The Walking Dead s07e00 Episode Script

The Journey So Far

1 - Let's do it.
- Hit me, hit me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure.
The journey is it's monumental.
We've gone on this epic road together.
[gunshot] What prevails in a world that's chaos? Can you maintain some semblance of society as we know it? How do you keep hope alive? It's a struggle for humanity.
Who do you become? And what choices do you make? Every choice has a consequence.
The Walking Dead is about finding out who you are and what you're willing to fight for.
If you look at any of the characters on the show, they're so completely different than when they first showed up.
And they're changed by this terrifying, horrendous new world.
The Walking Dead is based on a very popular graphic novel written by Robert Kirkman.
The idea behind the comic book came from my love of zombie films.
But they all kind of end the same way.
Either everyone dies or they all kind of climb into a helicopter and fly off into the sunset never to be seen again.
I want to see what happens to them next.
Do they have children? Do they fall in love? How do they continue to live in this horrible world that we've placed them in? As a fan of the comic, as a fan of the show, the unique thing, it goes beyond society falling apart.
This is all about what happens after you've accepted that this is your world.
Catch up with the world around you and survive.
[gunshot] Rick Grimes is a sheriff's deputy just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
He's a family man.
He has a wife, Laurie, and a son, Carl.
And his best friend, Shane, is his partner.
And just after you're introduced to these characters, there's an armed robbery, and Rick gets shot.
[police sirens] When Rick wakes up from that coma, he's unaware of what's been going on and he enters into this waking nightmare.
The audience experiences what Rick experiences which is this terrifying, horrendous new world.
The characters in our world, their world is exactly like our world in every way except they have never heard the word "zombie".
Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, any of these films, they don't exist.
People can't say, "Oh, I saw a movie "and you should do what they did in the movie.
" Rick's seeing these creatures that he doesn't understand.
It's a complete insane world that he has to navigate to try and reunite with his family.
[groaning] That was one of the things that drew me to playing Rick is that he's not the man with no name.
You know, he's not that archetype.
He's a family man.
He's a husband and a father and absolutely his first instinct is to get home.
Laurie? And then everything that has dragged him to this place is not there.
His wife and his child.
Laurie! Carl! [crying] And that's when he's broken.
That's when you see a man sort of fall to his knees and come apart.
And then it's another human being that galvanizes him.
[gunshot] Morgan is basically your everyman.
What's that bandage for? What kind of wound? He's a regular guy who had a regular job and defined himself by being the father to his son, Dwayne and a husband to his wife.
- You shot that man today.
- Man? In the street out front, a man.
Friend, you need glasses.
It was a walker.
Walkers is the term Morgan uses and, therefore, the one that he passes on to Rick.
Hey, listen.
Do you even know what's going on? Morgan tells him that the dead have come back to life.
The most important rule Rick learns from Morgan is don't get bit.
You get bit, you're go into a fever and then you die.
And as if that wasn't enough, then you come back as a hungry walker and to end the walker, you have to penetrate the brain.
[gunshot] I know how it must sound.
Seen it happen.
Morgan's wife has been bit.
Kind of failed at the first hurdle, really.
I should have put her down, man.
I should have put her down.
I just didn't have it in me.
This was a person.
This was a life.
This was somebody who was loved and cared for.
And now she's just this sad pathetic creature.
And that, I think, beautifully illustrates what our world is about.
It's not just fear and blood and gore.
It's really, really sad.
I'll turn mine on a few minutes every day at dawn.
You get up there, that's how you find me.
So the next step for Rick is to reclaim his badge and his boots and get his hat, and go back into Atlanta to find out what's going on.
The sheriff rides into town and he's confronted with hordes of the undead.
[screaming] He doesn't know what to do.
He's trapped inside this tank and then the radio goes off.
Hey, dumb ass.
Yeah, you in the tank.
Cozy in there? Hey, dumb ass.
I mean, it's just awesome.
And he realizes that there is another person out there that is friendly, and wants to help.
Got any advice for me? I'd say make a run for it.
Whoa! Not dead! Come on, come on! Glenn used to be a pizza delivery boy.
He knows his way around, especially Atlanta.
And he's resourceful.
You're welcome.
Glenn is with a group of survivors that scavenge for supplies.
We're dead because of this stupid asshole! Andrea's a strong woman.
And very quick on her feet.
Every geek from miles around heard you popping off rounds! You just rang the dinner bell.
Our walkers in The Walking Dead are flesh-eaters.
So they're drawn to people.
They're drawn by sounds and smell.
They've figured out that the dead are attracted to the smell of the living.
A light bulb goes off, and a plan is hatched.
[groaning] Oh, this is bad.
Think about something else.
Puppies and kittens.
One of the most enjoyable scenes I've had the good fortune of filming, 16 hours of smearing myself in blood.
We're walking down the street, and we'regetting away with it.
It's working.
You know, they're not gonna bite us.
And then, of course, the thunder strikes and the rain starts, and it starts dripping off.
Run! That was my welcome to a Hollywood moment.
Shut down downtown Atlanta.
200 extras all in zombie gear.
And that was can we curse on this? [bleep] bad ass.
We get away and then we make it to camp which, by the good grace of God, has my best friend, Shane and my wife and child.
The moment that Carl sees his dad again is huge.
The past month, he's been told that his dad was dead.
Oh! And just to see him standing there like that was really, really like You see as an audience the shock for Laurie and Shane, in particular.
Because at this point, the audience knows that Laurie and Shane have had a relationship since Rick has supposedly passed away.
When Shane sees Rick, it's kind of bittersweet for him because he's happy to see Rick alive but Shane and Laurie have gotten together.
He's also worried that the whole thing was not gonna end well.
Come meet everybody.
The whole community is a ragtag group of survivors.
We have Dale, we have T-Dog and Andrea's sister, Amy.
Oh, my God! You scared the shit out of me! Amy is the love of Andrea's life.
It's her baby sister.
It's her heart.
And, of course, Carol.
- You washed my clothes? - Well, best we could.
That's very kind.
Thank you.
When we first meet Carol, she is mother of Sophia, wife of Ed.
Sophia is the light of her life.
Ed is an A-hole.
Come on.
Let's go.
She is an abused housewife.
You don't tell me what? I tell you what! And we meet Daryl Dixon.
You don't want to piss this guy off.
- Daryl's a country boy.
- Son of a bitch! First time he meets them, he just thinks they're all idiots, because they don't know how to kill a zombie.
That crossbow is like, yeah, it's his thing.
It's gotta be the brain.
Don't y'all know nothin'? His first meeting with Rick does not go well when he learns that his brother has been left behind in the city.
My first introduction to the show was turning around and facing that group and just being a complete hothead lunatic.
You got something you wanna tell me? Your brother was a danger to us all, so I handcuffed him on a roof, hooked into a piece of metal.
Merle is Daryl's redneck brother.
He was one of the scavengers in Atlanta.
Just tell me where he is so's I can go get him! I'm going back.
Shane is vehemently opposed to this idea.
