The Walking Dead s03e01 Episode Script


Last season on AMC's The Walking Dead We have to go! Rick! We're all infected.
We all carry it.
You want me to bring a baby into this?! To live a short, cruel life?! I killed Shane.
We're not safe with him.
If you're staying, you get one thing straight.
This isn't a democracy anymore.
We got no place left to go.
When this herd meets up with this one, we'll be cut off.
We'll never make it south.
What would you say? That was about 150 head? That was last week.
It could be twice that by now.
This river could have delayed them.
If we move fast, we might have a shot to tear right through there.
Yeah, but if this group joins with that one, they could spill out this way.
So we're blocked.
Only thing to do is double back at 27 and swing towards Greenville.
Yeah, we picked through that already.
It's like we spent the winter going in circles.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
At Newnan we'll push west.
Haven't been through there yet.
We can't keep going house to house.
Need to find someplace to hole up for a few weeks.
All right.
Is it cool if we get to the creek before we head out? Won't take long.
We got to fill up on water.
We can boil it later.
Knock yourself out.
She can't take much more of this moving about.
What else can we do? Let her give birth on the run? Do you see a way around that? Hey, while the others wash their panties, let's go hunt.
That owl didn't exactly hit the spot.
That's a shame.
- Watch the backside.
- Got it.
Hurry! It's perfect.
If we can shut that gate, prevent more from filling the yard, we can pick off these walkers.
We'll take the field by tonight.
So how do we shut the gate? I'll do it.
You guys cover me.
It's a suicide run.
I'm the fastest.
No, you, Maggie, and Beth draw as many as you can over there.
Pop 'em through the fence.
Daryl, go back to the other tower.
Carol, you've become a pretty good shot.
Take your time.
We don't have a lot of ammo to waste.
Hershel, you and Carl take this tower.
All right.
I'll run for the gate.
- Come on! - Hey, come here! - Come on! - Hey, come here! Come on! Hey, come on! Come on! Come on! Sorry.
Hey, come on, over here! Hey, hey, hey! Come on, over here! He did it.
Light it up! Fantastic.
- Nice shooting.
- Yeah.
You okay? - I haven't felt this good in weeks.
- Good.
Oh! Oh! We haven't had this much space since we left the farm.
Whoooo! Mmm.
Just like mom used to make.
Tomorrow we'll put all the bodies together.
Want to keep them away from that water.
Now, if we can dig a canal under the fence, we'll have plenty of fresh water.
The soil is good.
We could plant some seed.
Grow some tomatoes, cucumbers, soybeans.
That's his third time around.
If there was any part of it compromised, he'd have found it by now.
This'll be a good place to have the baby.
It's not much, but if I don't bring you something, you won't eat at all.
I guess Little Shane over there has got quite the appetite.
Don't be mean.
Rick's gotten us a lot farther than I ever thought he would, I'll give him that.
Shane could never have done that.
What's wrong? It's that rifle.
The kickback.
I'm just not used to it.
Hold on.
Better get back.
It's pretty romantic.
Want to screw around? Pfft.
I'll go down first.
Even better.
Bethy, sing Paddy Reilly for me.
I haven't heard that, I think, since your mother was alive.
Daddy, not that one, please.
How about "Parting Glass"? No one wants to hear.
Why not? Okay.
Of all the money e'er I had I spent it in good company And all the harm e'er I've ever done alas it was to none but me and all I've done for want of wit to memory now I can't recall so fill to me the parting glass good night and joy be with you all oh, all the comrades that e'er I had were sorry for my going away and all the sweethearts that e'er I had would wish me - one more day to stay - I had some.
But since it falls unto my lot that I should rise and you should not I'll gently rise and I'll softly call good night and joy be with you all good night and joy be with you all Beautiful.
Better all turn in.
I'll take watch over there.
Got a big day tomorrow.
What do you mean? Look, I know we're all exhausted.
This was a great win.
But we've got to push just a little bit more.
Most of the walkers are dressed as guards and prisoners.
Looks like this place fell pretty early.
It could mean the supplies may be intact.
They'd have an infirmary, a commissary.
An armory? That would be outside the prison itself, but not too far away.
Warden's offices would have info on the location.
Weapons, food, medicine.
This place could be a gold mine.
We're dangerously low on ammo.
We'd run out before we make a dent.
That's why we have to go in there Hand to hand.
