The Vampire Diaries s05e02 Episode Script

True Lies

Previously on "the vampire diaries" I'm Elena.
I'm Stefan.
Stefan: Love brought me to Mystic Falls, love drove me away.
I am not sorry that I'm in love with you, Damon.
Raverus un animun.
We've all made sacrifices.
Bonnie, what did you do? I did a spell that brought you back.
You can see ghosts.
We can talk.
No! You can't be dead! Party at Whitmore house tonight.
Stefan: And even though we're trying to move on I love college.
Hey! Who are you? I'm Megan, your roommate.
Megan: Please help me! Oh, my God! This was a vampire.
Stefan: New enemies have emerged Nadia? Jaryakat a zem.
Stefan: Just as our greatest threat Silas.
Hello, my shadow self.
Is finally making his move.
Where's Stefan? Bring me Katherine, and then I will tell you where your little brother is.
You can't take me back there, Jeremy.
[Tires squeal] Silas: You all know Elena Gilbert.
Well, the girl that I'm looking for looks exactly like her.
Bonnie, voice-over: It was supposed to be a nice family event.
Just stopped in to see my dad.
Then Silas showed up.
He said he was testing how powerful his mind control had become.
Silas: Nobody make a sound or move a muscle.
The entire town did exactly what he said.
Aah! Aah! He didn't want any witnesses, so he told them to forget what he did.
They watched my dad die, and they couldn't do anything or tell anyone what are you gonna do? You gonna hug me? I want to.
But you can't.
You can't touch me, and I can't touch you because I'm dead just like my dad except he's not supernatural, so I don't get to see him on the other side.
He's just dead.
Silas is using his mind control to find Katherine.
He told everyone in the town square to keep an eye out for anyone that looks like Elena.
Whatever he wants with Katherine We can't let him have it.
[Coughing] You ok, hon? You're gonna get yourself sick out here.
Thank you so much for stopping.
You ok just like Elena Gilbert.
Actually, I'm much prettier.
Katherine Pierce, right? I'm supposed to be keeping my eye out for you.
Aah! Ohh.
Aah! [Grunting] Errr! Ugh.
Damn it! Unh! Matt: Hurts, doesn't it? [Gun cocks] Not as much as this will.
We could be doing anything right now, Stefan, be anywhere.
Why here, why this? These are the good moments, the simple ones, the ones that matter.
These are the moments that keep me from falling apart.
This can't last forever.
You're just distracting yourself.
[Coughing] Elena, Elena, Elena.
Elena! No.
[Music playing] Megan's memorial outside is growing by the minute.
College kids are so dramatic.
She was on campus for, like, one day.
She couldn't have made that many friends.
Caroline, she's dead.
You can stop competing with her.
I'm in a mood.
You talked to Tyler? He's deferring from enrolling and deferring from returning my phone calls, so I'm deferring from having sex with him ever again.
How's the snooping going? Any explanation why our Vervain-laced Vampire-slaughtered roommate had a picture of my dad on her phone? No.
Oh! I went by the hospital this morning.
Megan's death certificate.
It says she died of suicide.
No mention of the gaping vampire bites on her neck.
So whoever signed off on the cause of death was part of the cover-up just like the Founders Council back home.
Wesley Maxfield.
AKA our applied microbiology T.
I switched our classes around so that we can-- applied what--what? Uh, Elena, we are supposed to be taking intro to communication.
What happened to getting drunk and making bad decisions about boys? What happened to our fun freshman year at college? I am supposed to be a drama major! You're not going to be an anything major if we get exposed as vampires! We are still gonna have our fun year, Caroline, but we have to protect ourselves.
The way Damon kept his secret in Mystic Falls was because he infiltrated the Founders Council.
So bust out those alleged acting skills, and let's get on it, ok? Damon, I know I said I'd help you find your brother, but I can't dredge the entire quarry.
It's enormous.
I'm aware of that.
I mean, clearly that's why we wanted to dump Silas' body here because it's big and deep and no one would find him.
Now say I'm Silas and I want to take over my doppelganger's life, why wouldn't I dump him in a place that's big and deep where no one would find him? Damon, I already agreed to hold off on telling anyone about the mayor's death until you figure this all out, but I can't devote those kinds of resources to finding one person who may or may not be down there.