He doesn't think that Merle is worth saving and he's not worth the risk.
I mean, it's a dangerous move.
And Merle's not really an asset.
He's a liability, but Rick is still the good guy.
I mean, he's the heart of our story.
Merle! No! No! But he's not there anymore, you know.
His hand was there.
That's about it.
- Where you going? - I have to pee.
So while Rick is gone we have this invasion of walkers coming in from the woods.
[screams] The camp is defenseless, and there's a huge massacre.
Many people die, in particular, Carol's husband, Ed.
I'm not really crying over that one.
And Andrea's sister, Amy which was just the worst thing that ever happened to Andrea.
For the first time, we see someone being bit that turns into a flesh-eating creature.
It wasn't a monster movie moment.
It's very gentle.
It was the sense of loss.
- I love you.
- [growls] And Andrea had to put her down.
It was the compassionate thing to do.
It was a mercy killing.
I heard the CDC was working on a cure.
You know, he's throwing a Hail Mary.
But he just says, look, the only hope is let's see if we can get to the CDC, find out anything about what is happening.
Why are you here? What do you want? A chance.
That's asking an awful lot these days.
They get there and they discover that, you know, the world's gone.
There is no CDC.
There's just one dude there.
It invades the brain like meningitis.
Jenner, he says, the dead return to life, and they want to feed.
The frontal lobes, the human part, that doesn't come back.
The you part.
At this point, there's no hope anymore.
"30 minutes to decontamination.
" He's initiated this fail-safe system.
You know, there's a lot of really dangerous diseases that they'd studied at the CDC, and so if that facility were to fail, it will self-destruct.
- Come on! - Come on, let's go! - Run! - Stay right by me! Before the fail-safe kicked in, Dr.
Jenner whispered something in Rick's ear.
The secret that no one else knows.
We got four minutes left! Come on! Season One finishes in a time-honored fashion with a huge explosion.
It is a pretty bleak finale.
Everything blows up.
There is no hope.
And we're on the road to nowhere.
The CDC was a dead end.
I met a man there.
He told me something.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is we're moving on.
At the beginning of Season Two, we join our group still on the run.
They have no clear destination.
They don't know where they're gonna go.
Out there looking for safety.
We stop, we see hundreds of cars empty.
We're just looking for rations and anything that we can use.
And then all of a sudden, this herd shows up.
Oh, Christ! Like animals, they are starting to migrate.
The opening in Season Two really allowed us to start illustrating the herd mentality.
The birth of the herd shows more and more walkers joined together.
It turns into this immovable force.
If you wind up in the middle of one, you're in a great deal of trouble and our group winds up in the middle of one.
[screams] So the herd makes Carol's daughter run.
That's when Sophia goes missing.
Why aren't we all out there looking? Why are we moving cars? We're not going anywhere till my daughter gets back.
Sophia gets separated from the group, and Daryl takes it upon himself to go look.
I'm gonna walk the road.
Look for the girl.
The ideas of what is right and wrong are constantly changing and breaking down.
And it becomes a big point of contention particularly between Rick and Shane.
Shane believes that every moment that we spend looking for the little girl, it could possibly endanger our safety.
It's a tough question about when to give up.
During the search, they see a deer.
And then this beautiful moment is shattered by a gunshot.
The moment that he got shot in the woods was a really big turning point.
Talk to Hershel, he'll help your boy! Otis, who shot Carl by mistake, tells us that there's a farmstead.
There's a guy called Hershel.
Hershel is living on a farm that has been in his family for generations.
And he is a veterinarian as well as a farmer.
- Help me! Help my boy! - Get him inside! Go inside! You need to give us some room.
And Rick is a control freak.
But this is an opportunity for him to have to wait.
I have to put him under.
He won't be able to breathe on his own.
You need a respirator.
Otis leads Shane to what was a refugee camp.
Endotracheal intubater, baby.
They're being followed by walkers.
Otis is slow.
There is a risk that, if Shane stays with him, they both die.
And if they both die, this equipment does not get back to Carl.
Shane makes a decision.
- [gunshot] - [screaming] He shoots Otis in the leg to leave him as bait.
[screaming] He will do horrifying things in the name of protecting the people he loves.
He seems to have stabilized.
When the group reaches the farm, it really is a temporary safe haven, and we can finally breathe.
They aren't getting much walker activity.
It's a bit isolated.
Just hoping we can ride it out in peace till there's a cure.
Hershel's an optimist.
He does believe that there could be a cure and, therefore, there's a value even to the walkers.
Hershel has two beautiful young daughters, Maggie and Beth.
They are very close.
They've worked and raised that farm and the livestock together.
I think there's a friendship almost equal to their sisterhood.
Maggie, she's at an age where she doesn't have to listen to everything that her dad, Hershel, says.
And she's finding herself, and that still needs to happen even when it's an apocalypse.
Nice to see you again.
When Maggie first meets Glenn, she sees he's so brave that it almost seems stupid.
Doing okay? Yeah, doing great.
Living the dream.
But ultimately, undeniably attractive.
Hello, farmer's daughter.
Glenn treads carefully in a way where he wants to be respectful.
I hear you're fast on your feet and know how to get in and out.
When Maggie and Glenn go off on this run, and they're in the pharmacy, I think it's the time to really road-test this possible attraction.
Which Maggie wastes no time doing.
[laughs] Condoms? You got a girlfriend I don't know about? Me? No.
Then you're a pretty confident guy.
I think in that moment, she just wants to feel a connection with anyone.
It's every part of him saying like, danger, danger, danger.
And then like one part of him saying like, this is awesome.
Once you find this girl and your boy's fit for travel, I expect you'll move on.
Hershel is not so happy about this group of people joining.
But what the world is out there isn't what you saw on TV.
It is much, much worse, and it changes you.
Rick is pleading with Hershel to let them stay.
How are they my responsibility? Rick has a few reasons why he wants to stay on the farm.
There's food, there's livestock.
But more importantly, his son is very, very sick and needs to rest.
And then he gets delivered the double whammy.
My wife's pregnant.
That's either a gift here or a death sentence out there.
At the same time, Glenn and Maggie are forming a nice little relationship.
Glenn's making a bee line to the barn with some blankets.
And a box of condoms.
He's going to meet Maggie to fool around.
Instead, he comes upon a barn filled with walkers.
You weren't supposed to see this.
Hershel's wife is in there, his friends, his neighbors.
He's hoping that there will be a cure for these people that he cares a great deal about.
We don't shoot sick people.
They're not people.
Shane doesn't care about Hershel's feelings.
He's coming from a place of protecting the group.
So Shane takes it upon himself to open up the barn and kill everyone that's inside it.
[gunfire] It's a crushing experience.
The last to come out is Sophia.
Sophia! And Carol thinks from that distance and from the desire of her heart, she looks like she could be okay.
And the closer she gets, she realizes she's turned.
I remember when the first half of the season was pitched to me, then Sophia comes out of the barn.
