The Vampire Diaries s07e20 Episode Script

Kill ‘Em All

Previously on The Vampire Diaries I have a family, Matt.
So did I.
And a girlfriend and a life.
And now I don't.
Okay, Stef, what happened? You told Caroline you'd be with her once things were safe, and you never showed.
You broke her heart.
Virginia forced Lucy Benett to seal a vault in the Armory with magic.
Our other sister Yvette was still inside when they closed it.
I need to get her out.
Bonnie can help me do that.
I need to know if the effects of those pills can be reversed.
The effects of my blood can't be reversed.
That would mean you just gave the girl you love a death sentence.
She's still got a mystical connection to all those vampires who escaped the Phoenix Stone.
I would be happy to wipe out anyone off your list in exchange for a teensy-weensy favor.
And what might that be? You're on your last mortal life.
What we'd like to do is to take that life and transfer it to Bonnie.
Well, the good news is she finally said yes to that deal.
The not as good news is she added a few more vampires to the list.
Flores dial 182, please.
I'm here to see a patient of yours, Virginia St.
And what is your relationship to the patient? She tried to kill me.
I don't have a lot of time.
And I need answers.
Your sister Alex is hell-bent on having me open that vault.
I need to know what's in it.
Well, that's the question everyone's been asking since 1882 when my great-grandfather first managed to open it.
Dalton Who's there? Dalton.
Show yourself.
What's in there? What's in there? It's not a what.
It's not a who.
It's what it does to you.
Shut it.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Quite all right.
It strips away your compassion.
It takes away your empathy, your capacity for love.
Eating away at your soul, until all that remains is darkness.
My great-grandfather was only in there a few moments.
My sister Yvette has been trapped in there for four years.
And I can't imagine what she's been twisted into in that time.
No one can survive four years sealed in a vault.
I said the same thing.
Except Alex can hear her, through the walls, crying to her for help.
Whatever's inside that vault, it wants out.
And you have to promise me, you won't let Alex set it free.
I promise.
Rayna's list is too long to kill each one twice.
Well, then we better get moving.
How's it going? Finished off the ones in Huntsville and Birmingham.
Ah, good.
Somebody taking out their aggression because Blondie left them on the front porch? Well, Damon, you're the authority on being hated, so why don't you tell me how to deal with the situation.
Still mad, huh? I'm not mad, I'm just tired.
Who's next on my hit list? Bloodsucker from the Age of Enlightenment.
Ended up in a MMA fighter.
Dropping bodies all through the Palmetto State.
Doesn't sound very enlightened.
That's why I'm partnering you up with Donovan.
Matt? He wants me dead.
He released Rayna to kill me.
Bit extreme, even for Donovan.
Long story.
I don't have time for a short story, Stefan.
Listen, you two figure out your differences while killing this MMA fighter.
Oh, I guess I don't really have much of a choice, do I? Stefan, answering your question about how to deal with being hated, three little words: Just don't care.
It's funny coming from a guy working so hard to save his friend's life.
I can live with Bonnie hating me, just as long as she lives.
I got to go.
I'm driving.
If you're looking for the crossbow bolts, I moved them in with the Halloween decorations.
About the same time that I relocated your shotgun from the kitchen.
Stake guns and vervain grenades are in the minivan.
I called Leah over to watch the girls.
They're going to make puppets and put on a show, gonna have the time of their lives.
No, you can't go.
It's too dangerous.
More for you than me.
It would be irresponsible if we both went.
Okay, then you can stay here.
Because I cannot read If You Give a Moose a Muffin for the millionth time when I know my best friend is in trouble.
Good-bye, Desmond.
See the crazy train has moved topside.
Is that my shirt? Considering I'm giving you my life, I figured it qualified me for an upgrade from the storm cellar.
Personally, I would've negotiated for the penthouse suite in Paris and dinner at the best restaurant in town where I would've ordered one of everything and had the most expensive bottle of wine and champagne.
And when all the names are in the fire, you'll have a whole lifetime to do all of it.
Guess I don't understand what you're getting out of this.
I mean, not to sound ungrateful, but you're willing to die? For me? Just doesn't make any sense.
That's because you haven't lived seven lifetimes beyond your own.
