The Walking Dead s11e16 Episode Script

Acts of God

Those monsters are on the loose, we need to smoke them out.
We'll start with the Hilltop.
Previously on "The Walking Dead" Open up, ain't nobody leavin' until they look around.
You are gonna get me my cash.
They wanted us to stay quiet but there are good people here.
They need to know the truth.
You want me to look for secret files? - Yes, and steal them.
- This involves the Miltons? The young psychopath, at least.
My name is Lance Hornsby and I'm here to offer you a job.
Come here.
You have everything? Piggy Pig? I'm not a baby anymore, Mom.
I forgot.
I don't wanna go.
It's only temporary.
Okay? I promise.
- I wanna help.
- I know you do, Hershel, but not this time, okay? How far do you think? 12 miles south, give or take.
Should get there before dark if we move fast.
Then we'll be back before you know it.
Okay? I got you.
Call it.
Tails, I guess.
Over there, please.
Gonna give us the assignment, sir? You'll know soon enough.
- Morning.
- Oh, my God.
I thought you were still asleep.
Well, I was.
Soundly so.
I thought we had a lovely night, didn't we? Yeah, we did.
What are you reading? Um, just stuff on physics.
"An object in motion", you know.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
Well Just so you know you are the most remarkable human I have ever met in my heretofore uneventful life.
Okay, let's not get carried away here.
You're beautiful in every way.
Thank you.
I have to get ready for work.
If you're having hesitation about what I've asked you to do No.
I said I'll do it.
I just, um Hey.
You can tell me.
I just can't stop thinking about what happens after we do this.
This place pushes on people to keep things the same.
I just worry they'll keep pushing till we all break.
This room is clear! They're not splitting up.
- Clear! - Yeah, they will.
- This might be our best shot.
- No, it's too risky.
We need to just get through this and get back home.
There is no "getting through this," all right? We are in the shit till we find a way to fight our way out.
Look, we keep heading north, away from our group.
We find our moment, we take it.
Hey, what's with the chit-chat? Man, we need a break.
Been doing this for a while now.
And we'll keep doing this for a while, if that's what it takes.
Hey, you check Charleston yet? Why? What's in Charleston? There's a rumor up on the rooftops they trade for weapons and stuff.
Might be something, might not.
Move! Romano, what's your 20? 13 miles past the last outpost.
Second location is cleared, one more to go.
Copy that.
Let's move.
Hornsby's checking in on us.
We need to watch our backs.
Sounds like it's getting closer.
Because it is.
Mom? I'm okay.
No, you're not.
Hershel Everything I've done And everything I still do is so that we have choices.
The place that we're going right now, you may not like it.
But I promise you, it is the right choice.
For now.
Oh, you made it! This way.
Don't you think? Things are coming together.
You get the scalp of the woman who killed your family, and I finally get to do my job without interference.
Everybody wins.
Well not everybody.
I'll need to see.
When she's dead.
I'll need to see her when she's dead.
You will.
Come on.
Okay, this thing is stuck.
Hey, kid.
And you're sure this guy Hornsby and his men are coming? Yes, Elijah spotted a few of them 5 miles outside our walls last night.
Thoughts? You helped us, and I am grateful.
And I got no problem watching the kid at all.
But, Annie, my wife, is pregnant, so there is no way I'm gonna sit in some Whisperer worm hole while you're out I don't know saving some shithole of a home that's not worth saving.
Negan, don't.
Actually, he's right.
Maybe Hilltop isn't worth saving.
Those people are.
This fight that I'm in, that I started, with Hornsby It's not gonna end until I end it.
And I got no doubt you will.
But I also got no doubt that you are firmly in the crosshairs of this Lance asshole, so So I'm coming with you.
I'll finish it.
- Maggie, we can help fight - No, please.
I need you to stay here with Hershel, with those others.
Keep them away from Hilltop and safe until this is over.
He doesn't exactly trust me, you know? But I'm starting to.
You saved him at Riverbend.
Whatever else happens, and whatever else has happened, I will never forget that.
You have big balls, Maggie Rhee.
I got you.
And I got your boy.
Annie He'll be waiting for you when this is done.
I promise you that.
Thank you.
Oh, shit.
If that ain't a sign from the Man Upstairs.
You at the second location? Clearing that now.
Then head back.
Copy that, sir.
We'll head back.
One last sweep, then home.
All right, great.
I'll lead.
