The Walking Dead s08e11 Episode Script

Dead or Alive Or

1 Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead" All of you in one place.
You're sure going to Hilltop's the best plan? Gabriel he believes he's on a mission from God to return you to Hilltop to attend to the birthing of Maggie and Glenn's child.
You're doing the right thing.
Get them in.
Starting now, we'll keep the prisoners here.
We'll feed them.
We won't mistreat them.
DWIGHT: I can't go back.
I want you to win.
I want Negan to die.
Carson and the priest.
Might've split overnight, maybe this morning.
Jeremy's green sedan is MIA, so could be in that.
Go for standard search and cover in our pereter around Hilltop.
- Eyeballs open.
- [STATIC CRACKLES] Patrol Four copies.
MEL: C'mon, let's hurry it up.
[ENGINE STARTS] [SLOW MUSIC PLAYS] [BREATHES SHARPLY] Best to stay off the roads, head into the woods right there.
Come on.
- DWIGHT: I'll cover you.
- [GRUNTS] Tara! What? It got away.
He can handle it.
Just keep 'em moving.
MAN: Let's move out of here.
Did you hear them talking on the walkie about Carson and Gabriel? Yeah.
Probably heading to Hilltop, same as us.
- [WALKER GROWLING] - Hopefully better than us.
CARSON: So, you have no idea where we are? GABRIEL: Well, that depends.
Have we passed the "Linus Overpass" yet? I don't know.
I mean, maybe last night.
It was dark.
We [SCRAPING, CLINKING IN DISTANCE] Did you hear that? Hear what? [WALKER GROWLING] Why are you? Do you normally wear glasses? No.
I j-just Is your vision blurring? [GROWLING SOFTLY] If this infection is attacking your optical nerves, it could permanently damage your eyesight.
We We're doing what we're supposed to be doing.
And you're supposed to be back at the Hilltop for Maggie.
It's going to be okay.
All of it.
Just have some faith.
We're on the right path, even if we're on the wrong road.
You have a serious complication, and we are dangerously lost.
Do you really think God is leading the way? He's always leading the way.
That's great.
Well, maybe we should let Him drive for a little while.
[WALKER GROWLING, CHAIN SCRAPING] I mean, we should let him inside.
Been leaving all those footprints along the side of the road.
[LAUGHS] [GROWLING CONTINUES] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [ENGINE SPUTTERING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] [BIRD CHIRPING] All right, what about that mile marker right there? Can you see that from here? No.
[SCOFFS] Stupid.
I was stupid to let you leave that place.
Then why did you? Because you're sick.
I stashed away some antibiotics at the Hilltop before we were raided.
Well, then, there isn't any reason why they aren't still there.
We'll find another car, - we'll get there, and then we'll - [CLANKING IN DISTANCE] What? You hear that? [CLANKING] There.
[CLANKING CONTINUES] Almost like a bell.
[INSECTS CHIRPING] [CLANKING, WALKER GROWLING] We shouldn't risk leaving the road.
Look out.
[GROWLING] It's coming from up here.
Gabriel! [CLANGING CONTINUES] It's not a bell, but this place may just be our salvation.
Gabriel, this place does not scream salvation.
Where are they? They needed rest.
They're exhausted.
They haven't slept.
[SCOFFS] All right, 10 minutes.
Then we keep goin'.
I'm gonna go back, cover our tracks.
I'll go with you.
I have a question.
Is there a reason why he's still breathing? Fight ain't over.
It is for him.
I'm done waiting.
Not now.
Not yet.
He's right.
Dwight could have an angle we don't know about.
He could help.
He wants to.
Can't give that up yet.
We just lost the kid.
Let's just stop.
At least until we get to the Hilltop.
Don't need to.
But maybe you can make Henry eat something.
I'm fine.
Maybe you can, and I can take over.
JARED: Morgan? It's Morgan, right? The kid is creeping people out.
Maybe you can, you know, move him along.
Listen, you don't want him here.
Saviors are gonna roll up and let us out, and, hell it ain't gonna be pretty.
Which one of you killed my brother? CAROL: Go find Jerry.
Tell him to get you something to eat.
- But I don't wa - Hey.
[HAMMERING CONTINUES] Why don't we tell him? You know why.
He's a child.
He's done too much already.
He's gonna live 'cause he knows how.
Doesn't bother him.
He's fine with it.
He's not.
