The Walking Dead s07e15 Episode Script

Something They Need

1 (announcer) Previously, on AMC's "The Walking Dead".
Get up.
We're breaking you out.
I'm not going with you.
It's not your time.
(Negan) Somebody opened the door for her.
We decided to protect ourselves no matter what.
We would stay hidden, and we would stay alive.
Tara, you've been out further than any of us.
At least you can tell us where not to look.
Yeah, sure thing.
[Walker growling] Tara: They -- [sighs] They have guns.
A lot of them.
I saw it.
Daryl: What? That group.
Um, the women I met.
[Sighs] They have an armory.
They have guns.
Rick: Why didn't you tell us before now? I made a promise, Rick.
[Walkers growling] Do you ever think about who you've killed? Yeah.
[Growling continues] Rick: Are you ready if this goes south? It won't.
If it does, you don't need to feel bad.
I do feel bad.
I will.
Tara you don't have to.
[Growling continues] [Birds chirping, sheep bleating] Maggie: You need to cover this with a tarp.
Eduardo: A tarp? Tarp.
Why? Think about it.
Just tell me.
[Sighs] We want warmth so they'll put out shoots before the fast freeze.
That way, we pull back the tarp, they die naturally, saves on all the endless weeding.
Get to tarping.
You got it, boss lady.
Uh, wait.
[Chuckles] Where are you going? I, uh -- I'm not a farmer.
I need some help here.
No, you don't.
I saw a wild blueberry bush growing outside.
If it's young enough, I'm gonna pull it up and replant it here.
Good one will produce for over 40 years.
We got to start acting like we'll be around that long.
[Hammering] Cool.
Just tarp.
Don't touch.
I'll see how you do after.
[Grunts] Once you're up, watch for the signal.
[Breathing heavily] What time does the clock start? Soon as she's in.
You good? I'm good enough.
I'm glad you came.
I know it's been hard.
I know you don't want this.
Didn't want this, but I'm starting to understand what's on the menu now.
We can hide like these people, we can keep trying to serve The Saviors, and I can watch you get randomly beaten every so often, or else we can fight.
So, here we are.
[Sighs] And being with you, well it makes abject terror tolerable.
I should've tried harder to stop Rosita and Sasha.
If they'd have just waited one more day Well, Sasha's a good shot, and Rosita knows how to take care of herself.
Probably back at Hilltop right now.
Least I hope so.
We're gonna need 'em.
There's a whole lot of people still got to die.
[Lock disengages] [Door creaks open] Hey, there.
You okay? Can I get some water? I should introduce myself.
I'm David.
I wonder if you remember me from last night.
Do you? No.
Well, I can forgive that.
Last night was kind of a shitstorm.
I was the guy that gave the rope to the guys that tied you up.
I always keep some close.
There's just all kinds of fun and interesting things you can do with rope.
God, you're pretty.
If I give you some water, which is not something I'm supposed to do, will you do something for me? Something you're not supposed to do? Will you? [Breathing shakily] Tell me how thirsty you are.
Go to hell.
[Grunts] [Chuckles] Oh, shit.
[Chuckles] Fighting's just gonna make it last longer.
Which, for the record, is fine by me.
[Clangs] David! What the hell are you doing in here? Negan, sir -- Do you really think I need you to answer that? I can see that you're trying to rape this woman.
You were trying to rape this woman, weren't you? This is some unacceptable behavior.
Rape is against the rules here.
I wouldn't wanna be somewhere where it wasn't.
Someone in charge who let something like that fly Whew.
[Breathing quickly] David.
You really crossed a line here.
I'm sorry, sir.
[Breathing shakily] You know what? I do not accept your apology.
[Grunts lightly] [Thuds] Negan: [Sighs] [Whistles] Hey! Get, uh Sasha.
That is a beautiful name.
Get Sasha here a new T-shirt.
I'm sorry you had to see that.
Sorry 'bout the rope, too.
Probably overkill, but you did cause one hell of a fracas last night.
[Chuckling] Oh, shit.
I remember you.
You were there.
[Clicks tongue twice] Oh, hell.
I get it now.
I got to hand it to you.
You've got some beach-ball-sized lady nuts on you, coming in all kamikaze like that.
Big question here, and I need the truth on this one -- Did Rick put you up to this? Rick? Your bitch? No.
[Chuckles] Either way, you must've thought it was gonna be the end, coming in on your lonesome like that.