That's what I never understood about vampires.
They seek out immortality like it's some kind of gift.
Everything that mattered to me, love, family, happiness, I had all of that the first time, until it was taken away from me, and I've spent the last seven lifetimes longing for it.
I'm ready to be done on this earth.
I want to see my father again.
I want to know love again.
That's what I get out of it.
Your magic's back.
The pills are out of my system.
Which means the Armory's not far behind.
With no traffic, we should be in Spartanburg in under two hours.
Do you want me to find a decent radio station to cover up the silence? Or we can just talk about your vendetta against me.
Seriously, man, whatever's going on, let's just get it all out.
I mean, you blackmailed us into leaving our home.
Wasn't that enough? Second best decision I ever made.
Do I even want to know what the first is? What were you looking at? Nothing.
Baseball score nothing or porn nothing? That was a pretty sketchy quick-close.
It's not important.
I was kidding, but now I'm kind of intrigued.
Come on.
Show me.
Go away.
Is it, like, weird and freaky? I think we've reached the point where we can be open and honest about our browser histories.
Let's see Hey.
What kind of freaky stuff you're into.
Top ten ways to propose to her.
Pretty sure this isn't gonna make the list.
You haven't even given me a chance to ask.
I said "yes.
" Okay.
Uh, all right, I guess the only surprise is if to see if I got the size right.
Are you rethinking your "yes"? First, it's a total home run.
If you're trying to impress me, it worked.
Second, you don't need to impress me.
And I know you can't afford this on a deputy's salary.
How about on a sergeant's salary? You got the promotion? It's not official yet.
But they mayor tipped me off.
"Sergeant Donovan.
" It's got a nice ring to it, right? So does "Mrs.
Sergeant Donovan.
" When I got home from the funeral, our wedding invitations were sitting on the doorstep.
I'm sorry.
That's awful.
Everybody's sorry.
I heard it was a car accident.
Lost control of her truck.
Hit a tree.
That's the official story, anyway.
But you and I both know that's not what really happened.
Hey, Bon.
How was your field trip to the nut house? Where's Enzo? He's not answering his phone.
Enzo is currently chasing down a blood enthusiast.
What's wrong? My magic's back.
The Armory's one locator spell away from finding me.
But they don't know that.
We don't know that they don't know that.
Listen, Bonnie, we are moving on this list, okay? If dropping bodies was an Olympic sport, we'd be on a Wheaties box.
Come on, you should be used to this by now, right? I think you've died, what, three times already? Bonnie? Yeah, here.
I just want to say thank you.
Well, you're welcome.
I still think it was wrong for you to abandon us, but I I forgive you.
You are not allowed to use the F word.
You don't mean it.
You're only saying you forgive me because you don't think that we're gonna pull this off.
And look, yeah, it's gonna be tight, Bonnie.
But we're gonna make it.
You're gonna make it.
So I don't accept your forgiveness, you understand? You are gonna have to stay strong, okay? Okay.
I will.
You ready? This will just make you sicker.
I'm not gonna let them use me to open that vault.
This will only hide your magic for 24 hours.
What about after it wears off? Then we do it again.
I don't know how many 24 hours you have left.
Alexandria? Shh, it's okay.
I'm here.
I'm-I'm here, Yvette.
I'm so alone.
I'll get you out soon.
I promise.
Now they're getting close, they're about to Oh, nope.
Yeah, I got it.
No need to elaborate.
Whew, that is five minutes of crazy I am never getting back.
Okay, so this is what I got from Rayna.
The girl's name is Ashlynn.
They guy's name is Wyatt.
The rest of her visions are just body parts.
Killing spree? No, the body parts are Ashlynn and Wyatt's.
Uh, 'cause they're having sex.
Just lots and lots of intense, mind-blowing sex.
Uh, Rayna was very descriptive.
- Well, that's-that's good.
- Yeah.
Well, hopefully the afterglow will distract them.
I mean, should I feel even the slightest twinge of guilt about this? No, we're doing them a favor.
Let 'em go out on a high note.
Rip out their hearts before they inevitably do it to each other.
Uh, that's that's pretty bleak.
You okay over there? I'm fine.
