The Village (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Good Thing

1 Previously on "The Village" Staff Sergeant Porter.
The whole building is very excited to have you, son.
This is the first day of the rest of your life.
Katie, what's been going on with you lately? I'm pregnant.
I don't want to live there, Gabie Well, what's the alternative? It's a one bedroom.
I got a girlfriend.
- There's a warrant.
- She's legal.
- I know her, she's my neighbor.
- Mom? Patricia, I can't practice law yet, I'm in law school.
She's out neighbor, Gabe.
We help.
So good news? 32 years, a man can feel when something is wrong.
- Patricia, what is it? - It's just a hard day.
- Nick, when you meet Katie - Actually, I already did.
I like your shirt.
Yeah, I have a lot of issues with war.
- Me too.
- Did you tell her? There wasn't really a great segue into, "I'm your dad.
" [UPLIFTING MUSIC] [GRAMERCY ARM'S "WINTER LIGHT" PLAYS] Light the light Light the light Light the light Come a closer, love Tell me what you're dreaming of I wonder if I know 'Cause the stars they shine Like they did that time So many years ago Would you stay with me - Hey, buddy.
- Through the long cold night Let me be your winter light In the ides of dark Lies the beating heart Like a secret word unspoken Put the kettle on Sing me another song - Shadow on the east wind blowing - Morning, handsome.
Stay with me through the long cold night You wanna fool around? Let me be your winter light I think my grandson might be upset.
- I'm so, so sorry.
- I know it's late But I just hope you might Let me be your winter light What's wrong? You might sense a little bit of hesitation I'm surprised by the fact that it's taken me so long I know it's hard to resist Such a pale form of imitation But I just have to ask Would it be so wrong? If you stay with me Through the long cold night Let me be your winter light The sun sinking low Velvet and calico Burning in the alpenglow Come a closer love Tell me who you're dreaming of And maybe I don't need to know So just stay with me Through the long cold night Let me be your winter light And I know it's late But I hope you might Let me be your winter light Hey.
How you doing? Split second when I woke up and forgot I was pregnant was pretty clutch.
Kinda downhill from there.
What are you thinking? That I miss being little.
When you would solve my problems with dance breaks.
I am an amazing dancer.
[LAUGHS] Definitely committed.
[LAUGHS] I love you, you know that? Good.
Because we need to go to the doctor today, baby.
Talk options.
Mom? Yeah, honey.
What is it? I'm gonna barf.
Run, run, run, run.
You're coming to work today.
- Why? [RETCHING] - Because you were suspended.
My little pregnant vandal.
We made it, buddy.
You rest, I'm gonna try something.
I have a heightened sense of smell.
And when left alone you have sex.
It's not like I can get knocked up twice.
Ew, mom.
Could you stop? Hey, Nick! Just, uh, practicing my limp.
[CHUCKLES] It's getting good.
Katie, take the dog.
- Put your arm around me.
- Hi.
- [JEDI WHINES] - Hey.
Bridge looked a lot closer from the roof.
You walked all the way to the bridge? Except for the part where I tried running.
Well, we'll consider this payback for that time you sprained your ankle.
Piggybacked you all the way home.
Uh, if I recall, you piggybacked me in the opposite direction of home and I got busted for breaking curfew.
You got grounded for that? Yeah.
For 17 years.
It was that night? I don't really know.
- I'm good.
- You sure? Yeah, no, I got it.
Um, thank you.
And thank you.
If you live here, you're family.
So I keep hearing.
[PEACEFUL MUSIC] - Sixes? - Uh go fish.
Go fish! Oh, no.
That's that's not a six.
That's an upside down nine.
Time for what? Your sister's not very good at cards.
Oh, Katie is my daughter, Mrs.
Well, I feel judged.
Maybe we should really rock her world.
About that, I talked to the obstetricians office and they can fit us in on my lunch break.
Do you have any queens? Long Island, and stop talking and play.
Katie, I want you to know there's no wrong decision here.
If ending things is what you want you will not be judged by me.
Hey, Sarah, they're looking for you on two.
We can talk later? Why didn't you end things? Why did you decide to have me? I will tell you that story, I promise.
But I can't now.
This isn't about me.
Pinochle! [LAUGHS] You win! [LAUGHS SOFTLY] You probably made his day.
You all right? - No.
- Don't be upset.
- Where are my espresso cups? - In storage.
Why not just light all my things on fire.
I don't make espresso.
Uh, what is he doing here? It was just for the night.
His friend died.
Well, he lives in a nursing home.
A friend probably dies every day.
That's cheery.
Do you got something against milk? Use the oat milk.
