The Walking Dead s06e10 Episode Script

The Next World

1 (Announcer) Previously, on AMC's "The Walking Dead" The plant, the expansion, these are for what Alexandria can be after this.
They're all your people, Rick.
We haven't had a chance to make it there.
(Gun clicking) You.
(Skin rupturing, gun firing) (Man) Today, I saw what we could do if we work together.
Carl, I wanna show you the new world.
(music playing) (ball thudding) I woke up this morning And the sun was gone Turned on some music to start my day I lost myself in a familiar song I closed my eyes and I slipped away (music continues) (babbling) (thudding continues) Do you have any toothpaste left? No, 'cause someone's been borrowing it every day for two weeks.
What? Denise says it's PT.
I can't hear you.
Come on out.
(Judith fussing) What? Both: Denise says this is PT.
- You heard me.
- Yeah.
It's time to change your bandage.
And I need to borrow some toothpaste.
Okay, but I'm out of toothpaste.
- Bye, Dad.
- I'll see you later.
Come on, sweetheart.
- You be good out there.
- Yeah, we'll see.
And thank you.
Spearmint and baking soda.
That's my favorite.
Rick: Soon as I get it, you will.
- Daryl: Hey.
- Yes? This thing at the bottom right here.
You're talking about the drink, right? I am, but It's not medical.
No, I drew a line between the important stuff and that.
I just figured, if you saw it.
All right.
Anything remotely medical is a priority.
And food, maybe even food before medicine, and gas or batteries or books for the kids or clothes is just-- if you see it, if it just happens to, you know, be right there.
You like it, right? No, I don't drink pop.
What the hell's pop? Oh, I'm originally from Ohio.
Why you want it? Tara was talking about it in her sleep, I think.
Either she likes it or she doesn't, but if she likes it, it'd be a really nice surprise.
I'm not good with that kind of stuff, and she and Heath are going on that two-week run.
I just thought it'd be a nice going-away present.
Just, uh, don't go out of your way.
And if it gives you any trouble I won't.
Okay, good, 'cause it's not important.
I should've said so instead of just drawing a line.
Got it.
(growling) I mapped out some of the agricultural supply places in the area.
Even if they've been cleaned out, my bet is that the sorghum would be untouched.
Now, that there is a criminally underrated grain that could change the game with our food situation from scary to hunky-dunky.
I'm talking standability, drought tolerance, grain-to-stover ratio that is the envy of all corns.
Think about it.
- Thanks.
- All right.
(walker growling) - Rick: Today's the day.
- Daryl: Uh-huh.
Rick: We're gonna find food, maybe some people.
The law of averages has gotta catch up.
Daryl: I don't know.
We ain't seen nobody for weeks.
Maybe we ain't gonna find nobody.
Maybe that's a good thing.
Please don't.
Man on radio: Give me the downbeat, maestro.
(music playing) I want to lay it on the line 'Cause everything I do, I wanna do it in double time - When I take a ride - Draws 'em away from home! Hear me? Action-packed Well, if your music's gonna move me Well, I just gotta feel the beat (theme music playing) Maggie: Hey.
Where have you been? What? I never see you.
Everybody's been working for weeks to get this place back together and you just disappear.
- Do you sit in your room all day? - No.
Then where'd you go? Nowhere.
You helped Glenn get home.
You helped me when I was up in that guard post.
Yeah? So maybe there are better places for you to go than just nowhere.
I'm around.
Come talk to me.
Well, a chick who's gonna move me Well, she must be gay and sweet Well, two arms made for lovin' A lot of rhythm in her feet Hear me? I said rhythm in her feet No squares ever tag along Just to be near this cat Well, you chicks is gonna move me That gotta be action-packed.
Hey, hold up.
It's best to be safe.
- You cover it? - Yeah.
Yeah, we're good.
One more time? It ain't locked.
Well, how about that? The law of averages.
Let's get this thing going, grab our gear, come back for the car later.
Take another way back.
See what we can see.
Think it'll start? Yeah, I do.
(chuckles) Sorghum.
Yo, give me a hand with this.
Let's flip it over.
I don't think we got it.
I got an idea.
(whistles) It's soda and candy.
