The Vampire Diaries s07e16 Episode Script

Days of Future Past

1 DAMON: Previously on The Vampire Diaries Let's see what else is out there together.
I suppose there's no one I'd rather this dreadful world with.
(silenced gunshot, grunts) Bag 'em up and let's go home.
DAMON: I have a way to take down Rayna at the pile of bricks called the Armory.
VALERIE: The Armory is a black hole of lies.
STEFAN: As long as I have this scar, Rayna will hunt me.
DAMON: But if she dies for good, everyone with that scar on your chest does as well.
STEFAN: I sacrificed everyone and everything for you.
If there's even a fraction of you that cares about me, then you will not walk out that door.
MATT: All right, I did it.
He's out.
Now I never see you again, right? Have a nice life.
What if I were to tell you there's a way for me to transfer that mark to somebody a little bit more deserving? It should have been Damon all along.
You want to pit us against each other.
Except it wasn't her idea.
It was mine.
RAYNA: Sun's coming up, Stefan.
Make your choice.
DAMON: It's a pretty big deal, you know? Me offering to take this scar from you.
But, hey, I've been on the bench for quite a while, and you look pretty tired.
So let me tap in and give you a breather.
Hashtag you're welcome.
Are hashtags still a thing? I don't know, it's been three years.
Say yes, Stefan.
You can stop running.
You'll get your life back.
All it's gonna take is one itty-bitty transfer spell.
Any more suspense, I might pass out, little brother.
Of course, I might pass out anyway.
(sighs) Phone's in my pocket.
Valerie can do the spell.
Hallelujah, he's seen the light.
Now, I'm just gonna loosen these lug nuts up a little bit.
Just to get his phone.
Okay? Make sure he behaves.
You okay? Brother, I'm so full of werewolf toxin I can't even feel my face.
Little vervain's not gonna hurt me now.
Thank you.
(screams, groans) If you kill me, you kill anyone I've marked with my sword.
That includes your brother.
Don't worry about Stefan.
I'm just giving him a head start.
(Damon grunts) (gunshot) See? Now I'm in St.
Red pin, I'm in Malaysia.
Red pin Oh, dear, I've landed in the ocean.
(chuckles) They do sell liquor elsewhere, you know? It's best to travel light.
Yeah, but it's my favorite kind.
I'm wondering how many more of these I can have now that I'm on a time limit.
No time limits here.
The night is young, my friend.
STEFAN: I'm not talking about tonight.
I did the math.
Rayna Cruz won't live forever, therefore neither will I.
So tick-tock.
And you found mortality doesn't trouble you.
No, actually, funny thing is it makes me feel human again, like every minute counts.
Then let's think of it as an adventure.
Right now? Damon's gone.
You have no one waiting at home anymore.
I have no one either.
Why not just follow where the red pins lead? (chuckles) So you want to go, uh, pin-hopping all over the world? While we search for a way to get rid of your scar.
We could trace Rayna's bloodline back to wherever her ancestors come from.
Start searching for answers there.
But best-case scenario, we save your life.
Worst-case, we have a long vacation.
(chuckles) Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams Everyone you know has made the choice that serves them best.
Why not make a choice that serves you? There is a truth, and it's on our side (sighs) Well, I guess there's nothing left to hold me back here.
Dawn is coming, open your eyes Sure.
Look into the sun as a new day rises.
Three years with us, and you still haven't learned to sit quietly.
Do you like the change in scenery? Where is she? What did you people do to her? Where is Mary Lou? We need your help.
(sighs) The only help I'd ever give you is off a cliff.
Oh, I don't think that's true.
Because we have something you want.
Answers about the research we've been doing with your girlfriend.
I'll do anything, just name your price.
The price is a name, actually.
Lorenzo St.
Why do you want him? So I can kill him myself.
Not that I'm not grateful for the chance to get some air, but what exactly am I doing? I believe Enzo released Rayna Cruz.
Why? I have no idea.
Why does Enzo do anything lately? But I have learned over time that if I can't trust my family, I certainly can't trust my usual team.
