The Walking Dead s05e07 Episode Script


Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead I'm not a scientist! I knew I am a very good liar and I wanted to survive.
You know what's happening in here and you let it happen.
The wards keep my officers happy.
You shouldn't see this as a sentence.
- Wait, wait! - Let go of me! We get her back, we get her back! What's it gonna take? A lot? They got guns, people So do we.
(loud banging) (grunting) It was-- it was good you weren't here for it.
She hanging in there? (banging continues) No.
(hammering) Are you gonna take the cross, too? If we need it.
He wants to go to Atlanta, but I can't have that.
Then you stay.
I'll go.
I owe it to Carol.
We all owe Carol.
I owe her more.
All right.
We'll be back soon.
I know.
(Judith crying) - (hammering echoes) - (crying continues) (spits) (breathing heavily) (theme music playing) Yeah? You know I've been there.
I know.
Bob, he would have wanted-- Don't.
I'm sorry.
Please, don't.
Okay? (monitor beeping) Excuse me.
I'm just checking on her.
(walkers snarling) They got no clue we're here.
That's great news for GREATM.
In less great news for GREATM, we just scraped the bottom of the water barrel.
What is-- what's GREATM? Us.
Group name.
Band of brothers.
Thinking about getting a tattoo on my knuckles.
Sorry, I'm just trying to think of something else, you know? Yeah.
Anything? No.
Should we get him to the church? Moving him could make him worse.
What will make him better? Waking up.
If he doesn't Come on.
You haven't had anything to drink all day.
Take the bottle.
Seriously, my six-year-old nephew didn't pull this shit.
(sighs) Don't do this, Abraham.
- Look at me! - Don't.
Look at me! (gun clicks) Sit down or I'll put you down.
Well, what's next on the agenda? At sundown we fire a shot into the air.
Get two of them out on patrol.
Then once it's dark enough that the rooftop spotter won't see us, we go.
We cut the locks on one of the stairways, take it to the fifth floor.
I open the door, Daryl takes the guard out.
How? He slits his throat.
This is all about us doing this quiet, keeping the upper hand.
They're not expecting us.
From there, we fan out.
Knives and silenced weapons.
We need to be fast.
Tyreese, Sasha, take them.
Daryl, you take care of whoever is in the kitchen.
I got Dawn.
If they're smart, the rest of them will give up.
Then it'll be five on three.
Six on three once we get a weapon to Beth.
The wards will help.
That's best case.
What's worst case? All it takes is one of those cops going down the hall at the wrong time.
Then it's not quiet.
All hands on deck.
We're talking about a lot of bullets flying around.
- If that's what it takes.
- It's not.
If we get a couple of her cops alive out here, we do an even trade.
Theirs for ours.
Everybody goes home.
Yeah, I get it.
And it might work.
This will work.
Nah, that'll work, too.
You say this Dawn, she's just trying to keep it together, right? Trying and doing are two different things.
You take two of her cops away, what choices does she have? Everybody goes home.
Like he says.
Pick one.
You need to learn how to defend yourself.
We can teach you.
Defend myself? They said they'd go.
Carl: They were liars and murderers.
- Gabriel: Just like us.
- We protected ourselves.
They wanted us dead.
You're lucky your church has lasted this long.
You can't stay in one place anymore.
Not for too long.
And once you're out there, you're gonna find trouble you can't hide from.
You need to know how to fight.
Good choice.
But you're not holding it right.
You've got to be able to drive it down 'cause sometimes their skulls aren't as soft and you need to be able-- I'm sorry.
(swallows) No.
I need to lie down.
Dawn: That's your plan, huh? O'Donnell: Look, we are doing everything we can.
Licari is out in the sedan right now.
If there is a sign of Noah, we are going to find him.
You just told me that your plan was counting on him screwing up.
(chuckles) That's some active police work right there.
Was there anything else? Yes, actually, there was.
The patient in exam room two, she was half dead when I brought her in.
She's not looking so good.
This ain't Pin the Tail On the Donkey.
Are we really gonna keep wasting valuable resources on this lady? How much electricity does your DVD take? - Excuse me? - We have very limited resources here.
You charge it every day.
- Are you kidding me? - Beth.
- That woman has been here one day.
