The Vineyard (2013) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Woman: Martha's vineyard.
For nine months out of the year, It's a sleepy island paradise Where sand and surf Softly collide.
But that's not all that collides.
Because from June to August, - The vineyard comes alive.
- ( screaming ) - ( horn blows ) - woman: Every summer, The ferry shuttles in thousands of 20-somethings - Man: You get it? - Got it.
Who come here to work and play Before they have to go back to the real world.
I'm katie.
And I've been coming to the vineyard since I was a kid.
Because I'm at a crossroads with my job and my boyfriend.
Katie: So when my two best friends on the island, Convinced me to work for them at the iconic black dog She probably brought like 10 suitcases.
- I know.
- It was an offer I couldn't refuse.
Captain: Welcome to martha's vineyard.
Another beautiful day on the island, 85° and sunny.
- He should take his shirt off immediately.
- Calm down.
Katie: This summer is my chance to have fun Let loose and figure things out.
And every summer on the vineyard Is a chance to make memories That could change your life forever.
Are you ready for the best summer of your life? I'm so excited! All: Whoo! no, you're not gonna get it from me.
- ( theme music playing ) - I've waited for this moment it's all becoming clear this is where I'll find the time of my life the time of my life I'm ready for the freedom I'm letting go of fear knowing inside I'll finally find the time of my life right here ohh-whoa oh yeah yeah yeah.
everybody's having fun, singing days Woman: Whoo! The vineyard! Whoo! we're reckless.
Katie: One of the best things about working at the black dog Is living in the black dog house.
The more people they can cram in, The cheaper the rent.
- No! - Ohh! No.
( laughing ) - Hey, jon.
Hey, daniel.
- What's up, emily? - ( bicycle bell ringing ) - woman: Beep beep.
Hey, this way to the black dog house? Yeah, next one on the right.
Hey, my name's lou.
Katie: And while all of this is new to us, The locals live the island life All year long.
( car horn honks ) - Yo, cat.
- Ben.
I heard you were back in town.
Yeah, everybody's heard that.
Word travels fast around here.
Small island.
You miss me? - Of course.
- You better miss me.
- ( chuckles ) - you got time before work? - Do you want to walk down to the dock? - Yeah.
- Let me park my car real quick.
- All right.
everybody's having fun - Oh my god.
- There's a hammock And a volleyball court.
Katie: This is beautiful.
To being single in the vineyard.
And a whole island full of hot guys.
( grunts ) Look at jon's abs.
- Daniel: Whoo! - Yes! ( chuckles ) Woman: Got it? Jackie: Looks like you have it under control.
Can you guys help me please? Hey, we're the bosses.
You're the employee.
By the way, like, no special treatment.
- Bye.
- Don't worry, you'll be on your knees, - Scrubbing the floor.
- Oh, can't wait! I'm going to get my suit on.
- Hi.
- Oh, hello.
- I'm katie.
- Jon.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Yeah, we're all outside.
Just tanning.
- Oh fun.
- Yeah.
Let me change.
No no, don't take your luggage.
Can't let a beautiful girl like you take your bags.
Such a gentleman.
I think the sun might shine - just a little more bright - wow.
- Jon: Who hooked you up? - Katie: Yeah, um A couple girls I'm friends with.
- ( chuckles ) - okay.
Well, I'm gonna go throw my bathing suit on.
- But nice bed.
- Right.
See you.
do do do you know what I want to do? do do do do do do do it's a beautiful day to fall for you.
That is a sick view.
- What's up, man? - Hello.
- Jon.
- Lou.
- Looks like we're roommates.
- Yep.
I already got this bed.
You're a bit of a tool, huh? - Lou: Nice to meet you.
- See you out there, man.
- Daniel: Whoo! - Oh my god, you're just gonna go for it? - Yeah! - Whoa, jon, you gonna top that? Oh yeah.
It's good! Yeah! Hey, guys.
I'm katie.
- Sophi.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Daniel: There's some good looking girls here this summer.
Right, dude? The house is filling up.
Do you have your eye on anybody? Yeah, I'm thinking katie.
I saw her on the boat.
- Good pick, man.
- She's real cute.
Do you usually work at the black dog? Well, my good friends jackie and gabby Are managing it this summer, - So they kind of - Oh, cool.
Set up the housing and everything.
Your room's really nice.
Makes sense.