And that's where you come in.
You can be the one to hunt him down.
You trust the girl you've held captive for three blood years? (chuckles) "Trust" may be too strong a word.
But after you see the results of our experiments, you'll be highly incentivized to do what I want.
Are you all right? Just just feeling cold.
Who could blame you in this horrid, damp basement? Every day, I dream I'll carry you away from this place.
Leaving a trail of gutted corpses in our wake.
(chuckles) You seem quite yourself.
(gasps) What happened? They gave me pills.
Made from Rayna's blood.
It's poisonous to witches.
Bring Enzo back to me alive, and I'll give you everything I have to heal her.
No, please don't go.
I have to.
I'm going to save you.
(door opens) Hey, Martel, what's up? I got your text.
I owe you for calling off the alert on the whole hostage hoax, so whatever you want, man.
All he wants is to cooperate with me.
I compelled him to summon you here while remaining silent and calm.
Detective, cuff yourself to the car.
(sighs) So by now I'm sure Alex has decided that I'm the one who let Rayna escape, which of course is untrue.
But what I've yet to understand is why did you release Rayna Cruz? So Damon said he could take my scar through a transfer spell.
Does that make any sense to you? He must have been desperate to come up with that idea.
(scoffs) Ironic that he's the one that finally figured it out, considering how far you and I went looking for a solution.
I suppose fate has a sense of humor.
(sighs, phone chimes) Taxi's here.
I better go.
Hey, be careful, okay? Always, love.
I'll get to Dallas as quickly as I can.
(phone beeps) (sighs) (groans) Oh, you stayed to keep me company.
How sweet.
Nice try.
Once I'm done patching myself up, I'm out of here.
Because as much as I'd like to kill you first, my sword is on the move and so is my target.
I have to chase them both.
When mystical nature calls.
So weird.
How Stefan ran away from your offer.
He's just being a martyr.
He probably thinks I can't handle the scar.
As soon as I charge this, I'll call him, tell him to get his ass back here.
(grunts) We'll do the transfer spell.
That is downright noble.
More than I expected from you.
Especially considering everything you have to give up.
What am I gonna give up? I've been in a coffin for the last three years.
It's not like I was keeping up with my hobbies.
Look at my arm, what do you see? Someone who should have brought Band-Aids.
I'm made up of regular flesh and bone.
My body's 100% human.
Even if I stay in good health, in 60 to 70 years, I'll toddle off to the big news station in the sky, which means right around the time Elena wakes up, I'll be dead.
So will you.
Because if I die, you'll die, but I'm sure you already figured out that when you take Stefan's scar, you'll be giving up your future with Elena.
You'll never see her again.
The hero move.
(sighs) Got to go.
We are looking for ways to get rid of a mystical scar.
That's right.
It links me to a crazy woman.
VALERIE: Not me.
- No, we're not linked.
- Oh, no, no, no.
We're just friends.
And she's not crazy.
Well not in a bad way.
Yeah, you've gone off topic.
Now you've made her uncomfortable.
I haven't made her uncomfortable.
She doesn't understand what we're saying.
Nobody here has any idea what we're saying.
Well, here's to our one-year anniversary of chasing red pins around the world.
One year of complete and total failure.
Hey, it's not complete failure.
While we have not solved your scar situation yet, we have discovered an astonishing variety of tropical alcohols.
I'm afraid he can't come to the phone right now.
Nope, he never will.
I brought up how long it's been.
No, it's okay.
I know what day it is.
I've actually been thinking about it quite a bit.
And? And I realized that by the time he wakes up, I will probably be dead.
So, uh, no.
Never gonna call him again.
And, likewise, he will never call you.
So, guess that makes this obsolete.
(sighs heavily) Well cheers, then? (chuckles) Cheers.
My turn to order.
Uh, one more? I understand.
I also understood what you were saying over there.
I think I know how to help.
(phone buzzing) Caroline? RAYNA: No such luck.
Just me.
I took Caroline's work cell, which you kept calling the other day.
Wanted to check in on you.
Did you really call me just to chat? Don't hang up.