But that's not the way it's got to go.
Just the opposite.
See, this Well, this could be the beginning.
[Lucille taps lightly] [Sighs] This knife is yours now.
You can try to use it, take me out, but considering I am standing above you, holding a baseball bat, that doesn't seem real smart.
Now, you can use it to slit your wrists, which would be a damn shame, but I get it.
You're obviously not on the shiny side of the street, given recent events.
Now, you can sit there and do nothin', wait for ol' David to come back to life and eat your face, also a damn shame and kinda nuts, but, hell, to each their own.
Or you can use that blade and stop ol' Rapey Davey from becoming Dead-Alive Rapey Davey, save yourself, join the cause.
I know what I'd do.
What? I'm a man short.
Hell, you can't really call this piece of shit a man, but still, I'm short, and you got those beach-ball-sized lady nuts, and I wanna harness the heat comin' off of 'em.
You can help me run this place one day, all of us together, following the rules, workin' on the same side of things.
That's all this was ever about.
And it still can be for you.
I know it's hard to picture, considering what I did.
But, Sasha, we all got shit to get over.
Take some time.
Think about it.
Whatever you decide, so it shall be.
No pressure.
And, again, I am sorry you had to see that, even though I know you have seen some things.
I just want you to understand we are not monsters.
[Door closes, lock engages] [Lock disengages] [Door creaks open] [Door creaks] [Lock engages] What did they do to you? They're keepin' me safe.
I brought you some creature comforts.
Full disclosure, the pillow is not hypoallergenic.
[Sniffs] There was some debate as to whether or not I should come in here.
They said in the event of a hostage situation with the pig sticker that I would fully be on my own.
Just wanted to share that.
Negan relayed to me his offer to you.
It's my opinion that you should accept said offer, just as I did.
I know it's a hold-your-nose situation, but taking up with the management here was indeed the correct select.
You know, I believed I could be brave, that I could be a survivor like Abraham was, and ridin' that RV into the sunset was some of the greatest 37 minutes of my existence.
But I know now that I was full-tilt delusional.
I have never in my life been as scared as I was that night in the woods, kit to the grit, fully believing my number's about to be called, then seeing it happen to someone brave to a survivor.
And then the pants-pissing terror of the rinse and repeat of that very same event -- I just I couldn't.
Being here means I'll never have to again.
And neither will you if you just say "yes.
" Please say "yes.
" He would want you to.
He wouldn't.
I do.
We're still here.
Things have changed.
We can change with 'em.
We have to.
He's, uh, starting to Please.
[Knock on door] [Lock disengages, door creaks open] [Door closes, lock engages] [Growling] [Birds chirping] [Insects buzzing] Don't think I've seen you outside the walls.
Well, I built these walls to use them.
If I want greenery, I eat a salad.
Then why are you here? I was hoping we could talk.
Then I saw you come out here alone.
I was concerned.
Where are your friends? They went out.
They're looking for something they need.
Without you? Now, I'm just wondering -- Why you still here, Maggie? Hmm? With Carson gone I heard you were gonna get him back.
That not true? Was it just something you said? Maggie, you've got to start trusting me.
You know, people are tense, they're worried.
Everybody'd be a hell of a lot better if -- if we could present a-a united front.
It would be a lot easier if we actually were a united front.
You're right.
I need to be more open to working together.
I apologize.
I never intended for things between us to come to this point.
I appreciate that.
It's never too late to change.
You know that? If you're serious, I'll come by later and we can talk more.
[Twig snaps] I thought this'd just take a second.
Would you mind keeping an eye out while I finish up? Could you do that? Happy to.
[Sighs] [Twig snaps] Oh! We got one.
I'll do it.
Uh, uhI'm here to protect the pregnant lady.
Don't need the pregnant lady to protect me.
Have you ever killed one before? I wouldn't be here if I hadn't.
It's fine.
I got it.
[Walker growling] Oh, Jesus.
Do it.
[Growling] [Exclaims] Maggie! Please help me! [Growling continues] [Growling stops] [Groans] [Breathing heavily] You okay? [Breathing heavily] [Retches] [Coughs] He hasn't killed one before.
He's learning.
That's not what he told us.
Thanks for the help.
[Sighs] Ooh.
You catch that yourself? Shit, yeah.
I mean, yeah.
[Chuckles] Gonna go clean it.
