The Vampire Diaries s03e05 Episode Script

The Reckoning

Previously on "the Vampire Diaries" You must be Elena.
How do we look exactly alike? - I killed the doppelganger.
- I broke the curse.
So what am I doing wrong? You'd have to contact the witch who created it.
That would be the original witch.
The necklace is a talisman from the original witch herself.
- Hi Katherine.
- Feel like hitting the road? Why not? Rebekah.
Time to wake up, little sister.
When I met you two, there was a man looking for you.
- You both seemed afraid.
- Who was that man? - What's wrong? - He was asking about Michael.
He's not with us, Nik, I can sense it.
You're holding on to something.
I thought I would see for myself what it is you've been hiding.
Welcome back to Mystic Falls, Stefan.
- Ohh! - Oh, come on! Seriously?! Do you know how long it took for us to set all this up?! Forgot about senior prank night, huh? - Clearly.
- How could you forget? We've only been waiting for this since like freshman year.
Yeah, Matt.
If I'm doing this, you're doing this.
I'm kind of surprised any of you are doing this.
- Caroline's making us.
- We're about to be seniors.
These are the memories that stay with us forever, and if we don't And if we don't create these memories now, then what's the point of it all? Go ahead and make fun, I don't care.
You're all lame.
And I've got ten more classrooms to prank.
Hey! Where are you going? To superglue Alaric's desk shut.
I'm making memories.
I love you! Get the faculty toilet seats, and Dana needs bodies in the gym.
Let's go.
- There's my girl.
- Klaus! You're supposed to be dead.
What are we going to do about that? - Are you hungry? - Let's stop for a bite.
A truck stop.
Or a trucker.
- Oh, stop being cute.
- It's not possible.
We've been driving around aimlessly for hours.
Where are we going? Far enough away so that you can't go running back.
Not to worry.
Mystic Falls and I are on a bit of a break.
You and Mystic Falls, or you and Elena? Let's just say Elena and I are having a bit of difference of opinion on how I should behave.
Let me guess Elena wants you to be the hero, and you don't like playing pretend.
Something like that.
Her loss.
What are you doing? I thought I'd give it a shot.
Truth is, you just don't do it for me anymore.
Oh, he lives.
- What happened? - You took a beating.
My brother's been breaking your neck all afternoon.
Quite the temper.
Why did he bring us back to Mystic Falls? You can stop playing dumb now.
It didn't take him long to figure out what you'd been hiding.
I'm not hiding anything.
I've done everything Klaus has asked me to.
No, you just failed to mention that the doppelganger's still alive.
Where is Klaus now? With any luck, ripping that cow's bloody head off.
Where is she? You really do love her, don't you? Consider me jealous.
You put a rather large kink in my plans, sweetheart.
The whole point of breaking the curse and becoming a hybrid was to make more hybrids.
I haven't been able to do that.
Now my bet is, it has something to do with the fact that you're still breathing.
If you're going to kill me, just do it! Not until I know I'm right.
But I do have ways of making you suffer.
Attention, seniors.
You have officially been busted.
Prank night is over.
Head on home.
You two.
I remember you.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? Oh, don't worry, I wasn't in my right head last time we met.
Lift your foot up, please, Dana.
If she drops her foot, Chad, I want you to beat her to death.
Understood? Don't, Klaus.
You don't have to hurt anybody.
Oh, come on, love.
Of course I do.
Why are we stopping? I thought we might want to stretch our legs.
Take a break from the sexual tension.
I'm tired of driving.
- It's your turn.
- Fine.
Hey! I We're not going anywhere until you spill your guts.
Do you recognize this, hmm? A little birdy told me that Klaus wants to get his hands on it.
Why would Klaus want Elena's necklace? Does it matter? He wants it, and I have it.
It's leverage, Damon.
Always stay one step ahead of your enemy.
- I'll keep that in mind.
- But more importantly, when I stole the necklace from Bonnie, I found out something else Something better.
Oh, yeah? What's that? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to stop Klaus? - No turning back? - I'm not turning back.
'Cause this isn't going to win you any points at home.
Jeremy? Really? Do you think Matt's going to be ok? I'm kissing you and you're wondering about your ex-boyfriend? I'm asking you if you think our friend, who we both love, is ok.
I think he probably doesn't have a lot of people to talk to anymore.
I think he's struggling more than he lets on.
I think that I love how big your heart is.
I just want this school year to be great, you know? I just want everyone to be happy.
Even in the midst of all the crazy unhappy bits.
I'm happy.
You two are adorable.
Uh, do we know you? You're Caroline, Elena's friend, which makes you Tyler.
The werewolf.
And who are you? I'm the new girl.
Caroline! This is fun, right? You sound like Caroline.
