The Vampire Diaries s03e18 Episode Script

The Murder of One

Damon: Previously on "The Vampire Diaries" Liz: This was a murder.
Someone drove this stake through his heart.
I would know if I were killing people! You wear a ring that lets you cheat death, Ric.
How many times can you die before it changes you? What are you doing here, Sage? I heard Finn was finally free from that casket your brother carted him around in.
He's my one true love.
Esther's planning on killing her entire family.
She's linked them all together with a spell.
Whatever happens to one happens to all of them.
It's not over, Nik.
The white oak tree back to the old world.
That tree could kill us.
In 1912, the Salvatore milling company chopped down an old white oak tree that was used to make the wickery bridge.
You have a weapon.
Let's go kill some originals.
Morning, sunshine.
How's Alaric? Indecent, but fine.
So then does that mean there were no issues last night? Nope.
Slept like a baby.
Woke up Alaric.
No headlines about dead council members.
Then why do I feel like you're hiding something from me? Well, maybe because you're being all paranoid and control freak-y.
What'd you bring me? Hey Chocolate muffins.
You know what they say the way to a psycho killer's heart is through his stomach.
They're not for you.
Keep convincing yourself you're still mad at me.
But sadly, Ric's going to have to pass on Elena time today.
You know, lockdown and all.
Just take it, give it to him and tell him that I miss him, ok? With pleasure.
Have a great day.
Dam thanks for coming by.
[Locks door] Walking down the stairs.
Opening front door and She's gone.
[Rock music playing] Needs to have a sharper point.
Got it.
Finally have our own stakes to kill an original.
I'm not going to miss because you can't whittle.
I said I got it.
Stop micro managing.
Looks like you guys got this under control.
I'm going to call the sheriff.
I want to turn myself in.
No, you don't.
I have a homicidal alter ego.
Unlike some people in this room, I would like to take responsibility for the people I've killed.
If you wanted to turn yourself in, you wouldn't be saying it out loud.
Just sayin'.
Listen, of all the people, you cannot psychoanalyze me.
I killed Caroline's father.
I nearly killed Meredith.
Everything has changed.
You're not turning yourself in.
Bonnie's herbs are working and we have originals to kill.
His morals get very questionable when he has revenge on the brain.
Klaus needs to die, we finally have a chance to kill him.
So you are not turning yourself in.
Here's your ring, Ric.
Put it on.
That ring is the reason I've killed people.
It's also the reason you're alive.
You're going vampire hunting, Ric.
Wear it.
Caroline: Alaric Saltzman killed my father? I can't expect you to be ok with this.
But at least these herbs that Bonnie's giving him, they're healing him and they're keeping the dark side buried.
Yeah, and that's supposed to make everything ok? No, Caroline, it's not ok.
It's horrible.
And I feel horrible about it, but[Inhales and exhales] He's a victim of something supernatural.
He didn't ask for this.
It just happened to him.
Just like Bonnie's mom.
I mean, she didn't ask to become a vampire.
And Neither did Stefan, or Tyler.
Or me.
[Sighs] Or you.
None of you asked for this.
But who would I be if I just Turned my back on any of you? Oh, Elena Gilbert.
Savior of the cursed and the damned.
[Both chuckle] Hey.
What's with the, uh, cryptic secret meeting text? I don't know.
Stefan just said to meet here.
Where's Bonnie? Texted her, too.
Uh, Bonnie's mom bailed on her.
So I think we should leave her out of this one.
What are we doing here? We found some more white oak.
Long story.
Wait for the movie.
Hang on.
White oak? You have a weapon that can kill Klaus? Nope.
We all have a weapon.
Hello, Finn.
Hello, Niklaus.
I have nothing to say to you.
I'm not here to chat.
I will ask you one time, though, where's our mother? Gone to find another way to end our abominable lives.
And when she does, I will sacrifice myself all over again.
How fortunate that I found you.
I require your assistance.
I have no wish to help you.
Only to see you dead.
Well, that's the thing.
You see, you won't be able to see me dead because if I die, then you die, so it's a wish unfulfilled.
Oh, bother someone else - with your hollow charms, Niklaus.
- Why? When I can bother my big brother? I need you to accompany me back to Mystic Falls.