Cover left, cover left! Aah! Keep 'em surrounded! Flanking left! Cover me! Moving up! Cover me, cover me! Watch that left! Watch that left! Where's Hornsby? Screw you.
It's your choice.
Maybe Maybe 10 miles out.
He said he wanted Said he wanted to clear the field.
"Clear the field"? Leave only allies behind.
Romano, you there? He ain't here anymore.
Move! Now! And when this world fell, we gathered up the scattered pieces, and we put them back together again.
It wasn't easy, and we faltered at times.
But we found a reason to live when everything outside these walls was dead.
Max? You okay? You seem far away.
No, I'm good.
I'm right here.
Max, if you're having a bad day, you can tell me.
I do get it, you know? Always having to be "strong," never show any emotion.
But if we can't show that to each other, who can we show it to? I appreciate it, Pamela.
You know I do.
But I am really okay.
Oh, before I forget.
Accounting sent over the Founders' Day budget.
There's a $50,000 surplus.
Well, that's great.
I was gonna suggest something, if you're open to it? How about starting a scholarship fund for our less-fortunate families? I've put together a proposal, and we could Is that okay? Of course! I love your out-of-the-box thinking.
But any extra funds go right back into the event.
It's our biggest day of the year.
I understand.
You really should get going.
You've got that 5:00 dinner.
Yes, thank you.
I don't know what I'd do without you, Max.
You're leaving soon, too, right? Right behind you.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
No, Sebastian, hi.
Uh, no, you didn't.
Is there something that I can help you? Yes, uh, is is Uh, is my mom pissed at me? You know, 'cause I keep asking for her, and and - nothing, so - It's just been a hectic afternoon, so I gotta talk to her, so could you just If you could get her for me, Max.
She's actually at a work dinner, but I can get word to her for you.
"Get word to her"? Yeah, yeah, why Why don't you go "get word" to her for me.
Her only child.
That is such bullshit.
I'm really sorry, Sebastian, but I was actually on my way out, so Oh, you never stop! But, working, working, hey.
You just Oh, God, I mean, you even take it home with you? Oh, no, that's I-I got it.
It's okay.
That's fine.
Always clumsy after one too many afternoon coffees, you know? Yeah, it's, uh poor man's drug.
No sign of Hornsby.
Asshole always has somebody else do his dirty work.
See if we can recover any of their weapons.
Follow their trail back to their camp, and then we end this.
On it.
You ready, bud? As ever.
Let's do it.
Marco! Get down! No.
Marco! Go, go.
How many? Three.
Leah, your 20? Leah, what the hell was that?! I drew 'em out.
I'm doin' this my way.
Your way got my men killed! Collateral damage.
I've got others fanned over a 20-mile perimeter.
We'll find them.
You goddamned better.
His troopers are here.
He's gotta be close.
We got walkers, too.
He set traps for them.
These aren't for them.
What is it? Leah.
I think we should split up, cover more ground.
You sure it was her? Yes.
Go, please.
I'll lead Leah and the others away.
I am not gonna leave you.
I will not risk losing you two.
We can handle ourselves, Maggie, okay? We'll draw them away, too, and then, when everyone's safe, we'll just go meet up with the others.
I'll find you.
Tyler Davis is on this list.
And the woman Rosita tried to help out during the heist is on here, too.
I counted 200 more.
What about these numbers? They look like codes? Maybe coordinates? So you think this is about where they're hiding people.
Why don't we write about that? No, not yet.
I need proof.
Something this big, this explosive? We We need a key to crack the code.
U-Until we have that, I'll write about Sebastian's heist and hang it around Pamela's neck.
I mean, when everyone finds out that she's not on their side, they're gonna question everything about this place.
Hence the aforementioned uprising.
No, hey, hey, hey! It's It's okay.
I thought we could use help, so I told him to come.
Sorry I'm late.
Trying to round up a few more for the cause.
- Geez.
- I told him we'd needed more people to get the article out.
And I got a whole network, ready and willing to ride at dawn.
We're doing this? Let's ride.
I have waited for this moment for a long time.
I know what you want.
I wanted it myself for a long time.
You can't kill me.
That would be too easy.
If that was what you wanted, you would've done it already.
You want me to suffer.
Feel everything that you felt.
All the pain.
'Cause somewhere inside you, you think that'll take away your pain.
It won't.
You're wrong.
It's not just you.
By the time I'm done Everyone you love will be dead.
Then I guess that makes us even.
I took your family, you take mine.