After all we've been through, we can handle it, I know it.
These assholes don't stand a chance.
I appreciate everything you're doing.
And we all do, but it's been a death march and they're exhausted.
Can we just enjoy this for a few days? Baby will be here in a few days.
There's no time for a picnic.
No, but it's time to get the house in order.
What do you think I'm doing? Your absolute best.
Don't patronize me.
I'm not.
I'm just saying the baby is about to be here - and we need to talk about-- - About what? Things we've been avoiding-- You want to talk? Talk to Hershel.
I'm doing stuff, Lori.
" Isn't that enough? I'm still here.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Ready? Daryl Come on Hey! Come on! Over here! - Come on! - Hey, come on! We may need that! Hey! Hey! Almost there I can't see them.
Can you see them? Back there Daryl! See that? Stop.
Well, it looks secure.
Nothing will lead to that courtyard over there.
And that's a civilian.
So the interior could be over run by walkers from outside the prison.
Well, if there's walls, then, what are we gonna do? We can't rebuild this whole place.
We can't risk a blind spot.
We have to push in.
What do you think? Home, sweet, home.
For the time being It's secure? This cell block is.
What about the rest of the prison? In the morning, we'll find the cafeteria and infirmary.
We'll sleep in the cells? I found keys on some guards.
Daryl has a set too.
I ain't sleeping in no cage.
I'll take the perch.
Come on.
Thank you.
Pretty gross.
Yeah, remember the storage units? It's actually-- it's actually comfortable.
Check it out.
You find your cell yet? Yeah, I was just making sure Beth was safe.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you.
I'm so exhausted, I don't even care.
Here, let me see.
What you doing? Checking for scratches.
It's late in the night - You're okay.
- Late in the night It's quiet again To fill up the space To fill up the rooms on Sunday afternoon What are you doing out here? I needed some light.
Take this.
How is it out there? Same.
It's quiet.
You're lying.
We should go in a few days.
They're coming.
- You should go.
- No.
I'll hold you back.
I can take care of myself.
I saved your ass all winter, didn't I? I won't have you dying for me.
Good soldier won't leave your post.
Screw you.
We'll go in a few days.
If we stay I'll die here.
Not bad.
Flashbangs, CS Triple-Chasers.
Not sure how they'd work on walkers, but we'll take it.
I ain't wearing this shit.
We could boil 'em.
Ain't enough firewood in the whole forest.
Besides, we made it this far without 'em, right? - Hershel.
- Everything all right? Yeah.
Nothing to worry about.
It's the baby.
I think I lost it.
- You haven't felt it move? - Nothing.
And no Braxton-Hicks.
At first I thought it was exhaustion or malnutrition.
You're anemic? If we're all infected, then so is the baby.
So what if it's stillborn? What if it's dead inside me right now? - What if it rips me apart? - Stop.
Don't let your fear take control of you.
Then let's say it lives and I die during childbirth.
- That's not going to happen.
- Why not? How many women died in childbirth before modern medicine? If I come back, what if I attack it? Or you? Or Rick? Or Carl? If I do, if there is any chance, you put me down immediately.
You don't hesitate, me, the baby if we're walkers, you don't hesitate and you don't try to save us.
Okay? It might have been better if-- If what? I'd never made it off the farm.
You're exhausted, frightened.
Yeah, that's true.
My son can't stand me.
And my husband, after what I put him through We've all been carrying that weight.
All winter.
I tried to talk to him.
He He'll come around.
He hates me.
He's too good a man to say it, but I know.
I put him and Shane at odds.
I put that knife in his hand.
You know who doesn't give a shit about that? This baby.
Now let's make sure everything's all right.
You won't need that.
I need you to stay put.
- You're kidding.
- We don't know what's in there.
Something goes wrong, you could be the last man standing.
I need you to handle things here.
Let's go.
- Go back.
Go back! Move! - Walkers! This way.
Come on, this way! In here! - Where's Glenn and Maggie? - We have to go back.
But which way? Maggie? Glenn? - Rick? - Dad? Dad? Mag? Mag? No! - No! - Maggie! - Daryl! - Oh, God, help me! Oh, God! Go! Go! Back.
We're blocked! We have to go back! Go! Go! Get in! Shut the door! Hold him down.
All right.
Only one way to keep you alive.
Oh He's bleeding out.
Holy shit.