The Vampire Diaries s04e19 Episode Script

Pictures of You

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: He's dead.
No, no, no, I can't, I can't, I can't.
I can help you turn it off.
She's ruthless without her humanity.
The cure is the way to get it back.
When Silas was buried by the witch Qetsiyah, she left him the cure.
She knew that he wanted to die, be reunited with his one true love.
Free her from darkness.
- No! - The triangle is complete.
- The witches almost killed you.
- What witches? - How did I get off the island? - What's the last thing you can remember? Jeremy was trying to pry the cure out of Silas' hands.
Bonnie, there's something you need to know about Jeremy.
Hey, Jeremy.
You know, I was I was thinking about the last thing I said to you: "We did it"? Totally lame last thing to say to someone.
That wasn't a goodbye, Jeremy, you You were supposed to come back with us.
Jeremy? Wake up.
- How are you here? - Bonnie, wake up.
- I don't understand.
- Open your eyes.
Bonnie, open your eyes! Oh, my God.
So, what has it been? Eight, nine days? Yeah, eight or nine days.
I don't know, I lost count.
We lost count of the consecutive days in which Elena has not killed anyone.
I'd say that's progress, brother.
So, what are we gonna do just throw the football around for another 150 years till Elena gets her humanity back? Because I'm cool with that.
She doesn't want the cure.
She'll kill people if she knows we're still trying to get it for her.
All right, we could always make her want it.
Yeah, how are you gonna make an emotionless vampire want anything? Get her to flip her humanity switch.
So, what are we gonna do? Pull a Lexi, bombard her with emotions till one sticks? Yeah.
If that doesn't work, we go to plan B: Lock her up, keep her sidelined until you and I figure out a plan C.
What happens when she gets slammed with every emotion she's repressed since Jeremy died? - Well, then you, my friend will be right by her side ready to help her through it.
Right, because you don't want to keep re-living history.
And when this is all over, you're just gonna get out of her life.
All right, how you wanna do this? Elijah, being human means a fresh start.
I can grow old and have a family and fill my days with meaning, knowing that each one matters.
- Well, that was poetic.
- Well, if you can provide us with a more compelling reason for wanting the cure, Klaus, please.
Silas can appear as anyone.
He got inside my thoughts, convinced me I was dying.
- He'll torment me until I give him the cure.
- In doing so he'll break down the wall to the Other Side.
So it doesn't trap him there when he dies.
He wants to reunite with his lost soul mate.
You of all lovesick fools should applaud his devotion.
He'll open the floodgates for every supernatural being that ever died.
Including our dear brothers, Kol and Finn.
We'll have our family back.
Please, you hated Kol and you kept Finn in a box for most of his life.
Elijah, please.
Your personal discomfort might not be sufficient reason for putting the entire world in jeopardy, Klaus.
I think our sister deserves a shot at happiness.
Tell me you're joking.
Tell me you're not fating me to an eternity of torture.
I made my decision.
When you're sick and dying and you beg for my blood I will laugh in your face and compel you to forget me.
- Where is the cure? - Rebekah it's no secret that you are impulsive, emotional and at times, morally questionable.
Prove to me this isn't just another one of your whims.
That you know precisely what you are giving up here.
Fine, anything.
I want you to live a day as a human.
This day.
No vampire privileges.
No strength, no compulsion, no nothing.
You succeed, you still believe this is what you want the cure is yours.
You're gonna fail.
Should be locking yourself inside all day, not shopping for prom.
Name me a more human experience than senior prom.
- Death.
- Why should I listen to you? You don't even have your humanity.
You won't even be able to compel yourself a date.
Yes, and last I checked, you live in my house because I'm the only one that can tolerate you, so you don't have to be rude.
Then I wanna come with you.
I'll keep an eye on you to make sure you pass Elijah's test.
As soon as you down the cure, it'll be gone for good.
No one will be able to use it on me.
What kind of dreams? Usually I'm at his grave and all of a sudden, he appears to me.
Well, you never got to say goodbye, Bon.
You're grieving.
That's normal.
- When I woke up, the couch was on fire.
- Oh.