I have a witch there who can help undo Esther's spell that linked us together.
I have no wish to be unlinked! Again with the wishes.
Let me rephrase you will come back with me or I will put you back in that coffin in which you rotted for 900 years.
What happens to one happens to all.
You may not feel the effects of the dagger, but you'd lose your precious Rebekah.
Wouldn't be the first time.
Let's not make this any worse than it has to be, darling brother.
You're siding with him? Rebekah, he stored us in boxes.
At least he's not trying to make us extinct.
What are you going to do? Kill me? Oh, yeah, that's right, you've got a death wish.
Pathetic, but fine.
The thing is, I'm not going to have you take the rest of us down with you.
[Gasping] Stefan: Klaus has always been one step ahead of us.
But now we have the advantage.
We're all armed, and they are all linked.
Meaning we only need to kill one of them.
We need to seize the best opportunity, which means we need to prepare for every opportunity.
Scenario number one you are to play Klaus.
Ok, stop.
Rebekah is our target.
So we'll distract her and catch her off guard.
To do that, we need to keep Klaus separate and occupied.
Why do I always have to be Klaus bait? Because he's obsessed with you.
But for right now, we need you to play Rebekah.
We'll use the quarterback to distract her.
Just keep her talking.
How? Act interested.
She's lonely.
She slept with you.
[Chuckles] Beefcake holds bombshell, I come up from behind her, grab her arms like this Ow! Which gives me time for one shot.
Got it? Good.
So we all have one stake, we keep it hidden and we look out for any opportunity we have.
No last minute attacks of pity for any of them.
Don't worry about me.
Not after what happened to Bonnie's mom.
Barbie? Oh, I'm ready.
Anything that will free Tyler of his sire bond to Klaus.
Bus boy? Do I have a choice? Good point.
We have 12 stakes.
one original.
We can do this.
All right, let's try another scenario.
Elena, grab a crossbow.
Matt, you play Klaus.
Gather your witch.
Let's get his blood and get on with it.
You can't force me to help you.
Oh, I most likely could.
But why force when I can persuade? Hello, Finn.
Sage! [Gasping] What do you know? True love prevails.
It does occasionally have its uses.
Easier than torturing him.
I have something to do.
What do you need from me for this spell? Just your blood and your blessing.
Where are you going? I have some unfinished business with Damon Salvatore.
Ask Sage what he did to me.
And you'll understand why retribution is in order.
I mean, did you learn nothing from the moon stone in the soap dish? Why? Where'd you put yours? [Door slams] What the hell was that? [Glass breaking] [Groans] Ric? [Groaning] Hello, lover.
Bonnie, we're starting to worry about you.
Call me back.
Or call Caroline.
Just call someone, please.
Saltzman was like the most normal guy in town.
Is it weird that Bonnie's not returning my calls? Is it weird that Klaus' brother is in the middle of town square? That's Finn.
I thought he left town.
Sage: So can you guess why I dragged you out here? If memory serves me, this is where the natives used to make sacrifices to their gods.
This statue was built where we used to rendezvous.
Back when you used to have to sneak away from your siblings to see your [british accent] Tawdry lady friend.
I assumed after 900 years you've moved on.
I took care of myself.
But I never stopped loving you, Finn.
I don't want you to die.
[Cell phone rings] Hey.
Elena: Hey, where are you? I just got home.
Why? Klaus' brother Finn is in the town square.
He's with some ex-girlfriend or something.
Ex-girlfriend? Guy's been in a coffin for the last 900 years.
It's got to be Sage.
We have an opportunity.
So how do we do this? Listen to me, Elena.
Do not do anything, ok? Sage is very old and very strong.
You don't stand a chance against her.
Then get Damon and get down here.
[Alaric groaning] What the hell happened to you? Stefan Rebekah happened.
I think we have a problem.
[Damon groaning] I found them in the shed.
What kind of monster would trap a poor, defenseless animal? Got to admit, even for me, it's a little kinky.
You pretended to be interested in me.
And then you slept with me so your trampy friend Sage could steal my thoughts.
Ever since then, I've felt this incessant need to one-up you.
So I've decided to bleed the vervain from your system.
[Groaning] You want to compel me to be your boyfriend? Actually, I'd rather compel you to kill your brother.
Or Elena.