[Chuckles] [Door creaks] Tara: Hi.
Stay quiet and put your hands on your head.
We should've just killed you in the village.
You're gonna be glad you didn't.
You're not alone, are you? Sit.
What do you want? I want you to sit.
[Door opens] [Door closes] Tara: Hey, Cyndie.
You promised.
I did.
Put your hands on your head.
I didn't have a choice.
Why are you here? Tara: I said I didn't have a choice.
But you do, both of you do.
My friends are out there right now, and they're gonna take this place, hopefully without firing a shot.
What? You're -- You're gonna "take this place"? What are you talking about? We need your guns.
What? We're gonna fight The Saviors.
You should join us.
The Saviors killed your fathers, your brothers, husbands, sons, and you ran from them.
I thought we got rid of them.
Beatrice said there was more out there, and she was right.
They came back.
They killed my friends.
They killed my girlfriend.
They took us over.
They took everything from us.
We do whatever The Saviors tell us to do, and they think we're still doing that, but we're not.
We're gonna fight them.
And we have other communities beside us, and with Oceanside, we would have an army.
So, that's it? "Thanks for the guns.
You should join us"? If we fight them together, we can beat them.
We have to try.
They'll win, Tara.
I've seen it.
So have you.
Just talk to the leader of my group, Rick.
Just talk, and we don't have to take over this place.
We don't want to.
I can give them the signal to stop this, but you have to tell me right now.
We're not just hiding in the woods.
We're doing something.
We're not giving up.
I didn't want to break my promise, Cyndie, okay? But the world can belong to good people, to fair people, if we're all just brave enough to try.
We are not good, and we are not brave.
Neither you nor me.
She is.
That's why we're in this mess.
[Sighs] Look, Tara, if you take our guns, you might as well be killing us all.
That's what you'll be doing.
We should talk to them.
We can try to stop this.
No, Cyndie.
It doesn't matter.
You can't.
[Screaming] Kathy: Go! Go! [Indistinct shouting] The arsenal! Daryl: On the ground.
Those hands -- Put them on your head.
Your people killing my people? The bombs were outside the walls.
You could've stopped this.
Look, I hope everyone is okay.
I do.
They better be.
Stand up.
It's time to move.
[Inhales sharply] It's my legs.
Stop, stop.
Back up.
Back up.
Cyndie, stop! It's empty.
What? It's unloaded.
We didn't come here to hurt anybody.
Cyndie, give it here.
Natania, just talk to Rick.
Shut up.
[Panting] Everybody down! Hands on your heads.
Everybody stay calm.
Carl: We don't want anyone to get hurt.
Stay down and listen to what we say.
We want this to go as simply and as peacefully as possible.
All of you can make it that way.
Get down over there.
Keep quiet.
Now, we made a lot of noise.
We want to wrap this up quick so you can send people to redirect anything coming this way.
Tara said your forests are relatively clear, so we won't take any chances.
No one needs to get hurt.
This is just about what you have, what we need.
Natania: Nobody's taking anything.
You need to let everyone go and leave right now.
Just walk away or this one dies.
Yeah, we'll leave you alone.
But we're taking your weapons with us.
That's not gonna change.
It's Natania, right? Put the gun down, and let's talk about what we can change.
Leave right now.
Michonne, don't! We just wanna be left alone.
Yeah, we'll leave you alone.
Just let go of her.
Or we'll kill you.
None of us want that.
They want us to fight The Saviors.
We tried that.
We lost.
Too much.
We're not gonna lose anymore -- not our guns, not our safety, not after everything we've done to get here.
We're gonna win -- with your guns, with or without your help.
Natania, put the gun down.
You kill me, and you die.
And my people take the guns and nothing changes.
Maybe we should try.
[Hushed chatter] Grandma, stop.
It's over.
Just talk to them, okay? It's not over! They've forgotten.
You've all forgotten.
Some of you actually want to fight them? After everything? We can lose our guns, but us leaving this place to fight? After everything? I have to remind you! Yes.
I am gonna do this, and then I'm gonna die.
But it's that important.
This is your life, all of you.
Remember what it looks like.
Remember what they did to us! You need to see this.
Open your eyes! Michonne: Rick! Walkers! [Grunts] [Thuds] Rick: Everybody up! Get the children behind us! They're coming.
First shift, join them on the line.
Knives out.
Dead only.
Dead only! Don't go anywhere.
