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
See you later.
What are you doing? Covering their tracks.
Clearly they have no interest in staying in the dark, but I do.
Hang on.
Well, what do you know? Werewolves.
Ray, you can end this right now.
Just tell me where your pack gathers for the full moon.
- I can't.
- I know, I know, you live by a code and all that, but see, he's not going to let me stop until you tell me and I do whatever he says.
That's the way it goes around here.
Hello, Mr.
I have some information for you.
You told me to tell you if I saw anything.
I saw that guy's brother Damon at the farmhouse.
Well, thank you, Claudine.
You just tell your friends to keep up the good work with the neighborhood watch, huh? - My brother's still on our trail? - He's getting closer.
- I'm going to have to deal with that.
- No, no, no.
Let me handle it.
Why should I let you leave? - 'Cause you know I'll come back.
- Do I? You saved my brother's life.
I'm in your service.
That almost sounds so tedious and indentured.
Aren't you even having the least bit of fun, heh? I'll make sure that my brother doesn't bother us anymore.
Don't worry, I'm not going to lose it.
At least not before the cake.
It's your party, you can cry if you want to.
Such a pack rat.
I got you something.
I know I promised not to buy you anything, so don't worry, I didn't pay for it.
- You stole it? - No, found it.
My necklace.
I thought I'd never see it again.
Alaric found it in his loft.
I figured you'd be happy to get it back.
I am happy.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Can you absolutely.
Shall we? Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Elena! Thanks.
You don't want that.
You want the cheap young stuff over by the cheap young people.
You like? Don't answer that.
This is "keeping it small"? What are we drinking? Where did you get that? Henry from the kitchen sold me a dime.
So, what's got you on your spiral downward? I'm sure it's a lot more interesting than mine.
You do not want to know.
How bad can it be? I already know everything else.
Go for it.
You know I died, right? And Bonnie used magic to bring me back to life.
Yeah, Elena told me.
The thing is, ever since I came back, I've been seeing Things.
What kind of things? Just things I shouldn't be seeing.
What's Bonnie say about it? No, I haven't told her.
I haven't told anybody.
It's just messing with my head, is all.
You know, I just need to chill out, so this.
Oh, the stoner den.
Buzz kill.
Hey, guys.
- Matt, hey.
- Hi.
Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
He hates me.
His hatred of me has driven him to drugs.
He doesn't hate you.
He hates that he's not with you.
Is that my brother? Thank you.
I am every parent's worst nightmare.
I'm the chaperone teacher from hell.
I love high school parties.
Isn't Andie supposed to be coming? She'll be here in a little bit.
Hello, birthday girl.
Jeremy's smoking again.
Is his stash any good? You're an ass.
Talk to him, please.
He looks up to you.
You're screwed.
Ok, I I'm the last person here again.
Dave, enough work, please.
I Can we do this can we do this in the a.
? I have a party I have to get to and you have got to get a life.
Okay, all right, bye, bye, bye.
Hello? Not cool, my retinas are burning.
Okay, seriously? What what the hell are you doing? Hello? Hello? Oh, hi.
Oh, Stefan.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
What are you doing here? We have been looking everywhere for you! Stefan Since when are they a thing? - I thought you were ignoring me.
- I'm not ignoring you.
Well, you've only said five words to me all summer and those were four of them.
Maybe because every time i've seen you, you've been with him.
'Cause he's my friend.
- Which is what I thought you were.
- Aren't you guys supposed to be, like, mortal enemies? I mean, isn't that how it works in the vampire-werewolf universe? Matt, shh! What is wrong with you?! I don't know.
I'm, uh I'm out of it, I guess.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
- What was that about? - Nothing.
- Great party, Caroline.
- Thanks.
Now leave it.
What the hell? - Andie wants me to pick her up.
- Your fake, compelled girlfriend wants you to be a chivalrous boyfriend? Well, it's a complicated dynamic.
- Hold the fort down, will you? - You mean the fort full of my drunk history students? Drink more.
It'll feel less weird.
This room's off-limits.
- Caroline? - Sorry.
I just needed to take a beat.
- Are you hiding? - I was just looking for Damon.
Well, he'd better be here somewhere, because we haven't even done the cake yet.
- I think I'm going to pass on the whole cake thing.
- But, no! No way, no! It's your birthday.
No, it's the dawn of a new day and you can't get on with your life until you've made a wish and blown out the candles.
Is that what you all want me to do, just get on with my life? No.
I just don't think anyone wants to see you like this.
- I'm not going to give up on finding Stefan, Caroline.
- Of course not and you shouldn't.
But you have to admit that you're kind of just letting your life pass you by.
And isn't stefan the one who wanted to make sure that you lived it? You want me to make a wish? I just want to know that he's alive.
That's it.
That's my wish.
