The Vampire Diaries s07e02 Episode Script

Never Let Me Go

1 Previously on "The Vampire Diaries" As long as you're alive, Elena will remain asleep.
Once you bury a body, the grieving process begins.
Oh, I'm not planning on burying her.
I'm planning on bringing her back to life.
- Who's that? - That's my mother.
Lily fell in with a group of witches.
Heretics are ruthless, vampires with witch power.
The whole town would have been slaughtered.
Pack your things.
Your family's not safe here.
Surrendering the town is not a solution.
The deal has been made.
We don't mess them them, they don't mess with us.
My mother is a lunatic, and everyone's too scared to stop her.
I want to fight.
I want our town back.
Who did this? Who took him from us? Someone killed Malcolm, and it got me thinking that if I want people to trust me, then I've got to earn it.
I reckon it goes without saying I chose Lily.
Ok, people.
We go live in 30, so I need that media package done 15 minute ago.
Where are my graphics and b-roll? - Jamie, we're good on music, right? - Yeah.
We're good.
- Uh, excuse me, Caroline.
- Yeah.
Uh, your fiancé just called.
What? He knows that I'm working.
That's why he didn't ask to talk to you.
Uh, he's being sneaky, but But your paycheck comes from me, and you know how much I hate surprises.
He's curious what your schedule is - right before the wedding.
- Why? I think he wants to plan a trip to a Mystic Falls.
But he knows that we can't go back there.
Um, I will handle this later.
Thanks, Tony.
Are both cameras on? First one's on, and second one is rolling.
Ha ha! Ha! So a few weeks ago, the town of Mystic Falls was completely evacuated.
The story is that some natural gas leak made it all uninhabitable, but there's been so many rumors, whispers, and just strange things happening in the night, unexplainable things.
Tone it down, "Blair Witch.
" Let's see.
What'd you bring me, huh? Full-spectrum light, EMF meter, and a thermal camera, courtesy of Uncle Fred's graduation money.
Look how hot you are.
You're hilarious.
Ok, so this thing's supposed to beep if there's some spirit or something supernatural present.
You get this thing off an infomercial or something? Wait.
It's working.
It's creepy but kind of awesome.
It won't open.
No lock.
It's just stuck.
Looks like there's a coffin in there or something.
Amanda It's not working.
Amanda What? There's something behind you.
Are you really trying to scare me? Aah! Amanda.
Ryan, help.
It's ok.
I'll get help, ok? I'll be back.
I Much better than those blood bags.
No screaming, please.
How do you know how to work that device? I don't, but if these two could, I'm sure it's idiotproof.
Let him go.
Mystic Falls is ours now.
So is any human who steps foot inside it.
I said, let him go.
Aagh! Uh Uh! Uh I want to talk about death.
More specifically, I want to talk about what happens after.
Now, I'm not going to pretend like my good looks are the reason this class is so full.
I've heard the same stories you have about Mystic Falls Ghost sightings, poltergeists Zombies.
Now let's talk about it.
What's behind all of these stories? Now, almost every single culture has the lore of a creature or being that cheats death.
Why do our brains insist on inventing the most unbelievable things? It's because the reality of death is actually the most unbelievable thing of all.
Now, the most terrifying thing that you're going to encounter in Mystic Falls is a trespassing ticket.
Ok, so everyone just stay out.
So the great Mystic Falls evacuation plan isn't going as well as everyone hoped.
Well, they turned it into a ghost town.
That part worked.
Unfortunately for us, ghost towns are like amusement parks for college kids.
The heretics have killed 10 people already Two last night, idiots looking for a ghost selfie.
Are you ok? Damon told me what you were doing in Europe.
Losing my money and my sanity to a series of con artists? Yeah.
Don't worry.
I'm over it.
It's ok if you're not, Ric.
Heck, I'm a little offended you didn't come to me first.
What, you wouldn't think it's weird that I'm trying to contact my fiancée who's been dead for months? Honestly, after everything we've experienced, it'd be weird if you weren't.
Hey, Bonnie Have you ever heard of the Phoenix stone? Caroline, haven't heard from you.
I'm starting to think that maybe you're just using me for random, hot make-out sessions, which I'm not entirely opposed to, but, uh, give me call.
Can I help you? It's ok.
I speak mute.
Just communicate what you want with a series of grunts.
Ah! Ah! You'll have to excuse Beau.
He's not in the mood for glib jokes.
None of us are, actually.
I thought we had a deal.
We do.
Otherwise, I would be at home, not out patrolling the streets to keep humans out of your minion's fangs.