Come on, I am embracing her philosophy.
You should be more into this.
I know.
Where's Jeremy tonight? I haven't talked to him all day.
We're having, um He, uh, he told me about seeing Vicki.
Good, I'm glad that you know.
I'm sorry.
Is it weird talking about your sister like this? No, I I just kind of want to see her myself, you know? I mean, I never got to say good-bye to her.
Do you realize that just last summer, you and I were lifeguards at the pool? And the only two problems I had in my life were that Elena was breaking up with me and I sucked at CPR.
Everything was so different then.
Now Elena's dating a vampire, you're a witch, my sister's a ghost, and I'm I'm just a guy who's wondering how life got so screwed up.
It's crazy, Matt.
I I can't imagine what it must be like for you.
It just, uh, kind of explains why I'm not that into senior prank night.
I'll go grab a couple more rolls.
Then we hit the gym.
I'm here, Matt.
I can help you.
Keep it up.
Where's Stefan? What did you do to him? Stefan's on a time out.
Bonnie, get out of here! Ah, I was wondering when you'd show up.
Now we can get started.
Ah, Dana, why don't you relax? You and Chad sit tight.
I assume you're the reason Elena's still walking around alive? That's right.
If you want to blame someone, blame me.
Oh, there's no need for blame, love.
Just your witchy interference seems to have caused some undesirable side effects.
And since you caused the problem, I'm going to have you find the fix.
- Get off of me! - Hush now.
I'd like you all to meet my sister Rebekah.
Word of warning She can be quite mean.
- Don't be an ass.
- Leave him alone! I'm going to make this very simple Every time I attempt to turn a werewolf into a vampire hybrid, they die during the transition.
It's quite horrible, actually.
I need you to find a way to save my hybrids, Bonnie.
And for Tyler's sake You better hurry.
He killed him.
He's not dead.
Klaus's blood will turn him into a vampire.
And if Bonnie's successful, he'll live through his transition.
Go on, then.
Go and fetch your grimoires and enchantments and what-not.
I'll hold on to Elena For safe-keeping.
So this is the latest doppelganger.
The original one was much prettier.
Enough, Rebekah.
Take the wolf boy elsewhere, would you? Just ignore her.
Petty little thing.
What are you going to do? I have no idea.
The curse he's talking about is a thousand years old.
My grimoires don't go back that far.
Can you ask those dead witches that helped you before? I don't have contact with them anymore They cut me off when I brought Jeremy back to life.
That's it! I can't contact the dead.
Jeremy can.
I'm listening.
What if I told you there was a way to kill Klaus? And not Dagger dead.
Dead dead.
I'd say you were desperate and lying.
Or drunk.
Or desperate, lying and drunk.
- Do you remember my friend Pearl? - Vividly.
Centuries ago, she told me about a vampire who knew how to kill Klaus.
Then she wouldn't tell me any more.
- Well, why not? - Because it was her leverage.
She knew it was valuable information, and wouldn't share it with me.
Well, this is all great But she's dead.
Which is why I never brought it up.
Because she only ever told one other person.
- Who? - Her daughter.
- Anna.
- Also dead.
Which brings us right back around to To me.
Back around to me.
Stefan Klaus.
Come to save your damsel, mate? I came to ask for your forgiveness.
And pledge my loyalty.
Well, you broke that pledge once already.
Elena means nothing to me anymore.
And whatever you ask of me I will do.
Fair enough.
Let's drink on it.
Kill them.
What are you waiting for? Kill them.
No! Stefan, don't.
He's not going to hurt me.
He already said ahh! She means nothing to you? Your lies just keep piling up.
Let her go! I'll do whatever you want, you have my word! Your word doesn't mean much.
I lived by your word all summer, during which time I never had to resort to this Stop fighting.
Don't do this, don't do this.
I didn't want to.
All I wanted was your allegiance.
Now I'm going to have to take it.
Don'tDon't You will do exactly as I say when I say it.
You will not run, you will not hide, you will simply just obey.
No! Stefan! Now kill them.
[Groaning[ This isn't going to work.
I think that your witchy girlfriend's worried that you've run away with your ghostly lover.
Stop with the teeny bopper drama.
I'm not helping them.
No, it's ok to help.
They're looking for a way to stop Klaus.
I don't care.
Katherine is not a friend to you.
- Neither of them are.
- What's she saying? Well, she doesn't want to help you.
- My advice? - Hmm? If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.
Jeremy, I just want you to know, it's nothing personal.
- Ow! What the hell?! - Jeremy! Anna, I know you can hear me.
Tell us what you know.
The sooner, the better for your little boyfriend here.
- They're looking for Mikael.
- Mikael! Mikael.
Is that his name? Who's Mikael? The vampire who hunts vampires.
You don't want to wake him.