- Daniel: Ladies? - What's up, girls? - Girls: Hey, hello.
- Nobody wanted to go? - Yeah, why'd didn't you guys go? - No! Jon: Have you been here before? Yeah.
I spent a bunch of summers here.
But I haven't been back in a long time.
It's so fun.
Hopefully you can take me around the island a little bit.
( chuckles ) um Hey, guys.
Both: Hey.
- Katie.
- Lou! - What are you doing here? - Oh my god.
Oh my goodness.
I haven't seen you in forever.
That guy is so cute.
He's hot.
He's really hot.
Jon: I met him earlier.
Absolute jerk.
But he's a hot jerk.
( chuckles ) What's it been? Like two and a half, three years? - Yes.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Looks like she's taken.
We'll see about that.
maybe tonight ( horn blares ) Two more weeks and then we got like 100,000 people here.
And watch that boat go off with all the summer people with it.
- Packed up with all the yuppies.
- Exactly.
- Both: Wash-ashores.
- ( clicks tongue ) So how are you and your mom doing? She kicked me out.
You know how it is with my mom.
It's just hard to be around her.
- Just butting heads? - Butting heads constantly.
She gets on me for every little thing I do, so.
- I know how that could be.
- Yeah, your mom still loves you.
Even when we pretended to be engaged.
- Oh, that was a mess.
- That was the best joke ever.
- She started crying and stuff.
- Oh my god.
What happened with the coast guard? Yeah, about that Listen, I got to tell you what actually happened.
I gotta know I can trust you though.
- You know you can trust me.
- Seriously.
Like if I tell you, you can't say anything to anybody.
Only my parents know so far.
All right.
Well You know how People think that I just left the coast guard? That's not what happened.
They kicked you out? Yeah.
I got kicked out.
For what? Look, I was at a party.
There was underage drinking.
I wasn't even drinking.
But the fact that I was there and the military found out about it I got busted and they booted me.
I guess the only real reason why I was disappointed at first Was I didn't want to upset my parents.
Especially my father.
You know what I mean? - I mean-- - speed bumps in life.
Sometimes you just got to get over them.
- ( boat horn honks ) - time to move on.
Time for the next step.
Yeah? And what's that? I don't know yet.
I gotta figure it out.
- You want to get off the island? - Yeah.
Me too.
living and dying laughing and crying we have the whole world - I know there are long nights - it's crazy to be back here.
You're the last person I expected to see here.
I know.
What have you been doing? Jon: Dude, so what's the deal with that? Like, think they have a past? I'm not sure.
But she's definitely out of his league.
I'll give him a fair chance.
Let him play it out a little bit.
See what's he's got.
So are you here by yourself? - Yeah.
- Still with matt? Yeah.
We're still together.
- Are you married? - ( laughs ) Am I married? Are you married? - Do I see a ring? - No.
But, you know, if you're not married Something's wrong with the world.
I'm not married.
But it's a weird age to be at.
You're expected to know what you want to do with your life, And where you want to go and who you want to be with.
So I guess I'd like to leave here this summer And know if I want to be with matt.
You know, it's-- four years is a long time.
And if we're not gonna be together, it's a waste.
But if we are, then I think this will prove to us If we want to be together.
So That's gonna be hard to do Not together, but-- - Yeah.
- You'll figure it out.
Look at him.
He has no game, dude.
( both chuckle ) So true.
You want her though, right? Yeah.
It's gonna happen.
So what are you, like-- are you just here to make money? I'm never really anywhere to make money.
You're just here for the experience.
Yeah, I'm here for the experience.
It'd be nice to meet somebody.
I mean, what do you want in a girl? One who makes me feel The way that I want to make her feel.
You know what I mean? But I'm really just hoping-- You deserve a good girl.
And you're like so giving and kind I could have changed in three years.
( chuckles ) you don't seem like you have.
I didn't.
I'm a little better than before.
( laughs ) No, you'll find someone that makes you happy.
You just can't look too hard, you know? - Katie: Morning, guys.
- Woman: Good morning, katie.
- Morning.
- I'm actually gonna walk over to work right now.
- Do you guys want to come? - We'll meet you later.
I'll see you guys later.
- Bye.
- Bye, katie.
Did you see katie and lou at the bonfire last night? I did, I did.
And she has a boyfriend back home, doesn't she? I mean, the way she's looking at lou, I don't think that really matters.
