The Vampire Diaries s06e05 Episode Script

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Previously on "The Vampire Diaries" Damon's gone.
I want you to compel me to forget that I ever loved him.
- Who is Damon Salvatore? - He was a monster.
- Where the hell are we? - 1994.
We're never getting out.
There's someone else here.
To get home, we'll harness the power of the eclipse using a mystical relic.
It's called an ascendant.
- You're doing that thing again.
- What thing? Oh, the thing where you're a bitch because you like somebody.
That's my girlfriend Ivy.
Somebody killed her last night right in front of me.
Your friend Enzo made me drink his blood, and now I'm just so thirsty.
Vampires murdered my wife.
I gonna get him to name all his vampire buddies.
- Hello? - Hi.
Tripp Cook.
Just wanted to thank you for turning over that vampire Enzo to me.
He's been very helpful.
Enzo? I thought, um I thought you were supposed to kill him.
Oh, I will eventually once I know everything he does.
- So what has he told you? - Sounds like the vampire problem in Mystic Falls isn't as bad as I thought.
I mean, if he had any names, he'd have given them up.
Lord knows I've done plenty of things to get him to talk.
Well, that's good to hear.
Seems like it's moved on to Savannah.
I've sent some of my guys down there.
They're gonna check it out, see what they find.
Thanks for the, uh, heads-up.
Founding families got to stick together, right? Absolutely.
Ivy? You redecorated.
I should probably tell you I killed your boss Dean.
I woke up when he was burying me in the woods.
I drank every drop of his blood, but it wasn't enough.
I know the feeling.
- Then why weren't you helping me? - I'm trying to help you.
Two blood bags and a lesson on sunlight? Wow! Thanks a million.
I have to get you out of Savannah.
I am dead because of you, because you lied to me about who you were, because your friend Enzo turned me into something straight out of "Buffy the vampire slayer.
" Ivy, calm down.
When you're a vampire, your emotions are heightened.
You think?! Look at me! I used to be a decent person.
I got good grades, I when home for Christmas, I had a fricking etsy store! - Ivy, please.
- And now I am a killer, and all I am gonna do is kill more and more, and it's all your fault.
- Stefan? Where have you - I need a favor.
What are you doing, and what is with this trunk? Hang on.
Oh, my God! Where I am I? What did you do? - Ivy? How did this happen? - Uh, Enzo turned her.
Then Stefan broke my neck, and I woke up in a trunk.
So I need a little bit of help.
No, no.
Just watch her for a little while while I get Luke to make her a daylight ring.
Show her the ropes, teach her some control, please.
No, no.
This is not my mess.
This is your mess.
A mess that wouldn't have happened if you had just left me alone.
Uh, I can hear you, you know? I can hear everything, like, perfectly.
Do I need to remind you that there is a vampire hunter lurking around? He's not here.
He's in Savannah, which is why we're not.
You know the real tragedy in all this? I read "he's just not that into you," and Shut up! Look.
Tripp Cook has somehow decided to become the eastern seaboard's self-proclaimed vampire hunter.
None of us are safe if we can't control ourselves.
If anybody can teach her, it's you.
Yeah? Well, you don't have to flatter me because I already know that.
All right? So just a couple of hours, and then you'll never have to deal with me again.
Is that what you think I want? I don't know.
You tell me.
When do we eat? "Homecoming.
" All right.
By a show of hands, who knows the supernatural origin of tonight's homecoming party? A civil war soldier Nathan Whitmore horribly disfigured throughout countless battles somehow survived them all just so he could get home to the woman he loved, and when he finally got home to his farm, he found her in bed with his brother, and did what any sane man would do He murdered his brother in cold blood and then chased the love of his life out into the cornfields.
I got to run some gear over to the football stadium later.
If you want, I could pick you up after, - and we could go together.
- You mean, like a date? Because definitely not.
But the legend goes That lady Whitmore is out on this night every year dressed in white, covered in her lover's blood, running through the cornfields, screaming for her life.
And the moral of the story is? Do not fall in love, especially with your brother's girl.
All right, kids.