Look, if you want to talk about Stefan, it's okay, all right? We don't have to pretend that he doesn't exist.
Especially now that he's showing up at our doorstep.
I didn't have anything to say to him then.
And I don't have anything to say about him now.
What? Got your voicemail four times.
You know, we are literally at a crossroads here.
We could use a couple bread crumbs.
Would you prefer I left Bonnie passed out on the bathroom floor? She all right? No, she took my blood to hide herself from any locator spells.
Put her on.
- Hey.
- Have you lost your mind? We spent three years hiding.
I can't let them find me.
What, and poisoning yourself is a better option? You just shortened the already miniscule window of time we have.
We're so close.
No, you're not.
You're nowhere near done.
I'm staring at a floor covered in names.
And I'll kill every last one of them.
Just come home.
What? I don't want our last moments to be like this.
You a million miles away.
Connected only by some crappy cell phone signal.
Whatever time I have left, I want to spend it with you.
So just come home.
I know where you are right now.
I've been there for three years.
You can't drink your way out of it, you can't fight your way out of it, you can't kill your way out of it.
Trust me, I tried.
This isn't about you.
It's not about your fears.
It's not about your anger.
Because if this goes bad, you're gonna have nothing but time to drown yourself in every dark emotion your brain can conjure up.
Bonnie doesn't have that luxury.
So go to her.
I can't.
I can't give up.
I'm not asking you to give up.
I need to make sure that she doesn't.
Thanks for getting back to me.
I'll admit, I was surprised to see you on my phone sheet.
Is there something I can do for you, Damon? I have a rather lengthy list of hell stone rejects that I need killed posthaste, and I hear you have the resources to do it.
I do.
Do you have something to offer in return? How about a key to your creepy walk-in closet? I'm listening.
You finish off that list, and I'll deliver you Bonnie Bennett.
I think Rayna's GPS is off.
I don't know why a vampire would want to hide out around so much sharp wood.
You got lots of privacy.
Plenty of neighborhoods to grab somebody from.
Feed at your leisure.
Stash the bodies, no trace.
Won't have to worry about someone like you coming after them.
Which makes me curious.
You did such a good job clearing vampires out of Mystic Falls.
What makes you convinced that Penny's death wasn't a car accident? Little things just didn't add up.
There were no tire marks on the road.
The impact sent a tree limb through the driver's side of the cab, yet the air bag didn't deploy.
You know, everyone said that I was obsessed and that I wouldn't let it go, but you know what it reminded me of? All the deaths that were covered up as animal attacks.
The more I dug, the less sense it made.
So what did you find? That there was at least one vampire in Mystic Falls the night Penny died.
It was you.
Yeah, I was there.
I came back for the anniversary of the sheriff's death.
I knew it'd be a hard day for Caroline, and I thought there would be a good chance she'd show up, and if she did, I wanted to be there for her.
But she didn't show, did she? No, she never did.
Do you really think that I would hurt Penny? You okay? Thanks.
Hi, um we're getting married this weekend and we want to get his and her tattoos.
Oh, I love that.
" Is that short for Ashley? Ashlynn.
That's a beautiful name.
Right, honey? - Oh, yeah.
Love it.
Love it.
Ashlynn! Sorry, babe.
Help me! Poor form, Ashlynn! Shoot! Thanks.
I guess we should thank you.
Professor Saltzman.
You're both gonna have to come with us.
You came back.
When have I not? Hey.
Don't be sad.
I have decided, I'm not gonna be sad.
I'm not gonna think about all the things we never got the chance to do together.
I'm gonna be happy.
I'm gonna think about all the things we we did do together.
What, like all the excitement and adventure I provided you within the confines of these four walls? You know, it worked for Beauty and the Beast.
You were never that beastly.
Rayna? Rayna, what's happening? Killing.
They're killing them.
Good news, brother.
You can pack up your implements of destruction and punch your time card.
Every box in Rayna's list will be checked by tonight.
Well, it looks like you pulled it off.
That's got to tip the scales in your favor with Bonnie.
It's a little more complicated than that.
Well, with you, it usually is.
And yeah, by the way, I'm still mad at you.
You put me, quite literally, through hell and I'm not ready to let that go yet.
