The Walking Dead s07e02 Episode Script

The Well

1 (announcer) Previously, on AMC's "The Walking Dead.
" (gunshots firing) (tire screeching) Carol's still out here.
And I will find her.
You go.
Just let me go! It's not your time.
You are gonna come back from this.
What happened here? She needs help.
Then let's get you some help.
Morgan: It'll be dark soon.
Man: It's not much further.
[Horse nickers] We have people who can patch her up.
What are you doing? I'm marking our way back.
[Dramatic music plays] - On your left! - I've got it.
[Horse neighs] [Gunshots] [Walkers growling] [Grunting] [Gunshots] [Walkers growling] [Gunshots] [Grunting] [Gunshots] [Panting] [Growls] [Walkers growling] [Horses neighing] [Grunts] ‭[Horse neighs] [Horse neighs] [Growls] [Hoofbeats] Man: Whoa.
We've been looking for you.
It looks like you found some people yourself.
[Horse snorting] [Birds chirping, wind chimes clinking] [Indistinct conversations in distance] How long have I been asleep? [Sighs] Two days, more or less.
Where are we? Doctor says you're healing up -- said it could have been much worse, but you had some luck.
And your pack with the weapons -- they wanted to lock them up.
Seeing as they were helping us, I didn't argue.
It'll be with them until we're ready to leave.
I figure that'll be another week, maybe a little more, and then we can start back to Alexandria.
- What is this place? ‭- Well, the people here-- they, um, they call this place "The Kingdom.
" [Indistinct conversations] [Bird chirping] They were helping you so I've been helping them.
[Man speaking indistinctly] Hey.
Did you -- Did you tell them about what happened to me, about who we are? Why? Who are we, Carol? What did you tell them? They saw what that man did to you, and they saw what I did to him.
We got split up.
You found trouble.
I found you.
That is all he knows.
All who knows? The man I'm taking you to see -- the person who's in charge of this place.
This person have a name? [Animal bleating] Morgan? ‭Yeah.
He, um he's called "King Ezekiel.
" What? Yeah.
King Ezekiel.
[Chuckles] And, um he does his own thing.
See? Uh, what does that mean? Well [breathes sharply] here we are.
[Tiger growling] Yeah.
I, uh, I forgot to say that Ezekiel has a tiger.
[Roars] [Tiger growling] Ezekiel: Shiva, enough.
The fair maiden has been through a myriad of trials.
[ Growling continues ] They are our guests.
Chill it up, "S.
" Chill it up! Jerry, you are a faithful steward, but your words leave me pitch-kettled.
I understand your concern, Shiva.
You haven't met Carol.
Nor have I.
But if she is a friend of Morgan, we shall consider her a friend of the realm until proven otherwise.
She's doing better, thanks to you and your people, so Indeed.
It pleases me to see you up and about, Carol.
I am King Ezekiel.
Welcome to the Kingdom.
[Shiva snorts, growling softly] You have been addressed by the king, yet you remain silent.
Do I detect skepticism? Perhaps you think me mad.
Perhaps you see this place as nothing more than a mirage.
Sotell me what do you think of The Kingdom, Carol? What do you think of the king? Ithink you're amazing.
It's amazing.
And your Sheba -- It's, uh, "Shiva.
" Shiva.
I would be speechless if I wasn't already speaking.
I don't know what the hell's going on in the most wonderful way.
[Both chuckle] As Morgan is aware, I encourage those who find respite here to enjoy the fruits of our grandeur for as long as they like, so long as they contribute.
Drink from the well, replenish the well once you've healed, of course.
Of course.
Of course.
All about the well.
Jerry Ah, where are my manners? [Snaps fingers] Please, partake.
We have magnificent apples, nectarines, pomegranates -- all grown right here inside the kingdom.
It's fruit time.
I-I couldn't.
Oh, come, now.
At least take a pomegranate.
You know, I always found them too much trouble.
Sweet fruit surrounded by bitter -- they're something of a contradiction, but heaven for the effort.
You park some chocolate in front of me and watch it go bye-bye, but pomegranates -- just not for me, thanks.
Well, if there's anything you want or need -- if you enjoy music, we have a guitarist whose talent brings tears to the eye, and we have a small choir.
Thank you.
All I need is some more rest and maybe a hairbrush.
[Chuckles] No one told me I'd be meeting royalty.
Anyway uh, Your Majesty -- I should call you "Your Majesty," right? You can.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
It's a pleasure.
The pleasure is mine, Carol.
Be well.
[Shiva growls] Hey.
Look, I know.
You're shitting me, right? Now, it's -- it's a lot.
He is, um I don't know.
It -- It -- Stop it.
Stop this.
This place is a damn circus -- all of it.
Th-These people -- this is make-believe.