Nature has a way of taking care of these things.
It's not nature.
Or fate.
It's us.
I killed your people because it was what I wanted.
If this is what you want, Leah.
Go ahead.
You want it, so do it.
Go on.
Hyah! They're in there! Sir, are you okay? Let it go! On the other side! Who's my backup here? Hold your fire! Now we take it all.
Oh, shit.
If that ain't a sign from the Man Upstairs.
The locusts, in some ways it's an atmospheric element.
It's just part of, like, the sense of the world itself is hostile.
I think for our heroes, this overwhelming sound is part of, like, what makes things complicated, because it makes it harder to hear Leah coming, for example.
But, on the other hand, they're looking at it as kind of like this unsettling thing, which is this a problem for them in terms of, like, being, like, a harbinger of more problems to come.
Seems like it's getting closer.
Because it is.
There's just a lot running through their heads as they're seeing, like, nature just act up and be their enemy.
I think, like, a lot of things started to shift in that relationship, 'cause there's a couple of things that I think are really key.
Negan put the call out to help to Maggie.
So, when they were in a jam, that's the person that he sent a letter to, and he sent that rider to Hilltop to call for help.
And the thing is, Maggie came.
And I think for Maggie's side, she saw that Negan vowed to make sure that Hershel stayed okay, and that was the end result.
He doesn't exactly trust me, you know? But I'm starting to.
She has not forgiven him, and I don't think she's ever going to forget.
But there is something different about the idea of saying, like, "But I can trust you as an ally.
" I got you.
And I got your boy.
She knows she has to trust somebody with Hershel because something is coming that she's going to have to face.
I'll finish it.
- Maggie, we can help fight - No, please.
I need you to stay here with Hershel, with those others.
Maggie also trusts Annie.
I think she gets the vibe that Annie is a good person.
I think she thinks that Annie grounds Negan in some kind of way that's interesting.
Like, she's, like, reading all those dynamics.
She's feeling like the person that he wound up with is somebody that is as good a person as, like, any of us.
And I think she's right.
I don't want to go.
It's only temporary, okay? I promise.
She's really realizing, like, maybe she's holding onto something that's the wrong version of what she wants to hold onto.
And I think what she wants to hold onto is a sense of community, the memory of the people that she lost.
You know, Glenn is buried at the Hilltop.
But does the Barrington house itself matter? And I think, like, that's something that she's kind of taking from the conversation.
She's come to the conclusion that people are the most important, but that does mean that we have to make a stand here.
Follow their trail back to their camp, and then we end this.
She really is like a good war leader, and she's a good strategist.
I think the thing that she did not see coming was Leah.
That is a fight of pure hatred.
They cannot stand each other.
When you get caught in a cycle of violence, and, like, revenge, where is the end point when it's one retaliation after another, because Maggie feels like Leah was the aggressor.
"Her and her people came and killed my people.
" And Leah feels like, "But we made a deal with you in good faith, and then you shot my people in the back, and you tried to kill me.
" I have waited for this moment for a long time.
I know what you want.
I wanted it myself for a long time.
They cannot see eye-to-eye because they're both people who are leaders that feel like the other person was responsible for the murder of everybody that they loved.
Yah! For Leah, she also wants to see Maggie suffer the way she did.
And so, in some ways, that might have been her mistake as a villain, rather than just taking a shot when she could.
For Daryl, Maggie's like his sister, and Daryl always feels like he owes a debt to Maggie.
So, there's not even, like, a moment of like, "What do I choose?" There's nothing to choose.
The only choice he could make is Maggie.
Sir, are you okay? For Hornsby, this is a no-good, very bad, horrible day.
Part of what's still driving Hornsby is he doesn't want this to get back to Pamela.
And the bigger this mess becomes, the harder it's gonna be to cover it up.
Now it's just become, like, "I need to wipe out the threat.
" Everybody who is out here, like, they've got a target on their back now.
Call it.
Tails, I guess.
We've been talking a lot about luck in this block of episodes.
We want to believe that everything is within our control.
But is it truly all within our control? I think that's something that all of our characters in varying ways are grappling with.
And we've got a lot of characters in this episode that are feeling like, "I want to, like, snatch fate into my hands so that it's not just a flip of the coin.
" It's not just what somebody tells you is gonna happen to you.
I think that's really, like, where a lot of our characters are feeling at sea when they reach this block of episodes, and that's gonna, like, inform where they want to, like, continue going as we get into the final block of the series.

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