The Walking Dead s09e13 Episode Script


Previously on "The Walking Dead" We got ourselves a projector bulb.
We did.
Keep your head down.
We're leaving.
Not without Lydia.
No, the girl stays.
Then so do I.
- Now.
- Come on! You all right? This isn't the way back to Hilltop Tara made a deal with those assholes.
We broke it.
We ain't going back to Hilltop.
He's right.
There's too many of them.
Alpha would destroy Hilltop to get me back now.
And why didn't you tell us there was that many of them? You kept me locked in a cage.
What did you expect? I wasn't going to betray my own people! Well, maybe you should go back to 'em.
Henry didn't know what he was getting his ass into, but you sure as hell did.
I thought I could go back.
I can't.
Well, you ain't coming with us.
Hey, we could run.
Me and her.
You guys go back, and and we keep running.
They can't blame Hilltop if we just disappear.
Henry, we can't.
Let me fix this.
There's no way in hell I'm letting you run away with this one.
No way.
Think of your mom! No, she's right.
Come on.
We gotta go.
Come on.
It's this way.
Yeah, this way.
Dog! I'm going to be one of them.
But you will always be one of us.
Find his wife.
Tell her the change is coming to him.
Did you find them? No, but we're on their trail.
Get a fighting unit ready to set out.
Lydia will walk with us again or they will all walk with the guardians.
I'm starting to think this thing might actually come together.
Was there ever a doubt? Yeah.
I had a couple.
Not me.
This is what we fought so hard for.
The chance to be different people.
Not warriors.
After everything we went through to get here we couldn't possibly give up now.
Looks like Jerry's knocking off early.
What happened to their armor? Hey, buddy.
Are you all right? I'm good.
For reals.
We need to talk to the King.
We got jumped.
We were clearing walkers off the roads, and they totally bushwhacked us.
Took all our stuff and gave us this.
"We are the Highwaymen.
The roads surrounding the Kingdom belong to us.
All visitors attempting to travel to your fair will be turned back unless you pay our toll" It's a list of goods for a ransom.
And a map with instructions for payment.
They must've been watching and heard me talking about the fair and I'm sorry, boss.
I screwed up.
No, Jerry.
The trade fair is hardly a secret, and we need it because we are low on food and supplies.
We couldn't pay these pirates if we wanted to.
Any idea who they are? There was a rumor going around Hilltop that some renegade Saviors had taken up around here Jed's group, I heard.
We didn't see them out there, but it could be his people.
No, it wasn't them.
Saviors don't write letters.
If Jed's group was out there, something must have happened to them for these "Highwaymen" to move in on their territory.
Um, your majesties the peeps we invited are counting on us to keep the roads safe.
We have to do something.
What say you, my queen? Jerry's right.
This fair could be our last chance.
Gather every fighter we can spare.
It never ends, does it? The storm must've knocked it down.
We got to get the road cleared before Alden's convoy meets up with us.
- We'll set up a perimeter.
- Okay.
Come on.
I should give them a hand.
Like you haven't hurt yourself enough lately.
Oh, and I suppose you're getting younger? Are you kidding? After being up all night with this little bundle of joy? My back is shot to hell.
That little baby deserves something better than a couple of old farts like me and you Especially you.
We'll We'll find him a nice family.
It just feels so good having a little one to hold.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Is there anything I can do? I'm kind of going crazy over here.
Connie's gonna be okay, all right? She's with Daryl.
More like Daryl's gonna be okay He's with Connie.
They're gonna catch up with that kid and meet us at the fair.
Know what? They're probably already waiting for us.
You can help haul and chop.
Take the high ground? Yeah.
Good idea.
Come on.
I don't understand.
They use walkers to protect themselves, right? So we go up someplace the walkers can't go.
We separate the living from the dead.
They travel in a herd, but there's only like five or six of them in the middle, right? Yeah, but if we go up there, we're trapped.
Alpha's not gonna send an army 'cause she doesn't have to.
She'll send Beta.
I'm sick of running.
This Beta He their best? Good.
We'll kill him first.
Come on.
Two guards.
They've got guns.
Can you take them both out before one starts shooting? Sure.
Just like old times.
They have guns.
This fair was meant to be a symbol.
A hope for a better future.
But it looks like violence is the only currency of this future, same as the old one.
Ezekiel, maybe Maybe we should try talking to them.
What makes you think thugs like this would listen? They took my sword.
They could have killed you You and your crew.
But they didn't.
I mean, they sent a letter, for crying out loud.
A grammatically correct one, too.
That sounds pretty civilized, doesn't it? With all due respect, Your Highness, screw their letter.
It was a grammatically correct death threat, yo.
No, it wasn't.
It just says that visitors to the fair won't be allowed to pass.