But it's a place to start, and if Stefan's down there, it means he's been drowning over and over again all summer while I've been happily playing house with Elena.
Do I need to further elaborate the source of my urgency? I'll get some deputies on it.
Thank you, Liz.
[Cell phone rings] Please tell me you found her.
I didn't, but Matt did.
How shockingly useful.
Those blue eyes, they made me soft.
I should have ripped your head off when I had the chance.
She was mid cat fight with some lady who maced her.
We think Silas might have mind-controlled himself some new friends.
How exactly did the Gilbert and Donovan brain trust put all that together? Never mind.
Doesn't matter.
Just hide her.
If Silas wants her bad enough, to sic the whole town on her, that means we want her more.
Stay out of sight.
You're the last person Silas saw her with.
Are these ropes really necessary? Bullet would have been more effective, but we're trying to be nice.
You crashed my car and left me to die.
You were gonna hand me over to Silas to get Stefan back.
I was just protecting myself.
How many people you killed using that excuse? Just be glad we got you some clothes.
Don't play the hero.
You two are just waiting for the convenient time to hand me back over to him.
I've done this a thousand times.
I get it.
I'm the leverage.
I'm that thing that everybody wants.
I'm the freaking Moonstone.
[Music playing] Hey.
Blow-off girl.
Aren't you a freshman? How are you in this class? What? Um, I love appliedMicroBiology.
It's like my favorite biology.
You know, little things are just so cute! Are you going to the bonfire tonight, or are you just gonna get really close and then turn around and leave again? She'll be there.
We'll hang.
What? You said you wanted to make bad decisions about boys.
He's cute, he's interested, and most importantly, unlike Tyler, he's here.
Morning, everyone.
I'm Dr.
First name is Wes, but call me Dr.
One day when you're out of med school, you'll understand.
So you're all going to this bonfire tonight, right? Well, here's a quick history lesson for you.
Whitmore was founded as a hospital during the Civil War, deadliest war in American history, over 600,000 casualties.
Disease was so prevalent that once a week they had to gather all the dead, rotting bodies, put them in a pile, and light the whole thing on fire.
So tonight when you're getting drunk and partying, stop for a second, close your eyes, and imagine the rancid smell of a hundred rotting corpses.
Which brings us to microbiology But hott-ie.
Because that rancid smell comes from a very specific bacteria.
He is.
Isn't that right, chatty girls in the back? And what is that bacteria? Uh, that's the, uh-- um, I don't know.
Maybe because you're freshmen who shouldn't be in this class.
How do I know? I'm observant, a skill you'll learn in Bio 101 down the hall.
Elena, voice-over: It was mortifying.
We just sat there in silence.
Damon: You want me to beat him up? Not yet.
Whatever he knows, I'm gonna get it out of him.
Did you compel him? No, because chances are if he knows about vampires, then he also knows about Vervain.
How about violence? Did you threaten him? No.
I didn't threaten him.
At least tell you you used torture.
Damon! You do realize that you are dating a reformed serial killer, right? What would a hero do? Pfft.
That I have no idea.
Stefan? I don't know.
Probably mope at him.
Stefan's here right now.
What? Turn off your phone.
Elena? Whoa, whoa.
That is not s-- I know you're upset that I didn't call, so I just wanted to apologize in person.
Never do that again, ok? I thought something terrible happened to you.
Well, something terrible did happen to me.
You fell in love with my brother.
Can't blame me for needing a little bit of space.
I know.
Where did you go? It's not important.
I'm sure Damon will fill you in eventually.
You talked to Damon? Because I just spoke to him, and he didn't really say anything.
Maybe he has his hands full with the whole, you know, Jeremy situation.
What Jeremy situation? Oh, it's not a big deal.
Jeremy got expelled.
Expelled? Yeah, and then he and Damon got in this fight, and then Jeremy bolted.
How do I not know about this? Where the hell is Jeremy? That's why I'm here.
I was hoping maybe you'd know.
[Music playing] [Music stops] Oh, thank God we're stopping.
If I can only get out of the car.