- How long have they been going out? - Four years.
You really think she's gonna end a four-year relationship For a summer fling? - Daniel: Morning, girls.
- Jon: What's up? - Morning, guys.
- Good morning.
You guys getting ready for work? - Yeah.
- Daniel: Big first day.
Yeah, let's go.
We don't want to be late.
- We'll walk down.
- Where's lou? I don't know.
I'm not his alarm clock.
He'll find his way.
the sunshine is calling calling me the sunshine is calling me.
Jackie: Hi, how are you? Good.
How are you? Good.
Did you just sail in? - Man: Yes.
- Emily: What are you looking for? Some things for my niece and nephews.
I like this for one of the boys.
- Emily: Mm-hmm? - And then Emily: So you spend most of your time sailing here? - Yeah.
- So where do people Like, hang out on the island that have boats like that? Edgartown.
Emily: Is there a yacht club or anything? - Man: Yes.
- I'm looking for, like, A jfk jr.
Then you want to go to edgartown.
All right.
That's where he's hanging out? - Yeah.
There's many of them.
- ( laughing ) - She's got a very specific type.
- Hey, a girl can dream, right? - There you go.
- Thank you very much.
Have a good summer.
- Bye, guys.
- You too.
See you around at the yacht club.
Were you flirting with him? I mean, people with money know people with money.
Jackie: She wants all the bells and whistles.
- The fancy car, the - I mean, it doesn't hurt.
Katie: Don't you want to make your own money one day? And do your own thing.
And not depend on a guy - Yeah.
- To make his money for you? No.
Why would you want to do that? I mean, that sounds so stressful.
So what was your last relationship like? Uh, my last boyfriend was 12 years older.
Guys that are that old are done.
They're set.
They're ready to sit down And they're not getting back up.
( laughing ) - Lou: Hey, jackie.
- Hey.
I'm late.
- Yeah, your first day.
- I know.
You're supposed to be down at the docks.
I know.
I gotta get there.
- Lou: Morning.
- Jackie: You should run and tell gabby.
Let her know because I don't have time.
- But it's not gonna happen again.
- Okay.
- Later.
- Okay, I want to be mad at him, But he is so cute.
So be mad at him.
But he is so cute.
He is so cute.
( laughs ) if you feel it, would you let me know because I'm too afraid to say it Lou.
- Gabby.
- Late on your first day? Come on, if you don't want the job, don't take it.
I do want the job.
It's not gonna happen again.
- It better not happen again.
- Okay.
Oh, and jonathan's in charge, so you're reporting to him.
Super duper.
pay attention 'cause summertime is here don't worry 'cause summertime is here.
You need a hand with that? No.
I'm all set.
I know I'm late.
Yeah, you didn't show up.
So gabby, this morning, she said I'll be in charge.
But got a boat coming in right now, So let's go get that, man.
Jon: What's going on, guys? Throw me a line.
Toss it up.
I got garbage.
Lou's got the trash.
Take that out.
I got the trash.
I get the trash, he gets the girls.
Looks like you don't got dibs on everything, huh? your clothes out on the blacktop scattered suits on the street Cat: So this is your section, Tables one through six.
- Okay.
- It's against the windows.
- Got it.
- All right.
And when people come in the door, You're the first thing they see, so smile, say hello.
- Got it.
- Have you done this before? No.
This is my first job actually.
This is your first job? And what are you 20, 21? Nice.
When did you have your first job? When I was 13.
'cause I actually needed the money.
So You excited for the party tonight? What party? Uh, the black dog company party.
You work here, don't you? Yeah.
I work here.
I'll be there.
You'll get to meet everyone.
I know everyone I need to know.
Well, you don't know the new people.
No offense, we don't have to be Buddies or friends or anything.
I'm just here to train you.
365 days you've been making me wait so keep your two-timing dance it's a lot of "too late" the summer's over over over That was a terrible throw.
over over over now.
Katie: Do you have to work tomorrow, gabby? I always have to work.
Here let me help you with that.
What's going on, guys? Thanks for your help.
No problem.
I don't want you to get burnt.
Katie: I'm not gonna burn.
- No problem.
- But I'm good.
- You sure? - I think I'm good, yeah.
All right.
Jackie: What was that? I don't know.
He like brought my bags in, Made a comment about my bed.