Why the trouble? Daryl: It wasn't any trouble.
(grunts) (hammers click) Hi.
Back up! Now! Keep 'em up! Whoa, easy, guys.
I was just running from the dead.
How many? 10, maybe more.
I'm not risking it.
Once it gets to double digits, I start running.
Daryl: Where? About a half a mile back.
They're headed this way.
You probably have about 11 minutes.
Okay, thanks for letting us know.
There's more of them than us, right? Gotta stick together.
Right? You have a camp? No.
Do you? No.
Sorry for running into you.
I'm gonna go now.
If this is the next world, I hope it's good to you guys.
I'm Rick.
This is Daryl.
What's your name? Paul Rovia.
But my friends used to call me Jesus.
Your pick.
You said you didn't have a camp.
You on your own? Yeah.
But, still, best not to try anything.
Best not to make threats you can't keep, either.
- How many walkers-- - No, not this guy.
How many walkers have you killed? Sorry, gotta run.
You should, too.
Think you've got about seven minutes.
What the hell was that? He was clean.
His beard, it was trimmed.
There's more going on there.
He didn't have a gun, either.
We could track him, watch him for a while, get to know more.
See if he's really alone.
Maybe bring him back.
Nah, guy calls himself Jesus.
(gunshots echo) (popping) Firecrackers.
- Hell.
- Shit.
He swiped your keys, didn't he? Oh, shit! Sorry! Shit.
(walker snarling) Come on.
Come on.
(snarling) I got him.
You think I couldn't get it? Michonne: You could've.
I have a sword.
What are you doing out here? I was on guard.
I saw someone was in the woods.
What are you doing out here? I walk after my shifts.
I've been doing it for a while.
You're the first one to notice.
Why the shovel? I'm gonna keep walking now.
I'm gonna come with you.
That's okay.
Your mom told me I had to figure out what I want for my whole life.
Have you? I'm working up to it.
Right now I just want to find out why her son's wandering around the woods with a shovel.
What's it say? It got wet.
It's all gone.
Come on.
It doesn't look that old.
- Yeah? - I mean, we can't read what they wrote, but just by doing this, they're saying something.
What? "We're not alone.
" (chuckles) We knew that.
We saw it.
People died.
Why are we coming out here? 'Cause we're kids.
It's what they do.
We're not kids.
(panting) This was a special request from the doctor.
Hey, whatever she wants.
She saved Carl's life.
We didn't know her, and she turned out to be all right.
If there's still people out here, and they're still people, we should bring 'em in.
What, like this guy? No, not this guy.
We still got a trail.
Let's go.
(leaves rustling) Come on.
(rustling continues) It was just Michonne and Spencer.
What were they doing? Walking.
I don't know.
I don't want to come out here anymore.
(low snarling) Carl.
Michonne's out here.
I'm not leaving it.
(whistles) (growling) No.
Hey, come on.
What are you doing? Come on.
- What are you doing? - Just go.
(growling) We should kill it.
- Go home.
- No.
- Enid.
- This is bullshit.
It should be dead.
- Let go.
- Just leave.
(snarling) You're not killing it.
What the hell is wrong with you? You wouldn't understand.
(walker growling) You don't want to be out here.
You said it.
So go home.
(panting) Hold still and maybe we won't hurt you.
Sure thing.
- (grunting) - Ah! This is done.
(growling) Do you even have any ammo? Okay.
You gonna shoot me over a truck? There's a lot of food on that truck.
The keys, now.
I think you know I'm not a bad guy.
Yeah? What do you know about us? Give me the keys.
This is the last time I'm asking.
Damn it.
You're gonna leave me here like this? You're really gonna do that? Eh, the knots aren't that tight.
You should be able to get free after we're long gone.
Maybe we should talk now.
In case you get thirsty.
(sighs) (chuckles) (engine starts) So long, you prick! I remember the Alamo I don't recall who won It's a long way Rick: Still worked out.
Today still is the day.
- (turns volume up) - in the Central Standard Zone You were quiet like the TV, hung up like the telephone You were sleeping next to me, I might as well have been alone Hey, look at that.
Yeah, a barn.
(loud thudding) You hear that? (thudding continues) - (turns volume down) - (thudding continues) I think that son of a bitch is on the roof.
