The Way Home (2023) s02e01 Episode Script

The Space Between

Previously on The Way Home.
Moving back is just gonna be
so good for you for us.
Welcome to Landry farm.
I'm Katherine Landry.
I did time travel.
And I'm my mom's friend,
Alice, but also,
me, Alice
I can't find him. He's gone.
- Jacob!
- Jacob!
(tires screeching)
Hey, Katherine.
I need to start a new chapter.
Just to see where
my own path might lead.
Did you know explorers
use the stars
to lead them home
when they got lost?
Wait! Puppy!
Jacob chased Finn
into the pond
on the night
that I thought I saved him.
(wildlife chirping)
(leaves crunching)
(mysterious music)
Come. I know it calls to you.
Remember what I said,
"It will always take you
where you need to go."
But you need to stay here
for now.
(Kat): Mom, I think I know
what happened to Jacob.
Did you hear me? I said,
"I know what happened to Jacob."
Stop! I thought we were
getting to a better place,
- why can't you let this go?
- Mom, this is different, okay?
Please, just listen to me.
No! How could anything
you say next help us?
Uh I'm sorry.
(tense music)
Mom! Mom, don't, okay? Stop!
He's out there, Ali,
somewhere, he's lost.
(inhales deeply)
(suspenseful music)
(low rumbling)
(eerie ethereal music)
(echoing shouts)
Oh, God.
(tense music)
Oh, God.
Help me!
Somebody help!
Okay. Oh, baby, please.
Please wake up, please, please.
Please, wake up.
Please. Ali, please.
Please, wake up.
- (choking)
- Oh, God.
- (Alice coughing)
- You okay?
Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry.
- (coughing)
- It's okay, it's okay.
I'm so sorry.
(birds chirping)
(soft sentimental music)
(deep sigh)
(Alice): So
- You think that Finn he
- Yeah, time travelled.
I do.
Because I heard him barking
the night that I brought
Jacob home
back from the carnival. I mean,
Jake must have followed Finn
into the pond and then fell in.
So he must be
out there somewhere.
Mom, we just have to wait
a couple of months
- for the ice to melt
- No. No.
The pond is done with us. Ali,
we have to be done with it.
I nearly lost you.
So we make a pact.
No more pond, no more past.
We live here and now.
(ethereal music)
(Decode by Paramore)
How can I
decide what's right ♪
When you're clouding
up my mind ♪
I can't win
your losing fight ♪
All the time ♪
Nor could I ever own
what's mine ♪
When you're always
taking sides ♪
But you won't take
away my pride ♪
No, not this time ♪
(music continues
over headphones)
(soft music)
(heavy breathing)
(bird chirping)
(horse neighing)
Hey, boy.
Who are you?
Beautiful day, right?
Usually is,
on the last day of school.
I've always said,
"Summertime is magic."
Especially in Port Haven.
Just had that point
proven today.
- Hey, Alice!
- Hey!
Well, how about it, Dhawan?
Sooner we start the day,
sooner it'll be over.
I love you, sweetheart.
Love you too, Grandma.
(light music)
- Hi, Spencer.
- Hey! Yeah!
Guess what? I got into
that cooking course.
In Tuscany? No way!
(door shuts)
Gosh, I have not been in town
in high season for ages.
Forgot how fast
the masses descend.
Why do you think I want
that liquor licence?
These bougie summer folk want
their rosé on tap all season.
Yeah, well, maybe not
just the summer folk.
Oh, right.
When does Alice leave?
- Ugh In a few days.
- Mm.
Yeah, that's the thing
about shared custody,
eventually, you have to share.
Well, Brady must be thrilled.
Have Alice in Minneapolis
the whole summer.
Yeah, yeah, he is.
And so is Rachel.
Ugh! Okay. I am screening
your next guy.
These last two, they've been
so very disappointing.
Okay, Brady only disappointed
in the later years, right?
We don't
We don't talk about Eliott.
