The Walking Dead s11e13 Episode Script


These communities are perfect for what we're envisioning.
Previously on "The Walking Dead" Alexandria was a self-sustaining ecological community.
We got the plans from the leader of an allied community, Maggie Rhee.
- Why do you trust these people? - Who says we do? It's good to see Alexandria getting cleaned up, though.
You sure don't want to come with us? - Lance, are we good? - Everything's fine.
Pamela's on board.
In fact, we're gonna bring even more people in.
We are going to remake the world.
What are we at? Eight to nine.
So still winning.
For about 10 more seconds.
You, too? Yeah.
I just talked to Maggie.
What'd she say? Not much.
Just gave me this.
Directions to the nearest Commonwealth checkpoint.
Troopers left them in case people changed their minds.
A lot of people are.
Yeah You'll be back, though.
Right? Yeah, I think so.
Hey! Shoot your shot! You need an escort? Why? It's a long walk, you know? Might get bored.
That's all.
Um We got a rider coming! Who is it? Nobody we know.
Hold where you are! Hold, or we will shoot! He's been shot! Get help! Devils They're slaughtering them.
Liars You've got to go Yes.
We're not going.
Maggie, he died begging for our help.
I understand it.
But we're barely holding on as it is.
Someone we know must've sent him.
Could be from the Commonwealth, or Georgie Or it could be a trap.
We go to help and leave the Hilltop open to attack.
I don't think it's a trick.
He was scared.
He wasn't lying.
Even if he wasn't, we can't go up against another group without the people to fight them.
We don't have that.
What happened to taking in whoever was in need? Being outnumbered has never stopped you before.
Maybe it should have.
We're barely holding on.
It sounds like these people are, too.
That's exactly who my mother would've targeted, and I helped.
I'm not letting it happen to someone else.
So you're not leaving.
I am.
I'm just I have to help these people first.
You take over at the halfway mark.
Mom! Mom! How long this time? What do I always tell you? - As long as it takes.
- That's right.
You're gonna hold down the fort while I'm gone? Keep a perimeter, stay on alert.
- You got it.
Good luck.
- Thank you.
Could you get that for me? Why don't you want their help? The Commonwealth's.
Because we can get by without it.
Why do we have to just "get by"? It's only temporary.
What's easier isn't always better.
You know, before the Fall, I lived on a farm with my family and my dad.
One day, these corporate farm developers started knocking on our door, trying to buy us out.
My dad kept saying no.
Then, one day, this bad drought hit.
The developers started knocking again, except this time, they offered three times what the farm was worth.
They knew we were in debt and desperate.
But they also knew the drought would end and the farm would become profitable again, and all they had to do was outlast us.
They start dropping off crates of food to "help" with the livestock.
And he would just let it sit there on the porch and rot so they'd see it when the next shipment came.
He said that we were being tested.
And guess what happened.
The drought ended.
We got back on our feet.
And those developers never bothered us again.
Why'd your dad let the food rot? If they'd seen us take it, they would've known we needed them and never left us alone.
But the cattle were hungry.
We didn't lose any.
We stuck together, and we made it through.
Yeah, you "got by.
" It's just "Getting by" is what I've been forced to do my whole life.
I was told that it makes you stronger and wiser.
But it doesn't.
It hurts.
What would you have done? Asked everyone what they wanted instead of deciding for them.
Is that what I'm doing? You think The Commonwealth knows better? Is that crazy to think? Yes.
Those people have not been tested for 10 years.
Do you wanna be there when they are? I just want things to be the same every day.
Do you agree? With most of it, yeah.
Whoa! Look out! Knife slashed right through the neck guard.
Shot between the armor gaps.
Hey! Maggie! It's Aaron.
But not only is it borne of hate, but from love and from friendship, and from fear.
And in Luke 15:12, Christ speaks of a rich father's wayward son that selfishly set off to distant lands, who squandered his riches on decadence and wild living.
And then, the son found his soul empty.
And he was in need.
And he went back to his father and begged for forgiveness.
And his father embraced him, for his son "was dead, and is now alive.
He was lost, and now is found.