You have a fun night tonight.
Be safe.
You know, that cautionary tale would have had more of an impact on me about two weeks ago.
Damon may be gone, but I can still find pleasure in judging his life choices.
Speaking of which, have you changed your mind about me compelling you to forget about him yet? Why do you say, "yet," as if I'm gonna wake up one day and realize that my life is over if I don't have the traumatic memories - of loving a serial killer? - Had to ask.
You know, maybe you're right.
Maybe I am making a huge mistake, or maybe I got a very valuable piece of advice from myself about how to be happy and I intend on taking it.
Am I gonna see you at the party tonight? You know, I'm waiting on the mixer for thirtysomething vampires just back from the dead.
- Less of a crowd.
- Come on, Ric.
You are like one hoodie and 3 missed haircuts away from becoming Professor Shane.
I am perfectly content staying at home, letting my hair grow out.
You're hiding.
You're becoming a self-loathing vampire hermit.
Tell you what.
You've been given the chance to start over.
Take it.
Be happy.
I am happy ish.
I'll see you at 8:00 but not in that t-shirt.
You've worn it twice this week.
There you are.
Are you going out tonight? On the friday of homecoming weekend? No.
I'm studying.
What an unexpected response.
I think you should come to the corn maze with me.
A corn maze? Mm-hmm.
Will Dorothy and Toto be joining us? Hilarious.
You know, there's an actual scientific word for why people go to these invents.
- And what's that? - Fun.
Do you feel like having some with me? That depends.
Are you gonna try and set me up with any more of your friends? That depends.
Are you gonna kiss me out of the blue again? Not when you say it like that.
I got to go.
More people to invite.
You're inviting multiple people to be your date tonight.
I'm inviting multiple people to join in on the fun.
As for who my date will be, well, that depends on you.
You're in a good mood for the first time this decade.
Because I have a hot date with my girl tonight.
Yeah, assuming Kai's telling the truth.
I'm thinking dinner and a movie.
You know what? Screw the dinner and a movie.
Skip straight to the good part.
And assuming I can do the spell, which I won't know until I see it.
Whatever happened to hope, Bon? Remember when I was all like, "boo, grr," and you were all "hooray, hooray.
We're getting out of here!" Look.
I want to go home more than anything, but Kai's a sociopath.
Who's to say he won't screw us over? Me.
I say because I will kill Kai and anyone who comes in the way of me going home.
I heard my name.
All good I hope.
The eclipse will happen directly overhead in perfect alignment with the Gemini constellation.
You need to dig into the tunnels below us.
- We'll do the spell there.
- Why? Have you never portal jumped through an eclipse before? Ok.
The light of the eclipse will shine down and activate the ascendant.
You spout a little witchy woo, and then poof! Anyone standing in the circle of light holding the ascendant goes home.
By witchy woo, I assume you mean the spell.
Holding the ascendant goes home.
Let me see it.
When the time comes.
Where are you going? Into town.
I need to gather some important supplies.
- Well, what do you think? - I think you're wearing my dress, and you must be deaf because I already said the party's not happening.
So you'd rather be locked in a dorm room with a newbie vampire? No.
I would rather be at the party just like I'd rather have friends who didn't ignore me for months and then use me when they need help.
Just realized why Stefan brought me here to learn control.
Do yourself a favor.
Just admit you have a thing for him.
Excuse me? I saw the way you looked at him that night you came over for dinner.
You practically cut his food for him.
Oh! You know, my relationship with Stefan is strictly Complicated, ok? Aren't you supposed to be practicing your vamping or something? Done.
See? I'm fine.
You already put your number into my phone as my emergency vampire contact.
I know I burn in the sun, we covered compulsion and snatch, eat, erase.
It's getting dark.
Let's go party.
You can teach me how to eat someone without killing them.
Stefan will be here very soon, and then you can do whatever you want with him.
Can we at least play a board game or do something non-vampire related.
Finally a good idea.
What kind of game do you want to play? I don't.
I have tournament, classic, and travel-sized.
Whoo! What's Dr.
