The Walking Dead s05e11 Episode Script

The Distance

Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead - We're 100 miles away.
- We should go.
We should go to Washington.
We need to find water, food.
How much longer we got? We can't.
We don't know who left it.
- Let's keep moving.
- There's a barn.
My name is Aaron, I'd like to talk to the person in charge.
I have good news.
Everyone This is Aaron.
We met him outside.
He's by himself.
We took his weapons and we took his gear.
It's nice to meet you.
You said he had a weapon? There's something you need? He has a camp, nearby.
He wants us to audition for membership.
I wish there was another word.
Audition makes it sound like we're some kind of a dance troupe.
That's only on Friday nights.
Um, and it's not a camp.
It's a community.
I think you all would make valuable additions.
But it's not my call.
My job is to convince you all to follow me back home.
I know.
If I were you, I wouldn't go either.
Not until I knew exactly what I was getting into.
Sasha, can you hand Rick my pack? Front pocket, there's an envelope.
There's no way I could convince you to come with me just by talking about our community.
That's why I brought those.
I apologize in advance for the picture quality.
- We just found an old camera store last - Nobody gives a shit.
You're absolutely 100% right.
That's the first picture I wanted to show you because nothing I say about our community will matter unless you know you'll be safe.
If you join us, you will be.
Each panel in that wall is a 15-foot-high, 12-foot-wide slab of solid steel framed by cold-rolled steel beams and square tubing.
Nothing alive or dead gets through that without our say-so.
Like I said, security is obviously important.
In fact, there's only one resource more critical to our community's survival.
The people.
Together we're strong.
You can make us even stronger.
The next picture, you'll see inside the gates.
Our community was first construc So we're clear, that look wasn't a "let's attack that man" look.
It was a "he seems like an okay guy to me" look.
We got to secure him.
Dump his pack.
- Let's see what this guy really is.
- Rick.
Everybody else, we need eyes in every direction.
They're coming for us.
We might not know how or when, but they are.
Me and Sasha, we didn't see him.
If he had wanted to hurt us, he could've.
- Anybody see anything? - Just a lot of places to hide.
All right, keep looking.
What did you find? Never seen a gun like that before.
That's a hell of a right cross there, Rick.
Sit him up.
- I think it's better if - It's okay.
He's fine.
Sit him up.
You're being cautious.
I completely understand.
How many of your people are out there? You have a flare gun.
You have it to signal your people.
How many of them are there? - Does it matter? - Yes.
Yes, it does.
I mean, of course, it matters how many people are actually out there, but does it matter how many people I tell you are out there? Because I'm pretty sure no matter what number I say eight, zero No matter what I say, you're not going to trust me.
Well, it's hard to trust anyone who smiles after getting punched in the face.
How about a guy who leaves bottles of water for you in the road? How long you people been following us? Long enough to see that you practically ignore a pack of roamers on your trail.
Long enough to see that despite a lack of food and water, you never turned on each other.
You're survivors and you're people.
Like I said, and I hope you won't punch me for saying it again, that is the most important resource in the world.
How many others are out there? One.
I knew you wouldn't believe me.
If it's not words, if it's not pictures, what would it take to convince you that this is for real? What if I drove you to the community? All of you? We leave now, we'll get there by lunch.
I'm not sure how the 15 of us are going to fit in the car you and your one friend drove down here in.
We drove separately.
If we found a group, we wanted to be able to bring them all home.
There's enough room for all of us.
And you're parked just a couple miles away, right? East on Ridge Road, just after you hit Route 16.
We wanted to get them closer, but then the storm came, blocked the road.
We couldn't clear it.
Yeah, you've really thought this through.
Rick, if I wanted to ambush you, I'd do it here.
You know, light the barn on fire while you slept, pick you off as you ran out the only exit.
You can trust me.
I'll check out the cars.
There aren't any cars.
There's only one way to find out.
- We don't need to find out.
- We do.
You know what you know and you're sure of it, but I'm not.
Me neither.
Your way is dangerous, mine isn't.
Passing up someplace where we can live? Where Judith can live? That's pretty dangerous.
We need to find out what this is.
We can handle ourselves.
So that's what we're gonna do.
Then I will, too.
I'll go.
I'll walk with them.
Rosita? Okay.
If there's trouble, you got enough firepower? We got what we got.
The walkies are out of juice.
If you're not back in Which might be just what they want.
If we're all in here, we're a target.
I've got the area covered.
All right, groups of two, find somewhere safe within eyeshot.
