The Vampire Diaries s04e16 Episode Script

Bring It On

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: He's dead! No, no, no! I can't I can't - We all want the cure.
- Where is it? - Someone has it.
- Katherine.
- The doppelgänger? - She had someone on the inside.
Hayley, what did you do? - Where did Katherine find her? - New Orleans.
I can help you.
Turn it off.
Her humanity, Damon, that was all she had left.
Humanity means nothing when you don't have anyone to care about, Stefan.
Every inch of this house is filled with memories of the people that have died.
We're gonna lose her, Damon.
She needs time.
It's only been a couple days.
Her humanity's off.
She's numb to everything that makes her who she is.
She's a vampire.
Off-switch is one of the biggest perks.
When being undead gets you down, voilà, vampire Prozac.
She burned down her family home, with her brother's dead body still inside.
Saves us the trouble of having to do it ourselves.
I call that a win.
Worst-case scenario, I'll invoke the sire bond and tell her to turn it back on.
Her brother just died.
You force all that grief on her at once, it's gonna overwhelm her.
We need to give her a reason to want to turn it on.
We'll show her a good time.
I know it's controversial, Stefan, but people actually like to have fun.
- You think that's gonna work? - There's only one way to find out.
Are you all right? Was there an accident? Where are you hurt? Are you in pain? I don't feel anything.
I have a blanket in my car.
Try not to move, I'll call for help.
What are you doing? That's enough.
I said, that's enough.
We agreed, no killing.
This is the first person in days whose body isn't laced with vervain and I'm hungry.
Leave a trail of bodies, people start asking questions.
I don't care.
I can't believe you're making me say this.
Show a little restraint.
I thought this was supposed to be fun.
Have a care, mate.
That's no way to treat a lady.
- You came.
- Well, you did say it was urgent.
Oh, don't worry about him, love.
He'll never make it through tomorrow night.
What if there are more? You were foolish enough to make a deal with Katerina Petrova.
She used you to find the cure.
You're a loose end.
- You'll be lucky if she lets you live.
- You said you would protect me.
And I will.
Just as soon as you tell me everything you know about Katerina.
Wait, so that's the plan? You're gonna take her back to school? The "fun" route didn't exactly pay off, did it? We got a free meal out of it.
You think I want to go to school? You're not a student.
Besides, you've gotta look for Katherine.
Elena needs this cure now more than ever.
Not that anyone asked me, but I think taking her back to school is a great idea.
- Why are you here? - Uh, blame it on your fancy water filters.
Your house? The only vervain-free showers in town.
Oh, yeah, the mayor put vervain in the water supply.
So many people to kill.
Yeah, my mom says it's about to get worse.
So she could use a little help.
I'll go after the psychotic doppelgänger.
Stefan, you're gonna go talk to the sheriff? Blondie, take her to school.
Sounds like fun.
What? It's nothing you guys haven't seen before.
And as for the, uh, "going to school" idea, I got nothing better to do.
Elena, it would make me very happy if you went to school today and studied hard.
You know, get involved in, whatever, activities, and please for me, no matter what, don't eat anyone.
Okay? Hey, Tyler.
It's me.
Checking in.
Things are just getting back to normal here, sort of.
Elena's not quite there, but we're working on it.
I know that you can't call me back but I keep thinking if I just leave these messages that when you do come home, it'll be like you never left.
Or that's the hope.
I better go.
I love you, Tyler.
You seen Bonnie? I called her last night.
She's fine.
She's just a little drained from, you know, everything.
- Can't really blame her.
- Yeah.
I have an idea.
Can you get me my old spot back on the cheerleading squad? I mean, technically, yeah, I'm captain.
But I thought you hated cheerleading.
I did.
Now I think it'd be fun to jump around and toss people in the air.
It's not like the routines are that hard.
I think that would make Damon really happy.
What an unpleasant surprise.
So I just came up with a list.
It's called "things you suck at.
" Number one: Finding Katherine.
Number two: Covering up your secret phone conversations with that little backstabber Hayley.