Well, you can't because as soon as we get gas, we're getting back on the road.
But I'm dying back here.
You're not getting out of the car because you want an aspirin.
Then maybe I can get out of the car because I need to pee, like, in a bathroom like a lady.
[Coughs] Hurry.
My throat is really scratchy, and my head hurts, like, right here.
When I cough, it's green.
So get me stuff for all that.
Silas knows I'm with you.
I can't risk being seen.
Just this.
Is that Elena Gilbert or Katherine Pierce? Jeremy, Katherine! Stop running.
Damon! Towel! Knock! Caroline, no one cares.
Where's Elena? I don't know.
She probably went to the bonfire to get more intel our weirdo professor.
Silas is here.
He's with Elena, pretending to be Stefan.
Get dressed.
I thought that Stefan dropped his body in the quarry.
Join the club.
Get dressed.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Elena was right.
All summer, she's had this pit in her stomach about Stefan.
What? I don't know.
She just said that she had this weird feeling that something was wrong with him.
Put some clothes on.
Meet me out there.
We have to find her.
Jeremy's still not answering.
I'm gonna hold on to your phone in case he calls back.
Why are you so worried about him? Damon made a mess, and I want to clean it up.
Did he really think that I wasn't gonna find out? It's Damon.
Are you surprised? I just figured we were at a place where he wouldn't have to lie to me.
I, uh I probably shouldn't be talking about this with you.
It's ok.
I know exactly what you're thinking.
[Cell phone vibrates] Sorry.
I don't mean to cut this short, but someone said they just saw Jeremy on Route 9.
Do you know where he might be going? Route 9? I mean, there was this old camp site that we used to go to when we were kids.
Who texted you? Silas: Hello, brother.
But I suppose distant nephew is probably more accurate.
Where the hell's Elena? Ohh.
There's no need for violence, Damon.
You'll find her eventually.
There you go.
I get why you like her.
I mean, I have a soft spot for brunettes, too.
What I don't get is why she likes you.
It's because you haven't had sex with me.
Cockiness masking fear.
How transparent.
You expect me to believe you came all this way just to talk to her? No.
That doesn't really make much sense, does it, but if I told you exactly what I did, then it would ruin the fun.
Enjoy the bonfire, Damon.
[Music playing] Caroline: Why would Silas want to hurt her? Because he wants to hurt me.
You know, if you just would have told the truth, all of this could have been avoided.
Thanks, Caroline.
Your hindsight is invaluable in this situation.
Watch where you're going, douche.
Have you see Elena Gilbert? I have no idea who that is, and if I were her, I'd probably run from you, too.
Wrong answer.
Forget all this and get out of here.
You have to calm down.
He turned the entire town square into a hunting party for Katherine.
How am I supposed to calm down when every single person here could be working for Silas? I got that.
I Boyfriend drama.
Boyfriend drama, kicked out of class.
Today's not your day.
What is his deal anyway? Dr.
Dickfield? Yeah, him.
Tell you what.
Help me grab some more firewood, and I will tell you everything you need to know.
I had Dr.
Maxfield for a few classes last year.
He's a jerk, but he's brilliant, so I'll give him a pass.
Brilliant and creepy.
There's a rumor that he's a part of this secret society on campus.
What, like middle-aged men at an Elk lodge? I have no idea.
All I know is that a few times a week they supposedly meet at Whitmore house, but you didn't hear that from me.
Damon? What the hell? Seriously? That's Jesse! I kind of liked him.
Don't even think about it.
I wouldn't even know how to use it.
I've never shot a gun in my life.
Didn't need to.
I was much more deadly.
Key word--"was.
" I'm gonna go get some wood for the fire.
I'll be back.
I survived childbirth, the death of my entire family, and 500 years of running from an immortal hybrid.
You can understand why I'm a little upset that I am on the verge of being defeated by a sinus infection.
[Sniffles] [Shivering] Not a word out of you.
You can't talk, you can't scream.
Actually, I can.
Jeremy, run! Why can't I get inside your head? Jaryakat a zem.
Daryeet acza.
Now I see why.
Somebody's already in there.
Why are you watching me, Traveler? Odpovezete mi! [Faint screams] Jeremy? Jeremy, hey.