He just doesn't know it yet.
He's not fine, Morgan, and you aren't, either.
Take a break.
This crap was supposed to be behind us.
Two flushes and out the pipe.
Top it all off, my only doctor and that creepy-ass priest somehow managed to jump ship without anybody knowing about it.
[CHAIR CREAKS LIGHTLY] You have any idea how something like that could happen, Eugene? No, I would not venture to guess.
Carson was never one of us.
He was a weasel, just like his weasel brother.
That's my best stab at it.
Drawing together associations and behaviors That's a solid stab.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] Well, once their asses are caught and dragged back here And they will be I'm gonna get the whole story out of 'em.
One way or another, yes, I will.
And Alexandria What went down there? Do you care? Do you care, Eugene, after they tried to blow you off the face of this Earth? Your message is stamped "received" and very much appreciated.
Oh, well, good.
You see, I got some news for you, Eugene.
You are gonna be in charge of your very own outpost.
You see, I need my bullet maker making bullets.
Cutting a path through the dead took a toll on our reserves.
So now you get the honors of providing me with the necessary bang-bang I'm gonna need to settle this whole situation with Rick for good.
And all that about people being resources and whatnot? [CHUCKLES] Bullets are the last resort.
I mean, hell, Lucille here She gets first dibs.
But if Rick and his merry band of pricks decide to pull some shit, then we're gonna have to pull some right back that we'd rather not.
That'll be on them.
Not you.
Not me.
I'm gonna set you up at that machine shop that you told me about.
You're gonna have a full security detail at your disposal Everything that you need to keep your head in the game.
Got Frankie there giving you massages Tanya cooking.
You know that gal was a chef? I pictured her in social sciences.
Maybe running a drapes factory.
Will there be wine? There will, indeed.
What are you doing? Trying to read what this says.
You need to be lying down on that couch.
You're lucky we found this place when we did.
Luck had nothing to do with this.
The person who lived here, they were a radio operator.
It could tell us something about where we are.
"To anyone who can hear my voice, know that you're not alone.
Please holon.
We can make it through this if we don't give up.
If we keep believing" I mean, it's just a script.
- It's not gonna help us.
- Maybe not.
But it sounds like it helped others.
"No signal," "no signal," "no signal.
" I mean, going by the logs, I don't think so.
It still might have.
Maybe this person reached other people and never found out.
Maybe just by saying it over and over again, this person had reason to believe it.
Maybe it gave them the strength to go on, even if they didn't reach anyone else.
CARSON: Yeah That didn't happen.
If they're smart, they'll cover all these passes between here and Hilltop.
We have to keep moving.
We'll just have to risk it.
Maybe you don't have to.
Negan won't send his people down into this stretch of swamp, not if he doesn't have to.
Yeah? How do you know that? Negan wanted to map the best routes with cover from the Sanctuary to the Hilltop.
He He decided the swamp was too dangerous.
Didn't think it was worth the risk.
You aren't seriously gonna listen to him.
It's too dangerous for the Saviors, so you're gonna send us? - Are you kidding me? - [SCOFFS] They have us boxed in.
TOBIN: Tara has a point.
Why should we trust him? He could turn on us like he turned on his own people.
I didn't just turn on 'em.
I killed 'em.
Daryl saw it.
Rosita saw it.
You saw it.
But one of them got away So if they find me, Negan puts my head on a pike.
I'm not working for them, and I'm not going back to them.
I chose my side.
This is it.
I'm here to help you beat Negan.
After that [SIGHS, CHUCKLES] well, I know how it ends.
All right.
We try the swamps.
Bertie and I finished the inventory.
[DOOR CREAKS] How bad? By our count, you're gonna have to cut rations by another third just to make it through the week.
This number include the prisoners? It's worse if you include the prisoners.
Jesus is still out scavenging.
He could bring back something.
[DOOR OPENS] [BLOWS] [CLICKING] I told you You need to be lying down.
I'm fine.
Gabriel, you have to listen to me.
You are fighting a serious infection.
And you need to be in there Can you read what any of these are? [PILLS RATTLING] [PILL BOTTLES CLACKING] What? [BREATHES SHARPLY] These are both antibiotics.
[BREATHES SHARPLY] This man may have just saved your life.
I'm not saying a word.
This works, it don't change shit.
Everything I did, it was for Sherry.
That doesn't make it right.