Yeah, so Where is she? And what does she know about Katherine? - I should help you? - Mm-hmm.
You killed my brother, imprisoned me in the Gilbert living room.
You might want to prioritize, Klaus.
You have much bigger problems.
Katherine has the cure.
My guess is she's gonna want to cram it down your throat.
You help me find Katherine, I'll get the cure, I'll give it to Elena, everybody wins.
Just let me question Hayley about Katherine.
Can't help you, mate.
Hayley's off-limits.
Although, I did have a run-in with a vampire who may know where Katerina is.
Too bad I bit half-way through his neck.
He probably won't have much time for chitchat.
The entire supply of blood from the hospital, all the reserves, gone.
Just vanished.
I don't understand.
Are you accusing us? No, I'm not accusing you.
But this town is at a tipping point.
Any more unexplained house fires and things are gonna boil over.
I'm sorry.
I know it's not your fault.
It's been a rough week.
Miranda was one of my best friends in high school.
To see what's happened to her family, it's just Look, Liz, if I there's anything I can do to help, I promise I will.
You need to.
Whoever stole that blood put lives in danger and risks exposing all of you.
My daughter included.
So who can you think of who wants blood that bad and would be so careless? The uniform still fits.
You look fantastic.
We are totally gonna kick Grove Hill's ass.
- Yeah.
Should be fun.
- Oh, my God, you guys.
I left my makeup bag on the bus.
Wow, the competition's bigger than last year.
I'm gonna go stretch.
I like your ribbon.
- Um, thanks.
- I want it.
Yeah, but I'm using it, so go get your own.
Hey, where were you? We're going on any minute.
I'm here, aren't I? What's with the ribbon? That's not even our colors.
- Are you out of your mind? - What is your problem? Feeding on the competition? Did you not hear what Damon told you? I did, but who cares? I'll do whatever I want.
- Everything all right? - Yeah.
As soon as the queen backs off, everything will be fine.
Remember how Damon sired her to behave? It didn't really work.
What do you mean she fed? I specifically told her no feeding.
- Sire bond should make her listen.
- Right, the sire bond isn't working.
- That's not possible.
- Think about it.
Elena's sire bond stems from her feelings for you, right? With her humanity off, she has no feelings.
All I wanted was to break that damn bond.
You're telling me now this whole time all she had to do was turn it off? What happens if she turns it back on? I don't know.
But where are you right now? I'm in the boonies looking for a dead vampire that might lead to Katherine and the cure.
Look, just grab her and get her home.
I'll be there when I can.
Thought you were still vacationing on numbskull island.
I was looking for answers.
And all I found was your Professor Shane.
And with him, anything anyone knows about the cure.
Guess you won't turn into a real girl after all.
I'll get the cure.
I need Katherine and I'm betting you can help find her.
Why would I help you? Because I was smart enough to bring a pinch of my brother's blood.
How else would you interrogate a vampire who's practically dead from a wolf bite? Fine.
Follow me.
I might know where to look.
So you're rested.
You're fed.
Tell me about Katerina.
Most men get their power kick from torture and intimidation.
With you, it's drinks and fine dining.
Well, in your case, I favor hospitality over unpleasantness.
But I have been known to change my mind on a whim.
Where is Katerina? You seriously think I know? You tipped her off and set her on a course to find the cure.
In return, she's sent her lackey to snuff you out.
Tell me, what did Katerina promise you? I was in New Orleans, trying to find information about my real parents.
Katherine found me and told me she could help.
An orphan.
That does explain your bravado.
Abandonment issues do it every time.
Sounds like you would know.
I'm the only one that can protect you.
I'm happy to do so, provided you cooperate.
Hey, we need to talk.
So talk.
You can help me stretch.
Did you feed on that cheerleader? - Maybe.
- I see.
You wouldn't know anything about the hospital's missing blood supply? Trust me, I'm sick of blood bags.
I prefer something a little warmer.
Look, Elena, I know what you're going through.
I was having the time of my life when I turned too.
I didn't start ripping people's heads off until 1912.
