The Vampire Diaries s06e11 Episode Script

Woke Up With a Monster

Previously on "The Vampire Diaries" I'm Zach and Gail's daughter.
Sarah Salvatore.
Why don't you believe me? Because Sarah Salvatore is at Duke University, where she studies as an art major.
Now, who the hell are you? My name is Monique.
I want the whole story.
Don't do this.
- No! - You'll find out sooner or later.
So, my mom has a brain tumor.
Then I'll just give her vampire blood.
If our blood cured cancer, we would've heard about that by now.
In our coven's tradition, the twins merge their strength.
The stronger one wins and The weaker one dies.
Why should we have to die because our sister's too weak to defeat our psychopath of a brother? Merging is our duty to the coven.
It's why we were born.
This is the anti-magic border.
You sucked up all that magic from the Traveler's spell.
A lot of magic.
I don't know what we were or are or what we're supposed to be, but I want to see you.
Come over.
Anybody there? I may have put a cloaking spell on us.
The Vampire Diaries 6x11 Woke Up With a Monster See, we never went out to dinner when I was a kid, so, I always had this fascination with chefs and fine dining.
Dad actually lets me cook Taught me to measure by eye.
Seasonings to taste, all that stuff, but it's different now in the restaurant world.
Everything's on timers.
It's like Fries go in, you push a button.
It dings, you take them out.
Literally, no guesswork.
Why am I here? Oh, well, I spent 18 years in abandoned restaurants and now I'm showing off the fruits of my labor.
I don't mean the Mystic Grill.
Oh, you mean like here, here, in Mystic Falls? Sorry.
I'm nervous I'm you're, like, really pretty.
Why am I here, Kai? Well, I took a spell that was keeping supernaturals out of Mystic Falls and I I, like, absorbed it, like, like, ate it, I guess.
It's cool, huh? First I eat magic and then eventually, I lose it, but, I mean, a huge spell like that? I mean, come on.
Magic's oozing out of me.
It's all over the place.
You know, I didn't quite realize, I was so out of control until I met the manager of the grill a few hours ago and he was all like, "yeah, you can't come in here, we're closed, and you have an unconscious girl over your shoulder.
" And I was like, "Don't judge me.
" So, then I gave him a heart attack.
Tried to.
But all I did was make him vomit uncontrollably, which was like, uhh, all right, let's stop that.
So, I tried again, and I think I broke his spine.
I'm not I'm not really sure, because the third time I tried the spell, he kind of exploded in blood.
- Whoops.
- What the hell is wrong with you? I just told you.
I have too much magic.
You know, it wasn't until after my test run with the manager that I realized, if I start to merge with Jo and my gushing fountains of magic turn her into that guy, then I'm not gonna have a twin for the merge.
So, Elena, that is why you are here.
Because I need to get my magic under control.
By practicing with you.
Or, rather, by practicing on you.
Oh, hey, P.
, silver lining? After the manager finally stopped thrashing around, I finally managed a cloaking spell.
Thank you.
It's easy to do and undo.
Phasmatos oculix.
Table for 3.
You had no idea.
Because that's the first thing I want to see in the morning.
I forgot you lived here.
Hey, any chance you could help me out with some speakers at Caroline's house? Thanks for the coffee.
- Sorry, are you ok? - Yeah, yeah, fine.
Just clothes and skin.
Hey, where can I get a T-shirt? Damon's room.
Upstairs, end of the hall.
What are you doing in my house? Fire spell.
Sort of.
It turns out getting back in touch with magic isn't anything like riding a bike.
I am sorry about that vase, though.
Was that expensive? Well, I don't know, but the Smithsonian would.
You should call them.
Oh, thank God.
Please tell me that you brought mimosas.
Do you actually think I'd watch this sober? And what exactly are we watching? Today we make s'mores.
In a month, I win the merge and I become leader of my coven, guaranteeing its survival.
Liv has me on a 30-day regimen between now and the next celestial event.
And this regimen has to happen in my living room why? Damon feels guilty.
That's new.
And where the hell is he? I paid extra for this room to be a single.
You clearly underestimate the number of women who'd die to spend the night with me.
Well, I'm not dead yet.
Ha! Any word from Elena? Oh, I got words.
I got "something came up at the dorm.
Had to bail.
Can we rain check?" An emoticon of a cold shower.
Have you at least managed to patch things up with Ric? Well, baby steps.
Step one, allow him to turn my house into Hogwarts.
Step two, call in a favor from the sheriff.
Ask her to put out an APB on a supercharged serial killer named Kai Parker.
Yeah, I already have my guys on the lookout.