It's playtime.
And you're just [Laughs] I can't do this.
I can't be here.
Look, Carol, these people found -- No, I can't, Morgan.
I won't.
I'll wait.
And when you're not there to stop me, when nobody else is, I'll go.
You know I can't let you.
I'll -- You'll what? Tie me up like that wolf? Is that it? It isn't up to you.
It wasn't before in the basement, it wasn't at the library, and it isn't now.
I don't give a shit if you think you've found the secret to life.
I -- ‭No, I don't.
I don't.
I don't, and I haven't.
And I know what I've started.
But I won't let you die out there.
That's what I won't do.
It doesn't matter what you do.
[Engine starts] [Gate thuds] [Snorting, growling] Morgan: Where we going? Ezekiel: Hunting.
‭Hunting what? What was once captive to the farm now runs free in the city.
[Snorting] ‭Here! Come on! ‭Man: Come on! Come on! Come on! Whoo! Come on! ‭Come on! Turn! Turn! Whoo, whoo! ‭Come on! Hunting! ‭Go now! Go now! Go! ‭Come on! Go now! Go now! ‭Come on! [Walker growling] Go now! Go now! Go! ‭Come on! Go! [Pig squeals] Well-done, Richard.
It's just what we needed.
[Growling continues] Why the Walker? We're herding them in.
Why do you need bait? Because I want their bellies full of rot.
That's why.
[Pigs squealing] You shoot a machine gun in the woods, and nothing.
You cough in the city, and [Walkers growling] Ezekiel: Diane, retrieve the truck.
We'll take our leave.
[Growling continues] Ben you're up.
Use the machete.
Just as you and he have practiced.
Like we practiced.
[Breathes deeply] [Grunting] [Growling] [Sighs] [Growling stops] Do not be troubled, Benjamin.
Next time.
No one back home needs to know about this.
Morgan: You mean the pigs -- that they're eating the dead? Any of it.
[Truck engine running] [Walker growling] [Grunts] ‭[Walker thuds] [Walkers growling] May we one day cease you all from this curse! Till then, know that we live on in your place [Truck door closes] full, festive, faithful, and free.
Only halfway free.
[Truck doors closing] Where are they going? Somewhere else.
[Gate creaks] [Gate creaks, thuds] Your skill with the staff how did you come to acquire that skill? It was a cheesemaker, a friend.
[Chuckles] I imagine your comrade would be very proud of you this day.
[Chuckles] For saving Ben in a single blow.
There's a saying -- the pessimist looks down and hits his head.
The optimist looks up and loses his footing.
The realist looks forward and adjusts his path accordingly.
I believe young Benjamin's path is in need of adjustment.
Would you train him, as your friend trained you? I don't I don't know that I'm the -- Benjamin has shown aptitude with neither blades nor munitions.
Perhaps his failings lie in the weapons perhaps it's the teacher and perhaps it's both.
Hey, look, you know.
the man I shot to save Carol -- the stick couldn't have saved her.
Has it saved you? Yeah.
Young Benjamin will become an important member of my court.
I need the boy to I need him to live.
[Laughs] The Kingdom is favored by your presence once more! [Choir vocalizing] Man: Well, it ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe Even you don't know by now And it ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe It'll never do somehow [Vocalizing continues] When your rooster crows at the break of dawn Look out your window, and I'll be gone You're the reason I'm a-traveling on Don't think twice, it's all right Oh, don't think twice It's all right [Grunting] And it ain't no use in turning on your light, babe No turning on The light I never knowed - That was too fast, right? - No, no, I can keep up.
- No, no.
- ‭ And it ain't no use in turning on your light, babe It's too fast.
It's turning on your light I'm on the dark side of the road Well, I wish there was somethin' you would do or say To try and make me change my mind and stay But we never did too much talking, anyway But don't think twice, it's all right - Over the head? - Over the head.
[Breathing sharply] There.
And again.
Swing it back and up.
Don't think twice, it's all right [Breathing sharply] Well, it ain't no use in calling out my name, gal Carol: I mean, it was flavor on top of flavor.
It was like a goddamn dream.
Like you never done before I mean, [Chuckles] breakfast cobbler? - That's - And it ain't no use in calling out my name, gal We were eating possum out there.
- Don't think twice - Now, I like the lunch cobbler.
I can't hear you anymore There's lunch cobbler? [Chuckling] We have cobbler at every meal.
So long honey, baby [Scoffs] Oh! - [Laughs] - Where I'm bound, I can't tell I'm just so I just -- I can't.
Oh, God! [Laughs] - "Goodbye" is too good a word, babe ‭- Oh, geez.
[Sniffles] Do you have any tissues? - So I'll just say, "fare thee well" - Yeah, one second.