The next thing I know, I was killing an entire village.
Am I supposed to be scared of becoming you? Yeah, you are.
Because I know how deep down you can fall and I know how difficult it is to climb back out.
Come on.
You're better than this.
I don't know.
Maybe this is the better version of me.
Up next, Mystic Falls' very own Lady Timberwolves.
No way.
You are not cheering.
Let's see you try and stop me.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for your very own Lady Timberwolves.
Ready! Five, six, seven, eight L-O-L! O-M-G! You're looking at Mystic Falls varsity! B-E-A-T Beat those cats! Nice move.
What do you do for an encore? Pretty sure it doesn't involve another condescending lecture.
No, I was impressed.
Getting on the cheerleading squad.
Plenty of vervain-free victims bused in for the competition.
- You played us all really well.
- It wasn't that hard.
You want me to be okay so badly that you'll hear whatever I want you to.
Well, the problem with the gymnasium is too many witnesses.
Gotta go somewhere private for real fun.
Oh, yeah? Where? I know this little dive bar off the beaten path.
- Come on.
- You're bluffing.
You're forgetting that I had my switch flipped in this town, too.
I know where to take someone to have a good time.
But first, a little bit of vervain, just to take the edge off.
Why exactly would a sick vampire check into a hospital? See that little bright thing in the sky? It's the sun.
He needs to avoid that.
Plus, a hospital's open 24/7.
Not to mention, he's hungry and delusional.
Wensing, 4521.
Wensing, 4521.
You're like Sherlock Holmes, but with brain damage.
Stefan said the Mystic Falls hospital had its entire blood bank raided too.
- Looks like our vampire gets around.
- No.
Guy's dying of a werewolf bite.
He wouldn't have time to steal from both hospitals.
- This is someone else.
- Who? That's another problem.
But on the plus side, if our guy did by chance come here, he's got nothing.
Which means he's nearby and he's hungry.
- Better not be a wild goose chase.
- I want to find Katherine as much as you.
Really? Why? I heard your chat with Stefan.
I know Elena's broken the sire bond.
So why would you want to find the cure? You'd just "cure" her back to loving your brother? I think you're best off leaving it for me.
Hate that.
Too much.
I don't get that.
I don't care.
This one doesn't make me wanna puke.
Why'd you paint it? Painting is a metaphor for control.
Every choice is mine: The canvas, the color.
As a child, I had neither a sense of the world nor my place in it.
But art taught me that one's vision can be achieved with sheer force of will.
The same is true of life provided one refuses to let anything stand in one's way.
So this is your thing? Show a girl a few mediocre paintings, whine about your childhood and I swoon and spill all my dirty secrets? I felt I had many charms, but, uh, regardless, I am enjoying myself.
And you do whatever you enjoy up to and including hunting my friend Tyler for the next century.
Surely not the next century.
Only until I kill him.
You talk a good game, but the truth is you let him go.
My guess? You know if you kill him, Caroline will hate you forever.
If I simply killed Tyler, my revenge would be over in a moment.
Sentencing him to a lifetime of paranoia and fear, that's Tyler's true punishment.
But come now, you never really thought there was a future for you two, did you? I don't know.
He might have left Caroline for me, if I'd used the cure to kill you.
If Tyler has even half your resolve, he may actually make it through the year.
It doesn't take resolve.
It takes allies.
A network of people willing to do anything for you including chase down loose ends to their death.
That's how Katherine escaped you all this time.
Perhaps you know the names of Katerina's special little helpers? Maybe I know one or two.
Maybe I'll even tell you.
What did you do to me? Brought you home before you can cause more trouble.
So you're grounding me? Because I dropped Caroline on her thick head.
No, because you fed on someone.
In public.
So? I was hungry.
You're gonna keep stripping in front of me? That's real mature.
I'm done cheering, so I'm gonna change.
When in doubt, uh, manipulate people with sex.
It's the same trick Katherine used to pull.
Don't compare me to Katherine.
She's been running so long she's afraid of her own shadow.
I am not afraid of anything.