I was like [gasps] To know that she had been under their noses the entire time was just absolutely heartbreaking.
Sophia represents the theme of that season.
That this world is ruthless.
That this world is unforgiving.
That this world doesn't hold its punches for little girls.
It takes everything and anything that it can.
It's a drag when anybody goes on the show.
But like she's such a sweet girl.
And it was such a bummer.
But for Carol, that changes her whole thing.
Another huge turning point for Carol.
But a great loss for her and the group.
It was a very trying moment for Hershel.
So he went off on his own to get drunk.
I promised Maggie I'd bring you home safe.
Like you promised that little girl? When they get to the bar, these two gentlemen I use the term loosely show up.
Son of a bitch.
They're alive.
All of a sudden, you get a sense that not everybody out there is looking to be your friend.
We can't stay out there.
The farm is too crowded as is.
I'm sorry.
This world is not just something you can navigate by getting really good at killing walkers.
It's no-holds-barred now.
[gunfire] There's a gunfight.
Randall, who was one of the bad guys, impaled himself on the fence falling off the roof.
- Don't leave me, please! - We have to go! We can't! - He was just shooting at me! - He's a kid! [screams] Rick saves him, thus begins a big argument between Shane and Rick.
What to do with this guy? Do we take someone's life to protect our own? Or do we release them at the risk of him telling others where we are? Shane is trying to push that idea of the old rules don't apply.
So the answer is to kill him to prevent a crime that he may never even attempt? That episode was pivotal in launching our show into a different direction of what humanity is defined by.
Carl finds a gun and ends up wandering off into a swamp and finds a walker.
And can't bring himself to shoot it.
[screams] And the walker escapes.
Dale ends up in the field [screaming] and the walker shows up and kills him.
This leaves Carl with a really strong feeling of not wanting to mess up ever again like that.
Sorry brother.
Dale dies and Rick takes that upon himself as a sign that we let Randall go.
Me and Daryl's gonna take Randall off-site and cut him loose.
For Shane, this is the tipping point.
Releasing Randall shows that Rick's not fit for leadership.
Shane now thinks that Rick is the threat.
He needs to kill Rick in order for the group to be safe.
For me, having written that story in the comic, and seeing, you know, Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal.
The best of friends offset, onset being at each other's throats in such a visceral way, it was monumental.
Rick realizes what's about to happen.
Tries to talk him down.
Tries to appeal to his old friend.
You're gonna have to kill an unarmed man.
But he realizes that to survive, he has to kill Shane.
And he's able to do it.
Dad? Carl Carl's father kills Shane because Shane was about to kill him.
And Shane reanimates.
And Carl has to put him down.
That was a big turning point for Carl because, you know, it's his first zombie kill and one of his best friends at the time.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
The shots bring the horde to the farm.
And they light the barn on fire so they can make an escape.
- We have to go.
- It's my farm! Not anymore! Come on! The farm is overrun.
They've had to flee.
Wait! Wait! Some of them have been separated.
Andrea's no longer with them.
After everybody has left the farm, then Rick reveals to the whole group the big secret that Jenner told him back at the CDC.
We're all infected.
What? Whatever it is, we all carry it.
So if you die naturally or get hit by a piano, then you too will turn into a zombie.
So, you know, all hope is lost.
There's no food, no fuel, no ammo.
By the end of the season, there's nowhere to go.
There's no peace, there's no safety.
There's no knowing what will come next.
Season Three finds the survivors on the road again.
They've gotten much, much better at clearing places and killing walkers.
They are an incredibly accomplished group of survivors now.
There is a time pressure and the ticking clock is Laurie.
She's pregnant.
The group comes upon this prison after so much time on the road.
It's perfect.
None of us would find an abandoned prison and think, "awesome!" But for our characters, it is sort of a haven.
So in order to make the place safe, the group needs to clear it.
The fight for the prison was very specifically designed to be hand-to-hand combat.
See that? Because we wanted to see the level that our people were willing to go to take this place.
While they're clearing out the hallways, Hershel is stepping over a walker that smells a good meal.
[chuckles] [screams] Rick thinks that, if he chops Hershel's leg off quick enough, maybe he's not gonna turn.
- Whack! - Whack! You can make it from a walker bite if you catch it early enough.
It was one of the weirdest, most unpleasant scenes I've ever had the bad fortune of shooting.
Walkers! Laurie? Carl? The prison gets compromised.
It's mayhem, it's chaos.
Going down the corridor, Carol runs out of ammunition.
- Let's go back! - No! We're close! And T-Dog sacrifices himself.
Go! I think Carol still feels the effects of that sacrifice today.
In here! The moment that Laurie goes into labor is when she's alone with Maggie and Carl.
And were separated from the rest of the group.
I don't even think you're fully dilated yet.
No amount of pushing is gonna help.
We end up having to perform an emergency C-section with just a trusty dagger.
Laurie is ready to sacrifice herself for the baby.
Well, we can't just leave her here.
Carl ends up realizing that Laurie's gonna die and she's gonna turn into a walker.
He wants to do the right thing.
[gunshot] It's a merciful act for him as a child to do it.
Where is where is she? It was a terrible traumatic scene.
It was just such a heavy day that day.
That episode was rough.
We lost two great characters.
It's heartbreaking.
Judith? Do you think that's a good name? I think that's a fine name.
Daryl wants to call the baby Little Ass Kicker.
What, that's a good name, right? I don't know.
It was kind of nice holding that baby, yeah.
In spite of his terrible trauma that Rick's going through, there is new hope, there's new life.
She looks like you.
While the rest of the group is at the prison, Andrea is saved by this mysterious woman with a samurai sword.
Her new friend and ally, Michonne.
Who is Michonne? People always talk about that first image and how striking it is.
This woman in this cape with a sword with these two walkers who are immobilized essentially in terms of their ability to hurt her.
She is a woman who's figured out how to take care of herself.
Andrea and Michonne are out in the world and they come upon this helicopter crash.
They see that there's another group of survivors and, obviously, one man in particular who's in charge.
Let's roll out.
When they try to get away from the crash site, they are caught by Andrea's old friend, Merle Dixon.
Merle takes Andrea and Michonne to this really idyllic small town.
Welcome to Woodbury.
Woodbury is a very strange place.
It's almost as if the apocalypse never happened.
It's safe with high walls manned by sentries.
- It can't be.
- It can.
When we first meet The Governor, he's quite a cool guy.
And he is the leader because he's provided that security to his populace.
The Governor seems to be a charming man.
We got food, water, fresh clothes.
But to Michonne, we're not in a world where you can trust that quickly, and she does not trust that quickly.
Andrea and Michonne have very different reactions to The Governor.
Andrea, she's completely swept away by it all.
She feels like, you know, there's finally hope.
There's the way he presents himself to the world.
We get a sense that there's something else going on with him as well.
Michonne starts to like really sniff around at this place and finds walkers in the cage.
What is going on here? She has to leave.
This place is not what they say it is.
Andrea still won't leave.
She and Andrea just have to part ways at that gate.
