The Way Home (2023) s02e03 Episode Script

When You Were Young

Previously on The Way Home.
Mom, where are you?!
Mom and I jumped in together,
and then it literally
- ripped us apart.
- If Del loses the farm
because of me,
I'd never forgive myself.
I left because I couldn't
deal with Colton's death
and your involvement in it.
You set out to fix that too,
Kat, but you broke it.
(horse neighing)
Do you know Jacob Landry?
- I do.
- Where where is he?
Found your next story.
(child giggling)
(birds chirping)
(mysterious music)
(Alice): Child of the pure
unclouded brow
and dreaming eyes of wonder.
(Kat): Wait, Jacob?
(Alice): The time be fleet,
and I and thou
are half a life asunder,
whose echoes live
in memories yet,
though envious years
would say forget.
I have not seen thy sunny face,
nor heard thy silver laughter.
(Alice): But no thought of me
shall find a place
in thy young life's hereafter.
I'm I'm so sorry.
I thought you were some
someone else.
(breathes heavily)
Miss? Do you need
some assistance?
- No.
- No, no, no,
no need to fear me now.
If anything,
I should be suspicious of you.
You are on my land, after all.
Your land?
Why, yes.
I'm Elijah Landry.
And who might you be?
K Katherine.
Just Katherine.
Grandma, wait!
Let me help you.
- Oh, thanks, Hon.
- I'm gonna get to the market
- and nab a good stall.
- Well, I'll come with you.
Whatever you need,
I'll help. Always.
Okay. You hop in, fast.
We're gonna beat the masses.
Slow down, Jacob.
She meant no harm.
At least I assume you didn't.
No. No, no, no, of course not,
no. I
Sorry I just I got confused.
His name is Jacob?
Yes, my grandson.
May I ask what's
brought you to us?
I'm a I'm a traveller.
And I've come quite a long way
looking for somebody.
I I think
I'm in the wrong place.
Oh, I don't know about that.
You look like you've battled
quite a storm
and the storm won.
I have a warm home. Food to eat.
So it seems to me you may be
in just the right place.
There's Jacob.
With my son, William.
It's It's home.
(emotional music)
- (door opens)
- Good morning, Elliot!
I hope you're hungry.
Del's in there
making enough pancakes
to feed an army.
(Jacob): Hi, Elliot!
There's hay in your hair.
Did you sleep in that
stinky old barn again?
I fell asleep
watching the stars.
Um, I gotta get home.
Dad's boat leaves this morning.
Vic's off again?
Well, there's always
a seat for you at our table.
Anytime, Elliot.
Tell Kat to meet me
at the bus stop.
We don't want to be late
for today's field trip.
Will do.
(mysterious music)
Help yourself to some
blue house honey samples.
The biscuits are fresh made
this morning.
Don't you think those samples
are a little generous?
I mean, if people want
to try it, they should pay.
Special delivery for my two
favorite customers.
Oh, thanks, Monica.
How is business
this morning, ladies?
Good. But you could give
Alice here
some lessons in behavioral
economics for me.
Oh, how about a job?
Now that you're staying
for the summer,
I am in desperate need
of wait staff.
Especially with Spencer
off to Italy.
Thank you. I would love to,
but I just don't know
how available I'm gonna be.
Well, just tell me that
you'll think about it?
I will. Thank you.
You can't turn down
a job at The Point.
That is a teenage
rite of passage around here.
Yeah, but helping you
with the farm is important.
How much help
do you think I need?
Come. Warm yourself
by the fire.
I'll fix you something to eat.
(soft music)
Getting dried off?
Yes. Yes, thank you.
Thank you. Why, uh
stonework like this really
stands the test of time.
Well, it was my hope
when I built it,
that it would remain
long after I'm gone.
But best laid plans.
Stones keep coming loose,
you see.
There's always something
to fix around here.
You have a beautiful home.
It's been quite
the year already, huh?
So far. We'll see at harvest.
That may as well go in the fire,
for all the good
it's done me, though.
Well, I don't know.
Could have its uses.
Now, I've not much to offer
a guest, I'm afraid.
I apologize for its simplicity.
- No.
- My wife passed last winter,
and I have a lot to learn.
I'm very sorry.
Beck and I had many
happy years together here.
And we'll see each other again.
One day.
My son did that.
He's got an eye.
That's the Port Haven
I'm surprised
you're familiar with it.
Not being from around here.
Oh, I've spent some time
in the area.
You know, just
passing through.
Well, it's the pride
of our little community.