He will kill all of you.
- What's she saying? - Hello! He's a vampire and a Hunter, and you guys would be idiots to wake him.
What do you mean, wake him? It's time to go find the keys.
We didn't have mobile telephones in my day.
Would have made life a whole lot easier, I suppose.
Where's Tyler? He's dead.
What did you do to him? Think of it as he's having a nap.
When he wakes up, he'll be a hybrid.
Is that my neck Why is that doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace?! It's always nice to see a vampire in his true element.
The species has become such a broody lot.
You did this to him.
I invited him to the party, love.
He's the one dancing on the table.
Where is it?! Where's my necklace? - What are you talking about? - She has my necklace.
Well, well.
More lies.
WhereLs it? - I don't have it anymore.
- You're lying! Knock it off! Make her tell me where it is, Nik! Where's the necklace, sweetheart? Be honest.
I'm telling the truth.
Katherine stole it.
Of course.
Well, that's unfortunate.
If we had the necklace it would make things a whole lot easier for your witch, but since we're doing this the hard way, let's put a clock on it, shall we? If Bonnie hasn't found a solution by then, I want you to feed again.
Only this time, I want you to feed on Elena.
You know you want to.
No, Klaus! Don't do this to him! No one leaves.
If she tries to run, fracture her spine.
Did you find Jeremy? No! I called him like 20 times.
All right, I'll grab my keys, we'll head to his house.
I'll meet you by your truck.
What the hell? Oh, you've got to be kidding me! Matt! I can help you, mattie, but I need you to hear me.
Whoa! Vicki? What is taking so long? This is going to sound crazy, but I think Vicki's trying to reach out to me.
What? I think she can help us save Tyler.
No, Jeremy can help us save Tyler.
We can't find Jeremy.
We need to try something else.
I have an idea but I'm going to need your help.
- Meet me at the pool.
- I don't understand.
Jeremy can see ghosts because you brought him back from the dead.
I need you to do that for me.
What?! No, Matt, that's crazy! This is going to work, trust me.
No, Matt, I can't do that kind of magic anymore.
You don't need magic, Bonnie.
You just have to be better than I was at CPR.
Don't fall asleep, Jer.
You might have a concussion.
Thanks for the concern, Dick.
Oh, stop pouting.
He took one for the team.
Everyone back home will thank you once Klaus is dead.
Where's my phone? Do you need to check in with Elena? Make sure it's ok you pummeled her little baby bro? You know you have it.
What can I say? I needed you present here and now.
Katherine, phone, now.
Bonnie's been texting me.
What is it? - It's Klaus.
- No turning back, Damon.
- Shut up, Katherine.
- Hey, look at the big picture.
The best shot at taking out Klaus is by finding Mikael.
Stay with her so Anna can guide you.
I'm going back.
You're going to get yourself killed.
The Damon I remember wouldn't have been that stupid.
I wouldn't have done it for you.
Matt, please! I can't do this.
There's nothing else I can do! Matt.
Vicki? Matt.
Please! I can see you.
I need you to listen to me very carefully.
I don't have much time.
Why, what's happening? Where are we? It doesn't matter.
I need you to give Bonnie a message.
It's ok.
You're ok.
Caroline's dad! Stefan, he was able to resist compulsion.
I don't know how, but he did it.
Maybe it's possible.
Yeah, yeah.
Maybe it's just mind control, right? Maybe it just takes some focus, a couple decades of training.
- No big deal.
- Stefan, you can control this.
When that buzzer goes off, just just drink from me.
You don't get it.
I can't stop, Elena! I'm a ripper! A ripper doesn't stop! I listen to the words that come out of your mouth, and all I hear is the sound of your heart pumping blood through your body.
And when that clock ticks down I'm going to have to feed on you.
And you want to know what's worse? I'm not going to be able to stop.
I don't believe that.
You can fight it.
You just have to want it bad enough.
- Why, because I love you? - Yeah! That's right, Stefan.
Because you love me.
You'll fight because after everything that we've been through, you owe me that! You know what, you're right.
You're right.
I owe you everything.
Because through all of this, you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up; from turning it all off.
But I can't help what I am, Elena.
The more blood that I get, the more I want, and if I get so much as near yours You are dead.
Hey! Shhh.
Where am I? What happened? - Tyler.
- Don't be shy about it.
What's going on? Klaus is turning you into a vampire.
A hybrid.
You're in transition.
Don't leave out the hard part, sweets.
You'll only survive if your witch is successful.
If not You're pretty much dead.
You're going to be ok.
Ok? It's going to be ok.
I wonder how she's doing.
Tick tock goes the gym clock.
As soon as you're feeling better, I'm going to kill you.
It worked.
I saw her, I saw Vicki.