He's just like an overly confident Meathead.
Maybe you should go for him.
Gabby; he's your type.
He's a man.
( laughs ) Anyhow.
Oh my gosh.
Did you see mike's engaged? To who? Katie, are you going to be the next one to get engaged? No.
Have you talked to matt at all? - Do you miss him? - Yeah.
Of course I miss matt.
And it's not easy being away from him.
But if things are stagnant and kind of just like - At a plateau-- - change things up a little.
Yeah, because you can't live the rest of your life like that.
it's coming back to me now all the whys in the house all the sights and the familiar sounds yeah, they're coming back around.
Woman: Katherine, is that you? - Hey, mom.
- Hey, I haven't seen you in a while.
What's up? Nothing much.
How you doing? Fine.
I came here to get a dress.
For what? It's a black dog party.
Another party, huh? Yeah.
Another party.
For work.
So what's going on with you these days? Like you care.
You're the one that made me leave.
I told you you could stay if you You know.
( tearfully ) Kind of acted More like an adult.
( sniffles ) What are you doing with your life, catherine? Mom, I don't know.
I'm trying to figure it out.
Well, how are you gonna figure it out If all you're doing is going to parties? That's not all I'm doing.
That's all you think I'm doing.
You know, when you were a kid All you talked about was getting off this island.
- You were gonna do your art.
- I do my art all the time.
And here you are, Just working on this island.
I'm working.
I'm gonna make some money Well, why don't you figure out how much money you can save, And start building a plan? - That's how it happens, honey - yeah, I know, mom.
That's why I'm working, that's why I'm gonna save money.
It's not like you just snap your fingers and you move someplace.
Yes, mom.
'cause I think that when I snap my fingers I get whatever I want whenever I want it.
'cause that's how it's been my entire life.
( sniffles ) And then I hear that ben's back.
What's wrong with ben? He's not going anywhere, catherine.
How do you even know that? He's 22.
He's back on island.
He drops out of college.
He didn't drop out of the coast guard.
They kicked him out.
You've got to be kidding me.
That's even better.
And now he's home here doing what? Mom, you can't Say anything about that.
He hasn't told anyone else.
I'm not gonna tell anybody.
Catherine! you want to know how love is made You gonna workout all day? Got one more.
What's going on? How was your first day at work? Well, it went great, Other than I can't stand who I'm working with.
Yeah, you and jon seem like two peas in a pod.
Do we? - Mm-hmm.
- It's 'cause we cuddle at night.
( chuckles ) Same goes for me.
I'm not too happy about who I'm working with either.
What's your problem with katie? I just think she's so peppy and-- - You're saying that she's too happy? - It's not that.
It's just-- it seems fake and phony to me.
It's annoying.
And trust me, she's a good type of friend that you want to have.
You just don't know it.
Seems like you two have a little bit of history.
Yeah, we're old friends.
- That's it? - That's it.
You guys never hooked up or anything? No.
Emily, god.
Why are you coming at me with that? Just wondering.
You guys, like, Seem very close.
We were close.
We haven't seen each other in almost three years.
But we were close.
And she has a boyfriend.
A lot can change over a summer.
it's a science there is method to the madness oh oh oh oh can you feel it? it's a chemical attraction ( bicycle bell dings ) - Yo.
What's up, jackie.
- Hey, what's up? - How are you? - Good.
How are you? I'm good.
What's going on? Not much.
Just got off my shift.
Have you been dodging me? Not answering my calls and stuff? Sean, I call you back.
You're just out at the bar And you don't hear the phone.
- Just seven nights a week.
- ( laughing ) Probably.
So how's your mom doing? - She's doing good.
- She's not sick anymore or anything? Well, she is.
And I came back here to help take care of her - And help her out.
- Maybe I'll come by some day and say hi or something.
- We're gonna hang out sometime soon, right? - Go to the beach or something.
We should go to the beach, go surfing.
- You surf? - Yeah.
- You do? Since when? - Sometimes.
I always have, jackie.
You don't even know me.
Do you know me anymore? - Yes.
- Jon: Hey, jackie.
- Hey.
How are you? - What's going on? - What's up, man? - Good.
Nice to meet you, buddy.
How do you know jackie? I've grown up with her my whole life pretty much.
All right.
And we used to date back in the day.
- You from here? - Yeah, I'm from here.
- Oh, okay.