Built by Landry hands.
Your son helped build that too?
And designed it.
He's a real artist, that boy.
I don't know
where he gets it from.
- What's that?
- My latest stoke of genius, gals.
The summer folks are gonna
eat this up, look, look, look!
Discover Port Haven's
ghastly buried past.
Only 45 bucks!
I'll put the Landry ladies
- down for three tickets, yeah?
- Do we have a choice?
- Aw!
- Doesn't that seem
a little steep?
I mean, especially right now?
You know, I am charging
the going rate!
But wait, wait, what's wrong?
Is is money tight?
No! We're fine.
I mean, expanding
the honey business
set us back a little bit,
but I'll make it up
by the end of the season.
- Okay, okay.
- Sample?
- Hi! I'll take one of these!
- Delicious honey.
- Have a sample.
- Grandma,
you don't have to pretend
that everything is okay for me,
okay? I'm old enough
to know the truth.
What are you talking about?
You've been acting
strange all morning.
Because we're about
to lose the farm!
Wait, what?
No doubt you've tasted better,
that will stick to your ribs.
(Elijah whistling a melody)
(suspenseful music)
(Jacob): We'll be heroes,
and heroes always leave
their mark. See?
- J and K to the rescue!
- (laughs)
(Elijah continues whistling)
How do you know that song?
Oh, my
son used to hum it all the time
when he was a boy.
William? Your son
who built the lighthouse?
No. No, my other son.
You have another son?
I do. We took him in, oh
some twenty-odd years ago.
But he's a Landry
through and through.
William even named his own
boy after him.
After our Jacob.
And where is that
Jacob now?
He's gone, I'm afraid.
- Gone?
- Yes.
To Upper Canada.
He's delivering
a ship for the war effort.
So he's coming
he's coming back?
Of course.
This is his home.
(whispering): The explorer
found his way home
How do you know that song,
The one my Jacob
used to sing as a child?
I told you that I came here
looking for someone.
It's my little brother.
His his name was
is Jacob.
(voice brealing) And I
I have been searching 24 years.
And I think I finally found him.
24 years?
We always knew someone
would come for him.
If you're Jacob's sister
then that makes you
family too.
This day keeps getting
better and better.
(birds chirping)
Hey, um
Sorry about back there.
I just I've been trying
to talk to you and I
- just kind of exploded.
- Couldn't you have exploded
in some place less crowded?
I mean, the rumors
that this is going to fuel.
And what gave you that idea
that we were losing the farm?
Hank from next door.
He said that you depend
on the money from his lease
to keep
Wait, so we're not
gonna lose the farm?
No! I mean with Hank selling,
I've got a land issue to solve,
that's all.
So no more jumping
to dramatic conclusions, please!
So what are you gonna do?
Right now, I'm gonna give
my granddaughter
the invaluable life lesson
of changing a tire.
If I can just find
my lug wrench.
Oh, Jude!
I knew if I lent it to her
I would never see it again.
(truck door opens and closes)
Hey, there.
You ladies stranded
or just taking in the view?
What view?
From where I'm standing, it's
it's a breathtaking one.
Well, that tire's a goner.
You point me to the spare,
I'll get you back
on the road in no time.
Not necessary,
but if you loan me your wrench,
- I can handle the rest.
- I bet you can.
You know what they say?
Two sets of hands
are better than one.
- I don't know about that.
- (chuckling)
Oh, come on.
We need to look after
one another out here
in the country.
Isn't that right?
This is true. But driving up
here in your fancy truck
for a few weeks in the summer
doesn't constitute real life
in the country, so like I said,
we can handle this,
and you can be on your way
and leave this to us locals.
Actually, I am a local.
I just retired to Port Haven,
and I sure hope we run into
one another again soon.
Oh, dear.
Oh, hey! Where do I return this?
(truck drives off)
He seems nice?
(soft music)
Dad, are you still here?
I fell asleep!
- (young Elliot): See you next week, Dad.
What did Jacob tell you
when you found him?
He could barely speak,
let alone say
what had happened to him.
How he'd been separated
from his his people.
But didn't you ask him?
I mean, didn't you want to know?
I wanted him to feel safe.
And he was.
Rebecca and I, we always felt
that we were meant to find him.
And he's been so loved here,
And I'm I'm so glad.
I I can't believe
that we lost him to you.
I know.
Will we lose him to you?
- You?
- Susanna. You know Katherine?
I made her acquaintance in town,
though she didn't
mention her name.
this is Susanna Augustine.