But don't think I'm not noticing all the good you've been doing lately.
Keep it up.
It means something.
Well, it looks like we're all done here.
No, we're not.
I don't think you meant to hurt Penny, but you know what happened to her.
I couldn't make sense of my memories from that night, and then I checked the footage on my dash-cam.
It was an accident, Matt.
Penny didn't suffer.
And you never saw me here.
You compelled me.
I'm guessing I don't need to tell you what you said to me.
No, you don't.
Now you're gonna tell me the truth.
Just when I thought you were worthy of forgiveness, you do this.
What'd you expect? Just gonna let you die? I would rather that, than be forced to open that vault.
What happened to the new Bonnie? The one that's not so eager to just sacrifice herself? I don't understand, Bonnie.
I have a shaman ready to make you the proud new owner of Rayna's last life.
All you have to do is just open the stupid vault for Alex, and you're well, you're done.
Alex can't be trusted.
Bonnie, stop being so dramatic.
She just wants her sister back.
Whatever is in that vault makes people into monsters, and I'm not gonna be responsible for letting it out.
You're pretty quiet on this one.
I think you had a ringside seat to Mary Louise and Nora's final few days.
You want to relive those good times, huh? Bonnie can make her own decisions.
And when she's dead, you'll be making them for her, like what dress she's gonna be buried in.
I geez.
I hit a little bit of a snag, Alex, - but if you just - Put her on.
It's for you.
Bonnie, I know you don't have much time left, but I'm hoping you'll reconsider now that I have something in my possession you might be willing to fight for.
Oh, my God.
What? I don't believe it.
What? Lapis De bello.
Hmm, this was given to Charlemagne by his first wife.
Yeah, that explains why he got a second wife.
No, legend has it this allowed him to conquer half of Western Europe.
You know, I spent three years searching for this thing.
Through every tomb, every monastery throughout Europe, I couldn't find it.
I gave up.
I convinced myself it didn't exist.
There it is.
Yeah, well, good thing we got kidnapped, 'cause now it gives you a little bit of closure.
Sorry, it's you were right.
Both of us shouldn't have come.
Well, think of it like this, if you didn't, I probably would've had my throat ripped out, so there's that.
But this is the longest I've ever been away from the girls.
And all I want to do, I just want to get home and hold them.
Yeah, I know.
Tell me that everything's gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be fine? Yeah, you want to try it again? Maybe this time where you actually believe it? Do you know what this place is? Half of these things should've been lost to history.
The other half shouldn't even exist.
Now, if these guys can make all of this disappear, they're gonna have no problem making us disappear, so when I say, "Yeah, we're gonna be fine," what I'm really saying is I'm praying like hell that whatever it is they want, somebody's willing to give it to them.
Matt, I know this is hard for you, but you have to trust me.
Anything I tell you will only make it worse.
How am I supposed to trust you? You were the last person to see Penny alive.
Keep you hands where I can see them.
Sorry, am I doing something illegal? Depends on where those blood bags in your trunk came from.
Oh, right.
No, I can explain that, I'm A vampire.
I know.
Was it self-defense? Caroline didn't show up, so you needed to take it out on someone else? If that's what you think, then maybe you should pull the trigger, Matt.
Then just tell me what happened.
You don't want to know.
I need to know.
I need to know the truth.
Penny, you copy? Penny? No.
Stefan? Penny! Penny.
Stefan! Hey, you-you have to drink.
Come on, come on, you have to drink.
Penny, come on, you have to drink, please.
Stay with me.
Come on, drink.
It's too late.
Matt? I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
It was my fault.
It's okay.
Penny? I killed her.
I killed her.
It's done.
Thank you, Bonnie.
You and your friends are free to go.
Uh, you do realize by forcing her hand, you've just dashed any hope of Bonnie ever absolving you? I didn't know it took so many words to say "thank you.
" Oh, don't pretend this is all in service of some altruistic desire to save Bonnie.
This was all so you could assuage your own guilt over abandoning her.
Was it selfish for me not to want my best friend to die? You bet it was.
Oh, what, do you want a round of applause for your betrayal? Bravo.
Well done.
No, I don't want applause.
But it'd sure be damn nice to hear you admit you considered making the same deal.
