The Walking Dead s08e04 Episode Script

Some Guy

1 Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead" [Gunfire] Aah! [Gunfire continues] We will lose not one of our ranks.
Ezekiel: Not one.
We move onward.
[Tiger growling] [Roars] [Man shouts indistinctly] There! Go! [Gunfire] Scatter, now! Cover the King! [ Gunfire ] Ezekiel: No! [Sighs] [Gate creaks lightly] [Shiva growling softly] Fear not, young master Henry.
You will be brave.
Because you are brave.
We face dire challenge and chance.
Our lives our way of life it hangs in the balance, a fragile glass standing on a wire, high above the asphalt, as we pray for not one drop of rain under an overcast sky.
And yet, I smile.
We will fight, and we will bleed and yet I smile.
We shall face men, some cornered into their roles by circumstance, some desperate murderers thrilled by blood.
We shall end them all.
As is our charge this day.
As is our sorrow.
And yet, I smile.
We will leave our loved ones to traverse a dangerous road.
Rushing out of peace into war.
And yet, I smile.
For we will mine glory from the rock of struggle this day.
We will honor and protect this -- this bastion of life in a land of the dead, and we will win.
You trust the king -- we will win.
I smile I laugh I rejoice this day for on this day, we are joined in purpose and vision -- we are of a singular heart and mind.
On this day, we are one! Yeah! ‭[Crowd murmuring] Woman: Yes.
‭Man: Yeah! We are one! [Indistinct shouting] ‭Yeah! We are one! Man #2: Yeah! We are one! [Shouting continues] We are one! We are one! [Grunting] [Gasping] Aah! Aah! [Grunting] [Breathing heavily] Aah! [Breathing heavily] [Grunting] [Screams] [Cries] [Growling softly] [Growling] [Walkers growling] [Grunts] [Grunts] [Grunting] [Dramatic music playing] [Walkers growling] [Grunts] [Grunting, gasping] [Grunts] [Growling continues] [Grunts] [Walker growling] [Gun clicking] [Gun clicks] [Grunting] Oh! [Groaning] [Growls] [Gunshot] Your Majesty! There are too many! [Gunshots] ‭Just go! Can you walk, Your Majesty? With my cane.
I have to.
I got you.
‭[Grunts] I got you.
‭[Groans] You cannot endanger yourself for me.
Your Majesty I have to.
[Growling continues] [Walkers growling in distance] [Soft clattering] [Indistinct conversation] Rudy: Asshats, get those guns, and let's screw the hell off now! Man: We need some help here! What you need is to hurry your asses up! If you're not out of here with those guns by the time I round this corner, I am gonna flay your asses! It is real now! We're almost done! Jesus! [Suspenseful music plays] What the hell? ‭What? Those are the only .
50-cal buckets we got? Got the rest in the pool.
This was just to tear 'em up.
We got at least -- [Gunfire] [Ceiling tile scraping] [Gun clatters] [Breathing heavily] [Gurgling] [Man speaks indistinctly] [Door opens] Let her go! Grab the guns! Shit has to be goin' down at HQ.
We gotta get this shit there now.
Go! [Walkers growling] Have you seen Shiva? Not since we were hit.
[Growling continues] We can get through them -- [Gunshot] ‭[Groans] Hands up.
Let's move "Your Highness.
" [Grunting] [Growling continues] [Cane tapping] [Walkers growling in distance] [Breathing heavily] Forgot about your blade.
Give it to me.
It's how I can walk.
You can keep the cane.
I'm gonna need your help.
We got a big trip ahead of us.
[Groans] Where? ‭Guess.
The Sanctuary? That's right.
The gates are down.
It's surrounded by the dead.
They can't get out.
We can't get in.
Well, maybe you can help me get our big guns over there to help remedy that situation.
[Growling continues] Yago: Ammo's in the truck? Man: There's another three up at Sanctuary and then some.
[Walkers growling] [Breathing heavily] [Grunts] [Gunshot] Hurry up.
Come on! ‭Ohh! [Groaning] You made it this long.
After pulling all the crap you did, you're gonna lie down now? Better the dead be my end than a despot's meaningless foot soldier.
Tell me does Negan know your name? I'm Negan.
Get up.
I will not let you use me to hurt my people.
"Your people"? You mean all those sheep you rooked into thinking you're a king? Yeah, I heard your story.
We all did.
[Screaming] Let's go.
Move! [Groaning] You work at a circus? No.
Yeah, I thought maybe, but nah.
They don't treat animals too nice at the circus.
And that cat just loves you.
It gave you everything, didn't it? Gave you an angle, a story.
Got to hand it to you -- you played your cards good.
You played "your people" good.
They ate that horseshit right up.
[Laughs] They grew food for you.
Built those walls for you.
Hell, look at that.
[Chuckles] You got them all killed -- they're still following you.
But take away that tiger what's left? Just some meaningless con man in a costume.
[Grunts] [Truck hatch creaks] [Gunfire] [Gunfire continues] [Gunfire continues] [Gunfire] [Glass shatters] [Gunfire continues in distance] [Walkers growling] You got people still alive in there? Let it be so.
We're getting into something with wheels, and we're getting out of here.
[Gunshot] [Grunts] Ohh! [Groaning] [Grunts] It's over, okay?! You took your shot -- it's over! [Grunts] [Growling continues] [Gunfire continues] Delusions of grandeur.
