The Walking Dead s09e16 Episode Script

The Storm

Previously on "The Walking Dead" Alexandria is willing to grant asylum to Lydia.
She's one of us now.
Hilltop's in danger, it's 'cause of me.
Please, Mama, I just want you to go.
I was just trying to make you strong.
But you're not one of us.
You never were.
I've marked the border to the north.
You'll see it as you leave.
Your friends will be waiting for you in a field due north.
No! Don't look.
Don't look.
Finally broke.
And we can't fix it.
I kept trying to hold on.
We did.
But things fall apart.
The cold set in.
Fires raged.
The rot spread.
It's knowing when to keep fighting and knowing when it's over.
If only for now.
We need help.
From the storms to come.
Make sure you eat something.
We gotta get these folks to Hilltop.
But we'll never forget the magic we felt in this place.
The love.
The acts of courage.
Cowards die many times before their deaths.
The valiant never taste of death but once.
They were the valiant.
As we head into an uncertain future, we must be valiant, too All of us.
No one can agree on what to do next.
And the Council cannot come to any security resolutions? Everyone's still reeling, between Jesus, Tara, and the others we lost.
And still nothing from Maggie.
The Council sent another letter, but we haven't heard anything back.
Well Is that them? People watching us now, huh? Well, we followed their rules.
Haven't they done enough to us? Hey.
Why don't you lay off.
You don't have to protect me.
I know how they feel about me.
Don't mean they get to talk to you like that.
Just I don't want to cause any more problems.
It's their problem, not yours.
Henry wanted her here.
When no one else did.
She's a good kid.
Every time I look at her, all I see is him.
Who do you see when you look at me? I see you.
Hey, boss? Barometer's taking a nosedive.
We've got a mother of a storm coming.
We'll have to travel through the night if we have any hope of making it to the next way station before it hits.
They're both dead.
Well We could keep each other warm.
Uh, the peanut's listening.
I did the systems check on the state of the array, as requested, and the solar panels are no bueno.
Best bet is to go old school to keep toasty.
I'd advise initiating winter one ice-storm protocol.
The meeting room, Aaron's house, and Barbara's have the largest working fireplaces.
We'll divide into those.
I'll get the word out.
We'll gather up dry firewood, stock up, get cozy, and ride it out.
We can't leave Negan.
He'll freeze down there.
We have to let him out.
Keep going.
We'll catch up.
You given much thought to your plans after this? No, unh-unh.
Why? The past few months have been difficult for Carol and I.
I'm hoping for a fresh start with her at Hilltop, and it'd be easier if it was just us.
You think that's what Carol wants? Carol wants the same thing I do.
To hold our son again.
I'm not trying to be a bad guy here, man.
I just want to get back a piece of what I lost.
What we lost.
After everything, you think you could give me that? Weather's already kicking in.
Even if we hauled ass overnight, we'd never make it.
We need to get off the roads, find shelter between here and the next way station.
You have a place in mind? Yeah.
People actually lived here? Welcome to the Sanctuary.
I swear to God, I have memorized every square inch of this room.
And it still feels like a party.
A never-ending party from hell.
I mean, sure, all right.
It smells like a goddamn barn in here, all bored shitless, but Language! Sorry.
Sorry, kiddo.
But, I mean, we've got ourselves this hot little love quadrangle here to entertain us.
It's like Christmas to me.
Well, maybe they're just as miserable at Aaron's or Barbara's.
Gabe, your girl's doc is also your girl's baby daddy, which kind of begs the question Do you ever wonder what the hell was going on in there when she has her "appointments"? You could try to be a little less predictable.
That hurts, Gabe, truly.
You know, we're all grown-ups here.
And none of us would ever let that ruin the longstanding friendships and mutual respect we have.
You know what? You're right.
That is a very mature attitude, Father "Not The Father.
" Ha! Is that unpredictable enough for you? Jude, don't sit so close to the window.
Hey, kiddo, you still worried about that mutt? Daryl told me to take care of him while he helped the Kingdom move to Hilltop.
