The Walking Dead s06e02 Episode Script


NARRATOR: Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead DEANNA: Pete's a surgeon.
RICK: He's beating his wife.
We have to stop it.
PETE: Get away! (screaming) RICK: He killed Reg, we didn't have a choice.
DEANNA: Rick? Do it.
(gun shot) RICK: What I'm proposing- force 'em west, here.
They'll follow a path if something's drawing 'em.
RICK: It's open! We've gotta do this now! RICK: Head back, tell everyone what's happening.
GLENN: It's a horn or something, it's pulling the back half off the road.
MICHONNE: It sounds like it's coming from-- Home.
Woman: It says the ignition switch fuse is found at location number 27.
Man: All right, 27.
I need to know where that is.
(woman sighs) Um, right here.
Man: Yeah, okay, this one's blown.
What's this one, the red one? (snarling) Enid: Mom, Dad, we got to go.
- Man: Come on, come on.
- Woman: We see them.
Just need to find a fuse so we can start the car.
Almost got it, honey.
Location six.
That's turn signal lamps and stop lamps.
Man: All right, we can live without turn signals.
- (snarling) - Dad, they're com-- (thunder rumbling) (crying) (knife blade rings) (walkers snarling) - (walkers snarling) - (crying) (snarling) (thunder rumbling) (thunder rumbling) (distant people chatting) (laughter) (chatter continues) (gate squeaking) (theme music playing) Celery soup.
It's been here since the start.
- You're very brave.
- (chuckles) Well, I'm hoping the paprika will mask the soup's celeryness.
Shelly: Then you'd be stuck with something that tastes like paprika.
No, thank you.
Carol: Well, I just figured since we're running low on staples, I'd try to use a few things nobody seems to want.
I used to make Ed these spring cleaning casseroles just to empty the pantry.
I made some miracles happen with water chestnuts.
Talk about miracles, that recipe for cola canned ham.
Peletier, you are an honest to goodness hero.
(chuckles) Ugh.
Erin: Something wrong, Shelly? It's just those old noodles.
I mean, I tell you, if someone would just find me one of those machines, I swear we would all be eating like we were on a tour of Tuscany.
You know, Shel, I could teach you how to make pasta with your own two hands.
But you'd have to promise not to smoke in the house.
It's just a disgusting habit.
And it kills you.
If you ask me, there are too many things trying to do that already, right? Right.
Your dad used to hit you and then he got himself killed.
It happened.
Now it's done.
You live with it or it eats you up.
Go home.
Can you come down here? (footsteps approach) No.
- Ron.
- No, I don't want a haircut.
Look, I just gave myself one.
All right? It's all set up.
Don't make me do it again next week.
Take off your hat.
- This is bullshit.
- What did you just-- This is just you trying to talk to me.
There are things we need to talk about.
There are things that you need to learn.
What, are you serious? What is it? Do you-- do you blame me? Huh? Do you actually blame me? Raise your left arm above your head.
You can't.
Tell me why.
Your father was dangerous.
Rick is dangerous.
He doesn't have anything to do with this.
What, is he your friend? Yeah, he's my friend.
We got some panels to put up, but we don't have to wait to start growing things.
There will be some sore backs and tired feet.
That's how you know you've put in a hard day's work.
They found crates of these at a nursery just a few miles out.
Tomatoes, carrots, you name it.
We can plant them right here.
Just need to finish the expansion and the wall needs to go up.
Reg wanted this community to grow.
You did, too.
Has that changed? Everyone that's here is here because of you.
You need to show them you're still here.
It hams my biscuits is all.
And going by cubic feet, the biggest building in the expansion and we're gonna waste it on a church.
Take out the benches, that could be a lab, a machine shop, very least a sweet-ass game room.
Walled-in real estate is at a premium here.
Thumpers just shouldn't get dibs.
Well, maybe we share the church, you know? Do all that stuff on different days.
Hams my biscuits? Hams my biscuits.
That's all I heard.
I mean, I have no idea what you said after that.
- Going by cubic feet-- - I was kidding.
Tara: Are you okay, Dana? - It's Denise.
- Denise, I'm sorry.
I'm okay.
I'm the new doctor now.
What's the aspirin for? - You're a doctor? - Are you? I'm sorry.
I, uh heard that story.
Fair play.
Listen, I'm a little nervous here.
I'm a psychiatrist.
I went to med school.
I was even gonna be a surgeon, but after the panic attacks, I got really interested in psychology.
And (laughs) I think I'm really trying to lower expectations here.
Can you do this? Eugene, shut up.
She can do this.
I'm all this town's got.
Pete didn't want me here.
But I'm here now and I only kind of want to throw up.
So why the aspirin? Oh, Eugene and I were working on a platform for another guard tower.
I got a little dizzy.
You know, I still get headaches.
Sit down, I'll take a look.
(sighs) You're my first patient.
And with that symptom, I'm pretty sure I can't kill you.
I mean, it is possible if you miss, like, a hematoma or something.
(cooing) Carl? What? You heard what I told Deanna about your group.
What do you want? It was about me, not you or your group.
I know that now.
I want to help.
You tried to teach me back at my church.
But I'm ready to learn now.
I think you need to tell everybody.
Yeah, I think you're right.
Come by around 3:00.
We'll start with the machete.
(ticking) (screams) No! No! No! (people screaming) Richards.
What's going on in there? (screaming) Oh, no.
Come on! - (woman screams) - I saw from upstairs.
They're coming in from all over.
You have to stay here and keep Judith safe.
(people screaming) Oh, please.
Please don't go.
- I'm gonna be right back, okay? - Mom, no.
No, you go put yourself in the closet and you close the latch just like I showed you.