" Now, there were a lot of stunned faces when I asked all of you to sit by a stranger today, and I'm still seeing a lot of awkwardness with the arrangement.
A lot of stiff backs, clenched butt cheeks.
Why? Those of you that were out there in the wasteland, you know from the people you found, from the ones you could rely upon, that it didn't matter that you were strangers beforehand, did it? You were forced to see the humanity in each other, and though not bound by blood, these strangers became more than friends, they became family.
Why is it that way out there but not that way in here? Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
" Now let me repeat that "All of us have sinned.
" And that is the very thread that binds us together.
And if you strip yourselves of the superficial labels What do we do, where do I live, how much money do I have If you strip yourselves of that, it will make you see the person by your side as you see yourself in the mirror.
And the way we were before the world fell cannot be the way we are moving forward.
We must always remember the thread, for that is what makes us try, it makes us forgive, it makes us return from peril.
It makes us us.
Sounds like you're blowing smoke up my ass.
No, you were great.
I I was expecting a little more fire and brimstone, I guess.
You look happy.
I think I might be.
So all that up there, that was No, it's, uh it's not an act.
I mean, in the beginning, I was just going through the motions, but then, one day, I just wasn't.
It was like a switch was flipped, and I could hear Him again.
That hell we went through, it almost feels like it wasn't real.
Like it was just a nightmare or something.
What about Alexandria? Oh, Commonwealth's pouring even more manpower and resources into the rebuild.
But, uh, while that's getting finished up, they've asked me to, uh, help out with their new immigration initiative.
They didn't seem too keen on immigrants when we came in.
They weren't.
And after they heard that I worked for an NGO back in the day, they asked me to review their intake policies.
Now we're reaching out and bringing in people that need help.
The Lord's work.
Actually, that's, um That's why I'm here.
There's a group of about 40 people holed up in an apartment complex on the western border of Virginia.
We want to make first contact and offer them help.
Some of the folks upstairs, um they thought it'd be a good idea if you tag along.
Why me? It's a religious group, so Any hostiles in the territory? We'll have troops with us, just in case.
Also, my boss, Carlson, will be with us.
He's a little, um Well, you'll see, but his heart's in the right place.
Uh, sorry to interrupt, uh Carlson's ready when you are.
Thank you, Jesse.
New kid.
We're training him.
What do you say? What do you know about these people? According to the scouts, they're, uh, just a friendly group of settlers.
God, do you feel that? That rush? That mix of dopamine and adrenaline, just It's just, that anticipation We're gonna change lives.
And you.
And even you, too, Jesse.
Today, we're gonna make the world just a little bit better than it was yesterday.
I thought you said these were "friendly settlers.
" That doesn't look friendly.
You don't think so? No.
What if they aren't? Hmm? If they're angry, that just means they're afraid.
When they meet you, they won't be.
Man, I cannot wait to watch you two do your thing.
Is he going in with us? He usually does, yeah.
But he's not gonna do any of the talking.
And we'll have backup nearby.
You sure? Hey! Are they setting up camp? That they are.
So they're not coming with us? Well better not spook the natives.
But don't worry.
They're just a chirp away.
Sergeant Crowe, do you copy? Over.
Copy, sir.
You see? It's all good! Yeah, I'm not doing this.
Places like that usually have some old man with a shotgun inside just looking for an excuse to kill some dumbass who stepped on his front lawn.
Practically screams "do not disturb.
" Yeah.
I agree.
Hey! Is everything alright? We're not so sure about this.
Might be better to leave them alone.
Abort? Just because of some pre-game jitters? No, because your plan is shit, and I don't want to die.
That's all.
I've done it before.
We'll do it again.
What's the largest group you've found? Four.
And there are 40 in there? So? So, with that many people, all it takes is one nervous guy with an itchy trigger finger to set things off.
- I don't think you appreciate - No, no, no, hold on.
He's right.
Alright, we've never dealt with it, it's game over.
Guys, it's not up for discussion.
I need you to trust that I know what I'm doing.
So, let's go.
Hey, I need you to wear that.
It's part of your, um costume.
This is how this is going to go.
Hello! My name is Aaron! We come from a community called The Commonwealth.
We'd like to extend our friendship.
Our people left these where you would find them.