There's still time for me to help you.
Well, here's an idea.
Why don't you stop chasing me? You took my sword, genius.
I need to get it back.
If you didn't want to get chased, you should've stayed put at the news station.
And let you kill my brother? Not likely.
So you'd rather be first in line to go? See, now I'm confused.
I thought you were trying to give me a pass.
I was, in my own way.
This is going to sound strange, but you grew on me while I was trapped in the Armory.
You were the only distraction from my routine.
Every day, while they were taking my blood and using it for their "research," I'd close my eyes and watch you.
I could see where you were, what you were doing.
I saw you travel the world with Valerie.
How would you know that? I always know what my targets are up to.
That mark on your chest it's not just a scar, it's a mystical connection.
To me.
(scoffs) That's gotta be the worst pickup line I've ever heard in my life.
(chuckles) Don't flatter yourself.
You did just say you spent the last three years spying on me.
The Armory doesn't have TV.
What else was I gonna do? Well, this isn't creepy at all.
The point is, I know exactly where you are and what you're doing now.
You're leading me towards the Armory.
You're hoping they'll provide an assist.
But Virginia's a long drive from here.
Unless your car runs on something other than gas, you're not gonna make it there before I catch you.
I'm gaining on you.
I can tell.
(phone beeps) (horn honking, tires squealing) Really? (phone ringing) (groans) Oh I'm coming Hello, KQ something, something.
My vision's gone blurry.
How goes it, Mad Max? Had to stop for gas.
I was expecting a much cooler answer, but Yeah, well, I didn't really have much of a choice.
Ditched the sword to buy myself a little bit of time.
I could really use a great idea for what to do next.
Sorry, little fuzzy, you know.
Toxin fever and all.
Valerie's coming to fix that.
So you guys are hanging, now, huh? Our friendship evolved.
Oh, I bet it did.
(chuckles weakly) Listen, as much as I love catching up with you, I do have to resume escaping from a serial killer, so if you could H-Head back toward the news station.
I'll find you a place to lead Rayna.
That's your great idea? Uh I'll have the Armory come out and meet you.
They still want Rayna.
Just keep driving, Stefan.
I'll be in touch, okay? MATT: Why are you even in Dallas? ENZO: I'm here for work.
Everyone's looking for Rayna, of course.
The Armory sent an alert when she escaped.
I knew she'd use Caroline to set a trap for Stefan, so I wasn't surprised by the hostage broadcast.
But I did grow curious when the police failed to respond.
I discovered that you convinced them the whole thing was a-a hoax.
Now, why would you do that? (chuckles) I reckoned you wouldn't talk.
Even if I tortured you.
So I'm going to torture him, instead.
You wonder why I released Rayna? Look at what you're doing right now.
I know you have a strong dislike for my ilk, but if you wanted to unleash Rayna on us, why wait until now to free her? Ask Stefan Salvatore.
Curiouser and curiouser.
(mystical sighing) (groans) Motem! (high-pitched squealing) (Nora grunting) Get off me! Alsakes (engine starts) Exciting stuff, isn't it? That dose will keep you quiet for an hour or so.
(tires squealing) Your toy got away.
That's all right.
I'm trading up.
I like you better without your magic.
Well, lucky for you I'm weak with hunger.
Haven't had a proper meal in three bloody years.
No! No! Are you that attached to witchy powers? I'm attached to being alive.
Those pills are what poisoned Mary Lou! What do you mean, poisoned? I was promised an antidote in return for your capture.
Who promised you? Alex.
She said you released Rayna.
I'm guessing she only told you that to motivate you.
My only motivation is Mary Louise.
She's all I have in this world, and I will not let her die! What's the matter? Huh? Afraid to hit me back? I'm calling a truce.
I don't want one! Listen to me! If those pills are fatal to witches, then you and I need to work together.
Why should I trust you? Because I care about this as much as you do.
I swear it on my life.
You owe some guy a cube truck.
Do you talk this much to all your targets? Just the ones I'm trying to help.
You need all the help you can get, since your brother's not exactly reliable.
