The Veil (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

The Asset

MARCUS: Darling Violet.
It's time to say goodbye
to the land of Illyria.
DEMIR: They closed the
Galata Bridge today.
They're looking for someone.
- Where is she?
- Here.
The target claims to be
Adilah El Idrissi from Paris.
She left behind a daughter.
So guess what? At 8:15 this
morning, a 10-year-old girl
was intercepted on her way to school.
Strands of her hair were taken,
all I need you to do is analyse them.
IMOGEN: We're here to see Mr Demir.
This lady needs to get to Paris.
$2,000 now, $8,000 when you
give us the passport and papers.
"The Book of Surprises"
from the fourteenth century.
It's about Djinn and
devils and shapeshifters.
IMOGEN: There's seven Djinn Kings.
One for each day of the week.
They can change into anything.
Using DNA evidence, the Americans
have proven that the woman you are with
really is Adilah El Idrissi.
The woman I am with is the ISIS
commander we are looking for.
The woman I am with
is the Djinn al Raqqah.
And I will prove it.
GUY: Black Aces and
eights. Dead man's hand.
- MAN: I'm not having any luck!
WOMAN: Shut the door, man.
GUY: Shut the door, mate.
What are you doing?
There's some guy out there
I've never seen before.
Yeah. All right. I'm out.
- WOMAN: Yeah. Of course.
GUY: Hello, salaam
It is customary for all
visitors to this camp
to report to the UNHCR.
So could I see some identification
right now, please?
Hey, mate. (CLAPPING)
Identify yourself.
HASAD: My name?
My name is
(HASAD ON PHONE) I have her cell phone.
It can begin.
And, so it can begin.
SAMHURES: I got the call.
It's time.
You can't move into check.
And yet I so often do.
Gosh, you know what I've
missed most living in the camps?
The smell of a Western pharmacy,
when you walk in.
The soap, the perfume,
the the cleanliness,
it's just (SIGHS LOUDLY)
It's the finest
achievement of civilization.
Why would you regularly help people
cross international borders?
I didn't say I did it regularly.
I did it once before.
It was a woman and her baby.
I went to Istanbul, got them passports
and crossed the border with them.
Because you are an angel.
Yes, I am an angel of the pharmacy,
The Church of St Boots.
You and I've been together
for far, far too long.
We've actually only been
alone together for 77 hours.
Can we help you?
MAN: I love chess.
I am obsessed.
That's cheating.
He might be bad at chess.
He might be a grandmaster.
I am somewhere in between,
but closer to grandmaster.
Your King is now where he should be.
All will now fall into place.
IMOGEN: Adilah, don't
leave the apartment
I've arranged for you.
Just stick to the plan.
We'll speak tomorrow.
(ON PA SYSTEM) Welcome
to Charles De Gaulle
- Yasmina!
- YASMINA: Mama!
- Why are you still in Paris?
I thought your DNA
miracle closed the case.
Oh, the investigation into
Adilah El Idrissi was closed.
And then
Two NGO workers were executed
next to the tent where she was detained.
Is it true that the
French intelligence systems
close at 5:00 and open at
9:00 like a grocery store?
What has happened?
Okay, I am
declaring this intelligence
briefing official
at, let's see
8:15 French time
as the rep of the Paris Station of CIA.
- No.
- I am opening
a briefing session with
with Okay. He doesn't
want to give us his name.
With a representative of the DGSE
to officially inform him
of pertinent developments
in an anti-terrorism investigation
that took place early this morning,
and as the sole source
of this intelligence,
CIA Paris Station hereby claims primacy
in the consequent investigation
into the anti-terrorism investigation
referred to previously as
"Operation Genie of Raqqah."
I now ask my French colleague
to respond to my request
to share fresh and relevant
intelligence with him.
- Fuck you.
- Okay.
Copy that.
WAITER: Monsieur.
I'm sorry, I don't
know parlez-anglais?
did not pay for his coffee.
You're kidding me.
Of course, he didn't.
I am so sorry, my man.
- How much was it?
- 4.60.
4.60. Okay.
I'll tell you what? You keep that.
All right? Keep the change.
America always picks up the tab, baby.
When you're dead,
no one will be able to touch your bodies
because of contamination.
These are your death shrouds.
Put them on now so you're
wearing them when you die.
So you will be appropriately dressed
when you reach heaven.
Remember, once you've exposed
the cores of the radiology machines,
you will have three minutes to
get them out of their casings
and into the water inside
the lead containers.
Within one minute of
exposure to the cores,
you'll be very sick.
After two minutes, you may be blind.
After three minutes
you will be dead.
So the task must be completed
within three minutes.
We need both cores.
You've practised the movements
and seen diagrams many times.
In the three minutes
you have before death,
think only of the final consequence.
- (PATS)
It must be nice to be yourself again.
I need two things, Malik.