I've shut it all off.
All of it.
Including my feelings for you.
Don't get me wrong, I see you standing there and you look good.
I remember our sex, and it was good sex.
I just don't feel anything about it anymore.
But you clearly do.
Why do you care what I do and who I kill? Because it's my fault you're like this.
I brought this into your life.
I've killed hundreds.
I live with that.
I'm not gonna live with the people you kill, or what that'll do to you.
- Who are you texting? - Look at you.
Your whole world revolves around me.
Maybe you're the one that needs to turn it all off.
What is that? So that's what all this texting was about? You invited all these people over here? You were trying to keep me from joining the party so I brought the party here.
I got here as soon as I could.
This is insane.
It won't last.
They'll either drink all the booze and get bored or Damon will come home and kill everyone.
You can't compel them to leave, the locals are on vervain from the town water supply.
So, what do we do? I don't know.
Enjoy the party.
Keep Elena from butchering Grove Hills' cheerleading squad.
Where is she? Where do you think? I almost forgot what that looked like.
What? Elena smiling? No.
I mean, look at her.
Yes, this is all very bad.
But doesn't she make you just want to let go? Well, unfortunately, I have this little problem.
When I, uh, party too hard, I end up killing people.
Well, your sober coach is giving you the green light.
Come on, you are at a kegger full of hot girls.
And you're single, and you're, well, you.
What am I supposed to do, just grab some girl throw her over my shoulder, take her out on to the dance floor? Take your own advice.
Have fun.
We deserve a little bit of fun.
I didn't mean me.
Well, nobody could ever mistake you for subtle.
You have to take pride in your work.
It's okay.
Come here.
Come here.
Now, I want you to walk very slowly to your car.
Off you go.
I just don't see how this increases our odds any.
I've been on the other side of a wolf bite.
First you get sick.
Then you get hungry.
The sun's going down.
He's looking for his last supper.
I just laid out a three course, Damon? Will? Hey, buddy.
I think there's something wrong with me.
I need help.
It's okay.
I know what to do.
What the bloody hell are you doing? Too far gone.
Put him out of his misery.
My sister informs me that your vampire assailant is dead.
So you're safe.
And free to go.
Or stay.
I could be persuaded to stay, enjoy some of the good life.
Maybe I drum up more of Katherine's secrets, and you do something for me.
Oh, I'm sorry, love.
But you'll never convince me to let Tyler go free.
Well, then I guess I'll never get my chance with Tyler any more than you'll get a shot with Caroline.
Do you want to know why I liked that painting? Well, perhaps because it allowed you to see into my deep, wounded soul.
I saw how twisted it really is.
And maybe I can relate.
So, what's it going to be? Going? Or staying? You like to be in control.
You tell me.
Look who finally joined the party.
Why, you jealous or something? No, that would imply emotions and we've established those are useless.
Come on, Elena, just dance with us.
No, you guys look good together.
By all means, just take him out for a spin.
He could use it.
What's going on in here? Just some underage drinking and drug use.
- Where's Stefan? - He's busy flirting with your daughter.
He's a good rebound for her, because of Tyler.
- I'm shutting this down right now.
- Liz, please.
- Why don't you stay and have a drink? - Elena, take your hand off me.
Either you have a drink or I will.
I'm fine.
Caroline, calm down.
Calm down? I'm gonna wring her skinny neck.
Where the hell is she? Right where she wants to be.
This was calculated.
She drew people to the house, waited for an opportunity to distract us, now she's free.
I can't believe she's doing this.
She hurt my mom, Stefan.
All right, listen.
You search the woods.
I'll check the road.
If you see her, don't hesitate.
Just snap her neck.
- You got it? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Can you please take a hint and leave me alone? What are you hiding? I know you knew that vampire.
I know a lot of dead people.
You killed him to keep me from getting the cure.
Do you really want the cure? I mean, really? Look, let me give you a little bit of advice.
See these girls? They look happy, now.
They're gonna settle for a mediocre starter husband and a mind-numbing career.