No one matching Kai's description popped up overnight.
What the hell is he doing? Bad news is, the employee kitchen didn't have a juicer.
Good news is, they do now.
- What is this? - It's a kale smoothie.
It's good for DNA cell repair and for slowing cancer.
Oh, are you warm enough? - I'm fine.
- Let me just get you another blanket.
So you can literally smother her? I'm just trying to help here.
Since apparently, modern medicine takes forever.
I don't understand why we can't skip all the guesswork and go straight to something that works.
Like vampire blood.
We are not having this conversation again, sweetheart.
Ok, then, what do you want to talk about? How the doctors can't operate, how chemo won't work, how radiation won't shrink the tumor? Damon, feel free to jump in with your support here at any time.
Well, I think that would require you having my support, Caroline.
You don't think that our blood will work? For 170-odd years, I've never known an instance where our blood cured cancer.
But hey, Sheriff, if you want to be a guinea pig in an experimental study involving weird, unpredictable magic Far be it from me to stop you.
Look sweetheart.
For now, I would like to put my faith in science, which means going home on doctor's orders, having a nice, quiet day, and waiting for more MRI results.
See? Ahh.
Mommy knows best.
Now, if you'll excuse me I have to make sure the witches aren't destroying my house.
Damon may be a vile creature, but he has the best clothes.
Should I be wondering why you're in Damon Salvatore's bedroom? Jo scorched my shirt.
So, you're shirtless in Damon's bedroom.
You must be feeling such mixed emotions right now.
How's the training going? Jo's terrible.
If she went up against Kai today, she'd lose in, like, 9 seconds.
Luke totally called that one.
Yeah, but you've got time to whip her into shape.
Has Luke been giving you crap? He's been texting.
I've been ignoring.
If he finds out you're training Jo He won't.
Chill, ok? You kept my orchid alive.
That's amazing.
I wanted everything to be just the same when you finally came home.
What is this? Uh, Stefan volunteered to move your entertainment center in here so now you can watch TV from your favorite chair.
I hooked up the surround sound to your DVD player and I left a universal remote on the table right there.
Well, thanks.
Guess it never occurred to anybody to just move my chair, but What's the matter? Never seen anyone with stage 4 cancer before? Actually, no, I haven't.
One of the few perks of starting over every few decades real life never really catches up to you.
So, if you start the "Friends" box set now, I'll be back in time for Monica and Chandler's wedding.
Stefan, you know how to laugh, right? Opinions vary.
Wait, why? Are you leaving? Every minute counts, so, I'm gonna go get a second opinion from one of the world's leading experts in grade IV glioblastoma.
I couldn't sleep.
I Googled.
And where is the Internet sending you? Duke.
Duke? You know what? Maybe I'll give you a ride.
I was thinking of, um, heading that way to check on a friend.
- A friend.
- Mm-hmm.
Stefan, I know all of your friends.
And then that's it.
I think it would be better if you had some company on the road.
Thank you, Stefan.
I will call you every hour on the hour.
I will set my watch by it.
I love you.
I love you, too.
We're in my high school? They have plenty of restrooms, no flammable surfaces, and everyone's on winter break.
Still, it's no wonder America got dumb when I was locked up.
They're never in school.
Is that you? Oh, and there's Bonnie.
You guys look so innocent.
Smiling like nothing bad could ever happen to you.
Anyway, do you mind if I try to turn your blood into acid again? Again? Yeah, that's it's kind of how you got here in the first place.
I was trying the whole acid-blood thing and I think I burst a few important capillaries in your brain, because you blacked out.
Kai, you don't have to do this.
Listen to me Phasmatos navaro pulsus sanguinox.
Ow! Phasmatos navaro Stop.
Stop, Kai.
My ring.
Kai, you're melting my ring.
- Phasmatos - Kai, stop it! Navaro Pul No.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
I take it that ring meant something to you? I never understood sentimental attachments to things, because then it's so upsetting when you lose them.
Aah! Aah! That doesn't count.
I was distracted.
You wearing my shirt? Magic camp.
How may I help you? Damon, Kai has me at the high school.
I need your help.
Elena? Really? Damn it.
So, your friend I've never heard of is a world-famous photographer? Well, it's a student exhibition.
Freshman art.
Since you're so great at noticing untapped potential, how do you know this person again? Oh, yes, I did call earlier about a consult with Dr.
Ok, they can see us right now.
You know what? I'm gonna catch up.
Uh, Oncology Center, D4.
Come find me.
Excuse me.
Can you point me to Sarah Nelson's exhibit? Far corner.