Hold on.
(tires screech) (grunts) (accelerates) - Mother-- - Daryl! Daryl! (snarling) We came to a conclusion, asshole! I got him! (snarling) Come here, you little shit! (hammer clicks) Duck.
(snarls) Thanks.
That's my gun! - (grunts) - Come here! (grunting) Paul: Uh, whoa! - (thuds) - (grunts) You all right? Yeah.
Law of averages.
That's bullshit, man.
Let's go check them cars, get the hell out of here.
What about the guy? What about him? Well, he helped you.
He ever pull a weapon on you? Fine.
Let's put him up a tree.
Why are you still here? I liked your mom a lot.
I really don't want you to die.
So, come on.
- Let's go home.
- My family's dead.
That's not home.
It's just where I live.
It's more than that.
Hey, enough.
I'm fine.
You've got a life back there, and maybe I will, too, but before I can even think about that, I need to take care of something.
I have to try.
So let me help you.
You can't.
(leaves rustling) (walker growling) Carl? (growling continues) I thought I saw her that night.
I thought I did.
I did.
(growling) (snarling) (snarling stops) I got her.
I got her.
So that's why I was out here.
She left me a note.
She said I still knew my way.
(chuckles) I never knew my way.
You loved your family? Yeah.
Then you know your way.
It's home.
They're gone.
I've been out here chasing you all over the woods.
You've still got family, and you've still got a home.
- (sighs) - Let's go.
(thuds) He took a pretty hard hit.
Denise needs to look him over.
You wouldn't have gone through with it.
You wouldn't have left him.
I would've, right up in a tree.
- I would've.
- No.
I know.
Almost as soon as we got to Alexandria, you got it.
You saw-- you and Michonne, Glenn, you all tried to tell me.
- So shut up.
- (thuds) (grunts) 'Cause I'm finally listening.
See that bright one? Yeah, that's the North Star.
It's at the end of the Little Dipper.
If you get lost at night, just find that star.
You have a good day? (babbling) I guess so.
I'm gonna take her in.
I saw what you did.
With Deanna.
Yeah? You should've left her or killed her.
No, that's stupid.
What's stupid is you being out there when you don't have to.
You did the same thing.
You didn't-- you and Spencer didn't have to go out there, but you did.
- That's different.
- It's not.
I wasn't gonna leave her out there like that.
You wouldn't.
You wouldn't.
I know it.
I couldn't kill her.
- Why not? - Because-- be-- You could've killed her.
No, I couldn't.
I wouldn't.
Were you playing some sort of game out there? - Did you think that-- - No! Then why? Because it should be someone who loved her, someone who's family, and I-- I'd do it for you.
I would.
Come here.
Me, too.
(growling) You know, I was thinking back before we went out to the quarry.
The morning after Reg and Pete.
You said we shouldn't be looking for people no more.
You were right.
No I was wrong.
You were right.
(gate squeaking) (knocks) - Sorry to wake you up.
- Who is this? Come on, man, he's heavy.
Oh, that thing, uh, didn't work out.
It's this asshole's fault.
Lay him on the bed.
All right, take a look at him.
He ain't staying, though.
We'll see.
It is pretty stupid of us to go out there, isn't it? Yep.
- Do it again tomorrow? - Yep.
(sighs, groans) (sighs) Move.
She's practicing in her sleep.
(both chuckle) Yeah.
It's good to be home.
Yeah, you're telling me.
Where's Daryl? Watching over a guy till some other guy can take over.
You found a guy? (sighs) Crazy day.
You wanna talk about it? No, not right now.
I just want to turn my brain off for a minute.
(sighs) You wanna tell me about your day? No.
Same thing.
What, you found a guy? Not a guy.
Oh got you something.
(both laughing) Is this instead of the toothpaste? Mm-hmm.
Well, I do have a crate of toothpaste for you.
It's currently at the bottom of a lake.
Oh, so you had a day.
(laughs) Yeah all on account of your dental hygiene.
Have your mints.
Wait-- wait a minute.
(whispering indistinctly) (laughs) Okay.
Jesus: Rick.
Rick, wake up.
- (hammer clicks) - (blade zings) We should talk.