Since they're all gone, I'm assuming you did.
The chicken's a little rubbery, but it does the job.
We have more back at our camp, if you'd like.
Is there anyone I could speak with? Face-to-face? Weapons.
Uh It's kind of a bitch to take off.
Just the four of you? There's a group of peacekeepers nearby, waiting for us to check in.
Sounds scary.
Can't be too safe now, can we? Last door to the right.
What's down there? Seats.
I'm Aaron.
And like I said outside, we come from a community called the Commonwealth.
And it's, uh Well, it's a bit like the old world.
50,000 people live there.
We have a functioning government, protective walls, housing for everyone, restaurants, two movie theaters Soldiers? And churches, too, I take it.
Eh, Father? Did you lose your collar? Wanted you to see who I was before learning what I was.
Let's say this place is like the old world, and they do have a church, then they have to have hookers, too.
Right? And gambling? Shit side of town where addicts swap needles with runaways.
Got all that, too? I haven't seen any of that.
Can I get my bag back? I'd like to show you something.
Um That's where we live.
Whenever people see those photos, they want to live there, too.
You'd just let us in? That easy? No, it's not easy at all, actually.
Uh, there's a screening process An audition.
Well, let me get my tap-dancing shoes.
Where is this, uh Commonwealth located? He can't tell you that.
Why? Because you say so? Yeah, that's right.
Then why am I talking to him? Do me a favor, fellas.
Turn around and look in that back corner.
Those are raiders, murderers, rapists, and a few cannibals.
All of them sat in the same seats you're sitting in right now.
Most were wolves dressed as sheep.
All of them meant my people harm.
So Mr.
Head Wolf if you know where I live and I don't know where you live, how dumb would that be for me to let you go? What's your name? Toby Carlson.
Toby get on your goddamn knees! Asses stay in the goddamn chairs! Get on your goddamn knees! - Okay.
- Answer the question.
How dumb would I be to let you go when you know where my home is? It would be d-dumb, okay? It'd be dumb.
Yes, it would! You know you remind me of ol' Billy Johnson.
Billy came to us a few years ago, with promises of great wealth and prosperity in a land far away.
But Billy wasn't gonna bring us to any promised land.
Billy just wanted to get us out in the open so his raiders could thoroughly kill us.
Billy wound up on the shelf because he thought I was stupid.
Do you think I'm stupid, too? N-No! No no no, I do not.
Because I've got plenty of room on the shelf right next to Billy! I-I don't want to be on the shelf! And I don't think you're stupid! Okay?! Tell me where your raiding party is, or I'm gonna start dropping bodies on the floor Starting with him! No! Hey! Do we look like raiders to you? Wolves dressed as sheep, speaking lies.
None of you seem to have any idea what my responsibilities are to this place and to my people.
Has it occurred to any of you that they have entrusted me with their very souls?! Why did you come here?! What you want?! Exactly! What do you have that we would want? This place is a shithole! Why would we want it?! The meat.
You want the meat.
You think we're cannibals? Cannibals who came in with prepackaged MREs? That's what you're going with? All we've done is given you food and water.
You aren't starving right now because of us! Is that real? Or is that a lie? You know what else is real? The soldiers in those photos.
If we don't get back, they'll come in here and kill all of you.
Or nobody dies, okay? You save yourself and your people by letting us go, and we will never come back here again.
We will never bother you.
I promise that, okay? What a day.
What a goddamn day.
You will leave here.
You will never come back.
And if What did you do? My job.
He was gonna let us go! Shut up! Keep him hostage.
And lock this door.
I'll be back when it's safe.
Yeah? Hey, bud.
I got your call.
What's up? Ah, no four years sober next month.
What is wrong? You know how I got Milton to agree to this whole communal project with these hick towns out in Virginia? Yeah.
So she's released a lot of resources for me.
And I used some of them to send out a convoy full of supplies.
For that other thing.
Convoy didn't check in last week, so I sent out scouts to see what happened.
It was hijacked.
Troopers guarding it, all dead.
Oh, God.
Who was it? Tracks led to an apartment complex where some group is holed up.
Leader dresses like a general.
Another warlord.
Followers are religious, too.