The Governor sees that Michonne is someone to be reckoned with.
The Governor tells Merle to go out and kill her.
Go and get her and bring back her head.
And he's not talking in any sort of code there.
That's what he wants.
He wants her head.
But she's a warrior.
She's a one-woman army.
But then she witnesses Glenn and Maggie getting kidnapped by Merle.
Maggie and Glenn are on a run for formula for baby Judith.
We run into Merle.
Merle, you made it.
This tumbles out into him kidnapping us.
Merle takes them back to Woodbury.
So Maggie and Glenn, who are they? Where are they from? Are there more of them? - So you gonna talk? - Go to hell.
And he realizes that the way to get the answers to the questions he wants is to threaten Glenn to break down Maggie.
And she gives up that they have a prison.
So then he has a target to get that prison.
Michonne found her way to the prison.
Rick is extraordinarily confused about this mirage of this dread-locked Samurai woman.
For her, that moment at the fence is very vulnerable.
She's wounded, she's in need of others.
And she's looking at this man knowing I think I need to be on your side.
Michonne wins her way into the group by bringing the formula for the baby.
Michonne tells Rick that The Governor has Maggie and Glenn.
Pretty boy, charming, Jim Jones type.
Rick says we're gonna have to have a counter strike.
We're going to go and save them.
- Where are our people? - I don't know.
You are holding some of our people! Where the hell are they? I don't know.
As Season Three continues, Maggie and Glenn are being held in Woodbury.
And Rick, Daryl and Michonne have to form a little strike team to break into Woodbury to try and rescue them.
Michonne has her own agenda.
She goes to The Governor's apartment searching for The Governor.
And there she finds something else.
Several aquariums filled with walker heads.
Those are his trophies.
Ladies, watch out for your man's mancaves.
You never know what you might find.
And then she finds what she thinks is a little girl locked in a cage.
[growls] That's when she finds Penny.
No! The Governor's daughter is a walker.
Don't hurt my little girl.
The Governor's Achilles heel.
No! So ensues the Michonne-Governor man cave fight.
Which took a couple of weeks to recover from physically.
[screaming] She is about to eliminate the problem that is The Governor.
Andrea's reaction is shocking to Michonne.
Holding a gun to her friend's head and defending this man.
It causes Michonne to realize that she has truly lost Andrea.
[sobbing] At that point in his story, The Governor loses his humanity, and he's then going to seek his revenge against the world.
This is one of the terrorists! Merle's own brother! Andrea, who is in the crowd, is appalled by this.
Brother against brother, fight! You have all these townspeople like, "Kill him, kill him!" Then we go back to back.
And then we're trying to break out of the place and Rick and the group come and bust me out of there.
Merle! Come on! After the raid on Woodbury Rick realizes that they are a direct threat to us.
That war is gonna come.
So he heads back to his hometown to go to the armory to get some weaponry.
And that's where he runs back into Morgan.
Morgan has gone through a massive transformation.
He's a man with a death wish.
Because he'd lost his son.
And he thinks his punishment is to live.
You can come back from this.
I know you can.
We have a community.
We have a prison.
You got to come.
And he can't go.
Why didn't you tell me they were here? Andrea discovers that the "terrorists" are actually her friends.
And it's very unsettling.
Her primary goal is to broker peace.
Rick and The Governor meet.
It's all very sort of tense.
I want Michonne.
Turn her over, and this all goes away.
Rick's not willing to trade Michonne for anything.
We're going to war.
Merle decides he's gonna kill The Governor himself to, you know, save the group and save his little brother.
The Governor and Merle have a showdown.
A humdinger of a fight.
Halfway through the fight, I bite his fingers off.
I mean, once you've bitten someone's fingers off, you know, there's no going back from that really.
Then Daryl finds him.
That was another really, really sad day.
You know, Daryl, he has to put him down.
He doesn't stab him once or twice.
He relentlessly just stabs him into the ground.
And it's not even like he's trying to kill something.
He's just fed up with this is how it is.
And you just can't win in this world.
Andrea realizes that she's chosen the wrong side.
That actually she wants to be back with Rick.
She wants to be back with Michonne.
She wants to be back with that group.
Any loyalty that he had for Andrea, any love he had towards her was lost.
He takes her back to Woodbury and he ties her to a dentist chair and he kills one of his men and leaves him in the room knowing that this man will turn into a walker.
And you're gonna tear the flesh from her bones.
We end this once and for all! When The Governor comes with his men, we lull them into a false sense of security.
And then we counter strike.
Our soldiers who are not really soldiers, they're people from my town with guns, they panic and they run.
What the hell are you doing? We're done fighting for a hole with a half dozen psychopaths living in it! - They can keep it! - We are not soldiers! And he just has this total red mist that comes down over him.
What are you doing here? Andrea might be here.
The group comes to save Andrea.
Andrea! But they're too late.
You're burning up.
She'd been bit in a place that, you know, they can't chop off her leg like they did with Hershel.
This is a death bite.
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
She is dying, but they actually get that chance to say goodbye.
And I was very grateful that they got to do that.
I loved Andrea's death.
She was surrounded by the people that she loved and she died with such integrity and grace.
[gunshot] At the end of Season Three, Rick and our group at the prison take in the refugees from Woodbury.
As safe as he may think that place is, and as much as he thinks that he is helping those people, The Governor is still out there.
So there is still a threat looming.
At the beginning of Season Four, the group finds itself more or less flourishing.
I got other plans involving dirt and cucumbers.
Rick has decided to not be in conflict.
He's renounced leadership.
They formed a council.
They determine what is to the best interest of the group.
This prison is solidifying as a nice little civilization.
Give the stranger sanctuary, keeping people fed.
You're gonna have to learn to live with the love.
We have some new faces.
You know, we met Tyreese and Sasha in Season Three.
They had ended up at Woodbury but would not participate in the attack on the prison.
Tyreese and Sasha are brother and sister.
We go in, stay in formation for the sweep.
Any questions? Sasha is a very pragmatic woman.
She looks at things very black and white.
Is there ever a time that you weren't the boss of me? You had a few years before I was born.
Tyreese is the ultimate everyday man.
He's a thoughtful individual who never lost the value and sanctity of life.
Hey, like to start pulling my weight around here.
Bob is a loner.
He was a medic in the military.
You were out on your own when Daryl found you.
That's right.
I just wanna make sure you know how to play on a team.
Michonne is spending some time looking for The Governor.
Thinking of looking over near Macon.
It's worth a shot.
Hi, Nan! You're naming them? They don't talk.
They don't think.
They eat people.
At the prison, Carol takes it upon herself to teach the children their survival skills.
Today we're gonna learn how to hold a knife.
Part of this weapons training comes from Carol feeling the guilt over the loss of Sophia.
How to stab and slash and where to aim for.
I'm not feeling very well.
There is this strange, inexplicable virus going around.
We have no idea where it came from.
How could somebody in a day die just from a cold? When you die, you become a walker.
- There's a threat.
- [growls] They decide to quarantine the sick.