How the hell do you milk an oat? Without a factory farm.
Go easy.
He's, like, 90.
Gabe, you have a huge test this morning.
You always let people take advantage of you.
Please tell me you're not skipping this test.
I'm handling a bond hearing for a neighbor who got picked up by ICE and I need to fill her in on her case - before she stands up in court.
- You're not a lawyer, yet.
Immigration detainees aren't given public defenders.
What am I supposed to do? I'll find a way to get to everything.
Even me? Espresso! Um, no thank you, but it was nice to see you.
[FUNKY MUSIC] Your Nonna wouldn't have liked her.
- Why not? - She's as cold as her grip.
Wait, what did she grip? Pops? [HARD KNOCKING] All right! All right.
Tell whoever that is, they're getting evicted.
Don't worry, I'll give you a rain check.
[KNOCKING] I need to ask a favor.
A man who's been forging documentation for immigrants was arrested.
They've been rounding up all the names they found in his things.
- Yours was one of them.
- What are these? Letters from Irani professors who apparently don't exist, stating that you were a political dissident whose life was in danger.
Your ex-husband submitted those with your application for asylum.
I didn't know.
Weren't you interviewed? My ex-husband arranged for the translator.
He could have been saying anything.
Let's just focus on today, hmm? Proving that you're not a flight risk and getting bond granted so that you can fight this from home.
And why would the judge believe me.
I'm already a liar.
In my experience it's never too late to tell the truth.
So we're looking at 14 weeks.
Oh, no.
That can't be right.
She's not even showing.
A lot of women don't show until four months.
Especially the first.
How could she possibly not know until 14 weeks.
Why don't I give you two a moment.
How long have you known? I took a test seven weeks ago.
Seven weeks? Seven weeks and you just you just decided to keep it? I just never decided not to.
I know it's still possible, but I can't I can't do what you were hoping I would do now.
I didn't say I was hoping for anything.
You didn't have to.
[POIGNANT MUSIC] Why didn't you tell me yesterday? You always say that the day you told your mother was the day you lost her.
I just wanted one more day.
Zero to handsome in 60 seconds.
[GUITAR MUSIC] Hope you're showing Bernie a good time up there, as in pasta fagioli and a nice Chianti.
Don't let him get any ideas.
The military pension oughta cover a Sherpa.
- Can I help? - All good.
Planning on just throwing them down the next flight anyway.
[CHUCKLES] Where you headed? Uh, smalls.
Meeting a former teammate.
Well, come on.
You can share my ride.
And by ride you meant Old people bus.
It's exciting.
Last week there was a heart attack.
[COUGHS, CLEARS THROAT] Sending you back to the home, huh? I'll be okay.
My Gabie's very busy.
I can be a handful.
Well, I hear eligible bachelors are a hot ticket in those places, so Don't get me started.
The grabbing, the whistling.
I feel like a piece of meat.
That tough, huh? I just wanna snuggle, they say.
You can only make that mistake once.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Thank you.
Paying for our car service.
We gave my old roommate a real send off.
No, it's my pleasure.
I lost some friends recently too.
Yeah, they were.
Saved my life.
Guess you better make it good.
You're living for all of them now.
It's all you need It's all you need You're free - It's all you need - It's all you need BOTH: Put a smile on your face It's all you need It's all you need Whoo-ooh-ooh Whoo-ooh Whoo-ooh Mom.
Please, say something.
You should go pick up those prenatal vitamins and that other supplement she mentioned.
- DHA.
- You get this, right? I mean, you were in the same position.
I don't have cash so take the card.
I don't want your money, Mom.
I want you to look at me.
I don't know who I'm looking at? Seriously, Katie.
You took a pregnancy test in front of me.
- God, I'm stupid.
- You're not stupid.
What else don't I know? - Nothing.
- Yeah? Who's the guy? The one you think likes you.
- I'm sorry, what? - His name is Jagger.
How old is he? My age.
You think I would hook up with some old guy? I think you lie to me.
Guess we're not dancing this one away, huh? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] [SIGHS] I told Ron I'd help with inventory at Smalls.
I'll pick you up after work.
Get over here, brother.
Deacon, it's good to see you, pal.
Something's different.
Uh, haircut? - Leg cut.
- Oh, yeah, that's right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, see, what'd I tell you about those chemical peels, huh? I'm a slave to beauty, brother.
Hey, Joe.
This is Nick Porter.
Nice to put a face with the name.
Joe leads the support group that you're too macho for.
Well, no offense.
I just prefer brooding.
Good luck with that.
And if you change your mind, I left mine in Kabul.
Looks like someone back there's got a full set.