I don't know where he is.
Does anybody else smell something? Can you stop being such an asshole? No, he's right.
Something does smell funky in here.
Get away from there.
As I suspected.
The chimney flue is completely gunkified.
What singed your nostrils earlier was no doubt a toxic mixture of creosote and H2O.
Blizzard's done some tearing and blaring.
And our chimney's ventilation capabilities are nil to none.
It'd be unwise to spark up another blaze lest we plan on ceasing all respiratory functions, a.
smoking and choking.
God, I missed you, Eugene.
I can't say the same.
You know, without a fire, we'll never get these people warm enough.
Yeah, we should leave before the temperature drops any lower.
Okay, folks, contingency plan.
We're going to Aaron's house.
It'll be tight quarters, but we'll make it work.
Seriously? Not one of you assholes is gonna untie me? We could tell Michonne it was an accident.
Okay, okay.
You okay? Mm.
We're gonna make it.
All right? We will.
Something happened back there with you and Ezekiel? No.
He only blames you because he can't let himself blame me.
I feel like I'm losing myself again.
I'm really trying to hang on, but I don't I don't know what I'm doing.
I could take her away from here.
I can keep her safe on my own.
You want to go? No.
No, I don't.
What do you want me to do? The snow's never hit this hard this early.
It could last for days, but we can't.
Not here.
We don't have enough.
Maybe if I head to the way station, bring back supplies.
Yeah, I thought of that, too.
But we might get caught out there in this and leave them worse off.
Let me see your map.
The next way station is here, right across the river that runs alongside the old route B.
I thought the only crossing was back along - the route we were on.
- It is.
There's no way we'll make it, not in these conditions.
Rick's bridge would've saved us.
It could've cut half a day off our travel time.
But we don't need a bridge.
The creeks and ponds are frozen over.
As long as we don't all go at once, we could probably just walk across.
There, through our old hunting grounds.
It's a straight shot.
A straight shot through Alpha's territory.
We didn't agree to those borders.
Those borders are hers, not ours.
That's cold comfort if we trigger a war.
We don't even know how to fight them yet.
It's only a couple miles Hey, we can cross at night.
They won't know that we're there.
What if they already know? They could've been watching us in that field back there.
It's all the more reason to move now.
We can do this.
With the elderly? With the children? We can't take horses and wagons across the ice.
Then we'll have to go by foot.
Yes, it's risky, but we're only carrying enough food to last us another day or two, and this storm could dump enough snow to make these roads impassable for weeks.
It's either we make it to the next way station or we die.
I'm sorry.
I wish there was another way.
I just want to do right by them.
The Kingdom fell.
I should've seen it coming, gotten us out sooner.
My people wouldn't be here like this if it wasn't for me.
No, they wouldn't be.
'Cause they wouldn't be here at all.
All this time we spent apart I thought it made us stronger.
It didn't.
That woman was able to walk amongst us because we didn't know each other.
We can never let that happen again.
And we've come too far to give up.
The Kingdom hasn't fallen.
It's right here.
And that charter we signed, it means something.
It means that these people aren't just yours anymore.
They're ours.
And we're gonna get them home.
If they see us crossing that border, it could start something.
So we make sure that they don't.
Dog! Wait! Dog! No! Judith! Judith! No! Negan! Do not let go! Judith! Keep going! Hold the rope! Judith! There's the river.
We made it.
I'm gonna check the ice.
I'm right behind you.
Yeah, I think we're good.
We have to assume they have eyes on the borders.
Make sure the others are ready to go.
Done and done.
Hey, where's Lydia? I'm gonna go find her.
You get everyone across.
I'll be right back.
All right, let's move.
Hey! Move! Come on! Come on! Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's get off this.
- One at a time! - Nice and easy.
- Nice and easy.
- Not too many at once.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Here we go.
- Watch it.
- There.
Daryl, incoming.
- Keep moving.
- One at a time.
We got to get across to the other side now! - Not too much weight on the ice.