- Jacob's betrothed.
- Betrothed, as in to marry?
That is the definition, yes.
And you're here
with Elijah because?
Because I'm the sister
of your betrothed.
Well. We have much
to discuss, then.
Let me escort you
to your lodging.
We can get to know one another.
Actually, I would like to stay
and talk to Elijah and
Oh, but I insist.
The roads can be treacherous
for a woman traveling alone.
We wouldn't want any harm
to come to Jacob's dear sister.
Yes, I appreciate your concern,
but it is all
a misunderstanding.
We're doing great,
the farm is doing just great.
Coffee soon.
Sounds good, thank you.
Alright, are you gonna talk
to Mom about this
- land situation?
- Sure. I'll talk to her.
Once I finish dealing
with every other
concerned citizen in Port Haven.
- (phone ringing)
- Oh, my gosh.
Let the rest go to voicemail.
I've gotta get on with my day.
(soft music)
(birds chirping)
(hooves clomping)
(light whinnying)
Oh, hi! You're ready
to meet me, huh?
Wow. Nice to meet you.
God, aren't you gorgeous?
Okay, just
what exactly are you doing?
You tell me. You disappeared
the last time
I brought you here.
Whatever deceit you
are trying to pull on
Oh, no, no, no, you have
the wrong idea about me.
When we last met,
you said you were looking
for the child Jacob Landry.
- Yes, I was. But
- But!
Now you claim to be
my Jacob's long-lost sister.
Jacob the man, not the boy.
So, which is it?
It's both. Okay?
The last time
I was with Jacob,
he was a little boy.
I've known Jacob a long time
and he has never
once mentioned a sister.
There must be
a reason for that.
You run around these woods
dressed in men's clothing.
You have criminals
like Thomas Coyle
shooting at you for reasons
you can't explain.
He should be the one
that's explaining that.
- Let this be a warning.
- Whoa.
Hey, you saved my life.
And I am so grateful for that,
okay? Trust me, I mean no harm.
I am only here for Jacob.
I am giving you one last chance.
Who are you and what do you want
with the Landry family?
With Jacob?
Okay, you want to know who I am?
You asked for it.
(eerie music)
Who's this?
Oh good, you can see him too.
I was starting to think
I was hallucinating.
- Where did he come from?
- I don't know.
But he certainly
belongs to someone.
I'll ask around.
Until then, I can stable him
in the barn.
Funny thing is he looks
just like a horse
I had when I was a kid.
Oh, I loved him so much.
Totally forgot
you were a horse girl.
- Is that a bad thing?
- No.
Why didn't you and Colton
keep horses
if you love them so much?
Oh it just
didn't make sense for us.
(birds chirping)
(lawn mower revving)
(mysterious music)
I found him!
He's alive!
- What?
- Jacob! He's alive!
You did it, Kat.
- (Kat cries)
- You did it.
You were right.
Come on, come on, come on.
(soft music)
Elijah and Rebecca Landry
took Jacob in,
and they loved him.
And the house, it's our house.
The original farm house.
With the same fireplace
and the same fields.
I mean that
this is where Jacob grew up,
you know?
And even though
he wasn't with us,
he was still a Landry. And I
I told you, he even built
the lighthouse.
- What?
- You found Jacob.
It's incredible.
But he's at war.
No. No, he's not at war.
He's delivering a ship
for the war.
Then why did the pond
take you there at all?
- While he was gone?
- I-I don't know.
Okay, maybe so that I can
meet his family, uh,
to show me that I am
on the right track.
And now you know that
he has a family who loves him.
A fiancé. And he spent
more of his life in that time
that he has here, just
remember that if you meet him.
If? Of course
I'm gonna meet him. Come on.
And then what?
He's not a little kid anymore,
You expect him to leave
everything he knows behind?
What do you think
this has all been for?
Okay, this is where
Jacob belongs.
With us, here, in this time.
You know what?
Just forget it. God.
I've still lost
24 years with him.
I don't know why I thought
the pond would give
Jake back as he was.
I mean clearly this is not
a child's writing.
He's a man now.
I'm sorry, Mom.
But you found him,
and he's alive, okay?
- That's huge.
- I mean, I really thought
Jake's name was gonna
be in here.
But Elijah and Rebecca,
they only wrote down
their one son, William.
I met him, and his little boy
But what about our Jacob?
I mean, if they really
loved him as their own
Why leave him
out of the Almanac?
Wait a minute.
I saw a drawing that Jacob
did of the lighthouse.