That secret is still
(clicks tongue)
- safe with me.
- Thank you.
- Ooh!
- Ah!
The new sign arrived!
- (phone ringing)
- Excuse me.
The Herald.
I'm sorry, which law firm?
When did she pass?
Oh, it's a sad day.
I mean, Evelyn Goodwin
was the oldest member
of this town's most
prestigious family.
Not to mention the wealthiest.
She was a Port Haven
What do you think is gonna
happen to Lingermore?
- (door opens)
- Hey!
Hey! Happy last day, kiddo.
Thank you. Picked up the mail.
Mom, this is for you.
Another one from Eliott.
He says,
"Best wishes to the family,
and congrats to Alice
on the end of school year."
I still can't believe
our Eliott
has made it to all these places.
I know. It sounds like
he's just loving it.
Spencer was saying that Evelyn
was sort of a recluse,
but that Rita's making it seem
like she was this big presence.
- Oh, no, she was.
- Her family founded Port Haven.
They opened the sawmill,
built ships.
I mean, growing up,
Lingermore was like
- a palace on a hill.
- Yeah.
The town's lost
their founding family.
No, our great-great-whatevers,
they were founders, too.
Elijah and Rebecca Landry
came here with the Goodwins.
And they built
this farm from scratch.
They even carved their
initials in the fireplace.
Ah, you sound
just like Colton.
He had a Landry family anecdote
for every situation.
Between that and the singing,
it was a lot.
I didn't see you as the next
family historian.
Well, somebody has to pass on
the stories, right?
- And celebrate them.
- Speaking of celebrating,
I'm thinking about
throwing a party.
You know, to bring in the summer
and send off Alice properly.
Remember, we used
to have them every year.
God, it was so much fun.
And then, and then, I would,
of course,
throw the most epic
after party at The Cove.
I mean, that was
the real summer kickoff.
- Hey!
- Well, no, no, no.
Yours was great, too.
Okay, we are talking about
summer and the ultimate
summer anthem comes on.
I mean, you guys,
it's meant to be.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Okay, okay.
- (Steal My Sunshine by Len)
- Come on.
- Nobody remembers this part.
I don't know the words. Sorry.
L-A-T-E-R that week
Oh, this is from when
you were a teenager!
- Yes!
- You played this all the time.
Less talking, more dancing.
Hey, you know this part,
I know you do.
Okay, get ready for it,
get ready.
I know it's up for me
If you steal my sunshine
(phone ringing)
(Kat continues singing)
If you steal my sunshine ♪
Hi! Dad?
Um, yeah, yeah,
I'm almost packed.
I, uh
I'm really excited, too.
(footsteps pattering away)
(birds chirping)
(door opens)
So? What did the letter say?
It was from that historical
society, right?
Another dead end.
Wasn't him.
Ugh! This Benjamin Landry
was listed as having green eyes
and blond hair
on his death certificate.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
One day,
there's gonna be only
one name left,
and it's gonna be Jake.
And then we'll know
where he wound up.
So, in the meantime,
I just have to focus
on the facts.
Jacob was there
when the Almanac existed,
so that he could write
his message in it.
That means he must have
joined the family.
Mom, it's been seven months.
We could be doing this
the easy way.
No. No.
Eliott always said that
there has to be another way
to solve the mysteries, and I
- I believe him.
- Yeah, well
Eliott's not around anymore
to give us those pearls
of wisdom.
When are you gonna
let that go?
Eliott promised he would
always be there to help.
And when we needed him the most,
after we went through,
after everything we lost,
he bails.
(soft music)
(door opens)
(indistinct chatter)
(phone ringing)
Ah, hey, here's the man
that is stealing my kid away.
Yeah, right,
you're the one who started
this whole tug of war
when you whisked our only child
away to another country.
I don't know, I feel like
after a few summers,
- we'll be even.
- Uh uh, okay.