Good choice.
She's one of our best new students.
Thank you.
According to the saying, when a child dies, an angel will take the child in her arms and fly her over all the places she loved best, so she can see them one last time before she goes to heaven.
That's what I had in mind with this aerial point of view.
And then I wanted to catch the sunlight flaring off the windows because it obscures the reflection of the viewer who's looking down at them.
Good stuff.
What are you doing here? Same thing you are.
Looking for a little art to decorate my wall.
And that's when I read your article in the "New England Journal of Medicine.
" You know, the one about tumor reduction using hyperthermia treatments.
That's not exactly light reading.
Well, I didn't say understood it.
Ha! These are my mom's charts.
But your bio said that you're an amazing expert on glioblastoma, and I really, really need an expert, because my mom's doctors are telling her that she's not a candidate for clinical trials.
And you're not gonna give me any grief on insurance or confidentiality or anything except your honest opinion.
Her doctors are doing everything right.
It's a grade IV tumor.
They could try full-brain radiation, but that would seriously impact any remaining quality of life.
She'll face cognitive and verbal decline, motor loss, personality change, and meanwhile, she could still develop morphine-resistant pain.
So, you're saying that there's no feasible medical solution.
I really wish there were.
I have a patient in nearly identical condition.
He hasn't responded to any treatment.
Now he's just running down the clock.
I want to see him.
Nice shirt.
Well, thanks.
Yeah, somebody burned my other one.
Which was awesome, by the way.
I'm starting to see why Damon digs you.
You are crazypants.
Oh, it sucks about that shirt, though.
So, you can care about an inanimate object but not the people that you kill? Ohh.
Is this gonna be like an episode of "Ricki Lake" where I come face to face with my demons and change for the better? Have you really not cared about anyone? I guess I liked my brother Joey.
We played Dr.
Mario together and he'd always win.
Actually, one of my favorite memories is when I finally beat him.
Of course, my favorite memory is when I finally beat him to death.
You don't have to waste your energy trying to change me.
If Ricki taught me anything, it's that liking yourself is the most important thing.
And I like me.
To think a day almost went by where I wasn't roped into saving one of your friends.
Cry me a river.
Just do the stupid cloaking spell so I can go grab Elena and you can go back to wrecking my mansion.
What are you doing? Back door is right here.
- I'm not going in there.
- What? If Kai even gets a glimpse of me, I'm dead.
I'm strong enough to do the spell from out here.
I hope you cloak better than you teach.
Because the looks of my living room, Jo's not learning very much.
With a bit of practice, she'll be merge-ready in no time.
Phasmatos radium Cara.
Phasmatos Liv.
Liv? Hey.
Liv! Sorry.
What the hell are you doing here? She doesn't have time for this.
- Invisique.
- No! So, Liv's gone.
I need a plan B.
Wait, what do you mean she's gone? Her wonder twin took her and I can't just go blazing in there.
Kai will kill Elena to spite me.
I need a witch.
I can do it.
You can barely light a candle.
Cloaking is one of the first things they teach you as a Gemini.
I learned it when I was a kid.
- But? - I'll have to stay beside Damon while I do it, which means I'll have to go inside.
Ok, there's gotta be some other option.
There is.
Right here.
Let me guess Jeremy's holding a crossbow.
No one is killing Kai.
We're not letting Kai kill Elena.
Nobody's letting anyone die.
Anyone have any other ideas? Dad's pissed, ok? He wants us back in Portland now.
I was helping them.
They can help themselves.
We're not their dancing witch-monkeys.
You want to bring these books back? Take the books.
Leave the books.
Who cares? Did you tell dad I was helping Jo get stronger? Is that why he's pissed? Of course you did.
You're just like him.
Actually, I can think for myself.
I've always said that Kai was too dangerous to become leader of the coven.
You've been wasting your time with Jo.
We both know she's never gonna beat him.
You don't get it, do you? - Get what? - You just cloaked me and I couldn't fight it.
You're stronger than me.
No, you don't know that.
Yes, I do.
I've known it for months.
Since that night when I was trying to bring people back from the other side and you interrupted my spell.
You were about to collapse.
You were already weak.
We're supposed to be equal.
We're not.
I know you, Luke.
I know you love me, and I know a huge part of you hopes that it's me that makes it through this.
But it's not a coin toss anymore.
If we merge, you win and I die.
That scares the crap out of me.
If you want to pack the books, pack the damn books.
I'm not gonna be the one reading them.
I came in to do inventory and found him like this.
Sorry to bother you on your day off, Sheriff, but No, I'm glad you called.