But, since vampires heal, bleeding you may take a while.
We should probably stick to the major arteries.
Well Look what you caught.
If you're trying to bleed him of vervain, don't you think it would be easier to hang him upside down? I'm perfectly capable of inflicting pain, thank you very much.
Oh, well, excuse me.
It's not like I have any expertise in the matter.
You know, why don't you just leave me be and go and manage your witch? Mmm.
Now, where were we? Tick tock.
I should hear chanting by now.
I'm still studying the unlinking spell.
It's not that easy, especially under duress.
You've been warned.
If you're looking for a way to send for help, I will kill anyone who comes to your rescue.
This is the spell.
I just don't know if I'm strong enough.
Then you should have a little more faith in yourself, Bonnie.
Your energy helped my mother link us.
Honestly, I think someone isn't trying very hard.
Very well.
[Sniffs] [Phone beeps] Kol.
How's the weather up there in mile high city? And how's our friend? That's him.
There's Jeremy.
Playing fetch with his new puppy.
Isn't that just the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Thank you, Kol.
We'll be in touch.
So, Bonnie.
How about that spell? Hey.
I hear you had a run in with Buffy the vampire.
[Groans] Yeah, I'll live.
What are you doing here? Checking up on you.
In case you're Not you.
I'm me.
I guess not-you would say that, too.
Which is why Elena said you have to drink this.
I hope it tastes better than it smells.
It doesn't.
That's disgusting.
It's either that or kill people, so Elena told me everything.
[Sighs] Caroline I am so sorry.
I don't even know what else I can say.
[Sighs] Right after I turned into a vampire, I killed someone.
A stranger.
I just Killed him.
And what's worse is, I liked it.
I have blood on my hands, too.
You know, we all do.
Yeah, but the blood on my hands is your father's.
Yeah, it is.
And maybe the guy I killed was someone's father, too.
[Sighs] Look All I know is, I'm no better than you.
So I'm going to take a page from the Elena Gilbert handbook and choose to believe that you can be saved.
[Chuckles] Ok? Ok.
How is he? Hey.
He's just banged up.
Caroline's going to stay with him; Make sure Alaric stays Alaric.
Matt texted me, he said Finn is still in the grill.
We need to plan our next move.
Wait, wait, Rebekah has Damon.
Our next move should be finding him.
No, we need to stay on point.
See an original, kill an original.
That's the plan.
Yeah, that was the plan before Damon's life was hanging in the balance.
Look, Elena, I understand that you're concerned about my brother's life, but if he even knew for one second that we were talking about missing a chance to kill these people, he would lose his mind.
Yeah, and if the roles were reversed, he would stop everything to save you.
I know what my brother would want.
What he would want and what we should do are two different things.
You going to help me with this or not? Ok.
I'll figure it out myself.
[Elena gasping] What are you doing? Rebekah will kill you.
Then hurry up and and tell me what to do.
[Groaning] [Gasping] [Both gasping and groaning] Come on, come on.
We have to keep going, Damon.
[Gasping] I need a minute.
No, look at me.
Look at me.
Leave me to die, Elena.
I am not going to leave you.
Damon? No! Damon.
Ohh [Groaning] Ohh.
It's not fun when someone messes with your thoughts, is it? [Groans] Actually, I was having a pretty good time in there.
Well, I hope you were nicer to Elena than you are to me.
Oh, come on.
I couldn't hurt you that bad.
You didn't think I really had a thing for you, did you? I get it.
Klaus bossed me around for a thousand years, I'd probably be pretty desperate for attention, too.
[Groaning] [Coughing, screaming] Who was that? I wouldn't let it bother you, love.
Well, it does bother me.
You bother me.
The way you use people to get what you want.
It's not right.
You're being emotional, Bonnie.
I understand that things have been rough for you.
You know, with your mother leaving.
It's very sad.
I can help you find her.
If you want.
I have people who can find people.
I could bring her back to you.
Or, if you choose, I can just bring parts of her back.
But isn't it obvious that I'm just going to continue to hurt the people you love until you do the spell.
Now, I know it's in the grimoire, and I know it requires the blood of my siblings, so.
Here we are.
Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Finn.
Where do you want us? Sage: You've never had tequila before? That's embarrassing.