- (glass breaks) - (woman screams) Shh.
- (glass shatters) - (cocks gun) (panting) (grunts) (doorknob rattling) Hi.
Why didn't you just knock? I have these.
Didn't want them to have them.
And I wanted to say good-bye.
Okay, watch the back door.
Tell me if you see them coming.
- I'm not staying.
- You're not going anywhere.
Sit down.
You're helping me protect Judith.
They're not getting inside this house.
We're not gonna let them.
Did you see them? They're just people.
This place is too big to protect.
There are too many blind spots.
That's how we were able to-- They got in the walls, but they're gonna die.
All of them.
Don't tell me good-bye.
I won't.
(people screaming) Erin: No, please.
Please don't.
No, please.
Please Go away! (groans) (whimpering) Oh, God.
- (objects shattering) - (people screaming) - (muffled crying) - Shh.
(people screaming) (gunshot) Spencer: Shit.
Come on.
Come on.
(gunshot) (truck approaching) (gunfire) (tires squealing) (horn blaring) (horn blaring) (people screaming) (grunting) - (door opens) - Holly! We need the operating table prepped.
She's lost a lot of blood.
Come on, come on, come on.
- How many people are out there? - I don't know, there's a lot.
Rosita, you know how to stick an IV? I'm on it.
Here, hand me tape.
- Got it.
- What about the air horn? What's happening? I don't know.
I need to help.
- I need to try.
- I know.
Denise, I'm gonna have to go, too.
So do I.
You got dizzy swinging a hammer.
Somebody's got to guard this place.
- You can handle it.
- I can't! I also believe my services would be best rendered right very here.
- What? - I also believe my services-- Shut up! You're safe here.
Come on.
(people screaming) (horn blaring) (snarling) (horn stops) What happened? Someone, a group, they got inside the walls.
They're killing people.
We need to get in there.
You coming? Hide.
Quick or slow? Leave.
Gonna be slow.
(groans) I could have stopped him.
- The others back? - No.
- It's happening out there.
- They're doing it now? We had to.
- These people don't have guns.
- I could have stopped him.
- If they had guns, they'd be using them.
- Did you hear me? We have to get to the armory before they do.
If we keep moving, this might work.
You don't have to kill people.
- Of course we do.
- Carol! You don't like it.
I'm gonna get to the armory and I need your help.
Spencer: Mom! Oh, God.
Thank God.
Thank God.
We need to get inside.
I can't go in there.
I don't have a gun.
I don't know how to fight.
If I go inside, I'll just be another person who's got to be saved.
Best thing that I can do for everyone in there is to stay out here.
- Keep her safe.
- I will.
(people screaming) (screaming echoes) - Tara: What's happening with her? - (machine beeping) She's bleeding internally.
Probably severed her femoral artery.
She's dying.
Okay, so the artery's severed.
Can it be fixed? Maybe by a surgeon.
You were gonna be a surgeon.
But I'm not.
She was protecting this place.
She was guarding us.
That's why we're here, for each other.
You're afraid? I don't care.
Help her.
Try! Help her! (monitor beeping) You don't want to be a coward.
I know.
I need an abdominal binder.
We're gonna pull the knife.
(people screaming) (panting) Okay.
Come on.
(twigs snapping) (gunshot) (groaning) (screams) Shit! Please, man.
Please don't kill me, man.
Help me, please.
My leg.
(gunshot) Come inside.
I can keep you safe.
(panting) No.
Carl, come on! (footsteps) - (knocking) - Ron: Mom.
- Mom, you in? - (footsteps depart) Lock it.
Be brave.
- (doorknob rattles) - Stay outside, Ron! - (screams) - (gunshots) (grunting) No! (screaming) (door opens) (wailing) (screams) (woman screaming) Good catch, Aphid.
Come on.
Leave him.
Hey, Aphid, where'd you get the gun? (gunshots) (gun clicks) You're dead.
(grunts) (gunshots) (groans) (woman whimpers) (gasping) - (squelches) - (thumps) (soft clattering) Please don't kill me.
It's okay.
Anybody else down here? - Olivia! - No.
No, I'm the only one.
Come here.
You barricade that door behind me once I leave.
Do you know how to shoot a gun? Stand here.
Finger here.
Aim there.
One of them comes through that door, you squeeze and you don't stop till they're on the ground.
How did you learn how to do that? From a cheese maker.
We're freeing you.
You're trapped.
You need to know, people don't belong here anymore.
(gunshot) - Carol? - Maggie! - Here.
- I-- I'm not very good with guns.
I-- Me neither.
(glass shattering) (gunshots) - (gunshot) - (body thuds) (distant gunshots) (people shouting) (distant gunshots) You.
You live here? - Leave.
- (laughs) My people have guns.
Yours don't.
They may be aiming rifles at you right now.
Eyes at the scopes.
Fingers on the trigger.
It's gonna happen any second now unless you get the hell out of here and you don't ever come back.
You keep choosing this life, you will die.
We didn't choose.
(clicks tongue) (exhales) (monitor beeping) Come on, Holly.
(monitor beeping, flatlining) (beeping stops) Denise, you tried.
You are a doctor.
Just go see if it's over out there and if Please go, all of you.
- Okay, but I just-- - Good.
All I was gonna say is ahem, make sure you get her brain.
(walker snarling) Spencer: What happened today, that's what it's like out there? Pretty much.
How do you-- how do you just live knowing that's the world? This group, Abraham, and this place.
Make sure you got something worth dying for.
(walker snarling) We're still here.
Not all of us.
(rifle thuds) Enid? Enid? (timer ringing) (ringing stops) (walker snarling) (shouts) (grunts) (shouting) (panting) You can't, can you? You should've.
I'm sorry.