Everyone, shots within 10 feet of the line.
That's it.
[Walkers growling] Now! [Gunfire] [Grunts] [Grunts] [Gunfire] [Gunfire stops] No.
We're not fighting them with you.
So take your damn guns and go.
[Lock disengages] [Door creaks open] You win.
You win.
Get some people in here.
Clean this up.
What? You didn't actually think I was gonna let you keep this, did you? You still got a ways to go before I'll believe you're fully on board here.
Baby steps.
It is absolutely not personal.
If the situation was reversed, I'm sure you wouldn't believe me, either.
Still the way you saved yourself, the way you surrendered to me just now -- That is a damn good start.
But we got to work on some things, Sasha.
But I promise you, I will try to make it fun.
Cards on the table a little birdie told me that Rick and the rest of your people are up to no good.
And, well, that needs to change, and you're gonna help me change it.
We're gonna find us a win-win.
How? What are you -- Hey, I'm gonna get you some stuff to make you more comfortable, let you have a taste of what it is we have to offer.
Spend the night enjoying it, 'cause tomorrow is gonna be a big day.
[Stomps] [Chuckles] [Sighs] Kal! Yeah? I'm gonna need you to drive me somewhere.
You're gonna want to pack a bag.
[Knocks on door] Hello? It's Eugene.
Word in the halls is that you're all-in with things here.
It may not seem like it now, but I assure you, you, too, made the correct select.
Sasha: I was wrong.
Sasha: I can't.
I won't.
I've been sitting here, trying to figure out how I could, with what happened, with our friends still out there, still being hurt by them.
I don't know how I could've said that.
And nowI am trapped.
You have to help me.
I will.
I'll help you get used to the idea and illustrate the equation and demonstrate why -- It was a mistake.
I was ready.
I knew, if I didn't kill him last night, it'd be over.
And I didn't, so it is.
It has to be.
You have to get me something -- a knife, a gun, a razor blade.
For Negan? No! One way or another, he is gonna use me to hurt my friends -- our friends.
[Voice breaking] And there is nothing I can do about it except make sure I'm not alive to give him the chance.
If he has me, he will hurt them.
I have to die.
It's the only way.
I-I don't -- I-I don't think that -- I know you won't do anything to stop them.
I know that.
But, please, Eugene don't let them use me to hurt our people.
[Crying] Please, you have to give me something to stop this -- a gun, a knife, glass.
I don't care.
I have to die.
I I will consider it.
Thank you.
[Bells ringing] [Ringing continues] We don't need all this, do we? [Sighs] Yeah.
Yeah, we do.
It's not just the ones I killed.
I think about the people I didn't kill, too.
[Ringing continues] [Ringing stops] We're gonna bring them back when it's all over.
I-I want to go with you.
Some of us do, but not all of us, and it has to be all of us.
My grandmother thinks you'll all be dead.
Yeah, well, your grandmother's wrong about a lot of things.
Where is she? She didn't want to see this.
She's lying down.
I hit her pretty hard.
Thanks for saving my life before.
And the other time.
Oh, and then the other time.
[Chuckles] Maybe today.
Thank you.
For what you're doing.
You're not leaving us any? Nope.
See ya later, Rachel.
You okay? Yeah.
You're right.
I don't have to feel bad.
[Sighs] [Knock on door] Eugene: Sasha? I'm here.
[Sighs] I've given our last exchange a good, hard pro/con think.
I've decided to grant your request.
Sasha: [Sighs] This will do it.
It's a poison, homemade by yours truly.
It will bring about certain death in approximately 20 to 30 minutes upon the moment of ingestion.
I would like to believe that it's painless.
I am not -- I'm not certain.
I made it at the behest of others for similar reasons, only it came to pass that they were feeding me the bum's steer, so I cut bait.
The difference here is that you and I have been long-time traveling companions, and you have proven yourself to be honest, brave, and fully self-aware.
I'm certain I owe you for things.
You asked me for a way out.
I had access to one.
For the record, I absolutely do not want you to go.
But it sounds to me like you happen to be already gone.
[Gate clangs, creaking] [Engine revving] [Insects chirping] [Vehicle door closes] Hey, are you okay? Where's Sasha? There's someone here.
[Door creaks] [Exclaims] Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down.
Come on.
Whoa! He says he wants to help us.
[Breathing heavily] That true? You want to help? I do.
[Gun cocks] Get on your knees.