The Walking Dead s04e06 Episode Script

Live Bait

Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead Welcome to Woodbury.
We're a community.
Well, that's my wife, that's my daughter and me.
Don't hurt my little girl.
I want Michonne.
Turn her over and all this goes away.
He wants the prison.
He wants us dead.
We should go after them.
We should finish him.
What the hell are you doing!? - It's not worth it.
- That was a slaughter.
In my hands I hold the ashes In my veins black pitch runs In my chest fire catches In my way The setting Sun Dark clouds gather around me To the west my soul is bound But I will go on ahead free I've been on the road for a couple of months.
By yourself? Yeah.
Where did you live before that? I was in a town.
With the monsters there? No.
It was safe.
Full of good people.
What happened? He just lost it.
Who? The man in charge.
I barely got out alive.
And I ask for no redemption in this cold and barren place Still I see a faint reflection and so by it guide my way The last pale light in the west The last pale light in the west You look like you barely got out alive.
- Tara.
- I mean We're a little on edge.
We've been holed up in here waiting for the National Guard since-- - The shit hit the fan.
- Language.
Since the crap hit the fan.
Which it did right before it got flung all over the damn place.
Are you planning on staying in the building? Are you planning on staying or not? - Holy shit, with the no talking.
- Tara.
My sister asked you a question.
Just for the night.
You see this? This here is a fully loaded, standard issue Smith & Wesson.
I'm Atlanta City Police and I have enough artillery in here to kill you every day for the next 10 years.
You mess with me or my family, and I swear to Christ, I will put you down.
Got it? Got it.
Then we're cool.
Pound it.
Here, bro.
We'll hold onto this until you go.
You got a name? Brian.
Brian Heriot.
You got to be hungry.
You're not gonna find anything better in there.
Tara ransacked the place after Miss Wilhelm took off for Florida.
Big fan of butter beans, Miss Wilhelm.
Thank you.
four, five.
Come on, kiddo.
Show me what you got here.
Everything okay? She didn't eat, again.
She likes the corned beef.
Try that.
I'm saving the last two cans for Dad.
She's not picky, she's terrified.
Why don't you slow down, buddy, all right? This ain't the Holiday Inn.
Bucket on the left is for washing, right is for rinsing.
You get enough to eat? I'll get you some coffee.
Sit down.
Right there.
Go on.
Go ahead, roll again.
Hey, come here.
You got a cigarette? Dad, your oxygen tank.
Do you not see that red sticker? I'll be damned if a Merit Ultra Menthol is gonna blow this place up after all the work we've done to stay alive up here.
Okay? It's all the same, Lily.
You can stop that talk right there.
It's just a cigarette.
Help yourself.
We got roni sticks for days.
Years, probably.
You see that big truck parked outside? Come on, dude, the Gorbelli food truck.
Ray Charles could have seen it.
Dad drove for them.
Even with the tank.
The day they closed down the 75-- When the S-H-I-T hit the fan.
He grabbed Megan from school, picked me up at the hospital-- She stole a bunch of oxygen tanks from that dump.
Then the three of us rushed over to get Tara.
I was at the station working, booking.
With everything going on, the attacks, the Army going into Atlanta, he wasn't about to let us out of his sight.
Lucky for us, the old man's truck was pretty much stocked floor to ceiling with sketti rings, turkey chili, and these little suckers.
Meg, Granddad needs a break, okay? - Lily.
- Sure, Daddy.
On three.
A little help here, big guy.
Oh, right.
No, not you.
The other big guy in the room.
On three.
Okay, one, two-- Here.
You hear them? Yeah.
Get my legs, friend? Tara's been up there a bunch of times blasting them bastards to pieces.
She says they just keep getting back up.
I told her no more.
Can't afford to waste her bullets.
You got kids? No.
When my girls were born, that's when I finally figured out what it was to be a man.
You know, a real man.
You protect them, you keep them safe.
You just try to make them stronger until they can look out for themselves.
But this here, I-- I never counted on this.
Hey, I got a buddy.
Bill Jenkins, he lives up in 303.
He's got a real nice backgammon set up there.
He won't mind and he keeps it under his bed there.
Just please.
You've been out there in the world and you know how to handle yourself around those things.
Look, I know you might not understand it 'cause you don't got a baby girl of your own, but it might be something that might make my Megan talk again.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Couple things for the road.
I'm okay.
You helped us.
We're saying thank you.
Deal with it.
I guess you'll be needing this back.