Or something that should be forgiven.
But it's the truth.
Only one I got left.
She's the one that let you out.
Then she ran.
She's out here? Somewhere.
I hope.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] [WALKER GROWLING] [CROSSBOW FIRES] We have to be careful, but we can do this.
DARYL: Push through.
Clear a path for the others.
Count me in.
I'll go.
If I can have the crossbow You can't.
You'll stay right there.
You coming? I'm gonna hang back, watch over the group.
DARYL: Come on.
Let's get this done.
Thank you for speaking with me.
What do you want, Gregory? I know we haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye on anything.
Loyalties have been questioned, fingers have been pointed All of that aside, you have to admit that, since you threw me in here, my behavior has been pretty good.
You're staying in, Gregory.
What? So you're not gonna hear me out? You can't just leave me in here forever.
Give me a reason to kill you, and I won't have to.
He's right, you know.
[HAMMERING CONTINUES] We've been good.
We've done everything you've told us to do.
And still, last night, you took one of us out and Yeah, I know what I did.
The longer you treat us like the enemy, - the more we're gonna act - You are the enemy.
I don't think we have to be.
What do you want? Time outside the pen for good behavior.
You know, one at a time, a couple minutes a day, some some shade, excise.
You can have all the guns on us you like.
What do you say? I don't have the resources to oblige you, even if I wanted to.
So, that's it, then? No.
I'm cutting off your rations.
A few days, maybe longer.
- GREGORY: What? - Maggie My people come first.
I don't have a choice.
I think you do.
We clear 'em out.
That's how we get our people through.
- You ready? - Yeah.
[WALKERS GROWLING] [FLESH TEARING] [WALKER GROWLING] Who wants to help me take care of that? Congratulations.
You just volunteered.
Well your fever appears to have broken [SIGHS] But your eyesight Well, if there'sot some improvement soon, I'm afraid you're looking at permanent damage.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry I'm going to live? [SCOFFS] You know what I mean.
Losing your vision.
In this.
The thought of that doesn't scare you? Or piss you off, even a little bit? I'm letting Him lead the way.
[CHUCKLES] I can't even see it, but I can feel the look on your face.
[SIGHS] I'm not saying God led us to this place.
That this is some scavenger hunt He's put us on.
But to search for meaning in this moment simply by looking around Or Or feeling [BANK SHATTERS] You gotta be shitting me.
What? It's car keys and a map.
Here we go Barrington House Living History Museum.
We We can't be more than a few miles off.
[GROWLING] [GROWLING STOPS] [WALKER THUDS] You could cover me with the knife.
I could, but I'm covering you with this.
Sure you don't want it? And waste a bullet? No thanks.
I'm sorry about Denise.
I don't expect you to forgive me.
I don't deserve it.
I just wanted you to know, that's all.
[GROWLING] - [GROWLING STOPS] - [GRUNTS] [WALKER THUDS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] You should've stayed with the Saviors.
I hate Negan.
Don't care.
You don't get to switch sides and make it okay.
I know I don't.
I never will.
But killing me right now, like this What's that gonna do? It's gonna make me feel a hell of a lot better.
[GUNSHOT] [PANTING] I knew it was gonna happen.
[PANTING] I just wanted to help you win first.
MAN: Just sayin' they'd be idiots to risk it is all.
Least we can say we checked MAN #2: Still rather be us than J-Money right now.
Let's hope the car's actually in the garage.
It is.
[CHUCKLES] I think I might have had some help.
[LAUGHS] MAN: The swamp's that way.
Let's cut through there.
Dwight? WOMAN: The hell happened to you? We thought you were dead! It was an ambush.
You know, they shot us to hell, but I got away.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Spent the whole night hiding You know, running from the dead ones Trying to make it back.
What happened to Laura? I thought she mighta made it out, too.
Yeah, I'm sorry, D.
No one's seen her.
So, what are you doing out here? MAN: Trackin' the Alexandrians.
WOMAN: 'Bout to check the swamp, see what we can see.
I just came from there.
They were smart enough to steer clear.
Now, if I were them, I'd stick closer to Burke's Pass.
Good cover, straighter shot.
Yeah, lead the way, D.
Barely recognized you without your vest.
WOMAN: Lucky we didn't shoot your ass.
What were you doing? Making sure you were okay.
I saw you running after him.
Why didn't you try and stop me? No one could've stopped me.