[Animal snorts] I ain't saying you treated me unkind You could have done better, but I don't mind [Breathing sharply] You just kind of wasted my precious time But don't think twice, it's all right [Grunts] Hey, what's the book? It's, uh -- It's philosophy.
You know, we should really get back to what we were doing.
You mind if I borrow it? I've just read every book in this place twice including an air-conditioning repair textbook.
[Chuckles] ‭[Chuckles] Just so you know, the number-one problem with an HVAC system isn't refrigerant leaks.
Won't spoil that one for you.
[Chuckles] Please? Here.
[Chuckles] Ezekiel: Gentlemen come with us, both of you.
We have matters of import to attend to.
Bring your gun, Morgan.
[Wind rushing] Ezekiel: The swine are slaughtered far from The Kingdom lest their screams carry in the wind and invite questions.
What we are doing here is a secret I keep from my people.
Some see secrets as a privilege of ruling.
They are burdens, not part of the reward.
They are the cost.
[Brakes squeal, engine rumbling] [Suspenseful music plays] [Engine shuts off] [Vehicle doors closing] Gavin: Here, I was worried we were early.
Our arrangement is something I consider with the utmost seriousness.
We will fulfill our obligations on time, every time.
Yes, indeedy, you do, and you will.
[Sighs] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
I count 8 -- that's good.
They look bigger than last time.
That's good, too.
They were well-fed.
I made sure of it.
We appreciate your hospitality.
Lucky for us, we brought two trucks.
How about you, uh, help us load 'em up? They're part of another group.
They call themselves -- I know who they are.
[Pig thuds, truck gate closes] Hey, asshole, how about a smile? This -- This is nothing.
We've been letting you off easy.
You sure you don't have that backwards, kid? [Chuckles] Yeah.
I'm sure.
[Grunts] [Dramatic music plays] [Grunting] [Guns cock] Ezekiel: Cease this.
[Both grunting] [Blows landing] Lower your weapons.
Richard let him go.
[Coughs] This is not what we do.
Free shot? Oh, I love this shit.
[Grunts] Gavin, tell your man to stop.
[Grunts] ‭Gavin! Hey! Hey! The man said stop! And he's been good to us.
We've taken up more than enough of his time.
[Whistles] Richard, we will discuss this.
Come on.
[Breathing heavily] Gavin: Same time next week, Ezekiel, all right? It's produce week, soproduce.
You got the list -- not one bit less.
[Vehicle door closes] Otherwiseyou know he's gonna have to go first.
[Engine starts] [Squealing] You've encountered them before? Their group? Yeah.
The man you killed to save Carol -- he was one of them, as well? He was, yeah.
[Sighs] Is that why you wanted me here -- because I could do it again if I had to? No, Morgan.
Quite the opposite, in fact.
[Indistinct conversation] [Indistinct conversations] Benjamin: Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going, hmm? It's movie night tonight.
I want to get a good seat.
Right, but you were gonna clean your plate, though, first.
[Sighs] Come on.
That was the deal, Dutch.
‭[Crunching] Wow.
Good one, smart guy.
All right, well, just be in bed by 10:00 -- not a minute later.
But I can read? Yes, you can read.
All right.
[Conversations continue] [Both chuckle] He's a good kid.
Yeah, he is.
[Door closes] I only kind of know what I'm doing raising him.
Ezekiel's been a big help.
You seem close you and the king.
Yeah, he was, uh, pretty tight with my dad.
My father was a good fighter.
One of the best in The Kingdom.
How'd it happen? It was about a year ago.
Ezekiel sent his detachment out to clear out a building.
There was too many wasted and not enough backup.
Eight men didn't make it out.
My father was one of 'em.
But E-Ezekiel -- he's a lot more careful now.
He told me that it, uh, well He, uh, told me he was keeping his deal with that group quiet 'cause he thinks the people would want to fight.
He says that even if we did, we wouldn't win -- at least, not without losing people maybe a lot of 'em.
And you think he's right that we shouldn't fight? I don't know.
I mean I don't know if I know enough to know.
[Chuckles] Maybe you do.
Hey, um there was an inscription in the book.
It was handwritten -- about not killing.
Is it yours? ‭It's not, no.
'Cause I also noticed you only put vegetables on your plate during dinner.
And, I mean, you're teaching me aikido, and if aikido means not to kill, then that means that you're -- It's not about what I think.
People can -- They can try and set you in the right direction, but they can't show you the way.
You know, you got to find that for yourself, and I thought I had it.
I did.
But I'm -- I'm just fumbling through.
Sometimes, we change our minds.
Well, hey, do you want to catch movie night? I can't.
I, uh I got to talk to Carol.
But thank you.
[Clinking] [Insects chirping] [Animal howls in distance] Ezekiel: By all means, fair maiden.