I need a shower
and I need to be left
alone to pursue this.
Imogen, I was shown
a photograph of two
dead bodies in the snow
by an American who is
always 12 hours ahead of me.
Early this morning, the
director of the refugee camp
was shot dead, along with
his head of communications.
And we believe that it was no accident
that their bodies were
found next to the tent
where Adilah El Idrissi
was kept in isolation.
The body of a low grade ISIS volunteer
known to the MIT was found dead.
It was a single gunshot to the head,
45 kilometres away on a mountain roads.
Ultimate intelligence hygiene.
In the manner of the Russian FSB.
WAITER: Voila.
- Sante.
- Merci.
As of course, you must understand,
the murders at the camp
have changed things.
The case has been reopened.
It's not reopened
because it was never closed for me.
I knew it was her, and not Sabaine.
You were right, okay? You were right.
- Say it again in French.
Tu avais raison.
Tu avais raison. Tu avais
raison. Tu avais raison.
can't keep going rogue.
We are now on French soil.
The DGSE will not allow
a lone British agent
to handle a high-value target
without French supervision.
It simply cannot happen.
Also, the DRSD, the BRGE and the DCPJ
will need to be involved,
and also the Americans.
They believe that inside the head
of whatever the fuck she is to you,
there is a plan to kill a
massive amount of people.
And you're still sure
she's capable of that?
Everyone is capable of everything.
Adilah El Idrissi's apartment
has already been wired with devices
and her phone is tapped.
She isn't going back to her apartment.
- Why not?
- Because I warned her not to.
I told her she'd be under surveillance.
MALIK: Fuck.
I mean, know where she's going.
So where is she going?
Imogen, the President
of the United States
is briefed on the progress
of this investigation
every fucking day.
Then tell the President
of the United States
that no one else can
achieve what I can achieve.
And what is it that you can achieve?
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I please have your attention?
My wonderful boyfriend,
just asked me to marry him!
And I said, yes!
To true, true love!
- ALL: To true love!
(IN USUAL ACCENT) Adilah El Idrissi
is a shape-shifter, and so am I.
You can tell the President
of the United States
I know what the fuck I'm doing.
My Violet.
Can you remember her face?
sure who she really is.
I need to find out if she
knows anything about our plan.
what is this woman like?
There's something
intangible about her that I can't name.
Sounds like someone I know.
Even though we're lying to each other,
I feel like I've been
more honest with her
than most people.
You and I are the same.
We're all the same in this thing we do.
But you You always go too far.
You disappear.
Even to yourself.
Even to me.
I'm here now.
When you were in Istanbul,
I was worried that
it would bring back too many memories.
My calls are being intercepted.
Of course they are.
Don't take the call.
- Please don't
- Hello?
ADILAH: Hi, it's me. How are you?
I'm drinking champagne and scotch.
What about you?
I imagine it's a little bit
overwhelming being back home.
ADILAH: (SIGHS) It's everything.
I just had the longest
bath with Yasmina.
She's sleeping now.
So, let's meet.
IMOGEN: I know the perfect place.
It's a restaurant called Guy Savoy.
It's on the Quai de Conti.
IMOGEN: Okay, let's say 7:30.
- ADILAH: Yes.
- IMOGEN: Perfect.
I'll see you then.
If you know you're being surveilled,
why did you make a rendezvous?
To help your department
maintain control.
- How very kind of you.
- You're welcome.
We arranged the real
rendezvous on the plane
because I knew my phone would be bugged.
Now that I've done
that on a tapped line,
you can send your people
there tonight at 7:30.
Find out who else is
listening to my calls.
I do these things purely in the interest
of Anglo-French relations.
So, in the interest of
Anglo-French relations,
you now tell me where
you're really meeting her.
I will debrief you tomorrow morning.
Fine. No problem.
I'll have you followed.
Ooh! Good luck with that.
Why did you choose here?
You're a big Morrison fan?
No, it's on all the maps.
It's easy to find.
I'm taking you to a
grave that's more obscure.
The grave of my grandfather.
I often used to come
here to talk to him.
The grandfather who
was in the revolution.
A hero of the revolution.
What does the line in Arabic say?
You already know what the
line in Arabic says, Imogen.
If Imogen is even your real name.
Still here.
The revolver he used to
fight the French colonisers.
Instead of burying it with him,
I put it in a place
where I could reach it.
When I was young and fucked up,
I thought someday I might do this
Or when people made me really angry,
when people lied to me,
I thought I might do this.
Now, I would love for
you to explain to me
why you're helping me.
I want you to explain in the
presence of my grandfather.
He was always able to
tell the truth from lies.
If your grandfather decides I'm lying?
Then one of the bullets he put
into the chamber 70 years ago
will serve its original purpose.
Can I sit down?
Annihilation of the self
has always fascinated me.
When I was younger, my
father was assassinated
and I became very familiar with death.