These pirates have their knives at the Kingdom's throat.
What if you're wrong? It has risks.
We'll talk to them and if I'm wrong and they don't listen Then we'll kill them.
That stairwell's already barricaded.
I guess you know that.
A little secret stash for emergency? Smart.
All right.
There's only two ways up That's good.
I think these barricades are a little too barricaded.
So, we'll cut open holes so that they can walk up here.
All right? Thanks.
This place is good.
This might work.
All right, "Then what?" Then we go.
If we take her back, my friends die Your friends, too.
Give me this.
This meeting is with the King alone! The King and Queen rule together! That wasn't the deal.
We didn't have a deal.
So, are we gonna do business or not? You were supposed to bring me something.
We're not paying your toll.
We came to discuss alternative solutions.
Well, how about this for an "alternative solution"? If the Kingdom won't pay to use our roads maybe they'll pay for you.
They can't pay with what they don't have.
Well, you got food and clean water.
We'll take whatever you got.
We need what we've got.
So do we.
What you ask threatens the future of our community.
And we will fight to stop you from taking it.
All right.
I'm listening.
We'd like to offer you a job.
We need help keeping the routes to Kingdom clear.
So instead of threatening the roads, you and your people keep them safe for us.
And Jerry would very much like his sword back.
So, what exactly do we get for doing this job of yours? You and your people will be granted access to the Kingdom and the fair.
Is that supposed to be a joke? It's a trade market.
That's the point.
What good are all the things you steal if you can't trade for the things you need? You're gonna have to do better than that.
All right When's the last time any of you have seen a movie? Seriously? Lydia.
I, uh, found it in a coat closet.
Sharpened the tip.
Yours doesn't have a point.
No, I don't need one.
I just thought a spear would be easier for you.
Easier to kill, you mean? These are my people.
They've looked out for me for most of my life.
I can't I can't do it.
No, it's okay.
Then don't.
Will you? I'll try not to.
I promise.
Why are you doing this? Well, you didn't want to go back, did you? No, but that That's no reason - for you to risk your life for me.
- Sure, it is.
I mean, I just wasn't gonna let them take you if you didn't want to go.
It was the right thing to do.
No, it was a stupid thing to do.
You made my mother look weak.
She won't let this go.
- She can't.
- Then we'll run.
Will you stop? There's no place we can go where she won't find us.
Come on, sure, there is.
Lydia there's a whole world out there.
Did you mean what you said last night? That you'd go with me? Yeah.
I did.
Why did you come for me? For real, this time.
Tell me why.
I care about you.
Come on, we're headed up to keep watch.
Hey, Tara.
Sickos headed this way.
How many? Maybe 10.
It's hard to tell.
They're coming out of the trees.
We can handle 'em.
Yeah, but it could be those psychos in the skin suits.
- Earl, can you hitch the horses? - I'm on it.
Kal, Oscar, with me.
You three, guard the wagon.
Stay sharp.
Come on.
Watch their hands.
Keep your eyes open for weapons.
Earl! Behind you! It's okay.
Don't worry, little baby.
We've got you.
We've got you.
No, Tammy, just run! Shut up, Earl! I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Who the hell are you guys? We're the Highwaymen.
We're your escorts to the fair.
At your service.
They're coming.
Spread out.
All right, they're here.
Let's go.
North stairwell.
Take half.
Leave them no way out.
You're with me.
Come on, boy.
Guardians can't climb over that.
Won't stop us.
Not meant to.
It's a trap.
Go ahead.
Get in.
What the hell? No, I want to help.
How you gonna help if you ain't gonna fight? No, you'll just get in the way.
Get in.
Anybody comes through this door, he'll take 'em down.
If that happens, you run.
Thank you.
Ohh! Ohh! Henry! No! - Henry! - Lydia.
Lydia, I'm sorry.
I-I tried not to kill anyone, but I-I don't know I think No, no, no.
It's It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
I hate this.
Me, too.
No, no! The girl Where is she? Where is she? Ohh! You and your people are nothing to me.
Your world is already dead.
All I want is the girl.
And who's this precious angel? Well, this little fellow lost his parents.
So we brought him here to find someone who might take him in.
But Earl, I'm not letting go of this baby.
I'd say he already has a good home.
The very best.
- Hi.
- Hi! Hi.
Where's Henry? - He's not here yet? - Mnh-mnh.
What about Daryl? We were meeting them here.
Where exactly are they? All right.
All right, we should go.
You figure out where we're going? Alexandria's closest.
So we'll get you stitched up there.
No, we can't.
If her people find out we're there, everybody Hell, we ain't staying.
We'll get you back on your feet, and then we'll move on.
All of us.
No, but No, but where are we going? I heard there's a whole world out there.
Come on.