The Walking Dead s10e07 Episode Script

Open Your Eyes

1 Okay.
That's for you.
My name is Aaron.
Previously on "The Walking Dead" The man with the metal arm gave it to me.
The man with the metal arm could prove useful.
If Lydia runs off because of all this, it'll definitely hurt us.
She has to stay at Alexandria.
What the hell is this? We can take him back, see what he knows.
- Did you plan this? - No.
Dante, what the hell is goin' on? Hey, guys.
The illness is spreading faster than we thought.
Open your eyes.
SIDDIQ: Cheryl? Cheryl, here.
Call me back darlin' When you hear me call your name If I don't hear you, I'll think somebody came And if I can't find you, I'll wait on down the hill And if you don't find me, I'll think you been killed And if you don't find me, I'll run on down the road Find me the Sheriff, tell him what I know Find me the Preacher and pray for your soul [VOMITS.]
No safe place, child No safe place, child No safe place, child No safe place, child We don't know why We don't know why Come back, my baby Come back alive No safe place, child No safe place, child No safe place, child No safe place, child We don't know why We don't know why Come back, my baby Come back alive [SIGHS.]
- Come on.
Get out.
We need the cell.
You know him? He's one that watches the Guardians.
I mean, the walkers.
So he knows where your mother's horde is? Probably.
You've put us all at risk.
We have to find that horde before it shows up at our gates.
So you decide for all of us? Knowing what it could mean? Doesn't matter anymore.
We still gotta find them.
I'm gonna be in there with you, and Siddiq is gonna treat his wounds first.
He bleeds until he answers.
That's not your call.
None of this is.
You did what you did, but I'm not gonna let it go from bad to worse, and I think the council would agree.
Including Michonne.
Come on.
You can stay with me.
You can go on up.
Thanks for having my back with Gabriel.
It's just the truth.
The Whisperer's not gonna give it up easy.
If you wanna sit this out, I get it.
Whoa-ho-ho! Down, boy.
Yeah, good boy.
Come on.
It's still yours.
This'll help with the bruises.
I had worse.
Me, too.
The Whisperer, what else do you know about him? Only that he won't betray my mom.
The ones that watch the horde are loyal.
She gives them no choice.
Neither will I.
What else? People will die, right? I hate them.
But I know them, too.
Alpha drew a line, and you need to choose which side you're on.
I wish I'd left with Henry when he asked.
So do I.
My mom twists people.
Gets them to do what she wants.
Makes them think it's what they want.
People obey 'cause they think they have no other choice.
But if you let him see what you have here, that a place like this can survive An idea like that is dangerous.
It would spread.
And there's nothing my mom could do to stop it.
Don't try anything.
He's gonna need stitches.
I know you.
Dante can take it from here.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
You have bread every day.
Made fresh this morning.
Got some extra, if you'd like.
How do your people make so much? With flour.
But every day? Seems like a lot of people doing just that.
As many as needed.
From my daughter.
You have children? Just the one.
About all I can handle.
And there are more? There are.
Do you? Children hold you back.
Make you weak.
What about a family, then? Brothers or sisters? I'm an only child.
Let's get started.
So, what's it gonna be? Honey or jam? Strawberry or apple? All of it.
Not a problem.
We have plenty here.
For lunch, I was thinking salted fish.
I like to wrap 'em up in a fresh piece of lettuce, add a little What do you want? Well, right now, we're just gonna talk.
Then, eat.
Good? [SPITS.]
You okay? Yeah.
Am I okay? Yep.
Nice and pasty.
Still look good, though.
Damn right.
I mean, if it weren't for Gabriel, I would be making my move.
Don't let that stop you.
Man doesn't have a jealous bone in him.
Oh, yeah? Okay, scoot over.
I've been thinking Mm-hmm.
about Eugene.
It's your other other man.
We set a date to talk, and I missed it.
I just don't want him to think that I was dissing him or anything.