I mean, he was an artist.
Do you think
he did your portrait?
I don't know.
I mean, it's pretty hard
to compare this with a sketch.
It must've been him.
Don't give up hope, Mom, okay?
If he painted you,
you are going to meet him.
You're right.
Forget what Elliot said.
I'm sorry, Elliot?
Mom, I have been here
losing my mind
worrying about you, and you
stopped to tell Elliot first?
No! No, not
on purpose, okay?
He was there, and I was excited,
and then I just
God, honestly, I shouldn't
have told him anything.
When are we going back?
Mom. I want to be there
when you meet him, okay?
Let me at least try?
Maybe the pond ripping us apart
- was just a one-time thing.
- Ali
even if the pond
would let you go
I won't.
I'm sorry, sweetheart,
but it is way too dangerous.
I'll let you get some sleep.
(insects chirping)
Uh, I know I had a lot
on my mind last night,
but when did I miss
you getting a horse?
I found him wandering
out in the field all alone.
- Hi.
- So I took him in.
I'm sure someone is gonna
come for him soon enough.
- Oh God, he's beautiful.
- Yeah.
I I should get going.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
My good boy.
Beautiful, handsome horse,
aren't you?
What is it, Katherine?
Nothing, you just
You look happy.
Wonder what your name is.
You look like a Stormy to me.
(car starting)
I think I'll call you that,
if that's okay.
Until I find your owner.
Good thing we
kept this paddock.
Rip it down. Free up the space.
You haven't had horses
since when?
- Before you were born.
- No, I am saving up
- to buy you one.
- I don't need a horse.
We need to be practical,
Colton Landry.
Come on. I promised you
the world, Delly.
That's gotta include
one measly horse.
You've given me plenty.
We can't have two dreamers
in this family.
Come here.
Hey! Morning!
come baring gifts.
Who's your friend?
Well, looks like
he's my new man.
It's like someone died.
Well, people wanted
to show you they cared
in your time of need, Del.
But I'm not in need,
it's all a misunderstanding.
Which you could've explained
if you'd answered your phone.
You know it's impossible
to stop the meal train
- once it gets going.
- I was just trying to help.
Look, I appreciate
you two wanting to help,
and apparently the whole town,
but this is something I have
to figure out on my own.
This is still warm.
I don't know what you're
so upset about. It's free food.
In the meantime,
find some place to donate this.
And you, find something
to occupy your time
rather than worrying about me.
I think that a summer job
would be very rewarding.
Now, shoo.
Man, those are good.
That Nancy knows how to make
a lasagne or what?
Oh God.
(soft music)
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi. Sorry, I didn't know
whether to knock or just
walk in, and
clearly I made the wrong choice.
Um, can I can I
help you with something?
I think the real question is,
can I help you with something?
I was the youngest
elected editor
for my school's online paper.
Not to brag.
And it would be a dream
come true to experience
print media first-hand,
before it's dead.
So are you looking
for an internship?
I'll do anything.
You don't even have to pay me.
I know you're a one-woman
operation on a budget.
You've done your research.
Casey Goodwin.
Goodwin? Oh, so you're
Evelyn's granddaughter.
Yep. Grandchild, actually.
- Ah.
- I'm here for the summer
while my dad deals
with her estate.
Well, um I could
really use some help
going through the
extremely generous donations
that Evelyn made
to the town archives.
- Would that be weird for you?
- I, um
- I didn't know her that well.
- Oh. I'm sorry.
- It happens.
- Families ripped apart.
But maybe working here
is my chance to get to know
my family in a new way.
Welcome aboard, Casey.
Thank you.
- Um Oh.
- (phone ringing)
I have to take that call.
Would you start with
some of the boxes in the back?
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Hey, uh, Don.
Yeah, thank you
for calling me back. I, um
I wanted to see
if I could hire you
for an age progression
No, it's not a story,
it's, um it's personal.
Yeah, you remember my
my brother, right? Jacob?
Great, I will send
the photos over now.
Okay, awesome, thank you.
I can't keep track
of the rules anymore.
Now you're talking to Mom
about time travel, but not me?
I never made
a pact with your mom.
What? You yelling at me
at Lingermore
to leave you alone
is not a pact.
Never mind.
I shouldn't have jumped down
your throat like that, I apologize.
Turns out I'm not great
at setting boundaries.
Unlike the pond, that is
totally done with me now.
I'm just like waiting here,
whil Mom's off doing
this amazing thing.
So how did you do it?
