The Vampire Diaries s08e13 Episode Script

The Lies Are Going to Catch Up With You

1 Previously on The Vampire Diaries - You just killed your whole family? - Who names a kid Malachi? Like they expected me to be evil.
I linked Elena's life to yours, and the rule is, as long as you're alive, Elena will remain asleep.
[Bonnie screams] - You're gonna be human.
- [groans] Enzo! [screams] Surely you've heard of the legend of Arcadius.
You know him by another name the devil.
How are you here? The bell rang 11 times.
Enough for me to pay a visit.
I just came home to change before I go to Bonnie's.
Spent the last hour trying to figure out what I was gonna say to her.
If I can't figure out a way to forgive myself, I can't expect her to.
DAMON: Bonnie's a much better person than you or me.
ETHAN: What is this? A relic of Cade's creation that is the means to destroy him? Now that has a certain poetry to it.
I say we make a plan to kill the devil.
Yeah, sorry to interrupt, but what if I told you I had a better idea? MATT: Dad, get up! Come on, Dad, do something, please.
This thing's heating up.
[groans] Ten.
Dad, come on! [grunts] 11.
[bell tolling] [yelling] - [panting] - [hissing] [sighs] [panting] Hey.
- Where am I? - Mystic Falls.
- The Grill.
- [sighs] [laughing] Oh, my God.
Is it too late to order food? Beer, burger.
Two burgers.
Two beers, three burgers.
Are the fries here good? I remember them being a little soggy.
Oh, and a hot dog! A hot dog.
Is that is that crazy? Whatever.
I'll do it.
Dog me.
It's my special day, I am here, and here is not hell, and that means that I am alive, so thank you.
[tapping on table] Wait for me Butterfly, wait for me It doesn't taste like anything.
To set you free Wait for me problems - [gasps] - Wait for me I'm only human Why can't I taste anything? Let me be [yelling] Come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah Gonna chase that moon till the blood come out I can't feel anything.
I'm not here.
I'm not alive.
Okay, here's that beer.
- [gasps] - Oh, yeah, oh, yeah That sugar gonna bring me back to life Motus.
Said, oh, yeah, oh, yeah Well at least I felt that.
'Cause I'm comin' for you.
KAI: Is that weird or what? [laughing]: I mean, I can still touch stuff.
I'm not a ghost.
More like a psychic imprint.
Stuck between dimensions thanks to hell's bell.
One foot on Earth, the other in Cade's nightmare world of hurt.
On the run, off the grid.
A renegade relying only on his wits.
[laughs] A renegade.
That's funny.
I can still do magic if I siphon myself, but even then, it takes concentration.
It's like having cell reception - on Mars.
- [grunting] - You murdered my wife.
- Aah.
It was mid-ceremony as I remember.
But, yes, yes, yes, huge huge mistake.
I see that now.
I do.
Are you having a hard time concentrating? No.
Ric, hey.
I have some questions.
Starting with how the hell are you here? Why don't you tell me? You guys rang some giant bell, and suddenly, I could see Mystic Falls, so I went for it.
And here I am sort of.
Please don't tell Cade.
You were in hell? Yeah, you killed me.
I think I'm on the wait list for heaven, but they're not returning my calls.
You said you had a better idea than killing Cade with this dagger.
Find a way to get me out of hell, all the way, and then I'll help you kill Cade.
I think we can manage without you.
What if I brought back Elena? Let's hear him out, Ric.
ALARIC: The kid's a sociopath.
- You're gonna get us all killed.
- Not necessarily.
Then have at it, Damon, and while you're trying to outsmart the devil, I'm gonna barricade myself in here with my two girls, who, in case you forgot, Kai tried to murder - while they were still in utero.
- I haven't forgotten, Ric.
Look, when I get out of him what I want, I will send him back to hell in pieces, I promise you.
Well, whatever you're gonna do, just do it far away from here.
How about a little faith, huh? [scoffs] Why don't you save that question for somebody who's never killed you? Hey, it's Bonnie.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
Just calling to say good morning.
I know Stefan was gonna pay you a visit last night, and judging by the fact he never came home, it means it either went really well, or really not.
I'd love to hear your voice, but if you're not ready to talk, I get it.
Whatever you need.
If you need time, space, gallons of red wine.
I'm here for you.
With or without Stefan.