Somebody has been murdering infected people.
One of them being Tyreese's girlfriend.
You find out who did this, and you bring 'em to me! You understand? You bring 'em to me! It looks like maybe someone was trying to keep this virus from spreading.
Glenn and Sasha, unfortunately, are infected.
There are no medications really in the prison.
Bob, being the ex-army medic that he is, knows what we can get that can help.
Anything ending with "cillin" or "cin", grab it.
At the same time, the prison ends up compromised by tons and tons of walkers.
Carl gets to fire a lot of guns.
But I couldn't actually legally hold any kind of firearm until I turned 14.
At midnight on my 14th birthday, Andy came over, and he knighted me with the machine gun and Which was great.
Bob came back just in the nick of time to save people.
Rick has an inkling that Carol may have killed the infected people.
Did you kill Karen and David? Yes.
Rick takes Carol out on a run.
For the sake of his own child and the safety and security of all the people in the prison, he decides on his own to exile her.
You're not that woman who was too scared to be alone.
Not anymore.
So The Governor is now on his own.
And he's in this catatonic state.
He's burnt down his town in his madness.
He has just been walking the roads and surviving by default.
He discovers a family living in an apartment and becomes very close with them.
You mess with me or my family, I swear to Christ, I will put you down.
Tara is living in this apartment building.
She's been there for about a year with her family.
And she takes care of her niece and her sister.
You, me, your Mom and Tara, we're gonna be okay.
Tara and her family think he's kind of a good guy, but we don't know his whole back story.
[screams] The Governor, being this spiteful and vengeful person, wants the prison.
The people in this prison are, most of them, thieves, murderers.
The Governor had convinced her that these were really, really evil people.
I captured two of them.
Now he's using them as hostages and trying to use them as leverage.
You and your people, you have 'til sundown to get outta here! Or they die.
Rick sees a glimmer of opportunity with The Governor.
We can all live together.
We've all done the worst kinds of things just to stay alive.
But we can still come back.
We all can change.
That death was so gross.
Many of us say it's pretty much the most traumatizing death we've been through.
From then on, it's war.
No! [shouting, screaming] Mayhem ensues.
As always, on our show.
The Governor gets Rick, beats him up.
Michonne sticks her knife straight through into The Governor.
Which I think is great.
But he's not dead.
Tara's sister pulls out a gun and kills him.
The walls are breached.
The community is shattered.
There's no way of finding out who went where.
What happened to whom? We got flung into several directions.
Tragically, Rick thinks that Judith is dead.
Don't look back, Carl! Just keep walking! After the battle at the prison, the group is scattered.
We get flung into several directions.
And we all go through different things.
We don't know how they're ever possibly gonna see each other again.
Then they start seeing these signs for this place, Terminus.
Everyone will probably see this sign and head that way.
And that's where we can meet back up with our crew, with our family.
Daryl and Beth flee the prison together.
He's protecting her.
It's a very weird back and forth.
- Screw you! You don't get it! - No! You don't get it! Everyone we know is dead! And I think Daryl's feeling guilty.
The Governor rode right up to our gates! I could have prevented it.
But he probably couldn't have.
Beth! We get attacked.
Run! Daryl sees the car driving away with a white cross on the back of it.
He knows that someone took her.
That was just devastating.
He chased that car all night long until it was daylight and he just couldn't move anymore.
- We should go.
- I thought we were looking for Glenn.
We don't know if anyone else survived the prison attack.
We don't know how long we can make it out here in the woods.
If he saw one of these, he would go looking for me looking for him.
[groans] In the meantime, Glenn is still at the prison weakened by the flu.
Maggie? He takes it upon himself to go look for people.
So he gears up, heads out.
And right when he's about to leave is when he spots Tara.
Why would you want my help? I don't want it.
I need it.
I have to find Maggie.
I think that ignites a bit of purpose in her.
Hope you enjoyed the show, assholes! You got a damn mouth on you, you know that? They run into another set of people.
Abraham, Eugene and Rosita.
You're a damn mess.
Everyone needs an Abraham Ford on their team.
He's no-nonsense, highly capable and he has a goal.
We're on a mission to get Eugene to Washington, D.
Eugene's a scientist.
Eugene knows what caused the apocalypse.
And not only does he know what caused the apocalypse, he knows how to stop it.
Trust me.
I'm smarter than you.
You buy it instantly because there's basically no hope.
But he also has a mullet.
Every minute we waste getting him to Washington, people are dying.
You think I don't understand that? I want us to actually get there.
Rosita is a member of Abraham's army.
She's a very determined, very independent, very strong young woman.
She's in a romantic relationship with Abraham.
She's been trained by Abraham.
Abraham lets Glenn know what our mission is.
Hope you guys make it to Washington.
Glenn wants to complete his mission.
Maggie has left these signs for him to follow her.
[screams] What is life without people that you love? Glenn and Maggie find each other through fate.
You don't need a picture of me.
You never will again.
In that moment, he's blessed.
And then they head to Terminus.
They're hoping that they can run into the rest of the group there.
You find Tyreese being Mr.
Daddy Daycare with Lizzie, Mika and Judith.
Tyreese! How? How? Carol is not quite sure if he knows that she is the one who killed his beloved.
- I didn't see you get out.
- I wasn't there.
She is obviously very intent on protecting the children of this world.
[screams] What if I killed you? What if I killed you! You have one child who doesn't want to kill anything.
I couldn't pull the trigger.
And another one who wants to kill, because she wants them to come back so that they'll live forever.
Don't worry.
She'll come back.
I didn't hurt her brain.
Lizzie has killed he sister, Mika.
She's prepared to take Judith out next.
Carol feels that the best thing to do is take Lizzie out.
Look at the flowers, Lizzie.
She had to do that for the security and safety of Judith.
It's ethically very confusing.
For anybody, it's horrible.
For a woman who's lost a daughter, it's unthinkable.
Carol confesses to Tyreese that she killed his beloved.
You do what you have to do.
And Tyreese reacts by giving her the greatest and most unexpected gift.
I forgive you.
Rick, Carl and Michonne reunite.
- What? - It's for you.
The beauty is that they had found each other at least.
Now you follow her lead, understand? They find the Terminus road and they start to go on it.
But that whole journey is a dire one.
There's very little food.
There's very little supplies.
There's very little water.
Maybe this place isn't even there anymore.
You screwed up, asshole.
We run into this group called the Claimers.
They seemed to be a very ferocious, feral group.
These guys are really, really bad news.
Pull up.
These people don't let 'em go.
Daryl is in such a dark state of mind because he lost Beth.
Then he found this other group.
And he's just following them just to follow them.
He's looking for a way out.
They captured his friends and now it's a little too late.
One of them seems hell-bent on attacking Carl in ways that are unspeakable.
What the hell you gonna do now, sport? We put blood tubes in there.
We put raw steak in there.
He had actually meat in his mouth and just spit it off.
I think you should ask the guy whose throat I ripped out what his opinion of it was.