Keep it.
Don't throw that at me.
It's your gun.
You can have it back.
You need another one.
I have this.
Tara was right.
We should have frisked you.
I found it upstairs.
You keep that.
You have to kill the brain.
What? Your sister, she shot 'em in the body, but you have to hit 'em here.
That's what kills them.
Why? I need to ask you something.
My dad's got stage four lung cancer.
I worked oncology for a few years.
He's nearing the end.
He's got about two days of oxygen.
Maybe less.
We never thought he'd make it this long.
You've already done so much for us, but there's an old folks home a couple of blocks from here.
Even one tank would mean everything.
He's the only one who can put a smile on Megan's face.
Even for a second.
- They're both full.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
You didn't let me say thank you.
Yeah, I'm okay.
Let me be a nurse again.
Good news is it doesn't look like you need any stitches.
Bad news this is gonna sting like a couple of angry bees.
Feels good to have something to do.
Nobody ever mentioned just how boring the end of the world was gonna be.
She thought you were her dad.
When she saw you out there on the street.
He went out one night about three and a half years ago to get a couple beers and a Powerball ticket.
Said he'd be right back.
Megan thought you were him, finally coming right back.
- Mama.
- In here, honey.
Everything's okay, sweetheart.
Brian just got a boo-boo that needs a little cleaning up.
Same as when you get a cut.
I don't have the ointment.
Why don't you watch my patient until I get back? Okay.
What happened to your eye? It's gone.
Something happen to you or were you just born like that? Something happened to me.
Was that bad to ask? No.
I'll tell you what happened to my eye, but you have to promise to keep it secret.
I promise.
What's that? Pinkie swear.
Plus cross my heart and hope to die.
Well I'm a pirate.
No way.
Yeah, you caught me.
What really happened was I was trying to help someone.
Someone I loved very much.
How were you trying to help them? I was trying to protect them, you know? Stop them getting hurt.
But you got hurt instead.
Did they get hurt, too? Uh yeah, yeah, they did.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
What is it? Chess.
Looks hard.
Well, maybe for some folks, but you're smart.
You'll catch on quick.
What's this one called? That's a pawn.
They're your soldiers.
Do they die? Sometimes.
Do you lose if they die? No, not necessarily.
You can lose a lot of soldiers, but still win the game.
That's the king.
That's the guy you want to capture.
- What are you doing? - You'll see.
Looks like you.
Come on, let's play.
So these ones are pawns.
He's gone.
I think he's been gone a while.
Y'all should go now.
Just give us a minute.
I love you, Daddy.
Tara! - Stop! What are you doing? - It's not Dad! - Stop! - It's not Dad! I know, okay? It happens no matter what? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
He could have got me.
He almost got me.
I was thinking he would have been grateful or whatever that you stopped him, from him-- you know what I mean? So, yeah, we're cool.
- We're coming with you.
- No.
There has to be someplace better, and you're gonna help us find it.
- Lily.
- I saw the picture, Brian.
You had a family, I know that.
And I know we're not them.
But for now, you're stuck with us.
- And that's just the way it's gonna be.
- I can't.
You already have.
Where should we go? No use making a plan.
We'll go where they let us.
Who's they? The roads.
The biters.
I'm not really a cop.
I mean, it's not a total lie.
I was in the academy.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
You don't have to be sorry.
Well, I am.
Do you think we can make it? We'll make it.
Are you lying to me? No.
You can come join us, Megan.
It's just gonna take some time.
It's okay.
We'll find another car soon.
I hope you're right.
This whole country backdrop is reminding me of Sam.
- Here we go.
- I thought she was the one.
Then you went camping, ate mushrooms, game over.
You're forgetting the part where Sam broke down and told me she had a boyfriend, that she wasn't really into chicks.
Ugh, worst weekend of my life.
Oh, man.
Damn it! - You all right? - I'm fine.
- Tara, stop.
Let me look at it.
- I'm fine! Just hand me my backpack.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- Can you walk? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Let's go.
Drop your bags.
Let's go.
Come on.
- Megan.
- Megan, come on.
Megan, right now.
Come on.
- Megan! - Come on, Megan.
Megan, come on.
Megan, right now.
Come on.
Come on, Megan.
Come on.
Megan! Here.
Ah! - Brian! - I'm here.
I'm sorry.
You okay? You all right? I'm never gonna let anything happen to you.
Okay? - Promise? - Cross my heart.
Holy shit.
Cross my heart.