He'll be fine.
That guy, he bounces back.
Not everybody does.
I did, uh, check out a few of his baby tips.
The poop chart that shit was on point.
I mean, literally.
Eugene is a bona fide shit-ologist.
We have a kid together, Mami.
Yes, we do.
I didn't think I'd be a mami in this world.
Try not to think about it.
Freaks me out every time.
I just wanna do it right.
Wanna be a good dad.
Freaks me out that you're a dad, too.
No, she's lucky to have you.
We both are.
Here, sit up, sit up.
- Okay? - Yeah.
You okay? Yeah.
Just got a lot of patients to see and miles to go before I sleep.
Okay, come on.
Where's the horde? [SCREAMING.]
Tell me.
Lady, you have the animal in you.
If we were out there, I would take you like a bitch in heat.
Unh! That's enough.
You're all weak.
Gonna start with your fingers first.
Then both your ears.
Then we'll take all your teeth.
You lie to yourselves.
To each other.
You fight for what? Sandwiches? You ignore the truth when it's staring you in the face.
I would never betray Alpha.
She rescued me.
She protects me.
She loves me.
She loves us all.
She sacrificed her own daughter for us.
She killed Lydia? Oh.
She did.
And I am willing to give my life for her.
This ends now.
You're not getting Lydia mixed up in this.
He swallowed every ounce of Alpha's bullshit.
Every ounce.
If he sees that Lydia's alive and well, gets it that his great leader lied to him, - then maybe that changes something.
- Please.
That kid's been through enough.
Let her make up her own mind.
This is the only way, and you know it.
That good, huh? It's a little better than last time, yeah.
Know how I know a man's lying? His lips are moving.
Cheryl, you're gonna get through this.
Okay? I'll make sure of it.
Sit down, Doc.
You look worse than I do.
- Close your peepers.
Cheryl, I can't I Ain't for me.
I made my peace.
But others need to have your head on straight.
Go ahead.
She's actually a pretty good rider.
Mostly I think she just uses it as an excuse to stay out with her friends.
Did you ever ride? Sometimes.
Yeah, I couldn't get enough.
Find every excuse to stay out as long as I could, keep going, even if it was just up and down our street.
As kids, we'd always try to take the long way home around the lake.
Brother or sister? I'm sorry.
I I had a brother.
Yeah, he was a couple years younger than me.
He, uh [CHUCKLES.]
He loved cars.
Only thing he loved more than cars was people.
And they loved him.
And I still think about him every day.
You know, I know what it's like to lose someone that you love that much, and I know that it helps to talk about it.
What you're doing these questions you know, digging for intel I suppose I should be doing the same, but what's the point? So maybe we just talk about nothing worth reporting, you know? You know, I can go on and on about my brother, and maybe you can We walk in darkness, we are free.
We bathe in blood, we are free WHISPERER: We walk in darkness, we are free.
We bathe in blood, we are free GABRIEL: I don't know.
We came back, and he was shaking in pain.
We walk in darkness Put your healin' hands on me, Doc.
I'm burning up here.
What's the problem? How the hell should I know?! Just make it stop! - I'm on this, Jefe.
- No.
Come on.
All right, his breathing's labored.
Pupils dilated, his muscles are convulsing, but no signs of infection.
It doesn't make sense.
- Hey, hey! Easy! - Hold him! - [VOMITS, COUGHS.]
Look, Dante, in my bag, grab the red bark! - Red bark! - [SCREAMING.]
Hey, hey, easy.
Easy, easy.
No, Carol.
This morning Did you give this to him? Yeah, for pain and inflammation.
You killed him.
How? No, that's yarrow.
It's hemlock.
I I didn't know.
I I didn't know.
I thought, uh What? You thought what? I never thought hemlock would be in the bag because, um Because what, Dante? Because you packed it.
One less Guardian for our horde.
The man with the metal arm? Aaron.
He has a daughter.