But you knew you'd lose her.
But lucky for you, you have me.
Because she hates me.
It's humanly impossible for her to hate me any more than she already does.
So I did what you couldn't.
And now she'll hate me, not you.
Let's grab Caroline and Alaric and get the hell out of here.
Come on.
Now! Run! Be ready for anything.
Yvette! Yvette?! Alexandria.
I'm here.
Where are you?! Yvette.
What have you done to my sister?! Run! Check all the exits.
Bonnie? What did you just do? Kept my promise.
No one's getting out.
Bonnie, please! Look, I just didn't want you to be consumed by one moment in your life that you couldn't take back.
I released Rayna and helped her kidnap Caroline to punish you for something I did.
Can't blame yourself, Matt.
I don't.
I blame you.
I may have pulled the trigger, but none of this would have happened if you hadn't come back.
Why couldn't you have just stayed away from us? I only came back For Caroline.
Yeah, I know.
But it sounds like she didn't want that, so why don't you just stay away from her too? You ruined my life, Stefan.
And you ruined Penny's life too.
Whose life are you gonna ruin next? It won't be long now, my darling.
Damon and Rayna will take it from here.
Just hang in there.
Caroline's making you her apparently famous "get well" soup.
That soup is awful.
Tomorrow is the first rehearsal for the May Day pageant.
I signed the girls up for Maypole duty.
What are we supposed to tell the teachers? "Sorry, Miss Patty.
We missed rehearsal because we were off slaughtering vampires.
" We can get in the car right now.
No, not before I know that Bonnie's gonna be okay.
God only knows how many more ways Damon can screw this up by the end of the day.
Are you sure that's the only reason? Yeah.
Why else would I want to stay? No, I do not want to see Stefan, okay? I just want to know.
You left things unfinished.
Oh, things are finished.
He finished them when he just Ashlynn'd his way out of town three years ago.
And did you see how she just bailed on Wyatt like that? He was her partner, and then the minute things got a little bit messy, she just ran away.
I mean, do you see anything about a disaster of a love affair like that that needs finishing? Look, I really don't want to talk about Ashlynn or Wyatt.
Well, I'm not talking about Wyatt and Ashlynn, I am just talking about partnership and commitment and loyalty and honesty and all those things that Stefan just took away from me.
I understand, but there hasn't been any closure.
I don't need closure.
No, I do.
I need closure.
I don't know if you remember, but my last wedding didn't go so well.
So if you think that there's a chance that you and Stefan, uh, might find your way back together again, I'd like to know before I pick out my tie.
No, 'cause I want to marry you, and I want to be your loyal, honest, committed partner.
And I want our little family to work.
But I don't want it if you'd rather be with someone else.
Look, I love our little family, Ric.
It's unconventional.
But I'm happy.
So if this is the big conversation where we're honest about our life together, then I think we should talk about the fact that you're the one unfulfilled by it.
What do you mean? I saw you today.
In that place.
We were being held captive, and all you could talk about was some stupid necklace.
It's pretty clear that you've been just Indiana Jonesing for something like that for a while now.
Look, we've been trying so hard to have a normal life, but you know what, our life is not normal.
Our kids are witch siphons, for God sakes.
We are pretty deep in this.
And if that's the way that it has to be, I want to be deep in it with you.
Okay? Yeah.
Well, I can't say I'm gonna miss you, stabby-pants, but you are doing a grande solid for Bonnie.
I figure that deserves a "thank you," even in my own twisted book.
You're welcome.
All right.
Bonfire, check.
Last descendant of the tribe that created you by the way, thank you for that check.
Bonnie's O-neg, check.
It is a great honor to meet you, Rayna.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look, we're in a bit of a hurry here, okay? So if you can get on with the shamaning Hear me, Great Spirit.
Hear me.
We call upon you in this moment of need.
One has come before you.
For many lifetimes as your servant, your vengeance let her journey end.
Let another take her remaining years.
Let another take up her burden.
Wait, what? What does that mean? Do you think I could ever forgive you for the things you did to me? Now neither will Bonnie.
When she wakes, she'll be just like me, full of hatred for you and your kind and unable to rest until you've been wiped from this earth.