I know that's what you've been thinking.
You don't know anything about me.
Mystical connection.
Remember? Anyway, I don't blame you for doubting Damon.
You always knew having him in your orbit might get you killed someday.
I thought getting me killed was your department.
(sighs) I'm plagued with a responsibility.
That doesn't mean I like it.
I actually think you're an okay person.
Despite what Matt thinks.
That guy really hates you.
I'm starting to figure that out.
He wouldn't let me out of my cell until I promised to put you back in the Hell Stone.
Want to talk about it? Nope.
Gotta save my battery.
(phone beeps) (sighs) (sighs, phone beeps) (line ringing) Damon Salvatore.
A voice from the great beyond.
Well, if the great beyond is in Dallas, then yep.
You sound a bit worse for wear, mate.
Me? Never better.
Listen, are you still friends with those nut jobs at the Armory? Ever to the point.
Why? What do you need? I need to set up a meet.
Stefan's got Rayna Cruz on his tail.
And he needs to come in for a landing.
Oh, I know just the spot.
The Armory uses an air field near Dallas.
I'll text you and Stefan the coordinates for the hostage exchange.
I'm loving your James Bond vibe.
Somehow I didn't miss you at all.
There you are.
(sighs) "Hostage exchange"? You want Mary Louise.
Alex wants me.
I dare say she'll get more than she gives.
Oh, don't be absurd.
She wants me to bring you back to the Armory.
And you trust her? Unless you're eager for captivity or death, I advise you to do this my way.
So, if the goal is to stay alive, then why draw the Huntress to our meeting place? Luring Rayna to the air strip makes it worth Alex's while to come out into the open.
I'll tell her to bring Mary Louise, but leave her lackeys behind.
Did Alex give you a phone to use? Cheers.
(phone clicking) Why are you helping me? Let's just say I prefer the direct approach.
"Come live with me and be my love, And we will all the pleasures prove, No valleys, groves, hills and fields, Woods or steepy mountain yields" (door closes) Don't let me stop the poetry.
It wasn't for your entertainment.
Free-styling? It's one of Nora's favorite poems.
She used to read it to me daily.
She does care about you.
As evinced by the fact that she demanded you come with me.
Nora found Enzo in Dallas.
All this trouble for him? Partly for Enzo.
Partly for your friend, Rayna Cruz.
(grunting) Rayna.
(chuckles) You gonna kick me in the face again? Frankly, I'd rather do that.
But Stefan asked me to heal you.
Now I know why Stefan digs you.
You're a take-charge kind of gal.
And you're a self-serving narcissist.
Oh, slightly domineering.
Also Stefan's type.
(groaning): Much better.
I had to get you healthy so we can do the transfer spell.
Yeah, about that.
There you are.
Hey, check out the sky.
The bartender has a theory.
Of course he does.
If there's one thing we've learned from our travels all over the world, it's that every bartender has a theory, and every one of them is wrong.
Now look up.
At what? At the sky.
Come on, just humor me.
Live in the moment.
That's what we're here for, right? (sighs) Right.
Ooh, yeah.
Lovely stars.
- Yeah.
- Mmm.
They're bigger this close to the equator.
They're the same as I've seen from every place else.
There's Orion, Cassiopeia Cassiopeia is my favorite.
Voice of doom.
Saw the truth when no one else did.
You're thinking of Cassandra.
- She doesn't have a constellation.
- No, no, no, no.
Constellation's Cassiopeia, that's what I'm saying.
No, it's not.
Yeah, it is.
You know why? Because I said so.
You're an idiot.
You're right.
I am.
So lay your Head on me I'll wait - I'll wait, I'll wait - I'll wait I'll love you like you never felt the pain - I'll wait - I'll wait The love is here and here to stay So lay your head on me Lay your head on me.
Who are you? Who are you? Nobody important.
As requested.
And as promised, here I am.
Where's Mary Louise? Resting in the office.
I hope you remember how to drive.
What about the antidote? Who said I had an antidote? You said you'd help Mary Louise.