We found Malcolm in the towns square last night, his heart removed.
You didn't know.
I didn't because we didn't do it.
I'm not here to blame you, Stefan.
I came so you'd understand why we did what we had to do.
What did you do? Sorry, luv.
This will only hurt for a second.
Ugh! What the hell is wrong with you? Someone killed Malcolm.
Lily needed to retaliate.
Ooh! It's strange.
You don't look like Lily.
Well, it's all in the lighting, darling.
Be happy I'm the one who grabbed you.
Don't even want to think of what would happened if the others did.
I am the closest thing you have to a friend in here.
Well, fun tip friends don't really like to be tied up with vervain rope.
Hush now.
Deep breath.
Oh! Uhh There you are.
Enzo, please.
This hurts really, really bad.
Oh, God, I hate whiners.
Agh Uh! Oh Now Deep breath.
Ugh! Leaving so soon? Oh! I'm wearing your jacket, though it's a little large on me.
It's all right, you two.
I've got her.
Do you? Because it certainly doesn't look like it.
What's that expression? Finders keepers.
Just so we're clear, I'm taking the master bedroom.
Carol Lockwood and I had a little thing.
I think she'd want me to have it.
Let's open some windows, too.
Reeks of dog in here, which is impressive, considering Tyler's been with Jeremy for months.
You killed him, didn't you? Tyler? No.
Jeremy once, but are we really bringing that up right now? The heretic Malcolm.
Lily came by earlier.
She found him in the town square without a heart.
Oh, did she want that back? I mean, I think I packed it somewhere, all right? You know, Lily and I had a deal.
A bad deal.
She took Caroline.
What? To retaliate for breaking our bad deal, she took Caroline.
But you weren't the one that did it.
I know I wasn't.
You were, which is why you are gonna go over there and you're gonna fix it.
Hello, Mother.
May I help you? Couple things.
"A," who the hell is that? Who, Lucy? She's the kind woman I've hired to clean up this house that you let fall into disrepair.
Lucy, darling, could you come clean the welcome mat, please? This man was just leaving.
- "B," no, I'm not.
- Excuse me? I think there's been a bit of a mix-up.
See, last night, I was in the town square minding my own business when I tripped and accident ripped Malcolm's heart out.
Of course.
You never could admit when you were wrong.
I admit it.
I killed him.
I killed him in cold blood, just like that.
Stef and Caroline had nothing to do with it, so if you'll just kindly let her go Malcolm was a very powerful heretic, Damon.
I have a hard time believing you acted alone.
Well, I'm pretty awesome In fact, so awesome that I'm such a better hostage than Blondie, so if you'll just swap us out I'm afraid my family finds you much less awesome than you do.
Li Lily uh! That's odd.
Why can't I walk into my own house? Because this is no longer your house, and I have the deed to prove it.
Now, if you don't mind, I have to get ready to go bury my son.
An old contact of mine at Duke told me about it.
It's supposed to have resuscitative powers.
Resuscitative as in, it can bring somebody back from the dead? And that's why I didn't tell you, because I was avoiding that look.
Where did you find it? Well, you remember that night in New York? Yeah, the night that you passed out on the floor of the bar.
The night you pretended to pass out on the floor of the bar.
Well, I snuck into maritime museum because this was on display there.
It's certainly pretty.
I don't feel any magic emanating from it.
Well, you are officially more honest than anyone I saw in Europe.
What are you doing? Sometimes witches will conceal a powerful talisman or relic by hiding the magic inside of it.
Bonnie, are you ok? Aah! Bonnie, what happened? I don't know.
I saw something, people dying.
There's something wrong with that stone, Ric, something evil But your friend from Duke told you that, didn't she Which is why you waited until you were flat-out desperate before you told me about it.
You can't mess with that magic, Ric.
We have to destroy it.
I only hear one set of footsteps.
And I only hear righteous "I told you so's.
" Look.
I offered myself.
Lily declined.
Huh, well, looks like nobody wants you around, do they? Ah, planning a little midnight raid through the tunnels? Might be a little, tiny problem with that.
We no longer own the house, I.
, we can't get in.
- What? - Have no fear.
I have a call in with the registrar's office, and I will find out who, exactly, does own the house in a matter of minutes, at which point, we kill said person, storm the castle, and save your damsel.
You're really enjoying this, aren't you? - I got 60 years to kill.
- Hmm.
Having an enemy, a nemesis, a maniacal villain with maniacal villain motives? You kidding me? That's not the worst distraction in the world.