Seriously, I'm embarrassed for you.
[Music playing] Finn: Happy now? Sage: Lime.
I'm truly awed by the evolution of mankind.
[Chuckles] Hey, Sage.
Hey, Troy.
You know him? I turned him.
You turned him.
Why? Because I'm in enemy territory.
When your brother and sister called, I thought I might need a little back-up.
You can't trust anyone here.
Some more tequilas? [Chuckles] All right, cool, - I'll let your waitress know.
- Thanks.
[Chanting in latin] How many people have you turned? I don't know.
A lot.
Don't judge me, Finn.
You turned me.
Exactly, Sage.
I turned you.
My passion overtook my morals.
My passions overtake my morals on a daily basis.
It's called living life to the fullest.
[Bonnie chanting in latin] Finally.
To living life to the fullest.
To living life.
[Laughs] Ahh! [Spits] Oh, what the hell! Vervain! [Bonnie chanting in latin] Finn, the stake! [Chanting in latin] No! [Gasping] [Sage sobbing] No, Finn, no! [Sobbing] Rebekah: Oh, leaving so soon? Sister.
Be nice.
Thank you, Bonnie.
See you in physics class.
Oh, my God.
Klaus: Yeah, you'll have to excuse the mess.
Apparently Damon hurt her feelings.
Damon: Bonnie Go on.
Help him.
Save the man who turned your mother into a vampire.
Just get me out of here.
Very well.
How's Alaric? He'll be ok.
I gave him a bottle of Bonnie's herbs, and he went home.
Oh, did you guys kill Finn? Did it work? Nothing worked until I see Klaus' dead body myself.
[Cell phone rings] Oh.
Bonnie, where have you been? Klaus has Damon.
Kl Klaus should be dead.
They should all be dead.
We just killed Finn.
No, Elena.
He forced me to do a spell that unlinked all the siblings.
He's still alive.
[Sighs] Ok, Bonnie.
Where's Damon? At Klaus' mansion.
It's bad, Elena.
He threatened Jeremy.
And my mom Are are you ok? I don't know.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
I just I have to I have to go.
No, Bonnie, just [sobbing] Stay with Caroline, I'll call you when it's over.
Stefan, stop.
Klaus is stronger than you.
We need another plan.
No, what we need is for Klaus to be dead.
Stefan, stop it! You're acting on anger! Anger gets things done, Elena.
Or it'll get you killed.
And it'll get Damon killed along with you.
Klaus does not get to survive this.
Not after everything he took from me.
[Door slams] [Caroline sighs] I miss well-adjusted Stefan.
[Gasps] Ding dong.
I'm not here for you.
I'm here for him.
[Gasps] I don't think so.
I had to kill him, Sage.
You remember me.
[Grunts] Good.
Then you know I like to go all ten rounds.
[Gagging] Sage? Troy, help me! [Both gagging] What is happening to me? She just died.
So Sage and this Troy guy die within an hour of Finn.
But why? Were they bitten by a hybrid, or Hybrid bites don't look like that.
Maybe Sage was so in love with Finn, she just died of sadness.
No, that doesn't explain Troy.
It's the blood.
The bloodline.
It has to be.
Think about it.
Finn turned Sage, Sage turned Troy.
They're all part of the same vampire bloodline that originated with Finn.
Wait, so, when an original dies, every vampire turned in their bloodline dies along with them? Because That would mean If the originals die, so do all of you.
The entire vampire species would Just be dead.
This was much different in my head.
Klaus! I'm here! Let's do this.
Oh, good.
A hero.
What do you want? I'm here to make a deal.
Stefan, what are you doing? Eight stakes, made of white oak.
The part of wickery bridge that you forgot to burn.
That's impossible.
Actually, it's not.
Finn's dead.
You killed my brother? Damon in exchange for the last eight weapons that could kill you.
And how do we know there aren't any more left? Because there aren't.
Let's be certain, shall we? Leave.
Come on.
Nik, he's my play thing, not yours.
[Groaning] I said Go.
[Grunting and groaning] [Screaming] Vampire disposal Not my strong suit.
Where did Stefan go? Trading the stakes for Damon.
All of them? No.
Not all of them.
We still have, uh, enough to kill three out of the four of them.
If we can figure out who to save.