I said I'd give you everything I know about the pills.
Here's what I know.
We tried to create the antidote, and we failed.
What? Meanwhile, Mary Louise will be dead within the week.
I'll tear your throat out! No! I need her first.
ALEX: You can stay here and yell at me if you want, but then I might not give you a car.
I suggest you go make the most of the time your girlfriend has left.
For your sake, I hope you're lying.
Why so interested in the pills? They're really only useful if you want to fight a witch.
Or hide from a locator spell.
Speak plainly, Alexandria.
I'm not in the mood for delay.
I know you've been raiding the Armory's supplies.
Figured it out after Rayna escaped.
But why did you steal so many pills? Who could you have been giving them to? I haven't stolen anything, all right? Seems to me, you've just lost track of your possessions.
(chuckles) Or perhaps you're lying to me? We're family, so you know I'm not an idiot.
Give Bonnie Bennett my regards.
(sighs) (gasps) DAMON: Good afternoon.
This is your captain speaking.
We have leveled off at our cruising altitude.
Please feel free to move about the cabin, unless you are tied up with vervain rope.
Why did you stop me from doing the spell? I put a little spin on your plan.
God, you're an ass.
You're one to talk.
How long did you know you could fix Stefan's problem? Your suggestion was news to me.
Not what I asked! How long have you known the answer? For example, My thinking was, hey, the transfer spell worked on Ric's babies.
Maybe it'll work on the scar.
Three whole years go by, and that little concept never crossed your mind? If I was a betting man, which I am, I would bet that you knew about the spell all along.
And rather than sharing it with my brother, you lied to him.
I never lied to him.
But you didn't tell him the truth, either, did you? Because you didn't want to get rid of that scar.
Because without his scar to keep him running, he could've gone back to Caroline.
How insecure could you possibly be? All right, I lied.
But I wasn't protecting myself.
I was protecting him.
By risking his life? By keeping you out of it! The Phoenix Scar requires a special kind of transfer.
It can only go to a blood relative, and that would've meant waking you and bringing you and all the drama that you come with back into his life a life which he was finally thriving in without you.
I get it you think I'm a piece of crap.
And by the way, I was.
And then I met a girl, and she made me good.
And that's why I need Elena in my life.
And when I get her back in my life, I will be there for Stefan.
The only person you ever needed was by your side all along, and you abandoned him.
So I took your place.
I took Caroline's place.
I've been everything to him.
(phone ringing) Sounds more like he was everything to you.
I'll take that.
Hold tight, brother.
This vintage beast only goes so fast.
VALERIE: He's refusing to participate! Val, you okay? DAMON: She's wonderful.
She's great.
She's a rock, and yes, I am fully participating.
Yeah, by kidnapping me instead of doing the spell.
I needed you for backup.
I didn't have time to argue.
Shut up.
You're not doing the spell? Stefan? We are still gonna save you.
The cavalry's coming to you, brother.
We're gonna take down Rayna.
You're gonna get your freedom.
And I'm still gonna get my future.
So you're not taking the scar? Relax, I have a good plan.
Answer the question, Damon.
Stefan, listen Say it! I want to hear you say it.
You're not taking the scar.
I have a plan! You always do.
He never should've trusted you.
Oh, don't get me started on trust.
All right, can we just stay focused here? - How far? - (gunshot, gasps) (groaning) Stefan? Stef? (grunting) I'll catch you later.
We're too late! We're too late because of you.
No, we'll be there in ten minutes.
You're clinging to the coward's way out.
This is exactly why Stefan ran.
I thought Stefan ran to save me from Rayna.
He ran, because he knew that when the moment came, you'd let him down and choose yourself.
In his heart of hearts, that's what he thinks of you, and he's right.
Now is when you prove who you really are.
Ugh, okay.
Screw it, I'm in.
I am Damon Salvatore.
I'll figure this out.
We need to draw Rayna away from Stefan.
- Do the spell now.
- We have to pull over.
We don't have time to pull over! Just give me the scar now! NORA: Mary Lou? Mary Lou, it's me.