I don't think he died of natural causes.
That's how long supernatural beings have been allowed back in Mystic Falls and I already know someone who's dead because of it.
I'm sorry, Matt.
We'll figure out who did this and we'll deal with it.
This is never gonna end, is it? The attacks, the cover-ups.
This is our life again.
Mystic Falls.
It'll always be Mystic Falls.
If you love it here Whoa Ok? - Yeah.
- Ok.
All right.
Colin Phelps.
Inoperable tumor.
They zapped your brain with radiation for months.
They still couldn't save you.
I'd be groggy, too, if I were on this many painkillers.
And the doctor said all they can do is just make you comfortable while you wait for the end.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
Next of kin none.
I'm really sorry to hear that, too.
But you see, on my mom's chart, this spot, next of kin, that's where my name goes.
Caroline Forbes.
I'm all she's got.
I know we just met, but you're not going to remember any of this.
If the spell that you're going for is to creep me out, it's working.
What are you doing? Mm, nothing.
Just working on my self-control.
I can hear Kai yammering.
What's he saying? He said it's a shame you don't have vamp-hearing.
I get why you don't like me, you know? You were bros.
A girl comes into the picture.
- It's awkward.
- It's not awkward.
It's annoying.
Because he's looking out for me? Yes.
At the expense of logic and reason.
Oh, let me guess you've never done that for a girl before.
What do you know? It's working.
I'm guessing you came here to make a demand? I only came to see what you were up to today.
I hate unanswered questions and you've left me with a few.
Such as what secret did you need to protect by letting me kill that pitiful con artist pretending to be your long-lost relative Sarah Salvatore? So, I followed you, in your inconspicuous red Porsche off the exit to Chapel Hill, and here we are.
Sarah Nelson's photography exhibition.
Why do you care? Well, it seems that Damon is unaware that the branches of his family tree might extend beyond just you.
Call me old-fashioned, but I disapprove of secrets between brothers.
So, I'll just go tell Sarah what your name is and Don't do that.
Why don't you want to meet Sarah Nelson? You came all this way to see her work.
What do you want me to tell you, Enzo? That the girl's my relative? Fine.
She is Zach Salvatore's daughter, which makes her my great-niece I took her mother's body to the ER after Damon killed her.
They did a C-section to save Sarah's life, but I kept that little detail from Damon so that she could live a good life in a nice home where she felt safe and loved.
That's my big secret.
Why are you so intent on keeping it? You want to tell Damon that I've been lying to him for the past 18 years, go ahead, be my guest.
Maybe he'll hate me.
Or maybe he'll realize it was the best thing I could've done for everyone.
But either way, once you tell him, you'll have nothing left to obsess about.
- Hi.
- I thought you were meeting me here.
Yeah, I got into a bidding war over a piece of art.
That's fascinating.
Can you just get here? I'm conducting an experiment.
What kind of experiment? I'll show you when you get here.
Just hurry.
Know what, mate? You can keep that piece of art.
Photography bores me.
I withdraw my bid.
How are you here right now? Jo's invisibility spell.
If you can see us, that means you joined the party.
Come on.
We need to get out of here.
My ring.
It's gone.
Kai melted it into nothing.
- What? - Not to cut this reunion short, but meter's running on this spell.
Well, there's the tunnels under the school.
Good call.
Boiler room.
Come on.
You good? I'm good.
What the hell are you talking about? You said you and Luke were equal in strength.
Well, I lied.
He's stronger.
Then we run.
Run where, Tyler? We already tried that.
My family will hunt me down.
They want me to merge.
Then go.
- Screw you.
- I'm serious.
That's what you want me to say, right? So, go.
Walk right into your own grave if that's what you want.
I won't stop you.
I knew you were a mistake.
This whole thing was a mistake.
This wasn't a mistake.
This wasn't a mistake.
I called dad.
I told him we're out.
I thought you were about following your destiny.
Not if my destiny equals killing my sister.
I told you I could think for myself.
- You ok? - Yeah.
more to cloak than two.
Uhh! Whoa.
Why is your nose bleeding? I have a guess.
Magic's hard.
Isn't it, Jo? I'm so sorry.
Don't sweat it.
I want him to see me while I kick his ass.
Get out of here.
Ok? Where's Elena? Oh.
Are we not cloaking people anymore? I thought that's what this was.
Uhh! Oh, that's gotta hurt.
I am definitely getting the hang of this.
Cloaking spells, illusions.
It's all the same wheelhouse.
Now that I got the kinks worked out, we can actually do this.
Is there an upcoming celestial event that interests you? I'm partial uhh! Uhh.