You know, it's funny that you think that she's the villain when you're the one who killed one of her loved ones.
You taking her side? No, but I'm definitely not taking yours.
Ohh What did you do to me? What Lorenzo should have done vervain.
- Oh, it hurts.
- Yes.
My family ran a slaughterhouse when I was growing up.
It was all well and good until they found out I was a siphoner freak of nature.
Then they were more than happy to hang me with the cattle, so been there, sister.
Just be happy I didn't hang you by your feet like we do with the cows.
What do you want from me? We have a burial to go to.
My girlfriend thinks her outfit has to be fashion forward.
I disagree.
What do you think? Nora, show us.
Uh Help us, and perhaps I can find a small stool for you to stand on.
I feel silly.
I'm sure you're beautiful, my love.
Nobody wears this anymore.
You wore than dress to Queen Victoria's funeral.
It's stunning.
See? I asked for advice, not mockery.
Well, you should listen to your girlfriend because that dress Look.
My best friend used to live here.
She had good style, and I'm sure that a couple of her dresses are in a closet somewhere.
I'm curious.
What do you think of this color? It's great, actually, super vivid.
It'll totally make your eyes pop.
Do you think it'll make your eyes pop? Don't you ever embarrass my girlfriend again.
Uh! Aah! Lorenzo.
I assumed you'd be watching over our house guest.
That was the plan, until she wrapped a vervain-soaked rope around my neck - and ran away.
- She escaped? Yeah, temporarily.
Mary Louise and Nora managed to catch her.
Now it's a "no boys allowed" zone.
Hmm, how unfortunate for her.
You promised she wouldn't be hurt.
After you promised she wouldn't escape.
We're leaving for the cemetery in a few hours.
I'm sure she can survive until then.
I'd invite you, but we need someone to stay here at the house.
Aah! I know it's not quite fair, but Lily usually lets Mary Louise and Nora get away with murder.
You can still get what you want.
You just have to go around her.
Spare me the family politics.
You chose your side.
Right or wrong, there's no going back.
Oh, so I should condone someone I care about being tortured? No.
You should just stop caring about her.
Uh Ohh.
Bonnie Bennett, destroyer of dreams.
So I take it things didn't go well with Ric? He wants to bring Jo back to life with a stone that's filled with evil incarnate.
Sounds about right.
So about how long do we have before this evil engulfs the world? Just trying to plan my week.
I convinced him to drop it in a vat of acid, so I think we're good.
How are you? Oh, you know, just trying to figure out how to break into my own damn house.
I no longer own it.
Lily signed over the deed.
Why would she do that? Probably because she didn't want us to rescue Caroline.
She took Caroline? When? Why didn't you tell me? Because I'm going to get her back, and I didn't want you to do the very thing that you're about to do.
It's because we killed Malcolm.
There she goes.
This is all my fault.
Listen to me.
Killing Malcolm is classic Damon, has nothing to do with you.
Everybody knows that.
You're covering for me? Because I need your head in the game, Bon.
I have a mission for you.
It involves the person who owns my house.
Ho! Hey.
Not a heretic.
Rough day.
Not to be the bearer of bad news, but it's about to get rougher.
So I own the Salvatore house? It's pretty brilliant, really.
They drain the vervain from your blood, compel you to sign the deed, compel to not invite Stefan and Damon in, and compel you to forget any of it ever happened, and, bingo, the house is an impenetrable fortress, and vampires can't rescue Caroline.
Great, so the only way to break the seal is for me to die.
Bon, please tell me that that's not the plan.
Well, what do you think about letting me use magic to stop your heart? - So you're gonna kill me? - Temporarily.
But won't it reset when I wake up? No.
Once you die, the threshold spell is broken.
If they want to reseal the house, they'll have to sign over the deed to someone else.
So Damon screws up, Caroline gets grabbed, and I end up dead? Doesn't it ever feel like we're fighting the wrong enemy? We don't have time for a debate, Matt.
Caroline needs us.
You in, or you out? Ohh Ouch.
Nora or Mary Louise? Mary Louise.
She's the nice one.
Yeah, not if you laugh at Nora.
You didn't.
I couldn't help it.
Ah, that dress.
The Queen Victoria one? Oh, you shouldn't have said anything.
It would have been hilarious.
What, you don't get along with them? Once I made a snide comment about Nora's hair, and Mary Louise poisoned my food for a month.
Mm! They're the worst, but I can help.
Phaesmatos extandas lomiano.
Why the hell are you in here? Just looking for this.