Belly up, we're drinking.
I'll make yours a double.
You can use your employee discount.
I don't actually work here.
[CHUCKLING] He keeps saying that.
It's cute.
To all the missing pieces.
[GLASSES CLINKING] So a sergeant says to a private, "I didn't see you at camouflage training.
" Private salutes and says, TOGETHER: Thank you very much, sir.
[LAUGHING] Guess you guys have heard 'em all, huh? Well, I'm all out of army jokes and I got somewhere to be so if you want some more, help yourselves.
Hang on, you're leaving? What do we do if someone comes in? You pour 'em a drink, charge a few bucks and ask them how they're doing.
Man, what is with this guy.
He knows a good thing when he sees it.
Yeah, I should probably go too.
I got another group in 30.
You're more than welcome to join.
- I'll keep it in mind.
- I hope you do.
Courage under fire, you get medals for.
Courage after fire, you just get lonely.
- It's good to meet you.
- You too.
Have you seen any of the other guys? Not since Cooper's funeral.
How's Amy doing without him? I heard she bought a place in Queens.
Thinking about going to see her.
You should.
I think you're the only one of us she ever actually liked.
Don't worry, she doesn't know.
Doesn't know what? Nobody told you? - Eh, forget it.
- Hey.
Don't make me order you.
You made a mistake.
It's what got Cooper killed.
[TENSE MUSIC] The hell are you talking about? [TENSE MUSIC] [LINE TRILLING] - Hello? - Hey, it's me.
I am busy right now.
What do you want? They're taking me to a hearing.
You didn't say anything, did you? Of course I said I had no idea.
Ava Behzadi? It's time.
You swore this wouldn't happen.
[PHONE RINGING] Not the same without you, Bernie.
Bernie was a candy ass little bitch, and so are you.
Did I invite you onto my side of the curtain? I will not have you here.
It's not your call, you whiny wop.
[INDISTINCT TV CHATTER] Where did that thing come from? Your anus! The rest of my stuff will be up shortly.
- Now beat it! - [ELEVATOR DINGS] [PHONE RINGING] Hey, Bernie's grandson sent you something.
Sarah, where the hell you been? I got an emergency.
Bath time? What's the emergency? That he's here.
I won't have it.
- This is sacred space.
- Come on, Enzo.
This isn't the day.
I pay good money.
You got to get him out.
I have no say in roommates.
Walt roomed with him.
You know what he did? He upper decked his toilet.
I am completely powerless.
I can do nothing to stop this, okay? Are we still talking about Macklemore? Katie's pregnant, and she lied to me about it.
What are you doing? Looking for a Valium.
- I don't want a Valium.
- How about a Klonopin? Will it take me back in time? What would you do if it did? Neuter some kid named Jagger? My son did everything at the right age.
School, wife, kid.
- You rubbing it in? - He threw it all away.
He left his family.
My Gabriel.
I'm sorry.
The point is, who's to say what the right time for anything is.
[SOFT MUSIC] She said she didn't want to lose me.
The fact that I didn't know.
Seven weeks.
I think I lost here.
[WOMAN VOCALIZING] So what are you doing here? - Getting sage advice.
- [LAUGHS] [TRAFFIC BLARING] Pops, I've been in a test.
What's with all the messages? - Macklemore.
- What's a Macklemore? An abomination.
A travesty.
- You're not making any sense.
- Bernie's replacement.
My new roommate, he's a monster.
Pops, I got to get to court early to try to talk to the judge on Ava's behalf.
I can't deal with this right now.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Gabie go get 'em.
Thanks, Pops.
I'll do my best.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Hey, how you doing? Right.
Dumb question.
Listen, I have good news and bad news.
The judge isn't going to let me speak directly on your behalf but he'll allow me to walk you through what to say.
I have to represent myself? Please tell me that was the bad news.
The bad news is that the judge's son is a New York City cop who was knifed by an illegal immigrant.
- Wonderful.
- Maybe it's an opportunity.
He's a father, you're a mother.
He's bound to be sympathetic, right? Your status as a mother has very little bearing on whether this court should consider you a flight risk.
Kids can run, too.
My son is in a school, your honor.
I I wouldn't do that.
It's because you can't afford to.
Your honor, as you can see from these bank statements I live paycheck to paycheck.
There is no benefactor to whisk me away somewhere.
The accusation against you is you committed a fraud against the government of the United States.
I didn't realize it was being committed.
Your honor, there are people here on behalf of Miss Behzadi, - the super of her building - Mr.
Napolitano, we agreed you were not to speak.
I have no doubt that your neighbors like you, Miss Behzadi What about a New York Cop? Can he say something? Mr.