What can I do for you, Sheriff? - I need your help.
- Really? Even though I'm part of the darkness that's ruining Mystic Falls? I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, okay? We have bigger problems right now.
I got three calls this morning from Mystic Falls residents wanting to report old crimes Disappearances, cold cases All involving Stefan.
One of them even wondered if he was a vampire.
- What? - I've been bringing them into the station and keeping them in separate rooms, trying to keep everyone quiet for now.
- How could they know those things? - I don't know.
They said these memories came back a couple days ago.
Oh, my God.
When Stefan turned human, everybody he ever compelled started to remember.
[birds singing] [brakes squeak] - [car door closes] - Hello! [car door opens] Who are you?! [car door closes] [sighs] Damn it.
[footsteps approaching] [grunting] Dorian? Dorian Williams.
You're gonna call me by my full name.
Let's go.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
[clicks] Come on.
Okay, Dorian Williams.
You work with Ric.
I barely know you.
So why you pointing a gun at me? 'Cause yesterday I woke up, and started to remember.
Remember what? The first time we've met.
It was at the Armory a few months ago.
Like you said, we barely know each other, so it's probably news to you that I lost my father and my sister in a house fire seven years ago.
Never came up.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
Because that's not what really happened.
That's the story, the lie, that started to unravel over these last few days when I remembered that you were there.
What are you accusing me of? My family lived in Knoxville.
I was out at a high school pep rally.
When I came home, the door was ripped off the hinges, and you were there.
Soaked in blood.
My dad.
My sister.
Their heads.
You walked right up to me and you looked me in the eye.
I could smell their blood on your breath when you told me to forget we'd ever met.
To move on with my life.
Next thing I know, I'm in the back of a squad car doing just that, watching my home burn to the ground.
I was travelling through Tennessee with someone named Klaus Mikaelson.
I had to do things to prove myself to him.
Things that I tried to forget.
You murdered the people I love, and you don't even remember them? [grunts] Their names were Robert and Tina Williams.
I never forget my victim's names.
But you didn't bother to remember mine.
So, what, if you don't murder a person, technically, they're not your victim? I'm sorry.
Sorry's not gonna cut it.
Start digging.
Enzo, please hear me.
I don't have access to magic, so you got to meet me halfway.
A sign.
[phone ringing] [beeps] What do you need? Just calling to make sure you're okay.
I'm not.
But you left me nine messages this morning, - so you obviously want something.
- No.
I don't want anything.
I'm just I'm here for you.
Unrelated, um, have you made any progress getting Enzo - out of hell? - What? I'm just saying, Cade got out.
Why shouldn't Enzo? Cade used the Maxwell bell.
Which is kind of a nonstarter now, unless you want to risk nuking Mystic Falls again.
I'm not a practicing witch anymore.
But you're also not a quitter, Bonnie.
- BONNIE: You know what? - [whispering]: Stop it.
- Why don't you call me back when you're not - Whoa, whoa, n-n-n-no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Don't hang up.
Bonnie, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to be rude.
I just, um I was just hoping you had a solve for Enzo, because I might need a solution for someone else, too.
Someone else like Let's just say I had a semi-ghost situation.
Someone halfway in our world, who really wanted to stay here for real.
- Let me say hi.
Let me say hi.
- What? Shut up.
This is all hypothetical, Bonnie, but what if there was a way to unlink your life from Elena's? And what if the very small price to pay was us freeing a soul from hell? First of all, by "us," you mean me.
Second of all, it's crazy, because the only person who could break that link is Kai, and he's been dead for years.
Who's sitting next to you? - Nobody.
- Really? Because I just had the weirdest feeling.
There's someone there with you.
Someone you don't want me to know about.
Look, let me be clear.
Even if there were someone else here with me, I wouldn't want you to know, because of a certain mind-reading devil that's on the lookout for escaped souls.
And what you don't know can't hurt us.
Oh, my God.
Tell me you're not talking about Kai Parker.
Of course not.
Why would you even say that? Because I know you.
And because I have this incredibly strong feeling that I can't explain.
Everything okay, Bon? Damon, before my Grams helped me tap into my witchcraft, she told me I was psychic.
Which would explain how I know you're hiding something.
And why I can still feel Enzo.
Can your new psychic powers help someone get free of hell? I have no idea.
But Cade would know the answer.
I'm gonna ask him how to save Enzo.