There you are, man.
What-- what the hell? Bonnie: Freaky, isn't it, that feeling, the void, the emptiness? Bonnie, what's going on? Where the hell am I? The other side.
Gilbert ring brought you here when you died.
That's how it works.
Temporarily brings your spirit here.
To go back, you have to reconnect to your body.
My body's not even here.
It's because each time you die you wake up farther and farther away from it, and you wander the other side until you find it.
If I'm on the other side, how can you see me? There's something you should know.
All right.
Before you get mad-- mad can wait.
As much as I'd like to do this right now [Gagging] Silas got into your head, didn't he? What did Stefan tell you to do? Get you alone, weaken you And then kill you.
Aah! Aah! [Groaning] Damon, I'm so sorry.
I What the hell is happening? You're in some sort of Silas trance, but I think you snapped out of it.
Silas? But I-- before you ask, no.
He's not in the quarry.
It's a common misconception.
You talked to him today.
How is that possible? I--I was in a crowd full of people.
I hugged him.
I was talking to him about my life and about-- Me? I bet he had some choice things to say.
If that was Silas, then where's Stefan? What happened to Stefan, Damon? Where is he? Can you talk about this when you don't have that murdery look in your eyes? You're right.
Every time I look at you, all I want to do is kill you.
It must be Silas' mind control.
He's using your anger at me like a trigger.
You have to resist it.
I can't! Elena, you have to resist it.
I'm trying! Aah! Unh! Tell me what's going on.
[Music playing] Sorry.
This was all I could find out there.
Sorry my friend went aggro.
He's got anger issues.
And a serious right hook.
But, hey, it got us alone together, so that's a win.
I have a boyfriend.
And where is he other than not here? Well, he's supposed to be here.
He deferred a semester.
You don't have to say anything.
I know how these things go.
People go to school, and they drift apart.
Yeah, and sometimes, they don't.
Sometimes, they don't.
And sometimes, you change, but what you had still means something.
Yes, yes! And sometimes when you're thinking all those things, your girlfriend is moving on and sleeping with somebody back home and has no intention of getting back with you.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
It was a while ago, and honestly until the worst actually happened, I wouldn't listen to anybody tell me otherwise.
I could always find an excuse, so I get it.
Get in the truck and drive.
Where are you going? I can't leave Matt.
Uh, wai--huh.
How do you think I survived It wasn't because I was a vampire.
It's because I never looked back.
Don't be dumb.
That's why people treat you like an object and not like a person.
It actually hasn't been so bad.
I have Jeremy, and I see grams sometimes.
Last night with my dad was the first really hard time.
I'll be ok.
I just have to get past these next few days.
Bonnie, you don't have to pretend like it's ok.
Your dad died, and You died.
It's not ok.
It has to be because there's nothing I can do about it.
I am so sorry.
[Sobbing] Jeremy: Matt! Silas: Now if my best friend died, I'd at least pretend to cry, which leads me to believe that he's not really dead.
I take it that tacky ring somehow protects him.
Too bad you can't get inside my head to find out for sure.
Hunter's perk.
See, that's what you don't get.
When I can read your mind, I at least have use for you.
Now I'm just gonna kill you.
You can try, but none of your abilities work on me, so right now, you're nothing-- slower than a vampire, weaker than a vampire.
I on the other hand am a hunter.
Plus I work out.
Unh! You might be stronger than me, but you're forgetting that I am immortal.
Unh! [Gunshot] I thought you said you didn't know how to use that.
I figured it out.
Poor Bonnie.
She must have tried to call me right after Silas stole my phone.
Has anyone talked to her? Is she ok? I don't know.
I've had more important things to worry about.
My best friend's dad died.
That's pretty damn important.
Yeah? Well, so is protecting your brother, finding mine, and figuring out what the hell Silas wants with Katherine.
I just left.
What the hell is wrong with you? You're getting angry at me again, Elena.
Remember, trigger.
My brother got expelled! You've got him playing white knight to Katherine, who's tried to kill me Repeatedly.
Stefan's been-- he's been suffering for months while I've been rolling around with you, a self-proclaimed serial killer.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Elena, that is the gas.
You don't really want to kill me, Elena.