[laughs] You know, I think this is something that Michonne always loved and admires about Rick is that he will fight for his child.
You being back with us here, now, that's everything.
You're my brother.
That bond between Rick and Daryl is stronger than ever.
Rick becomes the brother that Merle couldn't have been.
Those who arrive survive.
When our people arrive in Terminus, they're essentially breaking into this stronghold.
Welcome to Terminus.
Gareth is essentially the leader.
He's unassuming, he's calm.
He's not hostile.
You're nervous.
I get it.
We were all the same way.
We came here for sanctuary.
Terminus is an interesting place.
There's a lot of people there.
They're definitely organized.
They've been making these maps.
It looks very much like someplace they could have some hope.
Why do you let people in? More people become a part of this, we get stronger.
Rick very quickly realizes that all is not as it seems.
Rick notices Glenn's watch.
Where the hell did you get this watch? Gareth is he's prepared for this.
[gunfire] Gareth and his minions at Terminus literally herd the group.
Drop your weapons! And to be herded like cattle into this train car Rick? You're here.
It's a pretty low place to leave your characters at the end of the season, which is why we liked it so much.
They're screwing with the wrong people.
At the start of Season Five, we're exactly where we were at the end of Season Four.
Most of our characters are trapped at Terminus.
It turns out Terminus is a cannibal society.
And they're about to kill them to use them as food.
Oh, the trough.
That was another moment that we were pretty sure we went too far.
I was looking down the line and I couldn't see the blood rigs.
So it looked like people were really having their throats slit.
- Don't do this.
We can fix this.
- No, you can't.
It's weird to think of yourself as food.
You have two hours to get them on the dryers.
[explosion] Carol's a badass.
You need Carol sometimes.
Carol disguises herself as a walker and makes her way into Terminus and starts taking out the bad guys.
The men they pulled from that train car, where are they? [screams] Rick very quickly realizes that there's something going on outside.
If he can cut himself free, he can escape.
Come on! We fight to the fence! I think I killed 80 people in that episode.
As we're leaving, Carol pops out of the woods.
Did you do that? She just saved us from becoming sausages.
She helped save Judith, and helped save their lives.
All is forgiven.
[screaming] You okay? He meets Father Gabriel.
And he's like how are you still here? Father Gabriel is a priest who, when things got really bad, locked his entire congregation out of his church.
Entire families calling my name as they were torn apart! And part of his hell is that he's still alive to have to go through it.
To relive it every day.
He tells us that he has his church.
He has this safe place.
He invites us to come back.
But Carol is not quite comfortable with it.
She's gotta get out of there.
Carol sneaks out.
Daryl goes and looks for her and he doesn't want her to leave again.
Whoa! Get in.
What are you doing? What are you doing? They got Beth! There goes the car.
And it's a very distinct looking car.
And, you know, they head to Atlanta.
This was the food bank.
Meanwhile, we all go with Father Gabriel out for a run.
Then Bob actually gets bitten.
He doesn't tell anyone.
We go back to the church, and we're all celebrating.
At the same time, Bob is slowly dying from his walker bite.
So he just sort of wanders off.
He leaves and then he gets caught by Gareth.
I just hope you understand that nothing happening to you now is personal.
A man's got to eat.
You taste much better than we thought you would.
When are you ever gonna see a person literally eating somebody else's flesh in front of him? I mean, it's crazy.
I've been bitten, you stupid pricks! [laughs] Bob gets the last laugh, which is fitting for Bob.
Tainted meat! Bob! Bob! The surviving members of Terminus are coming to hunt them down.
So now they're locked in this church trying to figure out how to survive the night.
We know you're here.
Put your guns on the floor.
[shouts] Rick is not willing to let him go.
And he's unequivocal in this.
Gosh, that red-handed machete, I don't ever want to see that thing again.
I had nightmares about that thing.
Rick is a ferocious protective survivor now.
This is the Lord's house.
It's just four walls and a roof.
So now Bob's dying.
And Sasha is right by his side, but she can't bring herself to do it.
What's really beautiful about that moment is that Tyreese comes in the room.
And he says, "Let me do it.
" As a big brother, I'm gonna take that on.
So now that everything's great, we've slaughtered everybody at Terminus.
We've got our food supply.
Let's get outta here.
No more stopping.
We're going to D.
Once Eugene gets to the big brains left up there, things are gonna bounce back.
So our survivors are back on the road to Washington.
We come up upon a vast, just a giant herd of walkers.
We can get through! I know it! Eugene realizes that, because of Abraham's stubbornness, someone is gonna die.
That's when he finally comes clean.
I lied! I'm not a scientist.
He does not have the cure to the apocalypse.
He just pulled the rug out from under us.
It was all gone.
And everything that we had lost was for nothing.
Meanwhile, we haven't seen Beth since the midway point of Season Four.
She's captured by this group run by cops.
You know, it's in this hospital.
If we hadn't saved you, you'd be one of them right now.
So you owe us.
You work for us.
We'll give you what you need.
But you have to work it off.
They have her prisoner, and they're not letting her leave.
I'm Noah.
I'm outta here when the time is right.
We're not trapped.
I'm going with you.
Noah escapes from Grady Memorial and comes across Daryl and Carol.
Is there a blonde girl there? You see a blonde girl? Noah and Daryl and Carol are trying to go on the rescue mission to find Beth.
Carol herself is injured and she is taken by the cops and they are taken to that hospital.
If they don't get there soon, they're not gonna be able to get her out.
If we get a couple of her cops, we do an even trade.
Tyreese is the voice of reason for Rick.
I think he realizes that this is a man that probably is too gung-ho for his own good.
Glad we could work things out.
Now I just need Noah.
[gunshot] Beth, in her final moments, couldn't accept injustice.
She stood up where other people weren't gonna stand up.
Daryl's like, [bleep] you.
And he just shoots her in the face.
When Daryl comes out of the hospital holding Beth, he's devastated.
No! No! To have the rest of our group show up when her dead body's being brought outside It's one of the most devastating moments to me in the whole show.
It was another terrible loss of an innocent, beautiful spirit.
Per Beth's wish, Noah gets to go back to Virginia, back to his home to see if he can find his family.
So they go.
They take the trip to Virginia.
- You don't want to go in there.
- Let me see it.
No! No! He gets bit and goes through this crazy psychological acid trip of all the people that have died around him.
- It's okay, Tyreese.
- It's better now.
Tyreese was everything to me.
We always had each other.
It's devastating, to say the least.
After Tyreese dies and Beth dies and everyone's just at their lowest point, there's no food.
- How much longer we got? - 60 miles.
I wasn't talking about that.
And then this stranger appears who looks like he's just stepped out of some kind of catalog.
He's like he's pretty clean.
He's neat, he's very polite.
My name is Aaron.
I'm a friend.
I have good news.
My job is to convince you all to follow me back home.
In the middle of Season Five, Rick and the group are at their absolute rock bottom.
Everyone that they've met on the road to that point is completely despicable.
So Rick is very distrustful of Aaron.