I don't know if it's because I was emotional in my dream, or if Shane was right.
Without his help, I'll lose control of my magic.
No, it's because you need a night off from mourning.
And I'm gonna make sure that you have it.
- Um, you look super hot, by the way.
- You think? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Matt and I are gonna have the sexiest date there.
You know what? I love friend prom.
And it's exactly what prom should be: Friends and memories.
Yes, it sucks that my boyfriend can't be here but the three of us are gonna have the night of our lives.
Hey, Bonnie.
Heard you got your mind wiped.
- That sucks.
Pretty dress, Caroline.
- You helped me pick it out months ago when we were friends, before you tried to kill me.
I thought it looked familiar.
Can you press this for me? I'll pick it up later.
- I don't need a babysitter.
- Really? Because the last time I saw you, you snapped a waitress's spine.
Got you to stop your search for the cure, didn't it? Yep.
We're just here to make sure you hold up your end of the deal.
Don't eat the prom queen.
- May I? - No.
Wow, would you look at that? - Aw.
Beautiful dress.
- Thank you.
I stole it.
Klaus? Klaus? Kla? Hello? Did you not hear me? Of course I heard you, Caroline.
I think the whole of Mystic Falls heard you.
I'm in no mood for company.
I'm sorry that you're having personal issues, but I have a real crisis on my hands.
Elena stole my prom dress.
I went to pick it up, and the tailor said somebody else did.
And when I asked who, she said she couldn't remember.
Hello? The vervain is out of the town water supply.
She was compelled.
It is not funny.
- I know, I know.
- Then stop laughing.
Look, I know that prom isn't important to you, but it's important to me.
Well, surely finding another dress is well within your substantial vampire capabilities.
Oh, but I don't want just another dress.
I want to look hot.
Like Princess Grace of Monaco hot.
So could you please go back into your creepy trophy case of family collectibles and dig me out something of royal caliber? Where's the disco ball? Caroline's been working on this for a while.
It's a photo yearbook of the senior class.
Wasn't that photo from first day of freshman year? My mom took that when she dropped us off at school.
I'm gonna get a seizure if I keep staring at these screens.
Why do I feel like we're at a practice run of Caroline's wedding? Because I think we are.
- You are underage.
- You're over-age.
And honestly, it's creepy.
Oh, come on.
What bad-ass senior is complete without a prom date that's slightly too old for high school? - Please, don't refer to yourself as my date.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Your boyfriend.
Something I said? - I'm not doing this.
- You're not gonna deny that I'm your boyfriend now, are you? What are you doing? Trying to stir some feelings in me? Ironic, since you, my sire, are the one who had me turn them off.
Yeah, well, hindsight's almost a bigger bitch than you.
- You're nothing to me, Damon.
- Really? Then why tell me you're in love with me? Why tell me it's the most real thing you've ever felt in your life? I told you I loved you because I was sired to you.
Now that I'm not, I know none of it was real, but if you still think that it was, I mean maybe you're the one who needs help with your emotions, not me.
- Uh-oh, friend patrol.
- Hey.
I know we haven't really talked since everything but I just want to say that I miss you.
Me too.
And we want to help you.
What are you gonna do, get me a job at the Grill? I don't want you to look back and realize you missed the best part of senior year.
Spare me.
If you had a choice, you would've turned your emotions off when Vicki died.
Hey, you shut it off because all you could feel were the horrible things happening to you.
- You still have friends who love you.
- I thought you'd bring Jeremy back.
It turned out you were just a brainwashed crazy person.
So technically, you're a walking reminder of all the horrible things that have happened to me.
- I need some air.
- Bonnie, wait.
Caroline's right.
Elena's gone.
Is this real? Does it matter? May I have this dance? Let go of me or I will bite you.
Oh, come on.
I'm the one that hates to dance, remember? - Yeah, and now I finally see why.
- Hm.
So are you and Bonnie like a thing? We're not a thing, we're friends.
- So who are you here with? - No one.
I know what you're thinking.
Why didn't I just compel myself a date? You know, actually, I was thinking, "I wonder if Bonnie wants ice.
" Oh.