You did? - She said she had a message for you.
- For me? From the witch that put the hybrid curse on Klaus.
She said that Elena shouldn't have survived Klaus' ritual.
The hybrids can't transition because Elena's still alive.
- Tyler - He's going to die, isn't he? I wouldn't be too sure about that.
Given the choice, doppelganger or a hybrid, I go hybrid every time.
Elena, you're going to have run.
But Klaus said that if I run I know what he said, but if you stay, it won't matter.
Elena, please, please, please.
There's no other way.
There is another way, Stefan.
It's for you to fight.
Stefan I love you.
Fight, Stefan.
Don't give up.
I can't hold it.
Aaah! Elena, run! Go! We've got to stop meeting like this.
Now this is fascinating.
I've never seen this before.
The only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.
Why don't you turn it off? - No! - Come on.
Your humanity is killing you.
All the guilt must be exhausting.
- Turn it off.
- No! - Stefan - You're strong.
But you're not that strong.
Turnit Off.
No! Turn it off! What did you do? I fixed him.
But I think a test is in order, don't you? Ripper Perhaps you'd like a drink From the doppelganger's neck.
Aaah! Well, the verdict's in.
The original witch says the doppelganger should be dead.
Does that mean we can kill her? No, I'm fairly certain it means the opposite.
What?! Call it a hunch Elena's blood.
Drink it.
No! No, no, no, Tyler, don't! If he doesn't feed, he'll die anyway, love.
Consider this an experiment.
It's ok.
There we go.
Good boy.
Tyler? No! Bloody hell, shut up! Well, that's a good sign.
Where am I? In the hospital, sweetie.
You suffered through a terrible ordeal.
I have to get out of here.
Not an option.
You've lost a lot of blood.
Wait You're taking my blood? Of course.
It's very important for your friend Klaus.
Ah! Don't fight it, sweetie.
He told me you need plenty of rest.
So the doppelganger isn't the problem.
Her blood is the solution.
Seems so.
How did you know? Well, you know how much the original witch hated me.
Do you honestly think I would do anything other than the opposite of what she says.
A thousand years in the grave and she's still screwing with you.
Well, it makes sense if you think about it from her perspective.
It was her failsafe in case I ever broke the hybrid curse.
The doppelganger had to die in order for me to become a hybrid, but if she was dead Then you couldn't use her blood to sire yourself a new species.
Leaving me alone for all time.
Is that what this is about? Your obsession with hybrids.
You just don't want to be alone? What I want is to take my girl, take my hybrid the hell out of this one pony town.
You know, why don't you, uh, why don't you get the truck? I'll get Elena.
Well, look who finally decided to show up to the party.
- Where is she? Elena? Ah, she's making a donation to a greater cause.
I'm afraid I can't let you interfere, mate.
- You'll have to kill me.
- Oh, I would love to kill you, but I made a pledge to your brother, and unlike him, I keep my word.
Although, you know what, thinking about it now, he probably doesn't care that much anymore.
You don't want to know about your friend Mikael? What do you know about Mikael? Just that he knows you're here.
You're bluffing.
Katherine and I found him.
Consider it our leverage.
Damon Hey.
Are you sure you're ok? I'm great, Caroline.
I mean, like, phenomenal.
It's a rush.
I wish I could explain it.
Everything's just Better.
Oh! This is going to be an amazing year.
You ready? I could still use a ride over to Jeremy's.
Yeah, just a second.
Listen to me.
I know you want to help, and I know you miss your sister.
But what you did was reckless and stupid.
I know.
I know.
But it worked.
It was worth it.
You don't want to be a part of all this, Matt.
You are the only one of us who actually gets to live your life like a normal person, no matter how lost you feel.
Don't forget that.
I get it, Bonnie.
I'll be out in a minute, ok? Vicki's here.
Watching me, and I just, uh, I just need a minute to say good-bye, ok? Bon, seriously, I'm not going to do anything stupid, I just Vickie? Hi, Mattie.
Hey, have some bourbon.
It'll help you forget.
Yeah, it's strong.
You know I can help you forget, too.
At least the memories you don't want to keep.
No compulsion.
I need to remember.
All of it.
I stole it back for you.
He's really gone this time.
I watched it happen.
After everything that we went through to get to help him.
Now he's just Gone.
Where were you, Damon? I shouldn't have left.
I promise you I will never leave you again.
Well, isn't this cozy? What are you doing here, brother? Last I checked, I live here.
Klaus is gone, but he's asked me to keep watch on you until he returns.
From now on, you're under my protection.
Mmm, by all means.
Carry on.
How do you know that Anna wasn't tricking you? This is the place.
It's the oldest wing of the largest cemetery in Charlotte.
She said that a witch entombed them here in the nineties.
Look there.