If you join us, you will be safe.
Aaron is a recruiter from the Alexandria safe zone, which is a community that's been cut off from the rest of the world at the time of the apocalypse.
It's a good thing we're here.
Let them talk to Deanna first.
Who's Deanna? Hello.
Deanna Monroe is a stateswoman from Ohio.
She and her community settled inside of Alexandria.
It's completely cut off from the reality of the world.
We walk in like wild animals.
Three days earlier, they were literally eating dead dog on the side of the road.
And Rick is sporting one of the most extraordinary ZZ Top beards, which was all my own hair.
And all producers up until that point are saying, please can you just cut it? I work in the pantry.
Deanna asked me to bring this over for you and your friends.
You don't even know me.
- I'm Jessie.
- Rick.
Jessie lives in Alexandria with her two boys and her husband.
Ron is a little emotionally unhinged.
And Sam is terrified of everything.
Pete is the local doctor and an alcoholic.
Bring your kids in for a checkup.
Our group's arrival at Alexandria signifies the undercover Carol personality.
It's the happy homemaker.
She's always smiling.
And she's making casseroles and making cookies.
But anytime anybody leaves the room, that smile disappears.
During this party that Deanna is giving, Carol sneaks away to the armory to try to get back their weapons.
What are you doing? Sam comes in like, "Can I have some more cookies?" And she's like I'm just about to steal these guns.
And now you're here! I can make a whole batch just for you.
Would you like that? Yes, please.
This can't be happening.
This child can't know that Carol's in there.
She tells him a little story.
One morning, you'll wake up and you won't be in your bed.
She disguises it in a little fairy tale.
You'll be outside the walls tied to a tree.
The monsters will come and they will tear you apart and eat you up all while you're still alive.
When I saw Carol do that scene, I thought she was a badass from a fan perspective.
From the perspective of my character, I wanted to punch her in the face.
Interestingly at this point, Carol and Sam have this neat little relationship.
Why'd you steal the guns? Because sometimes you need to protect yourself.
Can I have a gun? Sam is asking Carol for a gun.
Mainly to protect his mother.
Carol gets the idea that Sam and his mother are being abused by their father.
I know how this is gonna go with Pete.
You're gonna have to kill him.
That's all Rick needs.
And he moves into action.
If you don't fight, you die.
And I don't want you to die.
Pete doesn't handle the confrontation with Rick very well.
You don't fight, you die! I'm not gonna stand by and Knocking Rick out was absolutely the right move.
She's doing it because he needs a time out.
It's for his own good.
So Glenn, Tara, Noah and Eugene all go out on a supply run.
Okay, we should know all the exits first.
So there's a plan if things go south.
They're being taken by two guys who lived inside the walls of Alexandria, Aiden and Nicholas.
I already got one.
It's called going out the front.
These guys are inexperienced.
It's not a good situation for them.
[growling] Stop! It all goes wrong.
- I'm out! - Let's go! Come on! He's inside the turnstile of death.
Nicholas is too afraid.
He bolts.
[screaming] No! It's horrific and the reason why it happened is solely because Nicholas left them to die.
Deanna's planning to have her meeting tonight for anyone who wants to.
- To kick Rick out? - To try.
We're in this town meeting where they're deciding whether they're going to keep Rick.
Because of his behavior with Pete, should we exile him? Well, in the course of this meeting, you know, Rick has actually been out fighting walkers that have entered.
There's a mistake at the gates, walkers get inside.
He has to deal with that threat.
All the threats that he said were coming are actually here already.
You're not ready, but you have to be.
Luck runs out.
Rick is covered in blood.
You know, everyone's aghast because this is our town hall meeting.
- You're not one of us! - Pete! And then Pete stumbles in drunk.
Pete, stop.
No! Can you imagine if your husband just had his throat cut open by a crazy drunk man? Rick do it.
Rick? Morgan's second reuniting with Rick happens in our finale.
On one level, he couldn't have come at a worst time and possibly couldn't have come at a better time.
Wherever Morgan's head is, this is not where he expected to meet Rick.
Things seem to have changed at the end of Season Five.
At the top of Season Six, Alexandria has turned out to be this sanctuary that they've always been looking for.
Everybody has their own house.
We all seemed to have found out where the plumbing is and the bathtubs, except for Daryl.
Deanna has elevated Rick's status and make him a de-facto leader.
We meet a couple of new characters.
We meet Heath and he's a very important part of the community.
As is Denise.
I'm a psychiatrist.
I'm all this town's got.
She basically takes over as doctor now that Pete is gone.
- I'm pretty sure I can't kill you.
- [chuckles] I mean, it is possible if you miss like a hematoma or something? Morgan and Rick discover a quarry with about 30,000 walkers in it.
Eventually, the walkers are gonna get out, and it's gonna spell disaster for Alexandria.
We have to come for them before they come for us.
It's that simple.
The plan is for us to lead all these walkers somewhere else.
Make them someone else's problem, I guess.
[laughs] [truck horn blows] It's a horn or something! We hear a horn coming from Alexandria, which is really not what we wanted.
What's going on back there? Half of them broke off! They're going toward Alexandria! So we again fracture our group.
Rick goes back to try to find out what the hell that noise is.
At the same time, Glenn and I try to get some of these Alexandrians back who we've put out here.
We gotta go! Nicholas and Glenn get trapped on top of a dumpster.
Look at me! Nicholas's fear takes over.
Thank you.
In that same breath, he takes Glenn with him.
It's very clear to everyone that, you know, we've lost Glenn.
This character has died.
The audience reacted in a huge way.
Angry and frustrated and sad, but engaged.
At this point, Abraham and Sasha and Daryl are gonna continue with the plan to make some noise.
And Pied Piper, lead all these walkers out.
[gunfire] Daryl gets separated from us.
Daryl is taken prisoner by these people that he meets in the woods.
One of them is named Dwight.
Give her the crossbow.
And they take his bike.
And they take his weapon.
And he says, you know, you're gonna be sorry.
And he means it.
[grunts] There's an outside threat.
And it is the Wolves.
The blaring horn is caused by the Wolves driving the truck into Alexandria.
They have no morals, no compassion.
They don't know how to do anything but kill.
Carol puts the wolf mask on.
Carol, once again, bam, bam, bam.
Carol learns that Morgan isn't killing.
- You don't have to kill people.
- Of course, we do.
Morgan is trying to live by the code of "all life is precious.
" Get the hell out of here and you don't ever come back.
You keep choosing this life, you will die.
And at this particular point, the whole of Alexandria is surrounded by walkers from the quarry.
After the Wolves attack, the tower was unstable.
Walkers spill in and they're just screwed.
Rick! Look out! Deanna saves Rick and gets bit in the process.
And, damn it, she knows what that means.
I ran over to help because you are one of us.
They're in the house.
They're making noise.
More are coming.
At that point, we're trapped inside of the house.
They realize that they have to reignite the walker guts plan.
The meat poncho.
My least favorite wardrobe I've ever had.