Mass on Tuesdays and Sundays.
And they've got your guns now.
And the cargo, too, I take it? Okay.
What am I missing? It's just some warlord.
Snuff them out.
Assume the worst That the guns are pointing out of those top floors in all directions.
I send in a squad, they get cut down before they hit the door.
Then don't send a squad, send a company.
Then raze the whole building.
I ask for a hundred troops, there's no way Milton doesn't notice.
"What happened, Lance? This seems like quite the misfire, Lance.
" No, I need a surgical solution.
Oh, man.
I don't do that anymore, Lance.
Come on.
I need the former CIA guy who helped root out disobedient shits from here back in the day.
I need an assassin.
Listen, I like being retired.
I get up, I meditate, then I get to go out and find people who need help and give 'em a second chance.
It's Zen.
It feels great.
And it can be taken from you.
You, um You tired of living, Lance? Hmm? Most of the dead troopers are kids in their 20s.
That's on me.
I need to make it right.
What are you thinking? - How's Aaron working out? - He's great.
He instantly connects with people.
- Makes my job easy.
- Great.
Do you know about his buddy, the priest? Stokes.
Okay, okay.
So we go in like we're making first contact, and then, since they are religious Priest gets their guard down, they let you in, go see the big chief, and then do what you do.
And what about when things turn and I have to tell them what's what? They'll fall in line.
Everyone does.
Sweep the rear.
The guns and the cargo you hijacked.
The ones that you massacred my soldiers to get to, where are they? I got no idea what you're talking about.
Three sets of tracks led back here from there.
You wanna try again? Oh.
That caravan.
Yeah, we we found it like that.
You just lied to me.
Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop.
Cuff him! Hey, dickless.
If I found those weapons, don't you think I Ready the shelf, warlord.
Top shelf, dead center.
How's that sound? Right above Billy.
Ooh! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! Hey, where'd you go, huh? All that talk, and you died so quick.
Don't you look at me like that.
He's a damn animal.
We are supposed to be helping people.
We are.
This is the other side of it.
Snuffing out threats.
This is how we make the world safe.
Hold him.
Pop him! Oh.
Come on.
Let's go.
Do we follow? Sir! I turn my back for one goddamn minute! Get me my armor.
He was a wolf, just like their leader said.
Think he was lying about the stolen shipments? I don't know.
What would the Commonwealth want with all those guns? This the best way in? Yeah, but where'd you get that? You gave it to the guy who rode into Hilltop.
No, I didn't.
Then who did? Easy, girl.
Don't move.
How many of you are there? What are they armed with? Machine guns.
I didn't know.
I didn't know.
What's it look like? A lot dead.
Guy in charge is arguing with two others A priest and a guy with a spiked ball for an arm.
Gabriel and Aaron.
You know them? They didn't know, either.
We come from a place called The Commonwealth.
- This isn't what I signed up for.
- Shut up.
There's a community right here.
You ask for Maggie, no one else.
You tell her Gabriel and Aaron are in trouble.
Go! Uh-huh.
This is the other side of it.
Snuffing out threats.
This is how we make the world safe.
Negan? Gabe.
- Interesting.
- Two coming in.
We gotta go! - We gotta go! - We can't leave him.
If you go out there, we all die.
Come on.
Sir! I turn my back for one goddamn minute! Residents of The Complex.
You have been deemed enemies of The Commonwealth.
One of you has stolen from us.
That cannot stand.
Bad news is, your warlord is dead.
The good news is, you still can make things right.
Gives us what's ours, and we'll leave.
That'll be that.
- Where are the weapons? - I don't know.
Then ask them quickly.
Gabe, if she says they don't have them, they don't have them.
You don't understand.
I'm praying that you did steal them because without them, we're dead.
He's not gonna let any of us leave here alive.
Where are my weapons? I don't know.
You really don't, do you? No.
I believe you.
And how about you? Hmm? Your people have let you down! Hit each room.
Kill anyone who won't talk.
Copy that.
What we need to do now is stick together.
You can forget about giving up or begging for forgiveness.
Ian's dead.
But he wasn't our first leader.
He wasn't what kept us together this long.
We did, and we did it by working together as a family.