When the world was still the world, I worked for an NGO.
Our mission was to deliver medicine and food to the Niger River Delta.
Bad people pointed guns in my face every other week.
You're not bad people.
You're not going to kill us.
And we are definitely not going to kill you.
Just because we're good people doesn't mean we won't kill you.
If the five of them aren't back in an hour I'll put a knife in the base of your skull.
Eyes open, everybody.
Weapons up.
You see someone coming at us, you fire.
Copy that.
So if we see someone, we just shoot them? It's a good question.
What if they're someone like us? What if Aaron is telling the truth? What if they're someone who has nothing to do with this? We're five people walking with guns.
No one's coming up to say hello.
But that's exactly what happened.
If it's someone like us, we should be afraid of them.
He said he was watching us, right? It means he saw us yesterday.
And after everything we've done, why would he want us to join his group? People like us saved a priest.
Saved a girl who rolled up up to the prison with the Governor.
Saved a crazy lady with a sword.
He saw that.
I don't know what he saw.
You did see the jar of applesauce in my bag, right? This isn't a trick.
This isn't about trying to make you like me.
It's self-preservation.
Because if the roamers hear her and come this way, I know I'll be the first to go.
Shh, shh.
All right, come here, come here.
You think I'm trying to poison your baby daughter? I'm tied up and you've already expressed a willingness to stab me in the head.
How would cruelly killing your daughter in front of you in any way help the situation? Maybe she doesn't die.
Maybe she gets sick.
Maybe you're the only one that can help her and I just lose.
I am the only one who can help her because I have applesauce and we all win.
I hate applesauce.
My mom used to make me eat foods I didn't like to make me more manly.
Salmon patties, applesauce, and onions.
She was a very confused woman who tried her damnedest.
I just bring the jar to show that we have apple trees nearby.
Like you said, you'll be the first to go.
The community is big enough.
We can find a place for you to live where even when she cries, no one, nothing can hear it outside the walls.
You got 43 minutes.
He was telling the truth.
Not one step closer, asshole! I got 'em.
We got 'em.
Damn it! Thanks.
All clear? All clear.
Gracious Ignatius.
Oh, it has been a while.
I think I saw Rex eat three cans one night.
Son of a bitch knew if he didn't toss 'em back, I'd have come for 'em.
Back at the fire truck, after Eugene did you think I was gonna hurt you? No.
It's not you.
This, this is ours now.
There's more than enough.
It's ours whether or not we go to your camp.
What do you mean? Why wouldn't we go? If he were lying or if he wanted to hurt us but he isn't, and he doesn't.
We need this.
So we're going, all of us.
Somebody say something if they feel differently.
I don't know, man.
This barn smells like horse shit.
We're going.
So where are we going? Where's your camp? Well, every time I've done this, I've been behind the wheel driving recruits back.
I believe you're good people.
I've bet my life on it.
I'm just not ready to bet my friends' lives just yet.
You're not driving.
So if you want to get home, you'll have to tell us how.
Go north on Route 16.
And then? I'll tell you when we get there.
We'll take 23 north.
You'll give us directions from there.
That's I don't know how else to say it That's a bad idea.
We've cleared 16.
It'll be faster.
We'll take 23.
We leave at sundown.
We're doing this at night? Look, I know it's dangerous.
But it's better than riding up to the gates during the day.
If it isn't safe, we need to get gone before they know we're there.
No one is going to hurt you.
You're trying to protect your group, but you're putting them in danger.
Tell me where the camp is, we'll leave right now.
It's going to be a long night.
Get some rest if you can.
I'm thinking you, me, and Glenn drive with that guy.
Carl and Judith are safer in there.
You okay? When you said that we were going, was that for real? Or are you just trying to get this guy to tell you where his camp is? We're going.
Whatever it takes to get there.
Just as long as we get there.
When you first came up on the walls outside Woodbury What did you hear? Nothing.
And Terminus? Nothing.
Sometime tonight, we'll be outside his camp's walls.
And without seeing inside, I'm gonna have to decide whether to bring my family in.
He asked me before what it would take for me to believe it was real.
Truth is I'm not sure if anything could convince me to go in there.
But I'm gonna see.
I'm gonna see.
Um, I'm trying to collect all 50 states.
Put them all on a wall in my house.
You have your own house? Mm.
See for yourself.
Why don't you have any pictures of your people? Oh, I took a picture of the whole group, but I didn't get the exposure right.
When I tried to develop it later, it just Did you ask him the questions? No.