Sam? Sam's desperately trying to keep it together.
He freezes and he can't move.
Sam, just look at Mom.
Mommy! He's screaming "Mommy" in the most blood-curdling scream that you've heard from a child.
I mean, it just is awful.
We have to go! No.
And Ron witnesses his brother be eaten.
His mother get eaten.
His father's been killed by this guy.
He's always blamed Rick.
[grunts] Dad? Rick takes him to the infirmary and begs for his boy to live.
Rick is unable to just sit there and watch.
Right as Maggie's on top of the tower and about to get toppled by walkers, Glenn shows up.
Glenn was actually alive.
He looked super dead.
It turns out it's Nicholas's body who shielded him.
He made it out because he's a resourceful dude.
Glenn sees chaos inside the walls of Alexandria.
When he breaks in, he finds Maggie trapped on top of the guard tower.
He sees Maggie in peril.
This is the woman he loves.
This is somebody he's been very worried about.
She's pregnant, they're going to have a child together eventually.
Just go! Just get over! Glenn is about to get swarmed and killed.
Glenn! Right in the nick of time [gunfire] [imitates gunfire] Light 'em up.
'Cause that's what we do.
Rick's just berserker mode kind of galvanizes the spirit of all of Alexandrians.
We can beat 'em! There's a giant explosion in the pond.
The walkers, they're drawn to fire.
It was hot.
I thought my eyebrows were burned off.
There's Daryl.
He doesn't need his crossbow anymore.
He's got a bazooka now.
Don't let up! Now we have the full force of the team working together.
We have successfully fought for our home.
We are now for the first time a true community.
I was wrong.
Today I saw what they could do, what we could do.
When we come back into Season Six, Alexandria's recovered.
A couple of months have gone by.
We see that the wall has been repaired.
They've actually expanded.
Rick's confident.
It's the first time since he's been in Alexandria that he looks at them as one complete group.
Daryl and Rick go out on a supply run and they meet Paul Rovia.
But my friends used to call me Jesus.
Jesus is a wily, pragmatic mystery of a character when you first meet him.
He's a bit of a lone wolf.
Duck! Thanks.
That's my gun! Rick convinces Daryl that they should take Jesus back to Alexandria.
- Oh, so you had a day! - [laughs] Have your mints.
Rick and Michonne, finally.
That was the one day that her heart finally got in the driver's seat and was allowed to like navigate the moment.
Rick, wake up! We should talk.
Our little good friend, Jesus, catches us in the act, or just after the act.
Jesus tells him that he is from the Hilltop.
Which is a pretty self-sustainable society.
- What happened to everybody else? - They're dead.
Negan? They mention this guy, Negan.
We had a deal.
As far as Jesus knows, Negan is the head of a group of people called the Saviors.
And they're running a protection racket.
So they show up.
They kill a kid and you give 'em half of everything? These dicks just got a good story.
Alexandria is in dire straits at this point because they're running out of food.
The deal that Maggie initiates is they'll take out Negan for half of everything they have.
It's not a huge stretch for the Hilltop to do that and give them the food.
Rick makes a preemptive strike against what he feels is the primary base of where these Saviors and this person named Negan lives.
[grunts] This is the first time we have hunted humans.
Glenn kills a man in his sleep.
Glenn has never killed anybody.
Heath has never killed anybody.
But it's what they have to do in their minds.
Just wondering which one of them was Negan.
And at this point, Negan Shmegan.
There may be a couple more floating around, but I think there's a feeling at this point that we pretty much killed the threat.
I'm sorry it had to come to this.
Then when they went on that attack of the Saviors unprovoked, she can't take the killing anymore.
That's what motivates Carol to leave Alexandria.
You really shouldn't be out here alone.
It doesn't have to be this way.
You can turn back.
You could go home! Nobody has to get hurt! [gunfire] She's forced to kill again.
And then she gets hurt.
Let's see who wins, bitch.
Stop! [gunfire] Morgan has to kill in defense of Carol.
He has to step right over his principles.
Who taught you? You know how to fight.
Denise has a moment where she steps up and says, listen, I've never been out there.
I want to contribute.
Everyone has to go through that at some point.
You're strong and you're smart! And you're both really good people! And if you don't wake up She's killed by Dwight using Daryl's crossbow.
I should have killed you.
Yeah, you probably should have.
A firefight ensues after that.
Several of the group members go after Dwight.
Hi, Daryl.
They all get captured.
Rosita, Daryl, Michonne.
Back in Alexandria, something is wrong.
- Oh! - Maggie! We know that Maggie's pregnant.
There's a complication with the pregnancy, but the Hilltop has the obstetrician.
We have to get Maggie there.
And we go as a group.
Good call on the transport.
What if it's the last day on earth for you? We start to get blocked at every turn.
They're not only being blocked, but they're being messed with.
[gunfire] Get back to the RV.
Go! There's just too many people.
This is too well orchestrated.
This is a much more brutal, terrifying outfit than he could have ever imagined.
[screams] So, Eugene has the great idea.
I'll drive the RV and you guys take Maggie through the woods this way and we'll meet up around here.
But the Saviors are not fooled by that.
And now they have us on foot.
Rick and the others literally carry Maggie on the stretcher.
[whistling] Go! Go! We walk straight into Negan and his crew.
[shrieking] And they see the RV there.
They see Eugene there kneeling, beaten, bloodied.
Daryl comes out of the van.
And he's bleeding and he's half dead already.
Let's get her down and get y'all on your knees.
You've never seen these people submit to anybody.
You've never seen them be as powerless as they are right now.
We know our group has screwed with the wrong guy.
There's this dude named Negan.
This is the man who's in charge of the Saviors.
And he's pretty pissed off.
He comes out and just plays with us like a cat with a little mouse.
He is really sadistic and messed up.
Negan's weapon of choice is Lucille which is a baseball bat lovingly draped in barbed wire.
Negan's rules are pretty straightforward.
You will give me half your [bleep].
We kill you one of you as an example.
And if you don't listen to us, we'll kill more of you.
Negan comes out and says one of you guys are dead.
He is going to beat one of us to death.
Stop it! Rick has no idea who he's dealing with.
I think this is the first time Rick is truly powerless.
He's feeling completely inferior to Negan.
All of their control is taken away.
I don't think anybody who's sitting there thinks there's any way out of that at all.
They're gonna have to learn to live by Negan's rules from here on out.
And if they don't like it, they're gonna die.
You see Rick getting more and more panicked and terrified.
It is that sort of moment where loss is imminent.
And you don't know who and how.
This is the start of something much bigger, much scarier.
And there will be much more loss than what they've ever encountered before.
This moment [screaming] changes absolutely everything moving forward.
I think that the audience needs to not watch the returning episode alone.
Be with your loved ones and hold hands.
And make a nice meal.
Really say nice things to each other, and tell them that you love them before you embark on this returning episode.
Thank you, man.
- Jesus! - Oops, I got to go.
- We've got everything? - Thank you, guys.
- Cool.
- You're welcome.