Can I ask you a question? Why? Apparently you already seem to know everything I'm thinking, so Do you think that I would make a good human? I think that "good" is a hard word to live up to.
And I've never seen you do anything remotely good so honestly, no, I don't.
So you're just here to help Rebekah get the cure.
Right? On what happens to be the most sentimental night in high school.
You think this is my cry for help? I'd be happy to show you what a real cry for help sounds like.
So this.
You feel nothing? I feel nothing.
I don't believe you.
I don't care.
So you don't remember what it used to feel like when we would dance? When my hand would touch your waist? Nope.
How about this? When our fingers would touch? Nothing.
And this? Does your heart really refuse to remember? What heart? So how do I look? Are you kidding me? You look like a back-stabbing bit Your dress is beautiful and it brings out your eyes.
I thought I'd do it a favor.
Caroline, why don't you come dance with me? Hmm? I know you said to kill her with kindness, but can't I just kill her? - I see you found a dress.
- It's from Klaus.
- Mm.
- Don't ask.
You know you have him wrapped around your little finger, right? If I had Klaus wrapped around my finger, I'd be here with Tyler right now.
Making any progress with the dress-thief? I don't know, I think it's affecting me a whole lot more than it's affecting her.
What do you mean? Every time I tell myself that I'm moving on there's this part of me that just can't seem to shake her.
That's normal, Stefan.
You guys were in love.
That doesn't go away just because you declare that you're moving on.
Then how does anyone ever seem to move on? I don't know.
I think that someday you'll meet someone new and you'll fall madly in love and you'll have moved on without even realizing it.
I can't just make you prom queen.
It is based on votes, and you have approximately none so far.
And you can't just help out a friend? No, I can't.
And you can't make me.
I drink vervain tea now.
I was not going to compel you.
You can't be compelled, but you can be killed.
- Rebekah wins prom queen, got it? - What the bloody hell are you doing? - What you were about to do.
- I wasn't going to threaten her.
Remember when you tortured me until I told you how to find the cure? Ruined my relationship with Stefan? - Trapped us with a werewolf? - Yeah, so? So you're not a good person.
You won't win this cure by being yourself.
So just stand there and refrain from talking, okay? You and me.
My senior prom.
Do you miss me, Bonnie? Of course I do.
Do you want this to be real? Yes.
Then it can be.
Bonnie, your magic can bring me back for good.
You have the power to do the spell now.
Oh, my God.
You're Silas.
Get away from me.
- You need me, Bonnie.
- I don't need you.
- I don't want anything to do with you.
- You have no idea how dangerous you are.
- If I don't help you, you'll kill yourself.
- You're trying to get in my head.
I'm just asking for your help in return for mine.
- Leave me alone.
- Wake up on fire recently? Did you do that to me? Please, Bonnie, let me help before you hurt somebody or yourself.
You don't care about me, only bringing down the wall to the Other Side.
- I won't do it.
- Don't you want to see Jeremy again? Not like this.
Where did you get that? Our baby sister.
Once she's human, it will make no difference to her whatsoever.
Take it.
Why would you give me this? We are immortal apart from the stake.
Now that it's yours, you have nothing to fear.
Silas will continue to torment me.
Well, you survived endless torments throughout the centuries.
You'll shake this.
And if you can't, you'll outrun him.
Yes, it's that simple? Without the cure, what makes you think I'll spare your beloved Katerina? Or have you figured out you're simply another fly in her web? You will spare her because I'm asking you to spare her.
As your family, as your only living brother I would ask that you provide me with this opportunity to feel, to care to love.
I gave you that opportunity and you sided against me.
So if I run, it'll be to chase her.
And as your only living brother I will make it my cause that you never know a moment of happiness.
It is such a hollow little life that you lead, Niklaus.
You haven't seen Bonnie, have you? She's probably in the bathroom.
Every other girl is.
And if you haven't noticed, I am sitting here all on my own.
So, please, will you put me out of my misery and dance with me? - I don't think so.
- Matt, please.
This is a girl's worst nightmare.
I thought about what you said, about being good.
And you're right.
It won't be easy, but it's worth trying.