Bad idea, Bon Mm.
Did it sound like she missed me? It was about six years ago.
There was this murderer, lying in a hospital bed, with a bullet wound.
I'm supposed to be guarding his room.
Then the damnedest thing happened.
This intense guy, weird hair, walks right up to me, looks me in the eye, and says, "Time for a little break.
" I'm not supposed to leave my post.
But the way he said it Like you were being compelled to obey.
Something like that.
Anyway, I come back.
And the murderer vanished.
Guess who takes the fall.
I lost my badge.
I lost my pension.
I fell off the wagon.
I'm so sorry this happened to you.
But you are going to forget that night at the hospital.
You're going to clean up and turn your life around.
When you get a check from Stefan Salvatore in the mail, you are not going to ask questions.
You're gonna cash it and put that money to good use.
[sighs] Thank you, Officer.
If you feel like police work's still in your blood, give me a call.
We should reach out to his family to make sure that their stories line up.
You're taking this awfully well.
Are you even listening To the horrific ripple effect that one vampire has on Mystic Falls? Yeah, Matt, I'm listening.
And I'm doing the math.
And I am trying to keep it together right now because I'm the only person who can clean up this mess.
[sighs] [shovel dings] Well, you have me right where you want me.
Whatever you want to happen is gonna happen.
But have you really thought this through? Since my memory came back, it's all I've been able to think about.
Don't do this, Dorian.
Not for me, for you.
What is that supposed to be, reverse psychology? I'm not a kid anymore.
And you're not a vampire, so you can't tell me what to do.
Hell is real.
I've seen it.
And if you kill me, you're gonna end up there with me.
Screw you, okay? I'm not falling for your act.
You know, all your friends keep talking about poor, self-hating Stefan.
Like getting to live is the biggest torture of all! You know what's worse than living with all that guilt? Surviving murder.
You know what's worse than surviving? Being murdered! You're right.
Don't-Don't pretend that you're on my side.
I'm not on your side.
I can't be.
Because you will never understand what it feels like to be consumed with a constant hunger.
Or to have a switch in your brain that can turn you into a monster.
And until yesterday, I had no idea what it felt like to be helpless in the face of that.
So now that you're human, you think you're one of us.
In the real world, people like you, they get the needle.
Done, gone! You don't get to walk around trying to do good! What else am I supposed to do? [gun hammer cocks] You're supposed to go to hell.
Believe me, I am.
I'm just trying to atone for as much as possible before that day comes.
Who gives a crap about your redemption?! The damage is done, Stefan! The dead are dead.
How am I supposed to move on knowing you're alive? That you're liked? You're not supposed [groaning] How long do we have to stay here? Uh, I'm hoping just for the night, sweetie.
[phone chimes] Maybe longer.
Thought you were hunkering down.
Care to explain why Twitter just notified me that CobraKai1972 is tweeting for the first time in four years? From a diner? Better question, why are you still following him? - Damon - Don't worry.
Bonnie's on it.
Oh, good, you roped her in too.
I was hoping you'd maximize the collateral damage Okay.
We're gonna take a small hiatus - from social media.
- Ah-ah! I figured since you're forcing me to hang out with you while Bonnie talks to the big guy downstairs, I may as well indulge in the little things, you know? Oh, hey.
Selfie city.
Ah! Yeah, there it is.
At least get a few likes while we wait.
Oh, no.
That's new.
What's happening to you? Think I might be starting to slip back into H-E-double-hockey-sticks.
[coughing] Hmm.
Well, I hope Bonnie comes up with something good.
'Cause my clock's ticking.
And if I go, so does your shot at happiness.
- [groans and coughs] - Thank you.
You okay, sweetie? Uh, yes.
Lactose intolerance.
Can we just have some napkins please? Thanks.
Oh, it feels like I'm being dragged back to hell by my colon.
Oh, I can't go back there.
You're on fire all the time, and ghosts from your past come back to pull your skin off, and occasionally, on really bad days, you go face-to-face with Cade, who is basically torture incarnate.
This is all metaphorical.
Except for the fire, which is literal.
Thank you.
That sounds rough.
Wait, wait, didn't you go there? Didn't you work with the devil? [groans softly] I saw enough to convince me.
But my job with the siren was my way to escape the real deal.
[sighs] Sirens.
Man, were they hot? Sure.
If you're into cannibal divas.