Laughlin doing here? Looking hot.
I thought the lab coat was permanently attached.
I invited her.
It's kind of a setup, only neither party knows about it.
Come on, time to get your Kansas on.
Stefan, hey.
This is the third message alerting you that your psychotic little she-vamp has gone AWOL, and if you hadn't noticed, it's dark outside, so every dead sorority girl tonight is officially on you.
Grading on the curve, huh? You know, this barely makes a dent.
Can't fault me for trying, though.
You want some? No.
I just came here to get one of these from Luke.
Let me guess.
You played the "Damon is dead, and it's all your fault" card.
What do you want, Stefan? Enzo turned a vampire when he and Caroline found me.
You mean your girlfriend from Savannah.
The one you falsely led me to believe was a witch who knew how to help Damon and Bonnie? Her name's Ivy.
I was hoping you can compel her to get a handle on things, get somewhere far away from me, live a good life.
Are you asking me to help you with a breakup? I'm just asking you to give her a fresh start.
You mean give you a fresh start.
Sorry, Stefan.
It's not that easy.
Well, it was when you compelled Elena to forget about Damon.
Well, you forgot about him first, pal.
He was my brother.
Yeah, and he was my best friend.
Why don't you get out of my face before I compel you to be the guy I used to know instead? You scared me.
Really? That wasn't scary, but this is.
Aah! There.
I snatched, I ate, now erase.
Erase what? What the hell are you doing to me? I-I don't think I did it right, and I'm still hungry.
Oh, my God.
I am totally gonna kill you.
You should go, run.
I suck at this.
Hey! You know there's a very probable chance you're digging your own grave and not bothered.
Looks like I got back just in time.
Zima, grunge, every Alex Rodriguez rookie card in demand, and a pager.
Really? No way I'm giving those digits up.
These were the important supplies you had to get? Look.
The future sound great, all right? I'm superexcited about the Internet, but 1994 has been my home for most of my life.
I'd hate to get homesick.
- So let's get down there.
- No.
We are not going anywhere until you show me the spell.
Are we literally not going anywhere? Fine.
You don't want to show me the spell, then you can do it yourself.
You want my magic.
Take it.
She's being brave.
I'm serious, Kai.
This was your big threat, wasn't it? If I do the spell and let us out of here, you'll just take my magic, leave me for dead, and do the spell yourself.
So go ahead.
Take all of it.
Don't mind if I do.
Bonnie? It's ok.
He won't kill me.
Doesn't look like that from here.
Ohh! Hey, Bonnie.
Whoa, hey, guys.
Stop! He doesn't know the spell, which means we don't need him.
No! No! Bonnie! Great work, Bonnie.
Oh! I think I recognize this scarecrow.
You've said that about every scarecrow.
Well, then we are officially lost.
Actually, it's 2 lefts and 3 rights.
I pulled up a satellite image of this maze before I came.
Competitive type.
Got it.
Question is, am I your type? Honestly, no, but people can change, right? Uh-oh.
What? You're still hung up on your ex.
Overly ambitious premed student, desperate to become a doctor so she can prove to the guy who dumped her that he messed up big time.
Actually, he died.
Or that.
- Sorry.
I thought Stefan was - No.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
It's ok, it's ok.
His name was Damon, but tonight isn't about him.
It's about you and me.
Aah! Ohh! Not cool! Heh heh.
Oh, Professor Bourbon.
Perfect timing.
Imagine you see a lot worse in E.
Everything I see there is natural, gross but natural.
Zombies, ghosts, the undead not cool.
Good to know.
You haven't seen Elena around here, have you? She basically blackmailed me into coming tonight.
Let me guess.
She told you to get out of the classroom, live a little? Aw.
We're being set up.
Now why don't you be a gentleman and get me the hell out of here because we are way too old for this party, and I need a drink stat.
- I thought you were a germaphobe.
- I'll make an exception.
See? I told you it would be fun.
Oh, God.
Oh, no.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Elena! Elena, get over there.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
H-how bad is it? Ok.
I got this.
I'm not sure there's anything you can do.