I don't understand why my opinion's so important to you.
Because you're everything that I want to be.
You're loyal, honest, kind.
People root for you to succeed.
Elena even died for you.
I'm a busboy, Rebekah.
Okay? It's not like I'm out saving the world.
But you're human.
You are so beautifully human.
Aren't you on save-Elena duty? Taking a little breather.
This prom sucks.
This is our last dance together and it's awful.
This is not how I wanted to remember this night.
Thank you.
Well, if anyone asks, I'll be at the after-party.
We have a problem.
It's like Jeremy was there.
I could talk to him and feel him.
Silas does that.
You can't let him get to you.
Yeah, because you go all crazy and brainwashed.
It's not a good look.
What am I missing? Silas is appearing to Bonnie as my dead brother.
Which means he still wants her to do the spell.
So? Nice thing about having no feelings is you don't fear enemies on the Other Side.
I'm not worried about my enemies.
It's people like Alaric.
And Jeremy.
The Salvatore brothers are annoying enough as it is.
Can you imagine if my brother came back to the living? He'd spend every waking hour trying to get my humanity back.
Okay, the ballots have been tallied which means it's time to announce this year's prom king and queen.
- One of us should take her home.
- What? No.
She's safer here in public.
Around all these people.
There's no way Silas can make everyone see the same thing at once.
In the meantime, how do we look out for a guy that can appear as anyone? All right, your prom king and queen are Matt Donovan and Bonnie Bennett.
Bonnie bloody Bennett.
Of course.
Everyone's so worried about Silas, but there's an obvious solution to all of this.
He needs Bonnie.
He can't do the spell without her.
So if you can't kill Silas, kill his witch.
I can't kill anyone.
I'm supposed to be human.
Maybe you can't.
But I can.
I don't think you've ever looked more beautiful.
Oh, my God.
- But you can't be here.
Klaus - Can't get in.
Matt owns this place.
He had to invite me inside.
- But if Klaus finds out - He won't.
You didn't really think I was gonna miss prom, did you? Here.
These are for you.
Caroline Forbes, may I please have this dance? You looking for Silas or you waxing nostalgic about misspent youth? What happened to you being over it? - What do you mean? - For a guy who's ready to move on seemed pretty convincing as a boyfriend on that dance floor.
I mean, isn't that what we're doing? Reminding Elena what she's lost? - Like her feelings for you? - Yeah.
Yeah, maybe.
I mean, I don't mean to be a dick, Damon, but Elena and I have history.
Ups and downs.
It was a real relationship.
I mean, what you have is just a one-night stand that was probably the result of the sire-bond.
Your mind is a very dark and riveting place, Damon.
Silas, where's my brother, you psychic freak? He's in the woods, where I convinced him I was you.
He's probably in a bit of pain now too.
The witch is mine.
Stay away from her.
- You need to get your queen off the stage.
- I can't really do that right now.
You didn't hear it from me, but Elena's up to something.
- Congratulations, Bonnie.
- What do you want? For you to stop being a problem.
- Bonnie.
- Something's happening to me.
- Just relax.
- No, I gotta get out of here.
What's going on? Remember when I told you to make Rebekah prom queen? No! Should have listened.
April, April, come on.
Please, wake up.
April, come on.
- Please, wake up.
- Matt, why did you call? Oh, my God.
Can you feed her your blood? Can't we just call 911 or something? - She's dying.
Please, help her.
- I can't.
If I heal her with my blood, Elijah won't give me the cure and I won't get to be human.
How is this even a choice right now? You want to be human? Prove it.
Be good.
Do the right thing and save her life.
- Stefan? - Yeah, I'm over here.
Let me guess.
An extremely handsome man came up to you claiming to be me.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Bonnie, wait.
- Get away from me, Silas.
- We can help each other.
- This is what you do.
You wait until I lose control, then you wanna swoop in and save me.
You really think you have a choice? If you don't let me help you your Expression will consume you from the inside out.
Get away from me.
Didn't try to do that, did you? Your magic is taking on a life of its own.
You need help controlling it.
Listen to me, Bonnie.