I'm sorry, hey, I'm just drunk and dumb tonight.
What are you doing? What's all that? It's Klaus.
Damon's been tracking him without me.
Why wouldn't he just tell you? I don't know.
Andie - Party central.
- Where are you? I'm by the - Punch bowl.
- Don't do that, Damon, don't lie to me.
- I saw your closet.
- Oh, oh, I gotta gotta go break up beer pong.
Wait, Damon Stefan.
Hello, brother.
You don't write.
You don't call.
I need you to stop following me.
Causing some - problems.
- With who, Klaus? - I'm supposed to care what he thinks? - What you're supposed to do is let me go.
Saw your latest artwork in Tennessee.
Walking a fine line there, my friend.
Keep that up and there will be no saving you.
See, the thing is, I don't need any saving.
I just want you to let me go.
Oh, I got a birthday girl at home who's not going to let me do that.
You know, maybe I haven't made my point.
Hey, Andie, you still there? Andie? Damon? I can't move, Damon.
- He told me that I can't move.
- No, no, no, it's OK, Andie, stay calm.
- Not cool, brother.
- Oh, come on.
A little bit cool, huh? Hey, Andie.
- You can move now.
- No! No, no, no, no, no! Now I said let me go.
What are you doin'? I can't find my truck.
That's probably a sign you shouldn't be driving it.
Need a ride? You're more stoned than I am.
What the Vickie?! Help me.
Hey, what'd you just say? Nothin'.
Did you just say "Vickie", as in my sister Vickie? What? No, no.
I, uh, I didn't say anything.
No! What's wrong? You know what, maybe we should just walk.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
What is your problem?! - You're pissed that I brought someone? - Why would I be pissed? You brought a date.
You're dating.
That's awesome.
- OK, should I not be dating? - Hey, you're horny all the time, right? I mean, a guy has needs.
'Cause if I shouldn't be dating, all you've got to do is say something.
If you don't say something, then i'm going to keep dating.
- What would I say? - Don't do that, Caroline! I've already been there once with you, okay, and you said no.
You shut me down.
I'm not going back there again unless you make it crystal clear that you Let's get out of here.
Hey! You missed the cake.
What? - What are you doing here? - Why didn't you tell me? Why did you keep it a secret? Can we not do this right now? I'm having a really bad night.
All summer, every single time I came to you with a lead, you made me feel like an idiot for having hope.
You were an idiot.
We both were.
Tell me what you know, Damon.
I know you need to get back to your party, Elena.
We're supposed to be in this together.
Why didn't you tell me you've been tracking Klaus' victims? Because they're not Klaus' victims, Elena, they're Stefan's! - What? - He's left a trail of body parts up and down the eastern seaboard.
- You're wrong.
- I've seen it happen before.
He's flipped the switch, to full-blown ripper! - Stop it, Damon.
- No, you stop, Elena! Stop looking for him.
Stop waiting for him to come home.
Just stop! Stefan is gone and he's not coming back.
Not in your lifetime.
All right, I should probably go before Elena and Mr.
Saltzman come home - and see what a bad example I am.
- You sure you can walk? We'll see.
Can I take the ice cream with me? What happened in the car, man? - Nothing.
- Come on, man.
You said, "Vickie".
All right, you said my sister's name.
Why? You said you were seeing things? I've been seeing her.
I mean, I think I see her all the time, too.
It's 'cause I miss her so much, though.
You know, like, I want to see her so I do.
Look, I know we've got our hands full with all this supernatural stuff in this town, but ghosts Like I said, you know, my head's all messed up.
OK, it's a three step process, right? This is step one.
I want you to drink from my wrist.
I already told you where to find the pack.
What more do you want from me? Have you been listening to a word I've been saying, Ray? I have great plans for you.
He'll thank me for it later.
There we go, Attaboy! What are you going to do now? It's time for step two, Ray.
You're back.
Did you doubt me? Not for a second.
I knew you'd pass the test.
You still care for your brother, for your old life.
I don't care about anything anymore.
You put on a good show, Stefan.
I almost believe you.
Let's hope, for your brother's sake, he does.
You never stop caring about family, do you? But every time you feed, the blood makes it easier to let go.
What are you doing? I'm not going to stay here anymore.
What? - Why? - I'm not a role model.
You know, I drink too much, I say the wrong things, I encourage bad behavior.
At school I can pull it together, but in my own life you know, the way I miss Jenna, it's just I'm really not any good to anybody right now.
I'm sorry, Elena.
You're 18.
You can do all this alone now.
You can do it better without me.
CALLER UNKNOWN Hello? Hello? Stefan? Stefan, if this is you you'll be OK.
I love you, Stefan.
Hold on to that.
Never let that go.
Leaving so soon? I didn't mean to be so I mean, we were just I'm gonna get my purse, okay?