I'll do everything that I can.
Just go see if you can help someone else, all right? Come on.
Listen to me.
You dove out of the way just in time.
You were very lucky.
Now get out of here and take as many people as you can, ok? Come on.
Tyler? - I was driving the truck, Elena.
- What? This guy ran right in front of me, and he's hurt bad.
If he dies, I'm a werewolf all over again, ok? I need you to get here.
We're in a ditch.
I don't know where, but I need you here now, so please hurry.
Tyler, you don't understand.
You drove right through the maze.
There are injured people everywhere.
What the hell am I supposed to do? Just listen.
Just hang on.
Um, make sure that you keep him awake.
Assess his injuries while I go find Jo and Alaric.
You're bleeding.
I'm fine.
No, you're not.
Let me see.
What the hell? I don't think it's my blood.
That's gonna make things more difficult.
I really think I should get you out of here.
That's not an option.
You look pale.
Does blood make you squeamish? Yeah.
Something like that.
Don't worry.
You'll get used to it.
- Call 911, follow me.
- Ok.
Thank God! You lost her? Oh, so you decide to listen to your messages a million hours later? No.
I didn't lose her.
She snapped my neck.
- What the hell took you so long? - I got caught up.
You got caught up, doing what? - Driving halfway out of town.
- You were leaving? I slid Ivy's daylight ring under your front door.
No! I don't care about some stupid ring, Stefan.
Were you seriously about to dump your vampire ex-girlfriend onto my lap and then just skip town? God, who are you right now? I'm someone who's trying to start over, and then suddenly, you and Enzo show up, and now I have hunters on my trail and a brand-new vampire who wants to kill me and everyone else in her path, and that's not how someone starts of, Caroline.
You know what the worst part about all of this is? Is about a month ago, I wished that Damon would come back because I knew if that happened that I'd get you back, too, but right now, all I want is for you to just get back in your car and go.
Where are you? I did a really bad thing.
Oh, you mean, break my neck? Yeah.
I noticed.
Two bad things.
I'm sorry.
Tell me exactly where you are and stay put, and I'll come get you.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Can you stop and let me concentrate? On the bright side, this stuff's not so bad.
It's fruity and fizzy.
Damon, I'm working on something.
On the not so bright side is your intelligence because you took the only chance of us getting out of here and turned him into a giant Douchekabob.
Think about it, Damon.
What prison gives an inmate a key? Is that a trick question, or is this stuff actually starting to kick in? I think the Gemini coven used a Bennett spell to create this place.
What if that's why my grams sent me here? This is the face I make when I don't understand you.
You know, the last thing my grams said to me was to stay strong.
What if that was her way of telling me I have the power to get out? I have the ascendant, a massive celestial event to draw from, plus a burning desire to get away from you.
That's why Kai wouldn't kill me.
He needed a Bennett.
I was his only way out of here.
Where are you going? Home.
You coming? - What happened? - I hit this kid in the road.
It wasn't my fault.
It was an accident.
Yeah, but that's a good thing, right? - You know what I mean.
- It doesn't matter.
If he dies, I'm Call Elena.
Ambulances are on the way.
Get over here.
I need your hands.
Put your fingers right here.
That should stop the bleeding.
While I can look at the rest of him.
- Are you doing ok? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Just keep your finger on that femoral artery.
His pulse is still dropping.
This isn't your first rodeo? Listen, I was in the army right out of med school.
Family stuff.
Just had to get away.
Laughlin, my friend Tyler, he's in trouble, and its sounds really bad, and I don't know where he is.
Call me Jo.
Put him on speaker.
- Tyler, can you hear me? - I don't know what to do.
I think he's losing consciousness.
Need you to answer my questions as accurately as you can.
- Is there blood? - Tons.
Is it still flowing? Is he bleeding now? No.
I it looks like it stopped.
Is there any coming out of his nose or his mouth? Yes.
What color is it? Is it red, or is it black? It's black.
It's really freaking black.
- What do we do? - Take his hand.
Now what? Just try and keep him comfortable.
Won't be long now.
It's time, Damon.