See, I heard of this new fashion trend called hooker chic.
I figured you'd have something.
What did she say to you? Nngh! Oh! D'agh! That bitch! Good thing I don't need to touch you to do this.
Let's go.
Lily's waiting.
What about Oscar? He's not back yet, and apparently, his errand is too important.
Of course it is.
Meanwhile, we're stuck here until he's done.
Thank you.
6 minutes.
That's how long your heart can be stopped before anything bad happens to you.
Which doesn't matter because you're only gonna stop it for 10 seconds, right? Matt, if you don't want to do this No.
It's fine.
It's for Caroline.
Let's let's just do it.
He's never gonna agree to it.
Donovan knows plan "B" is, I just simply kill him.
It's good to see your morality is holding up in Elena's absence.
So are you and Carebear, like, a thing now, hmm? I'm not doing this with you, Damon.
I'm just saying, when a guy's willing to let another guy die so his girl can live, there's usually something, chk, cooking in the kitchen.
You know what I mean? I am not willing to let Matt die.
Well, you just did, brother.
Seal's down.
I'll take the front door.
Enjoy the tunnels.
Do you remember the times When I drove you wild? Well, I do, and it kills me Because it's gone I was thinking about the love Wow.
That works.
Good to know.
And now you're gone Lover, lover I wanna go deaf When I hear you say, "suffer" Unlike the other man Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah aah! Hello there, old friend.
You'll have to excuse me for not responding to that particular term of endearment.
May I help you? Actually, you can.
I don't know if you know this, but last night, Lily kidnapped Caroline, not very cool, so I know we've had our issues, but I also know that you're not like Lily's crazy-tics, so I was thinking, help me get her back? That would be foolish of me, considering I'm the one who kidnapped her.
You know, I never thought I'd see the day when you'd choose to be Lily's errand boy over us, but I chose you and your friends many times.
Many times, you and your friends chose each other over me.
Let's just say that Lily and I have similar views on loyalty.
You know she abandoned her entire family once.
Who's to say she won't do it again? She didn't abandon her family.
She merely abandoned her relatives.
There's a difference.
One is a permanent blood tie, a name, a legacy.
Well, in her eyes, Malcolm was more a Salvatore than you ever were.
Why else would she bury him in the family crypt next to Elena? That crypt is sealed shut.
Oh, right.
Oh, well, then it's a good thing that she's mother bear to a group of magic siphoners.
It's a little gaudy.
Pull out Elena's coffin and dump in the body in the river under the falls.
She can spend the next 60 years of her life underwater.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
Phasmatos sanguine infundare corra.
Phasmatos sanguine infundare corra.
Phasmatos sanguine infundare corra.
Come on, Matt.
Phasmatos sanguine infundare corra.
Come on, Matt.
Uh! Thank God.
Awfully long 10 seconds, Bon.
Stefan? Is it you, or am I hallucinating? What'd they do to you? You mean before or after the gallon of vervain they injected me with? I'm going to get you out of here.
Just hang on.
Already doing that.
Uh! Mm Looks like I'm gonna have to swoop you up and carry you out of here.
Ha! Well, the feminist in me says no, but Oh It's like your skin is vervain.
Valerie's spell.
Hello? Anybody burying somebody nobody cared about? No.
Uhh No, no, no, no.
You always did throw the worst tantrums.
Where is she? That's the fun of cloaking spells, Damon.
She could be right next to you, or she could be a million miles away, and I'm the only one who knows where she is.
You want to punish me for what I did? Fine.
Do it.
Punish me.
Torture me.
Kill me for all I care, but leave Elena out of this.
Do you remember when you broke my grandmother's vase? What? You were young, 10 maybe.
You denied it, even when your father made you cut a switch from the yard, even when he beat you with it until you were bloody.
Still, you denied it vehemently.
You were sitting there playing with your little toy soldiers, bloody and bruised, so I switched tactics, and the next morning when you woke, your room was bare No toy soldiers, no toys at all, and you cried and cried, admitted everything.
She's not a toy soldier.
And Malcolm was not a vase.
Malcolm was a vital part of this family.
He meant something to each one of us.
He found me on the streets.
He was kind to me, something I hadn't felt in years.
He's the one who convinced me to meet with Lily.
My family wanted me dead.
Malcolm made sure they didn't succeed.
I hadn't seen Beau in a decade.
Malcolm reunited us.
He was my sounding board, my confidant, my eldest son.
Ironic that you took him from me.
All right.
Tell me what you want.
One of the heretics was torturing me.
The other one said that she would help.