Have one.
This enclosure was built for the purpose of common recreation and study.
I had it repurposed into a garden worthy of our splendor.
I dare say it's my favorite place in the entire Kingdom.
It pleases me that you've seen it with your own eyes beforechoosing to leave us so suddenly.
Geez, yeah, I I'm real sorry about this.
Um, it's just What good am I here? Jerry would you excuse us? [Inhales deeply] If you need me, holler.
I keep in hollering range.
Deuces! Ezekiel: If I hadn't happened upon you right now What's that saying? Never bullshit a bullshitter.
Have I got that right? The sweet-and-innocent act you've been doing -- it's quite clever.
Worked on me.
Blend in, get people to trust you, acquire what you need from them, and then you're gone, as if you were never there.
The guns you brought here in your pack -- they belong to Saviors.
What do you know about the Saviors? More than I care to, unfortunately.
They nearly extinguished you.
But you did more than put up a fight, Carol -- you won.
[Chuckles] By ending up here? That's funny to you? [Sighs] You're a joke.
This place is.
That's what you do with jokes -- you laugh.
Out there -- Out there, it's real.
I've been to places where I thought I wouldn't have to -- where I could just be.
You're selling these people a fairy tale.
Maybe they need the fairy tale.
Maybe the contradiction is the point.
And ruling over people and having your ass kissed by everyone's just a perk? May I? People want someone to follow.
It's human nature.
They want someone to make 'em feel safe.
And people who feel safe are less dangerous more productive.
They see a dude with a tiger, shoot -- they start tellin' stories about finding it in the wild, wrestling it into submission, turning it into his pet.
They make the guy larger than life, a hero.
And who am I to burst their bubble? Next thing you know, they treat me like royalty.
They wanted -- They needed someone to follow, s-so I-I acted the part.
I faked it till I made it.
I was a zookeeper.
Shiva -- she fell into one of the concrete moats in her exhibit.
It was empty, the vets were on their way, but her leg was ripped open.
She was gonna bleed out.
The sound she made She was in so much pain.
I knew the risk.
I had to try.
And I got my shirt up around her leg saved her life.
After that, she never showed so much as a tooth in my direction.
Keeping a tiger isn't practical -- I know.
She eats as much as 10 people.
She could yank the chain out of my hand -- hell, she could yank my arm right off.
But she hasn't.
She won't.
I lost a lot, just like everybody else.
When it all started to end, I found myself back at the zoo.
Shiva was one of the last animals left.
She was trapped hungry, alone.
Like me.
She was the last thing left in this world that I loved.
She protected me.
She got me here, made me larger than life.
And I made this place.
I used to act in community theater -- played a few kings in my day [Chuckles] Arthur, Macbeth Martin Luther.
[Chuckles] My name really is Ezekiel, though.
[Sighs] That's 100% real.
Cards on the table.
Nothing up my sleeve.
I'd appreciate you keep this between us, though, for them.
And, yeah, a little bit for me.
[Sniffles] I don't care.
You do what you want.
I just want to go.
Go where? Carol.
I'm sorry.
For what? For whatever bad you've been through.
There's so much of it out there now, you know? [Sighs] Too much.
Out there, it feels like it's all bad, especially when you're alone.
[Sighs] The thing is, though it's not all bad.
It can't be.
It isn't.
Life isn't.
Where there's life, there's hope, heroism, grace, and love.
Where there's life, there's life.
I hope that's not what you're walking away from.
So what if I am? Maybe you don't have to.
I made my own world here.
I found a way to deal with the bad by going a little overboard with all the good.
I just embraced the contradiction.
Maybe you could, too, in your own way.
Like, maybe you could go andnot go.
Yeah, I-I sound like a crazy person.
I get it.
You know, maybe I am.
But I think I can help if you let me.
Why do you care? 'Cause it makes me feel good.
I'll get your stuff together, find somebody I trust to meet you at the gate, so you can go and -- and not go.
We'll see if I'm on to something or if it's just more bullshit.
What do you say? You're sure this is what you want, right? I am.
It's up to you.
It should have always been up to you.
Okay? [Horse whinnies] [Snorts] Got it.
[Sighs] ‭Stay there.
It's good we're here.
[Snorts] ‭How's that? 10 more minutes, and I might start to regret all the times I tried to shoot and stab you.
I think you're my favorite person I ever knocked out.
Definitely top two or three.
[Chuckles] Take care of yourself.
I will.
‭Do you promise? Always watching, always ready, remember? I do.
Thank you.
[Lock clanking] Whoa.
[Gate creaking] [Sighs] [Gate closes] [Walker growls] [Growling] [Growling stops, walker thuds] [Knock on door] [Shiva growls] You really got to try one of these.