All right.
Let's get awkward.
Like this? Yep.
I'm sure there are about a billion people you're rather be here with.
Not exactly.
Let's go ohh! Unh! Forgetting someone? Did you really think I hadn't tried to kill myself before? Because I had, lots of times, lots of ways.
Grab that, and the next arrow goes in her heart.
Your choice.
I got you.
No! Ohh! Damon! No! Come on, man.
Please, you've got to live.
Come on, buddy.
Come on, man.
You can't die! Stop! Tyler, stop! Just stop, ok? There's nothing you can do.
I killed him.
No, you didn't.
Yes, I did, Liv.
Everything we've tried to do to keep me from this, and all it took was one guy running out into the road.
What are you doing? Liv, stop, stop! What the hell are you doing? You didn't kill him, Tyler.
I did.
The ambulances have arrived.
Jo said to let the paramedics take it from here.
I don't think she can wait.
Her windpipe, it's Deviated is the medical term.
Screwed is more like it.
Either way, she's not getting enough air.
Liam, I can help.
Stabilize her head while I trache her.
Have you ever done this before? Practiced on a grapefruit.
Didn't end well.
No, Liam.
That's not what I meant.
I can actually It worked.
- You actually did it.
- You don't sound so surprised.
Bonnie, get out of here.
I'm not gonna make it.
Unh! But you are.
Don't! No.
No! Aah! Ohh.
How you feeling? You really want to know? Because I'm hopped up on pain meds and just obnoxious enough to tell you.
I'll take my chances.
I think you're great.
You're brave, funny, not to mention maybe the most attractive man I've ever seen, and I feel completely comfortable telling you this because I'm old enough to know what I want.
And call me crazy, but I think I was meant to know you.
This is the part where you say something or kiss me or run for the hills.
I think you're amazing, brilliant, and one of the sexiest women I have ever met, and I would love to believe that you and I were meant to be because I would love to believe there was a plan for me other than this life that I am living right now.
But tonight was a disaster.
You thought I was boring and a borderline alcoholic, and because you don't know me, not the real me anyway, you don't want to kiss me, and you absolutely want me to run for the hills.
You're right.
Tonight was a literal disaster, and you're definitely an alcoholic But you're far from boring, Ric.
Where are you? I have been standing here for a hundred years.
Don't exaggerate.
I'm almost there.
Need any help? I heard about the, uh, big campus accident on my scanner.
I heard someone got hurt or something.
I'm fine.
Actually, you're bleeding.
You might be in shock.
Please just go.
I don't think There we go.
So that girl dressed like lady Whitmore, I was ready to give up on her, and you were able to save her.
How? I don't know.
Beginner's luck? Elena, she should have died.
And she didn't.
There are crazy, mysterious things in the world, I mean, some things science can't explain.
Name one.
Um Why does a baby take its first breath? A reflex.
The fluid in a newborn's lungs are I thought kissing me was a fate worse then death.
You asked me what my type is.
You were a hero tonight, an absolutely jaw-dropping and out-of-this-world hero.
That's my type.
We're closed.
I talked to Elena.
Still closed.
She said everyone else lived.
You don't want to talk about what happened? I've got nothing to say.
You killed someone tonight.
You can't just pretend that didn't happen.
- Watch me.
- Liv.
He was dead.
There was nothing you could have done to save him, so you saved me instead.
You saved me.
I can never repay you for that.
All I can do is promise you that I won't waste it.
This is happening.
I'm gonna talk out loud to a A crypt filled with my dead family.
Everyone but you, Damon.
Because wherever you are, it's not here.
I got to say I'm not doing so great without you.
I keep trying to start over, but I can't get anywhere Because I'm lost, brother.
I'm lost.
So what? Gone a couple of months, you think it's ok to waste a perfectly good bottle of Bourbon? Ahh.
- Damon? - Yep.
In the flesh.
- How can I see you right now? - Because I'm not dead, Stefan.
I mean, this stuff's good, but it's not "I see dead people" good.
It's a hell of a long story, brother, but I'm back.
I'm back.
I'm back.