- Beth.
What good is this place if it doesn't try to save people? Turn off the machines.
Tell Edwards to take the patient off of his rounds.
If she pulls through on her own, then fine.
But you're right.
She's not worth the effort.
(door closes) (sighs) You just killed that woman.
Who do you think I have to side with? Tell him.
Tell him you changed your mind.
You don't know how fragile this thing is.
There's nothing I can do.
So you'll just have to do it.
You're gonna save that woman's life.
This is to the drug locker.
I don't even trust Edwards with this.
So take it.
Shepherd on radio: It's Shepherd.
I'm on roof detail.
Just heard a gunshot maybe a mile north-northeast.
Grab Lamson, take a car and track it down.
Yes, ma'am.
Why are you doing this? I thought you were weak.
You've proved me wrong.
Glenn: We need more water.
There's a creek up the road a few miles southwest of here.
Y'all go.
I'll stay here.
- You sure? - I am.
(walkers snarling) Just stay here, guys.
Don't get up.
There is nothing for you in Washington.
That's not funny.
It's not not not not funny.
Hey, I get that we're all dealing with things in different ways-- Listen, I don't know what to do without DC anymore, but I'm not dealing with it.
I'm over it.
I just want him to be okay.
Eugene wasn't strong.
He isn't fast.
He doesn't know how to use a weapon.
The truth hurts, but he's useless.
He had one skill that kept him living.
Are we supposed to be mad at him 'cause he used it? Damn right.
Get over yourself.
You're not the only one who lost something today.
It's never gonna get any better than this.
Can I? Yeah, sure.
The woman in exam room two, what medicine would you give her? Dawn called it.
I know, but if you could, what would you give her? She was in a car accident.
She suffered internal injuries.
- It's just a guessing game.
- So guess.
You have the key.
Did you take it or did she give it to you? Because if she gave it to you, she did not do it out of the kindness of her heart.
Just tell me what medicine.
I was trying to save my life.
I'm still wondering if I did.
Epinephrine drip, five milligrams.
She won't wake up right away, but it'll ease her blood pressure so she'll have a shot.
Good luck.
(sighs) Perfect.
You think it's any clearer upstream? (fabric ripping) Probably not.
Doesn't matter.
Let me see.
Tara: So, you just built a water filter in about two minutes, huh? Eugene taught me.
Takes a while, but it'll be clear.
Then we can boil it.
Were you with Abraham before it all happened? No.
No, I was with other people just trying to make it.
How'd you wind up together? We crossed paths in Dallas.
Me and my group, we were fighting off some dead ones and he jumped in from out of nowhere with that big truck.
Rest in peace.
He had Eugene in the cab.
And afterwards, he told me that he was trying to save the world.
And that he saw what I could do.
And he wanted my help.
He was the first person to ask me for that since this all started.
Maybe he was lying, too.
(splashes) You see that? Those ripples.
Those are fish.
Okay, how? Come on.
Lamson: Shots were from over there.
I swear to God I heard it.
- (gunshots) - There.
There! - Put it down, Noah.
- Put the gun down.
(car door closes) Hands up.
Turn around.
(zip tie zings) You let me know if it's too tight, okay? I thought you were smart, Noah.
You think we wouldn't hear you? Where are those rotters you were shooting at? (whistles) Hands.
What do you want? Whatever this is, we can help.
You do what we say, we don't hurt you.
Now turn around.
Put your guns on the floor and kneel.
We need to talk.
There's water if you need some and food.
Mind if I ask you something? The way you talk the way you carry yourself were you a cop? Believe it or not, I was, too.
That's Lamson.
He'll be down for this.
He's one of the good ones.
(tires squealing) (gunfire) (snarling) (flies buzzing) (car door opens) Two, on me.
(grunts) (snarling) (grunts) (silenced gunshot) Okay.
You win, asshole.
Rick! Rick, three is better than two.
Your friend, what's his name? I need to talk to him.
Your plan is going to get me and my friends killed.
We're gonna make it work.
It would work if you had different cops to trade.
Dawn's running Grady into the ground.
A bunch of us want her out and she knows it.
Pretty sure she knows we want Lamson to replace her, too.
Dawn doesn't know that.
She might.