Born here? - Born and raised.
- Nice.
- Yep.
How do you know her? Just down here for the summer, working at the docks.
- You're a wash-ashore.
- What's that? - I said you're a wash-ashore.
- Sean.
See you later, man.
Nice to meet you.
All right.
Later, man.
What did he say? I washed ashore? No, it's "wash-ashore.
" - Oh, wash-ashore? - Yeah, it's like The island guys, that's what they call the summer kids.
- Local term? - Yeah.
- Oh, okay.
- They just think that All the guys that come here for the summer Are rich, preppy guys Who are entitled.
All right, that's fine.
I see where it goes.
So are you going to the party tonight? - Yeah yeah yeah.
I'm gonna get ready.
- Okay, cool.
- I'll see you there later.
- I'll see you over there.
feel the rhythm, we don't know how to stop ( katie narrating ) to kick off the season, The owners of the black dog throw a party.
It's a great chance to meet everyone we'll be working with this summer.
we're living young tonight, we wanna have fun Man: Excuse me, everybody.
Hello! We just wanna have your attention to do a little introduction.
My name's jamie douglas.
I hope you're all gonna have a great summer on martha's vineyard.
This is where I grew up.
My father, captain bob douglas, Started this in 1971.
This is a family-run business, So as you may imagine, We're trying to do things right, So we talk about customer service and smiling people.
So we're gonna welcome you guys as employees And I really want you to have a super great time While you're here working too.
And tonight, have a great time, guys.
let's paint the city in lights that's where I'm glad she comes I feel like moving tonight on the dance floor ( chattering ) I swear to god.
- What's up? - Not much.
- What's up with you? - I'm cat.
- Hello.
- Cat: Nice to meet you.
- What are you doing this summer? - Parking boats.
( laughs ) very exciting.
- It takes a lot of talent.
- It does.
It does.
Cat: Nice.
Have you met everybody else? - I met a couple of people.
- ( cellphone rings ) Hold on.
One second.
It's my mama.
Hello? It's going real well.
I'm actually at a party right now.
But everything's going great.
Can I call you back later? You guys, look at lou.
- Yeah, and? - He's so cute.
I can't stop looking at him.
- Really? - ( incredulously ) really? Yeah.
I'll talk to you later.
I love you.
( sniffling ) all right, bye, mama.
- Sorry.
- That was your mom? - You love her, don't ya? - Yeah.
- ( laughs ) - yeah.
Yeah, I love my mother.
Are you crazy? I talk to her every day.
Sounds like it.
You guys have a good relationship? - Yeah.
- That's good.
- Your mom still around? - We have a pretty bad relationship Right now though.
We argue a lot.
Well, you'll get closer with your mom.
Don't worry about it.
- Well, just-- uh.
- Yeah, we'll see.
( laughs ) So do you have a boyfriend? No, not this summer.
I'm looking to have some fun.
What about you? No, no girlfriend.
No? - ( laughter ) - oh my god.
No, I've definitely got my eye on somebody, But no girlfriend.
- Well, I hope that works out for ya.
- I do too.
I think I've made up my mind.
I think this summer I'm going for lou.
I can hear the whispers in the trees I can hear them telling me, telling me, yeah here right now is where you're meant to be and this morning ( birds chirping ) I see all these faces - Whoa.
Excuse me, sir.
- ( bike bell rings ) I can hear them telling me, telling me, yeah - Whoa, boy.
- Yo, what's up, sean? - What's up, man? How you doing? - How you doing? Same old stuff.
Back for the summer.
- Another day in paradise? - Yeah, what about you? - Yeah, man.
I'm just working a lot.
- Where you working at? Working for my dad.
I'm doing carpentry And construction and landscaping and everything.
- Is he hiring? - Yeah, he is, actually.
- You need a job? - Yeah, man, for sure.
I need some work.
What are you doing back here? I thought you were supposed To be in jersey and the coast guard.
- That I was.
- You were? What happened? Yeah, decided to get out, man.
It wasn't for me.
Yeah? I didn't hear that.
I heard you got kicked out.
- That's what you heard? - Yeah.
It's what people have been saying around the island, that you got kicked out.
This place, man.
You been talking-- you talk to cat or something? No, she didn't tell me that.
- She didn't tell you that? - No.
- You know how they do it.
- Wow, that's not what happened.