I think I am.
But the second you stop feeding them evil people, things get ugly.
Also literal.
KAI: So, wait, that's what kept them going? Evil people? Mm-hmm.
Oh, yes! Yes, that is it, it's so It makes so much sense! If hell is fueled by evil, and I'm still a little bit in hell, then maybe I can secure my footing here on Earth by-by killing a really bad person [whispering]: just like those sexy sirens did.
Did I mention I'm trying to preserve my future with Elena by not killing anyone? [laughs] Damon, if you think that one more murder is going to seal your fate, then I have news for you, you are super deep in the karma hole.
I have an eternity to make up for what I've done.
[coughs] Yes, and who knows how long I have left.
Face it, buddy, you need me.
And I need you right now, because I can barely stand, let alone kill.
Okay, come on, come on.
Just one seriously bad person, use your best judgment.
Do it for me, man.
Do it, do it for your bro.
- Do it for - Don't say "Elena.
" Elen [gasps] Okay.
DAMON: He'll do.
[line ringing] Hey, is everything okay? Yes.
Everything's okay.
The girls are fine.
We've just been on the road.
Where are you now? Uh, at the Armory.
Hey, listen, uh, I was thinking, maybe we could, I don't know, come by and meet you at the house tonight.
[sighs]: Oh, my God, Ric, come by and meet you that would be just amazing.
I could really uses something good in my life right now.
But are you sure you want to bring them to town? Mystic Falls isn't 100% safe yet.
[chuckles]: Well, maybe 100% isn't a realistic goal.
Well, we still need to keep them safe.
Oh, we will.
It'll be good to come home.
And I'll need some good parenting advice.
About what? Well, I'll explain when I see you.
[breathing unsteadily] Stop looking at me.
I'm guessing you never shot anyone before? Why, because I'm staring? No, because you missed.
You didn't hit anything fatal.
It's gonna take me a while to bleed out.
Just stop talking, all right? Don't talk anymore.
Fine by me.
A bullet to the head should do it.
Or to the heart, if you want to avoid the mess.
I said shut up! Okay? I'm trying to make it easier for you, Dorian.
[gasps] [frustrated grunt] All right.
Squeeze that as tight as you can.
- Squeeze that.
- What are you doing? What does it look like? No service.
Are you kidding me? - Dorian, it's okay.
- No.
No, it's not.
It's not okay, man.
Just squeeze that.
Can you move? You got to get up.
Come on, come on.
Squeeze that, come on.
- Feed me your fiction - [entry bells jingle] Give me just one taste to sustain this addiction How did I know I'd find you here? Simple.
We share a kinship now.
An awareness of each other.
For someone new to the gift, you're quite powerful.
I don't feel powerful.
I don't understand any of this, but I just have to know How do I get Enzo out of hell? Why don't you ask him yourself? So let me down now, slowly You know me I hope you're not planning on setting me on fire.
I know that's a thing with you.
[chuckles] That would be a poor way to start our lesson.
Are you gonna teach me how to contact Enzo? I'm going to give you an understanding of what you've become.
You've had a powerful, traumatic awakening, just as I did.
My true self sprang forth at the moment of my death.
Along with hell and eternal suffering.
I'm as much a part of my psychic dimension as it is of me.
And so if you wish to locate Enzo's soul, you must open your mind to me.
Together, we may contact him.
[takes deep breath] I'm ready.
I want you to remember the moment of Enzo's death.
Think not just of Enzo but of how it felt.
To be betrayed by your friend.
To lose your love, your happiness.
Think of Enzo.
Think of him dying needlessly.
Think of his dreams, and of his happiness.
[Bonnie's scream echoes] What do you feel? Rage.
[steam hissing] Anguish.
Embrace it.
It is the source of your power.
- MALE VOICE: Bonnie.
- Enzo.
Live in the trauma.
Call his name.
Oh, my God.
Enzo, I thought I'd never see you again.
You have to get away from Cade.
He's trying to find me through you.
He wants to claim my soul for hell.
I don't understand.
If you're not in hell, where are you? Do not trust him.
[gasps] What did you see? Was it Enzo? No.
Then why are you so upset? Because I just relived the pain of losing him.
Thanks for the lesson.
[bells jingle] I'm so sorry about your niece, Mr.
They say that aneurysms are totally painless.
It would have been like falling asleep.