The waiting?
The time travel guru thing?
When you care about
the time traveler,
you find a way
to be there for them.
Or you try to.
Even when they hurl
constant demands at you
- and never say thank you.
- Right.
Thank you for the advice.
Always said I'd do anything
for a Landry, right?
(soft music)
Alright, Mom.
Your summer intern
is here and reporting for duty.
I didn't realize
Kat needed more than one intern.
But, uh great. Grab a load.
Uh, sorry, who are you?
Casey Goodwin?
And you're Alice.
- Kat's told me about you.
- Oh, and where is my mom?
Ducked out for a story.
Something about
an emergency vote
to place a new bench
on Main Street.
Just another day on
the Port Haven Beat, right?
So, I guess we'll be spending
a lot of time together here,
Oh, no. I-I just
I didn't realize that my mom
had already filled
the position, so
I kind of begged her.
Anything to get away
from my dad for the summer.
Sucks being the new kid in town,
Not knowing anyone my age.
But you know
what that's like.
Yeah, uh
I should get going.
Oh, okay.
Um, see you around, Alice.
(indistinct chatter)
- Um
- Hi!
Hi. Turns out I'm not
as busy
as I thought I would be,
so if you're still hiring
Then we're both in luck.
Welcome to the best summer job
in Port Haven.
Come on.
(ambient folk music)
- (fingers snapping)
- Sorry, just a sec.
Um There you go.
Oh my gosh.
Sorry, uh
I'll get you a napkin.
Might need more than one.
Yeah, yeah. Just a sec.
Hey. So I have
four iced matchas,
- two soy, one with vanilla
- Which one's decaf?
And that should be oat, not soy.
Uh, yeah.
I will fix those right away.
Here are some fresh scones
on the house.
And here you go.
I'm so sorry.
I am so bad at this.
No sweat. It's your first day.
I can't believe I just spilled
coffee on Noah Leblanc.
- The most popular guy in school?
- Well, he's graduated now,
so I don't think he holds
that honor anymore.
Chin up. You'll get the hang
of this, don't worry.
In the meantime, I was thinking
about doing a weekly
open mic night?
Staff performances
very much welcomed.
What do you think?
- Sounds good.
- Okay. Well, why don't you
take a break from serving
and go catch your breath
out on the patio?
It's a gorgeous day.
- Okay.
- Do me a favor
and scrape the gum
off the bottoms of the tables
- while you're out there, huh?
- Yeah.
(groans softly)
(mysterious music)
Hey there.
How you doing, boy?
Aren't you lovely?
Let's get to know
each other, huh?
There we go. Good boy.
(clicks tongue)
Moving on out. Move on out.
(kisses lips)
Move out. There you go.
(kisses lips)
Good boy!
- (dinging)
- Sorry, just just a second.
Hey, I think my order is wrong?
- Um, yeah, sorry.
- Alice.
Hey, I didn't know
you worked here. Small world.
Small town.
Surely you'd know
your mom's coffee order.
Yeah, triple Americano
with a splash of oat milk.
(bell ringing)
Yeah, yeah. Uh, really sorry.
- Uh Okay.
- Should I just come back later?
- I'm sure your mom wouldn't mind.
- No, that's fine.
- That's fine. that's fine.
- Excuse me!
At least let me
help you with that.
- It's fine.
- (steam hisses)
- Ugh
- Hey!
(woman gasps)
- I'm so sorry.
- I'm good.
- Can I get you a napkin, or
- I'm good. It's fine. Thanks.
Well, it could've been worse.
At least it wasn't, um chili.
Uh, yeah I-I guess.
Well, I'll be sure
to wear a rain coat tomorrow.
Just, you know, in case.
(soft music)
(young Kat): How many times must
we go on the same boring field trip
and listen to the same
cheesy ghost story?
"A tortured soul
has haunted Lighthouse Point
for hundreds of years,
waiting to avenge
his execution".
"At night, you can still
hear the clinking of his chains,
as not even death"
(both): "could set
this criminal free!"
Speaking of same old, same old.
Uh, PB and J again, El?
Does Vic know you eat
like this when he's away?
Yeah, I'm a creature of habit.
I know what I like.
Come over for dinner tonight.
Please? My mom needs to actually
watch you eat a vegetable.
- I was just over this morning.
- So?
Come on.
You're part of the family
whether you want to be
or not, El.
So we both know why I'm here.
What's your excuse?
Because I knew you'd come.
All those years of field trips.
(chuckles lightly)
Never really knowing
the true significance.