I just thought that it would only burn them.
It's all right.
When we get out of here, we'll call Bonnie.
There's got to be a way to get rid of this.
As for now, we have to Avoid skin-to-skin contact.
I know that's gonna be extra hard for you.
I'm gonna call Damon and tell him that we're ready.
Stefan, do you feel that? What's happening? I don't know.
I feel like every molecule in my body is being pulled.
Ah! Stefan! Stef Uh! Uh! Uh Uh! Uh! Uh! Ooh! Oh Ok.
Invite her in.
Caroline, please come in.
Uh! Ohh Sorry, luv.
I think we should go to the hospital just in case.
And say what? "My friend used magic to stop my heart "for 6 minutes.
How's my brain?" Matt, I am so sorry.
I got hit with these visions.
This isn't your fault.
This is all happening because of Damon.
That's the thing, Matt.
It's it's not.
What? What you said to me yesterday, you were right.
The heretics are here because of me, and when I saw our town, our home, like this, I helped Damon kill Malcolm.
When I found out they took Caroline, it was my idea to stop your heart.
I refuse to stand by and let them do whatever they want.
I drive up and down these streets every day, streets that, for my entire life, were filled with people, families, kids, and now I pray that I see empty parks and empty playgrounds.
I pray that I don't see a soul, and I hate that.
I hate them.
Then why don't we stop fighting and do something about it? You left.
I could have gotten her back, but you left.
What, no comeback, hmm? No funny reason? Answer me! Better get it out while you can, brother.
I'm not gonna be here much longer.
What the hell are you talking about? Where you going? I believe Lily's exact words were, "as far from Mystic Falls as humanly possible.
" Now, I'm no Google maps, but I'm thinking that's pretty far away.
She has Elena.
She's making me leave town, for good.
If the roles were reversed, what would you have done? She has Caroline.
Oh, she has Elena.
She has our house.
She has this whole damn town.
She has all of our toys.
Stefan, whenever I did anything wrong as a kid, she took my toys, but she also took yours, all of them, and you'd cry like a little baby.
I'd do anything, anything she wanted, to shut you up.
This is her plan.
She's slowly taking away everything we care about.
She wants us to be mad at each other.
You're right.
You and I fight While her and her family of freaks live in our house, getting closer and closer.
Then we don't let her fracture us.
Or we do.
You complain to Lily about your worthless brother that left town.
All the while, I'm doing a little fracturing of my own.
How you gonna do that? There were 4 heretics at the funeral.
Dead Malcolm makes 5, but in 1903, there were 6, which means there's one more, and I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna negotiate a trade.
We're gonna get them both back.
Did it work? Yeah.
Hello, hydrofluoric acid, and good-bye Phoenix stone.
See you in class tomorrow.
How was the burial? As lovely as a burial could be, I suppose.
I noticed Caroline is still being held in the girls' room.
Would you like me to speak with them about letting her stay with you? Oh, I don't need you to advocate for me.
She made her bed.
Perhaps it's time she should lie in it.
What about your bed? Have you decided which room you'll take? Do you consider me a part of your family like the others? Why, yes, of course.
I care for you as much as I do them.
And therein lies the problem.
I'm not here to be one of your children, Lily.
Then why are you here, Lorenzo? Why did you choose us? Well, there was no "us" in my choice.
I chose you.
I am here because of you.
I'm taking the guest room in the east wing.
Good night.
Don't get cocky.
You're still spelled into the room, but I figured you could use some space to stretch your legs and maybe give this a read.
What is it? I know you think Valerie was doing you a favor, that she's the nice one, and, trust me, she's the worst of all of us.
It's Stefan's.
She never goes anywhere without it.
What is Valerie doing with Stefan's journal? It's the first thing she looked for when we realized we were trapped in 1903.
The entry for July 15, 1863, should tell you why.
"I just had the strangest encounter outside the county fair.
I met someone.
A girl.
We only spoke for a moment, but her name is Valerie, and she may be the most wonderful girl I have ever met.
" And we're out.
Great show, everyone.
I will catch you at the grapevine in a bit.
I got first round.
Ok, so let's call my fiancé back and talk about this Mystic Falls business, and don't worry.
I'm not gonna tell him that you told me.
Uh, actually, you got another call during the show, someone named Stefan Salvatore.
Uh, it sounded urgent.
Well, if he calls back, tell him that I'm not here, and I never want to hear the name Stefan Salvatore ever again.
Got it? Ugh I'm sorry.
That was a bit harsh.
Ugh Tony? Tony! Tony!