Thank you for stopping by.
[sighs] Poor Violet.
That girl and her family deserve so much more than just a so-called aneurysm.
I don't know, that was a pretty good lie, as far as lies are concerned.
You should see the amount of "animal attacks" your mom logged.
Probably ruined camping for an entire generation of Mystic Falls families.
[laughs] [cell phone rings] Hey, Dorian, what's up? I did something bad.
What are you talking about? I kidnapped Stefan, I brought him out to the middle of nowhere, and I tried to murder him.
There's so much blood.
- I need your help, man, come on.
- MATT: Slow down, slow down.
Where are you? I'm on Pineridge Road, somewhere near the abandoned power plant.
[quiet whoosh] Keep him awake.
We're on our way.
[water running] Feel better? Eh - Wow.
- Listen here, you little twerp.
I don't kill for kicks anymore.
So if you can't tell me this guy's death meant something, I will turn this room into your own personal hell.
All right.
All right.
I feel a little better.
Emphasis on "little.
" If you want to keep this train going to Elenatown, you're gonna need to find me some more evil people to eat.
Okay? Hold that thought.
- [dialing] - Holding.
[cell phone vibrating] Why are you following me? Because I'm not done with you.
I've been wondering what happened to Enzo's spirit since the moment of his death, and, finally, I have my answer.
When Enzo died, you screamed.
And something extraordinary happened at the moment of your deepest pain.
A powerful psychic blast created an entire world.
A private dimension linked only to you.
Hidden, even from me.
Do you realize how rare that is? In all my thousands of years, not a single person alive has ever done anything like what you did.
Like what I did.
But, sadly, Enzo's soul belongs to me.
[gasps] Get away from me! So, not only are you hiding Enzo from me, but you believe Kai Parker could be out in the world.
How long have you suspected this? I don't know anything for sure.
If you think you can continue to harbor secrets from me, you truly do not understand why they call me the devil.
You okay? Are you seriously asking me that right now? No, I'm not.
I thought this was what I wanted, but I Big difference between wanting to kill someone and actually doing it.
How the hell was I supposed to know that? But if you die, wh what happens to me? I don't think that's my call.
Come on.
No Stefan.
Oh, that's bad.
That's bad.
[gasping] Sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry.
I wish I hadn't done this to you.
[gasps] I know how you feel.
Stefan, don't do this.
Do you hear me? Stefan.
[echoing]: Stefan! Stefan! Stefan, wake up.
- Wake up, Stefan.
Come on.
- Oh, my God.
Help us you can fix him with your blood.
Stefan took the cure.
My blood won't heal him anymore.
CAROLINE [voice echoing]: Won't heal him anymore [voices fade, indistinct] We meet again.
I must admit, much sooner than I expected.
What is this? Where am I? You're dying, Stefan.
We're in the space between your final heartbeats.
Between this world - and your fate.
- No.
Why are you so surprised? You're mortal.
Your death is inevitable.
But it doesn't have to happen today.
Let go.
It will be so much easier.
I can't.
I have too much left to make up for.
I meant it would be easier on Caroline.
Have you even considered what your attempts at redemption will mean for her life? 50 years of following you around.
Of helping you grasp for a goal which you will never reach, as you become old.
A burden.
You're destined for hell, Stefan.
Why should she be? If you truly love Caroline, you will release her from this suffering and give her back the life she was meant to have.
An immortal life.
Without you.
[siren wailing] You would still rather cling to that fragile existence? I guess I'm stubborn.
I want to live.
That's only human.
You're gonna be okay.
[Stefan grunts] I love you so much.
You're gonna be okay.
[chuckles softly] All right.
Let's see what we got here.
Oh, hey.
Another fishing spot for us.
A law office just a few blocks away.
Talk about bang for your buck.
Am I right? I'm right.
Forget all these random kills.
- Wasn't done with that.
- I know how to save you.
But we're under a bit of a time crunch.
See, the boss found out that you're here.
Cade's coming for you.
Wait, he's he's on his way right now? I don't have an exact E.
, but you know how impatient he gets.
Oh Okay.
What do we do, what do we do? What do we do? - I know what to do.
- Okay, tell me.
What do we do? We find a way to redeem you.
So you don't have to go to hell.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about atonement.
I'm talking about a giant, noble gesture of selfless generosity.
- I hate this already.