- Not what happened at all.
- Yeah, whatever, I don't care.
I just heard it.
I just-- But you're all good, man? - Everything's good? - Yeah, I'm straight.
I just decided to get out.
It wasn't for me.
I figure I couldn't do anything like that.
- It was good to see you, bro.
- Yeah, man.
- See ya.
Later, man.
- See you around.
let it be it's time to lose control.
- Daniel: Come on, girls.
- ( woman vocalizes ) - Whoo! - your love is like a cover on a sunny day - ( bike bell rings ) - sophi: Wait for me! Emily: The houses here are so cute.
Look at that one.
- That one's my favorite.
- Sophi: So who do you think owns these homes? - Emily: Rich vacationers.
- Totally your type, right? - Pretty much.
- ( laughter ) I mean, after last night, I have no doubt in my mind That lou and katie are hooking up.
When I came into the house, jon was like, "katie's mine.
There's no way lou's going with katie.
" - Really? No way.
- Daniel: Yeah.
- I got $10 on jon and katie.
- $50 on katie and lou.
I got $100 on you and that house right there.
( laughter ) your love your love is a good thing, good thing So, mom, are you gonna make me breakfast like this every morning - Now that I'm back? - Yeah, dream on, jackie.
( laughs ) do you need me to pick up any prescriptions Or help you with anything? - Later on we can figure it out.
- Okay.
So anyways, what's going on? - Well, katie's here.
- That's nice.
Where is she staying? She's staying over at the black dog house.
Yeah, and she's having some guy problems with matt.
- That's my specialty.
- ( both laugh ) You guys never know what you're doing.
- Okay, so there's this guy - Oh god.
- Already? - And I'm actually-- I'm his boss, kind of.
- Gabby's his boss.
- You shouldn't get involved - With a guy you're working with.
- I know, but, mom, - This isn't just some guy.
- "this could be the guy.
" I've heard that so many times.
- I know, but it's-- okay.
- Does he even know you like him? - No, not yet.
- You lead with your heart - Instead of your head.
- I know, but I-- I know what I'm looking for And I feel like I wanna find "the one.
" I know, but sometimes you can't look for the one.
It just has to happen.
lately I've been hanging out in oblivion Yo.
Hey, man, what's up? Waiting for you to get out of work.
- What's going on? - I ran into somebody today.
- Who? - Sean o'brien.
You know what the first thing that came out of his mouth was? - What? - "I heard you got kicked out of the coast guard.
" - And you think I told him that.
- Who else would've told him? You're the only person I told besides my parents.
Why would I tell sean o'brien anything? You explain to me how he knows then.
- Anything.
- Tell me how he knows then.
- I put all this trust in you.
Nobody else knows.
- That's complete bull.
You know how stuff gets around on an island.
- Things get exaggerated.
- Yeah, stuff gets around, But I know where it originated from.
- I didn't tell anyone.
- You're the only person that I told.
- I didn't tell anyone, ben.
- There's no way You didn't tell anybody.
You had to have told somebody.
Explain to me how he would know that.
I feel the earth shake The only person I told was my mom, and I was defending you.
She was saying you were a quitter, That you quit everything that you do.
- Your mom? - Ben, I'm sorry.
My mom said she wouldn't say anything.
I can't believe you'd do that.
You have any idea what this means to me? How I'm even gonna get a job when people think I got kicked out of the military? I was trying to stand up for you, ben.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what you want me to do.
Just don't call me anymore 'cause we're done.
I gave my all but it's never enough too far gone to ever get back up don't let me go the reason for the heartbreak.
What's up, cat? What's going on? Where you going? Just home.
Where are you guys off to? We heard some people talking about a local party - Down the street from our house.
- Yeah, you coming? I'm not in the mood right now, But do you guys know anyone there? - No.
- No.
Just gonna show up.
- Daniel: By ourselves.
- Cat: Just you two? ( laughs ) - They don't care.
- They care.
- If you wanna come, call us.
- You're missing out.
Later on, just think I was looking out for you.
- Daniel: Whatever.
- All right, yeah, we'll be fine.
- Jon: Yeah, dude, we'll be fine.
- Cat: You've been warned, guys.
- Lou: Wait.
Aren't you gonna wait for me? - Katie: Nope.
don't you worry about a thing - Oh, come on.
- Katie: Polo.
- Marco.
- Polo.