And she's smart.
So there's a good chance you can't make this deal work and that'll leave us all dead.
But if you let us go, we'll take care of Dawn ourselves and then we'll let your friends go and this is over.
No, we're not gonna do that.
- Shepherd: Do you want to die? - No.
I just need you to shut up right now.
You can make this work.
But you've got to be able to talk to her.
Noah told us all about her.
I've known her for eight years, ma'am.
I know this woman.
And my only interest is peaceful resolution, not dying, and sleeping in my bed tonight.
So, please, let me help you.
Hey, Rick.
You're gonna want to hear this.
- (snarling) - (grunts) Rosita.
(chuckles) Hey, how are we doing over there, Tara? (gasping) Pretty damn good.
How about you? A screwdriver.
Phillips head.
- Now.
- (laughs) - Hell, yes.
- It worked.
You know how to clean these things? I know how to clean these things.
Good, we're gonna need that.
Wherever we all wind up.
You in? (chuckles) I'm in.
- Good.
- Guys.
You will never believe what's in this bag.
Yes? You, uh you said you weren't feeling good.
You doing okay? - Yeah, I was just resting.
- (Judith crying) I know all this is new to you.
All of it.
I just wanted to tell you, for you to know the things that we do they're worth it.
I already took the machete.
What more do you want from me? I don't want anything from you.
I'm just trying to help.
Thank you.
(coughing) Here you go.
Come on.
- I can't-- I can't-- - You all right? - I can't breathe.
- Get Edwards now.
- You, get a gurney.
- I got it.
O'Donnell: It's okay.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Alvarado: Take it easy.
O'Donnell: Breathe.
(coughing continues) Alvarado: All right.
Easy, easy.
O'Donnell: Stay with me.
- Breathe.
- (coughing stops) I-- I'm okay.
I don't know what that was.
Thank you.
(distant door closes) Carol.
It's Beth.
I just wanted you to know that I was here.
(snarling) (rips) (rips) (clangs) I'm gonna say it and you're gonna listen.
And then, when you're ready, you let me help you.
You got to say good-bye.
He saw it.
He felt it.
And you hold onto whatever you want to, but I think you should hold onto that.
I should have been able to do it myself.
You could've.
But you let yourself feel it.
Kept your eyes open.
You let me help you.
(breathing heavily) (groans) She'll tell you she won't make a deal.
She'll tell you she won't compromise.
But she will.
She always does.
Just-- just know who you're talking to.
Probably heading out in the next 10 minutes or so.
Anything you need before we leave? Actually, water would be great.
Will do.
Thanks, Sergeant Lamson.
My name's Bob.
You're still a cop.
No, the real ones are all gone.
(rustling) (snarling) Damn it.
(sighs) I'm-- I'm okay.
I'll be okay.
Me, too.
The parking lot, when you were bringing us back up here I-- I saw a rotter.
I saw one of the rotters and I knew him.
His name was Tyler.
I met him at Grady.
We were both sent there when shit started going down.
It took two whole days to evacuate everyone.
Didn't sleep.
We didn't eat.
But still, it was the two best days of my life.
I was supposed to drive the last van of survivors to the zone and Dawn pulled me off.
She wanted someone she could really trust and she put Tyler on it instead.
These-- these people were gonna all be evacuated.
I was really pissed.
I saw him out there.
Stuck out there, melted to the asphalt.
And all I could think was, "That would have been me.
It would have been me.
He saved my life.
" He's been out there the whole time.
Like he's a part of the street.
Some screwed up, endless joke.
And there's nothing I can do about it.
So let me help you.
Do you remember where he was? Yeah, I-- I can take you right to him.
We're not going out there, but I'm a good shot.
Show me.
South side of the building.
You can see him from in there.
You're thirsty.
Don't say you're not.
Did you want me to shoot you? I thought I did.
But I didn't.
(groaning) Eugene: Hell-- hello? I'm coming.
Stay right there.
Don't try to move.
You're gonna be okay.
You know, the more I think about it, maybe it wasn't completely not not not funny.
(walker snarling) Hey.
Don't even look at it.
You see him? About 20 yards right of the sedan.
There's a half wall.
He's leaning against it.
I see him.
Are you sure that's him?