- You need something that's gonna push you over the edge in the eyes of Cade.
Something to make up for all the pain that you've caused.
And what does el jefe have in mind? It's not up to him.
It's up to me.
People do forgive.
And when they do, redemption is possible.
I know that.
Which is why, if you want my forgiveness, you're gonna bring Elena Gilbert back to life.
Right now.
[siren wailing, dispatchers speaking indistinctly] [sniffles] How's Stefan? Stable.
Caroline told paramedics he was shot in a hunting accident.
And they believed her? Right.
Of course they did.
No one knows what really happened.
This will all just go away.
I shot him, Matt.
I was so angry and afraid, I actually tried killing someone.
Pretty sure that makes me just as bad as him.
I've hurt people for the wrong reasons, too.
But that feeling in your gut? That voice telling you to hate yourself for what you did? That's not a bad thing.
That means you're a good person.
What are those? [exhales] Police files on Stefan Salvatore.
Going back decades.
Crime reports, forensics tying him to dozens of murders and cold cases.
He wants you to have them.
Why? He's putting his fate in your hands.
So if locking him up is the form of justice that you need, you can go ahead and pull that trigger.
Or you can set aside the past, and work on building a better future.
It's your choice.
[pats shoulder] The doctors stopped the hemorrhaging.
They say you're lucky.
You'll make a full recovery.
Dorian saved your life.
After almost killing you, I mean.
Well, I don't blame him.
He may have pulled the trigger, but I loaded that gun years ago when I murdered his family.
And he's not the only one on the list.
I know.
I've spent the entire day staring your collateral damage in the face, so I know what's going through your mind right now.
You sure about that? Earlier, it would've been so much easier for me to let go.
No more guilt.
No regrets.
Just hell? Is that what you think you deserve? Sleep I don't know.
I don't know who I am anymore.
[sighs] Stefan.
You've only been this person for two days.
Why don't you give yourself a chance to discover who you are now? Then you'll know how to help the people that you've hurt.
Because I think that means leaving Mystic Falls.
At least Alone.
This night But I I've stood by you through everything.
Is way under In what world is ending this the answer to your problems? I'm doing it for you Don't you dare say that this is about me! This has nothing to do with me.
Your walk of atonement and your guilt, your need to be a martyr to your past, that is all for you.
Be honest.
What future can we have? I don't know.
I never knew.
And that used to be [sighs] exciting.
But now it just feels misguided.
I'm sure this path Holds until the end BONNIE: Enzo.
But it caves I'm here.
Tonight I'm here.
Please, I know you're out there.
If you can hear me, I need you.
This night Hello, luv.
Is way under Don't ever leave me again.
Oh, believe me, I don't want to.
Is it really you? And in your fight Are you really here? It is really me.
But I'm not really here.
Are you part of some psychic world I created? None of that matters now.
All that matters is you.
The fall I'm sure And in your light My brightest thought Will build the rest [knocking on door] [gasps] - Mommy! - Mommy! Oh, I missed you girls so much! Oh, I think you got a foot taller.
Ooh Who's hungry? - Me! - I am! [laughs] It's good to see you.
It's good to see you.
I want the pink cup.
Honey, you always have the purple.
- Pink! - No, no Ow! Lizzie! Lizzie.
What did I say? No siphoning.
I didn't mean to.
Don't hurt Mommy! Incendi No! No! No, no! Honey, don't you ever, ever say that.
Okay? You could really hurt somebody.
I don't know what's going on.
They started acting out three days ago.
I can't control it.
And neither can they.
How do I know you won't kill me as soon as I do this? You don't.
But if you want out of hell, it's either trust me or run from Cade forever.
Man, this thing has some miles on it.
Hi, sleepyhead.
Remember me? Clock's ticking, creeper.
Just reverse the damn spell.
Uh, it's, it's complicated magic.
I need to siphon more power first, 'cause otherwise, I might slip away in the middle of the it, and well, that'd be messy.
What is it that you need? You.
[groans] Magic takes energy.
If I'm gonna do this right, I need to drain the biggest, baddest battery of all.
Kai, stop.
[grunting] I've been in hell long enough to know that there is no such thing as redemption.
There are only promises and bargains and tricks we play on ourselves to make us believe that we're good people.
I'm not a good person.
I own that.
And if I'm going down, I'm going out with a bang.
- Invisique.
- No!