Just hold on,
because you don't get
to have the fun months
every year.
Listen, the guest room
is all set up.
Rachel even helped pick out
some new bedding.
Well, tell her
I said thank you.
But don't make it to cushy,
because the strength
of your Wi-Fi signal alone
has me worried
that Alice won't return.
Listen, I I just want
to say that I really appreciate
how cool you are about this.
Maybe it'll be good
for you and your mom.
It'll give you guys a chance to
bond without any distractions.
Alice is no distraction,
She's a She's the glue.
(phone ringing)
Hey, I'll let you get that.
Could be breaking news.
Oh, you're so funny.
Alright, we'll talk later. Bye.
The Herald.
She put The Herald
in her will?
Yes. Apparently,
Evelyn Goodwin
still had a few tricks
up her sleeve.
And what are these historical
artifacts she left the archive?
And more importantly,
what are they worth?
I don't know.
I have to go get them.
You're going up to Lingermore?
No wonder you turn
the paper into a weekly.
You're always here.
Well, as a matter of fact,
I am about to take off
for a work-related house call.
Where to?
I'm going up the hill.
I'm going with you.
(mysterious music)
Miss Landry,
we spoke on the phone.
I'm the lawyer overseeing
the dissolution
of Miss Goodwin's estate.
Miss Goodwin's son
plans to sell
after some basic repairs,
of course.
And a sale of the house's
His family lives out of province
and has no desire
to keep the place up.
The Lingermore estate's been
in the Goodwin family since
Well, since Port Haven existed.
It'd be a shame to lose
all that history.
(muffled laughter, party music)
Uh, Miss Landry?
If you'd just follow me.
(curious music)
Evelyn kept everything
related to her family
to eventually
turn it into a museum.
Celebrating the Goodwin's rule
in Port Haven history.
Sadly, time ran out.
Now, it's yours.
Uh I thought we were just
talking about a couple boxes.
This is like the end
of an Indian Jones movie.
(curious music)
(eerie music builds)
(muffled party chatter)
(voices echoing)
- (girl): You shouldn't have come here.
- (boy): Get out.
(woman screams)
(chatter stops)
(birds chirping)
Long time no see, huh?
I'm just coming to say goodbye
'cause I'm gonna be gone
for a while, and I
I'm gonna miss you.
I do miss you.
(mysterious music)
Oh, Evelyn
(soft instrumental music)
(mysterious music)
(exhales sharply)
(Del): Katherine? Where are you?
Uh, I uh, here.
I'll, uh, I'll come to you.
(soft music)
(heavy breathing)
(music playing
through headphones)
Oh, Kat Landry.
Oh, uh, Eliott Augustine.
Uh, w-welcome home.
I didn't know that you were, uh,
you were back.
You, uh, you run now?
Yeah. Yeah,
it's been good for me.
You know, cathartic.
And you?
You have a whole new
thing going, too.
Thanks. I think
No, no. It's great,
you look healthy.
I was just in the Caribbeans,
so lots of vitamin D.
So you're good then?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, travel was, pfft
Met some amazing people,
saw a ton of inspiring sights.
- You?
- Oh, great.
Fantastic, actually,
because I now run the newspaper.
That's that's perfect.
- Yeah.
- Congrats.
And Del has this whole
honey expansion thing.
And Alice, she's
she's doing so great.
Can't wait to see them.
Well, you're gonna have
to do it soon
because Alice is spending
the summer with Brady.
Actually, uh, Mom's throwing
a goodbye party for her tonight.
- I wouldn't want to impose.
- No. No, no, no.
No, it would be great. I mean
it wouldn't be
the same without you.
Then I will be there.
- Thanks.
- Great.
- Yeah, of course.
- Yeah.
I'll, uh
Can't wait, um
I'm just gonna
keep on running.
(awkward chuckle)
I'm gonna
(Alice): So wait,
you actually invited him?
Yeah, well,
at the end of the day,
- look, he's still family.