They'll realize something you'll never have to learn.
And what would that be? Life sucks when you're ordinary.
And what makes you exactly not like them? You're a vampire.
You take that cure, become human? Well, you're no one.
Trust me.
Losing this cure is the best damn thing that ever happened to you.
Don't make me fight you.
I'm stronger than you, and I don't want to hurt you.
Who's gonna get hurt? Not bad.
Not technically good, but then again, Alaric didn't train you.
You were probably too busy butting into people's business.
Just stop.
This isn't you and you know it.
You hurt my mom, Elena.
How far are you gonna take this? You're trying to make me feel bad? Don't you get it? I don't care.
Maybe you should try to turn it all off.
Who knows? You might stop whining about how Tyler left you.
Added bonus? You won't have to feel guilty about the dirty thoughts about Klaus.
- Shut up.
- Make me.
You fight like a girl.
- Let go of me.
- I admit under any other circumstances, this would be a major turn on.
Get her out of here.
Hey, Tyler.
It's me.
You'll never believe the crazy day I've had.
Look, I know you said you wouldn't, but I really wish that you'd answer.
It'd be great to talk to you.
You all right? You mean besides the fact that my best friend tried to kill me? Look, it's not her.
You have to remember that.
With her emotions off, she's the worst version of herself.
So how do we get her back? Or what if we can't? Why would she choose to turn her emotions back on? She's an orphan, she just lost her brother.
Her life sucks, Stefan.
So why would she come back to us? Even when I was at my worst, Elena didn't give up on me.
So we can't give up on her.
Deal? How much longer am I supposed to sit here? Well, I'm not big on goal-setting but let's imagine a time when you don't want to kill your best friend.
Are you judging me? How many times have you tried to kill Stefan? What is that? Hm.
One of life's many mysteries.
- Elena, look - Don't.
Every time someone starts with "Elena," I get some stupid lecture.
Everyone needs to stop telling me that I need to feel.
I do feel, Damon.
I feel amazing.
- You don't want to be like this.
- Then how should I be? Should I go back to being the scared girl who couldn't admit what she wants? Is that how you'd prefer me to go back to being or? Look.
For the longest time, you wanted to be with me.
But you were scared that I'd find out how awful you are.
But it doesn't matter anymore, because I don't care.
Be honest.
You like me better like this.
Matt? Care.
Matt, why can't I get inside? Come in.
Matt, what's going on? Tyler sent me this package in the mail.
This is for you.
Dear Care, I miss you, more than I can put into words.
But I know as long as Klaus is alive I can't come home.
He won't stop trying to kill me.
And you won't stop trying to protect me.
Which means the only way to make sure you're safe is for me to go and never come back.
I left Matt the deed to the house.
It will protect you in ways I can't anymore.
I will always love you.
He's not coming back.
Running away, little wolf? - What? - That mark.
- I've seen it before.
- Yeah, it's a birthmark.
People have those.
In my considerable lifetime I've only seen that mark on a handful of others.
All from the same bloodline.
A werewolf clan that thrived throughout much of what we now call Louisiana.
Don't lie to me.
Not about this.
I wouldn't dare.
Matters of family are sacred.
Tell me.
Sheriff Forbes.
Everything okay? No, we have a bigger problem.
- Hey.
- Where the hell are you? Out for a drive.
I needed some space.
It's not me, it's you.
We got a little problem.
You said blood was stolen from Grove Hills Hospital.
Sheriff said there's been reports of six other blood bank thefts.
All within 30 miles of Mystic Falls.
Somebody's stockpiling blood.
It wasn't Elena and it's not us.
So? I think Silas followed us back from that island.
He hasn't fed in 2000 years, so he would need to gorge on blood.
That explains the thefts.
I'm not in the mood to Scooby-Doo through the case of the stolen blood supply.
Why don't you hold the fort down until I get back? I'll be in touch, brother.
- He's gonna hate you for that.
- Yeah, well, emotions are overrated.
So where are we going? A place every newbie vampire should go at least once in their life.
New York.
The city that never sleeps.