Just having a little nap.
How are you feeling? Awful.
I've been poisoned.
Alex said you're going to be just fine.
You are a terrible liar.
(chuckles) Nora, I'm dying.
There is no antidote, Alex told me.
Well, I don't care what she says.
We'll find a way, together.
MARY LOUIE: You're driving.
I've got even less time left on earth than I thought.
Oh, shut up.
Come on.
You never should have sent him there to meet her.
Less blame, more magic.
- (recites spell indistinctly) - (grunts) I want to finish our conversation.
I prefer our phone calls.
RAYNA: It hurts me to see you like this, Stefan.
I mean, it really hurts me.
Because of our connection, I can feel what my targets feel.
(grunts) Like when Matt set me free at the Armory.
As soon as I touched my sword, I felt what it did to you.
(grunts) RAYNA: I felt your scar reopen.
Right then.
The smart play would have been Valerie.
Get your backup girl and go on the run with her again.
But that's not who you wanted.
Not Valerie, not even Caroline.
You wanted Damon.
There was only one way you could talk to him.
Damon, wake the hell up! RAYNA: You slowed yourself down, getting your albatross out of storage.
My scar opened up this morning.
I figured she was back.
I didn't realize she was this close.
You almost gave me time to catch you.
You just had to have Damon along for the ride again.
Those three years he was in the coffin, guess that was all the enjoyment you could take.
I didn't enjoy being a fugitive.
Yes, you did.
You were happy while your brother was gone.
You were happy because he was gone.
And now here we are, thanks to him.
(reciting spell indistinctly) You can see the cause and effect, right? You can see that you're in this bind because of the dumb-ass mistake you made by waking Damon up? Why do you care about my mistakes? It's not me who cares.
It's the Phoenix Stone.
Its voice is in my head all the time.
You have no idea how loud it is.
It wants to liberate you, Stefan.
It is still trying to show you the only way for you to be free is to let Damon go.
You've ignored its wisdom before.
Are you finally ready to leave Damon behind? Did today convince you? Yes.
Now remember that and use it to survive in the Hell Stone this time.
(reciting spell indistinctly) Uh, something's wrong.
Wait, why's it going away? The spell's unraveling.
There's no scar to transfer.
What do you mean there's no scar? (groans) CAROLINE: Matt, it's Caroline.
I know there has to be a reason why you helped Rayna, but I need to hear it from you.
(phone beeps) I did it.
(sighs) I made Stefan pay for what he did.
Just like I promised you.
Right, no more gloomy talk now.
First thing we'll do is get you a decent meal, something plump and juicy from the suburbs.
Nothing too decadent.
(chuckles) I'm trying to maintain my charms.
To my eyes, you are perfect.
(glass shatters) (engine starts) (tires screeching) No.
Stefan, no.
Hey, Stefan.
We can bring him back.
We've done it before.
Where's the damn sword? Where's the sword?! That was an amazing escape.
I take back all my insults about your driving.
She'll follow us.
Of course she will.
We have her sword.
NORA: No time for gloomy talk.
I've been marked by Rayna Cruz, and I'll be running from her for as long as I live.
No, that bitch has taken enough from us.
No, what are you doing? One good thing with the strength that I have left.
- (recites spell indistinctly) - No.
You can't.
Stop it.
It's too strong, you won't be able I will not let her put you in this Hell Stone! If you don't stop, you will die.
When it's all over I'm already dead, my love.
It's my fault.
No, this is all on me.
I tried to have it all.
Next time, it'll be different.
One more sunrise before the dawn Nora, don't! You must live.
There is no life without you.
- "Come live with me - Calibus vis anullix, - and be my love" - peros corpeo meum "And we will all the pleasures prove, (groans) That valleys roves" Everything will be okay, Stefan.
I'll get that stone, and we'll make this right.
"hills and fields, woods or steepy mountains yield" (groaning) "And I will make thee beds of roses" I love you.
I love you.
(screaming) (screams) No! I'm gonna save you, little brother.
I promise.
I promise you.
Where do we go when it's all over?