- Yeah, well, this family's
pretty good at cutting ties
with its members, so
Sorry, forget it.
I will never understand why
she took Eliott's travel
so hard.
Yeah. Teenagers.
They're weird.
But you, I get.
And I'm really proud of you
taking the high road.
- Sorry?
- A mother knows her daughter.
Something happened between you
and Eliott all those months ago.
And I think it ended
before it even began.
But you are in
a much better place now.
You're not wallowing
in the past,
and Eliott will see that.
Mom, I'm not looking
to rekindle anything.
Even if something had
kindled in the first place.
- What are you saying?
- I'm just saying
leave it alone.
- Cheers to summer.
- To summer!
- Yes.
- Cheers.
Oh, I haven't seen you wear
the bracelet in forever.
I was beginning
to think you lost it.
Evening, everyone.
Hey, there she is.
Um, I think I need
to start the fire, right?
Oh, you're back.
This'll be fun.
Eliott, welcome home.
I so enjoyed your letters.
Let me get you a drink,
you're gonna need one
with this crowd.
I-I got you this, uh
Well, someone had a glow up.
Looks like Eliott's having
what the kids call,
"A hot boy summer."
You know what I'm saying?
- Oh, Rita
- What?
(indistinct chatter)
(door closes)
(clears throat)
Not exactly a warm welcome.
And what exactly
are you implying?
If you think I told Alice
why you really left,
you're wrong. I would never
colour her opinion
of you like that.
You did that on your own.
So she doesn't know?
About us?
You know, I didn't really
think that it was appropriate.
And besides, I mean,
there's no us, really.
(soft music)
Look, Alice needs time.
She felt like you abandoned her.
I mean, you left without even
saying goodbye, El.
Hey, Alice
I'm just gonna
take this outside.
(door opens)
- Great party, Del, thanks.
- Yeah.
(door opens)
You better get out there
and get a lobster
before Rita pilfers them all.
Mom mentioned something
about family initials
- on the fireplace.
- Huh, yeah.
Elijah and Rebecca Landry.
They started it all.
Honey, what's going on?
I don't wanna leave.
You said that summer's magic,
and if there's any magic,
it's gonna happen here,
so if I go, I'm gonna miss it,
Do you remember
when you first arrived,
and I gave you
the tour of the farm?
I said I didn't want
to be a farmer.
And I told you
that this farm had been in this
family for generations.
And it will always
be here waiting for you.
Now, quit worrying about
tomorrow when today's not over.
I have a surprise!
These are to honour
my dear husband.
And my precious granddaughter
who I'm gonna miss
more than words.
Colton always set off fireworks
at the end of this.
And as we do so for the first
time in a long time,
I hope that you all feel that
he's here with us.
(excited shouting)
He would really love that.
(excited shouting)
(emotional music)
(shouting continues)
(Jacob giggling)
(soft music)
Do a spin, do a spin. Nice!
Alright, here we go, guys.
The big finale!
(indistinct chatter)
(excited shouting)
(fire crackling)
(Colton): How about that
firework show this year, eh?
Awesome, thank you so much
again for the invite.
Good to get away sometimes.
So what's Victor on about now?
Well, Dad found out that
I spent my school years
saving on that new telescope,
he wasn't too happy.
Well, there's always room
for it up in the clubhouse.
Now you can use it
day or night because
There's a light. What
- What d
- Had a guy from town
give me a hand so that
it'd be ready for tonight
and the summer.
I don't know what to say.
Colton, thank you.
I mean, that's why we built
that place, right?
So that you'd always
have a space.
Is it okay for me
to use the clubhouse
even when Kat is away at camp?
Of course.
But Kat's not gone yet.
Don't waste any time, kid.
Because it's never guaranteed.
Did you hear that?
Come on, El, The Cove awaits!
Have fun, you two.
Carpe diem!
Hey, aren't you supposed
to meet Spencer at The Cove?