Napolitano, this is your last warning.
With all due respect, you're trying to ascertain the likelihood that Miss Behzadi might do something illegal.
A cop is an expert.
Your son is a cop.
Would you trust his judgment? Officer? - Jones.
- Please step forward.
- I assume you are familiar.
- I am, your honor.
Is there anything you'd like to say on her behalf? I live in the same building as Miss Behzadi.
I have for the past two years.
She is a teacher and a mother to a great little boy, which I guess she probably told you that.
What she probably wouldn't feel comfortable saying is that she also is a good and decent citizen.
And I know this 'cause I moved in near Miss Bezhadi after a personal tragedy.
[BITTERSWEET MUSIC] It was a low point.
Ava I'm sorry.
Miss Bezhadi, umm she would check in on me.
She would bring me food.
Ask after me.
This woman is as good as her word.
But you got more than her word, your honor.
You got a cop in the building.
Keep an eye on her.
In the matter of the United States vs.
Ava Bezhadi bond is granted and set in the amount of $10,000.
I know we didn't get a chance to talk much after the hearing but I figured you'd want to know about Sami.
How are you here? Pulled a favor.
They'll give us a minute, but how you doing? What good is a bond if I can't pay it? - I mean, it's $10,000.
- And that's the next hurdle.
But today is a win.
You're going to get out.
Those things you said, Ben.
I'm just looking out for number one.
I mean, you in the big house.
Got nobody pretending they made too much food and bringing it by so I don't go hungry.
How's Sami? He's good.
Little angry, uh, not exactly talking to me.
- But he's okay.
- He needs his night light.
Yeah, I figured that one out.
And he likes to be sang to at night.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, not with my voice.
I mean, I'll give it a go.
Just hope he likes Rihanna.
[LAUGHING] Celebrity crush? Ri-Ri? Nah, we're just friends.
Think it's time.
It went too fast.
[SOMBER MUSIC] I got an idea.
Does your mom know you hang out in bars when you're supposed to be in school? I've been helping out for extra cash since I was a kid.
Way back then, huh? I'm not in school because I got suspended.
You got suspended? I vandalized a defense contractor.
Something's missing.
I hung up a crocheted heart.
Mm, and there it is.
Say, why don't you hit me? Too young to serve.
Fair enough.
You do realize we need a military, right? I also realize that we have drones that drop bombs on wedding parties.
Mistakes do get made.
Yeah, tell that to the dead kids.
What would you do? Say you knew about a jihadi bomb maker with a stockpile of supplies and the know-how to kill hundreds of people.
Pops up on your radar amongst a handful of innocent kids.
What would you do? I'd wait for him to walk away from them.
Maybe you get lucky.
Maybe he gets into one of ten identical cars going ten different ways in a territory you can never get to.
How many innocent kids lives are you responsible for now? Just one.
I really wish I was bringing it into a nicer world.
You're pregnant? Uh, wait, wait.
[SOFT ROCK MUSIC] Does your mom know? She can't even look at me.
Who's the boy? Guy I dated a few months ago.
Past tense? We decided to see other people.
It's senior year, so, you know, you wanna be sure.
That what you wanted, too? Well, have you told him? Let me guess.
Your mom thinks it's a bad idea.
I think we should go.
Yeah, getting wrapped up Yeah, getting wrapped up We'll be there All right, little man.
Got your pajamas on? All right.
Brush your teeth? Well, I guess it's time for your song.
And lucky for you, I'm not singing it.
Good night, my beautiful boy.
She's coming home real soon.
Just thought I'd give you a preview.
[SINGING IN ARABIC] Good night, my beautiful boy.
[KISSING] [SOMBER MUSIC] Oh, hey baby.
Ooh, I wondered how long it would take.
To what? For you to ask me about giving Ava that $10,000.
It wouldn't really be a gift.
It's also why I'm here.
And? And it wouldn't be responsible.
Baby, the truth is, I've been robbing Peter to pay Paul a bit.
Yeah, the bar has been bleeding our savings.
But it will pick up.
- [LAUGHS] - What? You laughing at my bid'ness? Man, come on.
It's me, okay? What what business? There's nobody in that place.
[LAUGHING] Okay, there are days I come home, take a nap, I don't even lock it.
[LAUGHING] At least if they took something we could get some insurance money.
That bar losing money is not a secret.
Oh, you got a better one? Mm-hmm? [SIGHS] Well In fact I do.
The cancer's back, Ron.
It came back.
Sarah? What's the deal with Pop's new roommate? I got, like, 12 messages.
Uh, he was next on the list for a corner room.