I will die before I let you control me again.
Bonnie, listen to me.
Control, Bonnie.
- Control.
- Get out of my head! Bonnie, stop.
- Damon, help me.
- Bonnie, you're killing her.
I know what I'm doing.
That's the magic talking.
This is your best friend.
Damn it, Bonnie.
Bonnie, please.
- You okay? - No, I'm not okay.
I almost died.
The shell of my best friend almost killed me.
None of this is okay.
I got you.
- Okay, you're okay.
- Hey, whoa.
Plan B.
Thank you for saving her.
Elena's right.
I should've just stayed home.
No one has to know what you did.
I won't tell anyone.
You'd really do that for me? I would.
And maybe I was a little harsh earlier.
You wouldn't make the worst human.
Are you offering me a job as a bus boy? You know I'd look cute in an apron.
We'll see.
I should probably get April home.
All right, stand up.
Dear, sweet April Young.
Now there's a girl with a future.
She was dying and I acted with human decency.
- You can't get more human than that.
- Actually, you can.
You can stand idly by as poor April takes her final breath.
You can ask, "Why does this always happen to innocent people? Where do the spirits go? Was there anything I could have done?" That is what it means to be human, sister.
You give humanity too much credit.
- You're gonna tell Elijah.
- No.
No, you are.
You're home.
And how did our Cinderella fare? I won't lie.
There were complications.
You'll tell him that you cheated.
That you failed.
That you don't deserve the cure.
But I passed your test with flying colors.
If this is what you truly want, it's yours.
Why is it so hard for you to let me be happy? Because your happiness comes at the expense of my sanity.
Because I refuse to entertain yet another one of your whims.
Because you are bored and you're looking for a reason to matter.
Thankfully I don't have to waste any more breath fighting you on the subject.
What does that mean? Nik, what does that mean? I guess it's time that I turned into a pumpkin.
Thank you, Elijah.
Rebekah? Elijah, I think Nik's up to something.
- Where did you go? - I'm still at prom.
Look, don't do anything with the cure until I see you.
Something's not right.
Elijah, hello? Elijah, do not take your eyes off that cure.
I think it might be a little late for that.
I have to go soon.
People will be here for the party and if anyone sees me I know, I know.
Thank you for the best prom ever.
Was it worth it? To see her smile? To make her dream night come true? Was it worth it? In the shared interest of giving Caroline the night of her dreams I'm gonna allow you five seconds before I rip your heart out of your chest.
Five, four, three She might not feel much, but she's gonna feel that in the morning.
So, what's the plan? When Bonnie was wailing on her tonight, I could see it in her eyes.
Elena thought she was gonna die.
She was scared.
Last time I checked, one of those pesky human emotions.
So plan C: Make her life a living hell.
Care to talk about our other problem? You know, the one that can be anyone, anywhere, any time? Silas still needs Bonnie.
And if tonight is any indication, she's no pushover.
She's not gonna let him manipulate her.
Not anymore.
I wouldn't underestimate his talents.
He fooled the hell out of both of us.
What did he say to you anyway? He led me out in the woods claiming he saw Silas and then he staked me.
How'd he get to you? Talked about his hair.
Figured it had to be you.
You coming? Yeah.
I hear Elijah has refused you the cure and in return you've refused my freedom.
Shame on you both.
But while you boys sort out your problems, I have one last thing to offer you.
I've caught wind that there is a witch in New Orleans named Jane-Anne Deveraux plotting a move against you.
Hunt her down.
What she has to say will rattle you so deeply to your core that chasing little old me will be the least of your concerns.
It's been a fun five centuries, Klaus but I've worn down too many good heels running from you.
Love, and hate, Katerina.
Silas? I know it's you.
My locator spell worked without using any of your possessions.
You're finally acknowledging how powerful you are.
You're not Jeremy anymore.
Is this the real you? Then tell me why you're hiding.
Call it Qetsiyah's revenge.
When she learned that I didn't love her she used her magic to ensure no woman could ever love me.
It should come as no surprise that now I simply want to die.
And I want you to.
Even if it means bringing back every dead supernatural being? Show me your face.