[Scoffs] Oh.
How are we supposed to do that? I have no idea.
You were turned with Damon's blood and Damon and Stefan were turned by Katherine, and we know that Katherine was turned by a vampire named rose.
Well, who turned rose? We don't know.
But it can only lead back to one original, and if the odds are in our favor, hopefully it won't be Klaus.
So we can still kill him.
Elena Even if Klaus didn't create our bloodline We know for a fact that he turned one of us.
Oh, my God.
If we kill Klaus, then Tyler will die.
[Grunting and groaning] All right, stop.
Stop, before you hurt yourself.
[Chuckles] Wow.
I can see that you can finally be compelled.
Minus the stake that's in my brother, how many more stakes are out there that can kill me? So not eight, then.
You really shouldn't have lied.
I'll get you the other three.
Yeah, that would be nice.
Or since you lied, maybe I'll just compel your brother to chew out his own tongue.
What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?! Do you really have no appreciation for me? I have given you someone to hate; To loathe, a target for all of your anger.
So you don't have to turn it on yourself.
I have given your life purpose as your friend.
[Laughs] I really think you should be thanking me.
[Both grunting] Step down or you'll both die.
Now you'll only have to get me the other two.
Rebekah: This is ridiculous.
What are you doing? [Damon groans] I brought him here.
I get to release him.
My rules now.
Bring us the stakes and you both live.
Take your brother as a sign of good faith.
Bring us the stakes.
All of them.
Or I'll wage a war against everyone you love.
I hope I'm being clear.
Rebekah: I can't believe Finn is dead.
Klaus: Good riddance.
He was an embarrassment, Rebekah.
He was still your brother.
Mind your tongue.
Let's all say a prayer for Finn, who slept in a box longer than he lived as man.
He was a lovesick fool.
He's better off in death.
Is that how you would speak of me if I died? Well, you let the Salvatores loose with two stakes that could kill us, so I guess we'll find out soon enough.
And since when did you have a soft spot for them? The Salvatores may fight like dogs, but in the end, they would die for each other.
At least they know what family means.
You destroyed ours.
I wanted a family.
They just didn't want me.
And now we're unlinked.
We're no longer responsible for each other.
So, what, are you leaving? As soon as I get my stakes, I'm gone.
I'm going to take Elena and use her blood to create a new family of hybrids.
And if I choose to stay? Then you're just as pathetic as Finn.
[Sighs] Hey.
You haven't said much since you got back home.
I'll be a ball of sunshine once Damon gets a's stake back.
[Scoffs] You really scared me today.
You wouldn't have survived if you went up against Klaus on your own.
You know that, right? Mm-hmm.
Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore.
Why? Because he's not worth it.
All this time and energy that I've wasted hating him.
[Chuckles] It was for nothing.
It's done.
It's over.
We lost.
I'm right back where I started.
That's not true.
Yeah, Klaus dragged you through hell.
But you came out the other side.
You beat him by being better than him.
And what did I lose in the process? Look, hating Klaus was easy.
It allowed me to ignore everything that was happening around me.
Everything I let slip away.
Now I have to deal with that.
Stefan No, just admit it.
Admit it to me, Elena.
I know you don't owe it to me, but I just need to hear you say it.
I I can't.
Because it's not true.
Stefan I never stopped loving you.
I know that.
I know you didn't.
Even though I did Everything possible to push you away.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
I mean, this was all my fault.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about the fact that you're also in love with Damon.
What? No.
Stefan, I was just hey.
I love you.
I will always love you.
I just want you to look me in the eye and tell me That you don't feel something for him.
I don't know what I feel.
Oh, you're still alive.
For now.
I need your stake.
It's right behind these books here.
A bookshelf, really at least I was trying to be clever about it.
Where the hell is it? Ha ha.
Look harder, Ric.
It's not here, Damon.
Well, maybe you just forgot what shelf you put it on.
No, I didn't forget it.
It's I put it right here.
A stake doesn't just vanish into thin air! Who else did you tell, Ric? I didn't tell anybody, Damon.
I'm the only what? [Inhales, exhales] I'm the only one who knew about it, Damon.
Are you telling me that your vampire hating alter ego has a stake that could kill an entire line of vampires, possibly mine? That's exactly what I'm telling you.