Uh, yeah, I'm just
grabbing my jacket.
I'm actually gonna take off.
See you, Monica.
(soft music)
I saw that look
between you and Eliott.
Are you two together?
But we were.
(exhales sharply)
After a million years
of friendship.
I We thought maybe
we could be more.
That maybe we could be forever.
Forever, like,
you were in love?
It didn't last.
It couldn't. I mean,
not after everything
- that we've been through.
- Okay, so you're saying
that Eliott dumped you
after all the terrible things
that happened.
After Colton
No. Eliott spent 20 years
of his life knowing his future.
So once all the predictions
came true, he needed space.
And I could not
let go of the past.
He needed to be free of it
of me.
You know, please,
don't be mad at him.
Okay, this is, it's my fault.
- No, it's mine.
- What?
All the predictions
that Eliott
just couldn't wait
to get away from,
I made them.
Alice, you know
that is not that simple.
Okay, you know what?
I have to go to this party
I ruined this for all of us,
didn't I?
(door shuts)
(rhythmic music)
(excited chatter)
- Hey! There she is.
- Hi.
- Finally.
- Thank you.
To summer, people!
(all exclaiming happily)
To freedom!
- (cheering)
- Cheers.
(ominous tone)
(chatter continues)
(crickets chirping)
(All For You by Sister Hazel)
- Mm.
- I saw the light on.
No, no, no, no. It's fine.
It's fine.
I thought, maybe
Sorry, I left
so abruptly earlier.
Seems to be
your thing these days.
Right. Well, I might be
good at going, but
re-entry, not so much.
Remember the last
summer cookout?
Yeah, I thought
about that tonight.
We met Alice,
what, two weeks later?
I think that was the last time
we were all together
like we used to be.
Before everything changed.
And now if feels like
everything's changing again.
Hmm. Things change.
There's something
I wanna ask you.
I spent all this time
and I kept wondering
if you were, well,
if you might by any chance
be travelling as well.
Like, at all this whole time?
We needed to heal.
So we've been trying.
When I came home this morning
and that note was still
taped on my door.
Kat, I'm
I'm I'm sorry
I didn't say goodbye.
I just knew that if
if I saw you, I wouldn't go.
- And I didn't need to
- Just stop.
We're just listening to music,
That's all I need right now.
(music plays softly)
(Eliot clears throat)
Uh, I'm so I'm so sorry.
Ah! Ah-ha! I didn't mean
for that to happen.
(Kat chuckles nervously)
You just missed so much.
You can tell me about it.
I'm here.
I'm not your problem anymore.
Welcome home.
Dude, stop wasting time.
You got her dad's sign off.
You're gold.
Just go tell Kat how you feel.
If she turns you down,
you have all summer to recover.
Okay, I'll be your wing man.
I am single
and so ready to mingle.
Nick, it could destroy
our entire friendship.
Or it can make things
a million times better.
Eliott, have faith.
- You're right.
- I know.
You're right, I'm gonna do it.
Hey, El, it's past curfew.
I gotta run.
No problem, I'll see you
tomorrow, Kat.
I'm gonna tell her later.
After she comes back from camp.
Are you cold?
- Oh
- Oh, no problem.
(rhythmic music playing)
- Here. You're fine, okay?
- Thanks.
- Alice.
- Did you bring your guitar?
We need a farewell
- Uh
- (all cheering)
- Alice!
- Yeah, Alice!
Um, sorry, I uh,
I have to go.
(door opens)
I was starting to think
you'd gone off
to start your own after-party.
No, not exactly.
Wanna join me?
I've been thinking about Alice
leaving for the summer,
and I've decided
we have to be okay.
Oh, we do, do we?
I may have gone
a little too far
with the Eliott stuff earlier.
But it's
it's because I want
you to let me in.
You know, honey, I can't stop
thinking about Lingermore,
that awful haunted place.
Evelyn just shut the world out.