- Stop cheating.
- ( laughs ) I'm not cheating.
fall down at the river ( grunts ) Come on, I'll race ya.
( mutters ) - ( lou sighs ) - that felt good.
- That was fun.
- I can't remember the last time - We jumped off a diving board.
- I know.
- Hoo! - How's work going? Jackie's my boss.
It's kinda nice.
- That's not a bad boss.
- Emily's a little weird, but-- - She is a little weird.
- I just get a weird vibe.
I don't know.
Something sketchy or - She's mysterious.
- Nosy, kinda.
Wants to start stuff for no reason.
I met a cool chick at the black dog party.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- What's her name? - Cat.
You met her? - Long hair, reddish-blonde kinda almost? Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
- You met her? - She's pretty.
No, nothing like that.
Why do you say that? - She's like my buddy.
- She's your buddy? She's from the island.
I don't want a girl who spent her whole life on an island.
- I want a girl that's Traveled, well-cultured.
- Yeah.
Really sweet, smiles all the time.
life goes on we got all night if you got rock 'n' roll you're gonna be all right - where everybody knows my name - ( chattering ) and I don't know what she's doing there but I'm glad she came she's kinda like a scene in a movie - Man #1: So who are these guys? - Man #2: Who are these fools? What's up, team? What are you guys doing? - Jon: How are ya? - Just trying to get in the party.
We heard there was a party here.
- I don't think so.
- Yeah, about that - Yeah, just here for the summer.
- Come on, we can let him in.
- He's cute.
- Yeah, come on.
Listen to your girl, dude.
- Keep on trucking.
- You can't show up with no girls And then try to take ours.
Dude, I'm not trying to take your girl.
These two kids are trying to get into our jam, dude.
Yeah, we heard there was a party.
We wanted to come down.
- You know anybody at the house? - No, I don't see the big deal.
- We're just looking to have a good time.
- We're here for the summer.
Do you guys even know anybody on the island? Yeah, we work down at the black dog, so we know cat.
- You know cat? - Jon: Yeah.
That's the last thing I needed to hear, man.
- Just get out of here.
Take a lap.
- What's the big deal there? - Broke your heart? - Easy with the lip, dude.
You wanna come in, now you're talking trash? - Daniel: We're not trying to argue.
- Hit the bricks, dude.
Why don't you come make me get out of here? - You talk a lot, man.
- You guys are funny.
We're here all summer though, so we'll see you around.
- Yo, hit the bricks.
- Keep it moving, boys.
she opens the light ( music continues on radio ) ( loudly ) I have made fire.
- Hey.
- Hi.
How many lemons are you gonna cut? - ( scoffs ) - lou, what are you screaming about out here? I'm starting fires.
( mimics fire whooshing ) - Is it gonna keep us warm? - Yeah, but you're gonna need more clothes.
- Yeah, it kinda looks chilly.
- Yeah, but you look really nice.
Keep cutting lemons.
Just get everybody rounded up.
- Katie: See you in a bit.
- See ya.
- ( snorts ) - emily: So why are you messing with him? What? He obviously likes you.
- Lou? - Yeah.
No, emily.
Lou and I have been good friends for a long time.
And that's the extent of it, okay? ( laughs ) But he obviously has a crush on you.
Lou does not like me and he never has, okay? Why do you think that? ( scoffs ) you're leading him on right now.
- Me leading lou on? - You have a boyfriend and you're flirting with lou.
I'm not flirting with him.
I said, "hey, what are you doing? Oh, you made a bonfire.
I'll be out in a minute.
See you in five.
" Get is straight, because you're just Stirring up things for no reason and it's really unnecessary.
I did not come here for that.
You know what? I don't know any of you, But I'm just seeing it as an outside person.
And lou likes you.
Emily, I can't even have this conversation with you right now.
Because it is that ridiculous, okay? Can you please just get that through your head and drop it, okay? - All right.
- See? Just drop it.
( katie narrating ) it doesn't take long to get summer kicked into high gear With a beach bonfire.
It's a great chance for us at the house - Daniel: Just light it on fire.
- Katie: I like it burned.
- ( laughter ) - daniel: Pass it around.
This is much better than that-- five guys sitting on a porch? - This one's for you.
- Aw, thank you.
Lou: All right, everyone gather around.
I don't do this too often, But I would just like to make a toast To new friends and to a great summer.