You have to realize this before you're gonna break Silas' compulsion.
I can't, ok? All I can think about is killing you! Well, you're gonna have to think about something stronger than your desire to kill me, or you're gonna kill us both.
Think about Stefan.
Caroline told me you'd been worried about him, that you had a pit in your stomach.
Describe it, tell me about it.
What? No.
I can't.
Think about him.
Think about the feelings you're getting.
Describe it to me.
It's a It's a chill.
I can't explain it, but it's like I can feel him.
He's trying to reach out to me, but I don't know where he is, and I can't understand what he's trying to say.
All I know is that he's scared, and he's lonely, and he's in a lot of pain.
He's in a lot of pain.
We have to find him.
We will.
I swear.
The rage, it's gone.
I think we need to set some ground rules for when boyfriends come to visit.
I think somebody moved my body.
It's weird, but I can feel it.
It's like I'm drawn to it.
There it is.
So if this happens every time I die with the Gilbert ring, the second I go back, that means I'm just gonna forget about all of this.
I'll forget that you're dead.
Bonnie, you and Jeremy can't keep this a secret anymore.
I'm sorry your dad died.
I know it's hard, but how are you gonna deal with his death if you can't even deal with your own? It's really good to see you, Matt.
Welcome back to the land of the living.
What the hell happened? Yeah.
Silas killed you, tried to kill me, then-- I shot him.
So we're even.
No more whining.
Let's go.
Silas won't be down for long.
I left the hatchet.
I'll be right back.
You ok? I'm not ready to be dead yet, Jeremy.
I'm just not.
Maybe I will be one day, but it's not today, and I don't know what to do about my dad or what to do when the sheriff calls because she's gonna call me-- it's ok.
We'll get through this.
I can tell everybody that you're with family, that it was too hard for you to be here.
I might not be able to touch you or hold you, but I'm here for you no matter what you need.
Did you find that girl that you were looking for? Yes, I did, and then she shot me, so I'm a little bit angry, and I'm a little bit hungry, but luckily, you can help me out with one of those things.
Fill her up.
Oh, goody.
Gypsies are here.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You call yourselves travelers now, right? It's much more P.
You can call me whatever you want when I'm gutting you.
I see.
You're mad that I killed your blond-haired, blue-eyed host, right? That's what you get for taking over somebody's body to spy on me, but congrats.
You found me, so now what? What do you want? You back in that tomb, sealed away for eternity.
That's what the travelers have always wanted.
Luckily for you, I've never really considered myself one.
I know you can see inside my mind, and I have my own agenda.
I see that you do.
I'll be back, roomie.
I don't know when, but I will be back.
Just call me the minute you hear from Bonnie, ok? I've left her, like, a hundred messages.
[Sighs] You're gonna find him, Elena.
Yeah, I know.
I didn't think Elena Gilbert would give up so easily.
Sorry about being a hard ass earlier.
It's kind of my thing.
You're Grayson Gilbert's daughter, aren't you? You knew my dad? Knew of him.
He's a legend around here.
I've studied all his research.
I can only hope to do the kind of work he did.
So does that mean that he forged death certificates, too? And here I thought you were just passionate about microbiology.
I have office hours tomorrow.
Come by.
We can chat.
Um, yeah, I would, but I've got other important things on my plate right now.
Let me know when that plate clears.
[Music playing] Damon: Well, I guess that's how a hero would do it.
Who'd have thunk it? Aren't you the least bit curious about the whole "Nancy Drew and the creepster Professor" thing? Caroline will take over.
I can't stay here knowing that Stefan's out there somewhere.
Well That's Stefan's daylight ring.
Snagged it from Silas yesterday, and for the record, I am secure enough in our relationship that you having psychic dreams about your ex-boyfriend does not bother me But it still sucks.
I love you.
We're gonna save Stefan, and I'm still gonna love you, ok? [Cell phone ringing] Yeah? Forbes: We found something.
We didn't find anything in the quarry, but a deputy found this a few miles away.
We didn't open it.
Looks like it's been in there for 3 months.
Chances are he's hungry.
Oh, my God.
That's not Stefan.
You're right.
He was hungry.
Bet he still is.