- Stay alert! - Stay together.
- Come on, come on.
Hold up.
Not too many at once.
Not too many at once.
Is it them? No.
Not here.
Not in this.
Get them across.
We'll hold 'em back.
- Come on.
- Come on.
What the hell are you doing? I don't know.
I just know I can't cross that river.
Why not? Because I know what's on the other side.
It's the same thing that's on this side.
Everyone's acting like getting to Hilltop's gonna make all our problems go away, like it's gonna make everything better, but it's not gonna change shit.
They're not gonna want me back.
If they hadn't taken me in to begin with, all those people would still be alive.
Your son's dead 'cause of me.
Henry said I was a A good person.
But he was wrong.
As long as I'm one of you, it's never gonna stop.
You know I'm right.
There's only one way to fix this.
You see it.
It can be you.
No one else has to know.
Please, Carol, everything's gonna be better when I'm gone.
This is how you keep from losing anyone else.
Please, Carol.
Please, just do it.
Do it for Henry.
I'm sorry it has to be you, but it does.
I'm too weak.
Just like my mother said.
You're not weak.
Come on.
We have to go.
Come on.
Judith! Judith! Judith! Judith! Judith! Aah! Goddammit! Judith! Judith! Judith! Judith! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, okay.
I gotcha, I gotcha.
Hey, hey, hey.
You okay? I'm okay.
Here you go.
You know, I know why you're doing this.
You're just trying to get a little extra Negan time, aren't you? Can I tell you something, kid? That dog, he better poop little golden nuggets.
You know what I'm saying? Your leg looks like shit.
Language, Miss Grimes.
You noticed, huh? It doesn't feel great, to tell you the truth.
It'll be all right.
I'm real glad I found you.
Okay, kiddo, we gotta get out of this weather.
All right? Okay.
- Dog, too.
- What? We have to get him back.
Oh, the dog.
All right.
All right.
Come on, Dog.
It's like our new Kingdom, only it's Hilltop.
Hey, if we call it "Kingtop," maybe we could make that a thing.
You should try to get some sleep.
We're gonna head to Alexandria in the morning.
Seems nice there.
Yeah, it is.
Why'd you leave? One day.
Try to get some sleep.
We made it.
Did we? I'm going to Alexandria tomorrow with the others.
I know you have to do this.
But I will never stop loving you.
And I'll never regret the fairy tale.
Hi! Oh.
How are you? Are you good? What happened? It's cold.
Oh! All right.
Well, look who's here.
Thank you.
For saving her.
You always did have a flair for the dramatic.
Well, last time we were here together, Rick had just slit my throat open.
- Mm.
- So this Hell, this ain't nothin'.
She's a special girl.
A damn spitfire.
And you You've been through enough.
Get better.
You know, Dr.
Babydaddy said that you got caught in the storm with the Royalty Brigade.
Is everyone okay? Do you care? Look, I don't know any of those people from Adam.
I do know what it's like to lose a kingdom, see things fall apart.
And it sucks ass.
The Sanctuary's a shithole now.
Well, hell, I could've told you that.
All you had to do was ask.
So, you cut through their territory.
We don't even know if they were there.
The point is, we came together, and we made it.
Common enemy, common goal.
Or facing evil brings good people together.
Same thing.
It's just that no one ever thinks that they're the evil one.
The time away has been good for the pack.
And for you.
It has.
But I've made mistakes Mistakes I can't make again.
And you won't.
You're strong.
I'll need to be stronger for what comes next.
You will be.
We'll come back from this.
Being here at Hilltop, amongst our family's a start.
We'll make it through this winter of our discontent.
When the snow melts and the winds quiet, who knows what glorious summer may bring.
Maybe you can even go back home to the Kingdom someday.
Just because we left our house doesn't mean we lost our home.
Roger that.
I have to go do my homework now.
I'll tell my mom you said hello.
Over and out.
Over and out.
Hello? Hello? Calling out live on the open air.
Is anybody out there?