He was a British diplomat.
I grew up all over the world.
When I was 16, we were in Istanbul,
and he was blown to
pieces in a diplomatic car.
They said there was
absolutely nothing
left of him. (CHUCKLES)
He was just made of dust.
You see, I think, being a diplomat
was just my father's cover.
So, who assassinated him then?
The Revolutionary
Communist Party of Turkiye,
which, the rumour is,
was controlled by the CIA.
The thing that stuck
with me, really struck me,
was that there was nothing
left of him for anyone to bury.
So, I couldn't understand
what they put in the coffin.
One day the person is there
and then the next, they're just not.
Strangest thing
That was not an answer to my question.
When I grew up, I followed
in my father's footsteps.
Er, I worked in embassies
around the world,
and then I was recruited
as an operative for
British intelligence
You are a British agent?
I was sent to the camp
to make contact with you.
The French and the Americans thought
you were someone very important.
Then, apparently some DNA test
proved that you weren't
important at all.
And so, it's all over.
I'm just a mid-level British agent
whose assignment has been terminated
and you're a woman who made
a terrible decision long ago.
On the other hand, maybe
not entirely innocent.
So, why are you still helping me?
Obsession with annihilation,
and those who seek it.
I do want you to hold
your daughter again
Without being under
constant surveillance.
And I like you.
Never really liked anyone.
The inscription says, "One day
the common people will prevail."
What's your grandfather's verdict?
Am I telling the truth,
or am I lying?
Grandfather says
"the woman is telling the truth."
Is it done?
DAVID: Michal and Farroukh
sacrificed their lives
removing the cores and
putting them in the container.
We will be with you
within 24 hours. Inshallah.
(EXHALES) Hi. I'll
have a whiskey, double.
It is so interesting
that they thought you could
be the Djinn Al Raqqah.
So, who is this Djinn?
She's brilliant.
Smarter than any of the male commanders.
She may have designed the entire plot.
Very impressive.
But I need the truth about
you as soon as I saw you.
What is the truth about me?
You're just a mother
who loves her daughter.
You could never be the kind of woman
who would plan a plot to
kill thousands of people.
Adilah, the Americans,
they are never gonna
let you just walk away.
Even if they don't
think you're the Djinn.
If they know you're ISIL,
they will capture you,
and interrogate you,
and probably torture you.
So will you help me and
my daughter get to safety?
I need a cigarette.
I'll be back in a second.
wonder how we'd do this job
if we didn't drink?
No. Don't be ridiculous.
I think she's playing a double game.
She's still working for them
and she knows everything,
but she's also trying to
escape with her daughter.
I need her to believe
I'm helping her with that,
and she'll stay close to me.
And I know she's going to
tell us what we need to know.
Oh, yeah, I forgot, you can
just feel these things, right?
The deal you and I have is that
I do what the fuck I need to do
and you report what I
find out back to Langley.
I will report
that you're in a good
place with the target
and you're reporting directly
to the CIA Paris station.
And keep the French
Intelligence at a distance
till you have something to share
that we think they can be trusted with.
You know your task, you know?
You can move to phase
two with my permission.
I'm officially moving to phase fuck you!
The only reason I'm working with you
is because in order to operate,
I need to know everything,
and I've calculated that
the Americans know the most
because they have the most money,
and superior equipment.
Copy that.
Have you thought about the fact
that the camp assassinations
was done in the style
of the Russian FSB?
Of course, coincidence.
Hmm, never trust those, myself.
By the way
I do need you to do something for me.
I want confirmation that the TDKP
was a cover for the CIA,
and they assassinated Marcus Seabright.
And I want to know why.
That's a mighty big ask for you
to work out some daddy issues.
You've done your research.
MAX: That's highly classified.
Why would I do that for you?
IMOGEN: Because I've
done my research as well.
Morocco, 2013.
When do you want it?
5:00 p.m., your hotel bar.
The martinis are the best in Paris.
From one who knows.
And here I just thought you liked me
for my winning personality.
Some guy came and sat next to me.
I paid the bill.
I can help you, but I need some time,
and I need you to stay with me.
I can protect you from the Americans
but the deal is Yasmina
has to go back to Noor
until we know exactly what we're doing.
She's not safe with us.
I need you to believe me.
Everything depends on her safety.
So, what's your real name?
The best lies are mostly true.
I exist here on an acre of nature ♪
In the diminutive ♪
But I'll be thinking
of you, I would wager ♪
My favorite hypocrite ♪
You are a master ♪
Of the commerce of friendship ♪
So I put all of my feathers on ♪
I wrote you this letter, I send it ♪
And this foul weather is gone ♪
Of your last words
to me I am thinking ♪
And of the depth of your eyes ♪
But you can't halt
the profound shrinking ♪
Of this, my porcelain life ♪
My porcelain life ♪
My porcelain life ♪
My porcelain life ♪
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