I told you to wait! For all we know, he could be tellin' 'em everything! Negan could be on his way here right now! He isn't.
He won't.
He led them away.
They were coming right for us, and he saved us.
She's right.
He did.
I saw it.
I don't give a damn what he did.
He can stick with them, he can come back Hell, he can run.
When I find that son of a bitch, I'm gonna C'mon.
You, uh, sure you don't want me to drive? I really don't mind.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Yeah, I'm sure.
[WEAPONS COCK] DEREK: Hands up, assholes.
[GRUNTING] [PANTING] They must've heard the gunfire.
He's still leading the way.
Believe it, and you'll see it.
I think I do see it.
[GUNSHOT] C'mon, man! That's the doctor, damn it! That's our asses.
Get your damn gun, and get in the cab.
Let's get the hell out of here.
[CRYING] [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYS] How did he die? Was it them? He was helping a stranger.
In the middle of all this, he was helping a stranger.
[HAMMER POUNDING] You asked about your brother.
Who killed him.
It was Gavin.
Just wanted to thank you for your hospitality.
It's not much.
You're wrong.
It's everything.
Do you have a hospital here, some kind of infirmary? Are you hurt? [SCOFFS] No, I'm fine.
I just have some medical experience.
Thought I could pitch in and help.
In the trailers.
Thank you.
Big Shot.
You were destined for this.
Nobody on the line without gloves and proper eye protection.
I just thought I could help.
Maybe you could show me how to make one.
You can help by taking my dinner order, relaying it to Tanya via the longrange.
Eggs will do nicely.
Dancing with tomatoes.
One tomato omelet You got it.
No fold over.
I'm talkin' a scramble.
Several of them, actually.
For my crew.
No damn tomatoes.
Peppers, lots of 'em.
As many as you got.
You heard the man.
And I'd like said repast set up over here, in the Northwest corner, which I hereby designate as this workplace's official cafeteria, break room, and motivational presentational cubby.
And my brow will soon be in need of wiping.
Lookee what I found.
And he told me a very interesting story about how he made his way out of our lovely home.
It was Carson.
Did I call it or what? I am agog.
But why bring him here? Well, you need an extra set of hands to sort out those bullet casings, right? Apparently, his eyes don't work for shit, but he does have a set of hands.
We'll see if it helps.
I only have a few bullets as it is Quality munitions, but the quantity is full-on scant.
It's still gonna be a few more days before we have any sort of supply to speak of.
[SIGHS] [SUCKS TEETH] See, Eugene that simply doesn't work for me.
I think a more biblical approach for maximum fright may be in order.
We could rig several medieval-style catapults, start launching undead arms, legs, torsos over their defenses, maybe heads or, you know, big piles of guts.
You know, pure psych-ops.
I mean, there's some really traumatic theatrics there.
Thank you.
I do believe a rose just sprang out of that pile of shit.
Let's roll.
Big day tomorrow.
[WHISTLING] [DOOR CLOSES] I thought I thought I found it.
What I was meant to do You have.
So have I.
Now get sortin'.
[CLAPPING HANDS] Let's pick up the pace.
[HAMMER POUNDING IN DISTANCE] [METAL CLANKS] Prisoners will be taken out in pairs, under armed guard, for work, exercise, and, if necessary, medical attention.
[CHAIN CLINKS] You'll start by cleaning the stables.
What about food? Quarter rations - Same as all of us.
- Margret Don't say anything that'll make me put you back in there.
I-I appreciate this.
I-I do.
The Saviors are still coming.
Barely any food left, supplies just stretched out to nothing.
M-Maybe we ought to consider evacuation.
Evacuation? Yeah.
We run, we live.
I mean how can we win? Look around, Gregory.
How can we lose? KAL: Open the gates! It's Rick! [WALKERS GROWLING] You all know how it works.
You get a bite, some kind of wound from one of these things, something from them gets in you, and you die.
You join the club which sucks.
What if we could use that to our advantage? [GROWLING] [LIQUID DRIPPING] Ah, you see how Lucille is getting to know our beautiful, cold friend here? [GROWLING] That's it.
No more smashing and bashing.
With this Well, this, it can just be a touch.
Or a big, wet kiss.
Either way, this gets you full membership, and that's what we want.
We want people to join the club.
Hilltop is gonna learn to toe the line one way or another, dead or alive Or some kinda shit in between.