Can you give him a different one? - Here, let me help.
- I'm fine.
You've been drinking.
Trust me, I've survived worse.
Macklemore is just an instigator.
He's trying to rile him up.
Yeah, well, it's working.
Can't you get him someone good? It's communal living, Gabe.
They all drive each other nuts.
He was lucky to live with someone he loved for as long as he did.
So he just gets who he gets? He lived with a wife he loved and then a best friend.
I'd say he's had a pretty great run.
Good night.
Come on.
Let's remind you why it's nice to live alone.
[POIGNANT MUSIC] Gabe? Gabe? You left your door open.
Had a feeling we were gonna chat.
[INDY FOLK MUSIC] You can't give her advice on this.
- I didn't give her advice.
- You asked if the father knew.
Which is a question.
From a father who didn't know himself.
Come on, Nick.
It's loaded.
Please don't conflate this with us.
How could I not? I mean, you didn't tell me.
It wouldn't have made a difference.
You don't know that.
- Nicky, you made up - You don't know that.
I know I wasn't enough.
I know you were gone before you were gone.
You broke up with me, remember? You forced me to choose.
And you chose war.
You saw horrible things, and you were angry, and you chose war.
Don't you dare rewrite history.
I have put in 17 years.
Still got the martyr act down.
- How much do you drink? - What? I invited you here to meet Katie and I don't even know you any more.
- I'm not an alcoholic.
- What about pills? - I'd be in way less pain.
- PTSD? - I had a bad day.
- So did I.
- I didn't spend it at a bar.
- I'm not an alcoholic.
I don't even take anything more than ibuprofen even though I lost my leg.
And I don't know if I have PTSD but yeah, sometimes, um, being in a crowd or on a roof or staring at these giant, street facing windows isn't easy.
Now if that makes me unfit to be Katie's father - Nobody said you were unfit.
- Why aren't you telling her? - Because she's pregnant? - Because she's gonna hate me.
And right now she needs me.
You think she's not going to hate me? You've known you were her father for three weeks.
I've known for 17 years.
Don't worry, Sergeant Porter.
You get to be the hero in this story, too.
Anything else? No.
Nothing left at all.
I can't breathe anymore [DOOR CLOSES] [SMASHING] Hey.
Nothing about keeping you made sense.
You were conceived after 9/11.
I didn't have any money.
My family was a mess.
The guy left.
The guy had wanted to be a firefighter since he was a little boy.
[SOMBER MUSIC] One month in he ended up at ground zero.
He saw things he couldn't get out of his head And I guess his priorities changed.
The guy left.
You never told me that part.
I was pretty devastated.
Made an appointment at a clinic.
But I kept seeing those towers fall on the news.
People so scared they were jumping out.
And I couldn't get it out of my head that I needed to do something radically good in their memory.
I didn't know how to crochet a heart.
So I gave birth to mine.
At 18 without much to call my own.
You were my radical good thing.
I'm sorry I failed you.
Hey, look at me.
You will always be my good thing.
- What are you doing? - [SIGHS] In this family when there are problems, we dance.
- Come on.
- We're really not very good.
Maybe not, but [NONONO'S "DANCING MUMBAI WEDDING" PLAYS] We are committed.
Didn't even know your name Now you're at the car park Warming it up Just waiting for me to get dressed If our life was a dream It would be exactly this Now, we would go dancing Screw our sorrows In the break of day Truly romancing Tonight, get drunk in the name of Love, love, love, love, love, love, love Yeah Yeah Love, love, love Love, love, love, love Yeah Yeah Now isn't it ironic? Only a month ago I couldn't picture your face Now you're in the bedroom I can't imagine Anyone taking your place Gabriel, what are you doing here? Taking you home, pops.
You're gonna live with me now.
[LAUGHING] Up against the top rope and there's his signature move, the inverted space walk! But what Hey, what the hell? Suck it, Macklemore.
Like this Now we will go dancing To our sorrows In the break of day Drink your own medicine Tonight Ooh, good shot.
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love But wait Sami steals the ball.
Shot clock's winding down.
Oh, he's driving.
He's faking left, he's faking right, and he get's tickled and he's going for the dunk and boom! - Yeah! - Yeah! Two points for the win! - The crowd goes wild! - Whoo! Yeah! - [SCREAMS] - Whoo-hoo! - Put your hands up, son! - Yeah! Yeah! [LAUGHTER] Now we will go dancing Screw our sorrows In the break of - Boom! - Truly romancing Tonight, get drunk in the name of Love, love, love Love, love, love, love Yeah Yeah, yeah Love, love, love Love, love, love, love Yeah Yeah