I'm ok.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Ha! You have no idea how long it's been since I had an appetite.
An hour ago, he was dying of brain cancer.
Now look at him.
Smile, Stefan.
This is good news.
My blood worked.
He's totally fine.
It seems too easy.
As opposed to what? Vampire blood heals a stab wound like it was never there.
It's always easy, Stefan.
It is literally magic.
Then why haven't I ever heard of our blood curing cancer before? Because vampires don't spend their lives pulling charity shifts at the sick ward.
Look, I want this to work, ok? Stefan, I just I need you to believe it will work.
Or at the very least, just believe that I believe it will work.
I can see that you believe it.
Then take me home to my mom.
Let's go home.
Uhh! What? What's wrong? Didn't I get it? - What? - There must be another splinter still stuck in my heart.
What? No.
No, no, no, no.
Hey, look at me.
I'll get it.
If there's any anything you need to say, anything Not right now.
Now's the time.
Come on.
Seriously? Yeah.
Oldest trick in the book.
Perfect timing.
Elena, are you ok? I've never felt more alive.
What is it about Sarah's work that I find so uniquely appealing? Perhaps that it's a little dark, has a morbid undertone.
Must be a bloodlines thing.
Her family's a bit extreme.
Her uncle, great-uncle, actually, fourth removed, is a bloody sociopath.
- Fourth removed? - He's very old.
Tried to kill me a few times.
Succeeded once.
Most recently, he set me up to die, which resulted in days of torture.
There I was, getting prodded with fire-hot iron poker by a man named Tripp, all the while keeping my mouth shut and enjoying the pain.
If you knew anything about my past, you'd know that this brought back some very unpleasant memories.
That's when I started plotting my revenge.
So, I see the free wine was a big hit.
The best revenge is patient.
Only no one sees it coming until it's too late.
But never mind all that.
Now be a doll and help me box up these photographs, will you? Sure you're ok having a pentobarbital-ed houseguest? I am.
If it buys us enough time to get you back into fighting shape.
So, um, assuming that I don't get kidnapped before tomorrow, maybe we can, um try for that dinner again? Ooh, you know, I don't know.
I mean, every time we try and go on a date, we get kidnapped, I get sent to a prison world, or your feelings get compelled away.
I just I don't know if it's gonna are you gonna keep sulking, or are you gonna let me take you to dinner? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
I can help you clean that if you want.
One part ammonia, two parts meat tenderizer.
You invented a stain remover? I'm not afraid of a little blood.
What'd I tell you? She's a keeper.
You know, I think she's gonna get a handle on this.
Jo's not strong enough, Ric.
She wouldn't lie about it.
No, no, no, I don't think she's lying about it.
He absorbed a spell the size of Mystic Falls, Ric.
He changed the game.
Look, we got Kai on ice.
We'll just wait for his stolen magic to drain away and then she'll beat him.
- Well, she can't.
- Well, she has to.
She will.
Well, all right, then.
Here's to women who make crazy, screwed-up decisions and loving them more for it.
So, if Sarah is Zach's daughter, then does that make you Uncle Stefan? I tell you this secret I've been keeping for 18 years, and that's what you're worried about.
No, I think it's incredibly noble that you've been keeping an eye on her all these years.
And she's lucky to have you in her life, even if she has no idea.
Hey, so, I know it goes without saying, but I would appreciate it if Your secret's safe with me, Stefan.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
Thank you for coming with me today and for rewiring my mom's speaker system and for just not treating me like a crazy person, because that's how I've felt these past few days.
So, thank you.
Wish me luck.
There you are.
We're just about to watch another movie.
How was Duke, sweetie? It was good.
It was really good.
Thanks for staying with her, Matt.
See you soon, Sheriff.
- Ok, Matt.
- Bye.
So, I met with that expert at Duke today.
And she said that your doctors are doing everything right.
And she also said that there's nothing that they can do to cure you.
That is one doctor's opinion.
Waiting for more medical opinions isn't going to change this.
You're dying, mom.
And we're out of options.
Which is why I gave my blood to a cancer patient today.
And I healed him.
He was dying, and my blood healed him.
Look, I'm immortal and you're not, and I always knew that I would lose you one day, but I am not ready to lose you now.
You're supposed to be here for my college graduation.
We're supposed to argue about flower arrangements for my wedding.
We're supposed to have years and years worth of birthday dinners and Christmases and whitewater rafting trips.
I want all of it.
I want you to live for me, and I know that that's selfish, but that's the truth.
I want that, too, honey.
Somebody, please! Help me.
Everything's gonna be ok.