She piled up the past so high
around her,
she blocked out the light.
what does that make
you think of?
Or rather, who?
Mom, you are nothing
like Evelyn.
At least you had the decency
to keep the boxes
in the basement.
I'm serious.
Evelyn's world kept
getting smaller, and
God, I just want mine
to break wide open.
And I think it starts with us.
Here, at home.
I want to build back
our relationship.
I want to get to know you again.
I want that, too.
And I always have.
And it's been so nice to hear
you say Jacob and Dad's names.
Not in a scared or a sad way,
but in a way that
holds them close and loves them.
It starts with us.
I just wish there
are some many things
that would have
gone differently.
No more regrets, only resets.
We have to accept what happened
because there's no changing it.
I love you, sweetheart.
I love you, Mom.
(Jacob giggling)
(soft music)
Don't waste anytime, kid.
Because it's never guaranteed.
Did you hear that?
Come on, El, The Cove awaits.
Have fun, you two. Carpe Diem!
Hey, Pal.
(Colton grunts)
I just wish there was a picture
of all of us together, you know?
So that I know
that it actually happened.
Because it's all starting
to feel like a dream.
It happened, kiddo, I promise.
I know we made a pact,
and I've been trying
so hard to keep it, but
I miss it. I miss the past.
And I can't stop
thinking about it.
Look, I I get it.
I do, Alice. But we can't.
I almost jumped the other day.
- You did what?
- But the pond stopped me,
and it gave me this.
No, I gave you that.
Yeah, I.. I know,
but it's just
I lost it.
Actually, that's not the truth.
I threw in the pond
back when we first moved here
and you told me
that you and Dad were over.
And then when I tried to get it,
I fell in, and
That's when it all began.
This bracelet is the reason
that I started time travelling,
and then the pond just
gave it back to me
like it's saying, "I'm done."
But we already knew that, Ali.
- You never did go back.
- I know. I know.
But since we're being honest.
No more secrets.
(mysterious music)
Mom, that's that's you.
I know. I know, I found it.
It was
It was hanging at Lingermore.
And I I I don't know why,
or how, or if it's even
connected to Jacob,
but there is only one way
that I'm in a portrait
that was painted 200 years ago.
- I go back.
- This is incredible.
This is what's going
to lead you to Jacob.
I know it.
Okay, but just take me with you.
Absolutely not.
Okay? You nearly died
the last time that you jumped.
No, I'm waiting for you to be
safely with your dad.
Mom, please, okay?
Can we just do
one last trip together?
For me. And for Jacob.
(Alice): Come on!
(Kat): Wait up!
(gentle music)
(vehicle rolling on gravel)
(brakes squealing)
Hey, neighbour.
Sorry about
that noise last night.
I should've warned you.
Fireworks were
a family tradition.
No. Del, it's, uh
It's fine.
It's good to hear some noise
over here.
I, uh, I came by
because I wanted you
to be the first to know
that I sold the farm.
I didn't know it was for sale.
Neither did I.
But this buyer approached
and the offer was just
too good to refuse.
(clears throat)
The, um
The kicker is that this buyer
doesn't want to take over
my lease for your fields.
City folk, you know?
I can try and find
somebody to take
No, no.
You've been farming our land
for almost 20 years.
I'm not just gonna
let anyone do it.
I'll take care of it myself.
If you don't find
someone else,
- I'd hate to think that you would
- I'm not gonna sell.
These fields have been
in this family for generations.
That's not gonna change.
Fair enough.
And again, I'm
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
(horse neighing)
(car door closes)
(engine starts)
(mysterious music)
Don't worry, Mom.
It'll take us
where we need to go.
(eerie music)
(voices echoing)
Don't you wanna
know who she is?
I don't.
(sinister music)
Mom, where are you?
- Mom?
- Alice?
Oh, God.
Where are you?!
- (gun shot)
- Ah!
(ominous music)
(mysterious music)
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