Jacob built that.
Which is proof that he lived.
But it's also proof
that he grew up.
And I missed it all.
What I should've said
before was that yes,
Jacob's not a kid anymore,
but he will always be
your little brother, Kat.
And I'll always be the sister
that let him down. Lost him.
No, don't do that to yourself.
You were the best sister.
You know how I know that?
Because I was there for it all.
I saw it.
I felt it.
Because you always treated me
like I was part of your family.
If anything, I resented it,
because I wanted you to
look at me different.
Where is this coming from?
I never should've said
what I did about Colton's death.
I'm sorry.
You didn't deserve that.
I was
hurting and
I thought I could
run away from it all.
But the pain was just waiting
for me when I got back.
And I need to say to you,
and to Del, and to Alice,
what I never got
to say to Colton or Jake.
You're the family I never had.
we're apologizing
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for earlier.
I just I know you wanna
be done with the past.
But but I can't be.
Not until I bring Jacob home.
I know.
But I also cannot lose you.
Not again.
So maybe we just
set some boundaries, okay?
No more time travel talk.
And I promise you
that I will do whatever it takes
to make this work.
Friends again?
Of course.
(Del): I'm sorry
you had a rough first day.
I still think that the job
is good for you.
Even if it's not
the magic summer you hoped for.
I'm still glad I'm here.
And I'm really, really glad
that we're not losing the farm.
When I was your age,
my father got into
financial trouble,
and we lost everything.
Including my horse, Lightning.
I made a promise to myself
that that would never
happen to me.
I've always been
a practical person.
And I know the practical thing
to do with this
lease situation is
to let go of the land.
But Colton had such big
dreams for the farm.
A legacy to leave
for the next generation.
I don't know if I have the heart
to let go of that dream.
Speaking as the next generation,
I think you should
follow your heart.
Seems I remember you didn't
want to be a farmer.
(Alice chuckles)
I'll never live that down,
will I?
Hey, boy.
I've got kind of a crazy idea.
Do you think you can
trust me? Hmm?
(soft music)
Hang on.
(inspiring music)
Since when did you become
a horse whisperer?
I'm a little rusty, but I
thought I would give it a shot.
- It's been a while.
- (Kat chuckles)
I feel like a kid again.
You know, that sense of freedom
and possibility.
- Yeah.
- Some people, like your dad,
they manage to keep
that their whole lives.
Most of us lose it under
the weight of the world.
Well, we can't stay
kids forever, can we?
I don't know. Maybe if we
dig deep enough,
we can find the child within.
I know this isn't easy for you,
being the one that's stuck here.
Well, even if I can't be
there with you,
I want to help you
bring Jacob home.
And I promise that you will be
the first person
to know about anything.
Especially since I made
a pact with Elliot
about not discussing
time travel.
But I, um
I asked a colleague
of mine for a favor.
An age progression on Jacob.
I mean, that way,
I don't know, maybe I
know who I'm looking for,
you know?
Or at least accept the fact
that he is no longer
an eight-year-old boy.
So I I haven't been able
to bring myself
to look at it just yet,
and I just
- Could we do that together?
- Yeah. Of course.
What do you think?
Oh, my God.
It's still our Jacob.
Well, well. Look who it is.
I'd hope I'd run into you soon,
and here we are.
Well, I wouldn't exactly
call it running into me,
I mean, this is my barn.
Did you come for your wrench?
No, no, I just thought
it was about time
I met my neighbors.
I'm Sam Bishop.
I bought Hank's farm next door.
Which I suppose would make you
Delilah Landry.
It does.
Well, this is a bit awkward,
isn't it?
Why? Cause you're the guy
who won't keep up
- the lease on my land?
- No.
Because it appears
you've stolen my horse.
- (glass shatters)
- Oh God.
(mysterious music)
It's the pond.
Look, it's been
a really long day.
What can I do for you?
We haven't made a pact.
- I'm sorry?
- Before.
You said that we made
a pact not to talk
about my travels anymore, but
I think I would remember
that conversation.
Unless it hasn't happened
yet for me.
I must've made some kind of
pact with you in the past,
which means that I keep
going back.
But Mom says that
she never saw me again,
so what does the pond
want me to do?
I couldn't tell you that
even if I wanted to.
But if I can offer you
a piece of advice, Alice,
don't be in a hurry
to jump back in.
But why?
You can never go back
to the way things were.
People grow up.
And everything you knew
about those kids
we once were
is going to change.
(mysterious music)
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