And right now, our family's scattered all over this building, but you know what? We know this place better than the assholes in our house do.
We're coming out of this on top.
So that was, um That's pretty good.
They They took out our best.
Yeah, but they needed to hear it.
Hodges, come in.
Is the east end clear? Hodges, do you copy? Is the east end This place works because everyone plays their part.
If you can't or won't, that's when the system breaks down.
And we can't let that happen.
We find our guns or we burn this place to the ground.
We have to get these people out of here.
That's a fight you ain't gonna win.
Why don't you want their help? The Commonwealth's? Because we can get by without it.
One of the things that we wanted to show is that there is like even like a bit of a generational divide between how Maggie's looking at everything versus how Lydia and Elijah are looking at it.
And I think, like, you're seeing the after effects of somebody like Lydia feeling like my mother had this point of view that it's either us or them.
And I think like she has kind of come to the point of view that her mother was in fact wrong.
You think the Commonwealth knows better? Is that crazy to think? Yes.
Those people have not been tested for 10 years.
Do you wanna be there when they are? I think for Maggie, she is really feeling burned by the experiences she's had.
She feels that their resources are limited and their energy is limited.
So why extend yourself to help somebody when you have no idea if you're just walking into a trap? What happened to taking in whoever was in need? Being outnumbered has never stopped you before.
Maybe it should have.
The Maggie that's underneath all of that has a big heart.
She's the one that kept the doors of Hilltop open when Alexandria felt they needed to close off.
And so there is definitely a part of her that would like to get back to that, but she's struggling with the experiences she had.
God, do you feel that? That rush? That mix of dopamine and adrenaline, just Carlson is one of these guys that imagine he's really into like New Age self-help mantras, and he's kind of too much to handle.
And Aaron is kind of saying like, you know, he's a weirdo, but at the same time, his heart is in the right place.
We've been doing something that is meaningful, and none of that is Is false, by the way.
Like, you know, we find out in the flashback to when Carlson and Hornsby talk.
I like being retired.
I get up, I meditate, then I get to go out and find people who need help and give 'em a second chance.
It's Zen.
Gabriel's a very good judge of character, too.
So he's kind of like, "Who is this fool?" Like, "What are we dealing with here?" And I think, like, in very Gabriel's fashion, he has some pretty, like, funny lines that Seth delivers beautifully, as always.
Abort? Just because of some pre-game jitters? No, because your plan is shit, and I don't want to die.
They're kind of saddled with this guy that they think is probably going to drive them down a little bit.
When Aaron goes into this situation, he feels like, wow, this is more intense than we expected, but Aaron is very, very good at disarming people and just kind of calmly and cooly bringing the temperature down and the situation.
That's where we live.
Whenever people see those photos, they want to live there, too.
The point of distress starts to happen when Carlson speaks up in the meeting.
Where is this, uh Commonwealth located? He can't tell you that.
Why? Because you say so? Yeah, that's right.
For Aaron, what he doesn't expect is that this guy is going to turn around and suddenly turn into like Jason Bourne.
You will leave her.
You will never come back again.
And if He had realize that was all like operative business, you know, and that in fact, he was actually very scary underneath the weirdness.
For Aaron and Gabriel, they just feel like we regret all the decisions we've made over the last, like, 48 hours.
Don't move.
How many of you are there? So when we come across Negan, we're finding out a lot of things about him, which is like, he's part of this new community.
Like, here's all this stuff that is going on with him and that he's kind of like, tried to like, start afresh.
Right here.
You ask for Maggie, no one else.
You tell her Gabriel and Aaron are in trouble.
- Go.
Go! - Uh-huh.
I don't know how much he has, like, completely changed, but I think that the journey that Negan is on is trying to figure out who he wants to be going forward.
And I think he understands and has not forgotten the fact that he has done some things that have really hurt people.
I'm just getting started.
He's a social creature.
He does not do well on his own.
We felt that was very in character for him is that he's like, I'm striking out on my own, and he immediately runs into a group is like, "Hey, let me join up.
" And then he's like, deeply within it already, you know, over the course of like some months.
Your people have let you down! Hit each room.
Kill anyone who won't talk.
Copy that?
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