[Grunts] ‭Come on.
[Gunfire continues] [Gunfire continues in distance] Dammit! The dead are nearly upon us.
Give me my sword.
We can fight 'em together.
The hell are you doing?! Gettin' out of here.
‭[Grunting] I can't stand on my own.
I can't climb that.
You don't need to.
‭[Grunts] [Groans] [Groans] Is what it is.
Negan was hoping to have your ass chained to the Sanctuary fence You, the Widow Rick.
But your head on a pike will do just fine.
Maybe break it up a little, avoid the obvious symmetry.
[Man screaming] [Screams] [Axe thuds] [Gunfire] [Man whistles] [Gunfire stops] Carol: I can tell you where the others are.
Just let me live! They're hiding out, waiting for other Saviors to show up.
Nice and slow.
I'm unarmed.
Your Majesty, your leg! [Groaning] I'm okay.
[Grunting] [Walkers growling] Jerry I'm going to borrow this for a sec.
Jerry, I can -- [Growling continues] [Grunts] Your Majesty.
You don't need to call me that.
Dude yes, I do.
[Screams] [Screaming] Your people where are they? You can't tell them I told you.
You have to promise.
Please! Hey, do you wanna die? I asked you where your people are -- Lower your guns now! Yago, please, man.
Joey just pooched it.
Light 'em up.
[Gunfire] [Screaming] [Growling] [Grunting] Shitballs.
[Grunts] Yah! Get behind me, Your Majesty.
[Gunfire] [Groaning] [Walkers growling] [Both grunting] [Gunfire continues in distance] Thank you, Your Majesty.
For what? For being such a cool dude.
[Growling continues] [Grunts] [Gunfire continues] [Walkers growling] [Gunfire continues] [Gunfire stops] Carol: We need to end this.
You were lying to us about your friends, huh? Yeah.
I was.
Now, we need to end this.
Walk away, lady.
You're not going anywhere with those guns.
[Scoffs] Nah.
We are.
They got someplace to be.
I've got your pal's ammo.
How many bullets you got left after all those walkers? Three? Four? Why don't you come at us and find out? We're right here.
[Growling continues] [Gunshots] [Grunting] Honey, let's keep talking We got all the time in the world.
[Music intensifies] Have you ever fought before? You've seen me fight.
Before this.
The dead.
A marauder in the woods once.
You fought him? ‭Yes.
Me then Shiva.
I have trained for a very long time.
And I have continued, from long before this till now.
And I have practiced for days on end.
I am ready to become what I must.
"To become"? Yes.
To will myself into what I must be.
I was a zookeeper.
I wasmeek.
Those weekend matinees, those nights.
And then, at work, a 500-pound tiger needed my help.
And as she bled I did not just leap into her enclosure.
I was not seized by any deep-seated instinct.
They were only a few seconds that passed but I deliberated.
I thought about doing it, weighing the risk ‭of approaching such a beast.
And I thought about not doing it.
I stood there, considering who I'd be in either iteration.
And I decided I wanted to be the one who leapt.
So, many years later Benjamin was the one who told me what I already knew, but couldn't hear "If you're asked to be the hero be the hero.
" I'm now ready.
I've deliberated.
I've made the decision on who I will be.
Was it easier for you? Or have you always been this way? This strong? This brave? Or did you decide to be who you are today? I decided.
Just like you.
But life ‭decided some things, too.
It does.
It will.
[Grunting] [Walkers growling] [Gunfire] [Grunts] [Keys jingling] Are you okay? Did they get the guns? Nothing we can do about it.
[Lock clicks] [Growling continues] [Grunts] I've got the King.
[Grunting] We have to get word to Rick! If they ferry those machine guns to the Sanctuary [Engine revs in distance] They're not getting them to the Sanctuary.
[Engine revving] [Gunfire] [Tires screech] [Gunfire] [Engine revs] Aah! [Engine revs] [Engine shuts off] [Leaves rustling] Rick: Hey.
[Grunting] [Panting] We got the guns.
You look like shit.
Let's go see if this asshole's alive.
[Walkers growling distance] [Ezekiel grunting] Jerry: Your Majesty! This ain't gonna work.
You gotta leave me.
I'm slowing you down.
You don't get to do that.
[Gunfire] Come on.
I'm almost out of ammo.
[Grunting] [Growling continues] [Suspenseful music plays] I can't You can't.
Y-You two have to just go.
[Grunts] Lower him down to me.
[Growling continues] [Grunts] [Growling continues] Carol: Ezekiel! Just go! I'll hold them off! Ezekiel, we can get you away.
You can't! [Grunting] I can't leave you, Your Majesty.
[Grunts] C'mon, man, just go! You're my king! No, I'm not! I'm not your King! I'm not "Your Majesty"! [Grunts] ‭[Body thuds] Look at what's in front of us! That's what's real! Go.
I ain't no king! I ain't nothing.
I'm just some guy.
Some guy who found [Shiva growling] Shiva C'mon.
[Growling] [Grunting] Shiva! Shiva! Run, girl! No! No! [Growling continues] Please, Jerry! Dammit, let me help her! [Flesh tearing] You can't.
[Walkers growling] [Growling continues] [Groans] [Metal gate opens] [Gate creaks softly] [Gate thuds]