- So here's to - ( cheering ) no excuse I'm overdue, I don't do what I'm supposed to do 'cause you can think about it, man, we're supposed to lose it ain't all picture perfect, ocean views Look who decided to join the party.
Dude, what the hell are they doing? - Let's go.
- Let's go talk to them.
Come on.
( distant hip-hop music playing ) - What's up, boys? - What's going on, boys? You guys think you're gonna throw us out of your party Gonna take our advice and get your trust fund to buy a new outfit? Yeah, how about you guys just get the hell out of here? Hold on, everybody, time out.
Everybody, time out.
Chill out.
- That's funny.
- Listen, fellas-- Here's the thing-- before any of you guys came to our house, We didn't know who any of you guys were.
You just showed up to the local house.
You're not from here.
It doesn't work like that around here.
If you want to come to our parties, You gotta show us a good time too, man.
So how about this-- you let us in here, We'll show you a good time around the island.
- What do you say? - All right.
- All right, fine.
You guys can come in.
- We cool? - Ben, by the way.
- Jon.
- Jon, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Appreciate it.
- What's up, man? ( overlapping greetings ) Nice to meet you.
we got time, got time so I guess we got everything Hello, hello.
- Hello! - What's going on? Oh, nothing.
I know about 10 people here.
- That's it? - Yep.
- That's so funny.
- I know.
- But, I mean, I guess there's some - Sean o.
- I know 11 people here.
- How you doing, boy? - Hi, sweetie! - Good to see you.
You know, uh-- Ben, this is lou.
Lou, ben.
- Nice to meet you too.
- All right, man.
Thanks a lot.
A lot more people came than I thought would, - So it's very nice.
- That happens around here, man.
- Yeah.
Are you from here? - Yeah, born and raised.
Do you guys know each other? Yeah, I know her.
Yeah, all right, man.
It was good to meet you.
- Good to meet you too.
- I'm gonna go check everything else out.
What was that about? ( laughs ) No, like He's just really mad at me.
Mind if I take this seat? Hey, what's up? How you doing? What's your name? - I'm sophi.
- Sophi, I'm ben.
Both: Nice to meet you.
What brings you up here? I'm just here to, like, kind of Clear my mind, write some music.
- I sing, so like-- - oh, really? - Yeah.
- There's a huge music scene around here.
Oh yeah? What kind of music are you into? I'll listen to, like, underground hip-hop or reggae - Yeah.
- We should go.
We should do something.
Hell yeah.
I'm down.
Actually, let me get your number and we'll figure it out.
I'm gonna rule the world - me, myself and I - He's hilarious.
- He's so funny.
- Will you excuse me for a minute? So weird.
- What's up, man? - Not much.
- What's going on? - Hey, katie.
Hi, lou.
What's up? - Can we talk for a minute? - Yeah.
- All right.
- All right.
Come here, my friend.
What's going on, man? Not much.
How are you doing? Doing fine.
So you can have Any girl at this party.
You know you can.
Just stop with katie.
She's my good friend.
And just don't do that.
All right.
- Okay? - Yeah.
- All right.
- That's very cool.
- No worries, man.
- I knew you were a good guy.
- Yeah.
All right.
- All right.
- Don't worry about it, man.
- Cool.
- Take care.
- All right.
That was good.
So where were we? ( chuckles ) I don't know.
I was just saying I don't know what I was saying.
( laughs ) So you want a drink or anything? Um Sure.
All right.
I'll go grab you one.
Okay, thanks.
( indistinct chatter ) So I told you one thing and You clearly either have very tiny ears And can't hear, or you're just, like, not respecting me right now.
Is she your girl or something, dude? - She's not my girl-- - all right.
So why do you have a problem with it? Just back up about two steps right now.
Dude, what are you gonna do about it? Man: Whoa! Go, dude.
Oh my god.
Stop! Katie: Lou! Lou! Man: Yo, lou! Chill out.
Come on, buddy.
Come on.
Come on.
It's not worth it, come on.
You're a joke, man.
- I'm right here.
- That was nice.
Yeah, just get out of here.
( scoffs ) I guess I was right-- See? He's definitely into you.
- whoa, come on down - Move away, man.
- we can drown in this world - walk away.
it's only gonna set us free She's not worth it, dude.
come on down, you know that you want it you've been praying for a remedy.