How many walkers have you killed? I'm sorry, what? How many? I don't know.
A lot.
How many people? Two.
Why? Because they tried to kill me.
You were listening to us? I already said I was watching you.
Yes, I was listening.
It means his people could have one, too.
They could've heard our plan.
This isn't safe.
Shit! - Glenn! - They were right behind us.
They would have hit us.
Now they can get out.
I don't see them.
No, they're gone.
They got away.
All right, we'll circle back and find them.
Let's go.
- They're okay? - Yeah.
All right, we can take a left a couple of miles up 23.
- Jefferson Avenue.
- Jefferson Avenue.
We got to get out of here.
Come on.
Come on.
We got to get out of here.
Come on.
Come on.
Let me see what I can see.
They're coming right for us.
- Yeah, we know.
- Come on, come on! We need to leave now.
Hold on.
Who did that? I need to leave.
This is over.
Let me out.
I need to get outta here.
It's over.
- What's going on? - Let me out! Did you see that? Michonne, leave him! We need to find our people.
They saw that flare.
They'll think we shot it.
This is how we find them.
Where's Glenn? Get off! Run if you want.
I got other things to worry about.
We can make it together.
But we can only make it together.
You said that.
I was listening.
But we can only make it together.
Glenn! He's got to be somewhere around here.
Glenn! If you really want to tie me up again, that's fine, but hurry up.
No time.
We're going that way.
Where are they? I don't know.
If this is a trap to get us back where you want us, your people are going to die tonight.
The flare was towards the water tower.
Dad! - Your sister okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, we're fine.
Eric? Eric? - Eric? - In here.
Eric! Eric? I'm okay.
It's like a volleyball injury.
It's a broken ankle.
At least that's what Maggie said.
I like her.
It's not a big deal.
Oh, my God.
I'll just go to the infirmary when we get back.
Oh When I saw that flare go up, I I thought You were worried, were you? Yeah.
This is your fault, you know? Is that so? Because I love you.
And because when I'm worried, I do stupid things.
And when I do stupid things, I wind up underneath a rust bucket surrounded by roamers who roll a rear passenger tire onto my left ankle.
Hey, something good came out of today.
While I was waiting for you, I searched through the neighborhood.
I found that.
You lost the license plates.
I lost the car.
Maybe it's for the best.
That monstrosity out front can run.
It's so ugly, it'll scare the roamers away.
I'm Eric.
It's okay.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
You saved Eric.
I owe you.
All of you.
And I will make sure that debt is paid in full when we get to our community.
When we get to Alexandria.
Now, I'm not sure about you, but I'd rather not do any more driving tonight.
Maybe we can hit the road tomorrow morning.
That sounds fine.
But if we're staying here for the night, you're sleeping over there.
You really think we got to do that? It's the safe play.
We don't know you.
The only way you're gonna stop me from being with him right now is by shooting me.
Rick, he told us where the camp is.
And he really was only travelling with one other person.
They're both unarmed.
One of them's got a broken ankle.
I want us to be safe, too.
I can't give up everything else.
I know what I said, but it does matter.
All right.
Yeah? Oh, um I know it's time for another dose, but I want to let him sleep until we get home.
No, it's for you.
A few bottles.
Don't need to be stingy with 'em.
I know how bad those hurt.
Thank you.
Oh, your leg.
Did that happen before? During.
Dad and me, car accident.
Rotters in the road.
I had a doctor.
Probably lucky I can even walk.
We have a pretty gifted surgeon in Alexandria.
His name's Pete.
I've seen him do some amazing things.
He might be able to help.
Yeah? Yeah.
Seven-card stud.
Stares and squares.
It's aces, cuatros, neeners, and two-eyed jacks.
So there's 14 wild cards? Are you serious? Serious as two copulating dogs.
Eyes on the road, champ.
How much longer we got? Looks like we're a little over halfway there.
Why? We can make it.
We can make it.
Can't win.
Might as well paint it red, put a ladder on it.
All we need is another battery.
Where in the hell are we gonna find another battery? Right over here.
How'd you know those were there? Come on.
The fight's over.
You've got to let it go.
I know it's hard.
After it's kept you Warm and fed and Alive.
But the fight It turns on you.
You've got to let it go.
That's what Bob was trying to tell me back at the church.
What to risk.
When it's safe.
When to let someone in.
The rules keep changing.
They did for me.
Before we get going, I got to I got to take a moment.
You ready? Yeah.
Hey, sweetheart.
Come here.
Even though you were wrong, you were still right.
Should we go?