Is that all you've learned? Did you ask after your sister's child? There is nothing to ask.
He is one of them.
He will slaughter our kind.
He will search out your weaknesses.
He will use your sister against you.
Remove your mask.
We are always being tested.
We must remain strong.
I believe in you.
Never doubt that.
You are my Gamma.
Tell me.
This Aaron he tempts you with his lies.
Do not be seduced.
GABRIEL: If people find out, they'll panic.
If Alpha finds out She won't.
I'll clean up the mess.
I'll help.
'Cause it's not your mess to clean.
LYDIA: We're not going hunting, are we? You still wanna help? Yeah.
Cheryl? [SNIFFLES.]
I was gonna come try to find you but, uh SIDDIQ: Cheryl, you're gonna get through this.
It's hemlock.
I'll make sure of it.
You killed him.
Open your eyes.
- Look.
I heard what happened.
Don't want to talk about it.
Go home.
You should be in bed.
Start or we go back in.
Drown together.
There's nothing to say.
He died because of my Unh-unh.
No, I want the real shit.
Whatever's been eating you up for weeks spill.
It's like I'm still there all the time.
It's like I never left.
But it's just pieces.
And they're all jumbled together like a puzzle or something.
The screams and the smell the blood, everything I can't get it to stop.
People are dying.
Cheryl is already Cheryl was sick.
You're doing everything you can.
You're not alone.
You mean Dante? [SNIFFLES.]
Do you know why he bothers me so much? Enid.
'Cause when he's there I just think about how much I miss her.
But then, I get to remember how I failed her, so [SNIFFLES.]
No, this isn't your fault.
What that skin bitch did ain't on you.
You weren't there.
Okay? You Enid, Tara, the People that I love died right in front of me.
And now I get to watch it over and over and over.
And I did nothing.
I did nothing! I just I didn't move.
I didn't help.
I just watched.
Now, because of me, more people Look, I'm just I'm not smart enough.
You have to pull through.
You have to fight it.
For Coco.
And everyone else that loves you.
And you can.
You will.
Because you're not alone.
And you're the smartest person I know.
Except me, of course.
I still can't figure out why you're sick.
The patients, you don't live together, you don't work together, you don't even eat the same things.
There's not a common denominator.
At least not one that I can What? Nothing.
Go home, okay? Go home.
No, no.
It's That's yours now.
A gift.
I don't want anything from you.
Take it or I'll burn it.
All right.
No more games.
I ask questions, and you answer, got it? Don't do this.
This isn't you.
You have no idea who I am.
Now, how many people do you have? [BRANCHES RUSTLE.]
Let him go.
Let him go.
Your mother told her people that she killed you.
You said you wanted my help.
I did.
You used me.
Lydia, I'm sorry.
You're just like her.
Lydia You said you wanted me to choose a side? I choose mine.
You can't go out there.
It's too dangerous.
You can't stop me.
Unh! Aah.
AARON: Wait.
They could be watching.
I know it's late, but I saw the light on Leave me alone.
Just wanna chat for sec, Jef.
I am not your jef.
Sure you are, Chief.
I'll go, but not before saying sorry.
With Eugene gone, I gotta pitch in with the water.
I haven't pulled my weight.
This is my fault.
It's not yours.
It is not anyone else's.
I know you want this blame.
For a sec, everything else makes sense, right? Well, I'm sorry, bro ain't how it works.
Look, this place is special.
And I got that right away.
It It works 'cause it's a village.
It takes everyone here to build, grow, and fight, raise rug rats [CHUCKLES.]
and heal people.
Everyone carries equal weight.
So, when something happens, it's all our fault, yeah? And when one of us is suffering we're here to help.
You don't even know me, man.
Sure do.
You're my friend.
It's gonna be okay.
Enid! [CRYING.]
Open your eyes.
Nooo! Open your eyes.
Get off! [GRUNTING.]
I didn't want this! Not you! Not like this.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.